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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        dòng, [動], (of sth) to move/to set in movement/to displace/to touch/to make use of/to stir ...
        xíngdòng, [行動], operation/action/CL:個|个[gè]/to move about/mobile
        dòngzuò, [動作], movement/motion/action/CL:個|个[gè]
        huódòng, [活動], to exercise/to move about/to operate/to use connections (personal influence)/loo...
        dòngwù, [動物], animal/CL:隻|只[zhī],群[qún],個|个[gè]
        jīdòng, [激動], to move emotionally/to stir up (emotions)/to excite
        yùndòng, [運動], to move/to exercise/sports/exercise/motion/movement/campaign/CL:場|场[chǎng]
        yídòng, [移動], to move/movement/migration/mobile/portable
        dòngshǒu, [動手], to set about (a task)/to hit/to punch/to touch
        qǐdòng, [啟動], to start (a machine)/(fig.) to set in motion/to launch (an operation)/to activat...
        dòngjī, [動機], motor/locomotive/motive/motivation/intention
        zìdòng, [自動], automatic/voluntarily
        chōngdòng, [衝動], to have an urge/to be impetuous/impulse/urge
        yùndòngyuán, [運動員], athlete/CL:名[míng],個|个[gè]
        zhǔdòng, [主動], to take the initiative/to do sth of one's own accord/spontaneous/active/opposite...
        fādòng, [發動], to start/to launch/to unleash/to mobilize/to arouse
        dònglì, [動力], motive power/force/(fig.) motivation/impetus
        gǎndòng, [感動], to move (sb)/to touch (sb emotionally)/moving
        jǔdòng, [舉動], act/action/activity/move/movement
        dǎdòng, [打動], to move (to pity)/arousing (sympathy)/touching
        dòngjìng, [動靜], (detectable) movement/(sign of) activity/movement and stillness
        dòngwùyuán, [動物園], zoo/CL:個|个[gè]
        dòngmài, [動脈], artery
        luàndòng, [亂動], to fiddle with/to tamper with/to meddle with/to move randomly/to flail about
        chūdòng, [出動], to start out on a trip/to dispatch troops
        kāidòng, [開動], to start/to set in motion/to move/to march/to dig in (eating)/to tuck in (eating...
        fādòngjī, [發動機], engine/motor/CL:臺|台[tái]
        wǔdòng, [舞動], to move as in a dance/to wave (some implement)/to flourish/(of eyes, hands etc) ...
        tiàodòng, [跳動], to throb/to pulse/to bounce/to jiggle/to jump about
        liúdòng, [流動], to flow/to circulate/to go from place to place/to be mobile/(of assets) liquid
        dòngyòng, [動用], to utilize/to put sth to use
        zhuǎndòng/zhuàndòng, [轉動], to turn sth around/to swivel, to rotate (about an axis)/to revolve/to turn/to mo...
        dòngrén, [動人], touching/moving
        dòngshēn, [動身], to go on a journey/to leave
        zǒudòng, [走動], to walk around/to move about/to stretch one's legs/to go for a walk/to be mobile...
        hōngdòng, [轟動], to cause a sensation/to create a stir in (a place)/commotion/controversy
        zhèndòng, [震動], to shake/to vibrate/to strongly affect/shock/vibration
        láodòng, [勞動], work/toil/physical labor/CL:次[cì]
        dòngyì, [動議], motion/proposal
        chùdòng, [觸動], to touch/to stir up (trouble or emotions)/to move (sb's emotions or worry)
        dòngyáo, [動搖], to sway/to waver/to rock/to rattle/to destabilize/to pose a challenge to
        dònghuàpiàn, [動畫片], animated film
        shēngdòng, [生動], vivid/lively
        biàndòng, [變動], to change/to fluctuate/change/fluctuation
        bàodòng, [暴動], insurrection/rebellion
        tuīdòng, [推動], to push (for acceptance of a plan)/to push forward/to promote/to actuate/CL:個|个[...
        shǒudòng, [手動], manual/manually operated/manual gear-change
        yījǔyīdòng, [一舉一動], every movement/each and every move
        dòngtài, [動態], movement/motion/development/trend/dynamic (science)
        dòngtīng, [動聽], pleasant to listen to
        yùndòngxié, [運動鞋], sports shoes/sneakers
        hùdòng, [互動], to interact/interactive
        gǎidòng, [改動], to alter/to modify/to revise
        bōdòng, [波動], to undulate/to fluctuate/wave motion/rise and fall
        diàodòng, [調動], to transfer/to maneuver (troops etc)/movement of personnel/to mobilize/to bring ...
        diàndòng, [電動], electric-powered/(Tw) video game
        yùndòngshān, [運動衫], sports shirt/sweatshirt/CL:件[jiàn]
        jīdòng, [機動], locomotive/motorized/power-driven/adaptable/flexible (use, treatment, timing etc...
