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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        de/dī/dí/dì, of/~'s (possessive particle)/(used after an attribute)/(used to form a nominal e...
        shì, [昰], is/are/am/yes/to be, variant of 是[shì]/(used in given names)
        Dū/dōu/dū, surname Du, all/both/entirely/(used for emphasis) even/already/(not) at all, cap...
        dé/de/děi, to obtain/to get/to gain/to catch (a disease)/proper/suitable/proud/contented/to...
        dàn, but/yet/however/only/merely/still
        Cuò/cuò, [錯], surname Cuo, mistake/wrong/bad/interlocking/complex/to grind/to polish/to altern...
        shí/Shí, [旹]/[時], old variant of 時|时[shí], surname Shi, o'clock/time/when/hour/season/period
        diào, to fall/to drop/to lag behind/to lose/to go missing/to reduce/fall (in prices)/t...
        zǎo, early/morning/Good morning!
        zhě, (after a verb or adjective) one who (is) .../(after a noun) person involved in ....
        wǎn, evening/night/late
        Zhā/chá/zhā, surname Zha, to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to searc...
        pāi, to pat/to clap/to slap/to swat/to take (a photo)/to shoot (a film)/racket (sport...
        chàng, to sing/to call loudly/to chant
        zhǐ, finger/to point at or to/to indicate or refer to/to depend on/to count on/(of ha...
        jiān/jiàn, [間], between/among/within a definite time or space/room/section of a room or lateral ...
        xǐng, to wake up/to be awake/to become aware/to sober up/to come to
        tí, to carry (hanging down from the hand)/to lift/to put forward/to mention/to raise...
        Pà/pà, surname Pa, to be afraid/to fear/to dread/to be unable to endure/perhaps
        Rì/rì, abbr. for 日本[Rì běn], Japan, sun/day/date, day of the month
        zhào, [炤], variant of 照[zhào]/to shine/to illuminate, according to/in accordance with/to sh...
        hún/hùn, confused/dirty/to mix/muddy/variant of 渾|浑[hún], to mix/to mingle/muddled/to dri...
        jiè, [藉], to lend/to borrow/by means of/to take (an opportunity), variant of 借[jiè]
        yuàn, [願], to hope/to wish/to desire/hoped-for/ready/willing/sincere
        Bái/bái, surname Bai, white/snowy/pure/bright/empty/blank/plain/clear/to make clear/in va...
        chǔn, [惷], variant of 蠢[chǔn]/stupid, stupid/sluggish/clumsy/to wiggle (of worms)/to move i...
        Cháo/cháo/zhāo, abbr. for 朝鮮|朝鲜[Cháo xiǎn] Korea, imperial or royal court/government/dynasty/rei...
        tī, to kick/to play (e.g. soccer)
        xīng, star/satellite/small amount
        zhū, [豬], hog/pig/swine/CL:口[kǒu],頭|头[tóu]
        dǔ, [賭], to bet/to gamble
        yuán, former/original/primary/raw/level/cause/source
        mào/Mào, [冐], old variant of 冒[mào], surname Mao, to emit/to give off/to send out (or up, fort...
        jiù, [舊], old/opposite: new 新/former/worn (with age)
        Míng/míng, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)/surname Ming/Ming (c. 2000 BC), fourth of the legendary...
        hūn, to marry/marriage/wedding/to take a wife
        bào, to explode or burst/to quick fry or quick boil
        xiāng, fragrant/sweet smelling/aromatic/savory or appetizing/(to eat) with relish/(of s...
        Bǎi/bǎi, surname Bai, hundred/numerous/all kinds of
        yūn/yùn, [暈], confused/dizzy/giddy/to faint/to swoon/to lose consciousness/to pass out, dizzy/...
湿         shī, [溼]/[濕], variant of 濕|湿[shī], moist/wet
        àn, [晻]/[闇], variant of 暗[àn], dark/gloomy/hidden/secret/muddled/obscure/in the dark, to clos...
        pǔ, general/popular/everywhere/universal
        Zhāng/zhāng, surname Zhang, chapter/section/clause/movement (of symphony)/seal/badge/regulati...
        yǐng, picture/image/film/movie/photograph/reflection/shadow/trace
        yīn, sound/noise/note (of musical scale)/tone/news/syllable/reading (phonetic value o...
        zhǔ, [煑], variant of 煮[zhǔ], to cook/to boil
        cǎo/cào, [艸], variant of 草[cǎo], grass/straw/manuscript/draft (of a document)/careless/rough/C...
        liáng/liàng, to measure, capacity/quantity/amount/to estimate/abbr. for 量詞|量词[liàng cí], clas...
        tā/tà, see 踏實|踏实[tā shi], to tread/to stamp/to step on/to press a pedal/to investigate ...
