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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        fēnzhōng, [分鐘], minute
        fēn/fèn, to divide/to separate/to distribute/to allocate/to distinguish (good and bad)/pa...
        bùfen, part/share/section/piece/CL:個|个[gè]
        fēnshǒu, to part company/to split up/to break up
        shífēn, very/completely/utterly/extremely/absolutely/hundred percent/to divide into ten ...
        fènzǐ/fēnzǐ, [份子], members of a class or group/political elements (such as intellectuals or extremi...
        fēnxī, to analyze/analysis/CL:個|个[gè]
        dàbùfen, in large part/the greater part/the majority
        fēnxiǎng, to share (let others have some of sth good)
        fēnkāi, [分開], to separate/to part
        guòfèn, [過分], excessive/undue/overly
        défēn, to score
        chōngfèn, ample/sufficient/adequate/full/fully/to the full
        fēnlí, [分離], to separate
        fēnsàn, to scatter/to disperse/to distribute
        fēnliè, to split up/to divide/to break up/fission/schism
        fēnbié, [分別], to part or leave each other/to distinguish/difference/in different ways/differen...
        chéngfèn, composition/make-up/ingredient/element/component/one's social status/CL:個|个[gè]
        fēnpèi, to distribute/to assign/to allocate/to partition (a hard drive)
        fēnxīn, to distract
        Měifēn, one cent (United States coin)
        fēnchéng, to divide (into)/to split a bonus/to break into/tenths/percentage allotment
        fēnshù, [分數], (exam) grade/mark/score/fraction
        wànfēn, [萬分], very much/extremely/one ten thousandth part
        fēnbiàn, to distinguish/to differentiate/to resolve
        yībùfen, portion/part of/subset
        tiānfèn, natural gift/talent
        bǐfēn, score
        bǎifēn, percent/percentage
        fēnqí, divergent/difference (of opinion, position)/disagreement/bifurcation (math.)
        bǎifēnzhībǎi, a hundred percent/out and out/absolutely
        sìfēnzhīyī, one-quarter
        fēnmiǎn, labor/parturition/delivery
        fēntóu, [分頭], separately/severally/parted hair
        fēnlèi, [分類], classification
        qūfēn, [區分], to differentiate/to draw a distinction/to divide into categories
        fēnjú, sub-bureau
        fēnjū, to separate (married couple)/to live apart (of husband and wife, family members)
        fēnjiě, to resolve/to decompose/to break down
        sānfēn, somewhat/to some degree
        fēnfā, [分發], to distribute/distribution/to assign (sb) to a job
        fēnduì, [分隊], military platoon or squad
        shífēn, [時分], time/period during the day/one of the 12 two-hour periods enumerated by the eart...
        shēnwúfēnwén, [身無分文], penniless (idiom)
        sānfēnzhīyī, one third
        fēnmì, to secrete/secretion
        fēnbù, branch/subsection/to subdivide
        píngfēn, to divide evenly/to bisect (geometry)/deuce (tennis)/tied score
        fēnmíng, clear/distinct/evidently/clearly
        fēnbù, [分佈], to scatter/to distribute/to be distributed (over an area etc)/(statistical, geog...
        fēnliàng/fènliang, (vector) component, quantity/weight/measure
        shēnfèn, variant of 身份/identity/status/capacity/dignity/position/rank
        píngfēn, [評分], to grade/to mark (student's work)/grade/score (of student's work)
        fēndān, [分擔], to share (a burden, a cost, a responsibility)
        fēnwéi, [分為], to divide sth into (parts)/to subdivide
        fēnzhī, branch (of company, river etc)/to branch/to diverge/to ramify/to subdivide
        mǎnfēn, [滿分], full marks
        fēndàoyángbiāo, [分道揚鑣], lit. to take different roads and urge the horses on (idiom)/fig. to part ways
        dǎfēn, to grade/to give a mark
        shuǐfèn, moisture content/(fig.) overstatement/padding
        fēnzǔ, [分組], to divide into groups/(computer networking) packet
        fēnxīyuán, [分析員], analyst (e.g. of news)
        yuánfèn, [緣分], fate or chance that brings people together/predestined affinity or relationship/...
        juédàbùfen, [絕大部分], overwhelming majority
        huàfēn, [劃分], to divide up/to partition/to differentiate
        xuéfēn, [學分], course credit
        fēnxiào, branch of a school
        fēnqīng, to distinguish (between different things)/to make distinctions clear
        jīfēn, [積分], integral (calculus)/accumulated points (in sports, at school etc)/total credits ...
        wēijīfēn, [微積分], calculus/differentiation and integration/calculus of infinitesimals 微 and integr...
        běnfèn, (to play) one's part/one's role/one's duty/(to stay within) one's bounds/dutiful...
