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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        bù, (negative prefix)/not/no
        bùguò, [不過], only/merely/no more than/but/however/anyway (to get back to a previous topic)/ca...
        bùyào, don't!/must not
        duìbuqǐ, [對不起], unworthy/to let down/I'm sorry/excuse me/pardon me/if you please/sorry? (please ...
        bùcuò, [不錯], correct/right/not bad/pretty good
        bùnéng, cannot/must not/should not
        bùguǎn, not to be concerned/regardless of/no matter
        bùxíng, won't do/be out of the question/be no good/not work/not be capable
        bùtóng, different/distinct/not the same/not alike
        bùhǎoyìsi, to feel embarrassed/to find it embarrassing/to be sorry (for inconveniencing sb)
        bùhǎo, no good
        bùzài, no more/no longer
        bùyòng, need not
        chàbuduō, almost/nearly/more or less/about the same/good enough/not bad
        bùdébù, have no choice or option but to/cannot but/have to/can't help it/can't avoid
        bùrán, not so/no/or else/otherwise/if not/How about ...?
        bùbì, need not/does not have to/not necessarily
        bùzàihu, not to care
        zhǐbuguò, [只不過], only/merely/nothing but/no more than/it's just that ...
        bùxìng, misfortune/adversity/unfortunate/sad/unfortunately/CL:個|个[gè]
        bùgòu, [不夠], not enough/insufficient/inadequate
        bùxǔ, [不許], not to allow/must not/can't
        bùshǎo, many/a lot/not few
        juébù, [絕不], in no way/not in the least/absolutely not
        bùzhī, not to know/unaware/unknowingly/fig. not to admit (defeat, hardships, tiredness ...
        bùkěsīyì, [不可思議], inconceivable (idiom); unimaginable/unfathomable
        bùduì, [不對], incorrect/wrong/amiss/abnormal/queer
        bùdào, not to arrive/not reaching/insufficient/less than
        bùjiàn, [不見], not to see/not to meet/to have disappeared/to be missing
        bùguǎnzěnyàng, [不管怎樣], in any case/no matter what
        bùduàn, [不斷], unceasing/uninterrupted/continuous/constant
        kěbu, see 可不是[kě bu shì]
        bùkě, cannot/should not/must not
        shòubùliǎo, unbearable/unable to endure/can't stand
        liǎobuqǐ, amazing/terrific/extraordinary
        bùjǐn, [不僅], not only (this one)/not just (...) but also
        shuōbudìng, [說不定], can't say for sure/maybe
        bùjiǔ, not long (after)/before too long/soon/soon after
        bùzhǐ, incessantly/without end/more than/not limited to
        bùān, unpeaceful/unstable/uneasy/disturbed/restless/worried
        bùlùn, [不論], whatever/no matter what (who, how etc)/regardless of/not to discuss
        dàbùliǎo, at worst/if worst comes to worst/serious/alarming
        juébù, [決不], not at all/simply (can) not
        yǔzhòngbùtóng, [與眾不同], to stand out from the masses (idiom)
        bùzhǔn, not to allow/to forbid/to prohibit
        bùhuì, [不會], improbable/unlikely/will not (act, happen etc)/not able/not having learned to do...
        bùmiào, (of a turn of events) not too encouraging/far from good/anything but reassuring
        bùrú, not equal to/not as good as/inferior to/it would be better to
        yòngbuzháo, [用不著], not need/have no use for
        bùlài, [不賴], (coll.) not bad/good/fine
        cóngbù, [從不], never
        bùlì, unfavorable/disadvantageous/harmful/detrimental
        yǒngbù, never/will never
        háobù, hardly/not in the least/not at all
        shìbùshì, is or isn't/yes or no/whether or not
        yàobùrán, otherwise/or else/or
        bùxī, not stint/not spare/not hesitate (to do sth)/not scruple (to do sth)
        rěnbuzhù, cannot help/unable to bear
        hébù, why not?/why not do (sth)?
        bùzú, insufficient/lacking/deficiency/not enough/inadequate/not worth/cannot/should no...
        láibují, [來不及], there's not enough time (to do sth)/it's too late (to do sth)
        bùmíng, not clear/unknown/to fail to understand
        búshi/bùshì, fault/blame, no/is not/not
        bùyàojǐn, [不要緊], unimportant/not serious/it doesn't matter/never mind/it looks all right, but
        pòbùjídài, impatient (idiom); in a hurry/itching to get on with it
        bùdé, must not/may not/not to be allowed/cannot
        xiǎngbudào, unexpected/hard to imagine/it had not occurred to me/who could have thought that
        yàobù, otherwise/or else/how about...?/either... (or...)
        bùguāng, not the only one/not only
        bùpà, fearless/not worried (by setbacks or difficulties)/even if/even though
        xíngbutōng, won't work/will get (you) nowhere
        guàibude, no wonder!/so that's why!
        bùliáng, bad/harmful/unhealthy
        bùdàn, not only (... but also...)
        shíbùshí, [時不時], from time to time
        bùmǎn, [不滿], resentful/discontented/dissatisfied
        bùzhìyú, [不至於], unlikely to go so far as to/not as bad as
        bùdéliǎo, desperately serious/disastrous/extremely/exceedingly
        bùyǐ, endlessly/incessantly
        guòbuqù, [過不去], to make life difficult for/to embarrass/unable to make it through
        bùdà, not very/not too/not often
        hǎobùróngyì, with great difficulty/very difficult
        bùzěnme, [不怎麼], not very/not particularly
        bùtōng, to be obstructed/to be blocked up/to be impassable/to make no sense/to be illogi...
        cóngláibù, [從來不], never
        bùtuǒ, not proper/inappropriate
        bùgù, [不顧], in spite of/regardless of
        wúchùbùzài, [無處不在], to be everywhere
        bùzhīsuǒcuò, not knowing what to do (idiom); at one's wits' end/embarrassed and at a complete...
        bùzéshǒuduàn, [不擇手段], by fair means or foul/by hook or by crook/unscrupulously
        bǐbùshàng, can't compare with
        yìxiǎngbùdào, unexpected/previously unimagined
        bùkěbìmiǎn, unavoidably
        gǎnjībùjìn, [感激不盡], can't thank sb enough (idiom)
        bùjiǔqián, not long ago
        diédiébùxiū, to chatter or jabber on and on
        qíngbùzìjīn, unable to restrain emotions/cannot help
        bùfáng, there is no harm in/might as well
        bùkělǐyù, to be impervious to reason (idiom)/unreasonable
        bùyòngshuō, [不用說], needless to say/it goes without saying
        bùkān, cannot bear/cannot stand/utterly/extremely
        bùcéng, hasn't yet/hasn't ever
便         bùbiàn, inconvenient/inappropriate/unsuitable/short of cash
        shìérbùjiàn, [視而不見], to turn a blind eye to/to ignore
        jiéránbùtóng, entirely different/different as black and white
        bùdéyǐ, to act against one's will/to have no alternative but to/to have to/to have no ch...
        bùshì, [不適], unwell/indisposed/out of sorts
        wúsuǒbùnéng, [無所不能], omnipotent
        xīnbùzàiyān, absent-minded/preoccupied/inattentive/with one's thoughts wandering
        wēibùzúdào, negligible/insignificant
        bùdàodé, immoral
        bùgùyīqiè, [不顧一切], reckless/regardless of everything
        hènbude, wishing one could do sth/to hate to be unable/itching to do sth
        líbukāi, [離不開], inseparable/inevitably linked to
        bùyàoliǎn, [不要臉], to have no sense of shame/shameless
        háobùyóuyù, [毫不猶豫], without the slightest hesitation
        bùfú, inconsistent/not in agreement with/not agree or tally with/not conform to
        bùdàng, [不當], unsuitable/improper/inappropriate
        bùcè, [不測], unexpected/measureless/unexpected circumstance/contingency/mishap
        débùdào, cannot get/cannot obtain
        bùxǐngrénshì, to lose consciousness/unconscious/in a coma
        bùwéirénzhī, [不為人知], not known to anyone/secret/unknown
        bùshí, [不時], from time to time/now and then/occasionally/frequently
        shěbude, [捨不得], to hate to do sth/to hate to part with/to begrudge
        bùróng, must not/cannot/to not allow/cannot tolerate
        bìngbù, [並不], not at all/emphatically not
        bùjīn, can't help (doing sth)/can't refrain from
        bùjǐnrúcǐ, [不僅如此], not only that, but ...
        bùkuì, to be worthy of/to deserve to be called/to prove oneself to be
        bùtíng, incessant
        yǒusuǒbùtóng, to differ to some extent (idiom)
        gēnbushàng, not able to keep up with
        bùzhǐ, not only/not merely
        bùzhībùjué, [不知不覺], unconsciously/unwittingly
        zhìzhībùlǐ, to pay no heed to (idiom)/to ignore/to brush aside
        mènmènbùlè, [悶悶不樂], depressed/sulky/moody/unhappy
        bùqǐyǎn, unremarkable/nothing out of the ordinary
        bùdān, [不單], not the only/not merely/not simply
        bùqū, unyielding/unbending
        qiáobùqǐ, to look down upon/to hold in contempt
        bùxiáng, ominous/inauspicious
        bùhé, to not conform to/to be unsuited to/to be out of keeping with/should not/ought o...
        bùnàifán, [不耐煩], impatience/impatient
        yīqiàobùtōng, [一竅不通], lit. doesn't (even) enter a single aperture (of one's head)/I don't understand a...
        bùkěshōushí, irremediable/unmanageable/out of hand/hopeless
        hǎobù, not at all .../how very ...
        bābude, (coll.) to be eager for/to long for/to look forward to
        bùxiǔ, immortal/immortality
        bùnéngbù, have to/cannot but
        jiànbudérén, [見不得人], shameful
        bùgōng, unjust/unfair
        bùqiǎo, too bad/unfortunately/as luck would have it
        yóuyùbùjué, [猶豫不決], hesitancy/indecision/to waver
        bùlǐ, to refuse to acknowledge/to pay no attention to/to take no notice of/to ignore
        bùjīngyì, [不經意], not paying attention/carelessly/by accident
        bùhéshíyí, [不合時宜], untimely/premature/inopportune/ill-timed/out of fashion/behind the times
        bùjǐngqì, [不景氣], slack/in a slump
        Bùlièdiān, [不列顛], Britain/British/Great Britain
        yīdòngbùdòng, [一動不動], motionless
        cuòshǒubùjí, no time to deal with it (idiom); caught unprepared
        shēnxìnbùyí, to believe firmly without any doubt (idiom)/absolute certainty about sth
        xíngyǐngbùlí, [形影不離], inseparable (as form and shadow)
        bùqièshíjì, [不切實際], unrealistic/impractical
        bùfěi, considerable (cost etc)/bountiful (crop etc)/high (social status etc)
        tòngbùyùshēng, to be so in pain as to not want to live/to be so grieved as to wish one were dea...
        bùkěkāijiāo, [不可開交], to be awfully (busy etc)
        mòbùguānxīn, [漠不關心], not the least bit concerned/completely indifferent
        qiúzhībùdé, lit. seek but fail to get (idiom); fig. exactly what one’s been looking for
        bùjué, [不覺], unconsciously
        chángshēngbùlǎo, [長生不老], immortality
        dòngbudòng, [動不動], (typically followed by 就[jiù]) apt to (lose one's temper, catch a cold etc)/at t...
