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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        xià, down/downwards/below/lower/later/next (week etc)/second (of two parts)/to declin...
        yīxià, (used after a verb) give it a go/to do (sth for a bit to give it a try)/one time...
        xiàlai, [下來], to come down/(completed action marker)/(after verb of motion, indicates motion d...
        xiàqù, to go down/to descend/to go on/to continue/(of a servant) to withdraw
        liúxià, to leave behind/to stay behind/to remain/to keep/not to let (sb) go
        xiàmiàn, [下麵], below/under/next/the following/also pr. [xià mian], to boil noodles
        fàngxià, to lay down/to put down/to let go of/to relinquish/to set aside/to lower (the bl...
        shèngxià, to remain/left over
        xiàwǔ, afternoon/CL:個|个[gè]/p.m.
        zuòxia, to sit down
        tíngxià, to stop
        xiàcì, next time
        bìxià, Your Majesty/His or Her Majesty
        géxià, [閣下], your distinguished self/your majesty/sire
        jiēxiàlái, [接下來], to accept/to take/next/following
        dìxià, underground/subterranean/covert
        dǐxia, the location below sth/afterwards
        dìxiàshì, basement/cellar
        lóuxià, [樓下], downstairs
        xiàbān, to finish work/to get off work
殿         diànxià, Your Majesty (honorific)/His or Her Highness
        shǒuxià, under one's control or administration/subordinates/(money etc) on hand/sb's fina...
        yǐxià, that level or lower/that amount or less/the following
        xiàshǒu, to start/to put one's hand to/to set about/the seat to the right of the main gue...
        zhīxià, under/beneath/less than
        sīxià, in private
        xiàjiàng, to decline/to drop/to fall/to go down/to decrease
        dǎoxià, to collapse/to topple over
        xiàzǎi, [下載], to download/also pr. [xià zài]
        xiàba, chin/CL:個|个[gè]
        yīxiàzi, in a short while/all at once/all of a sudden
        guìxia, to kneel down
        xiàluò, whereabouts/to drop/to fall
        rēngxià, to throw down/to drop (bomb)
        náxià, to arrest/to capture/to seize/to win (a set, a game etc)
        xiāngxia, [鄉下], countryside/rural area/CL:個|个[gè]
        tiānxià, land under heaven/the whole world/the whole of China/realm/rule
        xiàchǎng/xiàchang, [下場], to leave (the stage, an exam room, the playing field etc)/to take part in some a...
        xiàlìng, to give an order/to command
        xiàshuǐdào, sewer
        jiǎoxià, [腳下], under the foot
        xiàchē, [下車], to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc)
        xiàyǔ, to rain
        shàngxià, up and down/top and bottom/old and new/length/about
        yǎnxià, now/at present/subocular (medicine)
        xiàshì, lowest-ranked noncommissioned officer (e.g. corporal in the army or petty office...
        xiàdú, to put poison in sth/to poison
        míngxià, under sb's name
        xiàxuě, to snow
        shuǐxià, under the water/submarine
        xiàxīngqī, next week
        xiàliú, lower course of a river/low-class/mean and lowly/vulgar/obscene
        rúxià, as follows
        yúxià, [餘下], remaining
        xiàshǔ, [下屬], subordinate/underling
        xiàdá, [下達], to transmit down (a chain of command)/to pass down (to lower level)/to issue/to ...
        xiàdìngjuéxīn, [下定決心], to make a firm resolution
        dīxià, low status/lowly/to lower (one's head)
        xiàkè, [下課], to finish class/to get out of class
        bùxià, troops under one's command/subordinate
        xiàtái, [下臺], to go off the stage/to fall from position of prestige/to step down (from office ...
        xiàshuǐ/xiàshui, downstream/to go into the water/to put into water/to launch (a ship)/fig. to fal...
        xiàfāng, underneath/below/the underside/world of mortals/to descend to the world of morta...