        fēnpài, to assign (a task to different people)/to allocate
        bǎifēndiǎn, [百分點], percentage point
        fēnhóng, [分紅], dividend/to award a bonus
        ānfèn, content with one's lot/knowing one's place
        fēnzǐshì, molecular formula
        fēnjī, [分機], (telephone) extension/CL:臺|台[tái]
        jìfēn, [記分], to keep score
        fēnshén, to give attention to sth/please give (some of your valuable) attention to my tas...
        fēngōng, to divide up the work/division of labor
        fēnháng, branch of bank or store/subsidiary bank
        fēndiàn, branch (of a chain store)/annex
        chǔfèn, [處分], to discipline sb/to punish/disciplinary action/to deal with (a matter)/CL:個|个[gè...
        fēnqīfùkuǎn, to pay in installments/payment in installments
        gōngfēn, centimeter/gram
        fēngē, to cut up/to break up
        fēnqū, [分區], allocated area (for housing, industry etc)/district
        fēngé, to divide/to separate/partition
        fēnshēn, to spare time for a separate task/doppelgänger/sockpuppet (Internet slang)
        bǎifēnzhī, percent
        fēnhuà, to split apart/differentiation
        shífēnzhīyī, one tenth
        fēnjí, [分級], to rank/to grade/to classify/rank/grade/classification
        wǔfēnzhīyī, one fifth
线         fēnjièxiàn, [分界線], dividing line
        fēnxījiā, (political) analyst
        fēnháo, fraction/slightest difference/hairsbreadth
        ānfènshǒujǐ, to be content with one's lot (idiom)/to know one's place
        fēnwén, a single penny/a single cent
        fēnxiāo, [分銷], distribution/retail store
        fēngōngsī, subsidiary company/branch office
        fēncun, propriety/appropriate behavior/proper speech or action/within the norms
        bǎifēnbǐ, percentage
        zhīshifènzǐ, [知識分子], intellectual/intelligentsia/learned person
        qiàrúqífèn, (idiom) appropriate/apt/just right
        fēnhuì, [分會], branch
        fēnchà, fork/bifurcation/to divide
        nèifēnmì, [內分泌], endocrine (internal secretion, e.g. hormone)
        jìfēn, [計分], to calculate the score
        fēnjiā, to separate and live apart/division of a large family into smaller groups
        bāfēnzhīyī, one eighth
        guāfēn, to partition/to divide up
        fènnèi, [分內], one's job or duty/within one's remit
        fēnliú, bypass
        zǔchéngbùfèn, [組成部分], part/component/ingredient/constituent
        fēntān, [分攤], to share (costs, responsibilities)/to apportion
        fēnzāng, [分贓], to share the booty/to divide ill-gotten gains
        zhēngfēnduómiǎo, [爭分奪秒], lit. fight minutes, snatch seconds (idiom); a race against time/making every sec...
        fēnbiànlǜ, resolution (of images, monitors, scanners etc)
        yǎngfèn, [養分], nutrient
        fēnmìwù, secretion
        shíèrfēn, exceedingly/hundred percent/everything and more
        fúfen, one's happy lot/good fortune
        fēnmiǎobìzhēng, [分秒必爭], seize every minute and second (idiom); not a minute to lose/every moment counts
        fēncéng, [分層], lamination/layering/stratification/delamination
        fēnzhuāng, [分裝], to divide into portions/to package in smaller quantities/to separate into loads
        liùfēnzhīyī, one sixth
        huángjīnfēngē, [黃金分割], golden ratio/golden section
        mìbùkěfēn, inextricably linked (idiom)/inseparable
        qíngfèn, mutual affection/friendship
        fēnduàn, segment
        fēnfáng, to sleep in separate rooms/distribution of social housing
        fēnbèi, [分貝], decibel
        fēnqī, by stages/staggered/step by step/in installments
        fēnpī, to do sth in batches or groups
        fènwài, exceptionally/not one's responsibility or job
        jūnfēn, to split/to divide equally
        bǎifēnzhīyībǎi, one hundred percent/totally (effective)
        fēnxīqì, analyzer
        fēnbùtú, [分佈圖]/[分布圖], scatter diagram/distribution chart/histogram, scatter diagram/distribution chart...
        bùfǎfènzǐ, lawbreakers/offenders
        fēnshuǐlǐng, [分水嶺], dividing range/drainage divide/(fig.) dividing line/watershed
        fēnménbiélèi, [分門別類], to organize by categories/to classify
        fēnlièzhǔyì, [分裂主義], separatism
        fēnbùshì, [分佈式], distributed
        fēnbāo, to subcontract
        fēnzhī, (indicating a fraction)
        fēnlì, to establish as separate entities/to divide (a company etc) into independent ent...
        fēnguǎn, to be put in charge of/to be responsible for/branched passage
        fēnsòng, to send/to distribute
        fēnzǐshēngwùxué, [分子生物學], molecular biology
        èrfēn, second part/the equinox
        fēnxiǎo, [分曉], the result (becomes apparent)/now one understands
        fēnzhēn, [分針], minute hand (of a clock)
        nánshěnánfēn, [難捨難分], loath to part (idiom); emotionally close and unwilling to separate
        Chūnfēn, Chunfen or Spring Equinox, 4th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 21st March-4th ...
