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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        chū, [齣], to go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to h...
        suì, [嵗]/[歲], variant of 歲|岁[suì], year/years old, classifier for years (of age)/year/year (of...
        dǎo, [㠀]/[島], variant of 島|岛[dǎo], island/CL:個|个[gè],座[zuò]
        Shān/shān, surname Shan, mountain/hill/anything that resembles a mountain/CL:座[zuò]/bundled...
        ruì, lucky/auspicious/propitious/rayl (acoustical unit)
        Mì/mì, surname Mi/name of an ancient state, secret/confidential/close/thick/dense
        duān, [耑], end/extremity/item/port/to hold sth level with both hands/to carry/regular, old ...
        Cuī/cuī, surname Cui, high mountain/precipitous
        chuǎn, to gasp/to pant/asthma
        Kǎi/kǎi, [凱], surname Kai, triumphant/victorious/chi (Greek letter Χχ)
        xiān, [僊], immortal, variant of 仙[xiān]
        cuī, to urge/to press/to prompt/to rush sb/to hasten sth/to expedite
        bèng, to jump/to bounce/to hop
        bēng, to collapse/to fall into ruins/death of king or emperor/demise
        yán, [嵒]/[巖]/[巗], cliff/rock, variant of 巖|岩[yán], variant of 岩[yán], variant of 巖|岩[yán]
        tàn, carbon (chemistry)
        ái, cancer/carcinoma/also pr. [yán]
        àn, [㟁], variant of 岸[àn], bank/shore/beach/coast/CL:個|个[gè]
        yáo, [遙], distant/remote/far/far away
        qí, mountainous
        jué, to dig
        kǎi/qǐ, [豈], old variant of 愷|恺[kǎi]/old variant of 凱|凯[kǎi], how? (emphatic question)
        bēng, sound of an explosion/sound of sth throbbing or bursting
        chuài, to kick/to trample/to tread on
        Qū/qū, surname Qu, bent/to feel wronged
        gǎng, [崗], mound/policeman's beat
        fēng, [峯], old variant of 峰[fēng], (of a mountain) high and tapered peak or summit/mountain...
        dǎo, [搗], pound/beat/hull/attack/disturb/stir
        yōu, remote/hidden away/secluded/serene/peaceful/to imprison/in superstition indicate...
        kǎn/qiàn, see 赤嵌樓|赤嵌楼[Chì kǎn lóu], to inlay/to embed/Taiwan pr. [qiān]
        chuāi/chuǎi, to put into (one's pockets, clothes)/Taiwan pr. [chuǎi], to estimate/to guess/to...
        kū, cave/hole
        tàn, wood charcoal/coal
        lǐng, [嶺], mountain range/mountain ridge
        yá, precipice/cliff/Taiwan pr. [yái]
        chà, fork in road/bifurcation/branch in road, river, mountain range etc/to branch off...
        jué, crabby/tough
        diān, [巔], summit
        zǎi, child/young animal
        huì, [穢], dirt/filth
        Yuè/yuè, [嶽], surname Yue, wife's parents and paternal uncles, surname Yue, high mountain/high...
        cuī, to break/to destroy/to devastate/to ravage/to repress
        wǎi/wēi, to sprain (one's ankle)/see 崴子[wǎi zi], high, lofty/precipitous
        Chóng/chóng, surname Chong, high/sublime/lofty/to esteem/to worship
屿         yǔ, [嶼], islet
        jiǎ, cape (geography)/headland
        kū, cave/hole
        Qí/qí, surname Qi/also used in place names, variant of 歧[qí]
        shàn, hernia
        zhuō, awkward/clumsy/dull/inelegant/(polite) my/Taiwan pr. [zhuó]
        yáo, [謠], popular ballad/rumor
        càn, [燦], glorious/bright/brilliant/lustrous/resplendent
        Dài, Mt Tai in Shandong/same as 泰山
        lán, [嵐], mist/name of a mountain
        duō, (old)(interjection expressing disapproval, commiseration etc) tut!/Taiwan pr. [d...
        dǎo, variant of 島|岛[dǎo], island/used as second component of Japanese names with phon...
        xiá, [峽], gorge
        xiān, xenon (chemistry)
        kǎi, [愷], joyful/kind
        Cén/cén, surname Cen, small hill
        jí, ridge/crest/apex
        tuān, to rush (of water)
        yáo, [鰩], skate (cartilaginous fish belonging to the family Rajidae)/ray (fish)
        chán/zhǎn, [嶃]/[嶄], variant of 嶄|崭[chán], variant of 嶄|崭[zhǎn], precipitous, high/very
        Yáo/yáo, [瑤], Yao ethnic group of southwest China and southeast Asia/surname Yao, jade/preciou...