        dǎxià, to lay (a foundation)/to conquer (a city etc)/to shoot down (a bird etc)
        xiàhuá, sliding/slide
        xiàyào, [下藥], to prescribe medicine/to poison/to slip a drug (into sb's drink etc)
        xiàqí, to play chess
        xièxià, to unload
        xiàrèn, next office holder/next to serve
        xiàzàng, to bury/to inter
        xiàyīdài, the next generation
        xiàjiàn, [下賤], humble/lowly/depraved/contemptible
        dāngxià, [當下], immediately/at once/at that moment/at the moment
        táixià, off the stage/in the audience
        xiāngxiàrén, [鄉下人], country folk/rustic/rural folk
        xiàè, [下顎], mandible (lower jaw)
        xiàchén, to sink down
        liǎngxiàzi, [兩下子], a couple of times/to repeat the same/the same old trick/tricks of the trade
        piēxia, to cast away
        xiàbèizi, [下輩子], the next life
        xiàchuí, to droop/to sag/to hang down/sagging/drooping/prolapse (medicine)
        xiàshēn, lower part of the body/genitalia/trousers
        xiàluòbùmíng, unaccounted/unknown whereabouts
        xiàbùwéilì, [下不為例], not to be repeated/not to be taken as a precedent/just this once
        xiàjuéxīn, [下決心], to determine/to resolve
        língxià, below zero
        xiàhuí, next chapter/next time
        yànxià, [嚥下], to swallow/to suppress
        Shānxià, Yamashita (Japanese surname)
        xiàbian, [下邊], under/the underside/below
        xiàchú, [下廚], to go to the kitchen (to prepare a meal)/to cook
        xiàcéng, [下層], underlayer/lower class/lower strata/substrate
        xiàguì, to kneel/to go down on one's knees
        xiàtǐ, [下體], lower body/euphemism for genitals/root and stem of plants
        gāoxià, relative superiority (better or worse, stronger or weaker, above or below etc)
        xiàmǎ, [下馬], to dismount from a horse/(fig.) to abandon (a project)
        xiàdiē, to fall/to tumble
        luòxià, to fall/to drop/to land (of projectile)
        chuàngxià, [創下], to establish/to set (a new record)
        xiàyóu, lower reaches (of a river)/lower level/lower echelon/downstream
        shíxià, [時下], at present/right now
        shǔxià, [屬下], subordinate/affiliated to/subsidiary
        xiānxiàshǒuwéiqiáng, [先下手為強], strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term); Making the firs...
        xiàyìshí, [下意識], subconscious mind
        xiàshān, (of the sun) to set
        xiāngbǐzhīxià, by comparison
        xiàgǎng, [下崗], to come off sentry duty/to lay off (a worker)/laid-off
        měikuàngyùxià, [每況愈下], to steadily deteriorate
        luòjǐngxiàshí, to throw stones at sb who fell down a well (idiom); to hit a person who is down
        xiàhǎi, to go out to sea/to enter the sea (to swim etc)/(fig.) to take the plunge (e.g. ...
        bùxiāngshàngxià, equally matched/about the same
        dìxiàshuǐ, groundwater
        xiàjí, [下級], low ranking/low level/underclass/subordinate
        xiàpō, downhill
        xiàfán, to descend to the world (of immortals)
        yèxià, underarm/armpit
        xiàdàn, to lay eggs
        tiāndǐxia, in this world/under the sun
        zǒuxiàpōlù, to go downhill/to decline/to slump
        xiàfēng, [下風], leeward/downwind/disadvantageous position/to concede or give way in an argument
        xiàzhī, lower limbs
        shàngxiàbān, to start and finish work
        xiàhé, [下頜], lower jaw/mandible
        jízhuǎnzhíxià, [急轉直下], to develop rapidly after abrupt turn (idiom); dramatic change
        bùzàihuàxià, [不在話下], to be nothing difficult/to be a cinch
        xiàgōngfu, see 下工夫[xià gōng fu]
        bǐxià, [筆下], the wording and purport of what one writes
        huīxià, troops/subordinates/(honorific appellation for a general)
        xiàfàng, to delegate/to decentralize/to demote a party cadre to work on the shop floor or...
        xiàdúshǒu, to attack murderously/to strike treacherously
        xīxià, at the knee (in reference to children)/(salutation used in letters to parents or...
        xiàliè, following
        jūgāolínxià, [居高臨下], to live high and look down (idiom)/to overlook/to tower above/to occupy the high...
        dǎxiàshǒu, to act in a supporting role/fig. to play second fiddle
        xiàyuè, next month
        xiàfā, [下發], to issue (a memorandum etc) to lower levels/to distribute (e.g. disaster relief ...
        xiěxià, [寫下], to write down
        xiàdì, to go down to the fields/to get up from bed/to leave one's sickbed/to be born
        xiàjiè, [下屆], next office holder/next to serve
        xiàxíng, (of trains) down (i.e. away from the capital)/(of river boats) to travel downstr...
        xiàyìyuàn, [下議院], lower chamber (of legislative body)/lower house/the House of Commons
        zàixià, under/myself (humble)
        xiàmǎwēi, [下馬威], display of severity immediately on taking office/(fig.) initial show of strength
        xiàqiūnǎo, [下丘腦], hypothalamus (anatomy)
        shàngxiàwén, (textual) context
        shuāngguǎnqíxià, [雙管齊下], lit. to paint holding two brushes (idiom); fig. to work on two tasks at the same...