        Yì/yì, surname Yi/abbr. for 易經|易经[Yì jīng], the Book of Changes, easy/amiable/to change...
        zhuō, [槕], table, old variant of 桌[zhuō]
        Tí/tí, [題], surname Ti, topic/problem for discussion/exam question/subject/to inscribe/to me...
        huǎng/huàng, [㨪], variant of 晃[huǎng], to dazzle/to flash past, to sway/to shake/to wander about
        dǔ, to stop up/(to feel) stifled or suffocated/wall/classifier for walls
        hūn, [昬], muddle-headed/twilight/to faint/to lose consciousness, old variant of 昏[hūn]
        jiǎn, [簡], simple/uncomplicated/letter/to choose/to select/bamboo strips used for writing (...
        bà/bǎi/bó, variant of 霸[bà], one hundred (old), father's elder brother/senior/paternal elde...
        zhā, slag (in mining or smelting)/dregs
        mào, [㡌], old variant of 帽[mào], hat/cap
        Hán, [韓], Han, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 戰國七雄|战国七雄/Korea from the...
        Lǔ/lǔ, [魯], surname Lu/Shandong Province 山東省|山东省[Shān dōng Shěng]/vassal state during the Zh...
        jiē, all/each and every/in all cases
        shài, [曬], variant of 曬|晒[shài], (of the sun) to shine on/to bask in (the sunshine)/to dry ...
        hòu, thick/deep or profound/kind/generous/rich or strong in flavor/to favor/to stress
        pà, to wrap/kerchief/handkerchief/headscarf/pascal (SI unit)
        cì, [賜], to confer/to bestow/to grant
        nuǎn, [㬉]/[煖]/[煗], old variant of 暖[nuǎn], warm/to heat/genial, variant of 暖[nuǎn], variant of 暖[nu...
        Bào/bào, surname Bao, sudden/violent/cruel/to show or expose/to injure
        zhào, cover/fish trap (basket)/shade
宿         sù/Sù/xiǔ/xiù, [㝛], old variant of 宿[sù], surname Su, lodge for the night/old/former, night/classifi...
        zhù, to make known/to show/to prove/to write/book/outstanding
        pò, amber
        niē, [揑], to pinch (with one's fingers)/to knead/to make up, variant of 捏[niē]
        yuán, root/source/origin
        liè, [獵], hunting
        xiǎn, [顯], prominent/conspicuous/(prefix) phanero-
        dǎn, [膽], the gall/the nerve/courage/guts/gall bladder
        zhì, wisdom/knowledge
        jī, to arouse/to incite/to excite/to stimulate/sharp/fierce/violent
        Chǔ/chǔ, [儲], surname Chu/Taiwan pr. [Chú], to store/to save/to have in reserve/heir/Taiwan pr...
        gùn, stick/rod/truncheon
        chūn/Chūn, [旾], old variant of 春[chūn], surname Chun, spring (time)/gay/joyful/youthful/love/lus...
        fù, [復]/[複]/[覆], to go and return/to return/to resume/to return to a normal or original state/to ...
        Wēn/wēn, [溫], surname Wen, warm/lukewarm/temperature/to warm up/mild/soft/tender/to review/to ...
        Bǎi/bǎi/bó/bò, [栢], surname Bai/Taiwan pr. [Bó], cedar/cypress/Taiwan pr. [bó], (used for transcribi...
        dōu, [兠], pocket/bag/to wrap up or hold in a bag/to move in a circle/to canvas or solicit/...
        suō, [縮], to withdraw/to pull back/to contract/to shrink/to reduce/abbreviation/also pr. [...
        yāo, to invite/to request/to intercept/to solicit/to seek
        míng, [㝠], old variant of 冥[míng], dark/deep/stupid/the underworld
        bì, green jade/bluish green/blue/jade
        ài, [礙], to hinder/to obstruct/to block
        shǔ, office/bureau/to sign
        shǔ, [藷], potato/yam, variant of 薯[shǔ]
        pǔ, [譜], chart/list/table/register/score (music)/spectrum (physics)/to set to music
        mián, generic term for cotton or kapok/cotton/padded or quilted with cotton
        yáng, [陽], positive (electric.)/sun/male principle (Taoism)/Yang, opposite: 陰|阴[yīn] ☯
        áng, to lift/to raise/to raise one's head/high/high spirits/soaring/expensive
        tǎn, flat/open-hearted/level/smooth
        Jǐng/jǐng, surname Jing, bright/circumstance/scenery
        hàn, [猂], heroic/intrepid/valiant/dauntless/fierce/ferocious/violent, variant of 悍[hàn]
        shì, addicted to/fond of/stem corresponding to -phil or -phile
        là, [蠟], candle/wax
        fù, abdomen/stomach/belly
        cháo, tide/current/damp/moist/humid
        zhī, fat/rouge (cosmetics)/resin
        Zhū/zhū, [諸], surname Zhu, all/various
        fù, to cover/to overflow/to overturn/to capsize
        zhàng, to block/to hinder/to obstruct
        mào, appearance
        bó/pō, to anchor/touch at/to moor, lake/Taiwan pr. [bó]
        Xī/xī, surname Xi, former times/the past/Taiwan pr. [xí]
        Tán/tán, [譚], surname Tan, variant of 談|谈[tán]
        quán, spring (small stream)/mouth of a spring/coin (archaic)
        cù, vinegar/jealousy (in love rivalry)
        yìng, [暎], to reflect (light)/to shine/to project (an image onto a screen etc), old variant...