        qīfēnzhīyī, one seventh
        wēifēn, (math.) differential (of a function)/differential (equation etc)/to differentiat...
        fēnyōu, [分憂], to share tribulations/to help sb with worries and difficulties
        jījífènzǐ, [積極分子], enthusiast/(political) activist
        fēnzhàn, substation
        gāofēnzǐ, macromolecule/polymer
        fēnbiàn, [分辯], to explain the facts/to defend against an accusation
        píngfēnqiūsè, to both share the limelight/to both have an equal share of
        JīngWèifēnmíng, [涇渭分明], as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly (idiom)/to be entirely different
        nèifēnmìxiàn, [內分泌腺], endocrine gland/gland producing internal secretion, e.g. hormone
        zǔfèn, [組分], components/individual parts making up a compound
        fēnshǔ, [分屬], classification
        fēnhào, [分號], semicolon (punct.)
        guāngpǔfēnxī, [光譜分析], spectral analysis
        fēnmǔ, denominator of a fraction
        fēnzhī, branch
        fēncí, [分詞], participle/word segmentation
        míngfèn, a person's status
        èrfēnzhīyī, one half
        xìfēn, [細分], subdivision/segmentation
        děngfēn, division into equal parts/equipartition
        zǒngfēn, [總分], overall score/total points
        fēnlièshì, (military) march-past
        jiǔfēnzhīyī, one ninth
        rùmùsānfēn, written in a forceful hand/penetrating/profound
        fēnfù, variant of 吩咐[fēn fù]
        fēnshè, subdivision or branch of an organization/news bureau
        fēntíngkànglǐ, [分庭抗禮], peer competition/to function as rivals/to make claims as an equal
线         fēnshùxiàn, [分數線], horizontal line (in a fraction)/minimum passing score
        bùkěfēngē, inalienable/unalienable/inseparable/indivisible
        zhèngtàifēnbù, [正態分布], (math.) normal distribution/Gaussian distribution
        Qiūfēn, Qiufen or Autumn Equinox, 16th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd September-...
        yīnshìfēnjiě, factorization
        fēnjù, clause (grammar)
        fēnzǐliàng, molecular mass
        wàifēnmì, exocrine/external secretion (e.g. saliva)
        fēnwénbùqǔ, to give for free
        bèifèn, [輩分], seniority in the family or clan/position in the family hierarchy
        ànláofēnpèi, [按勞分配], distribution according to work
        fēnliè, to divide into rows/to identify subcategories/to break down into constituent par...
        fēnpèiqì, dispenser (for consumables such as liquid soap)/splitter (for cable TV signal et...
        zhífèn, [職分], duty
        fēifèn, improper/presumptuous/assuming/overstepping one's bounds/also written 非份[fēi fèn...
        àizēngfēnmíng, [愛憎分明], to make a clear difference between what one likes and what one hates/to have wel...
        cáifèn, ability/talent/gift
        gōngfēn, work point (measure of work completed in a rural commune in the PRC during the p...
        nánjiěnánfēn, [難解難分], hard to untie, hard to separate (idiom); inextricably involved/locked in battle
        jīfēnxué, [積分學], integral calculus
        bǎifēnshù, [百分數], percentage
        fēnzǐshāi, [分子篩], molecular sieve
        shēngfen, estranged
        fēnlèixué, [分類學], taxonomy/taxology/systematics
        dàfēnzǐ, macromolecule (chemistry)
        bǎifēnlǜ, percentage/percent
        yīmǔsānfēndì, [一畝三分地], a piece of land of 1.3 mu 畝|亩[mǔ]/(fig.) one's turf
        yīfēnyīháo, a tiny bit (idiom)/an iota
        yīfēnwéièr, [一分為二], one divides into two/to be two-sided/there are two sides to everything/to see bo...
        yīfēnshú, rare (of steak)
        yīfēngēngyún,yīfēnshōuhuò, [一分耕耘,一分收穫], you get what you put in/you reap what you sow
        yīfēnqiányīfēnhuò, [一分錢一分貨], nothing for nothing/you get what you pay for
        yīfēnqiánliǎngfēnhuò, [一分錢兩分貨], high quality at bargain price
        yīxiǎobùfèn, a small part/a small section
        qīfēnshú, medium well (of steak)
        wànfēntòngkǔ, [萬分痛苦], excruciating
        sānfēntóu, [三分頭], regular men's haircut/short back and sides
        sānfēnshú, medium rare (of steak)
        sānfēnzhōngrèdù, [三分鐘熱度], brief period of enthusiasm/flash in the pan
        sānquánfēnlì, [三權分立], separation of powers
        sānděngfēn, trisection (math.)/trisecting an angle
        sānděngfēnjiǎo, trisection (math.)/trisecting an angle
        shàngfēn, (coll.) (gaming) to progress to the next level/to level up
        shàngbànbùfèn, upper part/top half
        bùfēn, not divided/irrespective/not distinguishing between
        bùfēnshàngxià, not to know one's place
        bùfēnbózhòng, lit. unable to distinguish eldest brother from second brother (idiom); they are ...
