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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        jiù, at once/right away/only/just (emphasis)/as early as/already/as soon as/then/in t...
        mǎ/ma, [嗎], see 嗎啡|吗啡, morphine, (question particle for "yes-no" questions)
        shuì/shuō, [說], to persuade, to speak/to say/to explain/to scold/to tell off/a theory (usually i...
        bā/ba, bar (loanword) (serving drinks, or providing Internet access etc)/to puff (on a ...
        hé/Hé/hè/hú/huó/huò, [咊]/[龢], old variant of 和[hé], surname He/Japanese (food, clothes etc), and/together with...
        ā/á/ǎ/à/a, interjection of surprise/Ah!/Oh!, interjection expressing doubt or requiring ans...
        zuò, to do/to make/to produce/to write/to compose/to act as/to engage in/to hold (a p...
        gěi/jǐ, [給], to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(passive particle)
        diǎn, [點], point/dot/drop/speck/o'clock/point (in space or time)/to draw a dot/to check on ...
        ne/ní, particle indicating that a previously asked question is to be applied to the pre...
        zhǐ/zhī, [祇]/[秖]/[衹]/[隻], only/merely/just/but, but/only, grain that has begun to ripen/variant of 衹|只[zhǐ...
        Bié/bié/biè, [別]/[彆], surname Bie, to leave/to depart/to separate/to distinguish/to classify/other/ano...
        é/ó/ò/o, to chant, oh (interjection indicating doubt or surprise), oh (interjection indic...
        gēn, heel/to follow closely/to go with/to marry sb (of woman)/with/towards/as (compar...
        yǐn/tīng/tìng, [聽], smile (archaic), to listen/to hear/to obey/a can (loanword from English "tin")/c...
        kě/kè, can/may/able to/to approve/to permit/to suit/(particle used for emphasis) certai...
        hēi, hey
        huà, [話]/[諙], dialect/language/spoken words/speech/talk/words/conversation/what sb said/CL:種|种...
        Zhōng/zhōng/zhòng, China/Chinese/surname Zhong, within/among/in/middle/center/while (doing sth)/dur...
        jiào, [呌], to shout/to call/to order/to ask/to be called/by (indicates agent in the passive...
        ēn/èn/en, (a groaning sound), (nonverbal grunt as interjection)/OK, yeah/what?, interjecti...
        ná, [㧱]/[拏], old variant of 拿[ná], variant of 拿[ná], to hold/to seize/to catch/to apprehend/t...
        huí, [迴]/[逥], to circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/Hui ethnic gr...
        ō, Oh!
        chī/jí, [喫], to eat/to consume/to eat at (a cafeteria etc)/to eradicate/to destroy/to absorb/...
        nǎ/na/něi, how/which, (particle equivalent to 啊 after noun ending in -n), which? (interroga...
        hāi, oh alas/hey!/hi! (loanword)
        è, (exclamation)/to hiccup
        Hòu/hòu, [後], surname Hou, empress/queen, back/behind/rear/afterwards/after/later
        wèn, [問], to ask
        gǎo, to do/to make/to go in for/to set up/to get hold of/to take care of
        ma, modal particle indicating that sth is obvious/particle indicating a pause for em...
        zhǒng/zhòng, [種], seed/species/kind/type/classifier: type, kind, sort, to plant/to grow/to cultiva...
        hē/hè, to drink/My goodness!, to shout loudly
        lā/la, (onom.) sound of singing, cheering etc/(phonetic)/(dialect) to chat, sentence-fi...
        gòu, [夠], to reach/to be enough
        páo/pǎo, (of an animal) to paw (the ground), to run/to run away/to escape/to run around (...
        háo/hào, [號], roar/cry/CL:個|个[gè], ordinal number/day of a month/mark/sign/business establishm...
        gǒu, dog/CL:隻|只[zhī],條|条[tiáo]
        huó, to live/alive/living/work/workmanship
        wéi/wèi, [餵], hello (when answering the phone), hey/to feed (an animal, baby, invalid etc), to...
        ya, (particle equivalent to 啊 after a vowel, expressing surprise or doubt)
        zhàn, station/to stand/to halt/to stop/branch of a company or organization/website
        wā/wa, Wow!/sound of child's crying/sound of vomiting, replaces 啊[a] when following the...
        míng, name/noun (part of speech)/place (e.g. among winners)/famous/classifier for peop...
        zǒng, [總], always/to assemble/gather/total/overall/head/chief/general/in every case
        Zhōu/zhōu, [週], surname Zhou/Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC), to make a circuit/to circle/circle/circ...
        tíng, to stop/to halt/to park (a car)
        lìng, other/another/separate/separately
        guǎn/Guǎn, [筦], variant of 管[guǎn], surname Guan, to take care (of)/to control/to manage/to be i...
        zuǐ, mouth/beak/nozzle/spout (of teapot etc)/CL:張|张[zhāng],個|个[gè]
        tiào, to jump/to hop/to skip over/to bounce/to palpitate
        yíng, [贏], to beat/to win/to profit
        Gāo/gāo, surname Gao, high/tall/above average/loud/your (honorific)
        Lù/lù, surname Lu, road/CL:條|条[tiáo]/journey/route/line (bus etc)/sort/kind
        dāi, foolish/stupid/expressionless/blank/to stay
        huò, maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or
        yuán, [員], person/employee/member
        ō/wo, I see/oh, (particle) marker of surprise, sudden realization, reminder
        jiǔ, wine (esp. rice wine)/liquor/spirits/alcoholic beverage/CL:杯[bēi],瓶[píng],罐[guàn...
        gē, [謌], song/CL:支[zhī],首[shǒu]/to sing, variant of 歌[gē]
        chàng, to sing/to call loudly/to chant
        gōu/jù, variant of 勾[gōu], sentence/clause/phrase/classifier for phrases or lines of ver...
        kào, to lean against or on/to stand by the side of/to come near to/to depend on/to tr...
        rú, as/as if/such as
        Hā/hā/hǎ, abbr. for 哈薩克斯坦|哈萨克斯坦[Hā sà kè sī tǎn], Kazakhstan/abbr. for 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Hā ěr bīn],...
        xǐng, to wake up/to be awake/to become aware/to sober up/to come to
        bù, ministry/department/section/part/division/troops/board/classifier for works of l...
        tóng/tòng, [仝]/[衕], (used in given names)/variant of 同[tóng], like/same/similar/together/alike/with,...
        Jiā/jiā, abbr. for Canada 加拿大[Jiā ná dà], to add/plus/(used after an adverb such as 不, 大,...
使         shǐ, to make/to cause/to enable/to use/to employ/to send/to instruct sb to do sth/env...
        Qiáng/jiàng/qiáng/qiǎng, [強]/[彊], surname Qiang, stubborn/unyielding, strong/powerful/better/slightly more than/vi...
        tián, sweet
        shá, dialectal equivalent of 什麼|什么[shén me]
        diàn, inn/shop/store/CL:家[jiā]
        kù, ruthless/strong (e.g. of wine)/(of sb or sth) cool (loanword)
        jǐng, to alert/to warn/police
        Zhù/zhù, surname Zhu, to wish/to express good wishes/to pray/(old) wizard
        kè/Kè/kēi, [剋]/[尅], to be able to/to subdue/to restrain/to overcome/gram/Tibetan unit of land area, ...
        kǒu, mouth/classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, well...
        mìng, life/fate/order or command/to assign a name, title etc
        chōng/chòng, [沖]/[衝], (of water) to dash against/to mix with water/to infuse/to rinse/to flush/to deve...
        kū, to cry/to weep
        cāo/cào, [撡], old variant of 操[cāo], to grasp/to hold/to operate/to manage/to control/to steer...
        zhěng, exactly/in good order/whole/complete/entire/in order/orderly/to repair/to mend/t...
        zhī, to know/to be aware
        zhào, [炤], variant of 照[zhào]/to shine/to illuminate, according to/in accordance with/to sh...
        Tái/tái, [檯]/[臺]/[颱], Taiwan (abbr.)/surname Tai, (classical) you (in letters)/variant of 臺|台[tái], de...
        jú, [侷], narrow, office/situation/classifier for games: match, set, round etc
        hè/xià, [嚇], to scare/to intimidate/to threaten/(interjection showing disapproval) tut-tut/(i...
        luàn, [亂], in confusion or disorder/in a confused state of mind/disorder/upheaval/riot/illi...
        cí, [䛐]/[詞], old variant of 詞|词[cí], word/statement/speech/lyrics/CL:組|组[zǔ],個|个[gè]/classica...
        chāo, to exceed/to overtake/to surpass/to transcend/to pass/to cross/ultra-/super-
        gǎn, to feel/to move/to touch/to affect/feeling/emotion/(suffix) sense of ~
        tuō, [脫], to shed/to take off/to escape/to get away from
        péi, to accompany/to keep sb company/to assist/old variant of 賠|赔[péi]
        Ā/ā/ē, abbr. for Afghanistan 阿富汗[Ā fù hàn], prefix used before monosyllabic names, kins...
        qún, [羣], variant of 群[qún], group/crowd/flock, herd, pack etc
        suǒ, [鎖]/[鎻], to lock up/to lock/lock/CL:把[bǎ], old variant of 鎖|锁[suǒ]
        fù, secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb/classifier for...
        wěn, [脗], kiss/to kiss/mouth, variant of 吻[wěn]
        bī, [偪], variant of 逼[bī]/to compel/to pressure, to force (sb to do sth)/to compel/to pre...
西         Xī/xī, the West/abbr. for Spain 西班牙[Xī bān yá]/Spanish, west
        dàn, egg/oval-shaped/CL:個|个[gè],打[dá]
        zuì, intoxicated
        chǔn, [惷], variant of 蠢[chǔn]/stupid, stupid/sluggish/clumsy/to wiggle (of worms)/to move i...
        Zhōng/zhōng, [鍾]/[鐘], surname Zhong, handleless cup/goblet/to concentrate/variant of 鐘|钟[zhōng], clock...
        yǎo, [齩], to bite/to nip, variant of 咬[yǎo]
        tī, to kick/to play (e.g. soccer)
        jià, to support/frame/rack/framework/classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios et...
        xū, [噓], to exhale slowly/to hiss/hush!
        chǎo, to quarrel/to make a noise/noisy/to disturb by making a noise
        Jí/jí, surname Ji/abbr. for Jilin Province 吉林省[Jí lín shěng], lucky/giga- (meaning bill...
        rě, to provoke/to irritate/to vex/to stir up/to anger/to attract (troubles)/to cause...
        Cháng/cháng, surname Chang, always/ever/often/frequently/common/general/constant
        xī, to breathe/to suck in/to absorb/to inhale
        wú, oh (expression of agreement or surprise)/(Cantonese) not
        zhàn, [戰], to fight/fight/war/battle
        tǔ/tù, to spit/to put/to say, to vomit/to throw up
        pèi, to join/to fit/to mate/to mix/to match/to deserve/to make up (a prescription)
        yǔ/yù, [語], dialect/language/speech, to tell to
        jì, to live (in a house)/to lodge/to mail/to send/to entrust/to depend
        qì, device/tool/utensil/CL:臺|台[tái]
        chuī, to blow/to play a wind instrument/to blast/to puff/to boast/to brag/to end in fa...
        diào/tiáo, [調], to transfer/to move (troops or cadres)/to investigate/to enquire into/accent/vie...
        gē, elder brother
        gé, square/frame/rule/(legal) case/style/character/standard/pattern/(classical) to o...
        Guān/guān, surname Guan, official/government/organ of body/CL:個|个[gè]
        yòu, right (-hand)/the Right (politics)/west (old)
        là/lào/luò, to leave out/to be missing/to leave behind or forget to bring/to lag or fall beh...
        là, [辢], old variant of 辣[là], hot (spicy)/pungent
        zhāo, to recruit/to provoke/to beckon/to incur/to infect/contagious/a move (chess)/a m...
        qiáng, [墻]/[牆], variant of 牆|墙[qiáng], wall, wall/CL:面[miàn],堵[dǔ]
        dā, to put up/to build (scaffolding)/to hang (clothes on a pole)/to connect/to join/...
        jiē/jié, [結], to bear fruit/to produce/firm/solid, knot/sturdy/bond/to tie/to bind/to check ou...
        nà/na, [吶], battle cry, sentence-final particle (abbr. for 呢啊[ne a] or variant of 哪[na])
        dòng, cave/hole/zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers)/CL:個|个[gè]
        ruò, to seem/like/as/if
        Hé/hé, surname He, what/how/why/which/carry
        Luò, surname Luo/old name of several rivers (in Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Anhui)
        táng, [餹], sugar/sweets/candy/CL:顆|颗[kē],塊|块[kuài], old variant of 糖[táng]
        bèi, (two, three etc) -fold/times (multiplier)/double/to increase or multiply
        gě/hé, [閤], 100 ml/one-tenth of a peck/measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth of sheng 升 o...
        jī/qí, odd (number), strange/odd/weird/wonderful/surprisingly/unusually
        mī, sound for calling a cat
        jì/qí, [騎], (Taiwan) saddle horse/mounted soldier, to ride (an animal or bike)/to sit astrid...
        jù/jū, [㨿]/[據], variant of 據|据[jù], see 拮據|拮据[jié jū], variant of 據|据[jù], according to/to act i...
        xiǎng, [響], echo/sound/noise/to make a sound/to sound/to ring/loud/classifier for noises
        tǎ, [墖], pagoda/tower/minaret/stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo)/CL:座[zuò], old va...
        hǎn, to yell/to shout/to call out for (a person)
        gè, each/every
        zào, to make/to build/to invent/to manufacture
        gē/lo/luò, (phonetic), (final particle similar to 了, indicating that sth is obvious), to co...
        hēng, to groan/to snort/to hum/to croon/humph!
        nuò, [諾], promise/consent
        wéi/wěi, -ism/only/alone, yes
        Lù/lòu/lù, surname Lu, to show/to reveal/to betray/to expose, dew/syrup/nectar/outdoors (no...