        dān/dàn, [擔], to undertake/to carry/to shoulder/to take responsibility, picul (100 catties, 50...
        chí, spoon
        Huáng, emperor/surname Huang
        Jí/jí/jiè, surname Ji, to insult/to walk all over (sb), sleeping mat/to placate
        xī, [錫], tin (chemistry)/to bestow/to confer/to grant/Taiwan pr. [xí]
        dī, [隄], dike/Taiwan pr. [tí], variant of 堤[dī]
        nì, [暱], variant of 暱|昵[nì], familiar/intimate/to approach
        dū, toot/honk/to pout
        pā, (onom.) bang/pop/pow
        wàng, prosperous/flourishing/(of flowers) blooming/(of fire) roaring
        Tú/tú, surname Tu, to slaughter (animals for food)/to massacre
        chén, morning/dawn/daybreak
        kūn, [崐]/[崑], variant of 崑|昆[kūn], used in place names, notably Kunlun Mountains 崑崙|昆仑[Kūn lún...
        hàn, [銲], to weld, to solder/weld by heat
        zàn, [暫]/[蹔], temporary/Taiwan pr. [zhàn], to scurry/variant of 暫|暂[zàn]
        niè, [湼], to blacken/abbr. for 涅槃[niè pán], variant of 涅[niè]
        Zhuó/zhuó, surname Zhuo, outstanding
        liàng, to dry in the air/(fig.) to cold-shoulder
        jiǎo, [繳], to hand in/to hand over/to seize
        Jí/jí, surname Ji, book or record/registry/roll/place of one's family or ancestral reco...
        jīng, crystal
        yàn, [醼], feast/repose, variant of 宴[yàn]
        Mù/mù, surname Mu, solemn/reverent/calm/burial position in an ancestral tomb (old)/old ...
        Dá, female personal name (archaic)
        Hàn/hàn, surname Han, writing brush/writing/pen
        tí, [緹], orange-red silk/orange-red colored
        zhǐ, ester
        qíng, clear/fine (weather)
        pò, [廹], variant of 迫[pò]/to persecute/to oppress/embarrassed, to force/to compel/to appr...
        Chāng/chāng, surname Chang, prosperous/flourishing
        xù, dawn/rising sun
        wù, to meet (socially)
        qí, [鰭], fin
        pò, soul/mortal soul, i.e. attached to the body
        xiǎo, [曉], dawn/daybreak/to know/to let sb know/to make explicit
        Xuān/xuān, surname Xuan, to declare (publicly)/to announce
        xī, to cherish/to begrudge/to pity/Taiwan pr. [xí]
        xiàn, gland
        liào, to watch from a height or distance/to survey
        xīng, fishy (smell)
        xié, in company with
        xùn, to be buried with the dead/to die for a cause
        xīng, tranquil/understand
        liāo/liáo, to lift up (sth hanging down)/to raise (hem of skirt)/to pull up (sleeve)/to spr...
        méng, oath/pledge/union/to ally/league, a subdivision corresponding to prefecture in I...
        tī, pick (as teeth)
        xí/zhě, (arch.) court dress, pleat/crease/Taiwan pr. [zhé]
        shē, extravagant
        méng, to sprout/to bud/to have a strong affection for (slang)/adorable (loanword from ...
        zhāo, bright/clear/manifest/to show clearly
        xiān, sunrise
        dàn, dawn/morning/day-break/day
        zhāng, manifest
        zhǔ, islet/bank
        jǐn, [錦], brocade/embroidered work/bright
        mù, evening/sunset
        bó, [鉑], platinum (chemistry)
        dǔ, [覩], to observe/to see, old variant of 睹[dǔ]
        zhé, document folded in accordion form/to fold
        mò, raised path/street
        yùn, [韻], beautiful sound/appeal/charm/vowel/rhyme/in Chinese phonetics, the medial and fi...
        shí/shì, [蒔], see 蒔籮|莳箩[shí luó], to grow/to transplant
        xī/là, [臘], dried meat/also pr. [xí], 12th lunar month/preserved (meat, fish etc)
        Jìn/jìn, [晉], surname Jin/the Jin Dynasties (265-420)/Western Jin 西晉|西晋[Xī Jìn] (265-316), Eas...
        jǐ, halberd/long handled weapon with pointed tip and crescent blade/combined spear a...
        xì, crack/crevice/gap or interval/loophole/discord/rift
        Tán/tán, surname Tan, deep pool/pond/pit (dialect)/depression
        cháo/zhāo, to ridicule/to mock, see 嘲哳, (onom.) twitter/twittering sound
        Jī/jī/qǐ, surname Ji, to inspect/to check, to bow to the ground
        kuàng, [曠], to neglect/to skip (class or work)/to waste (time)/vast/loose-fitting
        xún, ten days/ten years/full period
        pù, to air/to sun
        xié, [諧], harmonious
        cuò, to handle/to manage/to put in order/to arrange/to administer/to execute/to take ...