        wúdòngyúzhōng, [無動於衷], aloof/indifferent/unconcerned
        dònghuà, [動畫], animation/cartoon
        bǎidòng, [擺動], to sway/to swing/to move back and forth/to oscillate
        bèidòng, [被動], passive
        yùndòngchǎng, [運動場], sports field/playground/exercise yard
        qīngjǔwàngdòng, [輕舉妄動], to act blindly without thinking (idiom)
        shāndòng, [煽動], to incite/to instigate
        xiǎodòngzuò, [小動作], bad habit (e.g. nose-picking)/petty maneuver/dirty trick/gamesmanship
        zhèndòng, [振動], to vibrate/to shake/vibration
        dònggǎn, [動感], sense of movement (often in a static work of art)/dynamic/vivid/lifelike
        sāodòng, [騷動], disturbance/uproar/CL:陣|阵[zhèn]/to become restless
        dòngtan, [動彈], to budge
        yīdòngbùdòng, [一動不動], motionless
        dòngxiàng, [動向], trend/tendency
        dòngxīn, [動心], to be moved/to be tempted
        dòngbudòng, [動不動], (typically followed by 就[jiù]) apt to (lose one's temper, catch a cold etc)/at t...
        qūdòng, [驅動], to drive/to propel/drive (vehicle wheel)/drive mechanism (tape or disk)/device d...
        dòngyuán, [動員], to mobilize/to arouse/mobilization/CL:次[cì],個|个[gè]
        bùdòngchǎn, [不動產], real estate/immovable property/immovables
        jīngdòng, [驚動], to alarm/to startle/to disturb
        gǔndòng, [滾動], to roll/(to do sth) in a loop/to scroll (computing)/to progressively expand (eco...
        yùndòngfú, [運動服], sportswear
        yùndònghuì, [運動會], sports competition/CL:個|个[gè]
        huàngdòng, [晃動], to sway/to rock
        dòngshǒudòngjiǎo, [動手動腳], to come to blows/to paw/to grope/to get fresh
        huádòng, [滑動], to slide/sliding movement
        huīdòng, [揮動], to wave sth/to brandish
        nuódòng, [挪動], to move/to shift
        gǔdòng, [鼓動], to agitate/to arouse/to instigate/to encite
        xīndòng, [心動], heartbeat/heart rate/(fig.) emotionally affected/aroused (of desire, emotion, in...
        dòngcí, [動詞], verb
        bǔrǔdòngwù, [哺乳動物], mammal
        chǔnchǔnyùdòng, [蠢蠢欲動], to begin to stir (idiom)/to get restless/to become threatening
        dòngdàng, [動盪]/[動蕩], variant of 動蕩|动荡[dòng dàng], unrest (social or political)/turmoil/upheaval/commo...
        zhǔdòngmài, [主動脈], aorta/principal artery
        lǜdòng, [律動], rhythm/to move rhythmically
        bànzìdòng, [半自動], semiautomatic
        Láodòngjié, [勞動節], International Labor Day (May Day)
        chàndòng, [顫動], to tremble
        tǐyùyùndòng, [體育運動], sports/physical culture
        zhǔdòngquán, [主動權], initiative (as in "seize the initiative")/advantageous position that allows one ...
        bāndòng, [搬動], to move (sth around)/to move house
        zǒngdòngyuán, [總動員], general mobilization (for war etc)
        láodònglì, [勞動力], labor force/manpower
        yáodòng, [搖動], to shake/to sway
        dàidòng, [帶動], to spur/to provide impetus/to drive
        dòngluàn, [動亂], turmoil/upheaval/unrest
        dònglìxué, [動力學], dynamics (math.)/kinetics
        màndòngzuò, [慢動作], slow motion
        guānzhuàngdòngmài, [冠狀動脈], coronary artery
        dàdòngmài, [大動脈], main artery (blood vessel)/fig. main highway/arterial road
        dòngnǎojīn, [動腦筋], to use one's brains/to think
        dònggōng, [動工], to start (a building project)
        dǒudòng, [抖動], to tremble
        jìdòng, [悸動], to pound/to throb
        dòngqíng, [動情], to get excited/passionate/aroused to passion/to fall in love/on heat (of animals...
        hàndòng, [撼動], to shake up/to deal a shock/(fig.) to stir (sb's heart)
        yuánfēngbùdòng, [原封不動], sticking unmoving to the original (idiom); not an iota changed/untouched
        chōudòng, [抽動], to twitch/to throb/a spasm/to extract and use
        ànbīngbùdòng, [按兵不動], to hold back one's troops without moving (idiom); to bide one's time
        jīngtiāndòngdì, [驚天動地], world-shaking (idiom)
        jiǎodòng, [攪動], to mix/to stir
        shāndòngxìng, [煽動性], provocative
        dòngróng, [動容], to be emotionally moved
        shǎndòng, [閃動], to flicker or flash
        rúdòng, [蠕動], to wiggle/to squirm/peristalsis (wave movement of gut wall)
        zhìdòng, [制動], to brake
        fǎndòng, [反動], reaction/reactionary
        qǐdòng, [起動], to start up (a motor)/to launch (a computer application)
        jīngxīndòngpò, [驚心動魄], shaking one to the core/extremely disturbing/hair-raising (idiom)
        fèidòngmài, [肺動脈], pulmonary artery
        páxíngdòngwù, [爬行動物], reptile
        dòngnù, [動怒], to get angry
        fúdòng, [浮動], to float and drift/unstable
        chuándòng, [傳動], drive (transmission in an engine)
        lěngxuèdòngwù, [冷血動物], cold-blooded animal/fig. cold-hearted person
        qūdòngqì, [驅動器], drive
        zìdònghuà, [自動化], automation
        hàodòng, [好動], active/restless/energetic
        yóudòng, [游動], to move about/to go from place to place/roving/mobile
        sōngdòng, [鬆動], loose/slack/(fig.) to soften (policies, tone of voice)/to give some slack/(of a ...