        Shǐ/shǐ, surname Shi, history/annals/title of an official historian in ancient China
        wèi, taste/smell/classifier for drugs (in TCM)
        liàng, bright/clear/resonant/to shine/to show/to reveal
        hé, river/CL:條|条[tiáo],道[dào]
        Sī/sī, surname Si, to take charge of/to manage/department (under a ministry)
        Bǎo/bǎo, Bulgaria/Bulgarian/abbr. for 保加利亞|保加利亚[Bǎo jiā lì yà], to defend/to protect/to k...
        zhì, to rule/to govern/to manage/to control/to harness (a river)/to treat (a disease)...
        tiē, [貼], to stick/to paste/to post (e.g. on a blog)/to keep close to/to fit snugly/to sub...
        yō/yo, [喲], Oh! (interjection indicating slight surprise), (sentence-final particle expressi...
        tái, to lift/to raise/(of two or more persons) to carry
        fú, width/roll/classifier for textiles or pictures
        cǎi, [跴], variant of 踩[cǎi], to step on/to tread/to stamp/to press a pedal/to pedal (a bik...
        shé, [虵], variant of 蛇[shé], snake/serpent/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        hé, small box/case
        āi, hey!/(interjection used to attract attention or to express surprise or disapprob...
        kè, customer/visitor/guest
        kòu, [釦], to fasten/to button/button/buckle/knot/to arrest/to confiscate/to deduct (money)...
        jù, [劇], drama/play/show/severe
        guì, [貴], expensive/noble/your (name)/precious
        qiāo, to hit/to strike/to tap/to rap/to knock/to rip sb off/to overcharge
        chóng, [蟲], lower form of animal life, including insects, insect larvae, worms and similar c...
        jìng, to respect/to venerate/to salute/to offer
        shú, cooked (of food)/ripe (of fruit)/mature (of seeds)/familiar/skilled/done/also pr...
        gào, to tell/to inform/to say
        dūn, to crouch/to squat
        pēn/pèn, [噴], to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt, (of a smell) strong/peak season (of a crop)/...
        yǐng, picture/image/film/movie/photograph/reflection/shadow/trace
        zhàn/zhān, [佔], variant of 占[zhàn], to observe/to divine, to take possession of/to occupy/to tak...
        hū, [嘑], to call/to cry/to shout/to breath out/to exhale, variant of 呼[hū]/to shout/to ca...
        zán/zá, [偺]/[喒], variant of 咱[zán], see 咱[zán], I or me/we (including both the speaker and the pe...
        āi/ài, interjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!)/to sigh, ...
        hú, lake/CL:個|个[gè],片[piàn]
        zhí, [職], office/duty
        kǔ, bitter/hardship/pain/to suffer/to bring suffering to/painstakingly
        lóu/lou, [嘍], subordinates in gang of bandits, (final particle equivalent to 了)
        guā, [颳], to scrape/to blow/to shave/to plunder/to extort, to blow (of the wind)
        jùn, canton/county/region
        nián/zhān, glutinous/sticky/to stick/to adhere/variant of 黏[nián], to glue/to stick/to past...
        dā/dá, to answer/to agree, reply/answer/return/respond/echo
        mà, [罵]/[駡], to scold/to abuse/to curse/CL:通[tòng],頓|顿[dùn], variant of 罵|骂[mà]
        Gǔ/gǔ, surname Gu, ancient/old/paleo-
        yuán, [圓], circle/round/circular/spherical/(of the moon) full/unit of Chinese currency (Yua...
        zuàn/zuān, [鑚]/[鑽], variant of 鑽|钻[zuàn], to drill/to bore/to get into/to make one's way into/to ent...
        xǐ, to be fond of/to like/to enjoy/to be happy/to feel pleased/happiness/delight/gla...
        huàn, to suffer (from illness)/to contract (a disease)/misfortune/trouble/danger/worry
        shàn, good (virtuous)/benevolent/well-disposed/good at sth/to improve or perfect
        mán, [蠻], barbarian/bullying/very/quite/rough/reckless
        Gōng/gōng, [宮], surname Gong, palace/temple/castration (as corporal punishment)/first note in pe...
        tiǎn, to lick/to lap
        jīng, [驚], to start/to be frightened/to be scared/alarm
        tūn, to swallow/to take
        tā/tà, see 踏實|踏实[tā shi], to tread/to stamp/to step on/to press a pedal/to investigate ...
        zǎo, bath
        cān, meal/to eat/classifier for meals
        jù/zú, excessive, foot/to be sufficient/ample
        xī, [譆], laugh/giggle/(interjection expressing admiration, surprise etc), (interjection e...
        yù, [慾], desire/appetite/passion/lust/greed, to wish for/to desire/variant of 慾|欲[yù]
        hǒu, roar or howl of an animal/bellow of rage
        juān, to contribute/to donate/contribution/tax/to abandon
        gé, to separate/to partition/to stand or lie between/at a distance from/after or at ...
        luō/luo, [囉], see 囉嗦|啰嗦[luō suo], (final exclamatory particle)
        Hú/hú, [衚]/[鬍], surname Hu, non-Han people, esp. from central Asia/reckless/outrageous/what?/why...
        Dǎng/dǎng, [黨], surname Dang, party/association/club/society/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhān, [霑], to moisten/to be infected by/to receive benefit or advantage through a contact/t...
        Fú/fú, surname Fu/abbr. for Fujian province 福建省[Fú jiàn shěng], good fortune/happiness/...
        zhuō, to clutch/to grab/to capture
        jiàng, [醬], thick paste of fermented soya bean/marinated in soya paste/paste/jam
        chù, [觸], to touch/to make contact with sth/to stir up sb's emotions
        shù, to forgive
        suān, sour/tart/sick at heart/grieved/sore/aching/pedantic/impractical/an acid
        Fù/fù, surname Fu, rich/abundant/wealthy
        sù, fast/rapid/quick/velocity
        pā, to lie on one's stomach/to lean forward, resting one's upper body (on a desktop ...
        Róng/róng, surname Rong, to hold/to contain/to allow/to tolerate/appearance/look/countenanc...
        yíng, [營], camp/barracks/battalion/to build/to operate/to manage/to strive for
        gǔ/Gǔ, [穀], grain/corn, surname Gu, valley
        shé, tongue
        lǎng, clear/bright
        jūn, monarch/lord/gentleman/ruler
        diào, [弔], to suspend/to hang up/to hang a person, a string of 100 cash (arch.)/to lament/t...
        ā/hē, variant of 啊[ā], expel breath/my goodness
        chún, [脣], lip, variant of 唇[chún]
        xié/Yè/yè, [葉], to be in harmony, surname Ye, leaf/page/lobe/(historical) period
        kè, to crack (seeds) between one's teeth
        Jià/jià, [駕], surname Jia, to harness/to draw (a cart etc)/to drive/to pilot/to sail/to ride/y...
        pǐn, article/commodity/product/goods/kind/grade/rank/character/disposition/nature/tem...
        chuǎn, to gasp/to pant/asthma
        wō, [窩], nest/pit or hollow on the human body/lair/den/place/to harbor or shelter/to hold...
        yōu, bleating of the deer
        Liáng/liáng, [涼], the five Liang of the Sixteen Kingdoms, namely: Former Liang 前涼|前凉 (314-376), La...
        zǎ/zé/zhà, dialectal equivalent of 怎麼|怎么[zěn me], gnaw, loud noise/shout/suddenly
        shài, [曬], variant of 曬|晒[shài], (of the sun) to shine on/to bask in (the sunshine)/to dry ...
        wū, [嗚], (onom.) for humming or whimpering
        dú, [獨], alone/independent/single/sole/only
        chuàn, to string together/to mix up/to conspire/to rove/to make a swift or abrupt linea...
        jiáo, to chew/also pr. [jué]
        zhòu, [呪], variant of 咒[zhòu], incantation/magic spell/curse/malediction/to revile/to put a...
        sǎ, [灑], to sprinkle/to spray/to spill/to shed
        jiǎn, [減], to lower/to decrease/to reduce/to subtract/to diminish
        é, [頟]/[額], variant of 額|额[é], forehead/horizontal tablet or inscribed board/specified numbe...
        wù, [誤], mistake/error/to miss/to harm/to delay/to neglect/mistakenly
        hán, to keep/to contain/to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
        shéng, [繩], rope/CL:根[gēn]
        péi, [賠], to compensate for loss/to indemnify/to suffer a financial loss
        lǐ/li, mile (unit of length equal to 1,609.344 m)/old form of modern 英里[Yīng lǐ], (moda...
        guō, [鍋], pot/pan/boiler/CL:口[kǒu],隻|只[zhī]
        chéng, to present to a superior/memorial/petition/to present (a certain appearance)/to ...
        pǐ, habit/hobby
        mì, honey
        shuì, [稅], taxes/duties
        Chéng/chéng, surname Cheng, rule/order/regulations/formula/journey/procedure/sequence
        bài/bei, [唄], to chant/see 梵唄|梵呗[fàn bài], modal particle indicating indicating lack of enthus...
        bèng, to jump/to bounce/to hop
        yù, bath/to bathe
        guì, to kneel
        hōng/hǒng/hòng, [閧]/[鬨], roar of laughter (onom.)/hubbub/to roar (as a crowd), to deceive/to coax/to amus...
        zūn, senior/of a senior generation/to honor/to respect/honorific/classifier for canno...
        bǎo/pù, an earthwork/castle/position of defense/stronghold/used in place names, often as...
        há/xiā, [蝦], see 蝦蟆|虾蟆[há ma], shrimp/prawn
        háo, grand/heroic
        Táng/táng, Tang dynasty (618-907)/surname Tang, to exaggerate/empty/in vain/old variant of ...
        dīng, sting (of mosquito, bee etc)/to say repeatedly/to urge insistently/to ask repeat...
        zhōng, loyal/devoted/honest
        Shào/zhào, surname Shao/name of an ancient state that existed in what is now Shaanxi Provin...
        shǔ/zhǔ, [屬], category/genus (taxonomy)/family members/dependents/to belong to/subordinate to/...
        Kē/kē, surname Ke, handle of ax/stem
        Shù/shù, surname Shu, to bind/bunch/bundle/classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of ligh...
        kuà, to step across/to stride over/to straddle/to span
        qún, [帬]/[裠], old variant of 裙[qún], skirt/CL:條|条[tiáo], old variant of 裙[qún]
        guǎn, [舘]/[館], variant of 館|馆[guǎn], building/shop/term for certain service establishments/emba...
        áo, loud clamor/the sound of wailing
        qiàn/xī, Rubia cordifolia/Indian madder/munjeet, used in the transliteration of people's ...
        zhì, wisdom/knowledge
        jū/jù, [鋸], variant of 鋦|锔[jū], a saw/to cut with a saw
        tǒng, [筩], tube/cylinder/to encase in sth cylindrical (such as hands in sleeves etc), varia...
        jiā, traditionally used as phonetic for ga/also pr. [gā]
        Jīng/jīng, abbr. for Beijing/surname Jing/Jing ethnic minority, capital city of a country/b...
        dí, [敵], enemy/match/to resist/to withstand
        bì, to avoid/to shun/to flee/to escape/to keep away from/to leave/to hide from
        zhī, [織], to weave/to knit
        guǎi, to turn/to kidnap/to swindle/to misappropriate/a cane/seven (used as a substitut...
        zhǒng, [腫], to swell/swelling/swollen
        cí, [辤]/[辭], old variant of 辭|辞[cí], to resign/to dismiss/to decline/to take leave/ballad (ar...
        huò, [旤]/[禍], old variant of 禍|祸[huò], disaster/misfortune/calamity
        xiōng, elder brother
        tāi/tái, coating (of tongue), moss
        diē, to drop/to fall/to tumble/Taiwan pr. [dié]
        sāo, [騷], trouble/disturbance/rumpus/flirty/coquettish/abbr. for 離騷|离骚[Lí Sāo]/literary wr...