        bùfēnbǐcǐ, to make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's (idiom)/to ...
        bùfēnqíngyóu, indiscriminate
        bùfēnzhòuyè, [不分晝夜], day and night/round-the-clock
        bùfēnzàobái, not distinguishing black or white (idiom); not to distinguish between right and ...
        bùfēnshèngfù, [不分勝負], unable to determine victory or defeat (idiom); evenly matched/to come out even/t...
        bùfēnshèngbài, [不分勝敗], to not be able to distinguish who's winning
        bùfēnxuānzhì, [不分軒輊], well-matched/equally matched
        bùfēnqīnghóngzàobái, [不分青紅皂白], not distinguishing red-green or black-white (idiom)/not to distinguish between r...
        bùfēngāoxià, equally matched/not much to distinguish who is stronger
        bùqūfēndàxiǎoxiě, [不區分大小寫], case insensitive/not distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
        bùkěfēnlí, [不可分離], inseparable
        bùānfen, restless/unsettled
        bùdìngjīfēn, [不定積分], indefinite integral (math.)
        bùyóufēnshuō, [不由分說], to allow no explanation
        qiětīngxiàhuífēnjiě, [且聽下回分解], to listen to the next chapter for an explanation
        liǎngfēnfǎ, [兩分法], (Maoism) one divides into two
        liǎngjífēnhuà, [兩極分化], polarization
        zhōngfēn, to part one's hair in the middle
        zhōngyāngfēnchēdài, [中央分車帶], median strip/central reservation (on a divided road)
        línshífēnjū, [臨時分居], trial separation
        lèchāngfēnjìng, [樂昌分鏡], happy wife-husband reunion
        èrfēndiǎn, [二分點], the two equinoxes
        èrfēnliè, binary division (in bacterial reproduction)
        èrfēnyīnfú, minim (music)
        wǔfēnshú, medium (of steak)
        wǔfēnMěijīn, nickel/five US cents
        chóurénxiāngjiàn,fènwàiyǎnhóng, [仇人相見,分外眼紅], when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred (idiom)
        dīfēn, low marks/low score
        tǐjībǎifēnbǐ, [體積百分比], percentage by volume
        jiǎfēnshù, [假分數], improper fraction (with numerator ≥ denominator, e.g. seven fifths)/see also: pr...
        piānwēifēn, (math.) partial differential/(math.) partial derivative
        piānwēifēnfāngchéng, partial differential equation (PDE)
        chōngfènjiùyè, [充分就業], full employment
        chōngfènkǎolǜ, [充分考慮], to give sufficient consideration to
        guāngxiānfēnbùshìshùjùjiēkǒu, [光纖分布式數據接口], Fiber Distributed Data Interface/FDDI
        guāngxiānfēnbùshùjùjiēkǒu, [光纖分佈數據接口], FDDI/Fiber Distributed Data Interface
        guāngxiānfēnsànshìzīliàojièmiàn, [光纖分散式資料介面], fiber distributed data interface/FDDI
        bāfēnyīnfú, quaver/eighth note
        gōnggòngzhīshifènzǐ, [公共知識分子], public intellectual (sometimes used derogatorily)
        liùfēnyí, [六分儀], sextant
        Liùfēnyízuò, [六分儀座], Sextans (constellation)
        jūnfēnqū, [軍分區], military subdistricts
        jiǎnshùfēnliè, [減數分裂], meiosis (in sexual reproduction)
        jǐfēn, [幾分], somewhat/a bit
        fēnjiǔbìhé,héjiǔbìfēn, lit. that which is long divided must unify, and that which is long unified must ...