        sìxià, everywhere
        xiàbùlái, [下不來], awkward/embarrassed/cannot be accomplished
        xiàbǎi, [下擺], hem of a skirt/shirt tail
        qíhǔnánxià, [騎虎難下], if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off (idiom); fig. impossible to stop halfw...
        tiānxiàdìyī, first under heaven/number one in the country
        wúcóngxiàshǒu, [無從下手], not know where to start
线         xiàxiàn, [下線], to go offline
        xiàtà, to stay (at a hotel etc during a trip)
        duìzhèngxiàyào, [對症下藥], lit. to prescribe the right medicine for an illness (idiom); fig. to study a pro...
        shōuxià, to accept/to receive
        xiàtóng, similarly hereinafter
线         xiàhuàxiàn, [下劃線], underscore _/underline
        tiānxiàtàipíng, the whole world at peace (idiom); peace and prosperity
        jǔguóshàngxià, [舉國上下], the entire nation/the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file
        xiàjiǔ, to be appropriate to have with alcohol/to down one's drink
        huāqiányuèxià, see 月下花前[yuè xià huā qián]
西         xīyángxīxià, [夕陽西下], the sun sets in the west (idiom)
        yīqìzhīxià, [一氣之下], in a fit of pique/in a fury
        shìfēngrìxià, [世風日下], public morals are degenerating with each passing day (idiom)
        Xiàchéngqū, [下城區], Xiacheng district of Hangzhou city 杭州市[Háng zhōu shì], Zhejiang
        Sōngxià, Matsushita (name)/Panasonic (brand), abbr. for 松下電器|松下电器[Sōng xià Diàn qì]
        xiàzuo, contemptible/disgusting
        xiàzhuāng, [下裝], to take off costume and makeup/bottom garment (trousers etc)
        xiàbànnián, second half of the year
        lìxià, to set up/to establish
        xiàgōngfu, to put in time and energy/to concentrate one's efforts
        bēixià, base/low
        xiàbǐ, [下筆], to put pen to paper
        xiàxún, last third of the month
        xiàdiào/xiàtiáo, [下調], to demote/to pass down to a lower unit, to adjust downwards/to lower (prices, wa...
        zìshàngérxià, top-down
        shānránlèixià, [潸然淚下], to shed silent tears (idiom)
        xiàjiā, player whose turn comes next (in a game)/next one/my humble home
        xiàpōlù, downhill road/(fig.) downhill path
        dīsānxiàsì, servile
        Xiàguān, [下關], Xiaguan district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
        xiàxiàn, to subside/subsidence
        shàngliángbùzhèngxiàliángwāi, lit. If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked (idiom); ...
        hànrúyǔxià, sweating like rain (idiom); to perspire profusely/sweating like a pig
        xiàlǐbārén, folk songs of the state of Chu 楚國|楚国[Chǔ guó]/popular art forms (cf. 陽春白雪|阳春白雪[y...
        dǎtiānxià, to seize power/to conquer the world/to establish and expand a business/to carve ...
        nánxià, to go down south
        jiānghérìxià, rivers pour away by the day (idiom); going from bad to worse/deteriorating day b...
        xiàcuò, (of sales, prices etc) to fall/to drop/decline/slump
        xiàgōng, to knock off (at the end of a day's work)/to finish work
        xiàxiāng, [下鄉], to go to the countryside
        zúxià, you (used to a superior or between persons of the same generation)/below the foo...
        lèirúyǔxià, [淚如雨下], tears falling like rain (idiom)
        mùxià, at present
        shěxià/shèxià, [捨下], to abandon/to lay down, my humble home
        shēnglèijùxià, [聲淚俱下], to shed tears while recounting sth/speaking in a tearful voice
        bīnglínchéngxià, [兵臨城下], soldiers at the city walls (idiom); fig. at a critical juncture
        xiāngchíbùxià, at a stalemate/deadlocked/in unrelenting mutual opposition
        zìxiàérshàng, bottom-up
        xiàyù, [下獄], to imprison
        xiàfú, downward fluctuation (of prices etc)
        xiàshì, to die/future incarnation/next life/to be born/to come into the world/future gen...
        bùxiàyú, as many as/no less than/not inferior to/as good as/on a par with
        xiàyě, to step down from office/to go into opposition
        míngmǎntiānxià, [名滿天下], world famous
        yǎndǐxia, in front of one's eyes/in full view as a panorama/right now
        màotiānxiàzhīdàbùwěi, [冒天下之大不韙], see 冒大不韙|冒大不韪[mào dà bù wěi]
        xiàqíng, feelings of the masses/my situation (humble speech)
        niánxià, lunar new year
        jūgāobùxià, (of prices, rates etc) to remain high
        xiàbakē, [下巴頦], chin
        yīxiàr, [一下兒], erhua variant of 一下[yī xià]
        yījiàogāoxià, [一較高下], to compete against/to measure oneself against/to go head to head (see who is bes...