        fāndòng, [翻動], to flip over/to turn (a page)/to scroll (an electronic document)/to stir (food i...
        wénsībùdòng, [紋絲不動], to not move a single jot (idiom)
        bùwéisuǒdòng, [不為所動], to remain unmoved
        bùdòngshēngsè, [不動聲色], not a word or movement (idiom); remaining calm and collected/not batting an eyel...
        dàdònggāngē, [大動干戈], to go to war (idiom)/to make a big fuss over sth
        shuōdòng, [說動], to persuade
        dòngwǔ, [動武], to use force/to come to blows
        láodòngzhě, [勞動者], worker/laborer
        língjīyīdòng, [靈機一動], a bright idea suddenly occurs (idiom); to hit upon an inspiration/to be struck b...
        shāndòng, [扇動], to fan/to flap/to incite/to instigate (a strike etc)
        tuōdòng, [拖動], to drag/to tow/(computing) to drag (mouse operation)
        jīdòngchē, [機動車], motor vehicle
        dòngqì, [動氣], to get angry
        xīngshīdòngzhòng, [興師動眾], to muster large forces/to get a great number of people involved (in carrying out...
        dòngwùxué, [動物學], zoological/zoology
        piāodòng, [飄動], to float/to drift
        bódòng, [搏動], to beat rhythmically/to throb/to pulsate
        hōngdòngyīshí, [轟動一時], to cause a sensation (idiom)
        rǎodòng, [擾動], to disturb/to stir up/disturbance/agitation/turmoil
        dòngtǔ, [動土], to break ground (prior to building sth)/to start building
        huódòngfáng, [活動房], prefabricated building/prefab
        tuīdònglì, [推動力], driving force
        shícǎodòngwù, [食草動物], herbivore
        dòngzhíwù, [動植物], plants and animals/flora and fauna
        liǎngqīdòngwù, [兩棲動物], amphibian/amphibious animals
        huódòngjiā, [活動家], activist
        dòngwùjiè, [動物界], animal kingdom
        liúdòngzījīn, [流動資金], money in circulation/fluid funds
        zàodòng, [躁動], to stir restlessly/to be agitated/commotion/agitation
        yuándònglì, [原動力], motive force/prime mover/first cause/agent
        língdòng, [靈動], to be quick-witted
        qiāndòng, [牽動], to affect/to produce a change in sth
        diàndòngjī, [電動機], electric motor
        biédòngduì, [別動隊], special detachment/commando/an armed secret agent squad
        bōdòng, [撥動], to stir/to prod/to poke/to move sideways/to strum (on a guitar etc)
        jǐzhuīdòngwù, [脊椎動物], vertebrate
        wàngdòng, [妄動], to rush indiscriminately into action
        liúdòngxìng, [流動性], flowing/shifting/fluidity/mobility/liquidity (of funds)
        qūdònglì, [驅動力], driving force
        dòngliàng, [動量], momentum
        tāidòng, [胎動], fetal movement
        dòngmàiyìnghuà, [動脈硬化], hardening of the arteries/arteriosclerosis
        jīdòngxìng, [機動性], flexibility
        qìdòng, [氣動], pneumatic
        dòngnéng, [動能], kinetic energy
        léidǎbùdòng, [雷打不動], not shaken by thunder (idiom); the arrangements are unalterable/to adhere rigidl...
        méngdòng, [萌動], to sprout/(fig.) to emerge
        tiǎodòng, [挑動], to entice/to arouse/to provoke
        zhǎngshēngléidòng, [掌聲雷動], thunderous applause (idiom)
        dìdòngshānyáo, [地動山搖], the earth quaked, the mountains shook (idiom); a tremendous battle
        hédònglì, [核動力], nuclear power
        ruǎntǐdòngwù, [軟體動物], mollusk/mollusks
        yùndòngbìng, [運動病], car sickness/motion sickness
        pēngránxīndòng, [怦然心動], to feel a rush of excitement (idiom)
        wénfēngérdòng, [聞風而動], to respond instantly/to act at once on hearing the news
        dòngwùyóu, [動物油], animal fat
        láodònggǎizào, [勞動改造], reeducation through labor/laogai (prison camp)
        shèhuìhuódòng, [社會活動], social activity
        tiánjìngyùndòng, [田徑運動], track and field sports
        zhìdòngqì, [制動器], brake
        cèdòng, [策動], to conspire/to plot (a rebellion, crime etc)/to machinate/to spur on/to urge act...
        zhùdòngcí, [助動詞], auxiliary verb/modal verb
        láodòngmófàn, [勞動模範], model worker
        dòngyīn, [動因], motivation/moving force/underlying force/agent
        fǎndòngpài, [反動派], reactionaries
        nǎolìláodòng, [腦力勞動], mental labor/intellectual work
        dòngchǎn, [動產], movable property/personal property
        dòngyuánlìng, [動員令], order of mobilization
        néngdòngxìng, [能動性], initiative/active role
        chuándòngzhóu, [傳動軸], drive shaft
        jiézhīdòngwù, [節肢動物], arthropod
        fǎnchúdòngwù, [反芻動物], ruminant
        dòngzhé, [動輒], easily/readily/frequently/at every turn/at the slightest pretext
        chuándòngdài, [傳動帶], transmission belt
        zìdòngqiānbǐ, [自動鉛筆], mechanical pencil/propelling pencil
        jǐsuǒdòngwù, [脊索動物], chordata
        hōngdòng, [哄動], variant of 轟動|轰动[hōng dòng]
        yùndòngxué, [運動學], kinematics
        yīwúsuǒdòng, [一無所動], totally unaffected/unimpressed
        yīlèibǎohùdòngwù, [一類保護動物], class A protected animal
        yīyányīdòng, [一言一動], (one's) every word and deed (idiom)
        wàntóuzuāndòng, [萬頭鑽動], milling crowds
        sānfǎnyùndòng, [三反運動], "Three Anti" campaign (anti-corruption, anti-waste, anti-bureaucracy), early PRC...
