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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        Qiáng/jiàng/qiáng/qiǎng, [強]/[彊], surname Qiang, stubborn/unyielding, strong/powerful/better/slightly more than/vi...
        Dàn/dàn, variant of 蜑[Dàn], egg/CL:個|个[gè],打[dá]/oval-shaped thing
        chǔn, [惷], variant of 蠢[chǔn]/stupid, stupid/sluggish/clumsy/to wiggle (of worms)/to move i...
        shé, [虵], variant of 蛇[shé], snake/serpent/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        chóng, [蟲], lower form of animal life, including insects, insect larvae, worms and similar c...
        mán, [蠻], barbarian/bullying/very/quite/rough/reckless
        chù, [觸], to touch/to make contact with sth/to stir up sb's emotions
        lǎng, clear/bright
        dú, [獨], alone/independent/single/sole/only
        mì, honey
        há/xiā, [蝦], see 蝦蟆|虾蟆[há ma], shrimp/prawn
        sāo, [騷], trouble/disturbance/rumpus/flirty/coquettish/abbr. for 離騷|离骚[Lí Sāo]/literary wr...
        suī, [雖], although/even though
        fēng, [䗬]/[蠭], variant of 蜂[fēng], bee/wasp, old variant of 蜂[fēng]
        là, [蠟], candle/wax
        xiè, [蠏], crab, variant of 蟹[xiè]
        yǐ, [蟻], ant
        róng, [螎], to melt/to thaw/to blend/to merge/to be in harmony, old variant of 融[róng]
        jiǎn, [繭]/[蠒], cocoon/callus, variant of 繭|茧[jiǎn]
        gé/há, clam, frog/toad
        qū, maggot
        wā, [鼃], frog/CL:隻|只[zhī], old variant of 蛙[wā]
        yíng, [蠅], fly/musca/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        zhū, spider
        shí, [蝕], to nibble away at sth/to eat into/to erode
        zhù, termite/to bore (of insects)
        zhē/zhé, to sting, jellyfish
        shī, [蝨], louse, louse
        sāo, to scratch/old variant of 騷|骚[sāo]
        dié, [蜨], variant of 蝶[dié], butterfly/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        zhé, [蟄], to hibernate
        xiē, [蠍], variant of 蠍|蝎[xiē], scorpion
        Bèng/bàng, abbr. for Bengbu prefecture-level city 蚌埠市[Bèng bù shì], Anhui, mussel/clam
        wō, [蝸], snail/Taiwan pr. [guā]/see 蝸牛|蜗牛[wō niú]
        quán, to curl up (like a scroll)/to huddle/Melania libertina/wriggle (as a worm)
        xī, see 蜥蜴[xī yì]
        pán, to coil
        gǔ, [蠱], arch. legendary venomous insect/to poison/to bewitch/to drive to insanity/to har...
        mǎn, [蟎], mite
        chī, laugh at/jeer/scoff at/sneer at
        áo, nippers/claw (of crab)/chela/pincers/Astacus fluviatilis
        yíng, [螢], firefly/glow-worm
        zhú, [燭], candle/(literary) to illuminate
        luó, spiral shell/snail/conch
        wén, [螡]/[蟁], mosquito, old variant of 蚊[wén], old variant of 蚊[wén]
        cán, [蠶], silkworm
        jiàng, variant of 強|强[jiàng], stubborn/obstinate/tenacious/unbending/pig-headed
        háo, [蠔], oyster
        Shǔ, short name for Sichuan 四川[Sì chuān] province/one of the Three Kingdoms 三國|三国[Sān...
        yǒng, chrysalis/pupa
        zhì, fluke/leech/hirudinea
        chán, [蟬], cicada
        shì, to sting/also pr. [zhē]
        é, moth
        sào, itch/old term for scabies/Taiwan pr. [sāo]
        mǎng, python
        tuì, [蛻], skin cast off during molting/exuvia/to pupate/to molt/to slough/to cast off an o...