        qīshàngbāxià, at sixes and sevens/perturbed state of mind/in a mess
        sānxiàliǎngxià, [三下兩下], quickly and effortlessly (idiom)
        sānxiàwǔchúèr, three, set five remove two (abacus rule)/efficiently/quickly and easily
        shàngxiàwǔqiānnián, popular history of China in three volumes by Cao Yuzhang 曹余章
        shàngxiàqíshǒu, to raise and lower one's hand (idiom); to signal as conspiratorial hint/fig. con...
        shàngxiàchuáng, bunk bed
        shàngxiàwéncàidān, [上下文菜單], context menu (computing)
        shàngxiàbānshíjiān, [上下班時間], rush hour
        shàngxiàpù, [上下鋪], bunk bed
        shàngtùxiàxiè, [上吐下瀉], to vomit and have diarrhea
        shàngshānxiàxiāng, [上山下鄉], to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers)/forced agricultural experience...
        shàngyǒutiāntáng,xiàyǒuSūHáng, [上有天堂,下有蘇杭], lit. there is heaven above, and there is 蘇杭|苏杭[Sū Háng] below (idiom)/fig. the b...
        shàngyǒuzhèngcè,xiàyǒuduìcè, [上有政策,下有對策], The higher ups have policies while the lower downs have their own ways of gettin...
        shàngyǒulǎoxiàyǒuxiǎo, lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom)/fig. to have to take car...
        shàngqìbùjiēxiàqì, [上氣不接下氣], out of breath (idiom)/to gasp for air
        shàngxíngxiàxiào, [上行下傚], subordinates follow the example of their superiors (idiom)
        xiàyīge, [下一個], the next one
        xiàyīcì, next
        xiàyībù, the next step
        xiàyīzhàn, the next stop (of a bus etc)
        xiàyīyè, [下一頁], next page
        xiàsānlàn, [下三濫], riffraff/scum/lowlife/despicable/inferior
        xiàsānlàn, [下三爛], variant of 下三濫|下三滥[xià sān làn]
        xiàbuliǎotái, [下不了臺], to be unable to extricate oneself gracefully/to be put on the spot/to be embarra...
        xiàbùláitái, [下不來臺], to be put on the spot/to find oneself in an awkward situation
        xiàge, [下個], second (of two parts)/next (week etc)/subsequent/the following
        xiàgèxīngqī, [下個星期], next week
        xiàgèyuè, [下個月], next month
        xiàjiǔliú, the lowest professions
        xiàrǔ, to promote lactation (TCM)/(coll.) underboob
        xiàxiū, to revise downward
        Xiàguānqū, [下關區], Xiaguan district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
        XiàguānShì, [下關市], Shimonoseki, city in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
        xiàwǔchá, afternoon tea (light afternoon meal, typically pastries with tea or coffee)
        xiàbàn, second half
        xiàbàntiān, afternoon
        xiàbànshēn, lower half of one's body/Lower Body (Chinese poetry movement of the early 21st c...
        xiàdān, [下單], to place an order/to order/an order (of goods)
        xiàtáijiē, [下臺階], to extricate oneself/way out
        xiàzhōu, [下週], next week
        xiàchún, lower lip
        xiàchǎngmén, [下場門], exit door (of the stage)
        xiàkuākè, down quark (particle physics)
        xiàjià, (of a woman) to marry a man of lower social status/to marry down
        xiàdìngyì, [下定義], to define
        xiàhánwǔ, lower Cambrian (geological period approx 530 million years ago)
        xiàhánwǔtǒng, [下寒武統], lower Cambrian series (geological strata from approx 530 million years ago)
        xiàshǔgōngsī, [下屬公司], subsidiary (company)
        xiàzǎi, (of animals) to give birth/to foal, to whelp etc
        xiàxián, third quarter or waning moon
        xiàxiányuè, third quarter or waning moon
        xiàbài, to bow down low/to make obeisance/to kneel and bow
        xiàxuán, (sport) backspin
        xiàxuánxiāoqiú, (golf, tennis) undercut
        xiàjià, to take down from the shelves (e.g. a contaminated product)
        xiàbiāo, [下標], subscript/suffix/index
        xiàkǎn, [下檻], doorsill
        xiàkuǎn, signature on letter/name of donor
        xiàsǐjìn, [下死勁], to do one's utmost
        xiàshuǐlǐ, [下水禮], launching ceremony
        xiàshuǐguǎn, drainpipe
        xiàzhù, to pour/to pour down (of rain)/to lay a bet
        xiàhuàn, last ten days of the lunar month
        xiàpiàn, to stop screening a movie/to end the run of a movie
        xiàquǎnshì, downward-facing dog (yoga pose)
线         xiàhuàxiàn, [下畫線], underline
        xiàjiè, lower bound (math.)/world of mortals/(of Gods) to descend to the world of mortal...