        yuán, wall
        kāi, to wipe
        zuó, yesterday
        xún, [詢], to ask about/to inquire about
        chá, fault/glass fragment/quarrel
        Tà/dá/tà, surname Ta, classifier for sheets of papers etc: pile, pad/Taiwan pr. [tà], agai...
        tà, couch
        wò, to turn
        tí, used as phonetic/female name
        xù, [緒], beginnings/clues/mental state/thread
        zhòu, [晝], daytime
        dào, to mourn/to lament
        chāo/chuò, [綽], cook by scalding (see 焯), generous/ample/wide/spacious/well-off/to grip
        qīng, high ranking official (old)/term of endearment between spouses (old)/(from the T...
        lǚ, shoe/to tread on
        mián, [綿]/[緜], silk floss/continuous/soft/weak/mild-mannered (dialect), old variant of 綿|绵[mián...
        bó, bamboo screen/door screen/metal foil/leaf/sheet/tinsel
        yù, bright light
        zào, soap/black
        lū, [嚕], grumble/chatter
        mèi, to conceal/dark
        jì, and/to reach to/the limits
        yè, [曄], bright light/to sparkle
        bào/pù, shower (rain), waterfall
        fù, fragrance/scent/aroma
        tì, fearful/respectful
        Hào/hào, surname Hao, vast and limitless/the vast sky
        xún, name of a feudal state
        chāng, prostitute
        mín, heaven
        tí, essential oil of butter
        Héng/héng, [恆], surname Heng, permanent/constant/fixed/usual/ordinary/rule (old)/one of the 64 t...
        tǎn, [襢], to bare, old variant of 袒[tǎn]
        chā/zhā, see 喳喳[chā cha], (onom.) chirp, twitter, etc
        zhǐ, imperial decree/purport/aim/purpose
        hàn, drought
        hào, [暠]/[皜], variant of 皓[hào], bright/luminous/white (esp. bright white teeth of youth or wh...
        Chéng/shèng, surname Cheng, brightness of sun/splendor/also pr. [chéng]
        què, [鵲], magpie
        xuān, [諠], clamor/noise, variant of 喧[xuān]/old variant of 諼|谖[xuān]
        Liáo/liáo, surname Liao, bureaucrat/colleague
        ān, [諳], to be versed in/to know well
        gèn, [亙], extending all the way across/running all the way through
        pò, grains in distilled liquor
        tí, [鯷], anchovy
        shǔ, heat/hot weather/summer heat
        qí, man of sixty or seventy
        zhě, particle used for interjection (Cantonese)/see also 啫哩[zhě lī]
        liáo, bright/clear
        huī, [暉], sunshine/to shine upon/variant of 輝|辉[huī]
        huáng, frightened
        tǎ, [鰨], sole (fish)
        xīng, ape
        xiá, leisure
        gǎn, to roll (dough etc)
        huáng, phoenix
        zhě, [鍺], germanium (chemistry)
        Liáo/liáo, Laos, hut/shack/small window/variant of 僚[liáo]
        liáo/liǎo, to burn/to set afire, to singe
        háo, [嘷]/[獋], howl/bawl/to bark/roar, variant of 嗥[háo], old variant of 嗥[háo]
        kūn, quinone (chemistry)
        mǎo, the Pleiades
        xuàn, [絢], adorned/swift/gorgeous/brilliant/variegated
        mì, [冪], power/exponent (math.)/to cover with a cloth/cloth cover/veil
        xùn, mold/mushroom
        bǎi, hundred (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        lū, [擼], (dialect) to rub one's hand along/to fire (an employee)/to reprimand
        liào, [鐐], fetters/leg-irons/shackles
        áo, [翺], to soar/to hover, variant of 翱[áo]
        lǔ, [㯭]/[樐]/[櫓]/[艣]/[艪], variant of 櫓|橹[lǔ], old variant of 櫓|橹[lǔ], sculling oar, variant of 櫓|橹[lǔ], va...
        hàn, [扞], variant of 捍[hàn], to ward off (a blow)/to withstand/to defend
        gǔn, [輥], to revolve/stone roller
        bì, to assist
        huì, dark/night/unlucky
        huáng, locust
        xūn/yìn, to scent tea with flowers/variant of 熏[xūn], cellar
椿         chūn, Chinese toon (Toona sinensis)/tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima)/(literary met...
        wěn/wèn, [搵], to look for (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 找[zhǎo], to wipe off (tears)/to pre...
        yǎo, dark and quiet/disappear
        shī, yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
        yà, to eradicate/to pull up
        yì, [詣], to go (to visit a superior)/one's current attainment in learning or art
        xuàn, wash (color)
        Nào/nào, surname Nao, slush/mud
        Yàn/yàn, surname Yan, late/quiet
        zhāng, cockroach
        zhāng, [麞], river deer/roebuck, variant of 獐[zhāng]
        bū, 3-5 p.m.
        gàng/zhuàng, [戇], stupid (Wu dialect), simple/honest
        míng, dark
        huáng, brilliant
        xī, [晳]/[皙], understanding, variant of 晰[xī]/variant of 皙|晰[xī], white/variant of 晰[xī]
        xīn, fragrant
        Mì, name of a river, the southern tributary of Miluo river 汨羅江|汨罗江[Mì luó jiāng]
        jǐng, bright
        Sháo/sháo, surname Shao, (music)/excellent/harmonious
        shí, [鰣], shad/Ilisha elongata
        jiē/kǎi, Chinese pistachio tree (Pistacia chinensis), model/pattern/regular script (calli...