        Hé/hé/hè, Holland/the Netherlands/abbr. for 荷蘭|荷兰[Hé lán], lotus, to carry on one's should...
        hāi/ké, sound of sighing, cough
        suī, [雖], although/even though
        tāi, fetus/litter/tire/abbr. of 輪胎|轮胎
        shě/Shè/shè, [捨], to give up/to abandon/to give alms, surname She, residence
        Jū/jī/jū, surname Ju, (archaic) sentence-final particle expressing a doubting attitude, to...
        dūn, [噸], ton (loanword)/Taiwan pr. [dùn]
        fēng, [䗬]/[蠭], variant of 蜂[fēng], bee/wasp, old variant of 蜂[fēng]
        tà, to despair
        jù, at a distance of/distance/to be apart
        nèn, [嫰], tender/soft/delicate/light (color)/inexperienced/unskilled, old variant of 嫩[nèn...
        kè, krypton (chemistry)
        sǒng, frightened
        ái, cancer/carcinoma/also pr. [yán]
        Jǐng/jǐng, surname Jing, bright/circumstance/scenery
        lüè, [畧], plan/strategy/outline/summary/slightly/rather/to rob/to plunder/to summarize, va...
        xiū, call out/jeer
稿         gǎo, [稾], variant of 稿[gǎo], manuscript/draft/stalk of grain
        tóng, [銅], copper (chemistry)/see also 紅銅|红铜[hóng tóng]/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        Wú/wú, surname Wu, I/my (old)
        kěn, to gnaw/to nibble/to bite
        bì, [嗶], beiges/serge
        zōng, [蹤], footprint/trace/tracks
        qióng, [瓊], jasper/fine jade/beautiful/exquisite (e.g. wine, food)/abbr. for Hainan province
        Xián/xián, [鹹], surname Xian, all/everyone/each/widespread/harmonious, salted/salty/stingy/miser...
        shì, addicted to/fond of/stem corresponding to -phil or -phile
        shè/shí, to ascend in light steps, to pick up/to collate or arrange/ten (banker's anti-fr...
        jié, [潔], clean
        là, [蠟], candle/wax
        shòu, to sell/to make or carry out (a plan or intrigue etc)
        sú, custom/convention/popular/common/coarse/vulgar/secular
        fǒu/pǐ, to negate/to deny/not, clogged/evil
        tiē/tiě/tiè, fitting snugly/appropriate/suitable/to paste (same as 貼|贴[tiē])/to obey (same as...
        qí, mountainous
        chī, [癡], imbecile/sentimental/stupid/foolish/silly, variant of 痴[chī]
        jī, [積], to amass/to accumulate/to store/measured quantity (such as area of volume)/produ...
        xiù, to smell/to sniff/to nose
        bì, arm
        pī/pǐ, to hack/to chop/to split open/(of lightning) to strike, to split in two/to divid...
        liē/liě/lie, see 咧咧[liē liē], to draw back the corners of one's mouth, modal particle express...
        shǐ, [駛], to gallop/speedily/to proceed to/to pilot (ship, plane etc)/to sail
        Wú, [吳], surname Wu/area comprising southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and Shanghai/name...
        bēng, sound of an explosion/sound of sth throbbing or bursting
        chuài, to kick/to trample/to tread on
        gū, (onom.) for the sound of a bird, an empty stomach etc
        bì, wall/rampart
        yí, expression of surprise
        tóng, ketone
        cù, vinegar/jealousy (in love rivalry)
        cèng, to rub against/to walk slowly/to freeload (colloquial)
        hóu, throat/larynx
        cuàn, [竄], to flee/to scuttle/to exile or banish/to amend or edit
        sǔn, [損], to decrease/to lose/to damage/to harm/(coll.) to speak sarcastically/to deride/c...
        xiè, [蠏], crab, variant of 蟹[xiè]
        gá, [嘠], cackling sound, old variant of 嘎[gá]
        Qǐ/qǐ, [啟], Qi son of Yu the Great 禹[Yǔ], reported founder of the Xia Dynasty 夏朝[Xià Cháo] (...
        yǐ, chair
        gāo/gào, ointment/paste/CL:帖[tiě], to moisten/to grease/to apply (cream, ointment)/to dip...
        miāo, (onom.) meow/cat's mewing
        gù, happening/instance/reason/cause/intentional/former/old/friend/therefore/hence/(o...
        hú/hù, [䊀]/[餬], variant of 糊[hú], muddled/paste/scorched, paste/cream, congee/making a living
        dā, [噠], (phonetic)/command to a horse/clatter (of horses' hoofs)
        Hè/hè, [賀], surname He, to congratulate
        yān/yàn/yè, [嚥], narrow pass/throat/pharynx, variant of 嚥|咽[yàn], to choke (in crying), to swallo...
        kuì, [餽]/[饋], to make an offering to the gods/variant of 饋|馈[kuì], food/to make a present
        shǐ, to begin/to start/then/only then
        xiǎng, [亯], to enjoy/to benefit/to have the use of, old variant of 享[xiǎng]
        yǐ, [蟻], ant
        lào/luò, [絡], small net, net-like
        jìng, [競], to compete/to contend/to struggle
        cōng, [聰], quick at hearing/wise/clever/sharp-witted/intelligent/acute
        dū, toot/honk/to pout
        rǎng, to blurt out/to shout
        pā, (onom.) bang/pop/pow
        sū, flaky pastry/crunchy/limp/soft/silky
        shí/zhì, [識], to know/knowledge/Taiwan pr. [shì], to record/to write a footnote
        xī, amusement
        ǒu, [嘔], vomit
        dāo/tāo, garrulous, to receive the benefit of
        yē, to choke (on)/to choke up/to suffocate
        qiāng/qiàng, [嗆], to choke (because of swallowing the wrong way), to irritate the nose/to choke (o...
        hǔ, a tiger's roar/to scare
        yín, [唫], to chant/to recite/to moan/to groan/cry (of certain animals and insects)/song (a...
        méi, enzyme/ferment
        chún, [醕], alcohol/wine with high alcohol content/rich/pure/good wine/sterols, old variant ...
        pū, sound of escaping laughter/water
        míng, [鳴], to cry (of birds, animals and insects)
        yuán, [猨]/[蝯], variant of 猿[yuán], ape, variant of 猿[yuán]
        qià, exactly/just
        wù, to comprehend/to apprehend/to become aware
        diāo, to hold in the mouth
        fèi, to bark
        pēi, pah!/bah!/pooh!/to spit (in contempt)
        Jiā/jiā, surname Jia, excellent/auspicious
        diāo, [彫]/[鵰], variant of 雕[diāo], to engrave, to carve/to engrave/shrewd/bird of prey, bird of...
        lào, curdled milk or fruit juice/also pr. [luò]
        nián, sticky/glutinous/to adhere/to stick
        pí, beer
        è, [鰐]/[鱷], variant of 鱷|鳄[è], crocodile/alligator
        dēng, to step on/to tread on/to wear/Taiwan pr. [dèng]
        péi, to cultivate/to earth up
        jīng, [鯨], whale
        gē/gé, [擱], to place/to put aside/to shelve, to bear/to stand/to endure
        zhǎo, pond/pool
        jiǎn, [鹻]/[鹼], variant of 鹼|碱[jiǎn], base/alkali/soda (chemistry)
        tíng, pavilion/booth/kiosk/erect
        Shū/shū, surname Shu, to stretch/to unfold/to relax/leisurely
        lǚ, [鋁], aluminum (chemistry)
        yā/yǎ, [啞], (onom.) sound of cawing/sound of infant learning to talk/variant of 呀[yā], dumb/...
        yuè, [躍], to jump/to leap
        róng, [螎], to melt/to thaw/to blend/to merge/to be in harmony, old variant of 融[róng]
        róng, to dissolve/soluble
        jiā, gamma/jewelry
        zhé, [喆], philosophy/wise, (used in given names)/variant of 哲[zhé]
        shào, a whistle/sentry
        jiāo, to tumble/to fall
        hào, grand/vast (water)
        dūn, [㪟], variant of 敦[dūn], kind-hearted/place name
        kā, (onom.) sound of coughing or vomiting
        tí, [蹏], hoof/pig's trotters, variant of 蹄[tí]
        yòu, to assist/to protect
        liàng, to dry in the air/(fig.) to cold-shoulder
        liào, to put down/to leave behind/to throw or knock down/to abandon or discard
        kǎ, (used as phonetic "ka")
        m, interjection expressing a question, interjection expressing consent/um
        dǐng, intoxicated
        kuò, [濶]/[闊], variant of 闊|阔[kuò], rich/wide/broad
        chěng, to show off/to flaunt/to carry out or succeed in a scheme/to indulge/to give fre...
        lüè, to take over by force/to rob/to plunder/to brush over/to skim/to sweep
        zhàn, to dip in (ink, sauce etc)
        bō/bo, (onom.) to bubble, grammatical particle equivalent to 吧
        zhǐ, toe
        diǎo, penis/to fuck (Cantonese)/cool or extraordinary (colloquial)
        niàng, [釀], to ferment/to brew/to make honey (of bees)/to lead to/to form gradually/wine/stu...
        zhǐ, ester
        hē, hey! (exclamation)/I say!
        yù, field/region/area/domain (taxonomy)
        jiǎn, [繭]/[蠒], cocoon/callus, variant of 繭|茧[jiǎn]
        pú, Bodhisattva
        diān, to weigh in the hand/to estimate
        diāo, sable or marten (genus Martes)
        jī/qī, [緝], to seize/to arrest/Taiwan pr. [qì], to stitch finely
        ruò, so/such/to such a degree
        gé, [閣], pavilion (usu. two-storied)/cabinet (politics)/boudoir/woman's chamber/rack/shel...
        huò, (onom.) expressing admiration or surprise/sound of a laugh
        xìng, apricot/almond
        gé/há, clam, frog/toad
        dōng, boom (of a drum)
        jī, [嘰], grumble
        bǒ, to limp/lame/crippled
        Yù/yù, surname Yu, to describe sth as/an analogy/a simile/a metaphor/an allegory
        juān, beautiful/graceful
        zào, hot-tempered/impatient
        píng, (onom.) bang! (gong, gun firing etc)
        kā, coffee/class/grade
        mǐng, drunk/intoxicated
        chún, [湻], genuine/pure/honest, old variant of 淳[chún]
        jiā/qié, phonetic character used in loanwords for the sound "jia", although 夹 is more com...
        Yān/yàn, [鷰], Yan, a vassal state of Zhou in modern Hebei and Liaoning/north Hebei/the four Ya...
        qū, maggot
        wù, to meet (socially)
        miē, [哶], the bleating of sheep/final particle which transforms statements into questions ...
        wā, [鼃], frog/CL:隻|只[zhī], old variant of 蛙[wā]
        gū/gù, estimate, old/second-hand (clothes)
        háo, hair/drawing brush/(in the) least/one thousandth/currency unit, 0.1 yuan
        yíng, [蠅], fly/musca/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        kuò/Shì/shì, [適], see 李适[Lǐ Kuò], surname Shi, to fit/suitable/proper/just (now)/comfortable/well/...
        yí, [遺], to lose/to leave behind/to omit/to bequeath/sth lost/involuntary discharge (of u...
        háo, howl/bawl
        sāi, used in transliteration
        shú, who/which/what
        bā, denote a sound or sharp noise (gunfire etc)
        lei, sentence-final particle similar to 了[le], but carrying a tone of approval
        lá/là, to slash, perverse/unreasonable/absurd
        pēng, (onom.) bang
        zhū, see 蜘蛛[zhī zhū]
        huò, to confuse/to be puzzled
        yí, harmony/pleased
        yòu, (of divinity) to bless/to protect
        láo/lào, [嘮], to chatter, to gossip/to chat (dialect)
        gū, paternal aunt/husband's sister/husband's mother (old)/nun/for the time being (li...
        shǔn, to suck
        hēng, prosperous/henry (unit of inductance)
        Āi/āi, Ai (c. 2000 BC), sixth of legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝[Yán dì] descended from She...
        wǔ, to enclose/to cover with the hand (one's eyes, nose or ears)/to cover up (an aff...
        róng, to smelt/to fuse
        zhuó, to peck
        zāi, (exclamatory or interrogative particle)
        juàn, [絹], thin, tough silk fabric
        zhī/zī, (onom.) creaking or groaning, (onom.) to squeak (of mice)/to chirp or peep (of s...
        kē, severe/exacting
        Gǒu/gǒu, surname Gou, if/supposing/careless/negligent/temporarily
        huàn, [喚], to call
        jiā, (phonetic sound for Buddhist terms)
        gē, [鴿], pigeon/dove
        shí, [蝕], to nibble away at sth/to eat into/to erode
        dí, backbite
        yě, thing/matter (Cantonese)/see also 乜嘢[miē yě]
        Guō/guō, surname Guo, outer city wall
        sī, [噝], (onom.) to hiss/to whistle/to whiz/to fizz
        jié/jú, Platycodon grandiflorus/water bucket, variant of 橘[jú]
        zào, dry/parched/impatient
        mōu, moo (sound made by cow)
        dūn, [墪], block/gate pillar/pier/classifier for clusters of plants/classifier for rounds i...
        ruì, [銳], acute
        huái, ankle
        Duì/duì, [兌], surname Dui, to cash/to exchange/to add (liquid)/to blend/one of the Eight Trigr...
        tuò, saliva/to spit
        sī, hiss/neigh/Ss! (sound of air sucked between the teeth, indicating hesitation or ...
        qī, [棲], to perch/to rest (of birds)/to dwell/to live/to stay
        bǐng, [稟], to make a report (to a superior)/to give/to endow/to receive/petition
        chóu, [詶]/[酧]/[醻], old variant of 酬[chóu], variant of 酬[chóu], to entertain/to repay/to return/to r...
        lào, to brand/to iron/to bake (in a pan)
        zhāo, bright/clear/manifest/to show clearly
        kǎn, [偘], upright and honest/cheerful/to chat idly/to boast/to talk smoothly, old variant ...