        yīchéngbùbiàn, [一成不變], nothing much changes (idiom); always the same/stuck in a rut
        hébùlái, [合不來], unable to get along together/incompatible
        xiàluòbùmíng, unaccounted/unknown whereabouts
        xiàbùwéilì, [下不為例], not to be repeated/not to be taken as a precedent/just this once
        bùyóuzìzhǔ, can't help; involuntarily (idiom)
        bùkěgàorén, hidden/kept secret/not to be divulged
        hūnmíbùxǐng, to remain unconscious
        bùchéng, won't do/unable to/(at the end of a rhetorical question) can that be?
        bùzhébùkòu, a hundred percent/to the letter/out-and-out
        niànniànbùwàng, to keep in mind constantly (idiom)
        bùxiè, to disdain to do sth/to think sth not worth doing/to feel it beneath one's digni...
        bùdòngchǎn, [不動產], real estate/immovable property/immovables
        pòbùdéyǐ, to have no alternative (idiom); compelled by circumstances/forced into sth
        yīyánbùfā, [一言不發], to not say a word (idiom)
        bùsùzhīkè, uninvited or unexpected guest
        bùyí, not suitable/inadvisable/inappropriate
        tāotāobùjué, [滔滔不絕], unceasing torrent (idiom)/talking non-stop/gabbling forty to the dozen
        chūqíbùyì, to do sth when least expected (idiom); to catch sb off guard
        xìnbùguò, [信不過], to distrust/to be suspicious
        bùfù, [不復], no longer/no more
        cǎnbùrěndǔ, [慘不忍睹], spectacle too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic sight/appalling scenes of devas...
        qiánbùjiǔ, not long ago/not long before
        kàobuzhù, unreliable
        mǎibuqǐ, [買不起], cannot afford/can't afford buying
        bùbìyào, needless/unnecessary
        guòyìbùqù, [過意不去], to feel very apologetic
        jīnbuzhù, can't help it/can't bear it
        zàibù, if not, then/otherwise
        yáobǎibùdìng, [搖擺不定], indecisive/wavering
        bùxiáng, [不詳], not in detail/not quite clear
        bùyú, to withhold/to refuse
        zhànwúbùshèng, [戰無不勝], to triumph in every battle (idiom); invincible/to succeed in every undertaking
        yīqùbùfùfǎn, [一去不復返], gone forever
        gégébùrù, (idiom) inharmonious/incompatible
        kànbuguàn, [看不慣], cannot bear to see/to hate/to dislike/to disapprove
        huáérbùshí, [華而不實], flower but no fruit (idiom); handsome exterior but hollow inside/flashy
        zuòlìbùān, lit. agitated sitting or standing (idiom)/restless/fidgety
        háobùliúqíng, to show no quarter/ruthless/relentless
        miàobùkěyán, too wonderful for words
        bùguǐ, [不軌], errant
        DàBùlièdiān, [大不列顛], Great Britain
        wàngbùliǎo, cannot forget
        shēnbùyóujǐ, without the freedom to act independently (idiom); involuntary/not of one's own v...
        bùxiànghuà, [不像話], unreasonable/shocking/outrageous
        bùyì, not easy to do sth/difficult/unchanging
        jiānchíbùxiè, [堅持不懈], to persevere unremittingly (idiom); to keep going until the end
        zìmìngbùfán, to think too much of oneself/self-important/arrogant
        xīnshénbùníng, [心神不寧], to feel ill at ease
        kànbuqǐ, to look down upon/to despise
        dāoqiāngbùrù, [刀槍不入], lit. impervious to sword or spear (idiom)/fig. invulnerable/untouchable/thick-sk...
        yīshēngbùkēng, [一聲不吭], to not say a word
        bùfán, out of the ordinary/out of the common run
        bùjìqíshù, [不計其數], lit. their number cannot be counted (idiom); fig. countless/innumerable
        bùzhīsuǒyún, to not know what sb is driving at/to be unintelligible
        shǎobuliǎo, cannot do without/to be unavoidable/are bound to be many
        bùwénbùwèn, [不聞不問], not to hear, not to question (idiom)/to show no interest in sth/uncritical/not i...
        yījuébùzhèn, one stumble, unable to rise (idiom); a setback leading to total collapse/ruined ...
        bìbùkěshǎo, absolutely necessary/indispensable/essential
        jiānbùkěcuī, [堅不可摧], invulnerable, indestructible, impregnable
        bùjiànde, [不見得], not necessarily/not likely
        yīsībùgǒu, [一絲不苟], not one thread loose (idiom); strictly according to the rules/meticulous/not one...
        jībùkěshī, [機不可失], No time to lose! (idiom)
        Nàbùlèsī, Napoli, capital of Campania region of Italy/Naples
        sāshǒubùguǎn, to stand aside and do nothing (idiom)/to take no part in
        yǒutiáobùwěn, [有條不紊], regular and thorough (idiom); methodically arranged
        bùguīzé, [不規則], irregular
        bùkěhuòquē, necessary/must have
        bùxiū, endlessly/ceaselessly
        yàobushì, if it were not for/but for
        chībuxiāo, to be unable to tolerate or endure/to find sth difficult to manage
        jiāolǜbùān, [焦慮不安], worried too much
        bùhǎorě, not to be trifled with/not to be pushed around/stand no nonsense
        bùyíyúlì, [不遺餘力], to spare no pains or effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
        bùcíérbié, [不辭而別], to leave without saying good-bye
        bùyī, to vary/to differ
        bùzúwéiqí, [不足為奇], not at all surprising (idiom)
        jīngbuqǐ, [經不起], can't stand it/to be unable to bear/to be unable to resist
        bùyùn, infertility
        bùxiùgāng, [不銹鋼]/[不鏽鋼], stainless steel, stainless steel
        yuányuánbùduàn, [源源不斷], a steady flow (idiom); an unending stream
        háobùfèilì, [毫不費力], effortless/not expending the slightest effort
        wúsuǒbùzài, [無所不在], omnipresent
        guòmùbùwàng, [過目不忘], to have a highly retentive memory/to have sth imprinted in one's memory
        cùnbùbùlí, [寸步不離], to follow sb closely (idiom)/to keep close to
        bùjìn, [不盡], not completely/endlessly
        tíngzhìbùqián, [停滯不前], stuck and not moving forward (idiom); stagnant/in a rut/at a standstill
        bùdéérzhī, unknown/unable to find out
        bùxiāngshàngxià, equally matched/about the same
        bùyóu, can't help (doing sth)
        bùjí, to fall short of/not as good as/too late
        miǎnbùliǎo, unavoidable/can't be avoided
        bùshèng, [不勝], cannot bear or stand/be unequal to/very/extremely
        bùjì, [不濟], not good/of no use
        bùxièyīgù, [不屑一顧], to disdain as beneath contempt (idiom)
        bùkānyījī, [不堪一擊], to be unable to withstand a single blow/to collapse at the first blow
        mùbùzhuǎnjīng, [目不轉睛], unable to take one's eyes off (idiom); to gaze steadily/to stare
        wánshìbùgōng, to trifle without respect (idiom); to despise worldly conventions/frivolous
        bùyìérfēi, [不翼而飛], to disappear without trace/to vanish all of a sudden/to spread fast/to spread li...
        bùsú, impressive/out of the ordinary
        bùliǎoliǎozhī, to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled/to end up with nothing definite
        bùtóngfánxiǎng, [不同凡響], lit. not a common chord (idiom); outstanding/brilliant/out of the common run
        lìbùcóngxīn, [力不從心], less capable than desirable (idiom); not as strong as one would wish/the spirit ...
        qiěbùshuō, [且不說], not to mention/leaving aside
        jiāndìngbùyí, [堅定不移], unswerving/unflinching
        bùyánéryù, it goes without saying/it is self-evident
        bùhé, not to get along well/to be on bad terms/to be at odds/discord
        shìbùkědǎng, [勢不可擋], see 勢不可當|势不可当[shì bù kě dāng]
        bùshàn, bad/ill/not good at/not to be pooh-poohed/quite impressive
        zànbùjuékǒu, [讚不絕口]/[贊不絕口], to praise without cease (idiom); praise sb to high heaven, to praise without cea...
        bùzhù, repeatedly/continuously/constantly/unable to (resist, conceal etc)
        bùdìng, indefinite/indeterminate/(botany) adventitious
        yuánfēngbùdòng, [原封不動], sticking unmoving to the original (idiom); not an iota changed/untouched
        yīwénbùmíng, to be penniless
        bùréndào, inhuman
        zhīzìbùtí, [隻字不提], not to mention (idiom); to say not one word/fig. to omit mention (of a non-perso...
        ànbīngbùdòng, [按兵不動], to hold back one's troops without moving (idiom); to bide one's time
        bùkānshèxiǎng, [不堪設想], too horrible to contemplate/unthinkable/inconceivable
        bùzàihuàxià, [不在話下], to be nothing difficult/to be a cinch
        bùwèn, [不問], to pay no attention to/to disregard/to ignore/to let go unpunished/to let off
        mǎbùtíngtí, [馬不停蹄], unrelenting/without stopping to rest
        bùzhìzhīzhèng, incurable disease
        bùchūsuǒliào, as expected
        kànbùshùnyǎn, [看不順眼], unpleasant to the eye/objectionable
        yīqiánbùzhí, [一錢不值], not worth a penny/utterly worthless
        bùjūyīgé, not stick to one pattern
        yīchénbùrǎn, [一塵不染], untainted by even a speck of dust (idiom); selfless and incorruptible/spotless
        shuōbuguòqù, [說不過去], cannot be justified/inexcusable
        duìbuzhù, [對不住], to let sb down/to be unfair/I'm sorry/pardon me (formal)
        shǔbùshèngshǔ, [數不勝數], too many to count (idiom); innumerable
        nùbùkěè, unable to restrain one's anger (idiom); in a towering rage
        bùhuānérsàn, [不歡而散], to part on bad terms/(of a meeting etc) to break up in discord
        bùláoérhuò, [不勞而獲], to reap without sowing (idiom)
        gòngrènbùhuì, [供認不諱], to make a full confession/to plead guilty
        lǚshìbùshuǎng, [屢試不爽], well-tried/time-tested
        mǎnbùzàihu, [滿不在乎], not in the least concerned (idiom)/reckless/couldn't give a damn about it/unpert...
        shārénbùzhǎyǎn, [殺人不眨眼], to murder without blinking an eye (idiom)/ruthless/cold-blooded
齿         bùchǐ, [不齒], to despise/to hold in contempt
        bùjiě, to not understand/to be puzzled by/indissoluble
        gǎnbùjí, [趕不及], not enough time (to do sth)/too late (to do sth)
        bùxiè, untiring/unremitting/indefatigable
        bùxī, continually/without a break/ceaselessly
        láizhěbùjù, [來者不拒], to refuse nobody (idiom)/all comers welcome
        dànànbùsǐ, [大難不死], to just escape from calamity
        bùfǎ, lawless/illegal/unlawful
        jiànguàibùguài, [見怪不怪], to keep one's calm in the face of the unexpected/not to wonder at strange sights
        shēngshēngbùxī, to grow and multiply without end
        bùzhuóbiānjì, [不著邊際], not to the point/wide of the mark/neither here nor there/irrelevant
        bùqūbùnáo, [不屈不撓], unyielding/indomitable
        tǎntèbùān, restless/apprehensive
        zhíyánbùhuì, [直言不諱], to speak bluntly (idiom)/not to mince words
        chōngěrbùwén, [充耳不聞], to block one's ears and not listen (idiom); to turn a deaf ear
        jìwǎngbùjiù, to forget and not bear recriminations (idiom); to let bygones be bygones/There i...
