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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        tài, highest/greatest/too (much)/very/extremely
        kuài, rapid/quick/speed/rate/soon/almost/to make haste/clever/sharp (of knives or wits...
        tiān, day/sky/heaven
        dà/dài, big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/older (than)/oldest/eldest/greatly/very muc...
        ēn/èn/en, (a groaning sound), (nonverbal grunt as interjection)/OK, yeah/what?, interjecti...
        ō, Oh!
        bàng, stick/club/cudgel/smart/capable/strong/wonderful/classifier for legs of a relay ...
        mǎi, [買], to buy/to purchase
        sòng, to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
        tóu/tou, [頭], head/hair style/the top/end/beginning or end/a stub/remnant/chief/boss/side/aspe...
        kuài, [塊], lump (of earth)/chunk/piece/classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc/collo...
        mài, [賣], to sell/to betray/to spare no effort/to show off or flaunt
        Měi/měi, the Americas/abbr. for 美洲[Měi zhōu]/USA/abbr. for 美國|美国[Měi guó], beautiful/very...
        xiào, [咲], old variant of 笑[xiào], laugh/smile/CL:個|个[gè]
        huàn, [換], to change/to exchange
        Guān/guān, [關], surname Guan, mountain pass/to close/to shut/to turn off/to concern/to involve
        ēn, [㤙], variant of 恩[ēn], favor/grace/kindness
        dòu/dú, [讀], comma/phrase marked by pause, to read/to study/reading of word (i.e. pronunciati...
        tì, to substitute for/to take the place of/to replace/for/on behalf of/to stand in f...
        tào, cover/sheath/to encase/a case/to overlap/to interleave/bend (of a river or mount...
        kū, to cry/to weep
        zhī, to know/to be aware
        yīn, [囙], old variant of 因[yīn], cause/reason/because
        chǔn, [惷], variant of 蠢[chǔn]/stupid, stupid/sluggish/clumsy/to wiggle (of worms)/to move i...
        chòu/xiù, stench/stink/smelly/to smell (bad), sense of smell/smell bad
        Dá/dá, [達], surname Da, to attain/to reach/to amount to/to communicate/eminent
        duǎn, short/brief/to lack/weak point/fault
        shuǎng, bright/clear/crisp/open/frank/straightforward/to feel well/fine/pleasurable/invi...
        juān/juàn/quān, to confine/to lock up/to pen in, pen (pig)/a fold, circle/ring/loop/classifier f...
        jì, to live (in a house)/to lodge/to mail/to send/to entrust/to depend
        qì, device/tool/utensil/CL:臺|台[tái]
        lèi, [類], kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble
        jiǎng, [獎], prize/award/encouragement/CL:個|个[gè]
        Qiáo/qiáo, [喬], surname Qiao, tall
        juǎn/juàn, [捲], to roll up/roll/classifier for small rolled things (wad of paper money, movie re...
        jī/qí, odd (number), strange/odd/weird/wonderful/surprisingly/unusually
        jì/qí, [騎], (Taiwan) saddle horse/mounted soldier, to ride (an animal or bike)/to sit astrid...
        yān, [煙], cigarette or pipe tobacco/CL:根[gēn]/smoke/mist/vapour/CL:縷|缕[lǚ]/tobacco plant/(...
        quán, fist/boxing
        duó, [奪], to seize/to take away forcibly/to wrest control of/to compete or strive for/to f...
        zòu, to beat up/to break to pieces
        fū/fú, husband/man/manual worker/conscripted laborer (old), (classical) this, that/he, ...
        Ào/ào, [奧], Austria/Austrian/abbr. for 奧地利|奥地利[Ào dì lì]/Olympic/Olympics/abbr. for 奧林匹克|奥林匹...
        qiáo, [橋], bridge/CL:座[zuò]
        Tiě/tiě, [鐵], surname Tie, iron (metal)/arms/weapons/hard/strong/violent/unshakeable/determine...