        é, [峩], lofty/name of a mountain, variant of 峨[é]
        jí, lofty peak/perilous
        chǔ, [礎], foundation/base
        mín, name of a river in Sichuan
        kǎn, see 赤崁樓|赤崁楼[Chì kǎn lóu]
        jùn, (of mountains) high/harsh or severe
        bèng, [鏰], small coin/dime
        qiào, [陗], high and steep/precipitous/severe or stern, variant of 峭[qiào]
        shàn, bamboo fish trap/used in names of places connected with Shantou 汕頭|汕头[Shàn tóu]
        cén, overflow/rainwater/tearful
        chū, old variant of 出[chū]
        zhì, peak/to store
        suì, evil spirit
        lín, ranges of hills
        jì, [覬], to covet/to long for
        láo, [嶗], name of a mountain in Shandong
        luán, [巒], mountain ranges
        yì, high and steep
        cuǐ, luster of gems
        dòng/tóng, [峝], cave/cavern, name of a mountain, variant of 峒[tóng]
        kǎi, [鎧], armor
        gài, ancient variant of 蓋|盖[gài]/ancient variant of 丐[gài]
        xiān, old variant of 仙[xiān]
        xiān, variant of 仙, immortal/light (as a feather)
        yáo, Yao tribe
        guì, [劌], cut/injure
        kǎi, [剴], carefully/moderately
        huì/yuě, [噦], see 噦噦|哕哕[huì huì], to puke/to hiccup
        yān, correct/suitable/to suit sb/just now (Cantonese)
        niè, talkative
        mì, (phonetic) as in pyrimidine
        chuí, name of a mountain
        kǎi, [塏], dry terrain
        duān, (used in female names) (old)
        lì, high mountain range
        qǐ, mountain without vegetation/the residence of one's mother/see also 岵[hù]
        wù, bare hill
        yá, see 嵖岈山[Chá yá Shān]
        jié, mountain peak
        qiān, name of a mountain
        qián, character used in place names
        qū, [嶇], rugged
        xiàn, [峴], abbr. for 峴首山|岘首山[Xiàn shǒu shān]/Mt Xianshou in Hubei/steep hill/used in place ...
        ào, [嶴], plain in the middle of the mountains/used in place names, esp. in 浙江[Zhè jiāng] ...
        Zuò, name of a mountain in Shandong
        Zuò, (used in place names)/variant of 岝[Zuò]
        kě, see 岢嵐|岢岚[Kě lán]
        gǒu, name of a hill in Hunan
        tiáo, lofty peak
        qū, rocky hill
        xiù, cave/mountain peak
        hù, mountain covered with vegetation/the residence of one's father/see also 屺[qǐ]
        tiáo, variant of 岧[tiáo]
        Dōng, [崬], place name in Guangxi province
岿         kuī, [巋], high and mighty (of mountain)/hilly
        xiù, old variant of 岫[xiù]
        mǎo, round yellow dirt mount (in the Northwest of China)
        tóng, (used in place names)
        xué, [嶨], big rocky mountain
        yì, [嶧], name of hills in Shandong
        bā/kē/kè, (used in transliteration), cave, cave/cavern/also pr. [kē]
        xún, ranges of hills
        yí, place name
        mì, see 峚山[Mì Shān]
        wéi, high and uneven
        xx, (Japanese kokuji) mountain pass/(fig.) crisis point/pr. tōge
        yáo, [嶢], high/steep/to tower
        jiào, [嶠], highest peak
        zhēng, [崢], excel/lofty
        yù, valley
        tú, name of a mountain
峿         wú, name of a mountain
        làng, used in place names
        lái, [崍], name of a mountain in Sichuan
        xiǎn, [嶮], precipitous/rugged
        kōng, name of a mountain
        huá, flowery/illustrious/Chinese
        jū, mountain name
        mín, old variant of 岷[mín]
        cuì/zú, jagged mountain peaks (poetic)/rocky peaks/lofty and dangerous, rocky peaks/loft...