        sānpēicéngdòngwù, [三胚層動物], triploblastic animals (having three germ layers)
        bùxìnrèndòngyì, [不信任動議], motion of no confidence (against the government, in parliamentary debates)
        bùdòng, [不動], motionless
        bùdòngyáo, [不動搖], unmoved
        bùdòngdiǎn, [不動點], fixed point (of a map) (math.)
        bùdòngdiǎndìnglǐ, [不動點定理], fixed point theorem (math.)
        bùjíwùdòngcí, [不及物動詞], intransitive verb
        BùJiéméngYùndòng, [不結盟運動], Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
        ShìjièYùndònghuì, [世界運動會], World Games
        DōngyàYùndònghuì, [東亞運動會], East Asian Games
        DōngTūjuésītǎnYīsīlánYùndòng, [東突厥斯坦伊斯蘭運動], East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM)
        liǎngxìngdòngwù, [兩性動物], hermaphrodite creature
        ZhōngguóYídòngTōngxìn, [中國移動通信], China Mobile (PRC state telecommunications company)
        zhǔdòngmiǎnyì, [主動免疫], active immunity
        YìhétuánYùndòng, [義和團運動], Boxer Rebellion
        hùdòngdiànshì, [互動電視], interactive TV
        wǔsàyùndòng, [五卅運動], anti-imperialist movement of 30th May 1925, involving general strike esp. in Sha...
        wǔsìàiguóyùndòng, [五四愛國運動], May Fourth Movement/Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May ...
        WǔsìYùndòng, [五四運動], May Fourth Movement/Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May ...
        qīnzìdòngshǒu, [親自動手], to do the job oneself
        rénshǒudòng, [人手動], manually controlled
        RénmínXíngdòngdǎng, [人民行動黨], People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)
        cóngdòng, [從動], -driven (of mechanism, driven by a component)/slave (wheel, pulley)
        fùzhīxíngdòng, [付之行動], to put into action/to transform into acts
        chuándòngqì, [傳動器], drive (engine)
        chuándòngjīgòu, [傳動機構], transmission mechanism
        chuándòngbǐ, [傳動比], transmission ratio/gear ratio
        chuándòngxìtǒng, [傳動系統], transmission system/power drive
        chuándòngzhuāngzhì, [傳動裝置], transmission (i.e. gears)
        shāngjīndònggǔ, [傷筋動骨], to suffer serious injury (idiom)
        dīděngdòngwù, [低等動物], lower animal/primitive life-form
        tǐlìláodòng, [體力勞動], physical labor
        tǐcāoyùndòngyuán, [體操運動員], gymnast
        tǐyùhuódòng, [體育活動], sports/sporting activity
        cèshēngdòngwù, [側生動物], parazoan (animal of the subkingdom Parazoa, mostly sponges)
        cùdòng, [促動], to motivate
        bǎoānzìdònghuà, [保安自動化], security automation
        hòufēngdìdòngyí, [候風地動儀], the world's first seismograph invented by Zhang Heng 张衡 in 132
        qīngdòng, [傾動], to admire
        jiǎdòngzuò, [假動作], fake move or pass (sports)/feint
        jiànměiyùndòng, [健美運動], body-building
        yuánbāozìdòngjī, [元胞自動機], cellular automaton
        guāngdòngzuǐ, [光動嘴], empty talk/mere rhetoric/palaver
        guāngpánqūdòngqì, [光盤驅動器], CD or DVD drive/abbr. to 光驅|光驱
        QuánguóYùndònghuì, [全國運動會], National Games, Chinese athletics competition, organized every four years since ...
        quánlúnqūdòng, [全輪驅動], all-wheel drive
        gōngyìhuódòng, [公益活動], charity event/public service activities
        bīngmǎwèidòng,liángcǎoxiānxíng, [兵馬未動,糧草先行], before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes ...