        āi/ài, interjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!)/to sigh, ...
        xiá, [俠], knight-errant/brave and chivalrous/hero/heroic
        bá, to pull up/to pull out/to draw out by suction/to select/to pick/to stand out (ab...
        shī, to lose/to miss/to fail
        quē, deficiency/lack/scarce/vacant post/to run short of
        tiǎn, to lick/to lap
        jiā/jiá/jià, [夾]/[裌], to press from either side/to place in between/to sandwich/to carry sth under arm...
        tūn, to swallow/to take
        zú, race/nationality/ethnicity/clan/by extension, social group (e.g. office workers ...
        ǎi, low/short (in length)
        quǎn, dog
        fú, to support with the hand/to help sb up/to support oneself by holding onto someth...
        huò, [獲]/[穫], to catch/to obtain/to capture, to reap/to harvest
        jué, [決], to decide/to determine/to execute (sb)/(of a dam etc) to breach or burst/definit...
        qiān, [牽], to pull (an animal on a tether)/to lead along/to hold hands
        Yīng/yīng, United Kingdom/British/England/English/abbr. for 英國|英国[Yīng guó], brave
        nài, how can one help
        xiàn, [獻], to offer/to present/to dedicate/to donate/to show/to put on display/worthy perso...
        zhuàng, [狀], accusation/suit/state/condition/strong/great/-shaped
        jiān, point (of needle)/sharp/shrewd/pointed
        kuǎ, to collapse/to break or wear down/to defeat
        wù, [誤], mistake/error/to miss/to harm/to delay/to neglect/mistakenly
        āi/ái, in order/in sequence/close to/adjacent to, to suffer/to endure/to pull through (...
        yī, [醫], medical/medicine/doctor/to cure/to treat
        tiān, to add/to increase/to replenish
        hóu, monkey/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        còu, [湊], to gather together, pool or collect/to happen by chance/to move close to/to expl...
        Fú/fú, surname Fu, to lean over/to fall (go down)/to hide (in ambush)/to conceal onesel...
        ēi/éi/ěi/èi/xī, [誒], hey (to call sb), hey (to express surprise), hey (to express disagreement), hey ...
        kuà, to step across/to stride over/to straddle/to span
        yí, to doubt/to misbelieve/to suspect
        zhì, wisdom/knowledge
        shú, [贖], to redeem/to ransom
        shí, [實], real/true/honest/really/solid/fruit/seed/definitely
        yāo, goblin/witch/devil/bewitching/enchanting/monster/phantom/demon
        biāo, [飆], whirlwind/violent wind
        wò, fertile/rich/to irrigate/to wash (of river)
        kuā, [誇], see 夸克[kuā kè], to boast/to exaggerate/to praise
        fèng, to offer (tribute)/to present respectfully (to superior, ancestor, deity etc)/to...
        chūn/Chūn, [旾], old variant of 春[chūn], surname Chun, spring (time)/gay/joyful/youthful/love/lus...
        diē, to drop/to fall/to tumble/Taiwan pr. [dié]
        āi, dust/dirt/Angstrom or Ångström, unit of length equal to 10^-10 meters/phonetic a...
        mò, silent/to write from memory
        yàn, [厭], to loathe
        lián, [聯], to ally/to unite/to join
        qián, [潛], hidden/secret/latent/to hide/to conceal/to submerge/to dive
        fú, see 芙蓉[fú róng], lotus
        bēn/bèn, [犇]/[逩], to hurry/to rush/to run quickly/to elope, to go to/to head for/towards, (used in...
        qí, mountainous
        pěng, to clasp/to cup the hands/to hold up with both hands/to offer (esp. in cupped ha...
        chī, [癡], imbecile/sentimental/stupid/foolish/silly, variant of 痴[chī]
        xiù, to smell/to sniff/to nose
        yān, [醃], variant of 醃|腌[yān], to salt/to pickle/to cure (meat)/to marinate
        Wú, [吳], surname Wu/area comprising southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and Shanghai/name...
        yí, expression of surprise
        zhì, [擲], to toss/to throw dice/Taiwan pr. [zhí]
        Qiǔ/qiǔ, surname Qiu, dry provisions
        hóu, throat/larynx
        Hóu/hóu, surname Hou, marquis, second of the five orders of ancient Chinese nobility 五等爵位...