        gù, variant of 崮[gù]
        léng, lofty (as of mountain)
        jué, towering as a peak
        guō, name of a mountain
        yín, high/rugged mountains/steep
        Dōng, name of a mountain
        Xiáo, name of a mountain in Henan/also pr. [Yáo]
        yān, name of a mountain in Gansu
        sōng, variant of 嵩[sōng]
        gù, steep-sided flat-topped mountain/mesa/(element in mountain names)
        yín, variant of 崟[yín]
        zé, lofty
        yú, county in Shandong province
        fēng, name of a legendary hill
崿         è, cliff/precipice
        lǜ, to rise sharply/to tower
        měi, mountain/hill
        Shèng, name of a district in Zhejiang
        méi, see 峨嵋山[É méi Shān]
        yú, mountain range
        yán, variant of 岩[yán]/variant of 嚴|严[yán]
        chá, see 嵖岈山[Chá yá Shān]
        róng, [嶸], lofty
        kē, place name
        qīn, [嶔], loftiness (of mountain)
        yú, place name in Shandong
        lǒu, [嶁], mountain peak
        Tú, Mt Tu in Zhejiang/also written 涂
        wěng, of mountainous appearance
        sōng, lofty/Mt Song in Henan
        zī, see 崦嵫[Yān zī]
        wéi, rocky
        cuó, lofty (as of mountain)
        zhàng, cliff/range of peaks
        dǎo, variant of 島|岛[dǎo], island/used in Japanese names with reading -shima or -jima
        céng, lofty/precipitous
        bō, name of a mountain
        yān, old variant of 崦[yān]
        dèng, path leading up a mountain
        duò, mountain peak
        guì/jué, precipitous/mountainous, sacrificial vessel
        yè, see 岌嶪[jí yè]
        yè, variant of 嶪[yè]
        è, elevated/lofty
        xiè, mountain valley
        xī, old variant of 巂[xī]
        yí, name of a mountain in Hunan
        lóng, steep/precipitous (of mountain)
        hōng/yíng, (onom.) crashing sound/same as 訇, see 嶺巆|岭巆[lǐng yíng] and 崢巆|峥巆[zhēng yíng], lo...
        xī, mountain-gorge/ravine
        chán, cliff
        yán, Japanese variant of 巖|岩[yán]
        wēi, lofty/towering/Taiwan pr. [wéi]
        diān, same as 巔|巅[diān]/summit/mountain peak/mountain top
        yǎn, variant of 巘|𪩘[yǎn]
        yáo, compulsory service
        zhuì, anxious/worried
        yáo, distressed, agitated
        fěi, crescent moon
        duò, wood scraps
        qī, [榿], alder
        chén, Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis)
        yá, old variant of 涯[yá]
        pēng, noise of dashing waves
        cuǐ, having the appearance of depth
        kūn, variant of 焜[kūn]
        yáo, Yao tribe
        cuī, see 猥獕, despicable
        ái, [皚], white (of snow etc)
        ái/wéi/wèi, [磑], snowy white/pure white/spotless, see 磑磑|硙硙[wéi wéi], mill
        cuī, a high mountain/precipitous
        xiān, common rice
        zhú, in a hole
        xiān, long-grained rice/same as 秈
        tiào, [糶], to sell grain
        chù, [絀], crimson silk/deficiency/to stitch
        tāng, carbonyl (radical)
        huì, [翽], noise of bird's wings
        chuái, ugly and fat/too fat to move
        shān, sampan
        zhuó, to display vigorous, new growth/to sprout
        yǐ, ant/variant of 蟻|蚁[yǐ]
        yáo, Japanese variant of 謠|谣
        shàn, [訕], to mock/to ridicule/to slander
        qū, [詘], to bend/to yield/to exhaust/to stutter
        Bīn, name of an ancient county in Shaanxi/variant of 彬[bīn]
        shàn, to jump/to leave
辿         chān, follow, pursue
        chuán, to hurry/to go to and fro
        duān, (arch.) drinking goblet
        kǎi, [闓], to loosen/to open
        Zhuān/zhuān, [顓], surname Zhuan, good/simple
        chù, to dismiss from office/to expel

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