        fēnzhēng, [分爭], to dispute/to struggle for mastery
        fēnhuìchǎng, [分會場], sub-venues
        fēnguāng, diffraction (of light)
        fēnkè, decigram
        fēncè, [分冊], volume (one of a series)/fascicule
        fēngēqū, [分割區], partition (computing)
        fēnlì, component force (physics)
        fēnshēng, deciliter
        fēndì, to distribute land
        fēntóulù, [分頭路], part (in one's hair)
        fēnzǐhuàhéwù, molecular biology
        fēnzǐyīxué, [分子醫學], molecular medicine
        fēnzǐliàolǐ, molecular gastronomy
        fēnzǐzájiāo, [分子雜交], molecular hybridization
        fēnzǐyíchuánxué, [分子遺傳學], molecular genetics
        Fēnyí, Fenyi county in Xinyu 新餘|新余[Xīn yú], Jiangxi
        Fēnyíxiàn, [分宜縣], Fenyi county in Xinyu 新餘|新余[Xīn yú], Jiangxi
        fēnfēng, to divide and confer (property on one's descendants)
        fēnfēngzhì, the feudal system/system of enfeoffment
        fēnchà, bifurcation
        fēnbēnglíxī, [分崩離析], to collapse and fall apart (idiom); to break up/falling to pieces
        FēnxúnBīngBèidào, [分巡兵備道], Qing Dynasty General Supervisory and Military Command
        fēnbùshìjùjuéfúwù, [分佈式拒絕服務], distributed denial of service (DDOS) form of Internet attack
        fēnbùshìhuánjìng, [分佈式環境], distributed environment (computing)
        fēnbùshìjiégòu, [分佈式結構], distributed architecture
        fēnbùshìwǎngluò, [分佈式網絡], distributed network
        fēnbùkòngzhì, [分佈控制], distributed control
        fēndù, graduation (of a measuring instrument)
        fēnyì, [分異], distinction/differentiation
        fèndāng, [分當], as should be/as expected
        fēnlù, [分錄], entry (accounting)
        fēnxíng, fractal
        fēnxíngjǐhé, [分形幾何], fractal geometry
        fēnxíngjǐhéxué, [分形幾何學], fractal geometry
        fēnsuǒ, branch (of a company etc)
        fēnshǒudàilǐ, "break-up agent", person who acts for sb who wishes to terminate a relationship ...
        fènchāi, to separate off/to hive off/a demerger
        fēndiào, to share/to divide up
        fēnsànhéxián, (music) arpeggio
        fēnsànshì, distributed
        fēnsàndecèlüè, diffused strategy
        fēnshùguàshuài, [分數掛帥], preoccupied with school grades/overemphasis on test scores
        fēnshí, [分時], time-sharing
        fēnshíduōgōng, [分時多工], time division multiplexing/TDM
        fēnxīngbāiliǎng, [分星掰兩], punctilious/clear and detailed
        fēnquán, [分權], separation of powers
        fēnquánzhìhéng, [分權制衡], separation of powers for checks and balances
        fēnxīrénshì, analyst/expert
        fēnxīhuàxué, [分析化學], analytical chemistry
        fēnxīchǔlǐ, [分析處理], to parse/analysis processing/to analyze and treat
        fēnxīxué, [分析學], mathematical analysis/calculus
        fēnxīshī, [分析師], analyst/commentator
        fēnxīxīnlǐxué, [分析心理學], analytical psychology/Jungian psychology
        fēnxīfǎ, the analytic method/analytic reasoning
        fēnxīyánjiū, analysis/research
        fēnxīyǔ, [分析語], analytic language
        fēntáo, homosexual
        fēnbùzhòu, [分步驟], step by step/one step at a time
        fēnqídiǎn, [分歧點], branch point/division point
        fēnháozhīchā, hairsbreadth difference
线         fēnshuǐxiàn, [分水線], watershed
        fēnzhì, separate government/partition
        fēnmìkēlì, [分泌顆粒], secretory granule
        fēnbōduōgōng, wavelength division multiplexing/WDM
        fēnhóng, to separate flood/flood defense
        fēnliúdiànlù, [分流電路], shunt circuit/current divider (electronics)
        fēnzàochīfàn, [分竈吃飯], "meals prepared at separate stoves", slogan of the program of fiscal decentraliz...
        fēndiǎn, [分點], point of division
        fēnbān, to divide people into groups, teams, squads etc
        fēnwǎ, deciwatt
        fēnshēngzǔzhī, [分生組織], meristem
        fēnxiàng, split phase (elec.)
        fēnlízhǔyì, [分離主義], separatism
        fēnlífènzǐ, [分離份子], separatist
        fēnzū, (of a landlord) to rent out one or more parts of a property/(of a tenant) to sub...
        fēnmǐ, decimeter
        fēnlèizhàng, [分類帳], a ledger/a spreadsheet
        fēnlèilǐlùn, [分類理論], classification theory
        fēnxìtǒng, [分系統], subsystem
        fēnzǔjiāohuàn, [分組交換], packet switching
        fēngěi, [分給], to divide (and give to others)
        fēnfèng, [分縫], part (in one's hair)
        fēnérzhìzhī, divide and rule (strategy)/divide and conquer
        fēnzhìdiǎn, [分至點], common word for equinox and solstice/point of difference/point of divergence
        fēnsè, color separation
        fēnsèjìngtóu, [分色鏡頭], process lens (working by color separation)
        fēnjié, [分節], segmented
        fēnniè, [分櫱], tiller (stem at the base of grass plants)
        fēnmèi, to leave each other/to part company
        fēnlièqínggǎnxìngzhàngài, [分裂情感性障礙], schizoaffective disorder
        fēnlièzǔzhī, [分裂組織], separatist organization/meristem (botany)
        fēnzhuāngjī, [分裝機], racking machine/filling machine
        fēnjiǎoqì, a protractor (device to divide angles)
        fēnjiědàixiè, [分解代謝], catabolism (biology)/metabolic breaking down and waste disposal/dissimilation
        fēnjiězuòyòng, decomposition
        fēnshè, [分設], to set up separately/to establish separate units
        fēnsù, [分訴], to narrate/to explain/to justify oneself
        fēnshuō, [分說], to explain (the difference)
        fēnzhàng, [分賬], to share profits (or debt)
        fēnshēnfáshù, [分身乏術], to be up to one's ears in work (idiom)/to be unable to attend to other things at...