        hòu, to wait/to inquire after/to watch/season/climate/(old) period of five days
        kuí, crotch/15th of the 28th constellations of Chinese astronomy
        pān, to climb (by pulling oneself up)/to implicate/to claim connections of higher sta...
        yìng, [暎], to reflect (light)/to shine/to project (an image onto a screen etc), old variant...
        tū, to dash/to move forward quickly/to bulge/to protrude/to break through/to rush ou...
        xī, [谿], creek/rivulet, variant of 溪[xī]
        yǐ, chair
        yān, to flood/to submerge/to drown/to irritate the skin (of liquids)/to delay
        dā, [噠], (phonetic)/command to a horse/clatter (of horses' hoofs)
        qìng, [慶], to celebrate
        xù, [續], to continue/to replenish
        yān/yàn/yè, [嚥], narrow pass/throat/pharynx, variant of 嚥|咽[yàn], to choke (in crying), to swallo...
        zòu, to play music/to achieve/to present a memorial to the emperor (old)
        téng, [籐], variant of 藤[téng], rattan/cane/vine
        qì, to carve/carved words/to agree/a contract/a deed
        quàn, [劵], bond (esp. document split in two, with each party holding one half)/contract/dee...
        níng, to congeal/to concentrate attention/to stare
        ǎn, I (northern dialects)
        dié, alternately/repeatedly
        téng, [騰], to soar/to gallop/to prance/to turn over/to vacate/to clear
        pū, sound of escaping laughter/water
        ào, deep bay/cove/harbor/abbr. for Macao 澳門|澳门/abbr. for Australia 澳大利亞|澳大利亚
        fèi, to bark
        guī, [槼]/[規], variant of 規|规[guī], compass/a rule/regulation/to admonish/to plan/to scheme
        tài, [態], attitude
        fū, [膚], skin
        yuè, [躍], to jump/to leap
        yān, [閹], to castrate/a castrate/neuter
        yīn, mattress
        tài, [鈦], titanium (chemistry)
        yí, mother's sister/aunt
        jiāo, [嬌], lovable/pampered/tender/delicate/frail
        niǎn, [攆], to expel/to oust
        sān, [參], variant of 參|叁[sān], three (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        kuà, thigh/crotch
        xiá, [狹]/[陿], narrow/narrow-minded, old variant of 狹|狭[xiá]
        jǔ, [榘], variant of 矩[jǔ], carpenter's square/rule/regulation/pattern/to carve
        yāng, beg/center
        gēng, soup
        jí, sickness/disease/hate/envy/swift
        èn, to press (with finger)
        yǎn, to cover up/to close/to surprise
        huàn, [喚], to call
        fèn, [奮], exert oneself
        zhèn, I/we (imperial use)/subtle
        shǐ, arrow/dart/straight/to vow/to swear
        yǐ, classical final particle, similar to modern 了[le]
        Dòu/dòu, [竇], surname Dou, hole/aperture/(anatomy) cavity/sinus
        shē, extravagant
        měi, [鎂], magnesium (chemistry)
        kuī, [窺]/[闚], to peep/to pry into, variant of 窺|窥[kuī]
        Zhèng, [鄭], Zheng state during the Warring States period/surname Zheng/abbr. for 鄭州|郑州[Zhèng...
        fū, [䴸]/[麩], variant of 麩|麸[fū], bran
        kuí, sunflower
        Jiǎo/jiáo/jiǎo, [矯], surname Jiao, argumentative/contentious, to correct/to rectify/to redress/strong...
        jiá, [頰], cheeks
        tài, peptide (two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds CO-NH)
        ǎi, sigh/exclamation Eh!
        yí, non-Han people, esp. to the East of China/barbarians/to wipe out/to exterminate/...
        dú, [瀆], ditch/trouble (some one to do)
        àng, abundant/bowl/dish/pot
        Qín, surname Qin/Qin dynasty (221-207 BC) of the first emperor 秦始皇[Qín Shǐ huáng]/abb...