        wúèbùzuò, [無惡不作], not to shrink from any crime (idiom); to commit any imaginable misdeed
        bùwèi, unafraid/to defy
        lècǐbùpí, [樂此不疲], to enjoy sth and never tire of it (idiom)
        wúqíbùyǒu, [無奇不有], nothing is too bizarre/full of extraordinary things
        zúbùchūhù, [足不出戶], lit. not putting a foot outside/to stay at home
        bùmáozhīdì, barren land/desert
        xīnzhàobùxuān, a tacit mutual understanding
        wúwēibùzhì, [無微不至], in every possible way (idiom); meticulous
        bùzhōu, not satisfactory/thoughtless/inconsiderate
        bùfá, there is no lack of
        àibùshìshǒu, [愛不釋手], to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly
        míngbùxūchuán, [名不虛傳], lit. name is not in vain (idiom); a fully justified reputation/enjoys a well-des...
        tánbushàng, [談不上], to be out of the question
        yìbùróngcí, [義不容辭], not to be shirked without dishonor (idiom)/incumbent/bounden (duty)
        chūyánbùxùn, [出言不遜], to speak rudely
        mámùbùrén, numbed/insensitive/apathetic/thick-skinned
        fànbuzháo, [犯不著], not worthwhile
        yánbùyóuzhōng, to say sth without meaning it (idiom); to speak tongue in cheek/saying one thing...
        bùděng, unequal/varied
        bùshèn, incautious/inattentive
        bùpíng, uneven/injustice/unfairness/wrong/grievance/indignant/dissatisfied
        mànbùjīngxīn, [漫不經心], careless/heedless/absent-minded/indifferent
        fàngdàngbùjī, [放蕩不羈], wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute
        rùbùfūchū, income does not cover expenditure/unable to make ends meet
        bùzhīqùxiàng, whereabouts unknown/gone missing
        háobùchíyí, [毫不遲疑], without the slightest hesitation
        sùbùxiāngshí, [素不相識], to be total strangers (idiom)
        wénsībùdòng, [紋絲不動], to not move a single jot (idiom)
        yǒngchuíbùxiǔ, eternal glory/will never be forgotten
        móhubùqīng, indistinct/fuzzy/blurred with age
        jíbùkědài, impatient/eager to/anxious to
        bùyánzìmíng, self-evident; needing no explanation (idiom)
        bùyìlèhū, [不亦樂乎], lit. isn't that a joy? (quote from Confucius)/fig. (jocularly) extremely/awfully
        bùwéisuǒdòng, [不為所動], to remain unmoved
        bùjìnrénqíng, not amenable to reason/unreasonable
        bùdòngshēngsè, [不動聲色], not a word or movement (idiom); remaining calm and collected/not batting an eyel...
        bùyǐwéirán, [不以為然], not to accept as correct (idiom); to object/to disapprove/to take exception to
        bùyuè, [不悅], displeased/annoyed
        bùkuài, unhappy/in low spirits/(of a knife) not sharp
        gōngbùkěmò, [功不可沒], one's contributions cannot go unnoticed (idiom)
        bùyànqífán, [不厭其煩], not to mind taking all the trouble (idiom)/to take great pains/to be very patien...
        céngchūbùqióng, [層出不窮], more and more emerge/innumerable succession/breeding like flies (idiom)
        bùpiānbùyǐ, even-handed/impartial/unbiased/exact/just
        chóuméibùzhǎn, with a worried frown
        wànjiébùfù, [萬劫不復], consigned to eternal damnation/with no hope of reprieve
        bùróngzhìyí, unquestionable
        bùduān, improper/dishonorable
        shìbùguānjǐ, [事不關己], a matter of no concern to oneself (idiom)
        huòbùdānxíng, [禍不單行], misfortune does not come singly (idiom)/it never rains but it pours
        èrhuàbùshuō, [二話不說], not saying anything further (idiom); not raising any objection/without demur
        bùkěduōdé, hard to come by/rare
        yùbàbùnéng, [欲罷不能], want to stop but can't (idiom)/to be unable to stop oneself/to feel an urge to c...
        xiàbùlái, [下不來], awkward/embarrassed/cannot be accomplished
        bùzhì, not in such a way as to/not likely to
        bùlìn, not to stint/to be generous (with praise etc)/to be prepared to (pay a fee, give...
        bùxiào, unfilial
        bùlì, not to do one's best/not to exert oneself
        míngbùjiànjīngzhuàn, [名不見經傳], (lit.) name not encountered in the classics/unknown (person)/nobody
        bùyìzhīcái, [不義之財], ill-gotten wealth or gains
        yǒuguòzhīérwúbùjí, [有過之而無不及], not to be inferior in any aspects (idiom)/to surpass/to outdo/(derog.) to be eve...
        cǐlùbùtōng, this road is blocked/fig. This method does not work./Doing this is no good.
        zhímíbùwù, [執迷不悟], to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way (idiom)
        měizhōngbùzú, everything is fine except for one small defect (idiom); the fly in the ointment
        fènbùgùshēn, [奮不顧身], to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dang...
        bùgǎndāng, [不敢當], lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise/you flatter...
        bùkěnìzhuǎn, [不可逆轉], irreversible
        bùyóude, can't help/cannot but
        ruòbùjīnfēng, [弱不禁風], too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate/fragile state of he...
        guǒzúbùqián, to stand still without advancing (idiom); to hesitate and hold back
        láilìbùmíng, [來歷不明], of unknown origin
        bùwú, [不無], not without
        hǎojǐngbùcháng, [好景不長], a good thing doesn't last forever (idiom)
        zīzībùjuàn, lit. diligent and never slacking (idiom); continuous concentrated effort/assiduo...
        jiǒngránbùtóng, widely different/utterly different
        wújiānbùcuī, [無堅不摧], no stronghold one cannot overcome (idiom); to conquer every obstacle/nothing one...
        bùwùzhèngyè, [不務正業], not to engage in honest work/to ignore one's proper occupation/not to attend to ...
        mìbùkěfēn, inextricably linked (idiom)/inseparable
        shìbùguòsān, [事不過三], a thing should not be attempted more than three times (idiom)/don't repeat the s...
        bùkěmómiè, [不可磨滅], indelible
        cóngróngbùpò, [從容不迫], calm/unruffled
        jīnbuqǐ, to be unable to stand
        dǎbàobùpíng, to come to the aid of sb suffering an injustice/to fight for justice/also writte...
        dàyánbùcán, [大言不慚], to boast shamelessly/to talk big
        bùjiǎsīsuǒ, to act without taking time to think (idiom); to react instantly/to fire from the...
        bùdéyǐérwéizhī, [不得已而為之], to have no other choice/to be the last resort
        bùbǐ, unlike
        bùxiūbiānfú, [不修邊幅], not care about one's appearance (idiom)/slovenly in dress and manner
        kèbùrónghuǎn, [刻不容緩], to brook no delay/to demand immediate action
        yōngjǐbùkān, [擁擠不堪], overcrowded/jam-packed
        bùshēngbùxiǎng, [不聲不響], wordless and silent (idiom); without speaking/taciturn
        débùchángshī, [得不償失], the gains do not make up for the losses (idiom)
        zhuìzhuìbùān, to be on tenterhooks (idiom)/to be anxious and frightened
        bùxūcǐxíng, [不虛此行], the trip has not been made in vain/the trip has been well worthwhile/it's been a...
        bājiǔbùlíshí, [八九不離十], pretty close/very near/about right
        bùlùshēngsè, [不露聲色], not show one's feeling or intentions
        gōngbùyìngqiú, [供不應求], supply does not meet demand
        zàisuǒbùcí, [在所不辭], not to refuse to (idiom)/not to hesitate to
        bùshīwéi, [不失為], can still be considered (to be...)/may after all be accepted as
        shēnbùkěcè, [深不可測], deep and unmeasurable (idiom); unfathomable depths/incomprehensible/enigmatic an...
        hélèérbùwéi, [何樂而不為], What can you have against it? (idiom)/We should do this./Go for it!
        jǔqíbùdìng, [舉棋不定], to hesitate over what move to make (idiom); to waver/to shilly-shally
        bùsānbùsì, dubious/shady/neither one thing nor the other/neither fish nor fowl/nondescript
        shuǐtǔbùfú, not acclimatized
        mánbùjiǎnglǐ, [蠻不講理], completely unreasonable
        fènfènbùpíng, [憤憤不平], to feel indignant/to feel aggrieved
        kǔbùkānyán, to suffer unspeakable misery/indescribably painful/hellish
        shíbùwǒdài, [時不我待], time and tide wait for no man (idiom)
        chàbùlí, [差不離], not much different/similar/ordinary/nearly
        bùgān, unreconciled to/not resigned to/unwilling
        bànshēnbùsuì, paralysis of one side of the body/hemiplegia
        cùncǎobùshēng, lit. not even a blade of grass grows (idiom)/fig. barren
        húnránbùzhī, [渾然不知], to be totally oblivious (to sth)/to have no idea about sth
        kūxiàobùdé, lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom)/both funny and extremely embarr...
        zhōngzhēnbùyú, [忠貞不渝], unswerving in one's loyalty (idiom); faithful and constant
        chèyèbùmián, [徹夜不眠], to be sleepless all night
        péibúshi, [賠不是], to apologize
        wúsuǒbùwéi, [無所不為], not stopping at anything/all manner of evil
        bùzìliàng, not take a proper measure of oneself/to overrate one's own abilities
        bùkětóngrìéryǔ, [不可同日而語], lit. mustn't speak of two things on the same day (idiom); not to be mentioned in...
        bùhánérlì, [不寒而慄], shiver all over though not cold/tremble with fear/shudder
        bùmíngbùbái, obscure/dubious/shady
        bùwàihū, nothing else but
        shíbùzàilái, [時不再來], Time that has passed will never come back. (idiom)
        jīngjiǔbùshuāi, [經久不衰], unfailing/never-ending
        wěimǐbùzhèn, dispirited and listless (idiom); downcast
        liùqīnbùrèn, [六親不認], not recognizing one's family (idiom); self-centered and not making any allowance...
        bùlíng, [不靈], not work/be ineffective
        bùmiǎn, inevitably
        bùdéyàolǐng, [不得要領], to fail to grasp the main points
        jūxīnbùliáng, to harbor evil intentions (idiom)
        gāobùkěpān, too high to reach (idiom); eminent and unapproachable
        Bùláiméi, [不來梅], Bremen (city)
        júcùbùān, ill at ease/uncomfortable
        huàbùtóujī, [話不投機], the conversation is disagreeable (idiom)
        bùmóuérhé, [不謀而合], to agree without prior consultation/to happen to hold the same view
        bùcíláokǔ, [不辭勞苦], to spare no effort
        mìérbùxuān, [祕而不宣], to withhold information/to keep sth secret
        shìbùyíchí, [事不宜遲], the matter should not be delayed/there's no time to lose
        yìngjiēbùxiá, [應接不暇], more than one can attend to (idiom)/deluged (with inquiries etc)/overwhelmed (by...
        jiānrènbùbá, [堅韌不拔], firm and indomitable (idiom); tenacious and unyielding
        jíbùkěnài, unable to wait
        shuǐxièbùtōng, [水洩不通], lit. not one drop can trickle through (idiom); fig. impenetrable (crowd, traffic...