        bó, sea-going vessels/ship
        shǔ, see 麻糬[má shǔ]
        dé, [鍀], technetium (chemistry)
        lǔ, [鑥], lutetium (chemistry)
        Tán/tán, surname Tan, deep
        mèn, dark
        pǔ, [鐠], praseodymium (chemistry)
        zhuō, noticeable/large/clear/distinct/Taiwan pr. [zhuó]
        chāng, [鯧], see 鯧魚|鲳鱼[chāng yú]
        gāo, [皐]/[臯], bank/marsh, high riverbank/variant of 皋[gāo], variant of 皋[gāo]
        zhuó, cut off
        lǎo, flooded/heavy rain
        ài, [曖], (of daylight) dim/obscure/clandestine/dubious
        tūn, morning sun, sunrise
        miǎo, to despise/small/variant of 渺[miǎo]
        jiǎn, [襇], folds
        shǎng, part of the day/midday
        yì, border
        lè/yuè, Japanese variant of 樂|乐[lè], Japanese variant of 樂|乐[yuè]
        guī, to comply with/to follow
        héng, feminine name (old)
        tǎn, [鉭], tantalum (chemistry)
        huáng, [鰉], sturgeon
        bó, silk
        kūn, [鯤], fabulous sea monster, cf Leviathan or Jonah's whale/fry/young of fishes
        dào, variant of 稻[dào]
        xùn, quick/variant of 殉[xùn]
        chàng, to initiate/to instigate/to introduce/to lead
        Yǎn/yǎn, surname Yan, to lie supine/to stop/to fall down
        huáng, agitated/alarmed
        xiàn, old variant of 僩[xiàn]
        jiǎo, by mere luck
        bào, on night duty
        sì, the end/to finish
        ér, Japanese variant of 兒|儿
        bǎikè, hectogram (old)/single-character equivalent of 百克[bǎi kè]
        fēng, old variant of 風|风[fēng]
        cuò, to cut/to carve
        xù, exhort/stimulate
        xù, exhort/stimulate
        yǎn, to hide, to secrete, to repress/to bend
        jí, variant of 即[jí]/promptly
        cuò, to lay in place/to put/to place a coffin in a temporary location pending burial
        xuǎn, glorious/sob/weep
        zào, [唕], variant of 唣[zào], see 羅唣|罗唣, to create a disturbance/to make trouble/to harass
        jiè, sigh/groan/loud laughter
        zhào, chirp
        dī, some/few/a little (Cantonese)
        táng, old variant of 唐[táng]
        jiē, harmonious (of music)
        yīn, mute
        huáng, sobbing/sound of bell
        liáo, clear sound/cry (of cranes etc)
        jiào, shout
        hèn, interjection expressing disagreement, reproach or dissatisfaction
        hàn, small dike
        shí, [塒], hen roost
        huáng, a dry moat outside a city wall/a dry ditch
        yàn, weir
        mì, to plaster/whitewash (wall)
        yuán, plateau, esp. Loess Plateau of northwest China 黃土高原|黄土高原[Huáng tǔ Gāo yuán]
        tán, variant of 罈|坛[tán]
        tán, variant of 罈|坛[tán]
        wěng, clear and cloudless sky
        Shì/shì, surname Shi, majestic manner/red/angry
        chuò, weak/delicate
        mào, envious
        ǎo, [媼], old woman
        yuán, name of an empress
        zhāng, husband's father
        liáo, good/smart/to play
        shí, really/solid
        liáo, penis
        xún, ranges of hills
        mín, old variant of 岷[mín]
        Dōng, name of a mountain
        zhàng, cliff/range of peaks
        huǎng, advertising sign/pretense/facade/pretext
        zhàng, hanging scroll
        jí, place name
        jiù, variant of 廄|厩, stable/barn
        xùn, [狥], to give in to/to be swayed by (personal considerations etc)/Taiwan pr. [xún]/to ...