        dá, [韃], Tartar/a tribe in China
        quán, to curl up (like a scroll)/to huddle/Melania libertina/wriggle (as a worm)
        cù, crowded/framework for silkworms/gather foliage/bunch/classifier for bunched obje...
        yí, soap/pancreas
        jī, lopsided/unbalanced/abnormal/irregular/odd fractional remnant
        yǐ, to lean on/to rely upon
        xiē, to wedge/wedge
        qín, used in phonetic transcription -xine, -zine or -chin
        juàn, [勌], tired, old variant of 倦[juàn]
        kuà, to carry (esp. slung over the arm, shoulder or side)
        dú, [犢], calf/sacrificial victim
        huàn, [煥], brilliant/lustrous
        cán, [蠶], silkworm
        qí, curio/valuable stone
        juàn, [睠], concern/wife and children, variant of 眷[juàn]/to care about/to look fondly on
        jiāo, [驕], proud/arrogant
        mǎng, thick weeds/luxuriant growth/Illicium anisatum, a shrub with poisonous leaves/im...
        yāo, [殀], tender/gentle/to die prematurely, variant of 夭[yāo]/to die young/to die prematur...
        tà, [撻], flog/rapid
        nài, naphthalene C0H8
        Yú/yú, surname Yu, to expect/to anticipate/to worry/to cheat
        yè, [靨], dimple
        Hào/hào, surname Hao, vast and limitless/the vast sky
        cuó, short/dwarfish
        juǎn, Japanese variant of 卷
        tuó/duò, [䭾]/[馱], variant of 馱|驮[tuó], load carried by a pack animal, to carry on one's back
        tài, to discard/to eliminate
        kū, to cut open/rip up/scoop out
        tāi, tie/necktie/tire (Cantonese)
        zhēn, to arrive/to reach (esp. perfection)/utmost/(used in commercials)
        dā, [躂], to stumble/to slip/variant of 達|达[dá]
        mǎng, python
        bó, [鈸], cymbals
        zhēn, hazel tree/Corylus heterophylla
        jué, [訣], farewell/secrets (of an art)
        áo, mastiff
        qǐ, [綺], beautiful/open-work silk
        yāng, calamity
        xiá, [峽], gorge
        Téng, vassal state of Zhou in Shandong/Teng county in Shandong/surname Teng
        yú, [娛], to amuse
        fū, variant of 夫[fū]
        jiá, [莢], pod
        juàn, old variant of 倦[juàn]
        zhì, ringed pheasant
        xiù, bromine (chemistry)
        jí, jealousy/to be jealous of
        Fán/fán, surname Fan, cage/fence
        qí, headland
轿         jiào, [轎], a sedan chair/a palanquin/a litter
        téng, [謄], make a (clean) copy
        qiáo, [僑], emigrant/to reside abroad
        yīn, [婣], marriage connections, variant of 姻[yīn]
        ǎo, [襖], coat/jacket/short and lined coat or robe
        háo, [嘷]/[獋], howl/bawl/to bark/roar, variant of 嗥[háo], old variant of 嗥[háo]
        dú, [牘], documents
        jiā/xié, [挾], hold between, to clasp under the arm/to coerce
        mì, [冪], power/exponent (math.)/to cover with a cloth/cloth cover/veil
        kuí, see 喹啉[kuí lín]
        ào, to regret
        ān, [菴], hut/small temple/nunnery, variant of 庵[ān]
        Yǎn/yān/yǎn, surname Yan, variant of 閹|阉[yān]/to castrate/variant of 淹[yān]/to delay, suddenl...
        fū, see 呋喃 furan or 呋喃西林 furacilinum
        fèng, salary
        Xī/xī, surname Xi, (literary) what?/where?/why?
        yí, bruise/sores
        áo, [翺], to soar/to hover, variant of 翱[áo]
        qiè, [鍥], to cut/to carve/to engrave/to chisel/fig. to chisel away at
椿         chūn, Chinese toon (Toona sinensis)/tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima)/(literary met...
