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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        xiǎng, to think/to believe/to suppose/to wish/to want/to miss (feel wistful about the a...
        lái, [來], to come/to arrive/to come round/ever since/next
        hé/Hé/hè/hú/huó/huò, [咊]/[龢], old variant of 和[hé], surname He/Japanese (food, clothes etc), and/together with...
        bàng, stick/club/cudgel/smart/capable/strong/wonderful/classifier for legs of a relay ...
        ma, modal particle indicating that sth is obvious/particle indicating a pause for em...
        zhǒng/zhòng, [種], seed/species/kind/type/classifier: type, kind, sort, to plant/to grow/to cultiva...
        tiáo, [條], strip/item/article/clause (of law or treaty)/classifier for long thin things (ri...
        Qiāng/qiāng, [槍]/[鎗], surname Qiang, gun/firearm/rifle/spear/thing with shape or function similar to a...
        běn, roots or stems of plants/origin/source/this/the current/root/foundation/basis/cl...
        bēi, [桮]/[盃], trophy cup/cup/classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup, variant...
        Zhā/chá/zhā, surname Zha, to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to searc...
        dāi, foolish/stupid/expressionless/blank/to stay
        chuáng, [牀], bed/couch/classifier for beds/CL:張|张[zhāng], variant of 床[chuáng]
        tàn, to explore/to search out/to scout/to visit/to stretch forward
        zāo, dregs/draff/pickled in wine/rotten/messy/ruined
        Jì/jì, surname Ji, season/the last month of a season/fourth or youngest amongst brother...
        jí, to gather/to collect/collected works/classifier for sections of a TV series etc:...
        mèng, [夢], dream/CL:場|场[cháng],個|个[gè]
        cāo/cào, [撡], old variant of 操[cāo], to grasp/to hold/to operate/to manage/to control/to steer...
        zhěng, exactly/in good order/whole/complete/entire/in order/orderly/to repair/to mend/t...
        Lóu/lóu, [樓], surname Lou, house with more than 1 story/storied building/floor/CL:層|层[céng],座[...
        àn, (legal) case/incident/record/file/table
        gēn, root/basis/classifier for long slender objects, e.g. cigarettes, guitar strings/...
        miǎo, second (of time)/unit of angle or arc equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree
        Mǐ/mǐ, surname Mi, rice/CL:粒[lì]/meter (classifier)
        shǔ/shù/shuò, [數], to count/to enumerate/to criticize (i.e. enumerate shortcomings), number/figure/...
        duǒ, to hide/to dodge/to avoid
        wèi, not yet/did not/have not/not/8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th ...
        mǒu, some/a certain/sb or sth indefinite/such-and-such
        kē, [顆], classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc
        Jī/jī, [機], surname Ji, machine/engine/opportunity/intention/aircraft/pivot/crucial point/fl...
        xiù, handsome/refined/elegant/graceful/performance/ear of grain/show (loanword)/CL:場|...
        yàng, [樣], manner/pattern/way/appearance/shape/CL:個|个[gè]
        shēn, [㴱], old variant of 深[shēn], close/deep/late/profound/dark (of color, water etc)
        tòu, to penetrate/to pass through/thoroughly/completely/transparent/to appear/to show
        duàn, [斷], to break/to snap/to cut off/to give up or abstain from sth/to judge/(usu. used i...
        jià, to support/frame/rack/framework/classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios et...
        kè, [課], subject/course/CL: 門|门[mén]/class/lesson/CL:堂[táng],節|节[jié]/to levy/tax/form of...
        shù, [樹], tree/CL:棵[kē]/to cultivate/to set up
        Lì/lì, surname Li, sharp/favorable/advantage/benefit/profit/interest/to do good to/to b...
        cài, dish (type of food)/vegetables/vegetable/cuisine/CL:盤|盘[pán],道[dào]
        zhuàn/zuàn, [賺], to earn/to make a profit, to cheat/to swindle
        shèng, to remain/to be left/to have as remainder
        lèi, [類], kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble
        shǐ, stool/feces/ear wax/nasal mucus
        gé, square/frame/rule/(legal) case/style/character/standard/pattern/(classical) to o...
        là, [辢], old variant of 辣[là], hot (spicy)/pungent
        Xiāng/xiāng/xiàng, surname Xiang, each other/one another/mutually, appearance/portrait/picture/gove...
        quán, [權], authority/power/right/temporary
        fān, [飜], to turn over/to flip over/to overturn/to rummage through/to translate/to decode/...
        shāo/shào, somewhat/a little, see 稍息[shào xī]
        táng, [餹], sugar/sweets/candy/CL:顆|颗[kē],塊|块[kuài], old variant of 糖[táng]
        kùn, [睏], to trap/to surround/hard-pressed/stranded/destitute, sleepy/tired
        cī/cì, (onom.) whoosh, thorn/sting/thrust/to prick/to pierce/to stab/to assassinate/to ...
        mī, sound for calling a cat
        chèn/chēng/chèng, [稱], to fit/balanced/suitable, to weigh/to state/to name/name/appellation/to praise, ...
        jí, [極], extremely/pole (geography, physics)/utmost/top
        mí, to bewilder/crazy about/fan/enthusiast/lost/confused
        bèn, stupid/foolish/silly/slow-witted/clumsy
        mó, devil/magic
        lái, [萊], name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc)/Chenopodium album
        zū, to hire/to rent/to charter/to rent out/to lease out/rent/land tax
        jié, [傑], hero/heroic/outstanding person/prominent/distinguished, variant of 傑|杰[jié]
        kē, branch of study/administrative section/division/field/branch/stage directions/fa...
        Lín/lín, surname Lin, woods/forest/CL:片[piàn]/circle(s) (i.e. specific group of people)/a...
        chá, tea/tea plant/CL:杯[bēi],壺|壶[hú]
        bǎn/pàn, [闆], board/plank/plate/shutter/table tennis bat/clappers (music)/CL:塊|块[kuài]/accente...
        mó/mú, to imitate/model/norm/pattern, mold/die/matrix/pattern
        xiāng, box/trunk/chest
        wèi, taste/smell/classifier for drugs (in TCM)
        tǐ, [體], body/form/style/system
        Bǎo/bǎo, Bulgaria/Bulgarian/abbr. for 保加利亞|保加利亚[Bǎo jiā lì yà], to defend/to protect/to k...
        Ào/ào, [奧], Austria/Austrian/abbr. for 奧地利|奥地利[Ào dì lì]/Olympic/Olympics/abbr. for 奧林匹克|奥林匹...
        dòng, [棟], classifier for houses or buildings/ridgepole (old)
        Mù/mù, surname Mu, tree/wood/coffin/wooden/simple/numb/one of the eight ancient musical...
        qiáo, [橋], bridge/CL:座[zuò]
        cǎi, [跴], variant of 踩[cǎi], to step on/to tread/to stamp/to press a pedal/to pedal (a bik...
        xiāng, fragrant/sweet smelling/aromatic/savory or appetizing/(to eat) with relish/(of s...
        yí, to move/to shift/to change/to alter/to remove
        Sōng/sōng, [鬆], surname Song, pine/CL:棵[kē], loose/to loosen/to relax
        jiǎn, [檢], to check/to examine/to inspect/to exercise restraint
        sēn, forest
        Chéng/chéng/shèng, [椉], surname Cheng, to ride/to mount/to make use of/to avail oneself of/to take advan...