        xiàyǎnjiǎn, [下眼瞼], lower eyelid
        xiàquèjiè, [下確界], infimum (math.)/greatest lower bound
        xiàjiàntóu, [下箭頭], down-pointing arrow
        xiàjiàntóujiàn, [下箭頭鍵], down arrow key (on keyboard)
        xiàzhù, (literary) to eat
线         xiàxiànyíshì, [下線儀式], product launching ceremony
        xiàwǎng, [下網], to cast a fishing net/(computing) to go offline
        xiàérshàng, bottom to top (of listing)
        xiàpìn, to send the betrothal gifts/(fig.) to conclude a marriage
        xiàjiǎoliào, [下腳料], remnants of material from an industrial process/offcut/scraps
        xiàyāo, (gymnastics) to do a bridge/to do a crab
        xiàfùbù, lower abdomen
        xiàzhìshàng, bottom to top
        Xiàhuāyuán, [下花園], Xiahua district of Zhangjiakou city 張家口市|张家口市[Zhāng jiā kǒu shì], Hebei
        Xiàhuāyuánqū, [下花園區], Xiahua district of Zhangjiakou city 張家口市|张家口市[Zhāng jiā kǒu shì], Hebei
        Xiàyíng, [下營], Hsiaying township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县[Tái nán xiàn], Taiwan
        Xiàyíngxiāng, [下營鄉], Hsiaying township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县[Tái nán xiàn], Taiwan
西         xiàxīyáng, to sail West (from China)/refers to Zhenghe's 15th century expeditions to the We...
        xiàshìqiū, [下視丘], (anatomy) hypothalamus (Tw)
        xiàdìngdān, [下訂單], to place an order (commerce)
        xiàyìyuànyìyuán, [下議院議員], Member of Parliament (MP) (UK Politics)
        xiàzhào, [下詔], to hand down an imperial edict
        xiàbèi, [下輩], offspring/future generations/younger generation of a family/junior members of a ...
        xiàxiá, [下轄], administered by/under the rule of
        xiàbianr, [下邊兒], erhua variant of 下邊|下边[xià bian]
        xiàzhúkèlìng, to ask sb to leave/to show sb the door/to give a tenant notice to leave
        xiàjiǔcài, a dish that goes well with alcoholic drinks
        xiàmáo, [下錨], to drop anchor
        xiàzhá, [下閘], lower sluice gate/outflow sluice
        Xiàlù, [下陸], Xialu district of Huangshi city 黃石市|黄石市[Huáng shí shì], Hubei
        Xiàlùqū, [下陸區], Xialu district of Huangshi city 黃石市|黄石市[Huáng shí shì], Hubei
        xiàyuàn, lower house (of parliament)
        xiàyè, [下頁], next page
        xiàhéxiàxiàn, [下頜下腺], submandibular gland/submaxillary saliva gland
        xiàhégǔ, [下頜骨], lower jaw/mandible
        xiàkē, [下頦], chin/Taiwan pr. [xià hái]
        xiàhàn, [下頷], lower jaw/mandible
        xiàhàngǔ, [下頷骨], lower jawbone/mandible
        xiàfēngfāngxiàng, [下風方向], leeward
        xiàfēijī, [下飛機], to get off a plane/to deplane
        xiàguǎnzi, [下館子], to eat out/to eat at a restaurant
        xiàbíjiǎ, inferior nasal conchae
齿         xiàchǐ, [下齒], bottom teeth
        XiàlóngWān, [下龍灣], Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
        bùxià, to be not less than (a certain quantity, amount etc)
        bùfēnshàngxià, not to know one's place
        bùfēngāoxià, equally matched/not much to distinguish who is stronger
        bùkuìxiàxué, [不愧下學], not ashamed to learn from subordinates (idiom)
        bùchǐxiàwèn, [不恥下問], not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one's subordinates
        qiětīngxiàhuífēnjiě, [且聽下回分解], to listen to the next chapter for an explanation
        diūxià, [丟下], to abandon
        liǎngxià, [兩下], twice/for a little while
        jiǔgōngbùxià, to attack for a long time without success
        xiāngxiàxíqì, [鄉下習氣], country manners/provincialism
        xiāngxialǎo, [鄉下佬], villager/hick
        Fǔxià, Polha, a place in the Joseon dynasty province of Hamgyeong 咸鏡道|咸镜道[Xián jìng Dào...