        fēnpèilǜ, distributivity
        fēnyě, dividing line between distinct realms/boundary/field-allocation (in Chinese astr...
        fēnqián, [分錢], cent/penny
        fēnxiāoshāng, [分銷商], distributor
        fēnxiāodiàn, [分銷店], retail store
        fēnxiāowǎngluò, [分銷網絡], distribution network
        fēnguō, [分鍋], (dialect) to set up separate households/(sports etc) to analyze the reasons for ...
        fēnyīnfú, dieresis/umlaut/diacritical mark separating two adjacent syllables
        fēnyè, [分頁], tab window (in a web browser etc)/paging/pagination/page break (computing)
        fēnxiàng, [分項], sub-item (of program)
        fēnpín, [分頻], frequency sharing/subdivision of radio waveband
        fēncān, separate meals/to eat individual meals (rather than taking one's food from plate...
        fēnliú, [分餾], fractional distillation
        qiēfēnyīn, syncopation
        jiāfēn, extra credit (on a test)/bonus point
        dòngzhíwùfēnlèi, [動植物分類], taxonomy
        dòngwùfēnlèi, [動物分類], taxonomy/classification of animals
        láoyànfēnfēi, [勞燕分飛], the shrike and the swallow fly in different directions (idiom)/(usually of a cou...
        huàxuéfēnxī, [化學分析], chemical analysis
        huàxuéchéngfèn, [化學成分], chemical composition
        qūfēndàxiǎoxiě, [區分大小寫], case sensitive/distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
        yīyàofēnlí, [醫藥分離], separating medical consultation from dispensing drugs, proposed policy to counte...
        bànfēn, a little bit
        bànfēnr, [半分兒], erhua variant of 半分[bàn fēn]
        fǎnfēnlièfǎ, anti-secession law of 2005 (whereby PRC claims the right to invade Taiwan)
        fǎndòngfènzǐ, [反動份子], reactionaries/reactionary elements
        fǎnpànfènzǐ, [反叛份子], insurgent/rebel
        biànfēn, [變分], variation (calculus)/deformation
        biànfēnyuánlǐ, [變分原理], variational principle (physics)
        biànfēnxué, [變分學], calculus of variations (math.)
        biànfēnfǎ, [變分法], calculus of variations
        jùfǎfēnxī, syntactic analysis
        kěfēn, can be divided (into parts)/one can distinguish (several types)
        kěyífènzǐ, a suspect
        yòupàifènzǐ, [右派份子], rightist elements
        tóngwèisùfēnlí, [同位素分離], isotopic separation
        tóngfēnyìgòu, [同分異構], isomerism (chemistry)
        tóngfēnyìgòutǐ, [同分異構體], isomer (chemistry)
        sìtǐbùqín,wǔgǔbùfēn, [四體不勤,五穀不分], never move your four limbs, can't distinguish the five crops (idiom); living as ...
        sìfēnwǔliè, all split up and in pieces (idiom); disunity (in an organization)/complete lack ...
        sìfēnwèi, [四分衛], quarterback (QB) (American football)
        sìfēnlì, [四分曆], "quarter remainder" calendar, the first calculated Chinese calendar, dating from...
        sìfēnyīnfú, crotchet (music)
        huàifènzǐ, [壞份子], bad element/bad egg
        chuíxuánfēncí, [垂懸分詞], hanging participle (error of grammar in English)
        fùfēnjiěfǎnyìng, [復分解反應], metathesis (chemistry)
        wàifēnmìxiàn, exocrine gland/gland producing external secretion (e.g. saliva)
        duōcéngcìfēnxīmóxíng, [多層次分析模型], multilevel analysis model
        duōshuǐfèn, juicy
        Dàfēnxiàn, [大分縣], Ōita prefecture, Japan
        Dàfēnjièlǐng, [大分界嶺], Great Dividing Range, mountain range along the east coast of Australia
        shīshēnfèn, demeaning
        xuéfēnzhì, [學分制], credit system/grading system (in schools, universities etc)
        xuéfēnxiǎoshí, [學分小時], credit hour (in an academic credit system)/see also 學分制|学分制[xué fēn zhì]
        shǒufèn, to abide by the law/to respect the law
        dìngfèn, predestination/one's lot (of good and bad fortune)
        dìngxìngfēnxī, qualitative inorganic analysis
        dìngliàngfēnkuài, [定量分塊], chunking
        dìngliàngfēnxī, quantitative analysis
        shífēnxī, [實分析], real analysis/calculus of real variables
        róngliàngfēnxī, quantitative analysis/volumetric analysis
宿         sùfèn, predestined relationship
        xúnhuífēnxīduānkǒu, [巡迴分析端口], Roving Analysis Port/RAP
        chāfēn, (math.) increment/difference/(engineering) differential
        chāfēnfāngchéng, difference equation (math.)