        Lǐ/lǐ, surname Li, plum
        gān/gǎn, [桿], pole/CL:條|条[tiáo],根[gēn], stick/pole/lever/classifier for long objects such as g...
        liào, material/stuff/grain/feed/to expect/to anticipate/to guess
        Méi/méi, surname Mei, classifier for coins, rings, badges, pearls, sporting medals, rocke...
        lóu/lou, [嘍], subordinates in gang of bandits, (final particle equivalent to 了)
        shù/zhú, [術], method/technique, various genera of flowers of Asteracea family (daisies and chr...
        nián/zhān, glutinous/sticky/to stick/to adhere/variant of 黏[nián], to glue/to stick/to past...
        jiào/xiào, to proofread/to check/to compare, school/military officer/CL:所[suǒ]
        bō, to sow/to scatter/to spread/to broadcast/Taiwan pr. [bò]
        Xiū/xiū, surname Xiu, to rest/to stop doing sth for a period of time/to cease/(imperative...
        dàng, [檔], official records/grade (of goods)/file/records/shelves/cross-piece/classifier fo...
        mèi, younger sister
        zǎo, bath
        ǎi, low/short (in length)
        jīng, essence/extract/vitality/energy/semen/sperm/mythical goblin spirit/highly perfec...
        zhuō, [槕], table, old variant of 桌[zhuō]
        kē, classifier for trees, cabbages, plants etc
        Dù/dù, surname Du, birchleaf pear (tree)/to stop/to prevent/to restrict
        guì/jǔ, [櫃], variant of 櫃|柜[guì], Salix multinervis, cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe
        rǎn, to dye/to catch (a disease)/to acquire (bad habits etc)/to contaminate/to add co...
        luǒ, [臝]/[躶], variant of 裸[luǒ], naked, variant of 裸[luǒ]
        zhuāng, [樁], stump/stake/pile/classifier for items
        sī, personal/private/selfish
        tǒng, bucket/(trash) can/barrel (of oil etc)/CL:個|个[gè],隻|只[zhī]
        wěn, [穩], settled/steady/stable
        fěn, powder/cosmetic face powder/food prepared from starch/noodles or pasta made from...
        sù, fast/rapid/quick/velocity
        mā/mǒ/mò, to wipe, to smear/to wipe/to erase/classifier for wisps of cloud, light-beams et...
        cūn, [邨], village, variant of 村[cūn]
        mó, to rub
        zhā, slag (in mining or smelting)/dregs
        guǒ, [菓], fruit/result/resolute/indeed/if really, variant of 果[guǒ]/fruit
        Róng/róng, [榮], surname Rong, glory/honor/thriving
        hé, [覈], pit/stone/nucleus/nuclear/to examine/to check/to verify, variant of 核[hé]/to inv...
        mèi/mí, [謎], see 謎兒|谜儿[mèi r], riddle, riddle
        cǎi, (bright) color/variety/applause/applaud/lottery prize
        dié, dish/plate
        zhū, cornelian cherry
        cū, [觕]/[麤], coarse/rough/thick (for cylindrical objects)/unfinished/vulgar/rude/crude, varia...
        duǒ, [朶], flower/earlobe/fig. item on both sides/classifier for flowers, clouds etc, varia...
        biāo, [標], the topmost branches of a tree/surface/sign/to mark/(outward) sign/indication/pr...
        Méi/méi, [楳]/[槑], surname Mei, plum/plum flower/Japanese apricot (Prunus mume), variant of 梅[méi],...
        shuì, [稅], taxes/duties
        Chéng/chéng, surname Cheng, rule/order/regulations/formula/journey/procedure/sequence
        má/Má, [蔴], variant of 麻[má]/hemp, surname Ma, generic name for hemp, flax etc/hemp or flax ...
        bǎo/pù, an earthwork/castle/position of defense/stronghold/used in place names, often as...
        jiān, double/twice/simultaneous/holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
        táo, peach
        Piáo/pò/pǔ, [樸], surname Piao/Korean surname 박 (Park, Pak, or Bak)/also pr. [Pú], Celtis sinensis...
        Kē/kē, surname Ke, handle of ax/stem
        Shù/shù, surname Shu, to bind/bunch/bundle/classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of ligh...
        Sāng/sāng, [桒], surname Sang, mulberry tree, old variant of 桑[sāng]
        Pān/fān, surname Pan, foreign country/foreigner/foreign (non-Chinese)/barbarian/classifie...
        lì, grain/granule/classifier for small round things (peas, bullets, peanuts, pills, ...
        xián, [閑]/[閒], to stay idle/to be unoccupied/not busy/leisure/enclosure, variant of 閑|闲, idle/u...
        cǎi/cài, [採], to pick/to pluck/to collect/to select/to choose/to gather, color/complexion/look...
        wà, [襪]/[韈]/[韤], socks/stockings, variant of 韤|袜[wà], variant of 襪|袜[wà]
        chóu, to worry about
        qī, paint/lacquer/CL:道[dào]/to paint (furniture, walls etc)
        zhí, to plant
        héng/hèng, [橫], horizontal/across/(horizontal character stroke), harsh and unreasonable/unexpect...
        kǔn, [綑], a bunch/to tie together/bundle, variant of 捆[kǔn]
        méi, medium/intermediary/matchmaker/go-between/abbr. for 媒體|媒体[méi tǐ], media, esp. n...
        mò, tip/end/final stage/latter part/inessential detail/powder/dust/opera role of old...
        guǒ, to bind/to wrap/a bundle/a parcel
        lín, gem
        gùn, stick/rod/truncheon
        Bǎi/bǎi/bó/bò, [栢], surname Bai/Taiwan pr. [Bó], cedar/cypress/Taiwan pr. [bó], (used for transcribi...
        xián, to dislike/suspicion/resentment/enmity/abbr. for 嫌犯[xián fàn], criminal suspect
        shān, China fir/Cunninghamia lanceolata/also pr. [shā]
        mì/bì, [祕], variant of 秘[mì], see 秘魯|秘鲁[Bì lǔ], secret/secretary
        lín/lìn, to sprinkle/to drip/to pour/to drench, to filter/to strain/to drain/gonorrhea/(T...
        jūn/jùn, germ/bacteria/fungus/mold/Taiwan pr. [jùn], mushroom
        Chǔ/chǔ, surname Chu/abbr. for Hubei 湖北省[Hú běi Shěng] and Hunan 湖南省[Hú nán Shěng] provin...
        zhū, bead/pearl/CL:粒[lì],顆|颗[kē]
        nèn, [嫰], tender/soft/delicate/light (color)/inexperienced/unskilled, old variant of 嫩[nèn...
        mián, generic term for cotton or kapok/cotton/padded or quilted with cotton
        móu, [謀], to plan/to seek/scheme
        sǒng, frightened
        xiū, call out/jeer
稿         gǎo, [稾], variant of 稿[gǎo], manuscript/draft/stalk of grain
        hào, to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander/news/(coll.) to delay/to dilly-dally
        qiàn, to apologize/to regret/deficient
        Yáng/yáng, [楊], surname Yang, poplar
        xī, [厀], old variant of 膝[xī], knee
        jiū, to seize/to clutch/to hold tight/to grip
        lí, pear/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhà, [搾], variant of 榨[zhà]/to press/to extract (juice), to press/to extract (juice)/devic...
        lán, [欄], fence/railing/hurdle/column or box (of text or other data)
        cáo, trough/manger/groove/channel
        jī, [積], to amass/to accumulate/to store/measured quantity (such as area of volume)/produ...
        shuāng, frost/white powder or cream spread over a surface/frosting/(skin) cream
        péng, shed/canopy/shack
        Sòng, surname Song/the Song dynasty (960-1279)/also Song of the Southern dynasties 南朝宋...
        fèn, [糞], manure/dung
        kuàng, frame (e.g. door frame)/casing/fig. framework/template/to circle (i.e. draw a ci...
        zhī, branch/classifier for sticks, rods, pencils etc
        gāo, [餻], cake, variant of 糕[gāo]
        huǒ, many/numerous
        jì, [繼], to continue/to follow after/to go on with/to succeed/to inherit/then/afterwards
        zāi, to grow/to plant/to insert/to force on sb/to fall head first
        tī, ladder/stairs
        Qiǔ/qiǔ, surname Qiu, dry provisions
        yù/zhōu, see 葷粥|荤粥[Xūn yù], congee/gruel/porridge/CL:碗[wǎn]
        lōu/lǒu, [摟], to draw towards oneself/to gather/to gather up (one's gown, sleeves etc)/to grab...
        róu, to knead/to massage/to rub
        Cháo/cháo, surname Chao, nest
        Pān, surname Pan/Pan, faun in Greek mythology, son of Hermes
        lì/Lì, [慄], afraid/trembling, surname Li, chestnut
        pān, to climb (by pulling oneself up)/to implicate/to claim connections of higher sta...
        qí, [棊]/[碁], variant of 棋[qí], chess/chess-like game/a game of chess/CL:盤|盘[pán]/chess piece/...