蹿         cuān, [躥], to leap up
        huā/huá, [嘩]/[譁], crashing sound, cat-calling sound/clamor/noise, variant of 嘩|哗[huá]
        zhù, termite/to bore (of insects)
        dǎo, to tread on/to trample/to stamp/to fulfill/Taiwan pr. [dào]
        jī, (onom.) to pump (water)
        jí, [輯], to gather up/to collect/to edit/to compile
        shàn, [饍], meals, variant of 膳[shàn]
        niè, [嚙]/[囓], to gnaw/to erode, variant of 嚙|啮[niè]/to gnaw
        fēn, phenol
        bǐ, used as phonetic bi- or pi-
        bāo, pot or saucepan/to boil/cook or heat
        guān, coffin
        zhē/zhé, to sting, jellyfish
        gù, hard/strong/solid/sure/assuredly/undoubtedly/of course/indeed/admittedly
        hàn, regret (sense of loss or dissatisfaction)
        shī, [蝨], louse, louse
        sāo, to scratch/old variant of 騷|骚[sāo]
        zā, to sip/to smack one's lips/to taste/to savor
        lǚ, [侶], companion
        dié, [蜨], variant of 蝶[dié], butterfly/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        sōu, (onom.) whooshing/swishing/rustle of skirts
        kuàng, [況], moreover/situation
        zé, [嘖], (interj. of admiration or of disgust)/to click one's tongue/to attempt to (find ...
        xūn, [勛]/[勲]/[勳], medal/merit, variant of 勛|勋[xūn], variant of 勛|勋[xūn]
        zhé, [蟄], to hibernate
        diǎn, to stand on tiptoe/Taiwan pr. [diàn]
        shì, to devour/to bite
        yuè, [悅], pleased
        tóng, Chinese wood-oil tree (Aleurites cordata)
        cùn, inch (English)
        xiē, [蠍], variant of 蠍|蝎[xiē], scorpion
        zūn, [罇], goblet/bottle/wine-jar, variant of 樽[zūn]
        Bèng/bàng, abbr. for Bengbu prefecture level city 蚌埠市[Bèng bù shì], Anhui, mussel/clam
        bì/pì, [闢], king/monarch/to enlist/to repel/to avoid, law/variant of 闢|辟[pì], to dispel/to r...
        kuì, [潰], to be dispersed/to break down/to fester/to ulcerate
        gé, hiccup/belch
        kū, dried up
        pōu, to cut open/to analyze/Taiwan pr. [pǒu]
        sì, succession (to a title)/to inherit/continuing (a tradition)/posterity
        á/shà, variant of 啊, interjection expressing doubt or requiring answer/Eh?/what?/to sho...
        cháo/zhāo, to ridicule/to mock, see 嘲哳, (onom.) twitter/twittering sound
        kē, jade-like stone
        zhuó, to pour wine/to drink wine/to deliberate/to consider
        xū/yù, [籲], sh/hush, implore, to implore
        suō, to suck/to incite
        cù, urgent/hurried/to urge/to promote/to urge haste/close/intimate
        zào, [譟], the chirping of birds or insects/noise/clamor/buzzing/disturbance, variant of 噪[...
        jiàn, [踐], to fulfill (a promise)/to tread/to walk
        wō, [蝸], snail/Taiwan pr. [guā]/see 蝸牛|蜗牛[wō niú]
        quán, to curl up (like a scroll)/to huddle/Melania libertina/wriggle (as a worm)
        gè, [鉻], chromium (chemistry)
        xī, see 蜥蜴[xī yì], lizard/shorty (contemptuous term for short person)/chameleon/Eume...
        pǐ, constipation/lump in the abdomen
        pán, Trichina spiralis/to coil
        yē, onomat. for surprise, amazement and sigh
        xiāo, [囂], clamor
        ǎi/ài, [噯], (interj. of disapproval), (interj. of regret)
        cāo, rough/coarse (in texture)
        tái, to trample, to kick
        háng/kēng, throat, to utter
        huì, beak/snout/mouth/to pant
        gǔ, [蠱], arch. legendary venomous insect/to poison/to bewitch/to drive to insanity/to har...
        jǐng, to warn/to admonish
        zūn, to observe/to obey/to follow/to comply with
        gū, crying sound of child
        jī, lopsided/unbalanced/abnormal/irregular/odd fractional remnant
        mǎn, [蟎], mite
        chī, laugh at/jeer/scoff at/sneer at
        yǐ, to lean on/to rely upon
        è, [顎], jaw/palate
        chóu, dense/crowded/thick/many
        xī, sound of sobbing
        qín, used in phonetic transcription -xine, -zine or -chin
        lù, [鷺], heron
        niān, to nip/to grasp with the fingers/to fiddle with/Taiwan pr. [nián]
        pī, child's buttocks (esp. Cantonese)/see 噼啪|劈啪, (onom.) for crack, slap, clap, clat...
        duò, [跥], variant of 跺[duò], to stamp one's feet
        áo, nippers/claw (of crab)/chela/pincers/Astacus fluviatilis
        yíng, [螢], firefly/glow-worm
        shì, to lick/to lap (up)
        dǔn, [躉], wholesale
        táng, dyke/embankment/pool or pond/hot-water bathing pool
        jiān, [椷]/[緘], (wooden) box/cup/old variant of 緘|缄[jiān]/letter, letters/to close/to seal
        gòu, dirt/disgrace
        zhú, [燭], candle/(literary) to illuminate
        yǒng, [詠], to sing
        gào, [鋯], zirconium (chemistry)
        pǔ, web (of feet of ducks, frogs etc)
        guǎ, [剮], cut off the flesh as punishment
        luó, spiral shell/snail/conch
        yī, [吚], variant of 咿[yī], (onom.) to squeak
        kòu, [敂], to knock/to kowtow, old variant of 叩[kòu]/to knock
        liàng, [諒], to forgive/to understand
        xiào, pant/roar/bark (of animals)
        xù, cotton wadding/fig. padding/long-winded
        pǎng, (onom.) bang!
        nuò/rě, (indicating agreement) yes/all right/(drawing attention to) look!/here!, to salu...
        pài, used in transliteration
        wén, [螡]/[蟁], mosquito, old variant of 蚊[wén], old variant of 蚊[wén]
        tàn, [嘆]/[歎], to sigh/to gasp/to exclaim, variant of 嘆|叹[tàn]
        Lǚ/lǚ, [呂], surname Lü, pitchpipe, pitch standard, one of the twelve semitones in the tradit...
        cán, [蠶], silkworm
        guō/wō, [渦], name of a river, eddy/whirlpool
        qiāo, [蹺]/[蹻], to raise one's foot/to stand on tiptoe/stilts, variant of 蹺|跷[qiāo]/to raise one...
        lì, minor government official or functionary (old)
        zhōng, handleless cup/goblet
        chuò, (literary) to drink/to sip/to sob
        qià, accord/to make contact/to agree/to consult with/extensive
        nì, to hide
        jú, (dialect) to cook in salt or sand, inside a sealed pot/to steam/to bake
        qí, curio/valuable stone
        jiù, fault/to blame/to punish/calamity/misfortune
        Zhòng/zhòng, surname Zhong, second month of a season/middle/intermediate/second amongst broth...
        fǔ/m, [嘸], perplexed/astonished, dialectal equivalent of 沒有|没有[méi yǒu]
        gōu/gǒu/jǔ, Acgle sepiaria, Chinese wolfberry (Lycium chinense), Citrus medica
        yù, abundant
        jiào, cellar
        dié, [啑], old variant of 喋[dié], flowing flood/to chatter
        yuè, [閱], to inspect/ro review/to read/to peruse/to go through/to experience
        zhān, [氈]/[氊], felt (fabric), variant of 氈|毡[zhān]
        jiàng, variant of 強|强[jiàng], stubborn/obstinate/tenacious/unbending/pig-headed
        chī, sound of giggling/see 呼哧[hū chī]
        zhēn, [碪], anvil, variant of 砧[zhēn]
        bāo, [襃], to praise/to commend/to honor/(of clothes) large or loose, variant of 褒[bāo]
        cuì, sip/spit
        yīng, [嚶], calling of birds
        háo, [蠔], oyster
        jǔ, to chew/to masticate
        gǔ, [鈷], cobalt (chemistry)
        kuò, big/empty/open
        yì, city/village
        jū, [駒], colt
        cēng/chēng, to scold/whoosh!, sound of bells etc
        hé/mò, raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)/raccoon of North China, Korea and Japan (...
        gū, mushroom
        kuāng, (onom.) clang/see 哐啷, clatter
        sāo/sào, smell of urine, shame/bashfulness/to shame/to humiliate
        chì, [熾], to burn/to blaze/splendid/illustrious
        Shǔ, short name for Sichuan 四川[Sì chuān] province/one of the Three Kingdoms 三國|三国[Sān...
        Luò/luò, [駱], surname Luo, camel/white horse with a black mane (archaic)
        zhōng, inner feelings
        chǐ, foot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m)/old form of modern 英尺[yīng chǐ]
        qíng, to raise (hand)
        zhuǎi, to waddle/to swagger/(coll.) strutting/self-satisfied
        chì, to scold/shout at/to hoot at
        xiā, suck, swallow, drink
        chóu, [綢], (light) silk/CL:匹[pǐ]
        lū, [嚕], grumble/chatter
        diǎ, coy/childish
        duō, quiver/woolen cloth
        hā, [鉿], hafnium (chemistry)
        yǒng, chrysalis/pupa
        bì, jade annulus
        tì, sneeze
        Yíng/yíng, surname Ying, old variant of 贏|赢[yíng], to win, to profit/old variant of 盈[yíng]...
        cā/chā, (onom.) screech, (onom.) snap/pop/see 喀嚓[kā chā]
        Yú/yú, surname Yu, to expect/to anticipate/to worry/to cheat
        tí, [嗁], to cry/to weep aloud/to crow/to hoot, variant of 啼[tí]
        zūn, [鱒], trout/barbel/Taiwan pr. [zùn]
        lā/lǎ, (onom.) sound of wind, rain etc, (phonetic)
        gǎo/hào, [鎬], a pick, bright/place name/stove
        zhì, fluke/leech/hirudinea
        chán, [蟬], cicada
        wēng, (onom.) buzz/hum/drone
        tāng, to wade/to trample
        dē, (onom.) for the sound of horsehoofs
        jū, to capture/to restrain/to constrain/to adhere rigidly to/inflexible
        shì, to sting/also pr. [zhē]
        gé, diaphragm
        Shào/shào, [紹], surname Shao, to continue/to carry on
        tí, essential oil of butter
        diāo, [鯛], porgy/pagrus major
        yāo, to shout/to bawl/to yell (to urge on an animal)/to hawk (one's wares)
        é, moth
        sào, itch/old term for scabies/Taiwan pr. [sāo]
        duó, to stroll/to pace/Taiwan pr. [duò]
        chā/zhā, see 喳喳[chā cha], (onom.) chirp, twitter, etc
        pēng, cooking method/to boil sb alive (capital punishment in Imperial China)
        tián, quiet/calm/tranquil/peaceful
        qiú, tribal chief
        tāi, tie/necktie/tire (Cantonese)
        huá/huō/huò, play Chinese finger game, opening/stake all/sacrifice/crack/slit, clear/open/exe...
        hào, [暠]/[皜], variant of 皓[hào], bright/luminous/white (esp. bright white teeth of youth or wh...
        dā, [躂], to stumble/to slip/variant of 達|达[dá]
        mǎng, python
        liǔ, [綹], skein/tuft/lock
        cì/sì, to wait on, to watch/to wait/to examine/to spy
        xuān, [諠], clamor/noise, variant of 喧[xuān]/old variant of 諼|谖[xuān]
        suǒ, [瑣], fragmentary/trifling
        lù, beautiful jade
        tà, to step on
        qǐ, [綺], beautiful/open-work silk
        chuài/zuō, (literary) to gnaw/to eat ravenously, (coll.) to suck
        gé, [鎘], cadmium (chemistry)
        qià, ilium/outermost bone of the pelvic girdle/Taiwan pr. [kà]
        È, abbr. for Hubei Province 湖北省[Hú běi Shěng] in central China/surname E
        pì, biased/low/rustic/secluded
        míng, [銘], to engrave/inscribed motto
        guō, raucous/clamor/unpleasantly noisy
        dài, idle/lazy/negligent/careless
        xī, selenium (chemistry)
        tōng, (onom.)thump/thud
        jiā, scab
        gè, to press painfully (of sth hard or bulging)
        shuā, (onom.) quick slick up
        Róng/róng, short name for Chengdu 成都[Chéng dū], see 芙蓉[fú róng], lotus/food that has been m...
        Hé, He river in Shandong
        sǎng, throat/voice
        zèng, [鋥], polished/shiny
        jiǒng, distressed/embarrassed
        tuì, [蛻], skin cast off during molting/exuvia/to pupate/to molt/to slough/to cast off an o...
        hé, [頜], maxilla and mandible
        duō, noise of rage/to cry out in anger/Taiwan pr. [duò]
        Gū/gū, abbr. for Tianjin 天津 (also 津沽), to buy/to sell
        hóng, rainbow
        tì, energetic/exalted/magnanimous
        bèi, (flower) bud
        Rú/rú, surname Ru, to eat/(extended meaning) to endure/putrid smell/vegetables/roots (i...
        pí, tick (zoology)
        lì, [蠣], oyster
        kuò, to enclose/to include/also pr. [guā]
        bǎo, dense foliage/to cover
        bèi, to dry over a fire/to bake
        guāng, (onom.) bang/door banging shut
        yǔn, [隕], to fall/meteor/to perish/see also 殞|殒[yǔn]
        yú, [娛], to amuse
        cáo, bustling/tumultuous/noisy
        diàn, to think of/to remember/to miss
        dēng, (onom.) thud/thump
        è, startling
        nán, mumble in repetition
        Shào, surname Shao/place name
        zhǔ, [囑], to enjoin/to implore/to urge
        è, [齶], palate/roof of the mouth
        zhǒng, to arrive/to follow/heel
        zhě, particle used for interjection (Cantonese)/see also 啫哩[zhě lī]
        jiā, cangue (wooden collar like stocks used to restrain and punish criminals in China...
        nǎn, immature locusts
        cǐ, to trample/to step/to walk on the ball of the foot
        xié, [纈], knot/tie a knot
        sòu, cough
        cí, ancestral hall/temple/to worship
        qī, whispering sound
        jiù, [鷲], black eagle/vulture/condor/see also 老鵰|老雕[lǎo diāo]/cruel
        zī, variant of 齜|龇, projecting teeth/to grimace/to bare one's teeth
        piāo/piào, fast/speedy, purine/see 嘌呤[piào lìng]
        tái, old variant of 檯|台[tái]
        yě, to smelt/to cast/fig. to mould (into seductive shape)/to dress up (usu. derogato...