        yǐjiànfēnxiǎo, [已見分曉], the result becomes apparent/(after) the dust has settled
        shìfēn, fen (Chinese unit of length equal to ⅓ centimeter)
        shìchǎnghuàfēn, [市場劃分], market segmentation
        dàifēnshù, [帶分數], mixed fraction/mixed number (i.e. with an integer part and a fraction part, e.g....
        chángwēifēnfāngchéng, ordinary differential equation (ODE)
        chángtàifēnbù, [常態分佈]/[常態分布], normal distribution (in statistics), normal distribution (in statistics)
        chángtàifēnbān, [常態分班], (Tw) grouping of students into classes of mixed ability
        yīngfèn, [應分], should be divided/part of the job/one's duty under the circumstances
        yìyìfènzǐ, [異議份子], dissidents/dissenting faction
        xúnfèn, to abide by one's duties
        wēifēnjǐhé, [微分幾何], differential geometry
        wēifēnjǐhéxué, [微分幾何學], differential geometry
        wēifēnxué, [微分學], differential calculus
        wēifēnfāngchéng, differential equation (math.)
        wēijīfēnjīběndìnglǐ, [微積分基本定理], fundamental theorem of calculus
        wēijīfēnxué, [微積分學], infinitesimal calculus/calculus
        kǒngbùfènzǐ, terrorist
        qínggǎnfēnxī, sentiment analysis
        chéngshúfēnliè, meiosis (in sexual reproduction)
        kòufēn, to deduct marks (when grading school work)/to have marks deducted/penalty points...
        bàofēn, [報分], call the score
        chāifēn, to break up into parts
        ànxūfēnpèi, distribution according to need
        dítèfènzǐ, [敵特份子], enemy agents in our midst/reds under the beds
        shùzhífēnxī, [數值分析], numerical analysis (math.)
        shùzìfēnpín, [數字分頻], digital frequency sharing
        shùxuéfēnxī, [數學分析], mathematical analysis/calculus
        shùlǐfēnxī, [數理分析], mathematical analysis/calculus
        shùliàngfēnxī, [數量分析], quantitative analysis
        wúsīfēnliè, [無絲分裂], amitosis
        shíduànfēnxī, [時段分析], time interval analysis
        chūnfēndiǎn, [春分點], the spring equinox
        shìyàosānfēndú, [是藥三分毒], every medicine has its side effect
        shìfēibùfēn, unable to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)
        shìfēifēnmíng, to distinguish right from wrong (idiom)
        zhòuyèpíngfēndiǎn, [晝夜平分點], the equinox
        zuìxiǎogōngfēnmǔ, lowest common denominator
        yuèfèn, month/also written 月份[yuè fèn]
        yǒusīfēnliè, [有絲分裂], mitosis
        yǒujīfēnzǐ, [有機分子], organic molecule
        yǒuyuánwúfèn, [有緣無分], destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
        běnběnfènfèn, decorous/respectable
        tiáofēnlǚxī, [條分縷析], to analyze thoroughly, point by point (idiom)
        jíyòufènzǐ, [極右份子], an extreme right-winger
        jíduānfènzǐ, [極端份子], extremist
        héfēnliè, nuclear fission
        dàngànfēnpèiqū, [檔案分配區], file allocation table/FAT
        zhíwùhuàxuéchéngfèn, [植物化學成分], phytochemical
        tuǒyuánjīfēn, [橢圓積分], (math.) elliptic integral
        ōufēn, [歐分], euro cent
        wǔzhuāngfènzǐ, [武裝份子], armed groups/fighters/gunmen
        měifēnměimiǎo, all the time
        bǐsèfēnxī, colorimetric analysis
        bǐjiàofēnxī, [比較分析], comparative analysis
        méifēncùn, [沒分寸], inappropriate/bad-mannered
        Bósōngfēnbù, [泊松分佈], Poisson distribution (in statistics)
        fànhánfēnxī, (math.) functional analysis
        huófēn, nimble
        huóhuàfēnxī, activation analysis
        huóyuèfènzǐ, [活躍份子], activist
        jījìnfènzǐ, [激進份子], radicals/extremists
        jījìnwǔzhuāngfènzǐ, [激進武裝份子], armed extremists
        huǒchǎngliúshǒufēnduì, [火場留守分隊], detachment left to provide covering fire
        wùyǐlèijù,rényǐqúnfēn, [物以類聚,人以群分], Similar things group together, similar people fit together (idiom); Birds of a f...
        xiànzàifēncí, [現在分詞], present participle (in English grammar)
        shēngwùfēnxīfǎ, bioanalytical method
        shēngwùgāofēnzǐ, biopolymers
        bǎifēnzhì, hundred mark system
        bǎifēnhào, [百分號], percent sign % (punct.)
        bǎifēnbǎi, one hundred percent/totally (effective)
        zhēnfēnshù, [真分數], proper fraction (with numerator < denominator, e.g. five sevenths)/see also: imp...