        zhī, see 蜘蛛[zhī zhū]
        lì, to bend/to violate/to go against/ruthless and tyrannical
        guān, variant of 關|关[guān]
        diàn, to fix/to settle/a libation to the dead
        yīn, [銦], indium (chemistry)
        yāng, shoots/sprouts
        yāng, agitated (wind, cloud)/boundless
        hù, gourd
        huàn, [渙], to dissipate/to dissolve
        kuí, consider/estimate
        Qū/qū, surname Qu, yeast/Aspergillus (includes many common molds)/Taiwan pr. [qú]/now s...
        xī, footpath/wait for
        kuài, chopstick
        guǐ, tenth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shí tiān gān]/tenth in order/letter "J" or r...
        fā, to remove evil/to cleanse/to wash away
        shū, [倐]/[儵], sudden/abrupt/Taiwan pr. [shù], variant of 倏[shū], variant of 倏[shū]
        yàn, [饜], to eat to the full
        měi, ripple pattern
        zú, [鏃], arrowhead/sharp
        zàng/zhuǎng, great, fat/stout
        gāo, [皐]/[臯], bank/marsh, high riverbank/variant of 皋[gāo], variant of 皋[gāo]
        jiá, [鋏], pincers for use at a fire/sword
        qiáo, [荍]/[蕎], common mallow (Malva sinesis)/variant of 蕎|荞[qiáo], buckwheat
        jiǎo, [撟], to raise/to lift/to pretend/counterfeit/unyielding/variant of 矯|矫[jiǎo]/to corre...
        bēn, [錛], adz/adze
        Guì/quē, surname Gui, alkyne
        ǎn, syllable
        jì, furious/hydrophobia/madness
        lián, [匲]/[匳]/[奩]/[籢], variant 奩|奁[lián], variant of 奩|奁[lián], bridal trousseau, old variant of 奩|奁[li...
        tài, phthalein (chemistry)
        zhì, order/orderliness/(classifier) ten years
        niǎn, [輦], emperor's carriage
        miàn, old variant of 麵|面[miàn]
        Yì/yì, surname Yi, idle
        yí, (old) class/category/corpse
        kuǎ, foreign accent
        qí/sì, [竢], see 万俟[Mò qí], (literary) to wait for, variant of 俟[sì]
        yǔ, [俁], big
        nǎi, you (dialect)
        jiǎn, Japanese variant of 儉|俭[jiǎn]
        xiè, variant of 契[qì]/contract
        xī, (old) native of Jiangxi 江西[Jiāng xī]/to wait/servant/path
        jiàn, to overstep one's authority/to usurp
        cì, old variant of 刺[cì]
        jī, curved wood graver
        yì, old variant of 逸[yì]/leisurely
        páo, bottle gourd/Lagenaria vulgaris
        yǎn, [厴], operculum (Latin: little lid)/a covering flap (in various branches of anatomy)
        qù, old variant of 去[qù]
        jiá, (old) to talk recklessly/to talk nonsense/talkative
        fěng, recite/chant
        lì, cry of a crane or wild goose
        sǒu, to urge on/incite
        yǔ, herd/stag/buck
        quān, Japanese variant of 圈
        yǎng, fine dust/plentiful/vast
        da, see 圪垯, lump/pimple/mound
        ǎn, hole in the ground to plant seeds in/to make a hole for seeds/to dibble
        běng, see 塕埲[wěng běng]/classifier for walls (Cantonese)
        hòu, mounds for beacons
        ruán, adjoin
        chéng, [堘], variant of 塍[chéng], raised path between fields
        shuǎng, elevated prominent ground
        ào, building-plot
        guài, decisive
        bèn/hāng, variant of 笨[bèn], to tamp/(slang) popular/hot
        bǐ, old variant of 比[bǐ]
        kuǎng, low ground/hollow/depression (used in Shandong place names)
        Huàn/huàn, [奐], surname Huan, excellent
        diǎn, variant of 點|点[diǎn]
        chǐ/shē/zhà, old variant of 侈[chǐ], old variant of 奢[shē], to open/to spread
        yì, abundant/graceful
        fěi, big
        ào, haughty/vigorous
        wěng, clear and cloudless sky
        jiǎng, Japanese variant of 獎|奖[jiǎng]
        yūn, deep and broad (expanse of water)/abyss
        jiǎng, variant of 獎|奖[jiǎng]
        Shì/shì, surname Shi, majestic manner/red/angry
        bì, anger
        kuā, fascinating/pretty
        āi, see 娭姐[āi jiě], father's mother/granny (dialect)/respectful form of address for ...