        qí, headland
        Láng/láng, variant of 郎[Láng]/surname Lang, variant of 郎[láng]
        gōu/kòu, see 佝僂|佝偻[gōu lóu], see 佝瞀[kòu mào]
        shān, straw mat/thatch
        gěng, choking
        quán, aldehyde
        léi, entangled/lean
        róng, gem ornaments for belts
        zhì, [幟], flag
        zhí, variant of 蹠[zhí]
        zī, [諮], variant of 咨[zī]
        gē, [肐], variant of 胳[gē], armpit
        fú, [輻], spoke of a wheel
        jué/juě, to stumble/to trample/to kick (of horse), see 尥蹶子[liào juě zi]
        zhào, [詔], imperial order
        háo, [嘷]/[獋], howl/bawl/to bark/roar, variant of 嗥[háo], old variant of 嗥[háo]
        máo, Spanish fly/grain-eating grub
        Yǔ, Yu the Great (c. 21st century BC), mythical leader who tamed the floods/surname ...
        zǎo, flea
        sì, [飤]/[飼], old variant of 飼|饲[sì], to raise/to rear/to feed
        hàn, to shake/to vibrate
        róng, [鎔], to smelt/to fuse/variant of 熔[róng]
        diāo, withered
        zhuó, [濁], turbid/muddy/impure
        kūn, quinone (chemistry)
        fěi, gad-fly
        mí, ether
        yǔn, [殞], to perish/to die
        Hù/hù, surname Hu, retinue
        gén/hěn, funny/odd/interesting, old variant of 狠[hěn]/old variant of 很[hěn]/also used as ...
        háo, air-raid shelter/trench
        wú, Sterculia platanifolia
        Kuì/guì/kuì, [匱], surname Kui, variant of 櫃|柜[guì], to lack/lacking/empty/exhausted
        kuí, see 喹啉[kuí lín]
        dù, insect that eats into books, clothing etc/moth-eaten/worm-eaten
        cù, to knit (one's brows)/wrinkled (of brows)/to hesitate/distressed
        gǎo, variant of 槁[gǎo]
        è, startled
        pǒ, not/thereupon
        jì, hair rolled up in a bun, topknot
        hān, small clam (Arca inflata)
        dā, cummerbund
        pī, clap of thunder
        fū, see 呋喃 furan or 呋喃西林 furacilinum
        jū/jú, [鋦], to mend by stapling or cramping broken pieces together, curium (chemistry)
        táng, noncoagulative/pond
        qiáng, [薔], wild rose
        xù, drunk
        zhǔ, [矚], to gaze at/to stare at
        yì, [囈], to talk in one's sleep
        qiú, [虯], young dragon with horns
        hàn, [頷], chin/to nod (one's assent)
        zǎo, aquatic grasses/elegant
        shàn, level spot for sacrifices
        chì, [勅]/[勑], variant of 敕[chì], variant of 敕[chì], imperial orders
        niè, [躡], to walk on tiptoe/to walk quietly/to tread (on)/to follow
        hōng/hǒu, sound of a Buddhist incantation, roar or howl of an animal/bellow of rage
        hù, to rely on/father (formal)
        xiāo, vapor/steam
        huáng, locust
        jí/qì, urgent, repeatedly/frequently
        chī, to whip with bamboo strips
        fú, full up/classifier for items of clothing (old)
        yǒu, 10th earthly branch: 5-7 p.m., 8th solar month (8th September-7th October), year...
        Lù, name of a river/surname Lu
        bǔ/bū/bù, [餔], to feed, to eat/evening meal, see 餔子|哺子[bù zi]
        jūn, species of water plant
        āi, [鎄], einsteinium (chemistry)
        zhī, see 蜘蛛[zhī zhū]
        táng, (jade)
        chán, moon/(striped) toad
        shēn, groan
        páo, to roar
        hān, intoxicated
        kuì, [聵], born deaf/deaf/obtuse
        qín, to hold in (usually refers the mouth or eyes)
        zī, to consult
        míng, Thea sinensis/young leaves of tea
        huò/ǒ, stunned and speechless, (interj. of surprise)
        bò, thumb/to break/to tear/to pierce/to split
        fū, instep/tarsus
        diàn, to fix/to settle/a libation to the dead
        yī, yeah (interjection of approval)/to belch
        zhāng, cockroach
        zūn, butt end of spear
        lài, (modal particle similar to 呢[ne] or 啦[lā])
        gé, fight
        táng, praying mantis
        sù, [膆], crop (of bird), crop of a bird/fat
        yuán, [轅], shafts of cart/yamen
        táng, to keep out/to hold off/to ward off/to evade/to spread/to coat/to smear/to daub
        lù, [賂], bribe/bribery
        yī, to greet by raising clasped hands
        shàn, [繕], to repair/to mend/to rewrite/to transcribe
        bié, limp
        gé, allium victorialis
        gān, anhydride
        shàn, [鱓]/[鱔], variant of 鱔|鳝[shàn], Chinese yellow eel
        jiā, Buddhist monk's robe
        biān, bat
        xūn, helplessly intoxicated
        huí, fennel/aniseed
        jù, stubborn
        Yá/yá, surname Ya, office/yamen 衙門|衙门
        wěn, the corners of the mouth/the lips
        luò, neck-ornament
        dòng/tóng, variant of 洞[dòng]/cave/pit, grind
        yòu, larva
        fēn, leave instructions/to order
        xié, [擷], to collect/Taiwan pr. [jié]
        jǐng, bright
        Sháo/sháo, surname Shao, (music)/excellent/harmonious
        dài, [紿], to cheat/to pretend/to deceive
        jié, antagonistic/laboring hard/pressed
        xiào, [嘯], to hiss/to whistle
        pǒ, [鉕], promethium (chemistry)
        chéng/chěng, to take off one's clothes/naked, an ancient type of clothing
        xǐ, double happiness (similar to 喜喜)/symbol of good luck, esp. marriage
        mā/mǎ/mà, [螞], dragonfly, ant, grasshopper
        wō, [萵], lettuce, see 萵苣|莴苣
        Chī/chī, surname Chi, ignorant/worm
        cù, [蹵], carefully/to kick/to tread on/to stamp, variant of 蹴[cù]
        péi, [錇], berkelium (chemistry)
        xiāo, [嘵], a cry of alarm/querulous
        hǎi, minced meat/pickled meat
        ruì, (mosquito)/Simulia lugubris/blackfly
        hāi, (interj.)/happy/sound of laughter
        é, oyster (Taiwanese)
        tiē, terpene (chemistry)
        táng, cherry-apple
        táng, carbohydrate/old variant of 糖[táng]
        pǐ, to beat the breast
        xī, [犧], sacrifice
        guǎi, old man's staff
        jiē, [稭], grain stalks left after threshing, variant of 秸[jiē]
        kān, [龕], niche/shrine
        è, [蕚], stem and calyx of flower, old variant of 萼[è]
        jiào, yeast/leavening/fermentation/Taiwan pr. [xiào]
        kū, skeleton
        dūn, kindhearted/honest
        nāng, muttering, indistinct speech
        lǐn, [凜], cold/to shiver with cold/to tremble with fear/afraid/apprehensive/strict/stern/s...
        hē, [訶], to scold
        hài, exclamation of regret
        zhuó, [鐲], bracelet
        gāo, pole for punting boats
        guān, keeper of domestic animals/herdsman/(old) hired hand in certain trade
        rú, [銣], rubidium (chemistry)
        jiāo, a legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and floods/see also 蛟龍|蛟龙[ji...
        měng, grasshopper/midge/sandfly
        jiā, whistle made of reed
        zhā/zhà, used for the sound "zha" in certain names, variant of 咤[zhà]
        huái, irresolute/to move back and forth
        lǘ, [閭], gate of a village/village
        nuò, [鍩], nobelium (chemistry)
        xiè, used in old names/phonetic seol used in Korean names
        liù, to stroll/walk a horse
        mài, [嘜], mark (loanword)/also pr. [mà]
        Xié/jié/xié, [頡], surname Xie, to confiscate/legendary dog-like animal (old), (of a bird) to fly u...
        kào, to reward or comfort with presents of food, drink etc
        tiáo, remote
        lìn, [恡], stingy, variant of 吝[lìn]
        kě, uneven (path)/unfortunate (in life)
        yàn, to extend condolences
        yí, [貽], to present/to bequeath
        yí, [飴], syrup
        xī, bright/warm
        gū, [軲], wheel/to roll
        guǒ, [槨], outer coffin
        kòu, (a measure of width of cloth)
        jiào, to perform sacrifice
        là, scabies/scald-head
        qīng, see 蜻蜓[qīng tíng]
        kuǐ, brief/short step
        diàn, blemish/disgrace/flaw in jade
        cuō, to error/to slip/to miss/to err
        ná, [鎿], neptunium (chemistry)
        náo/nǔ, clamor/(onom.) "look!", to pout
        dòng/tóng, [峝], cave/cavern, name of a mountain, variant of 峒[tóng]
        rú, [蝡], variant of 蠕[rú], to squirm/to wiggle/to wriggle/Taiwan pr. [ruǎn]
        ǎn, syllable
        Juān/juān, surname Juan, brook/to select
        tài, phthalein (chemistry)
        è, eh?
        sǒng, respectful/horrified/to raise (one's shoulders)/to stand on tiptoe/to crane
        gào, [誥], to enjoin/to grant (a title)
        chēn, to be angry at/to be displeased and annoyed
        ruò, (bamboo)/skin of bamboo
        hú, Allium scorodoprasum/bottle gourd
        càn, gem/luster of gem
        gǔ, cricket
        ā, [錒], actinium (chemistry)
        jí, urgent
        jué, loud laughter
        jiān, (grass)/Themeda forsbali
        jū, Zelkowa acuminata
        jiē, sigh/also pr. [juē]
        chǎn, skewer
        shǐ, archaic variant of 始[shǐ]
        jī, to divine
        xx, phonetic "gal" used in place names (Korean gugja)
        Bó, name of district in Anhui/capital of Yin
        duǒ, [嚲], hang down
        mén/wěi, mountain pass/defile (archaic), resolute
        Hè, surname He
        jí, difficult to pronounce
        huó, meet
        Dòng/dòng/tóng, Dong (ethnic group), (ethnic group), ignorant
        wú, see 逢俉[féng wú], to come across sth scary/to have a fright
        yǔ, [俁], big
        jiù, to malign/to slander
        jìng/liàng, strong/powerful, distant/to seek/old variant of 亮[liàng]/bright
        yǐ, to sob/wail
        tǎng, [儻], if/unexpectedly
        zǔn, to congregate/to crowd
        Xī/xī, surname Xi, cautious/merry/joyful
        dàn, great/severe
        jiù, hire/to rent
        tái, servant
        chàn, irregular/mixed
        shǐ, old variant of 始[shǐ]
        shíkè, decagram (old)/single-character equivalent of 十克[shí kè]
        qiānkè, kilogram (old)/single-character equivalent of 千克[qiān kè]
        fēnkè, decigram (old)/single-character equivalent of 分克[fēn kè]
        háokè, milligram (old)/single-character equivalent of 毫克[háo kè]
        bǎikè, hectogram (old)/single-character equivalent of 百克[bǎi kè]
        jīng, to be fearful/apprehensive
        líkè, centigram (old)/single-character equivalent of 厘克[lí kè]
        xǔ, cap of Yin dynasty
        gù, dried up/dry/exhausted/tired
        jī, curved wood graver
        dá, hook/sickle
        zhā, to prick with a needle
        chán, bore/cut/polish
        lí, a divide, to partition
        qú, labor
        Shào/shào, surname Shao, stimulate to effort
        jié, careful/diligent/firm
        qíng, violent/strong
        fú, to fall prostrate
        gōng, old variant of 匑[gōng]
        bǔ, see 卟啉, porphyrin/see 卟吩, porphin
        yǒu, wine container
        Shào, surname Shao
        lè, place names
        sòng/xuān, variant of 訟|讼[sòng], variant of 喧[xuān]
        ā, phonetic a, similar to 呵/-azine, see 吖嗪[ā qín]
        chǒu, (onom.)
        qìn, [唚], to vomit (of dogs and cats)/to rail against/to talk nonsense
        bù, see 嗊吥|唝吥[Gòng bù]
        é, move
        hóng, clang
        yǐn, see 吲哚, indole C8H7N
        qǐ, star
        Wú, Japanese variant of 吳|吴
        shēng, gallon/quart
        lì, [嚦], sound of splitting/cracking
        Guō/wāi, [咼], surname Guo, lopsided/Taiwan pr. [kuāi]
        è, old variant of 呃[è]
        pēn, to spurt/to blow out/to puff out/to snort
        líng, purine (chemistry)/to whisper
        dǐ, vex
        tiè/zhān, to mutter/to talk indistinctly, to drink/to sip/to taste/to lick/whisper/petty
        xì, to rest
        zǐ, to slander/to blame/to revile
        xū, breathe on/yawn/roar
        xiāo, voice of anger/vast/spacious
        qū, to yawn
        gān, so (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 這樣|这样[zhè yàng]
        pǒu, pooh/pah/bah/(today used as a phonetic component in 部[bù], 倍[bèi], 培[péi], 剖[pōu...