        Liǔ/liǔ, [栁]/[桺], surname Liu, willow, old variant of 柳[liǔ], old variant of 柳[liǔ]
        Zhū/zhū, [硃], surname Zhu, vermilion, cinnabar/see 硃砂|朱砂[zhū shā]
        Qiū/qiū, [秌]/[鞦], surname Qiu, autumn/fall/harvest time/a swing, old variant of 秋[qiū], a swing
        bǐng, handle or shaft (of an axe etc)/(of a flower, leaf or fruit) stem/sth that affor...
        mèi, demon/magic/to charm
        zhěn, pillow/to pillow/to rest one's head
        yǐ, chair
        shū, a comb/to comb
        hú/hù, [䊀]/[餬], variant of 糊[hú], muddled/paste/scorched, paste/cream, congee/making a living
        Jí/jí/jiè, surname Ji, to insult/to walk all over (sb), sleeping mat/to placate
        xiāng, [廂], box (in theater)/side room/side
        jú, mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata)/tangerine
        shù, to state/to tell/to narrate/to relate
        zōng, [椶], palm/palm fiber/coir (coconut fiber)/brown, variant of 棕[zōng]
        Chái/chái, surname Chai, firewood/lean (of meat)/thin (of a person)
        duò, to chop (meat)/to cut
        suō, shuttle (textiles)/to move back and fro
        shuān, bottle stopper/wooden pin/plug
        běn, benzene/benzol (chemistry)
        róu, soft/flexible/supple/yielding/rho (Greek letter Ρρ)
        sū, flaky pastry/crunchy/limp/soft/silky
        xī, rare/uncommon/watery/sparse
        zhù, pillar/CL:根[gēn]
        chéng, orange tree/orange (color)
        ào, deep bay/cove/harbor/abbr. for Macao 澳門|澳门/abbr. for Australia 澳大利亞|澳大利亚
        xī, to separate/to divide/to analyze
        liáng, [糧], grain/food/provisions/agricultural tax paid in grain
        nián, sticky/glutinous/to adhere/to stick
        bǎng, [牓], notice or announcement/list of names/public roll of successful examinees, varian...
        fén, to burn
        cái, material/timber/ability/aptitude/a capable individual/coffin (old)
        Jí/jí, surname Ji, book or record/registry/roll/place of one's family or ancestral reco...
        zhà, [柵], fence/also pr. [shān]
        mò, jasmine
        Liáng/liáng, [樑], name of Kingdoms and Dynasties at different periods/surname Liang, beam of roof/...
        Cè/cè, [筞]/[筴], surname Ce, policy/plan/scheme/bamboo slip for writing (old)/to whip (a horse)/t...
        Mù/mù, surname Mu, solemn/reverent/calm/burial position in an ancestral tomb (old)/old ...
        méi, coal/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        zhū, tree trunk/stump (tree root)/a plant/classifier for trees or plants/to involve o...
        jú, chrysanthemum
        shì, [釋], to explain/to release/Buddha (abbr. for 釋迦牟尼|释迦牟尼[Shì jiā móu ní])/Buddhism
        jiǎng, [槳], oar/paddle
        xiàng, oak/Quercus serrata
        yòu, [誘], to entice/to tempt
        xiù, [銹], to corrode/to rust
        fēng, [楓], maple
        tū, [禿], bald/blunt
        xìng, apricot/almond
        Lí/lí, Li ethnic group of Hainan Province/surname Li/abbr. for Lebanon 黎巴嫩[Lí bā nèn], ...
        zào, hot-tempered/impatient
        xiù, [綉]/[繡], variant of 繡|绣[xiù], to embroider/embroidery
        zhàng, a staff/a rod/cane/walking stick/to flog with a stick (old)
        chuí, mallet/pestle/beetle (for wedging or ramming)
        fān, fence/hedge/screen/barrier/vassal state/Taiwan pr. [fán]
        lǚ, [縷], strand/thread/detailed/in detail/classifier for wisps (of smoke, mist or vapor),...
        lá/là, to slash, perverse/unreasonable/absurd
        zhū, see 蜘蛛[zhī zhū]
        zhá, [剳]/[劄], variant of 札[zhá], variant of 札[zhá], thin piece of wood used a writing tablet (...
        chǒu, [矁], (dialect) to look at, old variant of 瞅[chǒu]
        yē, coconut palm/Taiwan pr. [yé]
        Wěi/wēi/wěi, surname Wei, same as 逶 in 逶迤 winding, curved, to entrust/to cast aside/to shift ...
        qiān, [謙], modest
        Wèi/wèi, surname Wei/name of vassal state of Zhou dynasty from 661 BC in Shanxi, one of t...
        gāng/gàng, [槓], flagpole/footbridge, variant of 槓|杠[gàng], thick pole/bar/rod/thick line/to mark...
        bāng, watchman's rattle
        chèng, steelyard/Roman balance/CL:臺|台[tái]
        jié/jú, Platycodon grandiflorus/water bucket, variant of 橘[jú]
        lín, [粦], phosphorus (chemistry), variant of 磷[lín]
        niè, [鎳], nickel (chemistry)
        mí/mī, [瞇], to blind (as with dust)/Taiwan pr. [mǐ], to narrow one's eyes/to squint
        zào, dry/parched/impatient
        Fàn, abbr. for 梵教[Fàn jiào] Brahmanism/abbr. for Sanskrit 梵語|梵语[Fàn yǔ] or 梵文[Fàn wén...
        huái, ankle
        bō, [缽]/[鉢], small earthenware plate or basin/a monk's alms bowl/Sanskrit paatra, variant of ...
        chú, [櫥], wardrobe/closet/cabinet
        bīn, ornamental/refined
        qī, [棲], to perch/to rest (of birds)/to dwell/to live/to stay
        gòu, [構], to construct/to form/to make up/to compose/literary composition/paper mulberry (...
        Jū/jū, surname Ju, to bring up/to rear/Taiwan pr. [jú]
        cǎi, [倸], variant of 睬[cǎi], to pay attention/to take notice of/to care for
        wǎng, to twist/crooked/unjust/in vain
        xiǔ, rotten
        yīng, [櫻], cherry
        zǐ, seeds
        chá, to apply (ointment, powder)/to smear/to paint on
        Zhū/zhū, surname Zhu, name of a river
        bāo, pot or saucepan/to boil/cook or heat
        guān, coffin
        huì, [穢], dirt/filth
        chǔ, pestle/to poke
        Guì/guì, surname Gui/abbr. for Guangxi Autonomous Region 廣西壯族自治區|广西壮族自治区[Guǎng xī Zhuàng ...
        dié, [蜨], variant of 蝶[dié], butterfly/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        gēng, [畊], variant of 耕[gēng], to plow/to till
        xī, in all cases/know
        tóng, Chinese wood-oil tree (Aleurites cordata)
        qiāo, sled/sleigh
        zūn, [罇], goblet/bottle/wine-jar, variant of 樽[zūn]
        kū, dried up
        gěng, branch/stem/stalk/CL:根[gēn]/to block/to hinder
        wéi, mast
        Jī/jī/qǐ, surname Ji, to inspect/to check, to bow to the ground
        lǚ, [屢], time and again/repeatedly/frequently
        dié, [諜], to spy
        wěi, to wither/to drop/to decline/spiritless/Taiwan pr. [wēi]
        Qín, surname Qin/Qin dynasty (221-207 BC) of the first emperor 秦始皇[Qín Shǐ huáng]/abb...
        zào, [譟], the chirping of birds or insects/noise/clamor/buzzing/disturbance, variant of 噪[...
        xī, see 蜥蜴[xī yì], lizard/shorty (contemptuous term for short person)/chameleon/Eume...