        huáng, irresolute
        dá, distressed/alarmed/shocked/grieved
        xún, sincere
        zhǐ, purport
        hūn, confused/forgetful/silly
        qióng, variant of 煢|茕[qióng]/alone/desolate
        xuān, well-being
        bì, perverse/obstinate/willful
        dàng, profligate
        yīn, peaceful/solemn
        yùn, [慍], indignant/feel hurt
        jǐng, awaken
        liǎo, clear/intelligible/severe/cold
        zhí, to gather/old variant of 埴[zhí]
        děng, small steelyard for weighing money
        jiǎn, [戩], carry to the utmost/to cut
        hùn, edging (of a dress etc)/old variant of 混[hùn]
        jiē, Japanese variant of 揭
        xuān, to roll up one's sleeves/to slap with the palm
        huáng, to strike/to stab
        zuàn, to hold in the hand, to grasp/to wring
        ǎn, to apply (medicinal powder to a wound)/to cover up/to conceal
        zhā, to stretch fingers out
        zhī, prop up
        jìn, shake/stick into/strike
        tà, to make a rubbing
        dǎn, to dust
        yè, to press down
        jì, variant of 既[jì]
        xié, old variant of 協|协[xié]
        gā, see 旮旯[gā lá]
        lá, see 旮旯[gā lá]
        gàn, sunset/evening
        xū, dawn
        yáng, [暘], rising sun/sunshine
        mín, gentle and affable
        yún, sun light/used in personal name
        zè, afternoon/decline
        bǎn, great/expansive
        fǎng, dawn/to begin
        qǐn, bright
        hū, daybreak/dawn/dusky/dim
        xīn, dawn
        tán, [曇], dark clouds
        yáng, to open out, to expand/bright, glorious
        Zǎn, surname Zan
        bǐng, variant of 炳[bǐng]
        xuàn, long day/extended/relaxed
        līng, sunshine
        hào, variant of 昊[hào]
        xù, variant of 煦[xù]/balmy/nicely warm/cozy
        dié, the declining sun in the west
        chǎng, (of the day) long/old variant of 暢|畅[chàng]
        bǐng, bright/glorious
        áng, variant of 昂[áng]
        lóng, [曨], twilight/approaching light of dawn/dim
        Cháo, surname Chao
        huǎng, old variant of 晃[huǎng]
        xuān, light of the sun/to dry in the sun
        xiǎng, bright/clear
        hán, before daybreak/dawn about to break/(used in given names)
        xiàn, to appear (of sun)
        kūn, descendant/elder brother
        xī, dawn/to dry in the sun
        zhé, bright
        hàn, Anhui province
        wǎn, variant of 晚[wǎn]
        zuì, 1st birthday of a child
        guǐ, sundial
        chēng, (used in names)
        xiǎo, Japanese variant of 曉|晓
        xuān, genial and warm
        yí, (of the sun) declining
        mín/mǐn, unhappy/worried/depressed, strong/vigorous
        kuí, in opposition to/separated from
        hè, hot
        wěi, the bright shining of the sun
        nán, name of a country
        jiǎn, bright (light)
        pǔ, old variant of 普[pǔ]
        gǎo, bright/white
        wěng, see 暡曚[wěng méng]
        lì, Japanese variant of 曆|历[lì]
        zhāng, bright/to rise (of sun)
        hàn, dry/hot
        tūn, sun above the horizon
        yì, obscure/sun hidden by clouds
        tóng, sun about to rise
        Zhào, name invented for herself by Tang empress Wu Zetian 武則天|武则天[Wǔ Zé tiān]
        xīng, old variant of 星[xīng]
        shēn, old variant of 參|参[shēn]/(constellation)
        rú, color of the sun/dark
        shǔ, daybreak/dawn/the dawn of a new epoch (metaphor)/Taiwan pr. [shù]
        méng, twilight before dawn
        xūn, twilight/sunset
        yào, bright/glorious/one of the seven planets of pre-modern astronomy
        xī, light of day
        nǎng, in former times
        gǎo, high/sun shines brightly/to shine
        dàn, a kind of wooden desk without legs
        xún, cross bar
        Huán/huán, surname Huan, Chinese soapberry (Sapindus mukurossi)/big/pillar (old)
        zào, Chinese honey locust (Gleditsia sinensis)/now written zào jiá 皂莢|皂荚
        cuò, rough tree bark
        zhuō/zhào, [櫂], variant of 桌[zhuō], oar (archaic)/scull/paddle/to row/a boat
        chá/zhā, fell trees/raft/to hew, Chinese quince/hawthorn
        xuàn, [楥], (wooden) shoe last/variant of 楦[xuàn], to block (a hat)/to stretch (a shoe)
        chǔ, Broussonetia kasinoki
        huáng, variant of 艎[huáng]
        míng, Chinese quince
        huǎng, screen
        gàn, tree trunk
        zhī, base of pillar/prop
        gāo, water pulley
        zhū, [櫧], Quercus glanca
        xí, a hard wood
        gài, variant of 概[gài]
        gāo, variant of 槔[gāo]
        sù, manger
        zhāng, camphor/Cinnamonum camphara
        zhí, stake/picket
        xún, Fraxinus bungeana
        zhū, [櫫], Zelkova acuminata
        xí, dispatch/order