        zhēngzhíbùxià, [爭執不下], to quarrel endlessly
        èrchóngxiàbiāo, [二重下標], double subscript/doubly indexed
        jǐngxià, underground/in the pit (mining)
        chǎnxià, [產下], to bear (give birth)
        rénxíngdìxiàtōngdào, pedestrian underpass
        yǐxiàfànshàng, to disrespect one's superiors/to offend one's elders
        sǎnxià, [傘下], under the umbrella of
        dīshǒuxiàxīn, to be fawningly submissive (idiom)
        zuòxià, to do/to make (usually bad connotation)
        tíngxiàlái, [停下來], to stop
        gāngxiàjī, [岡下肌], infraspinatus muscle
        huàxià, [劃下], to underline/to mark
        Lièwángjìxià, [列王紀下], Second book of Kings
        Lièwángjìxià, [列王記下], Second book of Kings
        chuàngxiàgāopiàofáng, [創下高票房], to set a box office record
        qiánbùpícéngxiàsǔnshāng, [前部皮層下損傷], anterior subcortical lesions
        bāodǎtiānxià, to run everything (idiom); to monopolize the whole business/not allow anyone els...
        qiānlǐzhīxíng,shǐyúzúxià, [千里之行,始於足下], lit. a thousand mile journey begins with the first step/fig. big accomplishments...
        zhànxiàfēng, [佔下風], to be at a disadvantage
        Lìxià, [歷下], Lixia district of Jinan city 濟南市|济南市[Jǐ nán shì], Shandong
        Lìxiàqū, [歷下區], Lixia district of Jinan city 濟南市|济南市[Jǐ nán shì], Shandong
        Lìdàizhìxià, [歷代志下], Second book of Chronicles
        yòuxià, lower right
        chībuxià, not feel like eating/be unable to eat any more
        xiàngxià, down/downward
        WúxiàāMéng, [吳下阿蒙], General Lü Meng 呂蒙|吕蒙 of the southern state of Wu (idiom); model of self-improve...
        yànxiàkùnnán, [嚥下困難], dysphagia (medicine)
        wéikǒngtiānxiàbùluàn, [唯恐天下不亂], to wish for the whole world to be in chaos (idiom)
        sìxiàli, [四下裡], all around
        húlúntūnxià, [囫圇吞下], to swallow whole/(fig.) to swallow (lies etc)
        zàixiàfāng, beneath
        zàixiàmiàn, underneath
        zàidìxià, underground
        dìxiàqíng, hidden or secret love affair
        dìxiàhébàozhà, nuclear underground burst/underground nuclear explosion
        dìxiàhéshìyàn, [地下核試驗], underground nuclear test
        dìxiàtōngdào, underpass/subway/tunnel
        dìxiàtiělù, [地下鐵路], subway
        jiānchíxiàqù, [堅持下去], to press on
        chuíxià, to hang down
        Gāixià, ancient place name, in Anhui province
        tāxià, to collapse
        bèixià, [備下], to prepare/to arrange (sth to be offered)
        dàshùdǐxiàhǎochéngliáng, [大樹底下好乘涼], lit. under a big tree the shade is plentiful (idiom)/fig. to benefit by proximit...
        tiānshàngxiàdāozi, lit. knives rain down from the sky (idiom)/fig. (even if) the sky crumbles
        tiānxiàwūyāyībānhēi, [天下烏鴉一般黑], all crows are black (idiom)/evil people are bad all over the world
        tiānxiàxīngwáng,pǐfūyǒuzé, [天下興亡,匹夫有責], The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears respon...
        tiānxiàdàluàn, [天下大亂], the whole country in rebellion
        tiānxiàméiyǒubùsàndeyànxí, [天下沒有不散的宴席], see 天下沒有不散的筵席|天下没有不散的筵席[tiān xià méi yǒu bù sàn de yán xí]
        tiānxiàméiyǒubùsàndeyánxí, [天下沒有不散的筵席], all good things must come to an end (idiom)
        tóucháoxià, [頭朝下], head down/upside down
        kuāxiahǎikǒu, [誇下海口], see 誇海口|夸海口[kuā hǎi kǒu]
        wàngxiàcíhuáng, [妄下雌黃], to alter a text indiscriminately (idiom)/to make irresponsible criticism
        wēizhèntiānxià, to inspire awe throughout the empire (idiom)
        róngxià, to hold/to admit/to accommodate/to tolerate
        jìrénlíxià, [寄人籬下], to lodge under another person's roof (idiom); to live relying on sb else's chari...