        sǎng, push back/push over
        pán, Trichina spiralis/to coil
        lí, plow
        cāo, rough/coarse (in texture)
        yòu, pomelo (Citrus maxima or C. grandis)/shaddock/oriental grapefruit
        miǎo, the limit/tip of branch
        mò, foam/suds
        shāo, tip of branch
        chuí/zhuī, a hammer, spine
        lián, [䥥]/[鎌]/[鐮], old variant of 鐮|镰[lián], variant of 鐮|镰[lián], scythe/sickle
        chóu, dense/crowded/thick/many
        Lóu, [婁], surname Lou/one of the 28 lunar mansions in Chinese astronomy
        xiē, to wedge/wedge
        qín, used in phonetic transcription -xine, -zine or -chin
        léng, [稜], square beam/variant of 稜|棱[léng], corner/edge/arris (sharp ridge formed by two s...
        qiū, Catalpa/Mallotus japonicus
        lín, [鱗], scales (of fish)
        jiāo, pepper
        xiāo, [梟], owl/valiant/trafficker
        duò, [跥], variant of 跺[duò], to stamp one's feet
        lián/Lián, [㢘]/[亷], old variant of 廉[lián], old variant of 廉[lián], surname Lian, incorruptible/hone...
        shū, different/unique/special/very/(classical) to behead/to die/to cut off/to separat...
        nán, [枏]/[柟], variant of 楠[nán], variant of 楠[nán], Machilus nanmu/Chinese cedar/Chinese giant...
        níng, [檸], lemon
        Mí/méi/mí, surname Mi, rice gruel/wasted/rotten, millet
        yú, elm
        zhàn, [棧], a wooden or bamboo pen for sheep or cattle/wood or bamboo trestlework/a warehous...
        méi, lintel/crossbeam
        Qú/jù/qú, surname Qu, how can it be that?, big/stream or canal/drain/ditch/CL:條|条[tiáo]/hi...
        Háng, surname Hang/Hangzhou
        gōu/gǒu/jǔ, Acgle sepiaria, Chinese wolfberry (Lycium chinense), Citrus medica
        xiè, appliance/tool/weapon/shackles/also pr. [jiè]
        chá, fault/glass fragment/quarrel
        tà, couch
        dié, [啑], old variant of 喋[dié], flowing flood/to chatter
        Bǐng/bǐng, surname Bing, to grasp/to hold/to maintain
        jí, thorns
        mù, to bathe/to cleanse/to receive/to be given
        bà/pá, a hoe/to harrow, a rake
        Yǐng/yǐng, [穎], surname Ying, head of grain/husk/tip/point/clever/gifted/outstanding
        bāo, [襃], to praise/to commend/to honor/(of clothes) large or loose, variant of 褒[bāo]
        rěn, ripe grain
        lǒu, [簍], deep basket
        léng/lèng, variant of 稜|棱, corner/square beam/edge/arris (curve formed by two surfaces meet...
        zhū, [誅], to put (a criminal) to death/to punish
        sāo/sào, smell of urine, shame/bashfulness/to shame/to humiliate
        gài, [槩], general/approximate, old variant of 概[gài]
        shì, [柹], old variant of 柿[shì], persimmon
        yòu, glaze (of porcelain)
        mèi, to conceal/dark
        suì, Japanese variant of 穗[suì]
        pán, variant of 盤|盘/wooden tray
        lā/lǎ, (onom.) sound of wind, rain etc, (phonetic)
        fù, fragrance/scent/aroma
        ǒu, root of lotus
        Suì/suì, abbr. for Guangzhou 廣州|广州[Guǎng zhōu], ear of grain/fringe/tassel
        zǎo, [棗], jujube/dates
        fān, banner
        xiè, pavilion
        chā/zhā, see 喳喳[chā cha], (onom.) chirp, twitter, etc
        lǎn, [欖], olive
        zhēn, to arrive/to reach (esp. perfection)/utmost/(used in commercials)
        qiāo, [鍫]/[鍬], variant of 鍬|锹[qiāo], shovel/spade
        wěi, atrophy
        zhēn, hazel tree/Corylus heterophylla
        nài, crab-apple/how can one help
        háng/héng, cangue (stocks to punish criminals), pole plate/purlin (cross-beam in roof)/ridg...
        Tán/tán, surname Tan, sandalwood/hardwood/purple-red
        jiǎ, (evergreen shrub)/Celtis sinensis
        tuí, [頹]/[頽], to crumble/to collapse/to decline/to decay/decadent/dejected/dispirited/balding,...
        liàn, Melia japonica
        sū, [穌], archaic variant of 蘇|苏[sū]/to revive
        kāng, [穅]/[粇], variant of 糠[kāng], old variant of 糠[kāng], husk
        huái, Chinese scholar tree (Sophora japonica)/Japanese pagoda tree
        Sù/sù, surname Su, grain/millet/goose pimples
        dào, paddy/rice (Oraza sativa)
        guàn, pour out libation
        shù, river in Shandong
        pò, grains in distilled liquor
        sǎng, throat/voice
        qiū, Lespedeza bicolor
        liú, pomegranate
        duǒ/duò, [垜], battlement/target, pile, variant of 垛[duǒ]
        bǎo, dense foliage/to cover
        kē, condyles
        wō, dwarf/Japanese (derog.) (old)
        gān, large tangerine
        chāo/jiǎo, [勦], to plagiarize, to destroy/to extirpate, variant of 剿[chāo], variant of 剿[jiǎo]
        shū, [樞], hinge/pivot
        hé, cereal/grain
        bō/fān/fán, see 吐蕃[Tǔ bō], variant of 番[fān]/foreign (non-Chinese), luxuriant/flourishing/to...
        shǔ, broomcorn millet/glutinous millet
        lài, [睞], to glance/to look askance at
        jiā, cangue (wooden collar like stocks used to restrain and punish criminals in China...
        sòu, cough
        Fán/fán, surname Fan, cage/fence
        tái, old variant of 檯|台[tái]
        cuì, pure/unmixed/essence
        lì, [櫟], oak/Quercus serrata
        jié, (emperor of Xia dynasty)/cruel
        lòu, [瘻], fistula/ulceration
        jiàn/kǎn, [檻], banister/balustrade/cage for animal or prisoner/to transport caged prisoner on a...
        bā, a round flat cake (dialect)
        xián, [嫺]/[嫻], variant of 嫻|娴[xián], elegant/refined/to be skilled at
        bīng, [檳], betel palm (Areca catechu)/betel nut/Taiwan pr. [bīn]
        qì, maple/also pr. [zú]/Taiwan pr. [cù]
        jì, to palpitate
        Yuè, [粵], Cantonese/short name for Guangdong 廣東|广东[Guǎng dōng]
        qiāng, (wooden mus. instr.)
        mí, ether
        yuān, [淵], deep pool/deep/profound
        nuò, [稬]/[穤], variant of 糯[nuò], variant of 糯[nuò], glutinous rice/sticky rice
        wú, Sterculia platanifolia
        gǎo, variant of 槁[gǎo]
        biāo/sháo, (star), ladle
        bài, [粺], barnyard millet (Echinochloa crus-galli)/Panicum crus-galli, polished rice/old v...
        yán, [簷], eaves/ledge or brim, variant of 檐[yán]
        lìn, phosphine
        zǐ, Catalpa kaempferi/printing blocks
        shān, tearfully
        shū, pretty woman
        shǔn, draw forth/horizontal railing
        chā/chà, fork of a tree/pitchfork, branches of a tree/fork of a tree
        gǔ, paper mulberry tree
        lǔ, [㯭]/[樐]/[櫓]/[艣]/[艪], variant of 櫓|橹[lǔ], old variant of 櫓|橹[lǔ], sculling oar, variant of 櫓|橹[lǔ], va...
        zǎo, aquatic grasses/elegant
        chì, [勅]/[勑], variant of 敕[chì], variant of 敕[chì], imperial orders
        chá, Chinese sassafras/Sassafras tzumu
        guì, [檜], Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis)/coffin lid decoration (old)
        zhì, [稺]/[穉], infantile/young, old variant of 稚[zhì], variant of 稚[zhì]
        bó, quince
        dí, [滌], to wash/to cleanse
        shuāng, widow
        lí, name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc)/Chenopodium album
椿         chūn, Chinese toon (Toona sinensis)/tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima)/(literary met...