        hóng, rainbow
        pí, tick (zoology)
        lì, [蠣], oyster
        nǎn, immature locusts
        Láng/láng, variant of 郎[Láng]/surname Lang, variant of 郎[láng]
        máo, Spanish fly/grain-eating grub
        zǎo, flea
        zhuó, [濁], turbid/muddy/impure
        fěi, gad-fly
        dù, insect that eats into books, clothing etc/moth-eaten/worm-eaten
        hān, small clam (Arca inflata)
        qiú, [虯], young dragon with horns
        huáng, locust
        zhī, see 蜘蛛[zhī zhū]
        chán, moon/(striped) toad
        zhāng, cockroach
        táng, praying mantis
        biān, bat/also pr. [biǎn]
        yòu, larva
        mā/mǎ/mà, [螞], dragonfly, ant, grasshopper
        Chī/chī, surname Chi, ignorant/worm
        ruì, (mosquito)/Simulia lugubris/blackfly
        é, (Tw) oyster (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ô])
        zhuó, [鐲], bracelet
        jiāo, a legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and floods/see also 蛟龍|蛟龙[ji...
        měng, grasshopper/midge/sandfly
        qīng, see 蜻蜓[qīng tíng]
        rú, [蝡], variant of 蠕[rú], to squirm/to wiggle/to wriggle/Taiwan pr. [ruǎn]
        gǔ, cricket
        lí, a divide, to partition
        chài, (used in an ancient given name)
        lǎng, raised bank/mud wall
        chī, ugly woman
        sāo, agitated
        chuò, to pierce/to break through
        chù, (person)/angry
        zhì, (used in place names)
        xiǔ, to wash (rice etc)
        jiàng, starch/paste/to starch
        qiǎng, cloth for carrying baby on back
        jiǎng, callous
        qiáng, cigarette (slang) (Cantonese)
        jǐ, [蟣], nymph of louse
        dīng, see 虰蛵[dīng xíng]
        gān, worm
        huī/huǐ, sick/with no ambition, mythical venomous snake
        méng, [蝱], horsefly/gadfly, old variant of 虻[méng]
        gè, flea
        chài, [蠆], (scorpion)/an insect
        xiàng, [蠁], larvae
        bā, a kind of shell
        qiān, (arch.) firefly
        wén, old variant of 蚊[wén]
        pí, see 蚍蜉[pí fú]
        yǐn, earthworm
        qí, green-frog
        yuán, Protura (soil dwelling primitive hexapod)/variant of 螈, salamander/newt/triton
        yá, aphis
        fén, (mole)
        gōng, scolopendra centipede
        rán, variant of 蚺[rán]
        jiè, see 蛤蚧[gé jiè]
        fú, (water-beetle)/money
        dǒu, tadpole
        xiǎn, [蜆], Cyclina orientalis
        qiū, earthworm
        yóu, see 蚰蜒[yóu yan]
        zhà, grasshopper
        chí, ant eggs
        fù, scales on the belly of a snake, aiding locomotion/snail/to crawl
        rán, boa
        zhá, Aphrophora martima
        pí, a kind of insect (old)
        xián, millipede
        diāo, Pomponia maculatiocollis
        gū, see 螻蛄|蝼蛄[lóu gū]
        rán, a caterpillar
        líng, sandfly
        yíng, Japanese variant of 螢|萤
        chēng, [蟶], mussel/razor clam/Solecurtus constricta
        qū, cricket
        móu, marine crab
        cì, (literary) caterpillar
        huí, [痐]/[蚘]/[蛕]/[蜖], old variant of 蛔[huí], variant of 蛔[huí], roundworm/Ascaris lumbricoides, old va...
        yáng, a weevil found in rice etc
        liè, Cyrtoxiphus ritsemae
        yī, woodlouse
        kuò, snail/slug/mole cricket
        yì, hive/honeycomb
        jié, beetle
        wǎng, old variant of 魍[wǎng]
        qióng, anxious/grasshopper/a cricket
        jiá, [蛺], see 蛺蝶|蛱蝶[jiá dié]
        náo, [蟯], parasitic worm/human pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis)
        sī, [螄], snail
        qí, [蠐], larva/maggot
        xíng, see 虰蛵[dīng xíng]
        shāo/xiāo, long-legged spider, see 螵蛸[piāo xiāo]
        shèn, (mythical animal)/clam/sea-serpent
        fǔ, crab
        wú, centipede
        fú, (dragon fly)/(large ant)/(wasp)
        lí, clam
        chú, Bufo vulgaris/toad
        Yuān/yuān, surname Yuan, larva of mosquito
        jié, see 石蜐[shí jié]
        Dàn, Tanka people
        yán, slug
        tíng, see 蜻蜓[qīng tíng]
        jū, Hydrophilus cognatus
        qí, grapsus
        měng, grasshopper
        qiāng, dung beetle
        tiáo, cicada
        yù, mythical creature/toad/worm
        bàng, variant of 蚌[bàng]
        yì, see 蜥蜴[xī yì]
        liǎng, see 蝄蜽[wǎng liǎng]
        guǒ, Eumenes pomiformis
        wān, to move (as snake)
        dì/zhuō, rainbow, see 蝃蝥[zhuō máo]
        wǎng, see 蝄蜽[wǎng liǎng]
        guō, [蟈], small green cicada or frog (meaning unclear, possibly onom.)/see 蟈蟈|蝈蝈 long-horn...