        bì, fragrant
        fú, oppose
        fù, to order
        dā, da! (sound used to move animals along)
        zuǒ, Cantonese particle equivalent to 了[le] or 過|过[guò]
        lóng, [嚨], throat
        níng, [嚀], enjoin
        qì, to whisper/to blame, to slander
        èr, space between mouth and ears
        è, beat a drum/startle
        zhà, see 叱咤[chì zhà]
        dié/xì, gnaw/bite, loud laugh
        zhǐ, 8 in. length unit of Zhou dynasty
        jī, variant of 嘰|叽[jī]
        zhòu, beak of bird/peck at
        huī, neigh/whinny (sound made by a horse)
        xuǎn, glorious/sob/weep
        lǎo, a noise/a sound
        shěn, (literary) to smile/to sneer
        dì, (Cant.) plural for pronouns
        huì/yuě, [噦], see 噦噦|哕哕[huì huì], to puke/to hiccup
        Kuài/kuài, [噲], surname Kuai, throat/to swallow
        duǒ, see 吲哚, indole C8H7N
        jì, [嚌], sip
        nóng, [噥], garrulous
        lòng, to sing or chirp (of birds)/music sound
        máng, jargon
        zú, to cajole
        láo, see 囒哰[lán láo], confused talk
        bō, phonetic bo/used in onomatopoeia/see 呼呼哱[hū hū bō], hoopoe bird
        zhā, see 嘲哳, (onom.) twitter/twittering sound
        gě, excellent/happy/well-being
        hān, a sound/to put in the mouth
        yì, palpitation/short breathing
        jiá, (old) to talk recklessly/to talk nonsense/talkative
        lì/li, (final particle)/sound/noise, variant of 哩[li]
        zuò, azole (chemistry)
        hǒng, [嗊], sing
        dǒu, to take a rest (Cantonese)
        liǎng, [啢], ounce (British imperial system) (old)
        suǒ, [嗩], see 嗩吶|唢呐[suǒ nà]
        zào, [唕], variant of 唣[zào], see 羅唣|罗唣, to create a disturbance/to make trouble/to harass
        fěng, recite/chant
        jìn/yín, to stutter/to shut one's mouth/Taiwan pr. [yín], variant of 崟[yín]
        ér, forced laughter
        lì, cry of a crane or wild goose
        jiè, sigh/groan/loud laughter
        yō/yo, (interjection expressing surprise) Oh!/My!, final particle expressing exhortatio...
        yú, to smile at
        shǎ, to speak evil/gobbling sound made by ducks
        hū, to whistle (with fingers in one's mouth)/(onom.) for the sound of the wind
        ái, [嘊], to growl (of dog)/to bare fangs
        zhōu, twittering of birds
        zhào, chirp
        lín, see 卟啉, porphyrin
        tūn, move slowly
        wǔ, obstinate, disobedient, intractable
        qǐ, [唘], variant of 啓[qǐ], variant of 啟|启[qǐ]
        táo, [咷], wail, wail
        dàn, [啗]/[噉], to eat/to taste/to entice (using bait), variant of 啖[dàn], variant of 啖[dàn]
        fēi, (phonetic component)
        sè, [嗇], stingy
        zhuàn, [囀], to sing (of birds or insects)/to warble/to chirp/to twitter
        guō, [嘓], sound of swallowing/croak
        yān, correct/suitable/to suit sb/just now (Cantonese)
        dī, some/few/a little (Cantonese)
        chǎn/tān, [嘽], see 嘽嘽|啴啴[chǎn chǎn]/see 嘽緩|啴缓[chǎn huǎn], see 嘽嘽|啴啴[tān tān]
        dìng, idine (chemistry)
        lāng, (onom.) bang/clank/see 哐啷, clatter
        táng, old variant of 唐[táng]
        chì, only (classical, usually follows negative or question words)/(not) just
        án, to speak (Cantonese)
        jiū, wailing of child/chirp
        yóng, breathing (of fish)
        jiē, harmonious (of music)
        zhōu, syllable
        yīn, mute
        yāo, grasshopper chirp/mosquito buzz
        kuì, to sigh
        xǔ, to breathe upon
        huáng, sobbing/sound of bell
        dù, used in location words (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 裡|里[lǐ]
        niè, talkative
        liàng, clear/resounding
        yù, Japanese variant of 喻
        yàn, condole with
        lí, grain weight
        yíng, Japanese variant of 營|营
        xǐ, to be at, in or on (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 在[zài]
        jié, box (dialect)/used to transliterate words with sounds kip-, cap- etc
        kù, [嚳], one of the five legendary emperors, also called 高辛氏
        sào, chirping of birds
        huò, to vomit
        hè, scold with severity
        yōng, to choke
        suō, to suck/Taiwan pr. [shuò]
        Rù, ancient tribe of northern China
        qiàn, pouch/hold/content
        suō, suck
        niè, [囁], move the mouth as in speaking
        gě, that (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 那[nà]
        lián, chattering
        sǒu, to urge on/incite
        tǎn, sound of many people eating
        jiào, old variant of 叫[jiào]/ancient musical instrument similar to ocarina
        gě, possessive particle (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 的[de]
        gǔ/jiǎ, good fortune/longevity, far/grand
        xiāo, boastful/bombastic
        huì, shrill sound/twinkling
        sāi, to waste (Cantonese)
        jiào, if only/so long as/(contraction of 只 and 要)
        mì, (phonetic) as in pyrimidine
        liáo, clear sound/cry (of cranes etc)
        xùn, spurt out of the mouth
        zǔn, talk together
        huī, to speak falsely or wrongly/ugly
        chuáng, to eat (archaic)
        jiào, to chew
        xī, to gossip/to babble (Cantonese)
        niè, old variant of 嚙|啮[niè]
        yǎn, the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
        jìn, unable to speak/silent
        jiào, shout
        yǔ, herd/stag/buck
        gá, phonetic ga (used in rendering Tibetan and Mongolian sounds)/Tibetan Ge: languag...
        hèn, interjection expressing disagreement, reproach or dissatisfaction
        tà, to drink/to swallow
        rú, chattering
        hāo, sound/noise
        duō, old variant of 咄[duō]
        tì, variant of 嚏[tì]
        yín, insincere/stupid
        me, (final particle)
        hōng, to sigh/sound of a drum
        zhé, old variant of 哲[zhé]
        lì, used in transliteration
        pín, knit the brows
        pǐ, great/great fortune
        xī, (sigh)/(whistle)
        chán, gluttonous/greedy
        chài, (used in an ancient given name)
        lán, confused chatter/incomprehensible babble/variant of 讕|谰, to accuse unjustly
        yǔ, prison/to imprison
        diàn, stand for goblets
        dòng, field/farm/used in place names
        yīn, to restrain/to dam a stream and change its direction/a mound
        hòu, thick
        chéng, earthen jar
        xūn, [塤], ocarina/wind instrument consisting of an egg-shaped chamber with holes
        guō, [堝], crucible
        gù, place name
        yīn, [陻], bury/mound/to dam/close, variant of 堙[yīn]/to block
        è, a boundary/a border
        jiǎn, variant of 鹼|碱[jiǎn]/base/soda
        què, truly
        gé, dry clay lump
        lǎng, raised bank/mud wall
        shú, private school
        zūn, goblet/bottle/wine-jar
        lǎn, disappointed
        dǎo, column/cylinder
        wěi, mound/embankment/the earthen altar to the god of the soil
        zūn, goblet/bottle/wine-jar
        diǎn, variant of 點|点[diǎn]
        ē, (used in female given names)/variant of 婀[ē]
        xǔ, chatter like old woman/cheerful
        Jí, surname Ji
        gòu, copulate/good
        yú, Japanese variant of 娛|娱[yú]
        Wā, [媧], surname Wa/sister of legendary emperor Fu Xi 伏羲
        ē, [娿], variant of 婀[ē], graceful/willowy/unstable
        zhōu, (feminine name)
        jū, (used in female names)
        tíng, graceful
        chuò, recalcitrant
        ān, undecided
        bǎo, governess/nurse
        chī, ugly woman
        cháng, a legendary beauty who flew to the moon/the lady in the moon
        qiáng, [嬙], female court officials
        bì, (treat as a) favorite
        chóu, (archaic) used in ladies' names
        xìng, old variant of 興|兴[xìng]
嬿         yàn, lovely
        lái, last
        wù, to awake from sleep
        ē, to defecate
        juē, (old) hemp sandals/Taiwan pr. [jué]
        juē, old variant of 屩[juē]
        kě, see 岢嵐|岢岚[Kě lán]
        gǒu, name of a hill in Hunan
        tiáo, lofty peak
        hù, mountain covered with vegetation/the residence of one's father/see also 屺[qǐ]
        tiáo, variant of 岧[tiáo]
        bā/kē/kè, (used in transliteration), cave, cave/cavern/also pr. [kē]
        yù, valley
峿         wú, name of a mountain
        jū, mountain name
        gù, variant of 崮[gù]
        guō, name of a mountain
        gù, steep-sided flat-topped mountain/mesa/(element in mountain names)
崿         è, cliff/precipice
        yán, variant of 岩[yán]/variant of 嚴|严[yán]
        sōng, lofty/Mt Song in Henan
        yān, old variant of 崦[yān]
        shuì, handkerchief
        fú, old form of turban/variant of 袱, cloth wrapper for bundles
        mì, chariot canopy
        qiáng, wall
        lǐn, [廩], government granary
        yōng, harmonious
        huí, variant of 迴|回[huí]
        yǎn, to cover/trap
        chāo, unbent bow
        jiàng, snare/to snare
        kōu, nock at end of bow/stretch
        yù, accomplished/elegant
        huái, see 徘徊[pái huái], to dither/to hesitate/to pace back and forth/irresolute
        chōng, grieved/distressed/sad/uneasy
        tiē, peaceful/quiet
        xī, troubled/vexed
        huí, disordered/indistinct doubtful/blurred
        Kè/kè, [愙], surname Ke, respectful/scrupulous, variant of 恪[kè]
        dòng, frighten
        juān/juàn, angry/sad, impatient
        yì, anxiety/worry
        chěng, obscure
        wù, [悞], to impede/to delay/variant of 誤|误[wù]
        chóu, forlorn/vexed/disappointed
        bì, melancholy/sincere
        kuì, [憒], confused/troubled
        sāo, agitated
        tè, evil thought
        jiāo, arrogant
        xǐ, variant of 喜[xǐ]
        duì, dislike/hate
        jǐng, awaken
        cǎo, anxious/sad
        lǐn, [懍], fear
        chóu, grieved, pained
        Jí/jí, surname Ji, to restrain oneself/to collect/to hoard/to store up/to cease
        diàn, door latch
        ná, to apprehend/to take
        jú, structure for carrying dirt
        yì, to ladle out/to dip/to pour out
        jùn, gather/to sort
        bā, eight (banker's anti-fraud numeral)/split
        póu/pǒu, take up in both hands, break up/hit
        jǐ, drag
        yǎn, cover up/to surprise
        là, old variant of 攋[là]
        gé, to hug
        zǔn, to reduce or cut down on/to rein in/to restrain
        cuān, [攛], rush/stir up/throw/fling/hurry/rage
        chuò, to pierce/to break through
        tái, variant of 抬[tái]
        dǎo, stir/to pound
        là, to destroy/to rip/to tear open
        qiān, variant of 搴[qiān], to seize
        qī, up/uneven
        diān, to weigh in the hand, to estimate/to shake
        yǔ, percussion instrument shaped as a hollow wooden tiger, with serrated strip acros...
        duó, [敓], old variant of 奪|夺[duó]
        qǐ, to pick up thing with chopsticks or pincers.
        jiǎ, small jade cup with ears
        yǐ, fluttering of flag
        xù, variant of 煦[xù]/balmy/nicely warm/cozy
        hán, before daybreak/dawn about to break/(used in given names)
        guǐ, sundial
        gǎo, bright/white
        tūn, sun above the horizon
        Qú, surname Qu
        xǐ, male nettle-hemp
        zhǐ, (orange)/hedge thorn
        guǎi, cane
        xiāo, empty/hollow of a tree
        zhù, percussion instrument, a tapering wooden bax struck from the inside with a drums...
        guā, Juniperus chinensis/measuring-frame
        tīng, bed side stand
        gù, braces (med.)/fetters/manacles
        lǚ, beam at the eaves
        zhuó, club (weapon)/small pillar
        zhuō, (wooden) stick/roof beam
        yù, (oak)/thorny shrub
        chóu, species of tree resistant to cold weather
        liáng, see 椋鳥|椋鸟[liáng niǎo]
        Yǔ, surname Yu/(arch. name of tree)
        bì, ox yoke placed on the horns
        là, to plant trees (old)
        běn, old variant of 本[běn]
        hù/kǔ, (tree), broken utensil
        tíng, tree
        yóu, Quercus glandulifera
        jí, [檝], oar (archaic), variant of 楫[jí]
        pǐn, classifier for roof beams and trusses
        lǘ, [櫚], palm tree
        róng, banyan tree/Ficus wightiana
        gǎo, [槀], variant of 槁[gǎo]/dried up, dried up (wood)/dead tree
        yǒu, ritual bonfire
        huàn, soapberry (order Sapindales)
        guì, old variant of 櫃|柜[guì]
樿         zhǎn, (wood)
        tuó, sack/tube open at both ends/(onom.) footsteps
        qiāo/shū, old variant of 鍬|锹[qiāo], the hole in the center of a wheel accommodating the ax...