        yǎo, dark and quiet/disappear
        gǎn, [稈], stalks of grain
        ān, Eucalyptus globulus/Taiwan pr. [àn]
        chū, simaroubaceae
        mèi, blind/imperceptive
        jiù, bier
        shén, sakaki tree (Japanese kokuji)
        chuán, beam/rafters
        lài, (modal particle similar to 呢[ne] or 啦[lā])
        ǒu, a pair/a mate/a couple/to couple/plowshare
        zòng, [糉], rice dumplings wrapped in leaves, variant of 粽[zòng]
        Mí/mí, surname Mi, moose/river bank
        yāng, shoots/sprouts
        mā, [嬤], ma/mamma
        ráo, [橈], radius (anatomy)/bone of the forearm
        huà, [樺], birch tree/Betula japonica
        xī, [晳]/[皙], understanding, variant of 晰[xī]/variant of 皙|晰[xī], white/variant of 晰[xī]
        mèi, to sleep soundly
        xīn, fragrant
        Qū/qū, surname Qu, yeast/Aspergillus (includes many common molds)/Taiwan pr. [qú]/now s...
        sǎn, [糝], to mix (of powders)
        kǔn, sincere
        jū, to hold with both hands/to grasp firmly/fig. to offer up sincerely
        tǐng, a club (weapon)
        qiáng, [檣]/[艢], boom/mast, variant of 檣|樯[qiáng]
        zhì, fetters
        jiē/kǎi, Chinese pistachio tree (Pistacia chinensis), model/pattern/regular script (calli...
        sǒu, [藪], marsh/gathering place
        shǔ, see 麻糬[má shǔ]
        láng, tall tree (archaic)
        lín, ranges of hills
        jiān, to pick up with chopsticks
        chēn, precious stone/gem
        zhū, [銖], twenty-fourth part of a tael (2 or 3 grams)
        táng, cherry-apple
        kē, nest
        guǎi, old man's staff
        kǎo, chinquapin (Castanopsis fargesii and other spp.), genus of evergreen trees
        jiē, [稭], grain stalks left after threshing, variant of 秸[jiē]
        niè, [櫱], new shoot growing from cut branch or stump
        dí/tāo, [絛]/[縧], see 絛綸|绦纶[dí lún], braid/cord/sash, variant of 絛|绦[tāo]
        shuò, long lance
        kǔn, movable door sill
        qī, seven (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        yàng, Japanese variant of 樣|样
        cí, sticky rice paste/mochi (in Japanese)
        lì, name of a river
        nòu, hoe/to hoe/to weed
        píng, chess-like game
        yǒu, Setaria viridis/vicious
        chuí, [箠], to flog/whip, variant of 棰[chuí]
        lín, (Cantonese) to topple/to collapse/to coax/flower bud
        bǐ, [粃], grain not fully grown/husks/withered grain/unripe grain, variant of 秕[bǐ]
        yíng, pillar
        róu, suede/chamois/tannin/to tan
        chěng/táng, a pillar, pillar/door post/door or window frame/classifier for doors or windows
        lái, [錸], rhenium (chemistry)
        lè/yuè, Japanese variant of 樂|乐[lè], Japanese variant of 樂|乐[yuè]
        guǒ, [槨], outer coffin
        là, scabies/scald-head
        shào, driving rain/to sprinkle
        líng, [櫺]/[欞], variant of 欞|棂[líng], latticework on a window
        lì, archaic variant of 櫪|枥, oak/type of tree in ancient books/stable (for horses)
        dié, [鰈], flatfish/flounder/sole
        hú, Mongolian oak (Quercus dentata)/see also 槲樹|槲树[hú shù]
        sǒng, respectful/horrified/to raise (one's shoulders)/to stand on tiptoe/to crane
        lì, dysentery
        zhì, order/orderliness/(classifier) ten years
        càn, gem/luster of gem
        gǎn, olive
        cōng, [樅], fir tree
        jū, Zelkowa acuminata
        dào, variant of 稻[dào]
        chéng, Japanese variant of 乘[chéng]
        lín, mythical animal, said to have yellow body and white tail
        zhū, dwarf
        lì, clever
        luǒ, variant of 裸[luǒ]
        chǒu, to stare at
        cī, uneven
        lóu/lǚ, [僂], hunchback, crookbacked
        lì, Lisu ethnic group of Yunnan, see 傈僳
        qiàn, servant
        lǐn, ashamed
        Bó, name of an ethnic group
        Sù, Lisu ethnic group of Yunnan
        chù, rough and rugged
        mí, deep
        sōng, icicle
        lì, cold/frigid
        duò, variant of 剁[duò]
        shèng, Japanese variant of 剩
        lí, mark
        jú, receive with both hands
        pēn, to spurt/to blow out/to puff out/to snort
        zhòu, beak of bird/peck at
        duǒ, see 吲哚, indole C8H7N
        lì/li, (final particle)/sound/noise, variant of 哩[li]
        lín, see 卟啉, porphyrin
        jiū, wailing of child/chirp
        sào, chirping of birds
        qiàn, pouch/hold/content
        niè, old variant of 嚙|啮[niè]
        lì, used in transliteration
        qūn, granary/Taiwan pr. [jūn]
        luán, round
        cài, old variant of 采[cài]
        dié, battlements
        fán, a grave
        lǎn, disappointed
        mò, wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty
        wǒ, maid
        lán, [惏], avaricious, old variant of 婪[lán]
        xiè, to lust for
        bǎo, governess/nurse
        lí, widow
        róng, (used in female names)
        cài, feudal estate
        gān, variant of 尷|尴[gān]
        jù, [屨], sandals
        xiè, wooden shoes
        lái, [崍], name of a mountain in Sichuan
        Dōng, name of a mountain
        sōng, variant of 嵩[sōng]
        Jī, surname Ji/name of a mountain
        shèng, name of a district in Zhejiang
        róng, [嶸], lofty
        kē, place name
        lǒu, [嶁], mountain peak
        bō, name of a mountain
        yè, see 岌嶪[jí yè]
        yè, variant of 嶪[yè]
        wēi, lofty/towering/Taiwan pr. [wéi]
        cháo, Japanese variant of 巢
        xiū, protection/shade
        lái, [徠], see 招徠|招徕[zhāo lái]
        xī, obscure variant of 悉/Achyranthes bidentata, a root used in Chinese medicine, equ...
        qiū, meaning uncertain, related to 戾[lì], to violate
        lì, smooth/active/clever/sharp
        guǒ, courageous/resolute and daring
        lín, cold/frigid
        qiǎo, change countenance/worry
        qiàn/qiè, dissatisfied, contented
        yìn, [憖], injured/moreover/preferably
        chù, to be afraid
        cǎo, anxious/sad
        mào, to be hardworking/luxuriant/splendid
        ruó, to rub/to crumple
        là, old variant of 攋[là]
        jiū, to gather/to collect
        shé, sort out divining stalks
        zhā, to stretch fingers out
        jiǎo, to knock/strike
        sǒu, [擻], shake/trembling
        jùn, old variant of 捃[jùn]
        là, to destroy/to rip/to tear open
        jùn, old variant of 捃[jùn]
        chì, Imperial command or edict
        mǐ, peaceful
        Tái, ancient place name (a Han dynasty town in Shaanxi)/variant of 邰[Tái]
        lì, Japanese variant of 曆|历[lì]
        xx, one of the characters used in kwukyel (phonetic "teul"), an ancient Korean writi...
        bā, tree
        tíng, to bump
        cì, stab
        yú, bowl/tub
        wū, to plaster/whitewash
        wù, low stool
        dì, lone-standing tree
        máng, ridge-pole in roof
        yì, post for tethering animals
        yí, (tree)
        Qǐ/qǐ, surname Qi/Zhou Dynasty vassal state, Chinese wolfberry shrub (Lycium chinense)/...