        zàishēngzhìdòng, [再生制動], regenerative braking
        jūnshìxíngdòng, [軍事行動], military operation
        nóngshìhuódòng, [農事活動], agricultural activities
        guānzhuàngdòngmàipánglùyízhíshǒushù, [冠狀動脈旁路移植手術], coronary bypass operation
        guānzhuàngdòngmàipángtōngshǒushù, [冠狀動脈旁通手術], coronary bypass operation
        bīngshàngyùndòng, [冰上運動], ice-sports
        gāngtǐzhuǎndòng, [剛體轉動], rigid rotation
        zhìdòngtàbǎn, [制動踏板], brake pedal
        cìsībāodòngwù, [刺絲胞動物], Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)
        cìbāodòngwù, [刺胞動物], Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)
        quàndòng, [勸動], to incite
        bàngōngzìdònghuà, [辦公自動化], office automation
L         dòngL, [動L], flowing/flexible/lively (Internet slang)
        dòngbudòngjiùshēngqì, [動不動就生氣], to be quick to take offence/to have a short fuse
        dòngrénxīnpò, [動人心魄], (idiom) breathtaking/deeply affecting
        dòngzuòpiàn, [動作片], action movie/CL:部[bù]
        dònglìfǎnyìngduī, [動力反應堆], power reactor
        dònglìxìtǒng, [動力系統], mechanical system
        dòngkǒu, [動口], to use one's mouth (to say sth)
        dòngmíngcí, [動名詞], gerund
        dòngzuǐ, [動嘴], to talk
        dòngzuǐpí, [動嘴皮], to move one's lips/to wag one's tongue
        dòngzuǐpír, [動嘴皮兒], erhua variant of 動嘴皮|动嘴皮[dòng zuǐ pí]
        dòngzuǐpízi, [動嘴皮子], see 動嘴皮|动嘴皮[dòng zuǐ pí]
        dòngbīnshì, [動賓式], verb-object construction
        dòngpínghéng, [動平衡], dynamic equilibrium/dynamic balancing
        dòngtanbudé, [動彈不得], to be unable to move a single step
        dòngtàizhùcí, [動態助詞], aspect particle, such as 著|着[zhe], 了[le], 過|过[guò]
        dòngtàitúxíng, [動態圖形], animated graphics/animation
        dòngtàicúnchǔqì, [動態存儲器], dynamic memory
        dòngtàiyǐngxiàng, [動態影像], video
        dòngtàigēngxīn, [動態更新], dynamic update (Internet)
        dòngtàiwǎngyè, [動態網頁], dynamic webpage
        dòngtàiliànjiēkù, [動態鏈接庫], dynamic-link library (DLL)/shared library (computing)
        dòngtàidiāosù, [動態雕塑], (fine arts) a mobile
        dòngqíngqī, [動情期], estrus/the rutting season/on heat
        dòngqíngjīsù, [動情激素], estrogen
        dòngqíngsù, [動情素], estrogen
        dòngshǒujiǎo, [動手腳], (coll.) to tamper with/to mess around with
        dòngzhíwùfēnlèi, [動植物分類], taxonomy
        dòngmàn, [動漫], cartoons and comics/animes and mangas/cartoon (animated movie)/anime
        dòngdiǎn, [動點], moving point
        DòngwùNóngchǎng, [動物農場], Animal Farm (1945), novel and famous satire on communist revolution by George Or...
        dòngwùfēnlèi, [動物分類], taxonomy/classification of animals
        DòngwùZhuāngyuán, [動物莊園], Animal Farm (1945), novel and famous satire on communist revolution by George Or...
        dòngwùxìng, [動物性], animacy
        dòngwùxìngmíngcí, [動物性名詞], animate noun
        dòngwùxìngsìliào, [動物性飼料], feed made of animal products
        dòngwùdúsù, [動物毒素], zootoxin
        dòngwùdiànfěn, [動物澱粉], glycogen
        dòngwùzhīfáng, [動物脂肪], animal fat
        dòngcū, [動粗], to use violence (against sb)/to strong-arm sb/to manhandle
        dònggānhuǒ, [動肝火], to get angry
        dòngnéngchē, [動能車], car with a new type of propulsion system (hybrid, hydrogen-powered etc)
        dòngmàizhōuyàngyìnghuà, [動脈粥樣硬化], atherosclerosis
        dòngnǎo, [動腦], to use one's brain
        dòngjiànguānzhān, [動見觀瞻], to be watched closely (idiom)
        dòngjué, [動覺], kinesthesia
        dòngcíjiégòu, [動詞結構], verbal construction (clause)
        dòngcíchóngdié, [動詞重疊], verb reduplication
        dòngchē, [動車], power car/multiple-unit train (abbr. for 動車組|动车组)
        dòngzhédéjiù, [動輒得咎], faulted at every turn (idiom); can't get anything right
        dòngliàngcí, [動量詞], verbal classifier (in Chinese grammar)/measure word applying mainly to verbs
        dòngwèn, [動問], may I ask
        dòngpò, [動魄], shocking/shattering
        dòngpòjīngxīn, [動魄驚心], shaking one to the core (idiom); extremely disturbing/shattering/hair-raising
        zhùdòngchē, [助動車], low-powered motorized scooter or bike
        láodòngrénmín, [勞動人民], working people/the workers of Socialist theory or of the glorious Chinese past
        láodòngbǎoxiǎn, [勞動保險], labor insurance
        láodònghétong, [勞動合同], labor contract/contract between employer and employees governing wages and condi...