        là, Japanese variant of 蠟|蜡[là]
        kē, tadpole
        jí, a centipede
        tíng, (insect)/Leptogaster basiralis
        mào, see 蝳蝐[dài mào]
        mián, large, black cicada/locust
        yú, snail
        yǎn, Hemidactylus bowringii
        wēi, see 蛜蝛[yī wēi]
        yuán, locust larva without wings
        fú, bat
        yóu, Ephemera strigata
        qiú, larva/grub
        máo, variant of 蟊[máo]
        fù, insect/poisonous snake (archaic)
        kuí, see 蝰蛇[kuí shé]
        là, see 蝲蛄, fresh-water crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)
        dài, see 蝳蝐[dài mào]
        hú, butterfly
        lóu, [螻], see 螻蛄|蝼蛄[lóu gū]
        chūn, bedbug
        róng, [蠑], salamander
        jiāng, [螿], cicada (Cosmopsaltria opalifera)
        láng, [蜋], variant of 螂[láng], dragonfly/mantis
        páng, crab
        xī, (intestinal worm)
        yuán, salamander/newt
        wēng, see 蠮螉[yē wēng]
        sōu, earwig 蠼螋
        hàn, Aulacophora femoralis
        qín, small cicada with a square head
        táng, variety of small cicada with a green back and a clear song (in ancient books)
        yǐ, ant/variant of 蟻|蚁[yǐ]
        dù, variant of 蠹[dù]
        nài, Eristalis tenax
        míng, boring insect/snout moth's larva (Aphomia gullaris or Plodia interpuncuella or H...
        téng, flying dragon
        cāng, Japanese variant of 蒼|苍 house-fly
        cáo, larva of Mimela lucidula
        chī, dragon with horns not yet grown (in myth or heraldry)/variant of 魑[chī]
        piāo, nest of eggs of mantis
        zhōng, (grasshopper)/Gompsocleis mikado
        yǐn, the earthworm
        shuài, cricket
        zhè, locust/Chinese ground beetle (Eupolyphaga sinensis)
        má, [蟇], toad, old variant of 蟆[má]
        xī, cricket
        xiāo, [蠨], long-legged spider
        xiàng, silkworm
        péng, (land-crab)/grapsus sp.
        Jiǎo/jiǎo, surname Jiao, (insect)
        liáo, see 蟭蟟[jiāo liáo]
        xǐ, (spider)
        huáng, horse-leech
        jué, Siberian jerboa
        huì, (cicada)/Platypleura kaempferi
        jiāo, eggs of mantis
        shàn, see 蛐蟮[qū shan]
        xún, (hairy sea-crab)
        dāng, mantis
        shàn, earthworm
        qì, (insect)/Tryxalis masuta
        shè, Podisma mikado
        luǒ, solitary wasp
        xuān, wriggler/mosquito larva/to crawl/to worm along
        lián, cockroach
        zhú, caterpillar
        mǎng, old variant of 蟒[mǎng]
        huò, looper caterpillar
        zhuó, (ape)/(shell)
        hē, to sting
        miè, minute flies
        fán, cyrtophyllus sp.
        lí/lǐ, calabash, wood-boring insect
        dù, variant of 蠹[dù]
        zhū, a toad
        yē, wasp of the family Sphecidae
        shàng, Cerambyx rugicollis
        juān, to deduct/to show/bright and clean/glow-worm/galleyworm/millipede
        xī, large turtles
        qú, variant of 蠼[qú]
        quán, Aulacophora femoralis
        qú, earwig 蠼螋
        jié, small green cicada
        qiǎng, [繦], string of copper coins/variant of 襁[qiǎng], cloth for carrying baby on back
        shú, short skirt or tunic
        zhú, walk carefully/to hesitate/to halter
        qiāng/qiǎng, [鏹], sulfuric acid, money/string of coins
        Mǐn, [閩], short name for Fujian province 福建[Fú jiàn]/also pr. [Mín]
        dú, bow case
        sāo, Japanese variant of 騷|骚
        dú, skull

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