        měi, beautiful
        yīng, (complimentary name for a woman)
        yìng, maid escorting bride to new home/concubine
        yì, compliant/yielding/easy-going
        jiā/tú, old variant of 家[jiā], variant of 突
        gá, toy formed of a spindle with two sharp ends
        juē, (old) hemp sandals/Taiwan pr. [jué]
        juē, old variant of 屩[juē]
        ào, [嶴], plain in the middle of the mountains/used in place names, esp. in 浙江[Zhè jiāng] ...
        yí, place name
        jiào, [嶠], highest peak
        yān, name of a mountain in Gansu
        měi, mountain/hill
        yí, name of a mountain in Hunan
        fú, object held by dancer
        Zhì/zhì, [袠], surname Zhi, book cover, variant of 帙[zhì]/variant of 秩[zhì]/(classifier) ten ye...
        juàn, a bag which holds 30 pecks (i.e. approx 3 kg dry measure)
        qiáng, wall
        juàn/quān, variant of 卷, curled up scroll, crossbow (arch.)
        shì/tài, accustomed to/habit, extravagant/luxurious
        tiǎn, to shame
        tài, variant of 忕[tài]
        yàng, discontented
        yí, happy/joyous
        yān, [懨], see 懨懨|恹恹[yān yān]
        wù, [悞], to impede/to delay/variant of 誤|误[wù]
        lì, sorrowful
        quán, earnest
        qiè, [㥦]/[愜], variant of 愜|惬[qiè], cheerful/satisfied
        yìn, [憖], injured/moreover/preferably
        jiāo, arrogant
        kuí, a lance
        lì, Japanese variant of 戾[lì]
        jué, to pick out/to single out
        chì, beat/flog
        liè, tear/twist
        nà, (downwards-right concave character stroke)/press down firmly
        jǐ, drag
        huà, wide/broad
        yè, to press down
        qī, up/uneven
        qǐ, to pick up thing with chopsticks or pincers.
        yǐ, fluttering of flag
        hào, variant of 昊[hào]
        dié, the declining sun in the west
        kuí, in opposition to/separated from
        yīng, color of the moon
        dì, lone-standing tree
        zhí, threshold
        yí, (tree)
        jiá, chopstick
        quān, bowl
        dú, [櫝], cabinet/case/casket
        gāo, water pulley
        guī, zelkova tree
        kuǎn, to treat well/to detain/variant of 款[kuǎn]
        yī, interjection
        yè, sickness/repeated
        yì, (archaic) (meaning unclear)/(final particle)
        yīn, generative forces/magic emanation
        dà, to wash (dialect)
        yì, licentious, libertine, dissipate
        yān/yīn, variant of 湮[yān], to soak/to blotch/to splotch
        fú, undercurrent eddy
        tì, nasal mucus/Taiwan pr. [yí]
洿         wū, dig (a pond)/stagnant water
        jiā, [浹], soaked/to wet/to drench/Taiwan pr. [jiá]
        sì, river bank
        lèi, Japanese variant of 淚|泪[lèi]
        Yīng, river in Shandong Province (old)
        zhēn, name of a river
        yī, ripple
        mǎng, vast/expansive (of water)
        sè, grating (of surfaces)
        yàng, ripples
        yǎng, firelight/blaze
        kuǐ, fiery/blazing
        yīng, (used in names)/British thermal unit (BTU)
        yù, warm
        Cuàn/cuàn, surname Cuan, cooking-stove/to cook
        jī, ox-horns/wing of an army
        bá/quǎn, old variant of 拔[bá], old variant of 犬[quǎn]
        biāo, whirlwind
        yī, (interj.)