        MǎFēnDuōZhǐ, [碼分多址], Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) (telecommunications)
        líxīnfēnlíjī, [離心分離機], centrifuge
        qiūfēndiǎn, [秋分點], the autumn equinox
        jīfēnbiànhuàn, [積分變換], integral transform (math.)
        jīfēnchángshù, [積分常數], constant of integration (math.)
        jīfēnfāngchéng, [積分方程], integral equation (math.)
        jīfēnbǎng, [積分榜], table of scores (in exams or sports league)
        kōngzhōngfēnliè, (military) flyover
        lèijīngshénfēnlièxíngréngéwéicháng, [類精神分裂型人格違常], schizoid personality disorder (SPD)
        jīngfēn, schizophrenia (abbr. for 精神分裂)
        jīngshénfēnxī, psychoanalysis
        jīngshénfēnlièzhèng, schizophrenia
        yuēfēn, [約分], reduced fraction (e.g. one half for three sixths)/to reduce a fraction by cancel...
        Nàcuìfènzǐ, [納粹份子], Nazi
        xìbāofēnliè, [細胞分裂], cell division
        kǎofēn, grade/exam mark
        liánjīfēnxīchǔlǐ, [聯機分析處理], online analysis processing OLAP
        sùqīngfǎngémìngfènzǐ, [肅清反革命份子], to eliminate counterrevolutionaries/abbr. to 肅反|肃反[sù fǎn]
        túnchǎnshìfēnmiǎn, [臀產式分娩], breech delivery (medicine)
        túnwèifēnmiǎn, breech delivery (medicine)
        jiǎofēnfúhào, [角分符號], prime symbol (′) (math., linguistics etc)
        chùdìdéfēn, [觸地得分], to score a try (sports)/to score a touchdown
        jìfēnkǎ, [計分卡], scorecard
        jìfēnhuán, [計分環], scoring ring (on shooting target)
        píngjiàfēnlèi, [評價分類], rank, classify
        cíhuìfēnjiě, [詞彙分解], lexical decomposition
        huàdàozuǐbiānliúsānfēn, [話到嘴邊留三分], A still tongue makes a wise head. (idiom)
        yǔyìfēnxī, [語義分析], semantic analysis
        yǔyìfēnlèi, [語義分類], semantic categorization
        yòudǎofēnmiǎn, [誘導分娩], to induce labor (i.e. childbirth)/labor induction
        tiáohéfēnxī, [調和分析], harmonic analysis (math.)
        pǔfēnxī, [譜分析], spectral analysis (physics)
        fùfēn, [負分], negative score/minus (in grades, such as A-)
        shēntǐbùfèn, [身體部分], body part
        shēnfènzhèng, [身分證], identity card/also written 身份證|身份证[shēn fèn zhèng]
        shēnfènzhènghàomǎ, [身分證號碼], variant of 身份證號碼|身份证号码[shēn fèn zhèng hào mǎ]/I.D. number
        fúshèfēnjiě, [輻射分解], radiolysis
        guòqufēncí, [過去分詞], past participle (in European grammar)
        bùfengōngshí, [部分工時], part-time work
        yǒupáishífēn, [酉牌時分], 5-7 pm
        jiējíchéngfèn, [階級成分], social composition/social status (in Marxist theory, esp. using during the Cultu...
线         géjūnshìfēnjièxiàn, [隔軍事分界線], military demarcation line MDL/refers to Korean demilitarized zone DMZ
        nánfēnnánshě, [難分難捨], loath to part (idiom); emotionally close and unwilling to separate
        nánfēnnánjiě, [難分難解], to become caught up in an irresolvable situation (idiom)
        fēifènzhīniàn, improper idea
        pínshùfēnbù, [頻數分佈], frequency distribution
        diānfùfènzǐ, [顛覆份子], wrecker/saboteur
        liúfèn, [餾分], fraction (of a distillate)/key (one component part of a distillate)
        gāofēn, high marks/high score
        gāofēndīnéng, high in score but low in ability (as a result of teaching to the test)
        gāofēnzǐhuàxué, [高分子化學], polymer chemistry
        gāofēnbiànlǜ, high resolution
        límíngshífēn, [黎明時分], daybreak/at the crack of dawn
        hēibáibùfēn, can't tell black from white (idiom); unable to distinguish wrong from right

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