        LáodòngBào, [勞動報], Trud (Russian newspaper)
        láodòngjiàoyǎng, [勞動教養], reeducation through labor
        Láodòngxīnwén, [勞動新聞], Rodong Sinmun (Workers' news), the official newspaper of the North Korean WPK's ...
        láodòngnénglì, [勞動能力], ability to work
        láodòngyíng, [勞動營], labor camp/prison camp with hard labor
        shídòngránjù, [十動然拒], to reject sb after being deeply touched by them (Internet slang)
        bànláodònglì, [半勞動力], one able to do light manual labor only/semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) work...
        bódòng, [博動], pulsation/to throb
        HòushēngLáodòngshěng, [厚生勞動省], Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)
        yuánshēngdòngwù, [原生動物], protozoan (bacteria)
        jíwùdòngcí, [及物動詞], transitive verb
        fǎndòngfènzǐ, [反動份子], reactionaries/reactionary elements
        fǎndòngshìli, [反動勢力], reactionary forces (esp. in Marxist rhetoric)
        FǎnyòuYùndòng, [反右運動], Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Cam...
        fǎnshèdòngzuò, [反射動作], reflex action
        fǎnYuányùndòng, [反袁運動], opposing Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 in War of national protection 護國爭|护国争 1915-1916/sam...
        fǎngémìngxuānchuánshāndòngzuì, [反革命宣傳煽動罪], the crime of instigating counterrevolutionary propaganda
        fādònglì, [發動力], motive power
        biànwēndòngwù, [變溫動物], poikilothermal (cold-blooded) animal
        biànsùchuándòng, [變速傳動], to change gear
        gǔwényùndòng, [古文運動], cultural movement aspiring to study and emulate classic works, at different peri...
        gǔjǐzhuīdòngwùxué, [古脊椎動物學], vertebrate paleontology
        kědòng, [可動], movable
        míngyuándòngcí, [名源動詞], denominal verb
        hòushēngdòngwù, [後生動物], metazoa/the animal kingdom
        jūnzǐdòngkǒubùdòngshǒu, [君子動口不動手], a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist
        qǐdòngqū, [啟動區], boot sector (computing)
        qǐdòngzi, [啟動子], promoter
        hōngdòngyīshí, [哄動一時], variant of 轟動一時|轰动一时[hōng dòng yī shí]
        bǔrǔlèidòngwù, [哺乳類動物], mammals
齿         nièchǐdòngwù, [嚙齒動物], rodent
        XuānhuáyǔSāodòng, [喧嘩與騷動], The Sound and the Fury (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳[Wēi lián · Fú kè...
        pēnqìfādòngjī, [噴氣發動機], jet engine
        xīdòng, [噏動], variant of 翕動|翕动[xī dòng]
        SìqīngYùndòng, [四清運動], the Four Cleanups Movement (1963-66), which aimed to cleanse the politics, econo...
        sìlúnqūdòng, [四輪驅動], four-wheel drive
        guójìgòngchǎnzhǔyìyùndòng, [國際共產主義運動], Comintern/the international communist movement
        GuójìLáodòngJié, [國際勞動節], May Day/International Labor Day (May 1)
        yuánkǒugāngjǐzhuīdòngwù, [圓口綱脊椎動物], cyclostome (marine biology)
        QuāndìYùndòng, [圈地運動], Enclosure Movement
        dìdòng, [地動], earthquake (old term)
        dìdòngyí, [地動儀], the world's first seismograph invented by Zhang Heng 张衡 in 132/abbr. for 候風地動儀|候...
        dìqiàoyùndòng, [地殼運動], crustal movement/movement of tectonic plates
        dìzhènhuódòngdài, [地震活動帶], seismic zone/earthquake belt
        ChéngshìYùndònghuì, [城市運動會], National Intercity Games, Chinese athletics competition, organized every four ye...
        jīdǐdòngmài, [基底動脈], basilar artery (central artery of the brain)
        duōdòngzhèng, [多動症], attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
        duōkǒngdòngwù, [多孔動物], Porifera (phylum of sponges)
        duōkǒngdòngwùmén, [多孔動物門], (zoology) phylum Porifera (sponges)
        duōzúdòngwù, [多足動物], myriapod/centipedes and millipedes
        DàmíngdàfàngYùndòng, [大鳴大放運動], see 百花運動|百花运动[Bǎi huā Yùn dòng]
        tiānpíngdòng, [天平動], (astronomy) libration
        tàiyánghuódòng, [太陽活動], sunspot activity/solar variation
        ÀolínpǐkèYùndònghuì, [奧林匹克運動會], Olympic Games/the Olympics
        fùnǚyùndòng, [婦女運動], women's movement/feminism
        wěiwěidòngtīng, [娓娓動聽], to speak in a pleasant and captivating manner (idiom)
        ZìjiéTiàodòng, [字節跳動], ByteDance, Beijing-based Internet technology company, founded in 2012
        xuéshengyùndòng, [學生運動], student movement
        shěnměihuódòng, [審美活動], appreciating the arts/esthetic activity
        duìkàngbiāndòng, [對抗煸動], anti-inflammatory (medicine)
        dǎoguódòngzuòpiàn, [島國動作片], euphemism for Japanese porn movie
齿         chādòngchǐlún, [差動齒輪], differential gear
        bùlǎngyùndòng, [布朗運動], Brownian motion
        yìdòng, [異動], to shift/to alter/unusual change/abnormal move
        qiǎngpòláodòng, [強迫勞動], forced labor (as punishment in criminal case)
        cǎihóngxíngdòng, [彩虹行動], the two mass scuttling operations carried out by the German navy: the scuttling ...