        hàirénbùqiǎn, [害人不淺], to cause a lot of trouble/to inflict much suffering
        měibùshèngshōu, [美不勝收], nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)
        jiēliánbùduàn, [接連不斷], in unbroken succession (idiom)
        bùhuāngbùmáng, calm and unhurried (idiom); composed/to take matters calmly
        bùqīéryù, meet by chance/have a chance encounter
        gùbude, [顧不得], unable to change sth/unable to deal with
        rěbuqǐ, can't afford to offend/dare not provoke/difficult to deal with/insufferable
        lǚjiànbùxiān, [屢見不鮮], a common occurrence (idiom)
        láilùbùmíng, [來路不明], unidentified origin/no-one knows where it comes from/of dubious background
        míhuòbùjiě, to feel puzzled
        bùfǎfènzǐ, lawbreakers/offenders
        qièérbùshě, [鍥而不捨], to chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom); to chisel away at sth/to pers...
        bǎitīngbùyàn, [百聽不厭], worth hearing a hundred times
        lěngbudīng, suddenly/by surprise
        bùkěyúyuè, impassable/insurmountable/insuperable
        lèbùkězhī, [樂不可支], overjoyed (idiom); as pleased as punch
        bùkěyīshì, to consider oneself unexcelled in the world/to be insufferably arrogant
        bùdǒngzhuāngdǒng, [不懂裝懂], to pretend to understand when you don't
        wèisuōbùqián, [畏縮不前], to shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance
        míngbùfùshí, [名不副實], the name does not reflect the reality (idiom); more in name than in fact/Reality...
        yīyībùshě, [依依不捨], reluctant to part (idiom); broken-hearted at having to leave
        Měisuǒbùdámǐyà, [美索不達米亞], Mesopotamia
        bǎisībùdéqíjiě, see 百思不解[bǎi sī bù jiě]
        bùyībùráo, [不依不饒], not to overlook, nor spare (idiom); unwilling to forgive/to treat severely witho...
        bànshēngbùshóu, underripe/half-cooked/(fig.) not mastered (of a technique)/clumsy/halting
        bùyīhuì, [不一會], soon
        jīngbuzhù, [經不住], to be unable to bear
        guòyóubùjí, [過猶不及], too far is as bad as not enough (idiom, from the Analects)
        kěwàngérbùkějí, in sight but unattainable (idiom)/inaccessible
        bùliào, unexpectedly/to one's surprise
        bùjū, not stick to/not confine oneself to/whatever
        bùxiāo, to not need/needless (to say)
        bùwài, not beyond the scope of/nothing more than
        bùbáizhīyuān, unrighted wrong/unredressed injustice
        zìkuìbùrú, ashamed of being inferior (idiom)/to feel inferior to others
        bùkěgūliàng, inestimable/incalculable/beyond measure
        bùhánhu, unambiguous/unequivocal/explicit/prudent/cautious/not negligent/unafraid/unhesit...
        bùzhìkěfǒu, decline to comment/not express an opinion/be noncommittal/hedge
        fángbùshèngfáng, [防不勝防], you can't guard against it (idiom)/impossible to defend effectively/not much one...
        bùgōngzìpò, (of a rumor etc) to collapse (in the light of facts etc)/to be discredited
        bùcíxīnkǔ, [不辭辛苦], to make nothing of hardships
        wúbù, [無不], none lacking/none missing/everything is there/everyone without exception
        bùjiǎndāngnián, [不減當年], (of one's skills, appearance etc) not to have deteriorated a bit/to be as (good,...
        mòbù, none doesn't/there is none who isn't/everyone
        nìngsǐbùqū, [寧死不屈], rather die than submit (idiom)
        shuōbushàng, [說不上], to be unable to say or tell/to not be worth mentioning
        huāngdànbùjīng, [荒誕不經], absurd/preposterous/ridiculous
        guǎbùdízhòng, [寡不敵眾], the few are no match for the many/heavily outnumbered/facing impossible odds (id...
        yùsùzébùdá, [欲速則不達], lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more has...
        hébùlǒngzuǐ, [合不攏嘴], unable to conceal one's happiness, amazement, shock etc/grinning from ear to ear...
        bùtòngbùyǎng, [不痛不癢], lit. doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle (idiom); sth is wrong, but not quite sure what...
        mòbùzuòshēng, [默不作聲], to keep silent
        bùdǎowēng, roly-poly toy/tilting doll/tumbler
        bùshuāi, unfailing/never weakening/enduring/unstoppable
        chǔbiànbùjīng, [處變不驚], to remain calm in the face of events (idiom)
        bùjìngérzǒu, [不脛而走], to get round fast/to spread like wildfire
        bùchì, just as/no less than/like (sth momentous)/as good as/tantamount to
        Bùdān, Bhutan
        bùjūxiǎojié, [不拘小節], to not bother about trifles (idiom)
        shuōyībùèr, [說一不二], to say one and mean just that (idiom); to keep one's word
        chuānliúbùxī, the stream flows without stopping (idiom); unending flow
        bùjūn, uneven/distributed unevenly
        bǎizhànbùdài, [百戰不殆], to come unscathed through a hundred battles (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War...
        bùkěkànglì, unpredictable eventuality/unpreventable/unavoidable/impossible to overcome/nothi...
        bǎizhébùnáo, [百折不撓], to keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks (idiom)/to be undaunted by repeated...
        huàntāngbùhuànyào, [換湯不換藥], different broth but the same old medicine (idiom); a change in name only/a chang...
        léidǎbùdòng, [雷打不動], not shaken by thunder (idiom); the arrangements are unalterable/to adhere rigidl...
        zìqiángbùxī, [自強不息], to strive unremittingly/self-improvement
        rěnjùnbùjīn, cannot help laughing/unable to restrain a smile
        xīnyǒuyúérlìbùzú, [心有餘而力不足], the will is there, but not the strength (idiom)/the spirit is willing but the fl...
        quēyībùkě, not a single one is dispensable/can't do without either
        bùkězhōngrì, [不可終日], to be unable to carry on even for a single day/to be in a desperate situation
        ànnàbuzhù, to be unable to hold back
忿忿         fènfènbùpíng, variant of 憤憤不平|愤愤不平[fèn fèn bù píng]
        bùxiào, (literary) unlike one's parents/degenerate/unworthy
        dànìbùdào, disgraceful (of behavior that is unfilial, rebellious or otherwise in grave brea...
        cēncībùqí, [參差不齊], (idiom) variable/uneven/irregular
        bùyuǎnqiānlǐ, [不遠千里], make light of traveling a thousand li/go to the trouble of traveling a long dist...
        bùyùzhèng, sterility/barrenness
        lěngbufáng, unexpectedly/suddenly/at unawares/off guard/against expectations
        bùfú, not to accept sth/to want to have sth overruled or changed/to refuse to obey or ...
        bùyùnzhèng, female infertility
        yàobude, intolerable/unacceptable
        bùzúwéiguài, [不足為怪], not at all surprising (idiom)
        shíbùguǒfù, lit. food not filling the stomach (idiom)/fig. poverty-stricken
        bùdérénxīn, not to enjoy popular support/to be unpopular
        gāngzhèngbùē, [剛正不阿], upright and plainspoken
        shàngliángbùzhèngxiàliángwāi, lit. If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked (idiom); ...
        lèbùsīShǔ, [樂不思蜀], indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty (idiom)
        zìbùliànglì, to overestimate one's capabilities (idiom)
        hùbùxiāngràng, [互不相讓], neither giving way to the other
        bǎodāobùlǎo, [寶刀不老], lit. a good sword always remains sharp (idiom)/fig. (of one's skills etc) to be ...
        suànbùdé, not count as
        shígǔbùhuà, to swallow ancient learning without digesting it (idiom)/to be pedantic without ...
        tīngérbùwén, [聽而不聞], to hear but not react (idiom); to turn a deaf ear/to ignore deliberately
        xiǎngbukāi, [想不開], cannot figure out/to be unable to take a lighter view/to take things too hard/to...
        luòyìbùjué, [絡繹不絕], continuously; in an endless stream (idiom)
        shūbùzhī, little imagined/scarcely realized
        chóuchúbùqián, [躊躇不前], to hesitate to move forward/to hesitate/to hold back
        liànliànbùshě, [戀戀不捨], reluctant to part
        mínbùliáoshēng, The people have no way to make a living (idiom, from Record of the Grand Histori...
        háobùkèqi, [毫不客氣], no trace of politeness/unrestrained (criticism)
        liánxùbùduàn, [連續不斷], continuous/unceasing
        bǎiwénbùrúyījiàn, [百聞不如一見], seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself i...
        mángbùdié, hurriedly/in haste
        bùyì, unexpectedly/unawareness/unpreparedness
        cùbùjífáng, to be caught off guard/without warning
        zhǐshuōbùzuò, [只說不做], to be all talk and no action
        bùshèngméijǔ, [不勝枚舉], too numerous to mention individually or one by one
        bùyuēértóng, [不約而同], to agree by chance (idiom); taking the same action without prior consultation
        bùjuéyúěr, [不絕於耳], (of sound) to never stop/to fall incessantly on the ear/to linger on
        zàntànbùyǐ, [贊嘆不已], to be full of praise (idiom)
        miánmiánbùjué, [綿綿不絕], continuous/endless
        bùrěn, cannot bear to/disturbed
        chībukāi, [吃不開], be unpopular/won't work
        yánbùjíyì, [言不及義], to talk nonsense (idiom)/frivolous talk
        huábulái, [划不來], not worth it
        shìbùliǎnglì, [勢不兩立], the two cannot exist together (idiom); irreconcilable differences/incompatible s...
        xiāntiānbùzú, congenital deficiency/inherent weakness
        bùzhēng, [不爭], widely known/incontestable/undeniable/to not strive for/to not contend for
        huǐbùdāngchū, [悔不當初], to regret one's past deeds (idiom)
        bàobùpíng, to be outraged by an injustice
        míngwánbùlíng, [冥頑不靈], stupid/stubborn/pigheaded
        jiéàobùxùn, [桀驁不馴], arrogant and obstinate (idiom)/unyielding
        bùxiángzhīzhào, bad omen
        yībìngbùqǐ, to fall gravely ill, never to recover (idiom)
        bùbēibùkàng, neither servile nor overbearing (idiom)/neither obsequious nor supercilious
        lǚjiàobùgǎi, [屢教不改], lit. not to change, despite repeated admonition/incorrigible/unrepentant
        zìbùbìshuō, [自不必說], to not need dwell on (idiom)
        bùyánbùyǔ, [不言不語], to not say a word (idiom)/to keep silent
        bùsuì, to fail/to fail to materialize/not to get one's way
        bùzhānguō, [不粘鍋], non-stick pan
        yèbùbìhù, [夜不閉戶], lit. doors not locked at night (idiom); fig. stable society
        míngbùfúshí, [名不符實], the name does not correspond to reality (idiom); it doesn't live up to its reput...
        guǒbùqírán, just as expected/told you so
        shǒubùshìjuàn, [手不釋卷], lit. always with a book in hand (idiom)/fig. (of a student or scholar) diligent ...
        bǎiniánbùyù, only met with once every hundred years (drought, flood etc)
        bùgānjìmò, unwilling to remain lonely or idle/unwilling to be left out
        bùkěfēngē, inalienable/unalienable/inseparable/indivisible
        āotūbùpíng, uneven (surface)/bumpy (road)
        bùdìngshì, infinitive (grammar)
        qímàobùyáng, [其貌不揚], (idiom) nothing special to look at/unprepossessing
        bùguòěrěr, [不過爾爾], not more than so-so (idiom); mediocre/nothing out of the ordinary
        bùshíshíwù, [不識時務], to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumsta...