        zhù, variant of 箸[zhù]
        xīn, pleased/moved
        hūn, to die by taking poison
        mào, restless
        tà, a coarse, woollen serge
        pǔ, thick rough serge from Tibet
        lǔ, [氌], thick rough serge from Tibet
        rì/yáng, old name for 氦[hài], helium, old variant of 陽|阳[yáng]
        yūn, [氳], heavy atmosphere
        xún, truly/whirlpool
        huán, name of a river
        jiàn, [㵎]/[澗], variant of 澗|涧[jiàn], mountain stream
        dōng, rainstorm
        dé, (river)/old variant of 得[dé]
        kě, Japanese variant of 渴
        shí, clear water/pure
        jiē, flowing (of water)
        huáng, name of a river
        mǐn, mixed, confused/pity
        jìn, water/name of a river
        míng, to drizzle/sea
        tā, (of clothes) to be soaked with sweat
        huǎng, bright expanse of water
        shāng, old variant of 湯|汤[shāng]
        Zhāng, Zhang river in Fujian
        zhū, [瀦], pool/pond
        pū, to boil over
        hào, grand/vast (of water)
        hàn, ocean/vastness
        xún, a group of springs
        Guì, surname Gui
        xuǎn, brilliant
        yàn, old variant of 焰[yàn]
        kūn, brilliant
        xī, dry
        chāo, to blanch (cooking)/to scald
        xuān, variant of 暄[xuān]
        jiǒng, fire
        yù, brilliant/glorious
        xù, balmy/nicely warm/cozy/Taiwan pr. [xǔ]
        huǎng, bright/dazzling
        yì, to glow/to flash
        kūn, variant of 焜[kūn]
        qián, to heat/to scorch
        chāng, ferocious
        chá, Badger-like wild animal
        liáo, fierce/hunt/name of a tribe
        xún, (gem)
        mín, old variant of 玟[mín]
        kūn, (jade)
        mào, (jade)
        xuān, ornamental piece of jade
        mín, variant of 珉[mín]
        quán, jade/shell
        zhāng, ancient stone ornament
        jǐng, luster of gem
        lì, brilliance (pearls)
        bǎiwǎ, hectowatt (old)/single-character equivalent of 百瓦
        dàn, see 疍民[dàn mín]
        da/dǎn, see 疙疸[gē da], jaundice
        mín, to be ill
        tú, be injured/ill (of animals)
        yīn, mute
        zhàng, malaria/miasma
        xián, variant of 癇|痫, epilepsy
        bī, one grain
        zào, black/police runners, from the black clothes formerly worn by them
        mào, variant of 貌[mào]
        mò, see 開皌|开皌[kāi mò]
        jiǎo, bright/white
        ái, [皚], white (of snow etc)
        é, see 皒皒[é é]
        bì, two-hundred (rarely used)/200
        Wǎn, abbr. for Anhui Province 安徽省[Ān huī Shěng]
        qiàn, white
        huǎng, luminous/bright hoary, white
        hào, bright/brilliant
        pó, white
        Jiǎo/jiǎo, surname Jiao, sparkling/bright
        xīng, old variant of 星[xīng]
        lì, luster (of pearls)
        piǎo, white
        jiào, pure
        xuàn, dazzled/dizzy
        hàn, protuberant eyes
        míng, to close (the eyes)
        zhàng, cataract in the eye
        Shěn, surname Shen
        jiàn, to spy
        zé, (old) spear
        mín, old variant of 珉[mín]
        què, (gems)
        lá, old variant of 砬[lá]
        jiàn, variant of 澗|涧[jiàn]
        diàn, stone wedge
        chǔ, erroneous form of 褚
        tí, well-being
        tǎn, sacrifice at the end of mourning
        lǚ, wild grain
        bǎi, hectoliter (old)
        Dá/dá, surname Da, rough bamboo mat
        gān, name of a place in Henan
        xuān, bamboo flower/flowering bamboo
        zhù, [筯], variant of 箸[zhù], (literary) chopsticks
        huáng, (bamboo)/bamboo grove
        dōu, bamboo, rattan or wicker basket/sedan chair for mountain use (Cantonese)
        dàng, (bamboo)
        diàn, fine woven grass mat
        bǎimǐ, hectometer (old)/single-character equivalent of 百米
        zān, zanba, Tibetan barley bread
        xī, fine gunny/sackcloth
        mín, old variant of 緡|缗[mín]
        xù, variant of 緒|绪[xù]
        gǔn, [緄], cord/embroidered sash/to sew
        yūn/yùn, [縕], generative force/orange color, hemp/vague/mysterious
        mín, [緡], cord/fishing-line/string of coins
        jìn, [縉], red silk
        liáo, [繚], to wind round/to sew with slanting stitches
        yuán, ovis ammon
        zhù, to soar
        jí, plow
        wà, [膃], blubber (animal fat)
        Liáo/liáo, name of a state during Han Dynasty, male genitals/old variant of 膋[liáo]
        huáng, fast ship/see 艅艎, large warship
        pā, old variant of 葩[pā]
        Xún/xún, surname Xun, herb (old)
        huán, (vegetable)/Viola vaginata
        kūn, beautiful jade/bamboo
        chāng, see 菖蒲[chāng pú]
        chūn, old variant of 春[chūn]
        xuān, [萲]/[蕿]/[藼]/[蘐], orange day-lily (Hemerocallis flava), old variant of 萱[xuān], old variant of 萱[x...