        zuǒxià, lower left
        bùxià, to arrange/to lay out
        gāndǎléi,bùxiàyǔ, [乾打雷,不下雨], all thunder but no rain (idiom)/a lot of noise but no action
        píngtiānxià, to pacify the country
        qiángjiàngshǒuxiàwúruòbīng, [強將手下無弱兵], there are no poor soldiers under a good general (idiom)
        xīnxià, in mind
        hūshànghūxià, to fluctuate sharply
        qíngjízhīxià, in a moment of desperation
        yìxiàrúhé, how about it?/what do you think?
        fángxià, (old) one's wife
        shǒuxiàliúqíng, lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me/Do not jud...
        sǎochútiānxià, [掃除天下], to sweep away evil/to purge (the world of crime)
        chéngshàngqǐxià, to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transitio...
        tóujǐngxiàshí, to throw stones at sb who fell down a well (idiom); to hit a person who is down
        pāoxià, [拋下], to throw down/to dump/to abandon/thrown down
        pāoxiàmáo, [拋下錨], to drop anchor
        mǒbùxiàliǎn, [抹不下臉], to be unable to keep a straight face (idiom)
        chāixià, to dismantle/to take apart
        tuōxiàshuǐ, lit. to pull sb into the water/to involve sb in a messy business/to get sb into ...
        tuōrénxiàshuǐ, lit. to pull sb into the water/fig. to involve sb in a messy business/to get sb ...
        nádeqǐfàngdexià, lit. can pick it up or put it down (idiom)/fig. to take what comes/to meet gains...
        ànxià, to press down/to press a button
        ànxiàhúlúfúqǐpiáo, [按下葫蘆浮起瓢], solve one problem only to find another cropping up
        xiétiānzǐyǐlìngtiānxià, [挾天子以令天下], (expr.) hold the feudal overlord and you control the whole country
        diàoxià, to drop down/to fall
        páiwūdìxiàzhǔguǎnwǎng, [排污地下主管網], underground sewage network
        jiēxià, to take on (a responsibility)
        zhāixià, to take off/to remove (one's hat, a door from its hinges etc)/to pick (a piece o...
        Sāmǔěrjìxià, [撒母耳記下], Second book of Samuel
        chèxià, to withdraw/to remove (from a place)/to remove from office
        fàngxiabāofu, to lay down a heavy burden
        fàngxiàtúdāo,lìdìchéngfó, lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilit...
        fàngxiàshēnduàn, to get off one's high horse (idiom)/to dispense with posturing (and adopt a more...
        fàngbuxià, not to have room to put sth/to be unable to let go
        fàngbuxiàxīn, cannot stop worrying
        fàngshèxìngluòxiàhuī, radioactive fallout
        fàngdexià, to be able to accomodate/to have room for/to be able to put (sth) down
        qíxià, under the banner of
        pǔtiānxià, throughout the world
        zhìlìdīxià, mental retardation
        yuèxiàlǎorén, minor divinity concerned with marriage/matchmaker/go-between
        yuèxiàhuāqián, lit. amidst the flowers under the moonlight (idiom)/fig. romantic surroundings
        yǒuliǎngxiàzi, [有兩下子], to have real skill/to know one's stuff
        Mùxià, Kinoshita (Japanese surname)
        Sōngxiàgōngsī, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co./Panasonic
        SōngxiàDiànqì, [松下電器], Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.)
        sōngxiàdiànqìgōngyè, [松下電氣工業], Matsushita Electronics Industry
怀         zhèngzhòngxiàhuái, [正中下懷], exactly what one wants
        měixiàyùkuàng, [每下愈況], see 每況愈下|每况愈下[měi kuàng yù xià]
        bǐshàngbùzúbǐxiàyǒuyú, [比上不足比下有餘], to fall short of the best but be better than the worst/can pass muster
        bǐxiàqù, to defeat/to be superior to
        shuǐxiàhébàozhà, nuclear underwater burst/underwater nuclear explosion
        shuǐxiàhéshìyàn, [水下核試驗], underwater nuclear test
        méishàngméixià, [沒上沒下], no respect for seniors/lacking in manners
        zhìxià, under the jurisdiction of
        níshājùxià, mud and sand flow together (idiom)/good and bad mingle
        huóxià, to survive
        huóxiàqù, to survive/to keep on living
        huóbùxiàqu, impossible to make a living
        húnshēnshàngxià, [渾身上下], all over/from head to toe
        tǎngxià, to let drip/to trickle down/to shed (tears)
        huátiānxiàzhīdàjī, to be the most ridiculous thing in the world (idiom)
        dīxià, drip
        zhūxiàshuǐ, [豬下水], pig offal
        xiànxià, [現下], now/at this moment
        guātiánlǐxià, abbr. for 瓜田不納履,李下不整冠|瓜田不纳履,李下不整冠[guā tián bù nà lǚ , lǐ xià bù zhěng guān]
        piáopōérxià, [瓢潑而下], (of rain) to fall heavily
        gānbàixiàfēng, [甘拜下風], to step down gracefully (humble expression)/to concede defeat/to play second fid...
        shēngxià, to give birth to
        nánrénxīxiàyǒuhuángjīn, [男人膝下有黃金], lit. the man has gold under his knees; fig. a man who does not easily kneel in f...