        rénxīnbùgǔ, the men of today are sadly degenerated (idiom)
        míngbùpíng, [鳴不平], to cry out against injustice/to protest unfairness
        jiānqiángbùqū, [堅強不屈], staunch and unyielding (idiom); steadfast
        hēibùliūqiū, dark and swarthy
        sānbùguǎn, of undetermined status/unregulated
        wúsuǒbùbāo, [無所不包], not excluding anything/all-inclusive
        bùyàyú, [不亞於], no less than/not inferior to
        ruìbùkědāng, [銳不可當], unstoppable/hard to hold back
        yánchéngbùdài, [嚴懲不貸], to punish severely (idiom)
        jiānrěnbùbá, [堅忍不拔], fortitude
        xiāngchíbùxià, at a stalemate/deadlocked/in unrelenting mutual opposition
        bùgānshìruò, not to be outdone
        shǐzhōngbùyú, [始終不渝], unswerving/unflinching
        yībùbìtǐ, [衣不蔽體], lit. clothes not covering the body (idiom)/fig. poverty-stricken
        bùmíngyù, [不名譽], disreputable/disgraceful
        yǔyānbùxiáng, [語焉不詳], to mention sth without elaborating (idiom); not giving details
        cùnbùbùràng, [寸步不讓], (idiom) not to yield an inch
        fēnwénbùqǔ, to give for free
        bùlúnbùlèi, [不倫不類], out of place/inappropriate/incongruous
        láibudé, [來不得], cannot allow (to be present)/cannot admit
        bùguǎnsānqīèrshíyī, regardless of the consequences/recklessly relying on a hopelessly optimistic for...
        bǎobuqí, [保不齊], more likely than not/quite possible/on the cards
        bùxiàyú, as many as/no less than/not inferior to/as good as/on a par with
        bùdìngguàncí, [不定冠詞], indefinite article (e.g. English a, an)
        lìsuǒbùjí, beyond one's power (to do sth)
        bìbùkěquē, see 必不可少[bì bù kě shǎo]
        niùbuguò, [拗不過], can't persuade/unable to make (sb) change their mind/unable to resist (sb)
        bùyī, not to comply/not to go along with/not to let off easily/not to let sb get away ...
        wéifùbùrén, [為富不仁], the benevolent man cannot be rich (idiom, from Mencius). It is easier for a came...
        fēngmǎniúbùxiāngjí, [風馬牛不相及], to be completely unrelated to one another (idiom)/irrelevant
        zhāobùbǎoxī, at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening (idiom); precarious state/imminent crisi...
        bùcái, untalented/I/me (humble)
        jǔbùshèngjǔ, [舉不勝舉], too numerous to list (idiom); innumerable
        yúxīnbùrěn, [於心不忍], can't bear to
        huībuliūqiū, see 灰不溜丟|灰不溜丢[huī bu liū diū]
        màotiānxiàzhīdàbùwěi, [冒天下之大不韙], see 冒大不韙|冒大不韪[mào dà bù wěi]
        mòbùshì, probably/perhaps/could it be that...?
        zhuóěrbùqún, [卓爾不群], standing above the common crowd (idiom); outstanding/excellent and unrivaled
        bùdéjìn, [不得勁], awkward/unhandy/be indisposed/not feel well
        xīnshénbùān, to feel ill at ease
        bùwèiqiángbào, [不畏強暴], not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
        jiānzhēnbùyú, [堅貞不渝], unyielding integrity (idiom); unwavering
        bìngxíngbùbèi, [並行不悖], to run in parallel without hindrance/not mutually exclusive/two processes can be...
        diānpūbùpò, [顛撲不破], solid/irrefutable/incontrovertible/indisputable/unbreakable
        fànbushàng, see 犯不著|犯不着[fàn bu zháo]
        shìbùkědāng, [勢不可當], impossible to resist (idiom); an irresistible force
        shēngbùféngshí, [生不逢時], born at the wrong time (idiom); unlucky (esp. to complain about one's fate)/born...
        jiàokǔbudié, to complain without stopping (idiom); to bitch endlessly/incessant grievances
        dōngbùlā, Dombra or Tambura, Kazakh plucked lute
        duōyīshìbùrúshǎoyīshì, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble (idiom)/the less complications the bet...
        wànbiànbùlíqízōng, [萬變不離其宗], many superficial changes but no departure from the original stand (idiom); plus ...
        bùkěmíngzhuàng, [不可名狀], indescribable/beyond description
        dāngrénbùràng, [當仁不讓], to be unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others
        bùguòyì, [不過意], to be sorry/to feel apologetic
        àilǐbùlǐ, [愛理不理], to look cold and indifferent/standoffish
        shíjīnbùmèi, to pick up money and not hide it (idiom); to return property to its owner
        jūgāobùxià, (of prices, rates etc) to remain high
        kǎnkěbùpíng, potholed and bumpy road (idiom); fig. full of disappointment and dashed hopes
        zhǐjiànshùmùbùjiànsēnlín, [只見樹木不見森林], unable to see the wood for the trees/fig. only able to see isolated details, and...
        yīdīngbùshí, [一丁不識], illiterate/ignorant
        yībùzuò,èrbùxiū, don't do it, or don't rest (idiom); either give up, or go through to the end/Sin...
        yīsībùguà, [一絲不掛], not wearing one thread (idiom); absolutely naked/without a stitch of clothing/in...
        yīgebāzhǎngpāibùxiǎng, [一個巴掌拍不響], lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb)/fig. it takes two persons to start a d...
        yījièbùqǔ, to not even take a penny (as a bribe)
        yīdàibùrúyīdài, to be getting worse with each generation
        yīqùbùhuí, gone forever
        yīfābùkěshōushi, [一發不可收拾], once it gets started there's no stopping it
        yīfāérbùkěshōu, [一發而不可收], to be impossible to stop once started
        yīkǒuchībùchéngpàngzi, lit. you cannot get fat with only one mouthful (proverb)/fig. learn to walk befo...
        yīshēngbùxiǎng, [一聲不響], to keep totally silent/noiselessly
        yīzìbùchā, word for word/verbatim
        yīzìbùtí, to not mention a single word (about sth) (idiom)
        yīzìbùlòu, without missing a word
        yīzìbùlà, see 一字不漏[yī zì bù lòu]
        yīzìbùshí, [一字不識], totally illiterate
        yīshānbùróngèrhǔ, lit. the mountain can't have two tigers (idiom)/fig. this town ain't big enough ...
        yīwénbùzhí, worthless (idiom)/no use whatsoever
        yīrìbùrúyīrì, to be getting worse by the day
        yīrìbùjiàn,rúgésānqiū, [一日不見,如隔三秋], one day apart seems like three years (idiom)
        yīmáobùbá, stingy (idiom)
        yīdiǎnbù, [一點不], not at all
        yīzhāobùshèn,mǎnpánjiēshū, [一著不慎,滿盤皆輸], One careless move and the whole game is lost. (idiom)
        yībǐbùgǒu, [一筆不苟], lit. not even one stroke is negligent (idiom)/fig. to write characters (calligra...
        yīyǔbùfā, [一語不發], to not say a word (idiom)
        yīwènsānbùzhī, [一問三不知], lit. to reply "don't know" whatever the question (idiom)/fig. absolutely no idea...
        wànbùdéyǐ, [萬不得已], only when absolutely essential (idiom); as a last resort
        wànsǐbùcí, [萬死不辭], ten thousand deaths will not prevent me (idiom); ready to risk life and limb to ...
        zhàngèrhéshang,mōbuzháotóunǎo, [丈二和尚,摸不著頭腦], lit. like a three-meter high monk, you can't rub his head (idiom)/fig. at a tota...
        zhàngèrJīngāngmōbuzháotóunǎo, [丈二金剛摸不著頭腦], see 丈二和尚,摸不著頭腦|丈二和尚,摸不着头脑[zhàng èr hé shang , mō bu zháo tóu nǎo]
        sānbù, the three no's (abbreviated catchphrase)
        sānbùwǔshí, [三不五時], (Tw) from time to time/frequently
        sānbùzhān, air ball (basketball)
        sānbùzhī, to know nothing about the beginning, the middle or the end/to know nothing at al...
        sānjùhuàbùlíběnháng, [三句話不離本行], to talk shop all the time (idiom)
        sāntiānbùdǎ,shàngfángjiēwǎ, three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to rip the tiles (...
        sāncùnbùlànzhīshé, [三寸不爛之舌], to have a silver tongue/to have the gift of the gab
        shàngbùliǎotáimiàn, [上不了檯面], better kept under the table (idiom)/not to be disclosed/too inferior to show in ...
        shàngbùdétáipán, [上不得臺盤], too uncouth to appear in public (idiom)/unfit for a public role
        shàngqìbùjiēxiàqì, [上氣不接下氣], out of breath (idiom)/to gasp for air
        xiàbuliǎotái, [下不了臺], to be unable to extricate oneself gracefully/to be put on the spot/to be embarra...
        xiàbùláitái, [下不來臺], to be put on the spot/to find oneself in an awkward situation
        bùyīdìng, not necessarily/maybe
        bùyīyàng, [不一樣], different/distinctive/unlike
        bùyīérzú, by no means an isolated case/numerous
        bùyīzhìzì, inconsistent phonogram(s)
        bùxià, to be not less than (a certain quantity, amount etc)
        bùzhòngyì, not to one's liking
        bùzhòngyòng, unfit for anything/no good/useless/(of a sick person) beyond hope
        bùwèizuǒyòutǎn, [不為左右袒], to remain neutral in a quarrel (idiom)
        bùwéiyǐshèn, [不為已甚], refrain from going to extremes in meting out punishment/not be too hard on subje...
        bùwéijiǔkùn, [不為酒困], not a slave to the bottle/able to enjoy alcohol in moderation/able to hold one's...
        bùzhǔgùcháng, not to stick to the old conventions
        bùjǔ, [不舉], erectile dysfunction/impotence
        bùyì, [不義], injustice
        bùle/bùliǎo, no thanks (used to politely but informally decline), unable to/without end
        bùyǔlǐhuì, [不予理會], to ignore/to brush off/to dismiss/to pay no attention to
        bùyǔpínglùn, [不予評論], No comment!
        bùzhēngqì, [不爭氣], to be disappointing/to fail to live up to expectations
        bùshìzhāngyáng, [不事張揚], quietly/without ostentation
        bùshìshēngchǎn, [不事生產], not to do anything productive/to idle away one's time
        bùèr, the only (choice, way etc)/undivided (loyalty)
        bùèrjià, [不二價], one price for all/fixed price
        bùèrfǎmén, [不二法門], the one and only way/the only proper course to take
        bùyà, [不亞], no less than/not inferior to
        bùkàngbùbēi, neither haughty nor humble/neither overbearing nor servile/neither supercilious ...
        bùrén, not benevolent/heartless/numb
        bùlìngréngǔwǔ, discouraging/disheartening
        bùyǐwéiyì, [不以為意], not to mind/unconcerned
        bùyǐrénfèiyán, [不以人廢言], not to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on ...
        bùyǐwùxǐ,bùyǐjǐbēi, not to become attached to material things, not to pity oneself
        bùyǐguīju,bùnéngchéngfāngyuán, [不以規矩,不能成方圓], without rules, nothing can be done (idiom, from Mencius); one must follow some r...
        bùyǐcíhàizhì, [不以詞害誌], don't let rhetoric spoil the message (idiom); don't get carried away with flower...
        bùyǐcíhàizhì, [不以辭害志], don't let rhetoric spoil the message (idiom); don't get carried away with flower...
        bùshāngpíwèi, [不傷脾胃], lit. doesn't hurt the spleen or the stomach/fig. something that is not critical
        bùlún, [不倫], (of a relationship) improper (adulterous, incestuous, teacher-student etc)/unsee...