        ān, small Buddhist temple
        pā, corolla of flower
        míng, lucky place
        xù, clover/lucerne/Taiwan pr. [sù]
        chén, a variety of artemisia
        dōu, root and lower stem of certain plants/classifier for pieces and clumps
        jiān, orchid (same as 蘭草|兰草)/Eupatorium (same as 蕑)
        yào, Japanese variant of 藥|药
        zhí, Physalis angulata
        xì, terrified
        yì, see 蜥蜴[xī yì], lizard/chameleon/Eumeces latiscutatus
        dōng, rainbow
        mào, see 蝳蝐[dài mào]
        yǎn, Hemidactylus bowringii
        fù, insect/poisonous snake (archaic)
        chūn, bedbug
        yuán, salamander/newt
        hàn, Aulacophora femoralis
        míng, boring insect/snout moth's larva (Aphomia gullaris or Plodia interpuncuella or H...
        liáo, see 蟭蟟[jiāo liáo]
        zhū, a toad
        xì, sad (old)
        nì, women's undergarments
        tì/xī, baby's quilt, to bare the upper body
        Chǔ/zhǔ, surname Chu, padding (in garment)/to store up/pocket/Taiwan pr. [chǔ]
        shì, see 襏襫|袯襫[bó shì]
        bó, embroidered collar/expose
        chàng, (old) variant of 唱[chàng]/to sing
        jiàn, variant of 諫|谏[jiàn]
        shì, to examine/to judge
        huán, badger
        mò, name of a wild tribe/silent
        tǎn, pay an advance/silk book cover
        fèng, [賵], (literary) gift (of money etc) to a bereaved family/to contribute to funeral exp...
        Gàn, [灨]/[贑]/[贛], variant of 贛|赣[Gàn], variant of 贛|赣[Gàn], abbr. for Jiangxi Province 江西省[Jiāng x...
        zhě, ocher
        chuō, to get ahead/to stride/to excel/Taiwan pr. [zhuó]
        jí, to step/walk reverently
        dì, to kick/to tread on
        táng, to fall flat/to fall on the face
        suō, walk carefully
        liāo, to run/to slip away/to stride
        chú, to hesitate
        fù, parts of cart holding the axle
        wēn, variant of 轀|辒, hearse
        lǎo, spokes
        wēn, [轀], hearse
迿         xùn, to be the first to begin a quarrel
        chuò, apparent/distant/highly
        huáng, leisure
        miǎo, profound/remote
        yǎn, place name
        míng, place name
        zī, place name
        zhāng, place name
        yùn, variant of 醞|酝[yùn]
        tán, bitter taste in wine/rich/full flavored
        rì, archaic translation of element germanium Gě2 鍺|锗[zhě]
        jūn, old variant of 鈞|钧[jūn]
        tà, to encase the end with metal
        liàn, Japanese variant of 煉|炼[liàn]
        dī, spoon/key
        xuān, spade/hoe
        huǎng, sound of a bell/small bell
        jiǎn, [鐧], ancient weapon like a long solid metal truncheon
        kūn, [錕], steel sword
        chāng, [錩], metal utensil/mounting/fitting
        kǎi, [鍇], high quality iron
        huáng, [鍠], sound of drums and bells/trident
        Tán/tán, [鐔], surname Tan, knob on a sword-handle
        wén, to look down
        dū/shé, [闍], defensive platform over gate/barbican, (used in Buddhist transliteration)
        chāng, [閶], gate of heaven/gate of palace
        hūn, [閽], door-keeper
        tà, [闒], door or window in an upper story
        xiàn, Japanese variant of 陷[xiàn]
        niè, [隉], dangerous
        zhǔ, islet/bank
        huáng, dry moat/god of city
        Xí/xí, surname Xi, low/marshy land
        hàn, a white pheasant
        xí, Sui-Tang (premodern ethnic group)
        dá, (phonetic)/dressed leather
        Dī/dī, surname Di, leather shoes
        xiǎn, leather girth on horse
        wěi, [韙], correct/right
        yùn, [韞], contain
        huáng, music of bell and drum
        yīng, music of legendary emperor Gu
        hù, music
        xiǎn, Japanese variant of 顯|显
        hún, [餛], Chinese ravioli
        bì, fragrance
        fēi, fragrant
        yǎn, fragrant odor
        hàn, (of horse) fierce/wild
        kūn, fine horse
        tí, spirited horse
        yuán, chestnut horse with white belly
        tán, black horse
        rì, [馹], horse for relaying dispatches
        dí/tì, wig/Taiwan pr. [tì], old variant of 剃[tì]
        qí, dorsal fins/horse's mane
        qí, sushi/grouper (Portuguese: garoupa)/Epinephelus septemfasciatus
        yǎn, mudfish
        wēn, variant of 鰮|鳁, sardine
        zhāng, poulpe
        wēn, [鰮], sardine
        fù, [鰒], Haliotis gigantea/sea ear
        xí, [鰼], loach/mudfish
        dàn, a kind of nightingale
        bī, see 鵖鴔[bī fú]
        zhào, pheasant
        tí, a kind of hawk
        yàn, quail-like bird
        kūn, [鵾], large bird, possibly related to crane or swan (archaic)/mythical monstrous bird,...
        liáo, [鷯], eastern wren
        nún, warm and fragrant
        àn, deep black/dark/dull (color)
        Cháo/cháo, surname Chao, sea turtle
        yǎn, [鼴], mole
        zé, to bite
        xié, to harmonize/to accord with/to agree

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