使         yìshǐdòngwù, [役使動物], draft animals/beasts of burden
        wǎngfùyùndòng, [往復運動], backwards and forwards action (e.g. of piston or pump)/reciprocating motion
        wēidòngmài, [微動脈], capillary artery
        xīndòngtú, [心動圖], cardiogram (medicine)
        xīndòngnǚ, [心動女], (coll.) the girl of your dreams
        xīnfángchàndòng, [心房顫動], atrial fibrillation
        kuàisùdòngyǎnqī, [快速動眼期], REM sleep
        xìngchōngdòng, [性衝動], sex drive
        jīngshīdòngzhòng, [驚師動眾], to alarm everyone/to scandalize the public
        jīngqúndòngzhòng, [驚群動眾], to alarm everyone/to scandalize the public
        gǎntiāndòngdì, [感天動地], deeply affecting (idiom)
        cífúxíngdòng, [慈福行動], Operation Blessing (charitable relief organization)
        piānxíngdòngwù, [扁形動物], flatworm/phylum of Platyhelminthes
        piānxíngdòngwùmén, [扁形動物門], flatworm/phylum of Platyhelminthes
        shǒudòngbiànsùqì, [手動變速器], manual gearbox/manual transmission
        shǒudòngdǎng, [手動擋], manual gear change/shift stick
        DǎMáquèYùndòng, [打麻雀運動], the Great Sparrow Campaign or the Four Pests Campaign, one of the actions during...
        kòudòng, [扣動], to pull (a trigger)
        sǎohuángyùndòng, [掃黃運動], campaign against pornography
        bāndòng, [扳動], to pull out/to pull a lever
        KàngRìJiùwángYùndòng, [抗日救亡運動], the Save the Nation Anti-Japanese Protest Movement stemming from the Manchurian ...
        HùguóYùndòng, [護國運動], Campaign to Defend the Republic (1915) or National Protection War, a rebellion a...
        chōudòngzhèng, [抽動症], Tourette syndrome
        fúdòng, [拂動], (of a breeze) to make (hair, leaves, clothing etc) sway gently/to ruffle
        tuōdònglì, [拖動力], motive force/traction
        zhāopáidòngzuò, [招牌動作], signature move
        nábudòng, [拿不動], to be unable to carry/lift (sth heavy)
        xiāndòng, [掀動], to stir/to lift/to set sth in motion
        liáodòng, [撩動], to stir up/to provoke
        hàntiāndòngdì, [撼天動地], earth-shaking
        zhèngzhìyùndòng, [政治運動], political movement
        zhěngfēngyùndòng, [整風運動], Rectification campaign/political purge/cf Mao's 1942-44 campaign at Yanan, and h...
        wénkānghuódòng, [文康活動], cultural and recreational activities (Tw)
        wénfēngbùdòng, [文風不動], absolutely still/fig. not the slightest change/also written 紋風不動|纹风不动
        XīnWénhuàYùndòng, [新文化運動], the New Culture Movement (mid-1910s and 1920s), intellectual revolution against ...
        xuánzhuǎnyùndòng, [旋轉運動], rotation/rotary motion
        wúdòngyúzhōng, [無動於中], variant of 無動於衷|无动于衷[wú dòng yú zhōng]
        wújǐzhuīdòngwù, [無脊椎動物], invertebrate
        zǎodòngshǒu,zǎoshōuhuò, [早動手,早收穫], The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)
        gēngdòng, [更動], to change/to replace/to alter
        yǒuyǎngyùndòng, [有氧運動], aerobics
        yǒutídòngwù, [有蹄動物], ungulates (animals with hooves)
        CháoLáodòngdǎng, [朝勞動黨], Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of North Korea
        CháoxiǎnLáodòngdǎng, [朝鮮勞動黨], Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of North Korea
        jīdòngchēliàng, [機動車輛], motor vehicle
        záshídòngwù, [雜食動物], omnivore
        jíxiànyùndòng, [極限運動], extreme sport
        gòuzàoyùndòng, [構造運動], tectonic movement/movement of earth's crust
        cháiyóufādòngjī, [柴油發動機], diesel engine
        hédònglìhángkōngmǔjiàn, [核動力航空母艦], nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
        jípídòngwù, [棘皮動物], echinoderm, the phylum containing sea urchins, sea cucumbers etc
        gàiniànqūdòngjiāgōng, [概念驅動加工], concept-driven processing
        héngzhèndòng, [橫振動], transverse vibration
        máozhīyùndòngshān, [毛織運動衫], jersey
        qìdòngzàoshēng, [氣動噪聲], aerodynamic noise
        qìdòngkāiguān, [氣動開關], pneumatic switch
        qìdòngshì, [氣動式], pneumatic
        qìdòngkòngzhì, [氣動控制], pneumatic control
        qìdòngbèng, [氣動泵], pneumatic pump
        qìdònghúlu, [氣動葫蘆], pneumatic hoist pulley
        qìdòngzhá, [氣動閘], pneumatic brake
        shuǐshàngyùndòng, [水上運動], water sports/aquatic motion/movement over water
        yǒngdòngjī, [永動機], a perpetual motion machine
        bōdònglìxué, [波動力學], wave mechanics (physics)
        bōdòngxìng, [波動性], fluctuation
        bōbǐyùndòng, [波比運動], burpee (loanword)
        zhùyìlìbùzúguòdòngzhèng, [注意力不足過動症], attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
        zhùyìlìquēxiànguòdòngzhèng, [注意力缺陷過動症], attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
        YángwùYùndòng, [洋務運動], Self-Strengthening Movement (period of reforms in China c 1861-1894), also named...