        bùtǐmiàn, [不體面], to not appear to be decent or respectful/shameful
        bùzuòwéi, [不作為], nonfeasance/omission (law)
        bùzuòsǐjiùbùhuìsǐ, [不作死就不會死], serves you right for doing sth so stupid (Internet slang)
        bùnìng, without eloquence/untalented/I, me (humble)
        bùjiā, not good
便         bùbiànxiǎn, [不便險], travel insurance covering flight delay, baggage loss etc (abbr. for 旅遊不便險|旅游不便险)
        bùxìnrèndòngyì, [不信任動議], motion of no confidence (against the government, in parliamentary debates)
        bùxìnrèntóupiào, vote of no-confidence
        bùxìnrènàn, no-confidence motion
        bùxìnyòng, distrust
        bùjiǎnzékuì, [不儉則匱], wastage makes one destitute (idiom)
        bùjuàn, tireless/untiring/indefatigable
        bùzhí, not worth
        bùzhíyīwén, worthless (idiom)/no use whatsoever
        bùzhíde, unworthy
        bùzhíqián, [不值錢], of little value
        bùpiānxié, not leaning to one side/impartial/even-handed
        bùpiānjí, [不偏極], unpolarized (light)
        bùzuòshēng, [不做聲], keep silent/not say a word
        bùxiàngyàng, [不像樣], in no shape to be seen/unpresentable/beyond recognition
        bùguāngcǎi, disgraceful/dishonorable
        bùkè, cannot/to not be able (to)/to be unable to
        bùmiǎnyīsǐ, cannot avoid being killed/cannot escape death/to be mortal
        bùrùshíyí, [不入時宜], untimely/premature/inopportune/ill-timed/out of fashion/behind the times
        bùrùhǔxué,yāndéhǔzǐ, How do you catch the tiger cub without entering the tiger's lair? (idiom); Nothi...
        bùgōngzhèng, injustice
        bùgòngdàitiān, (of enemies) cannot live under the same sky/absolutely irreconcilable
        bùguāntòngyǎng, [不關痛癢], unimportant/of no consequence
        bùxīng, [不興], out of fashion/outmoded/impermissible/can't
        bùjiānróngxìng, incompatibility
        bùdònggǎng, [不凍港], ice-free port/open port
        bùdònggǎngkǒu, [不凍港口], ice-free port (refers to Vladivostok)
        bùzhǔnquè, [不準確], imprecise
        bùzhǔnxǔ, [不准許], forbidden/not allowed
        bùcòuqiǎo, [不湊巧], unluckily
        bùfēn, not divided/irrespective/not distinguishing between
        bùfēnshàngxià, not to know one's place
        bùfēnbózhòng, lit. unable to distinguish eldest brother from second brother (idiom); they are ...
        bùfēnbǐcǐ, to make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's (idiom)/to ...
        bùfēnqíngyóu, indiscriminate
        bùfēnzhòuyè, [不分晝夜], day and night/round-the-clock
        bùfēnzàobái, not distinguishing black or white (idiom); not to distinguish between right and ...
        bùfēnshèngfù, [不分勝負], unable to determine victory or defeat (idiom); evenly matched/to come out even/t...
        bùfēnshèngbài, [不分勝敗], to not be able to distinguish who's winning
        bùfēnxuānzhì, [不分軒輊], well-matched/equally matched
        bùfēnqīnghóngzàobái, [不分青紅皂白], not distinguishing red-green or black-white (idiom)/not to distinguish between r...
        bùfēngāoxià, equally matched/not much to distinguish who is stronger
        bùqièhéshíjì, [不切合實際], impractical/not conforming to reality
        bùkānzhīlùn, [不刊之論], indisputable statement/unalterable truth
        bùhuásuàn, it isn't worth it/not cost-effective/not profitable/too expensive
        BùlièdiānBǎowèizhàn, [不列顛保衛戰], see 不列顛戰役|不列颠战役[Bù liè diān Zhàn yì])
        BùlièdiānGēlúnbǐyà, [不列顛哥倫比亞], British Columbia, Pacific province of Canada
        BùlièdiānGēlúnbǐyàshěng, [不列顛哥倫比亞省], British Columbia, Pacific province of Canada
        BùlièdiānZhànyì, [不列顛戰役], Battle of Britain (Jul-Oct 1940)
        BùlièdiānZhūdǎo, [不列顛諸島], British Isles
        bùdàohuǒhòubùjiēguō, [不到火候不揭鍋], don't act until the time is ripe (idiom)
        bùdàoChángchéngfēihǎohàn, [不到長城非好漢], lit. until you reach the Great Wall, you're not a proper person; fig. to get ove...
        bùdàoHuángHéxīnbùsǐ, [不到黃河心不死], lit. not to stop until one reaches the Yellow River (idiom)/fig. to persevere un...
        bùjiā, without/not/un-
        bùjiāxiūshì, [不加修飾], undecorated/unvarnished/no frills
        bùjiāqūbié, [不加區別], indiscriminate
        bùjiāsīsuǒ, see 不假思索[bù jiǎ sī suǒ]
        bùjiājūshù, unrestricted
        bùjiāyǎnshì, [不加掩飾], undisguised
        bùjiāniúnǎi, without milk/black (of tea, coffee etc)
        bùjiālǐcǎi, without giving due consideration/to ignore/to overlook
        bùjiāxuǎnzé, [不加選擇], indiscriminate
        bùdòng, [不動], motionless
        bùdòngyáo, [不動搖], unmoved
        bùdòngdiǎn, [不動點], fixed point (of a map) (math.)
        bùdòngdiǎndìnglǐ, [不動點定理], fixed point theorem (math.)
        bùláowúhuò, [不勞無獲], no pain, no gain (idiom)
        bùkuì, [不匱], endlessly/without ceasing
        bùqūfēndàxiǎoxiě, [不區分大小寫], case insensitive/not distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
        bùxiétiáo, [不協調], uncoordinated/disharmony
        bùjíbùlí, [不即不離], to be neither too familiar nor too distant/to keep sb at arm's length
        bùyàn, [不厭], not to tire of/not to object to
        bùqùlǐ, not to pay attention to/to leave sth as it is/to ignore
        bùjígé, to fail/to flunk
        bùjíwùdòngcí, [不及物動詞], intransitive verb
        bùshòuhuānyíng, [不受歡迎], unwelcome
        bùbiàn, [不變], constant/unvarying/(math.) invariant
        bùbiànjiàgé, [不變價格], fixed price/constant price
        bùbiànhuà, [不變化], invariably
        bùbiànzīběn, [不變資本], constant capital
        bùbiànliàng, [不變量], invariant quantity/invariant (math.)
        bùkěyǐ, may not
        bùkěqīnfàn, inviolable/inviolability
        bùkěqīnfànquán, [不可侵犯權], inviolability
        bùkězàishēngzīyuán, [不可再生資源], nonrenewable resource
        bùkěfēnlí, [不可分離], inseparable
        bùkědǎo, [不可導], not differentiable (function in calculus)
        bùkěkàngjù, act of God/force majeure (law)/irresistible (idiom)
        bùkěwǎnhuí, irreversible
        bùkěchèxiāoxìnyòngzhèng, [不可撤銷信用證], irrevocable letter of credit
        bùkějiùyào, [不可救藥], incurable/incorrigible/beyond cure/hopeless
        bùkěshǔ, [不可數], uncountable
        bùkěshǔmíngcí, [不可數名詞], uncountable noun (in grammar of European languages)
        bùkěshuòjí, [不可數集], uncountable set (math.)
        bùkěméijǔ, [不可枚舉], innumerable (idiom)
        bùkězhīlùn, [不可知論], agnosticism, the philosophical doctrine that some questions about the universe a...
        bùkěduānní, impossible to get even an outline (idiom)/unfathomable/not a clue
        bùkěquēshǎo, indispensable
        bùkězhìxìn, unbelievable/incredible
        bùkěshèngshǔ, [不可勝數], countless/innumerable
        bùkěshèngyán, [不可勝言], inexpressible (idiom)/beyond description
        bùkěnéng, impossible/cannot/not able
        bùkějiě, insoluble (i.e. impossible to solve)
        bùkěyányù, inexpressible (idiom)
        bùkěnì, irreversible
        bùkětōngyuē, [不可通約], having no common measure/incommensurable/incommensurate
        bùkěbì, unavoidable
        bùkěkào, unreliable
        bùhétǐtǒng, [不合體統], not according with decorum/scandalous/bad form/unacceptable behavior
        bùhézuò, noncooperation
        bùhéfǎ, illegal
        bùhélǐ, unreasonable
        bùjí, unlucky/inauspicious/ominous
        bùjílì, ominous
        bùmíngyīwén, without a penny to one's name/penniless/stony-broke
        bùmíngyīqián, [不名一錢], to be penniless
        bùmíngshù, [不名數], abstract number
        bùtǔbùkuài, to have to pour out what's on one's mind (idiom)
        bùtǔqì, [不吐氣], unaspirated
        bùlìnzhūyù, lit. do not begrudge gems of wisdom (idiom, humble expr.); fig. Please give me y...
        bùtīngmìng, [不聽命], to disobey
        BùzhōuShān, Buzhou Mountain, a mountain from Chinese legend
        bùzhōuyán, undistributed
        bùzǎde, (dialect) not that great/not up to much/nothing special
        bùzǎde, (dialect) not that great/not up to much/nothing special
        bùjiùjìwǎng, not censure sb for his past misdeeds/overlook sb's past mistakes/let bygones be ...
        bùchìtiānyuān, [不啻天淵], no less than from heaven to the abyss (idiom); differing widely/worlds apart/the...
        bùyuántōng, [不圓通], inflexible/unaccommodating
        bùzài, not to be present/to be out/(euphemism) to pass away/to be deceased
        bùzàile, to be dead/to have passed away
        bùzàiqíwèibùmòuqízhèng, [不在其位不謀其政], don't meddle in affairs that are not part of your position (Confucius)
        bùzàiyì, to pay no attention to/not to mind
        bùzàizhuàngtài, [不在狀態], to be out of form/not to be oneself
        bùkānrùmù, unbearable to look at/an eyesore
        bùkānrěnshòu, unbearable
        bùbèi, [不備], unprepared/off guard
        bùwàilù, not exposed/concealed from view
        bùdàlí, [不大離], pretty close/just about right/not bad/same as 差不多
        bùdàlír, [不大離兒], erhua variant of 不大離|不大离[bù dà lí]
        bùtàihǎo, not so good/not too well
        bùshīshíjī, [不失時機], to seize the opportune moment/to lose no time
        bùhǎoshòu, unpleasant/hard to take
        bùhǎoshuō, [不好說], hard to say/unpleasant to say/can't be sure
        bùrúrényì, leaving much to be desired/unsatisfactory/undesirable
        bùtuǒxié, [不妥協], uncompromising
        bùfúzhòngwàng, [不孚眾望], not living up to expectations (idiom)/failing to inspire confidence among people...
        bùxiàoyǒusān,wúhòuwéidà, [不孝有三,無後為大], There are three ways to be unfilial; having no sons is the worst. (citation from...
        bùxuéwúshù, [不學無術], without learning or skills (idiom); ignorant and incompetent
        bùānqíshì, to be discontented with one's home/to have adulterous relations after marriage (...
        bùānfen, restless/unsettled
        bùānhǎoxīn, to have bad intentions
        bùwánquánzhōnglì, imperfect neutrality
        bùwánquányè, [不完全葉], incomplete leaf
        bùwánquánguīnàtuīlǐ, [不完全歸納推理], inference by incomplete induction
        bùwánshàn, imperfect
        bùwánměi, defective/imperfect
        bùdìngyuán, indeterminate element (math.), often denoted by x
        bùdìngxíng, indeterminate form
        bùdìngfāngchéng, (math.) indeterminate equation
        bùdìngqī, non-scheduled/irregularly
        bùdìngjīfēn, [不定積分], indefinite integral (math.)