        yóu, to plan/to scheme
        dāi, variant of 呆[dāi]/foolish/also pr. [ái]
        zhēn, jungle
        xiāo, dog
        shòu, Japanese variant of 獸|兽
        fū, a kind of jade
        jué, half-circle jade ring
        yān, a kind of jade
        běng, gem ornament of scabbard
        yīng, (crystal)/lustrous
        dié, young melon
        quǎn, field drains
        běn, a basket or pan used for earth/manure etc
        huàn, [瘓], illness/numbness of the limbs
        hóu, wart
        yì, [瘞], bury/sacrifice
        cù, (skin disease)
        dié, prominent eyes
        zhèn, pupil
        liè, to roll the eyeballs to look
        hóu, (appears as phonetic ho, especially in words taken from Sanskrit)/half-blind (ar...
        kuí, separated/stare
        hóu, old variant of 侯[hóu]
        shěn, (interrog.)
        zēng, arrow with a streamer
        yuē, standard/norm/Taiwan pr. [huò]
        fū, agate/inferior gem/a kind of jade
        xiá, [硤], place name
        qiáo, [礄], used in place names/see 礄頭|硚头[Qiáo tóu]
        ruǎn, jade-like stone
        xī, mountain stream/creek
        yāo, evil spirit/goblin/witchcraft/variant of 妖[yāo]/common erroneous variant of 祆[Xi...
        Xiān, Ormazda, the Sun God of the Zoroastrians and Manicheans/the Sun God
        wú, [禑], happy/used in historical names
        xì, semi-annual ceremony of purification
        yīn, a kind of bamboo/old variant of 茵[yīn]
        qiè, [篋], chest/box/trunk/suitcase/portfolio
        hóu, (mus. instr.)
        jiāo, large pipe
        hóu, [餱], dry provisions
        zhì, to stitch/to mend
        yīn, generative force/magic emanation
        téng, bind/cord/tie up
        lèi, flaw/knot
        zuǎn, variant of 纘|缵[zuǎn]
        fú, [紱], ribbon for a seal/sash
        kù, [絝], variant of 褲|裤[kù]
        quǎn, [綣], bound in a league
        Gōu, [緱], surname Gou
        yǎn, foment/valve
        ruǎn, archaic variant of 軟|软[ruǎn]
        dā, ears hanging down
        yì, to learn/to practice or study (old)
        rán, dog meat/old variant of 然[rán]
        yāng, the navel
        yān, [臙], rouge, variant of 胭[yān]
        còu, the tissue between the skin and the flesh
        chōng, to pound (grain)/beat
        fú, Pachyma cocos/china root
        tí/yí, (grass), to weed
        dá, [薘], plantago major
        mǎi, [蕒], see 苣蕒菜|苣荬菜[jù mǎi cài]
        pú, thicket/tedious
        bá, smilax china
        běng, expand/thick weeds
        tián, sugar beet
        jí, Tribulus terrestris
        ēn, anthracene
        zhēn, abundant, luxuriant vegetation
        cù, collect/frame for silk worm/nest
        yù, Prunus japonica
        nǐ, luxuriant (of plants)
        fú, (water-beetle)/money
        jiá, [蛺], see 蛺蝶|蛱蝶[jiá dié]
        wú, centipede
        kuí, see 蝰蛇[kuí shé]
        chūn, bedbug
        qín, small cicada with a square head
        téng, flying dragon
        Jiǎo/jiǎo, surname Jiao, (insect)
        fū, the lapel of a garment
        mèi, sleeve of a robe
        fú, knee-pads/buskins
        Zhì/zhì, surname Zhi, book cover
        fú, bundle wrapped in cloth
        yīn, mat/underclothing
        xiē, short garments
        shì, see 襏襫|袯襫[bó shì]
        pàn, loop/belt/band/to tie together/to stitch together
        dí, [覿], face to face
        jué, dissatisfied
        jī, odd/one horn up and one horn down
        xì, shame/disgrace
        yàn, [讞], to decide judicially
        huàn, to rear/to raise (animals)
        shèng, have as remainder/trad. variant of 剩
        jī, [賫]/[賷]/[齎], to present (a gift)/to harbor (a feeling), variant of 齎|赍[jī], send/to present i...