        mà, [榪], headboard
        gǎo, high/sun shines brightly/to shine
        xiān, shovel/variant of 鍁|锨[xiān]
        chūn, (tree)
        pá, see 枇杷[pí pa]
        shū, to kill/a spear
        chǒu/niǔ, handcuffs, handcuffs/red apricot
        zhù, shuttle of a loom
        chǒu, a kind of wooden handcuffs
        pí, see 枇杷[pí pa]
        fāng, Santalum album/square wooden pillar
        fén, (tree)
        yá, the coconut tree/rim
        dǒu, square base for Chinese flagstaff
        ruì, tenon/tool handle/wedge
        è, tree knot
        yùn, wood streaks
        lì, [櫪], type of oak/stable (for horses)
        jiǎn, [梘], bamboo conduit/wooden peg/spout/same as 筧|笕
        chéng, [棖], door post
        xǐ, male nettle-hemp
        zhǐ, (orange)/hedge thorn
        guǎi, cane
        xiāo, empty/hollow of a tree
        fū, Quercus glandulifera
        yì, oar/stand for correcting a bow
        tuó, main beam of roof
        yí, (tree)
        líng, Eurya japonica
        nǐ, (tree)/to stop
        pán, plate
        zhōng, see 柊葉|柊叶[zhōng yè]
        fū, calyx of flower
        zhè, a thorny tree/sugarcane/Cudrania triloba/three-bristle cudrania (Cudrania tricus...
        xiá, cage/pen/scabbard
        tuò, watchman's rattle
        zuò, oak/Quercus serrata
        dǐ, foundation/root
        zhí, threshold
        zhā, (hawthorn)/Chaenomeles japonica
        dàn, a kind of wooden desk without legs
        duò, wood scraps
        bì, weapon handle of bamboo strips
        sì, spoon/ladle
        zhù, percussion instrument, a tapering wooden bax struck from the inside with a drums...
        pēi, to hate/bear grudge
        chá, Japanese variant of 查
        chēng, [檉], tamarisk
        zhī, [梔], gardenia/cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides)/same as 栀子
        róng, Japanese variant of 榮|荣[róng]
        zhì, [櫛], comb/to comb/to weed out/to eliminate/Taiwan pr. [jié]
        lóng, [櫳], bar/cage/gratings
        lú, [櫨], capital (of column)/smoke tree
        xún, cross bar
        qì, carve/cut
        yí, shadbush or shadberry (genus Amelanchier)/name for a stable during the Han Dynas...
        guā, Juniperus chinensis/measuring-frame
        bīng, Trachycarpus excelsa
        xǔ, Quercus serrata
        jiàn, fence/palisade
        ér, tree mushroom
        gǒng, post
        lǎo, basket
        zhān, see 栴檀[zhān tán]
        lì, hedge
        shì, (tree)
        Luán/luán, [欒], surname Luan, Koelreuteria paniculata
        guāng/guàng, see 桄榔[guāng láng], woven wood and bamboo utensil/classifier for threads and str...
        yí, (tree)
        Huán/huán, surname Huan, Chinese soapberry (Sapindus mukurossi)/big/pillar (old)
        jiù, Tallow tree/Sapium sebiferum
        zǎn, old variant of 拶[zǎn]
        yīng, Japanese variant of 櫻|樱[yīng]
        zhàn, Japanese variant of 棧|栈[zhàn]
        yā, [椏], forking branch
        zhēn, [楨], evergreen shrub
        qī, [榿], alder
        suō, horse chestnut/Stewartia pseudocamellia (botany)
        zhēn, eaves/space between two pillars
        tīng, bed side stand
        fú, beam/rafter
        jué, rafter/malus toringo
        láng, (palm)
        dì, squeeze out of/extract
        zào, Chinese honey locust (Gleditsia sinensis)/now written zào jiá 皂莢|皂荚
        gù, braces (med.)/fetters/manacles
        bì, stockade
        jiá, chopstick
        lǚ, beam at the eaves
        kuǎn, (tree)/stand for sacrifice
        chén, Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis)
        sōng, old variant of 松[sōng]
        lí, basket for removing earth/spade
        zhuó, club (weapon)/small pillar
        chān, length (of a tree or beam)/long
        lí, old variant of 梨[lí]
        bīng, variant of 檳|槟[bīng]
        táo, [檮], dunce/blockhead
        lián, [槤], see 槤枷|梿枷[lián jiā], flail/to thresh (using a flail)
        zhuō, (wooden) stick/roof beam
        lí, variant of 梨[lí], pear
        fěi, Torreya nucifera/strengthen
        pái, raft/shield/stern of junk
        yù, tray for carrying sacrificial meats
        dì, Kerria japonica
        cuò, rough tree bark
        qǐ, tally for going through a pass
        yuān, crooked (tree)
        yǎn, (tree)
        yù, (oak)/thorny shrub
        quān, bowl
        rěn, jujube tree
        zhuó, small pillars that support the roof, those which rest on the main beam
        Zōu, surname Zou
        zhuō/zhào, [櫂], variant of 桌[zhuō], oar (archaic)/scull/paddle/to row/a boat
        fēn, aromatic wood/perfume/fragrance
        fén, beams in roof/confused
        jiē, to graft
        chóu, species of tree resistant to cold weather
        jú, Fagus sylvatica
        zuó, to fit a handle into a socket/a plug or cork
        liáng, see 椋鳥|椋鸟[liáng niǎo]
        bēi, Fagus sylvatica
        zhuó, beat
        jiǎn, Japanese variant of 檢|检
        dú, [櫝], cabinet/case/casket
        qiàn, [槧], wooden tablet/edition
        luó, [欏], see 桫欏|桫椤[suō luó]
        pèng, see 椪柑[pèng gān]
        tuǒ, [橢], ellipse
        sēn, [槮], lush growth (trees)/fishing using bundled wood (archaic)
        wēi, the pivots, at the top and bottom of a Chinese door, on which the door turns
        duàn, Hibiscus syriacus
        jiǎ, (grapefruit)
        yí, clothes-horse
        shèn, fruit of mulberry
        Yǔ, surname Yu/(arch. name of tree)
        chá/zhā, fell trees/raft/to hew, Chinese quince/hawthorn
        bì, ox yoke placed on the horns
        là, to plant trees (old)
        běn, old variant of 本[běn]
        hún, clothes-horse
        jiàn, door lock
        mù, ornaments on chariot-shaft
        mào, Cydonia japonica
        hù/kǔ, (tree), broken utensil
        tíng, tree
        yóu, Quercus glandulifera
        xuàn, [楥], (wooden) shoe last/variant of 楦[xuàn], to block (a hat)/to stretch (a shoe)
        pián, (tree)
        dié, small dish/window
        jí, [檝], oar (archaic), variant of 楫[jí]
        jié, a peg/tally/score
        chǔ, Broussonetia kasinoki
        yú, (tree)
        huáng, variant of 艎[huáng]
        pǐn, classifier for roof beams and trusses
        tán, raised path between fields
        chèn, [櫬], Sterculia plantanifolia/coffin
        lǘ, [櫚], palm tree
        jǔ, [櫸], Zeikowa acuminata
        róng, banyan tree/Ficus wightiana
        míng, Chinese quince
        sù, Quercus dentata
        jié, a stump on which chickens roost
        huǎng, screen
        gàn, tree trunk
        fěi, Torreya nucifera
        sǔn, mortise and tenon (slot and tab forming a carpenter's joint)
        zhī, base of pillar/prop
        cuī, rafter (classical)
        què, footbridge/toll, levy/monopoly
        kè, Pusaetha scandens
        gǔ, scraps of wood
        gǎo, [槀], variant of 槁[gǎo]/dried up, dried up (wood)/dead tree
        chá, a raft made of bamboo or wood/to fell trees/to hew
        gāo, water pulley
        tuó, variant of 橐[tuó]
        jiǎ, [檟], Catalpa, a genus of mostly deciduous trees/old term for Camellia sinensis, the t...