        bò, Phellodendron amurense
        qíng, instrument for straightening bows
        lǐn, [檁], cross-beam/ridge-pole
        gāo, weapon case
        xū, to blow or breathe upon to smile
        hē, variant of 喝[hē]
        shuò, to suck/to drink
        yī, interjection
        shè, name of a district in Anhui
        chù, (person)/angry
        chuò, (literary) to drink/to sip/gruel/soup
        dài, dangerous/perilous/to endanger/almost/probably/only
        qíng, swoon
        jí, to put to death
        chán, cunning/artful
        xī, variant of 氙[xiān]
        huí, eddy/whirlpool
        rù, damp/boggy/marshy
        míng, name of a river
        yì, damp/moist
        Wú, (name of several rivers in China)
        sù, name of a river
        tūn, planet Jupiter/vomit
        Fú, (name of a river)
        guàn, (classical) to boil
        hé, to dry/to dry up
        yù, moat/swift current
        shéng, [澠], name of a river in Shandong
        tíng, stagnant water
        yǎn, (of cloud) forming or rising
        bì, public bathhouse
        yān/yīn, to inundate/to bury/to cover up/obscured/submerged, variant of 洇[yīn]
        yī, ripple
        huàn, indecipherable
        xī, to agree
        hào, grand/vast (of water)
        lǐn, old variant of 凜|凛[lǐn]
        pì, bleach/to clean
        sè, grating (of surfaces)
        jí, many
        jìn, river in Hubei province
        háo, trench
        yíng, ocean
        xiè, mist/vapor
        yōng, name of a river/sluice
        Zhào, surname Zhao
        tái, soot
        tái, variant of 炱[tái]
        huǎng, bright and spacious
        tóng, hot/heated
        xūn, fumes from sacrifice
        wù, to warm sth up
        hán, enthalpy
        tūn, bright/radiant/Taiwan pr. [chún]
        xù, balmy/nicely warm/cozy/Taiwan pr. [xǔ]
        zào, old variant of 燥[zào]/dry
        hú, burnt/to char
        táng, to warm/to toast
        kǎo, dry
        yún, (yellow color)
        ōu/ǒu, severe drought/exceptionally hot weather, copious smoke produced by smouldering ...
        chǎn, to make a fire
        jùn, old variant of 焌[jùn]
        xún, warm up (food)
        chóu, salience/prominent/notable
        Cuàn/cuàn, surname Cuan, cooking-stove/to cook
        gē, place name
        gǔ, bullock/cow
        wǔ, to oppose/to gore
        gù, shed or pen for cattle
        jī, ox-horns/wing of an army
        rún, ox
        zhòng, Pekingese
        juàn, [獧], impetuous/rash/upright (character), nimble/variant of 狷[juàn]/impetuous/rash
        yī, (interj.)
        shē, see 猞猁[shē lì]
        hú, monkey
        yóu, to plan/to scheme
        xiāo, dog
        shòu, Japanese variant of 獸|兽
        xiǎn, variant of 獫|猃[xiǎn]
        chéng, fine jade/jade ornament
        jùn, beautiful jade
        hán, gems or pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
        jū, ornamental gems for belt
        guǎn, mus. instr./to polish jade or gold
        diāo, to engrave gems
        yǔ, (chalcedony)
        hú, coral
        guī, variant of 瑰[guī]
        jǐng, luster of gem
        jǐng, (gem)
        zǎo, pendant of pearls on coronet
        yí, earthen jar
        pì, glazed tile
        kē, [痾], disease/also pr. [ē]
        diàn, malarial fever
        tōng, moaning in pain
        wù, (flat) mole
        guǎn, ill-looking
        gù, obstinate disease/(of passion, hobbies) long-term
        dá, sore/boil/scab
        yí, place name
        míng, space between the eyebrows and the eyelashes
        juàn, look
        qióng, gaze in terror/lonely
        luǒ, a heap/pile (of rocks)
        diāo, rock cave (archaic)
        bèi, (used in place names)
        yán, cliff
        què, solid/firm
        dūn, stone block
        hù, celestial blessing
        wú, [禑], happy/used in historical names
        xiá, triennial sacrifice to ancestors
        gù, variant of 禍|祸, disaster
        dǎo, to pray/prayer
        yīn, sacrifice
        xǐ, joy
        lǚ, variant of 穭[lǚ]
        sè, [穡], gather in harvest
        tuí, to become bald/decadent
        tiáo, broom
        sì, square bamboo container for food or clothing
        gǒu, basket for trapping fish
        pǒ, flat basket-tray
        guā, arrow end
        rú, thin outside skin of bamboo
        jǔ, round bamboo basket
        zhēn, to warn/to admonish/variant of 針|针[zhēn]
        kuì, [簣], basket for carrying soil
        táng, see 筕篖[háng táng]
        jiāo, large pipe
        kē, big/hunger
        yíng, slender basket for chopsticks
        xī, ground rice/thresh rice
        càn, beautiful/bright/splendid/smilingly
        xiǔ, to wash (rice etc)
        jiàng, starch/paste/to starch
        shū, a kind of sackcloth
        yù, seam
        zǒng, variant of 總|总[zǒng]
        qiǎng, cloth for carrying baby on back
        xì, [綌], coarse hempen fabric
        wǎn, [綰], bind up/string together
        huì, [繢], multi-color/to draw
        gǎo, [縞], plain white silk
        qiāo/sāo, [繰], to reel silk from cocoons, to reel thread
        gǔ, to implicate/net for birds or fish
        juàn, bird catching net/to bind/to hang
        yù, drag-net
        juàn, variant of 罥[juàn]
        chōng, soar
        xī, to open and close (the mouth etc)/friendly/compliant/Taiwan pr. [xì]
        xī, old variant of 翕[xī]
        hé, quill
        hè, glistening plumage of birds
翿         dào, feather banner or fan
        gǒu, wrinkled face of the elderly
        gǒu, old variant of 耇[gǒu]
        gǒu, old variant of 耇[gǒu]
        sì, plow/plowshare
        jiā, flail (for threshing grain)/old variant of 枷[jiā]
        guó, cut off the left ear of the slain
        yuān, a small worm/to twist/to surround/empty
        qú, yoke
        zhī, wings of birds/legs of animals
        dòng, large intestine/torso
        hēng, fat/bloated
        jí, old variant of 瘠[jí]
        luó, [腡], fingerprint
        jū, dried poultry
        jiǎng, callous
        chuài, see 囊膪[nāng chuài]
        xìn, variant of 釁|衅/quarrel/dispute/a blood sacrifice (arch.)
        shè, Japanese variant of 舍
        pù, Japanese variant of 舖|铺
        gě, barge
        zào, variant of 造, to make/to build/to invent/to manufacture
        sháo/tiáo, see 紅苕|红苕[hóng sháo], reed grass/Chinese trumpet vine (Campsis grandiflora) (old...
        tóng, Chrysanthemum coronarium
        dá, to answer/agree
        Jǔ/jǔ, Zhou Dynasty vassal state in modern day Shandong Province, alternative name for ...
        xìng, Nymphoides peltatum
        fú, weeds
        zhēn, Physalis alkekengi
        tíng, Draba nemerosa bebe carpa
        qì, to repair
        Kuì/kuì, [蕢], surname Kui, Amaranthus mangostanus
        hāo, celery wormwood (Artemisia carvifolia)/to give off/to weed
        qiáng, cigarette (slang) (Cantonese)
        rú, variant of 茹/see 蕠藘[rú lǘ]
        jí, Houttuynia cordata
        hào, Cyperus amuricus
        kē, big/hungry-looking
        bì, Ficus pumila
        Wěi, surname Wei
        tái, Carex dispalatha
        gǎo, old variant of 稿[gǎo]
        lài, (fragrant labiate plant)
        wù, to disobey/contrary/against/to go against/to violate/obscure character, possibly...
        niè, shoots from an old stump
        yì, see 虉草[yì cǎo]
        jǐ, [蟣], nymph of louse
        dīng, see 虰蛵[dīng xíng]
        gān, worm
        huī/huǐ, sick/with no ambition, mythical venomous snake
        méng, [蝱], horsefly/gadfly, old variant of 虻[méng]
        gè, flea
        chài, [蠆], (scorpion)/an insect
        bā, a kind of shell
        qiān, (arch.) firefly
        wén, old variant of 蚊[wén]
        pí, see 蚍蜉[pí fú]
        yǐn, earthworm
        qí, green-frog
        yuán, Protura (soil dwelling primitive hexapod)/variant of 螈, salamander/newt/triton
        yá, aphis
        fén, (mole)
        gōng, scolopendra centipede
        rán, variant of 蚺[rán]
        jiè, horned toad
        fú, (water-beetle)/money
        dǒu, tadpole
        xiǎn, [蜆], Cyclina orientalis
        qiū, earthworm
        yóu, see 蚰蜒[yóu yan]
        zhà, grasshopper
        chí, ant eggs
        fù, scales on the belly of a snake, aiding locomotion/snail/to crawl
        rán, boa
        zhá, Aphrophora martima
        pí, a kind of insect (old)
        xián, millipede
        diāo, Pomponia maculatiocollis
        gū, see 螻蛄|蝼蛄[lóu gū]
        rán, a caterpillar
        líng, sandfly
        yíng, Japanese variant of 螢|萤
        chēng, [蟶], mussel/razor clam/Solecurtus constricta
        qū, cricket
        móu, marine crab
        cì, (larva)
        huí, [痐]/[蚘]/[蛕]/[蜖], old variant of 蛔[huí], variant of 蛔[huí], roundworm/Ascaris lumbricoides, old va...
        yáng, a weevil found in rice etc
        liè, Cyrtoxiphus ritsemae
        yī, woodlouse
        kuò, snail/slug/mole cricket
        yì, hive/honeycomb
        jié, beetle
        wǎng, old variant of 魍[wǎng]
        qióng, anxious/grasshopper/a cricket
        jiá, [蛺], see 蛺蝶|蛱蝶[jiá dié]
        náo, [蟯], parasitic worm/human pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis)
        sī, [螄], snail
        qí, [蠐], larva/maggot
        xíng, see 虰蛵[dīng xíng]
        shāo/xiāo, long-legged spider, Octopus octopodia/mantis egg nest
        shèn, (mythical animal)/clam/sea-serpent
        fǔ, crab
        wú, centipede
        fú, (dragon fly)/(large ant)/(wasp)
        lí, clam
        chú, Bufo vulgaris/toad
        Yuān/yuān, surname Yuan, larva of mosquito
        Dàn, Dan ethnic group
        yán, slug
        tíng, see 蜻蜓[qīng tíng]
        jū, Hydrophilus cognatus
        qí, grapsus
        měng, grasshopper
        qiāng, dung beetle
        tiáo, cicada
        yù, mythical creature/toad/worm
        yì, see 蜥蜴[xī yì], lizard/chameleon/Eumeces latiscutatus
        liǎng, see 蝄蜽[wǎng liǎng]
        guǒ, Eumenes pomiformis
        wān, to move (as snake)
        dōng, rainbow
        dì/zhuō, rainbow, see 蝃蝥[zhuō máo]
        wǎng, see 蝄蜽[wǎng liǎng]
        guō, [蟈], small green cicada or frog (meaning unclear, possibly onom.)/see 蟈蟈|蝈蝈 long-horn...
        là, Japanese variant of 蠟|蜡[là]
        kē, tadpole
        jí, a centipede
        tíng, (insect)/Leptogaster basiralis
        mào, see 蝳蝐[dài mào]
        mián, large, black cicada/locust
        yú, snail
        yǎn, Hemidactylus bowringii
        wēi, see 蛜蝛[yī wēi]
        yuán, locust larva without wings
        fú, bat
        yóu, Ephemera strigata
        qiú, larva/grub
        máo, variant of 蟊[máo]
        fù, insect/poisonous snake (archaic)
        kuí, see 蝰蛇[kuí shé]
        là, see 蝲蛄, fresh-water crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)
        dài, see 蝳蝐[dài mào]
        hú, butterfly
        lóu, [螻], see 螻蛄|蝼蛄[lóu gū]
        chūn, bedbug
        róng, [蠑], salamander
        jiāng, [螿], cicada (Cosmopsaltria opalifera)
        láng, [蜋], variant of 螂[láng], dragonfly/mantis
        páng, crab
        xī, (intestinal worm)
        yuán, salamander/newt
        wēng, see 蠮螉[yē wēng]
        sōu, earwig 蠼螋
        hàn, Aulacophora femoralis
        qín, small cicada with a square head
        táng, variety of small cicada with a green back and a clear song (in ancient books)
        yǐ, ant/variant of 蟻|蚁[yǐ]
        dù, variant of 蠹[dù]
        nài, Eristalis tenax
        míng, boring insect/snout moth's larva (Aphomia gullaris or Plodia interpuncuella or H...
        téng, flying dragon
        cāng, Japanese variant of 蒼|苍 house-fly
        cáo, larva of Mimela lucidula
        chī, dragon with horns not yet grown (in myth or heraldry)/variant of 魑[chī]
        piāo, nest of eggs of mantis
        zhōng, (grasshopper)/Gompsocleis mikado
        yǐn, the earthworm
        shuài, cricket
        zhè, locust/Chinese ground beetle (Eupolyphaga sinensis)
        má, [蟇], toad, old variant of 蟆[má]
        xī, cricket
        xiāo, [蠨], long-legged spider
        xiàng, silkworm
        péng, (land-crab)/grapsus sp.