        qiáo, nimble/walk on stilts
        jué, to gallop
        fū, instep/tarsus
        bá, postscript/to trek across mountains
        chí, hesitating/undecided/hesitant
        quán, to curl up
        jǐ, shin
        zhí, [躑], hesitating/to stop
        xī, footpath
        bá, sacrifice
        Shē, old variant of 畬|畲[Shē]
        sè, leather top of a cart
        yì, [軼], to excel/to surpass/to be scattered/variant of 逸[yì], leisurely
        còu, [輳], to converge/hub of wheel
        jiá, [郟], name of a district in Henan
        jú, place name
        hòu, place name
        kuí, place name
        dì, fetters/to fetter
        fū, axe/flerovium (chemistry)
        jué, to pierce, to stab/to take
        tiě, old variant of 鐵|铁[tiě]/old variant of 紩[zhì]
        yāng, (onom.) ring/tinkle
        tiě, old variant of 鐵|铁[tiě]
        wù, -plated/to plate
        wú, to plaster/trowel
        nài, neptunium (chemistry) (Tw)
        hóu, metal arrowhead
        róng, Japanese kokuji pr. kasugai/cramp/tie
        qí, [錡], three legged cauldron (old)/woodworking chisel (old)
        juàn, [錈], to bend iron
        yīng, [鍈], (onom.) ring/tinkle
        dié, name of poisonous snake in ancient text
        tà, [闥], door of an inner room
        qù, [闃], quiet/to live alone
        què, [闋], section of a song/shut
        Shǎn, [陝], abbr. for Shaanxi 陝西|陕西 province
        xiá, variant of 狹|狭 narrow/variant of 峽|峡 gorge/used erroneously for 陝|陕 Shaanxi
        réng, sound of stonemason's shovel
        yù, bay/cove
        yīng, sleet/snowflakes
        yāng, martingale (leather strap in horse harness)/discontented
        yīn, variant of 茵[yīn]
        fú, [韍], kneepad
        yīng, music of legendary emperor Gu
        jiá, variant of 頰|颊[jiá]
        juàn/yǎng, old variant of 餋[juàn], old variant of 養|养[yǎng]
        juàn, to offer sacrifices
        nuǎn, send a present of a feast
        sòng, side dish/groceries (Cantonese)
        yù, [飫], full (as of eating)
        yǎn, fragrant odor
        kuài, fast (horse)
        tuó, Japanese variant of 馱|驮
        ái, stupid/idiotic
        yīn, [駰], iron-gray (horse)
        kuí, [騤], (of a horse) powerful/strong
        quán, to curl/curled
        bá, drought demon
        yǎn, [魘], to have a nightmare
        hóu, blowfish
        jiǎo, (fish)
        bà, [鮁], see 鮁魚|鲅鱼[bà yú]
        xiǎng, [鯗], dried fish
        jué, tailorbird (Orthotomus spp.)/weaver bird (family Ploceidae)/variant of 鴃[jué], s...
        jué, shrike
        jī, Japanese variant of 雞|鸡
        jī, variant of 雞|鸡[jī]
        yāng, [鴦], mandarin duck
        ān, [鵪], quail
        wú, stag/herd
        miàn, variant of 麵|面[miàn]
        pào, pastry/cake
        qù, porridge
        Qū/qū, surname Qu, yeast
        móu, barley
        mò, Japanese variant of 默
        yǎn, [黶], black spots on body
        dú, [黷], blacken/constantly/to insult
        dài, old variant of 黛[dài]
        fú, (embroidery)
        zhī, old variant of 蜘[zhī]
        xī, mouse
        Yǐ/yǐ, surname Yi, bite
        yà, dented/chipped/gap-toothed/toothless

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