        bùdìngcí, [不定詞], infinitive
        bùkèqi, [不客氣], you're welcome/don't mention it/impolite/rude/blunt
        bùxuānérzhàn, [不宣而戰], open hostilities without declaring war/start an undeclared war
        bùróngzhìbiàn, [不容置辯], peremptory/not to be denied/not brooking argument
        bùduìjìn, [不對勁], not in good condition/wrong/fishy
        bùduìjìnr, [不對勁兒], erhua variant of 不對勁|不对劲[bù duì jìn]
        bùduìtóu, [不對頭], fishy/not right/amiss
        bùduìpán, [不對盤], (of a person) objectionable/(of two people) to find each other disagreeable
        bùduìchár, [不對碴兒], not proper/not fit for the occasion
        bùduìchèn, [不對稱], unsymmetrical/asymmetric
        bùjìngēn, [不盡根], surd (math.)
        bùjúxiàn, not confined
        bùchā/bùchà, to not lack, not bad/OK
        bùdài, [不帶], not to have/without/un-
        bùdàidiàn, [不帶電], uncharged/electrically neutral
        bùgānbùjìng, [不乾不淨], unclean/filthy/foul-mouthed
        bùgānbùjìng,chīleméibìng, [不乾不淨,吃了沒病], a little dirt never killed anybody (proverb)/a couple of germs won't do you any ...
        bùgānshè, noninterference/nonintervention
        bùpíngfán, marvelous/marvelously
        bùpíngzémíng, [不平則鳴], where there is injustice, there will be an outcry/man will cry out against injus...
        bùpíngcháng, remarkable/remarkably/unusual
        bùpíngděng, inequality/unfairness
        bùpíngděngtiáoyuē, [不平等條約], unequal treaty
        bùpínghéng, disequilibrium
        bùxìngzhīshì, mishap
        bùxìngzhīxìng, a fortune in misfortune/a positive in the negative
        bùxìngshòuhài, the unfortunate injured (party)/a victim
        bùxìngyánzhòng, to turn out just as one predicted or feared
        bùyìngqī, [不應期], refractory period (physiology)
        bùkāiqiào, [不開竅], unable to understand/can't get the point
        bùdàngyīhuíshì, [不當一回事], not regard as a matter (of any importance)
        bùdāngshì, [不當事], useless/regard as useless
        bùdāngjiābùzhīcháimǐguì, [不當家不知柴米貴], a person who doesn't manage a household would not be aware how expensive it is (...
        bùdàngdélì, [不當得利], unjust enrichment
        bùdāngjǐn, [不當緊], not important/of no consequence
        bùdàishuō, [不待說], needless to say/it goes without saying
        bùhěn, not very
        bùdéqíménérrù, [不得其門而入], to be unable to get in/to fail to find a proper approach to handling sth
        bùmáng, there's no hurry/take one's time
        bùniànjiùè, [不念舊惡], do not recall old grievances (idiom, from Analects); forgive and forget
忿         bùfèn, unsatisfied/unconvinced/indignant
怀         bùhuáihǎoyì, [不懷好意], to harbor evil designs/to harbor malicious intentions
        bùzěnmeyàng, [不怎麼樣], not up to much/very indifferent/nothing great about it/nothing good to be said a...
        bùpàyīwàn,jiùpàwànyī, [不怕一萬,就怕萬一], better to be safe than sorry (proverb)/to be prepared just in case
        bùpàguān,zhǐpàguǎn, lit. it is not an official to be feared, but a person in direct control over sb ...
        bùpàmàn,jiùpàzhàn, it's better to make slow progress than no progress at all (proverb)
        bùdài, untiring/indefatigable
        bùjízhīwù, [不急之務], a matter of no great urgency
        bùxù, not to worry/not to show concern
        bùxùrényán, not to worry about the gossip (idiom); to do the right thing regardless of what ...
        bùgōng, disrespectful
        bùhuànguǎérhuànbùjūn, do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution (idiom, from A...
        bùfěibùfā, [不悱不發], a student should not be guided until he has made an effort to express his though...
        bùqíngzhīqǐng, [不情之請], my presumptuous request (humble expr.); if I may be so bold to ask a favor
        bùqíngyuàn, [不情願], unwilling
        bùhuò, without doubt/with full self-confidence/forty years of age
        bùxīyīzhàn, [不惜一戰], to be ready to go to war
        bùxīxuèběn, to spare no effort/to devote all one's energies
        bùwéi, not only
        bùxiǎng, unexpectedly
        bùyúkuài, disagreeable/unpleasant
        bùfènbùqǐ, [不憤不啟], a student shall not be enlightened until he has tried hard by himself (idiom)
        bùkuìxiàxué, [不愧下學], not ashamed to learn from subordinates (idiom)
        bùkuìbùzuò, no shame, no subterfuge (idiom); just and honorable/upright and above board
        bùyuàn, [不願], unwilling/unwillingness
        bùxièdài, untiring/without slacking
        bùchéngtǐtǒng, [不成體統], not according with decorum (idiom); scandalous/bad form/unacceptable behavior
便         bùchénggōngbiànchéngrén, to succeed or die trying (idiom)
        bùchéngwén, unwritten (rule)
        bùchéngwénfǎ, unwritten law
        bùchéngcái, worthless/good-for-nothing
        bùchéngyàngzi, [不成樣子], shapeless/deformed/ruined/beyond recognition/(of a person) reduced to a shadow
        bùchéngshú, unripe/immature
        bùchénghuà, [不成話], see 不像話|不像话[bù xiàng huà]
        bùzhànbùhé, [不戰不和], neither war nor peace
        bùdǎbùchéngqì, spare the rod and spoil the child (idiom)
        bùdǎbùchéngcái, spare the rod and spoil the child (idiom)
        bùdǎbùchéngxiāngshí, [不打不成相識], don't fight, won't make friends (idiom); an exchange of blows may lead to friend...
        bùdǎbùxiāngshí, [不打不相識], lit. don't fight, won't make friends (idiom); an exchange of blows may lead to f...
        bùdǎjǐn, [不打緊], unimportant/not serious/it doesn't matter/never mind
        bùdǎzìzhāo, to confess without being pressed/to make a confession without duress
        BùKuòsànHéwǔqìTiáoyuē, [不擴散核武器條約], Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
        bùchéngrènzhǔyì, [不承認主義], policy of non-recognition
        bùdǐkàngzhǔyì, [不抵抗主義], policy of nonresistance
        bùlājī, [不拉幾], (dialect) extremely
        bùlājī, [不拉嘰], (nasty, stupid etc) as can be
        bùzhèn, lacking in vitality/depressed (market, spirits etc)
        bùtíyěbà, [不提也罷], best not to mention it/drop it/never mind/let's not talk about it
        bùchādiàn, [不插電], unplugged (of rock musicians performing on acoustic instruments)
        bùchuǎimàomèi, to venture to/to presume to/to take the liberty of
        bùdālǐ, variant of 不答理[bù dā lǐ]
        bùmōtóu, [不摸頭], not acquainted with the situation/not up on things
        bùzhuàngnánqiángbùhuítóu, [不撞南牆不回頭], to stubbornly insist on one's own ideas (idiom)
        bùzhī, to be unable to endure
        bùdí, [不敵], no match for/cannot beat
        bùgǎngōngwei, [不敢恭維], to be underwhelmed/to be less than impressed
        bùgǎnzìzhuān, [不敢自專], not daring to act for oneself (idiom)
        bùgǎngǒutóng, to beg to differ (idiom)
        bùgǎnyuèLéichíyībù, dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit
        bùgǎngāopān, lit. not dare to pull oneself up high (humble term)/I cannot presume on your att...
        bùjìng, disrespect/irreverent/rude/insufficiently respectful (to a superior)
        bùxīnxiān, [不新鮮], stale
便         bùfāngbiàn, inconvenience/inconvenient
        bùwúxiǎobǔ, [不無小補], not be without some advantage/be of some help
        bùrì, within the next few days/in a few days time
        bùshízhīxū, [不時之需], a possible period of want or need
        bùmíngshìlǐ, not understanding things (idiom); devoid of sense
        bùmíngjiùlǐ, [不明就裡], not to understand the situation/unaware of the ins and outs
        bùmíngquè, [不明確], indefinite/unclear
        bùmíngjuélì, [不明覺厲], although I don't understand it, it seems pretty awesome (Internet slang)
        bùmíngfēixíngwù, [不明飛行物], unidentified flying object (UFO)
        bùyìzhīlùn, [不易之論], perfectly sound proposition/unalterable truth/irrefutable argument
        bùshìyījiārénbùjìnyījiāmén, [不是一家人不進一家門], people who don't belong together, don't get to live together (idiom)/marriages a...
西         bùshìdōngxi, [不是東西], (derog.) to be a good-for-nothing/worthless nobody/no-good
        bùshìyuānjiābùjùtóu, [不是冤家不聚頭], destiny will make enemies meet (idiom)/(often said about lovers who have a disag...
        bùshìchīsùde, not to be trifled with/to be reckoned with
        bùshìma, [不是嗎], isn't that so?
        bùshìwèir, [不是味兒], not the right flavor/not quite right/a bit off/fishy/queer/amiss/feel bad/be ups...
        bùshìzīwèi, to be upset/to feel disgusted
        bùshìhuà, [不是話], see 不像話|不像话[bù xiàng huà]
        bùshìyúsǐjiùshìwǎngpò, [不是魚死就是網破], lit. either the fish dies or the net gets torn (idiom)/fig. it's a life-and-deat...
        bùxiǎnshānbùlùshuǐ, [不顯山不露水], lit. to not show the mountain and to not reveal the water (idiom); fig. to hide ...
        bùzhì, unwise
        bùxiá, to have no time (for sth)/to be too busy (to do sth)
        bùfúshuǐtǔ, (of a stranger) not accustomed to the climate of a new place/not acclimatized
        bùfúzuì, to deny a crime/to plead not guilty
        bùqī, unexpectedly/to one's surprise
        bùqīránérrán, happen unexpectedly/turn out contrary to one's expectations
        bùcái, untalented/I/me (humble)/also written 不才[bù cái]
        Bùláiméigǎng, [不來梅港], Bremerhaven, German port
        bùwǎng, not in vain
        bùbiāozhǔn, [不標準], nonstandard
        bùzhǐyīcì, many times/on more than one occasion
        bùzhèngzhīfēng, [不正之風], unhealthy tendency
        bùzhèngcháng, abnormal
        bùzhèngchángzhuàngkuàng, [不正常狀況], abnormal state
        bùzhèngdàng, [不正當], dishonest/unfair/improper
        bùzhèngdàngguānxì, [不正當關係], improper relation/adulterous relation
        bùzhèngdàngjìngzhēng, [不正當競爭], unfair competition/illicit competition
        bùzhèngquè, [不正確], incorrect/erroneous
        bùsǐbùxiū, to fight to one's last gasp
        bùsǐxīn, unwilling to give up/unresigned
        bùmáo, barren
        bùqiúrén, backscratcher (made from bamboo etc)
        bùqiúshōuhuò, [不求收獲], not expecting any reward/not asking for favors
        bùqiúyǒugōng,dànqiúwúguò, [不求有功,但求無過], lit. not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid ...
        bùqiúshènjiě, lit. not requiring a detailed understanding (idiom); only looking for an overvie...