        zuì, see 槜李[zuì lǐ]/see 槜李[Zuì lǐ]
        zhū, [櫧], Quercus glanca
        xí, a hard wood
        huì, coffin
        gài, variant of 概[gài]
        yǒu, ritual bonfire
        huàn, soapberry (order Sapindales)
        gāo, variant of 槔[gāo]
        kāng, empty space inside a building
        guī, zelkova tree
        mán, (tree)
槿         jǐn, Hibiscus syriacus/transient
        chī/lí, manjack or cordia (genus Cordia), rowan or mountain ash (genus Sorbus)
        sù, manger
        lěi, mountain-climbing shoes
        sù, shrub
        Jiū/jiū, surname Jiu, to hang down
        zhāng, camphor/Cinnamonum camphara
        mén, elm/gum
        shā, Zanthoxylum ailanthoides
        xī, Osmanthus fragrans
        quán, variant of 權|权[quán]
        èr, acid variety of jujube plum
        zhí, stake/picket
        qiáo, firewood/gather wood
        zuī, knag/a kind of sled used to cross a muddy area (old)
        guì, old variant of 櫃|柜[guì]
        yuè, shade of trees
樿         zhǎn, (wood)
        xún, Fraxinus bungeana
        fá, large boat/old variant of 筏[fá]
        wǔ, variant of 無|无/negative/none/without/apart from
        liú, old variant of 榴[liú]
        fǎn, a kind of tree
        tuó, sack/tube open at both ends/(onom.) footsteps
        chēng, a prop/a shore
        sù, tall and straight (of trees)
        jué, [橜], a peg/low post, old variant of 橛[jué]
        zhū, [櫫], Zelkova acuminata
        zēng, dwelling on top of wooden stakes
        yuán, [櫞], Citrus medica
        qiāo/shū, old variant of 鍬|锹[qiāo], the hole in the center of a wheel accommodating the ax...
橿         jiāng, Quercus glauca
        yǐn, tool used for shaping wood (old)
        xí, dispatch/order
        zuì, wooden pestle or rammer
        yì, Quercus glauca
        qín, (fruit)
        léi, logs rolled down in defense of city
        suì, (tree)
        bò, Phellodendron amurense
        qíng, instrument for straightening bows
        yǐ, variant of 艤|舣[yǐ]
        shē, mango
        lǐn, [檁], cross-beam/ridge-pole
        méng, lemon
        huò, (tree)
        jì/qǐ, fringe flower (Loropetalum chinense), evergreen shrub, variant of 杞[qǐ], wolfber...
        kuí, see 櫆師|櫆师[kuí shī] Polaris, the north star
        yōu, harrow
        gāo, weapon case
        fèi, a variety of pomelo (old)
        zhù, variant of 箸[zhù]
        xiāo, a type of big tree (archaic)
        yǐn, tool used for shaping wood (old)/old variant of 檃[yǐn]
        xiāng, inner lining of wooden utensils/component beam used in building construction/spe...
        bó, rafter
        chán, sandalwood (Santalum album), a Nepalese tree producing valuable fragrant oil/com...
        lì, beam
        zàn, gather
        léi, sedan
        shuò, to suck/to drink
        chǐ, Japanese variant of 齒|齿
        dié, weak (from illness)/half-sitting, half-reclining (meaning unclear)
        mèi, dawn/place name
        Mǐ, Mi river in Hunan, tributary of Xiangjiang 湘江
        lì, to attend (official functions)
        sù, name of a river
        lái, [淶], brook/ripple
        dōng, rainstorm
        xī, (onom.) sound of rain, sleet etc
        Sōng/sōng, name of a river in Jiangsu Province, variant of 凇[sōng]
        Xiè/xiè, surname Xie, to get rid of/to discharge/to dredge
        Xiāng, abbr. for Hunan 湖南 province in south central China/abbr. for Xiangjiang river in...
        jiǎo, marsh
        guì, name of a river
        zhēn, name of a river
        xì/xiē, name of a river, saline pond
        Luán, [灤], river and county in Hebei Province
        yě, mud
        lǎn, to soak (fruits) in hot water or limewater to remove astringent taste/to marinat...
        jí, friendly/harmonious
        lín, clear (as of water)
        lǐn, old variant of 凜|凛[lǐn]
        lián, name of a river in Hunan
        Chǔ, name of an ancient river (in present-day Dingtao County 定陶縣|定陶县[Dìng táo Xiàn], ...
        gǔ, name of a river in Hunan
        gǔ, river name in Henan province
        fèn, name of a river/valley vapor
        xiāo, to boil or fumigate
        jiǎo, to color by smoke
        yè, to fry in fat or oil/to scald
        shēn, brisk/vigorous (of fire)
        lín, variant of 磷[lín]
        fán, burn/to roast meat for sacrifice
        yù, warm
        Cuàn/cuàn, surname Cuan, cooking-stove/to cook
        dié, (official) document/dispatch
        lí, see 犂靬[Lí jiān]/variant of 犁[lí]
        lí, black ox/yak
        lì, a kind of monkey
        guǒ, monkey
        náo, macaque (zoology)/brisk and nimble/to scratch
        chá, Badger-like wild animal
        zhēn, jungle
        lín, firefly
        xiù, (jade)
        suǒ, fragmentary/trifling
        lín, luster of gem
        fán, (gem)
        zǎo, pendant of pearls on coronet
        lì, brilliance (pearls)
        zhòu, brickwork of well
        xián, [癇], epilepsy/insanity
        má, leprosy/numb
        lín, hernia/urinary hesitancy/erroneous variant of 痲[má]
        jì, nervous start in sleep
        jī, spasms/convulsions/hysteria
        mò, see 開皌|开皌[kāi mò]
        pó, white
        lì, luster (of pearls)
        lín, to stare at
        bō, alms bowl
        sǎng, stone plinth
        zhé, tearing off limbs as punishment
        qú, Tridacna gigas
        pán, name of a river in Shaanxi
        shuāng, arsenic
        méi, heir-requesting sacrifice
        xiān, common rice
        hào, variant of 耗[hào]
        bàn, old variant of 拌[bàn]
        pī, (millet)
        mò, feed a horse with grain/horse feed
        zhī, only, merely
        shú, broomcorn millet (Panicum spp.)/Panicum italicum/glutinous millet
        jù, black millet
        zǐ, billion
        zhí, sound of reaping
        nóng, [穠], lush flora
        láng, grass/weeds
        fū, husk/outside shell of grain
        lǚ, variant of 穭[lǚ]
        tí, grass/tares
        tú, sticky rice
        lù, late-planted early-ripening grain
        zhí, early-planted crop
        kǔn, full
        kē, (wheat)
        biǎn, see 稨豆[biǎn dòu]
        jì, millet/God of cereals worshiped by ancient rulers/minister of agriculture
        zhěn, to accumulate/fine and close
        jià, to sow grain/(farm) crop
        jì, (millet)
        shān, panicum frumentaceum
        mén, porridge/rice sprouts
        jì, dense
        lù, late-planted early-ripening grain
        wěn, Japanese variant of 穩|稳
        sè, [穡], gather in harvest
        tóng, early-planted late-ripening grain
        suì, ear of grain
        ráng, Japanese variant of 穰[ráng]
        jì, stack grain stalks evenly
        lǚ, wild grain
        biāo, to weed
        sè, old variant of 穡|穑[sè]
        Ráng/ráng, surname Rang, abundant/stalk of grain
        jù, [窶], poor/rustic
        xī, disturbing noises
        lái, (bamboo)
        jùn, bamboo shoots
        lì, bamboos good for poles/horn
        duàn, [籪], bamboo fish trap
        zhù, erroneous variant of 築|筑[zhù]
        dí, [糴], buy up (grain)
        fán, dm
        shēn, residue from oil making
        nǚ, cakes of rice-flour and honey
        xiān, long-grained rice/same as 秈
        zhàng, decameter (old)
        qiān, kilometer
        cuì, Japanese variant of 粹
        jù, cakes made from rice flour twisted into rings
        sù, Japanese variant of 肅|肃
        tiào, [糶], to sell grain
        lì, [糲], coarse rice
        xī, ground rice/thresh rice
        zī, common millet
        bǎimǐ, hectometer (old)/single-character equivalent of 百米
        qū, variant of 麯[qū]
        fū, variant of 稃[fū]
        liáng, sorghum
        càn, beautiful/bright/splendid/smilingly
        jīng, [秔]/[稉], variant of 粳[jīng], variant of 粳[jīng], round-grained nonglutinous rice (Japonic...