        Jiǎo/jiǎo, surname Jiao, (insect)
        liáo, see 蟭蟟[jiāo liáo]
        xǐ, (spider)
        huáng, horse-leech
        jué, the Siberian jerboa
        huì, (cicada)/Platypleura kaempferi
        jiāo, eggs of mantis
        shàn, see 蛐蟮[qū shan]
        xún, (hairy sea-crab)
        dāng, mantis
        shàn, earthworm
        qì, (insect)/Tryxalis masuta
        xiàng, larvae
        shè, Podisma mikado
        luǒ, solitary wasp
        lián, cockroach
        zhú, caterpillar
        huò, looper caterpillar
        zhuó, (ape)/(shell)
        bīn, pearl-oyster
        hē, to sting
        miè, minute flies
        fán, cyrtophyllus sp.
        lí/lǐ, calabash, wood-boring insect
        dù, variant of 蠹[dù]
        zhū, a toad
        yē, wasp of the family Sphecidae
        shàng, Cerambyx rugicollis
        juān, to deduct/to show/bright and clean/glow-worm/galleyworm/millipede
        xī, large turtles
        quán, Aulacophora femoralis
        qú, earwig 蠼螋
        jié, small green cicada
        kè, to vomit
        Yuán/yuán, surname Yuan, long robe (old)
        jiá, lined
        jié, lift up a dress
        gē, gusset/cloth fitting sleeve under armpit
        rú, old rags
        yì, to wrap and bind/damp/dripping/wet/a book bag
        chóu, bed curtain/coverlet
        jū, garment
        bǎo, [緥], variant of 褓[bǎo], cloth for carrying baby on back
        qiǎng, [繦], string of copper coins/variant of 襁[qiǎng], cloth for carrying baby on back
        dān, garment without a lining
        bì, creases/folds or pleats in a garment
        shú, short skirt or tunic
        xié, carry with the front of a robe
        sī, peek
        chān, [覘], to observe/to spy on/Taiwan pr. [zhān]
        gé, horns/antlers
        sù, tremble with fear
        jī, odd/one horn up and one horn down
        bì, fever/tartar horn
        yàn, variant of 燕, swallow
        zhān, garrulous/to whisper/to joke
        è, harsh/forbidding
        shuō, Japanese variant of 說|说/to speak/to say
        xián, to bring into accord/sincerity
        duì, dislike/hate
        pì, to give an example
        háo, to shout/to roar/to terrify/swiftly
        gǔ, [詁], to comment/to explain
        yí, [詒], (archaic) to present/to bequeath/variant of 貽|贻[yí]
        jié, [詰], to investigate/to restrain/to scold
        gòu, [詬], sense of shame/to abuse
        zhūn, [諄], repeatedly (in giving advice)/sincere/earnest/untiring
        è, [諤], honest speech
        dǎng, [讜], honest/straightforward
        hān, a mouth or opening
        hòu, grunting of pigs
        jìn, farewell presents
        kuàng, [貺], to bestow/to confer
        zhōu, [賙], to give to the needy/to bestow alms/charity
        táng, red/crimson
        zī, variant of 趑, to falter/unable to move
        qiáo, nimble/walk on stilts
        zào, easily provoked, hasty/fierce, cruel
        bào, jump/leap
        kē, to jolt
        jué, to gallop
        fū, instep/tarsus
        jiǎn, callus (patch or hardened skin)/corns (on the feet)
趿         tā, see 趿拉[tā la]
        pá, to squat/crouch
        jī/qí/qǐ/qì/zhī, foot, sixth (extra) toe/to crawl, to climb/to hope, to sit with feet hanging, se...
        qiāng/qiàng, [蹌], walk rapidly, stagger/sway from side to side
        tuò, careless
        bá, postscript/to trek across mountains
        kū, to squat
        tuó, to stumble/to waste time
        jiā, to sit cross-legged
        dié, shuffle
        jǔ, weak, lame
        shān, limp
        lì, [躒], move/walk
        xiǎn, barefooted
        zhū, pace back and forth/to walk
        quán, to curl up/to crouch
        qióng, sound of footsteps
        chì, hasty walking
        zhì, to squat/to stop
        jiá, to stumble
        bì, [蹕], to clear streets when emperor tours
        xiān, [躚], to manner of dancing/to walk around
        jī, [躋], to go up (esp. in rank)/to rise/to ascend
        jú, cramped/narrow
        jì, kneel
        chì/xué, walk with one leg, to walk around/turn back midway
        qūn, squat
        shū, variant of 疏[shū]
        liáng/liàng, jump, stagger/sway from side to side
        yǒng, [踴], leap, leap
        chóu, [躊], to pace back and forth/to hesitate/to waver
        wō, to slip and sprain a limb
        chuō, to get ahead/to stride/to excel/Taiwan pr. [zhuó]
        jí, to step/walk reverently
        jū, leather ball/Taiwan pr. [jú]
        lèng, to stumble/to slip/to fall
        jù, to be based upon/to squat
        chí, hesitating/undecided/hesitant
        wǎn, ankle/fetlock/bent/crooked
        quán, to curl up
        bó, corpse/prostrate
        cù, to butt against
        qiè, to walk with small steps
        jǐ, shin
        cù, carefully/level/smooth
        zhì, [躓], to stumble
        zhí, [躑], hesitating/to stop
        dì, to kick/to tread on
        jiàn, somersault (in gymnastics or dance)/head-over-heels/aerial flip/also written 踺子
        táng, to fall flat/to fall on the face
        jǔ, hunchbacked/walk alone
        dié, to tread on/to stamp one's foot
        pián, to limp
        róu, trample
        Jiǎn/jiǎn, surname Jian, lame/cripple/unfortunate/slow/difficult/nag (inferior horse)/donke...
        xī, footpath
        diān, to fall forward/etymological variant of 颠
        jí, walk with short steps
        pán, [蹣], limp
        suō, walk carefully
        xǐ, slippers
        zhí, metatarsus/sole of foot/to tread on
        qiāng/qiàng, (manner of walking), see 踉蹡[liàng qiàng]
        dí, hoof
        zāo, see 蹧蹋[zāo tà]
        tuí, to stumble/to fall
        xiān, old variant of 躚|跹[xiān]
        fán, paws of animal
        chú, [躕], irresolute/undecided
        liāo, to run/to slip away/to stride
        dūn, (coll.) to put sth down heavily/to plonk
        bì, variant of 躄[bì]
        bì, both feet crippled/lame
        zhú, walk carefully/to hesitate/to halter
        chú, to hesitate
        lìn, [躪], to trample down/to oppress/to overrun/see 蹂躪|蹂躏[róu lìn]
        liè, step across
        chán, course of stars/follow precedent
        wèi, to exaggerate/to fabricate/falsehood
        lóng, to walk
        lìn, variant of 躪|躏, to trample down/to oppress/to overrun
        wèi, variant of 躗[wèi]
        zuān, [躦], to jump
        lán, to pass/to step over/to creep/to twine round
        xiè, to walk
        xiè, to limp
        qú, (manner of walking)
        xǐ, shoe/to step
        jué, bend/leap
        duǒ, variant of 嚲|亸[duǒ]
        qú, ends of yoke
        yóu, light carriage/trifling
        sè, leather top of a cart
        Kē/kě, [軻], given name of Mencius, see 轗軻|轗轲[kǎn kě]
        zhǐ, [軹], end of axle outside of hub
        yáo, [軺], light carriage
        lù, [輅], chariot
        liáng, [輬], see 轀輬|辒辌[wēn liáng]
        pèi, [轡], bridle/reins
        Gū/gū, surname Gu, crime/sin
        dài, until/while
        hòu, to meet unexpectedly
        yóu, distant/joyous/satisfied
        huàn, to escape from
        qiú, strong/vigorous/robust/to draw near/to come to an end
        sù, alert/nimble/quick
        Yōng/yōng, Yong river (Guangxi)/Nanning (Guangxi), city surrounded by a moat/old variant of...
        Tái, surname Tai/name of a feudal state
        hé, name of a person
        Hòu, surname Hou/place name
        wú, place name
        Gào, surname Gao/name of a feudal state
        Yǐng, Ying, ancient capital of Chu 楚 in Hubei, Jianling county 江陵縣|江陵县
        Xì/xì, surname Xi, variant of 隙[xì]
        yún, [鄖], name of a feudal state
        ruò, place name
        Juàn, name of a district in Shandong
        shàn, name of a district in Xinjiang
        líng, name of a district in Hunan
        zhòu, strong wine
        yí, elixirs/sweet wine
        zuì, Japanese variant of 醉
        máo, very drunk/blotto/three sheets to the wind
        dān/zhèn, addicted to liquor, poisonous/to poison
        yùn, [醞], to brew
        tuó, flushed (from drinking)
        cù/zuò, variant of 醋[cù], toast to host by guest
        gū, to deal in liquors
        fā/pō, [醱], see 醱酵|酦酵[fā jiào], to ferment alcohol/Taiwan pr. [pò]
        xiān, acid radical/-acyl (chemistry)
        chéng, (literary) inebriated/hungover
        tú, yeast
        lèi, pour out libation/sprinkle
        pú, drink heavily/drink in company
        yàn, [釅], strong (of tea)
        shī, [釃], strain
        lù, name of a wine
        táo, very drunk/blotto/happy appearance/happy looks
        pēi, unstrained spirits
        zhǎn, wine cup
        chuò, pour libation on ground
        hú, purest cream
        xǔ, spiritus/strain spirits
        tǎn, brine of pickled meat
        yùn, variant of 醞|酝[yùn]
        cuó, liquor/spirit
        yòng, to drink to excess/dissolute
        zhà, press for extracting wine
        jiàng, Japanese variant of 醬|酱[jiàng]
        lí, dregs of wine
        láo, wine or liquor with sediment
        bú, mold on liquids
        xī, acyl
        tán, bitter taste in wine/rich/full flavored
        nóng, concentrated/strong wine
        yì, fine wine/to award with (food and drink)
        lǐ, sweet wine
        jù, to contribute to a feast
        niàng, Japanese variant of 釀|酿
        rú, strong (of wine)
        líng, name of a wine
        mí, unfiltered wine/wine brewed twice
        jiào, drain a goblet
        zhēn, treasure
        zhāo, sickle
        yù, a poker/brass filings/to file
        wú, to plaster/trowel
        hán, to hold/to contain
        ruì, Japanese variant of 銳|锐
        chún, copper drum
        gē, copernicium (chemistry)
        kē, [鈳], columbium
        xiān, [銛], fish-spear/sharp
        wú, [鋙], hoe
        qí, [錡], three legged cauldron (old)/woodworking chisel (old)
        gù, [錮], obstinate disease/to restrain/to stop
        è, [鍔], blade edge/sharp
        dūn, [鐓], upsetting (forged pieces)
        qiāng/qiǎng, [鏹], sulfuric acid, money/string of coins
        gé/hé, side door/variant of 閣|阁[gé]/pavilion/cabinet/boudoir, variant of 闔|阖[hé]
        yuè, Japanese variant of 閱|阅
        Yīn/yīn, surname Yin, inner gates
        xī, peacefully/quietly
        Mǐn, [閩], short name for Fujian province 福建[Fú jiàn]/also pr. [Mín]
        yù, [閾], threshold
        huì, [闠], gate of market
        diàn, dangerous/also pr. [yán]
        tuí, variant of 頹|颓[tuí]
        gòu, crowing of pheasant
        luò, black horse with white mane/fearful
        líng, drops of rain/to fall in drops
        yǔn, rain storm/to fall
        miàn, variant of 面[miàn]
        táo, hand drum used by peddlers
        xuàn, fine
        ēng, reins
        qiū, crupper/leather strap/(dialect) to draw back/to shrink
        dú, bow case
        kǎn, yellow
        sāo, blowing of the wind
        zhǎn, [颭], to sway in the wind
        tiǎn, to obtain by deception
        tóng, food
        sù, pot of cooked rice
        yù, to eat too much/to confer
        chì, food/to cook
        hé, [餄], see 餄餎|饸饹[hé le]
        le, [餎], see 餄餎|饸饹[hé le]
        guó, cut off the left ear of the slain
        zhāo, (horse)
        xuàn, gray
        tuì, approach at swift gallop (on horses)
        zhōu, divine horse
        sāo, Japanese variant of 騷|骚
        tuó, (horse)
        tiě, dark brown horse
        tái, [駘], tired/worn out horse
        hóu, epiphysis (end of a long bone)
        gé, skeleton
        xiāo, [髐], (onom.) sound of arrows
        dú, skull
        láo, see 髝髞[láo sào]
        sào, high/imposing/eminent
        tiáo, tufts of hair on children
        kuò, hair rolled up in a bun
        Gé/gé/lì, surname Ge, earthen pot/iron cauldron, ancient ceramic three-legged vessel used ...
        fǔ, variant of 釜[fǔ]
        qián, big iron pot/cauldron/variant of 甑[zèng], rice pot
        zōng, kettle on legs
        yù, to sell, esp. in strained circumstances
        yù, ghost of a child
        chún, Scomberomorus sinensis
        yóng, bighead carp
        jiǎo, (fish)
        nián, [鮎], sheatfish (Parasilurus asotus)/oriental catfish/see also 鯰|鲶[nián]
        tái, [鮐], mackerel/Pacific mackerel (Pneumatophorus japonicus)
        jié, [鮚], oyster
        tóng, [鮦], snakefish
        hòu, [鮜], see 鱯|鳠[hù]
        jūn, [鮶], Sebastodes guntheri
        rú, quail-like bird
        chì, a kind of water bird
        hú, pelican
        luó, grebe/wren
        gū, [鴣], partridge/Francolinus chinensis
        xiāo, [鴞], owl (order Strigiformes)
        qú, [鴝], (bound form, used in the names of birds of various biological families)
        guā, [鴰], a crow
        juān, [鵑], cuckoo
        gǔ/hú, [鵠], center or bull's eye of an archery target (old)/goal/target, swan
        yù, [鵒], mynah
        chún, [鶉], quail
        hú, [鶘], pelican
        è, [鶚], fish eagle/fish hawk/osprey
        yì, [鷊], pheasant/turkey/old variant of 鷁|鹢[yì]
        wú, stag/herd
        jīng, red deer
麿         mǒ, Japanese kokuji pr. maro/I/you
        xiá, (phonetic)/crafty
        Qíng/qíng, surname Qing, to tattoo criminals on the face or forehead
        mǐn, [黽], toad
        zhī, old variant of 蜘[zhī]
        yuán, [黿], sea turtle
        tuó, [鼉], Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis)
        gāo, large drum
        qú, see 鼩鼱[qú jīng]
        wú, Petaurista leucogenys
        hōu, snore/thirsty from salty food
        wèng, stuffed nose
        niàn, to display the teeth
        Yǐ/yǐ, surname Yi, bite
        tiáo, [齠], shed the milk teeth/young
        yǔ, [齬], irregular teeth
        chuò, [齪], dirty/filthy/base/mean/narrow-minded/petty
        qǔ, [齲], decayed teeth/dental caries

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