        bùzhì, to die of illness or injury despite receiving medical help
        bùzhìéryù, [不治而癒], to recover spontaneously (from an illness)/to get better without medical treatme...
        bùzhānguō, [不沾鍋], non-stick pan (Tw)
        bùzhùyì, thoughtless/not pay attention to
        bùqīng, unclear
        bùqīngchu, unclear/not understood/currently unknown
        bùyú, constant/unchanging/abiding/faithful
        bùróng, insoluble
        bùmǎnyì, [不滿意], dissatisfied
        bùshuǎng, not well/out of sorts/in a bad mood/without discrepancy/accurate
        bùtè, not only
        bùdú, [不獨], not only
        bùlǐbùcǎi, to completely ignore (idiom)/to pay no attention to/not to be in the least conce...
        bùgānyú, [不甘於], unwilling to accept/not content with (a subservient role, a mediocre result etc)
        bùgānrénhòu, [不甘人後], (idiom) not want to be outdone/not content to lag behind
        bùgānhòurén, [不甘後人], (idiom) not want to be outdone/not content to lag behind
        bùgānxīn, not reconciled to/not resigned to
        bùyòngkèqi, [不用客氣], you're welcome/don't mention it/no need to stand on ceremony
        bùyòngzhǎo, "keep the change" (restaurant expression)
        bùyòngxiè, [不用謝], You're welcome/Don't mention it
        bùyóufēnshuō, [不由分說], to allow no explanation
        bùwèiqiángquán, [不畏強權], not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
        bùjíbùxú, neither too fast nor too slow (idiom)
        bùdēngdàyǎzhītáng, lit. not fit for elegant hall (of artwork)/not presentable/coarse/unrefined
        bùxiāngróng, incompatible
        bùxiāngróngyuánlǐ, (Pauli) exclusion principle (physics)
        bùxiānggān, to be irrelevant/to have nothing to do with
        bùxiāngfú, not in harmony
        bùkànsēngmiànkànfómiàn, lit. not for the monk's sake but for the Buddha's sake (idiom)/fig. (to do sth f...
        bùmiánbùxiū, without stopping to sleep or have a rest (idiom)
        bùzháo, [不著], no need/need not
        bùzhuóhénjì, [不著痕跡], to leave no trace/seamlessly/unobtrusively
        bùzhuólùfēixíng, [不著陸飛行], nonstop flight
        bùmù, to not get along well/to be at odds
        bùchǒubùcǎi, to ignore completely/to pay no attention to sb
        bùzhīDīngDǒng, forgetting the fate of Ding and Dong (idiom)/unheeding the lessons of the past
        bùzhīhégù, somehow
        bùzhīfánjǐ, [不知凡幾], one can't tell how many/numerous similar cases
        bùzhīlìhài, see 不知好歹[bù zhī hǎo dǎi]
        bùzhītiāngāodìhòu, not to know the immensity of heaven and earth/an exaggerated opinion of one's ow...
        bùzhīhǎodǎi, unable to differentiate good from bad (idiom)/not to know what's good for one/un...
        bùzhījiùlǐ, [不知就裡], unaware of the inner workings/naive/unwitting
        bùzhīsuǒzhī, whereabouts unknown
        bùzhīsuǒyǐ, to not know the reason/to not know what to do
        bùzhīsǐhuó, to act recklessly (idiom)
        bùzhīpíjuàn, untiring/not recognizing tiredness
        bùzhītòngyǎng, [不知痛癢], numb/unfeeling/indifferent/inconsequential
        bùzhīxiūchǐ, [不知羞恥], to have no sense of shame/brazen
        bùzhīzhěbùzuì, One who does not know is not guilty/If one does not know any better, one cannot ...
        bùzhīqīngzhòng, [不知輕重], lit. not knowing what's important (idiom); no appreciation of the gravity of thi...
退         bùzhījìntuì, [不知進退], not knowing when to come or leave (idiom); with no sense of propriety
        bùpòbùlì, without destruction there can be no construction
        bùquèdìngxìngyuánlǐ, [不確定性原理], Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927)
        bùquèshí, [不確實], untrue
        bùsuìbōli, shatterproof or safety glass
        bùlíbùqì, [不離不棄], to stand by (sb) (idiom)/steadfast loyalty
        bùlír, [不離兒], not bad/pretty good/pretty close
        bùyí, steadfast/inalienable
        bùlángbùyǒu, useless/worthless/good-for-nothing
        bùwěn, [不穩], unstable/unsteady
        bùwěndìng, [不穩定], unstable
        bùwěndìngqìliú, [不穩定氣流], turbulent
        bùwěnpínghéng, [不穩平衡], unstable equilibrium
        bùwěnxìng, [不穩性], instability
        bùqióng, [不窮], endless/boundless/inexhaustible
        Bùkōngchéngjiùfó, Amoghasiddhi Buddha
        bùdì, to fail the civil service examination (in imperial China)
        bùděngjiàjiāohuàn, [不等價交換], exchange of unequal values
        bùděnghào, [不等號], inequality sign (≠, < , ≤, >, ≥)
        bùděngshì, inequality (math.)
        bùděngbiānsānjiǎoxíng, [不等邊三角形], scalene triangle
        bùdālǐ, to pay no heed to
        bùjiǎndān, [不簡單], not simple/rather complicated/remarkable/marvelous
        bùzhōngtiānnián, [不終天年], to die before one's allotted lifespan has run its course (idiom)
        bùjīngyīshì, [不經一事], You can't gain knowledge without practical experience (idiom); wisdom only comes...
        bùjīngyīshì,bùzhǎngyīzhì, [不經一事,不長一智], You can't gain knowledge without practical experience (idiom); wisdom only comes...
        bùjīngzhītán, [不經之談], absurd statement/cock-and-bull story
        bùjīngyìjiān, [不經意間], without paying attention/without noticing/unconsciously/inadvertently
        bùjiéguǒ, [不結果], fruitless
        bùjiéméng, [不結盟], nonalignment
        BùJiéméngYùndòng, [不結盟運動], Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
        bùgěilì, [不給力], lame (unimpressive)/a huge letdown/not to try at all
        bùjué, [不絕], unending/uninterrupted
        bùjuéyútú, [不絕於途], to come and go in an incessant stream
        bùjuérúlǚ, [不絕如縷], hanging by a thread/very precarious/almost extinct/(of sound) linger on faintly
        bùjī, [不羈], unruly/uninhibited
        bùnàishòu, intolerance (for lactose, gluten or other foods)
        bùchǐxiàwèn, [不恥下問], not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one's subordinates
        bùyù, to be infertile/to have no offspring
        bùyùxìng, sterility
        bùshèngqírǎo, [不勝其擾], unable to put up with (sth) any longer
        bùshèngqífán, [不勝其煩], to be pestered beyond endurance
        bùshèngqíkǔ, [不勝其苦], unable to bear the pain (idiom)
        bùnéngdǐkàng, irresistible
        bùnéngzìyǐ, unable to control oneself/to be beside oneself
        bùzìzai, uneasiness/feel uncomfortable
        bùzìrán, unnatural/artificial
        bùzìyóu,wúnìngsǐ, [不自由,毋寧死], give me liberty or give me death
        bùzìjué, [不自覺], unaware/unconscious of sth
        bùzìliànglì, to overestimate one's capabilities
        bùshě, [不捨], reluctant to part with (sth or sb)/unwilling to let go of
        bùshūfu, unwell/feeling ill/to feel uncomfortable/uneasy
        bùshūshì, [不舒適], uncomfortable
        bùliángqīngxiàng, [不良傾向], harmful trend
        bùgǒu, not lax/not casual/careful/conscientious
        bùruò, not as good as/not equal to/inferior
        bùláiméi, [不萊梅], Bremen (city in Germany)
        bùluòsútào, to conform to no conventional pattern/unconventional/offbeat
        bùluòhénjì, [不落痕跡], to leave no trace/seamless/professional
        bùluòkējiù, not follow the beaten track/have an original style
        bùzhēngmántouzhēngkǒuqì, [不蒸饅頭爭口氣], not to be crushed (idiom)/to be determined to have one's revenge
        bùyú, unexpected/eventuality/contingency/not worry about
        bùxíngle, (coll.) on the point of death/dying
        bùyàozàiyīkēshùshàngdiàosǐ, [不要在一棵樹上吊死], don't insist on only taking one road to Rome (idiom)/there's more than one way t...
        bùjiànyīdiǎnzōngyǐng, [不見一點蹤影], no trace to be seen
        bùjiànbùsàn, [不見不散], lit. Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave (idiom)/fig. Be su...
        bùjiànle, [不見了], to have disappeared/to be missing/nowhere to be found
        bùjiàntùzibùsāyīng, [不見兔子不撒鷹], you don't release the hawk until you've seen the hare (idiom)/one doesn't act wi...
        bùjiàntiānrì, [不見天日], all black, no daylight (idiom); a world without justice
        bùjiànguāncaibùluòlèi, [不見棺材不落淚], lit. not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin (idiom)/fig. refuse to be conv...
        bùjiànjīngzhuàn, [不見經傳], not found in the classics (idiom); unknown/unfounded/not authoritative
        bùguīzésānjiǎoxíng, [不規則三角形], scalene triangle (math.)
        bùguīzésìbiānxíng, [不規則四邊形], irregular quadrilateral/trapezium
        bùguīfàn, [不規範], not standard/abnormal/irregular
        bùjiěfēngqíng, [不解風情], unromantic/insensitive
        bùchùmù, [不觸目], unobtrusive
        bùjì, [不計], to disregard/to take no account of
        bùràngxūméi, [不讓鬚眉], (idiom) to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc/to be a m...
        bùjìmíng, [不記名], see 無記名|无记名[wú jì míng]
        bùjìmíngtóupiào, [不記名投票], secret ballot
        bùhuì, [不諱], without concealing anything/to pass away/to die
        bùshíyīdīng, [不識一丁], total illiterate/unable to read the simplest characters
        bùshídàtǐ, [不識大體], to fail to see the larger issue (idiom)/to fail to grasp the big picture
        bùshíhǎodǎi, [不識好歹], unable to tell good from bad (idiom)/undiscriminating
        bùshízì, [不識字], illiterate
        bùshìLúshānzhēnmiànmù, [不識廬山真面目], lit. not to know the true face of Lushan Mountain/fig. can't see the forest for ...
        bùshítáijǔ, [不識抬舉], fail to appreciate sb's kindness/not know how to appreciate favors
        bùshíshíbiàn, [不識時變], to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumsta...
        bùshíTàiShān, [不識泰山], can't recognize Mt Taishan (idiom); fig. not to recognize a famous person
        bùshígāodī, [不識高低], can't recognize tall or short (idiom); doesn't know what's what
        bùchéngshí, [不誠實], dishonest
        bùgāi, [不該], should not/to owe nothing
        bùyǔ, [不語], (literary) not to speak
        bùshuōzìmíng, [不說自明], self-explanatory/self-evident (idiom)
        bùqǐngzìlái, [不請自來], to turn up without being invited/unsolicited
        bùtiáohé, [不調和], discord
        bùwèi, [不謂], cannot be deemed/unexpectedly
        bùānshìgù, [不諳世故], unworldly/unsophisticated
        bùxiè, [不謝], don't mention it/not at all
        bùxiànghuà, [不象話], unreasonable/shocking/outrageous/also written 不像話|不像话
        bùfùzhòngwàng, [不負眾望], to live up to expectations (idiom)
        bùbàizhīdì, [不敗之地], invincible position
        bùfèishì, [不費事], not troublesome