        zhāng, food/white cooked rice
        lín, clear (as of water)
粿         guǒ, cooked rice for making cake
        róu, mix
        miàn, variant of 麵|面[miàn]/rice noodles/rice fragments
        hóu, [餱], dry provisions
        xǔ, official pay/sacrificial rice
        zān, zanba, Tibetan barley bread
        bèi, food for a journey/cakes
        xiǔ, to wash (rice etc)
        mó, blurred
        jiàng, starch/paste/to starch
        zòng, old variant of 粽[zòng]
        niè, fermenting grain/yeast
        shū, a kind of sackcloth
        jì, Japanese variant of 繼|继
        ruí, strings of cap
        xiè, variant of 紲|绁[xiè]/to tie/to bind
        mí, to tie up
        fān, to translate
        xiāng, [緗], light yellow color
        jiān, [縑], thick waterproof silk
        sāo, [繅], to reel silk from cocoons
        qiāo/sāo, [繰], to reel silk from cocoons, to reel thread
        lěi, plow
        zǐ, hoe up soil around plants
        yún, to weed
        sì, plow/plowshare
        qù, to plow/(ancient place name)
        jiā, flail (for threshing grain)/old variant of 枷[jiā]
        chú, hoe
        jí, plow
        lóu, [耬], drill for sowing grain
        jiǎng, to plow/to sow
        pǎng, to weed
        yōu, harrow
        qiǎn, pelvic cavity/lower abdomen
        jí, old variant of 瘠[jí]
        lì, (cattle) tongue (Cantonese)
        méi, quickening of the fetus
        róu, greasy (Cantonese)
        fán, cooked meat used in sacrifice
        lián, sides of the lower part of the leg
        niè, guidepost/rule/standard/limit/target (old)
        niè, tottering/unsteady
        xiū, to weed/to eradicate
        cè, pointed grass blade/to prick
        lì, jasmine
        xìng, Nymphoides peltatum
        sōng, (cabbage)/Brassica chinensis
        xī, see 菥蓂[xī mì]
        lǐn, ancient name for east Roman empire
        róu, Elsholtria paltrini
        xiāng, see 青葙, feather cockscomb (Celosia argentea)
        lóu, [蔞], Arthemisia vulgaris/piper betel
        jiān, reed
        zhēn, abundant, luxuriant vegetation
        chén, a variety of artemisia
        lí, chenopodiaceae
        qú, lotus
        léng, old name for spinach
        yào, Japanese variant of 藥|药
        zǎo, old variant of 藻[zǎo]
        biǎn, see 藊豆[biǎn dòu]
        gǎo, old variant of 稿[gǎo]
        lài, (fragrant labiate plant)
        niè, shoots from an old stump
        zhá, Aphrophora martima
        lí, clam
        guǒ, Eumenes pomiformis
        dōng, rainbow
        kē, tadpole
        là, see 蝲蛄, fresh-water crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)
        lóu, [螻], see 螻蛄|蝼蛄[lóu gū]
        róng, [蠑], salamander
        qín, small cicada with a square head
        dù, variant of 蠹[dù]
        xī, cricket
        shè, Podisma mikado
        lián, cockroach
        fán, cyrtophyllus sp.
        kǔn, a border or band on the edge of a dress
        bǎo, [緥], variant of 褓[bǎo], cloth for carrying baby on back
        lǚ, [褸], soiled/tattered
        jí, coat collar
        pàn, loop/belt/band/to tie together/to stitch together
        sù, tremble with fear
        xù, to beguile with false stories
        mí, variant of 謎|谜[mí]
        jiàn, variant of 諫|谏[jiàn]
        huò, sound of flesh being separated from the bone
        bò, to promulgate/to spread
        lěi, [誄], to eulogize the dead/eulogy
诿         wěi, [諉], to shirk/to give excuses
        xiàn, half-grown beans/variant of 餡|馅[xiàn]
        xiū, see 貔貅[pí xiū], composite mythical animal (originally 貅 was the female)
        chēn, (gem)
        lài, [賚], to bestow/to confer
        zào, easily provoked, hasty/fierce, cruel
        zhū, pace back and forth/to walk
        shū, variant of 疏[shū]
        wō, to slip and sprain a limb
        jū, leather ball/Taiwan pr. [jú]
        dié, to tread on/to stamp one's foot
        róu, trample
        fán, paws of animal
        tǐ, variant of 體|体[tǐ]
        jū, variant of 鞠[jū]
        guǒ, grease-pot under a cart
        róu, wheel band
        lín, [轔], rumbling of wheels
        wēi, winding, curving/swagger
        sù, alert/nimble/quick
        Lín/lín, surname Lin, (literary) to select
        Zhū/zhū, surname Zhu, name of a feudal state
        Lái, name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandong, destroyed by Q...
        chēn, name of a district in Hunan
        pó, name of a lake
        mí, unfiltered wine/wine brewed twice
        biàn, old variant of 辨[biàn]
        shì, Japanese variant of 釋|释
        hé, small bell
        shù, acmite
        mǐ, formerly used for the chemical elements americium 鎇|镅[méi] and osmium 鋨|锇[é]
        liàn, Japanese variant of 煉|炼[liàn]
        yè, thin plates of metal
        suǒ, old variant of 鎖|锁[suǒ]
        lín, phosphonium
        fán, vanadium
        héng, (onom.) for sound of bell (arch.)
        kè, [錁], grease-pot for cart/ingot
        lòu, [鏤], to engrave/to carve/hard steel
        niè, vertical divider of a door way
        kǔn, [閫], threshold/inner appartments/woman/wife (honorific)
        yǎn, the appearance of a mountain, as if two pots were standing one upon the other/th...
        xì, old variant of 隙[xì]
        yù, bay/cove
        mù, drizzle/fine rain
        lín, continued rain
        mò, name of a tribe/socks/stockings
        mèi, a grass that gives red dye
        róu, tan, soften
        shè, archer's thumb ring
        sǎng, [顙], forehead/(省称) abbr. for kowtow 稽顙|稽颡[jī sǎng]
        sù, pot of cooked rice
        wèi, variant of 餵|喂[wèi]
        guǒ, [餜], cake
        bì, fragrance
        fēi, fragrant
        yǎn, fragrant odor
        zhū, black muzzle (of a horse)
        lái, mare
        lín, variant of 麟[lín], female unicorn
        kè, [騍], mare/jenny
        shuāng, [驦], see 驌驦|骕骦[sù shuāng]
        lóu, [髏], skull
        sào, high/imposing/eminent
        xiū, red lacquer/to lacquer
        lì, bald/scabby
        jiū, bun (of hair)
        lián, hanging temple hair
        yù, to sell, esp. in strained circumstances
        lái, to confer/to bestow on an inferior/to reward
        tiáo, [鰷], Korean sharpbelly (fish, Hemiculter leucisculus)/chub
        qiū, [鰍], loach
        jiān, [鰜], flounder/flatfish
        chì, a kind of water bird
        xiū, [鵂], owl
        xián, [鷳]/[鷴], variant of 鷴|鹇[xián], silver pheasant (Phasianus nycthemerus)/silver pheasant ba...
        qiū, [鶖], see 鶖鷺|鹙鹭[qiū lù]
        jiān, [鶼], mythical bird with one eye and one wing/see also 鰈鶼|鲽鹣[dié jiān]
        jūn, hornless deer
        lù, foot of a hill
        jūn, variant of 麇[jūn]
        lín, [麐], variant of 麟[lín], female unicorn/see 麒麟
        mó, [麼], tiny/insignificant
        huī, signal flag/to signal
麿         mǒ, Japanese kokuji pr. maro/I/you
        zōu, hemp stem
        nún, warm and fragrant
        chī, wood glue/sticky/bird-lime
        qiū, old variant of 秋[qiū]

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