        Báixià, Baixia district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
        Báixiàqū, [白下區], Baixia district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
        píxià, under the skin/subcutaneous (injection)
        píxiàzhùshè, hypodermic injection/subcutaneous injection
        píxiàde, subcutaneous
        pícéngxiàshīyǔzhèng, [皮層下失語症], subcortical aphasia
        mùxiàshíháng, see 一目十行[yī mù shí háng]
        kànrénxiàcàidiér, [看人下菜碟兒], (dialect) to treat sb according to their social status, relationship with them e...
        yǎnpízidǐxià, right in front of sb's eyes/right under sb's nose/current/at the moment
        yǎnpídǐxia, in front of one's eyes
        mánshàngqīxià, [瞞上欺下], to deceive one's superiors and bully one's subordinates (idiom)
        lǐxiánxiàshì, [禮賢下士], respect for the wise
        sīdǐxia, privately/secretly/confidentially
        bǐxiàshēnghuā, [筆下生花], to write elegantly
        bǐdǐxià, [筆底下], ability to write
        děngyīxià, to wait a moment/later/in awhile
        děngyīxiàr, [等一下兒], erhua variant of 等一下[děng yī xià]
        děngérxiàzhī, going from there to lower grades (idiom)
线         xiànxià, [線下], offline/below the line
        lǎoshǔlāguī,wúcóngxiàshǒu, [老鼠拉龜,無從下手], like mice trying to pull a turtle, nowhere to get a hand grip (idiom)/no clue wh...
        ěrxiàxiàn, subauricular gland/parotid gland (salivary gland in the cheek)
        wèixiàchuí, gastroptosis
        kuàxiàzhīrǔ, lit. the humiliation of having to crawl between the legs of one's adversary (as ...
        kuàxiàwù, (slang) male member/package
        néngshàngnéngxià, ready to take any job, high or low
        nǎoxiàchuítǐ, [腦下垂體], pituitary glands (at the base of the skull)
        tuōxià, [脫下], to take off (clothing)
        chénxià, official in feudal court/subject
        zìdǐngxiàngxià, [自頂向下], top-down
        shéxià, sublingual/hypoglossal
        shéxiàhánfù, sublingual administration (medicine)
        shéxiàpiàn, sublingual tablet (medicine)
        shéxiàxiàn, sublingual gland/saliva gland under tongue
        luòyúxiàfēng, [落於下風], to be at a disadvantage
        tùnxià, to take off (trousers)/to drop one's pants
        fùcháozhīxiàwúwánluǎn, [覆巢之下無完卵], lit. when the nest is upset no egg is left intact (idiom)/fig. when one falls in...
        yánxiàzhīyì, implication
        xǔxià, [許下], to make a promise
        xǔxiàyuànxīn, [許下願心], to express a wish (to a deity)
        pínxiàzhōngnóng, [貧下中農], (category defined by the Communist Party) poor and lower-middle peasants: farmer...
        dūnxià, to squat down/to crouch
        tǎngxià, to lie down
        zhuǎnrùdìxià, [轉入地下], to go underground/to turn to secret activities
        niǎnxià, [輦下], imperial capital (city)
        guòbuxià, [過不下], to be unable to continue living (in a certain manner)/to be unable to make a liv...
        zhèxià, [這下], this time
        zhèxiàzi, [這下子], this time
退         tuìxià, to retire/to withdraw/to retreat/to step down
退         tuìxiàjīn, retirement pension
        jiàngxià, to fall/to drop
        yǐnbìqiǎngpòxiàzài, [隱蔽強迫下載], drive-by download (a form of malware booby-trap)/silent drive-by download
        yǔzéxiàzhù, [雨澤下注], rainfall
        hànxià, [頷下], under one's chin
        hànxiàxiàn, [頷下腺], submaxillary glands (biology)
        niǎojiǎoxiàmù, [鳥腳下目], Ornithopoda, suborder of herbivorous dinosaurs including iguanodon
        hēidēngxiàhuǒ, [黑燈下火], pitch dark/also written 黑燈瞎火|黑灯瞎火[hēi dēng xiā huǒ]

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