        huódòngzhōngxīn, [活動中心], activity center/CL:處|处[chù]
        huódòngrénshì, [活動人士], activist
        huódòngfángwū, [活動房屋], prefabricated building/prefab/mobile home/caravan/trailer
        huódòngbānshǒu, [活動扳手], adjustable spanner
        huódòngguàtú, [活動掛圖], flipchart
        huódòngqūchǐ, [活動曲尺], sliding bevel (to measure angles)
        huódòngzhuōmiàn, [活動桌面], active desktop
        huódòngkànbǎn, [活動看板], calendar of events
        huódòngnénglì, [活動能力], mobility/motility
        liútǐdònglìxué, [流體動力學], fluid dynamics
        liúdòngrénkǒu, [流動人口], transient population/floating population
        liúdòngértóng, [流動兒童], children of migrants
        liúdòngxìngdàshāmò, [流動性大沙漠], shifting sand dunes
        liúdònglǜ, [流動率], turnover (of staff)
        liúdòngfùzhài, [流動負債], current liability
        liúdòngzīchǎn, [流動資產], current asset
        fúdòngdìyù, [浮動地獄], floating hell/slave ships
        hǎishàngyùndòng, [海上運動], water sports (sailing, windsurfing etc)
        wōlúnpēnqìfādòngjī, [渦輪噴氣發動機], turbojet
        wōlúnzhóufādòngjī, [渦輪軸發動機], turboshaft
        yèyāchuándòng, [液壓傳動], hydraulic drive/hydraulic transmission
        hùnhédònglìchē, [混合動力車], hybrid vehicle
        huáxuěyùndòng, [滑雪運動], skiing
        gǔndòngtiáo, [滾動條], scrollbar (computing)
        huǒshānhuódòng, [火山活動], volcanic activity/volcanism
        hōngdòng, [烘動], variant of 轟動|轰动[hōng dòng]
        rèdòngpínghéng, [熱動平衡], thermodynamic equilibrium
        shāndòngdiānfùguójiāzhèngquán, [煽動顛覆國家政權], incitement to subvert state power (criminal charge used to gag free speech)
        shāndòngdiānfùguójiāzuì, [煽動顛覆國家罪], crime of conspiring to overthrow the state
        páchóngdòngwù, [爬蟲動物], reptile
        ÀiguóWèishēngYùndòngWěiyuánhuì, [愛國衛生運動委員會], Patriotic Health Committee
        qiānyīfàérdòngquánshēn, [牽一髮而動全身], lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves/fig. a slight change will affect eve...
        zhuàngtàidòngcí, [狀態動詞], (linguistics) stative verb
        huánjìngxíngdòngzhǔyì, [環境行動主義], environmentalism/environmental activism
        huánjiédòngwù, [環節動物], annelid (worm)
        huánjiédòngwùmén, [環節動物門], Annelidan, the phylum of annelid worms
        shēngchǎnláodòng, [生產勞動], productive labor
        shēngmìngzàiyúyùndòng, [生命在於運動], life is motion (popular saying with many possible interpretations)/Physical effo...
        shuǎidòng, [甩動], to shake/to fling one's arm/to lash/to swing
        jiǎqiàodòngwù, [甲殼動物], crustacean
        diàndòngshì, [電動勢], electromotive force
        diàndòngwánjù, [電動玩具], battery-powered toy/(Tw) video game/computer game
        diàndònghúlu, [電動葫蘆], electric chain pulley block
        diàndòngzhuànpán, [電動轉盤], an electric turntable
        BǎihuāYùndòng, [百花運動], Hundred Flowers Campaign (PRC, 1956-57), in which Mao called for the taboo on di...
        pídàichuándòng, [皮帶傳動], a leather drive belt
        xiàngjīérdòng, [相機而動], to wait for the opportune moment before taking action (idiom)
        zhēnhòushēngdòngwù, [真後生動物], eumetazoa/subkingdom of animals excluding sponges
        yǎndòng, [眼動], eye movement
        yǎndòngjìshù, [眼動技術], eye movement technique
        yǎndòngjìlù, [眼動記錄], eye movement recording
        yǎntiàodòng, [眼跳動], saccade
        zhīshiyuèduōyuèfǎndòng, [知識越多越反動], the more knowledgeable, the more reactionary (absurd anti-intellectual slogan at...
        pòhuàihuódòng, [破壞活動], sabotage/subversive activities
        cídòngshì, [磁動勢], magnetomotive force
        cípánqūdòngqì, [磁盤驅動器], disk drive
        shìwēiyùndòng, [示威運動], rally
        ShèhuìZhǔyìJiàoyùYùndòng, [社會主義教育運動], Socialist Education Movement (1963-66), formal name of the Four Cleanups Movemen...
        shèhuìxíngdòng, [社會行動], social actions
        mìmìhuódòng, [秘密活動], clandestine activities/covert operation
线         yídòngpíngjūnxiàn, [移動平均線], moving average (in financial analysis)
线         yídòngpíngjūnxiànzhǐbiāo, [移動平均線指標], moving average index (used in financial analysis)
        yídòngshì, [移動式], mobile
        yídòngshìdiànhuà, [移動式電話], mobile telephone
        yídòngxìng, [移動性], mobility
        yídòngdiànhuà, [移動電話], mobile telephone
        yídòngshèbèi, [移動設備], mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc)
        yídòngtōngxìnwǎngluò, [移動通信網絡], cell phone network
        kōngqìdònglì, [空氣動力], aerodynamic force
        kōngqìdònglìxué, [空氣動力學], aerodynamics
        jìngjìdòngwù, [競技動物], animals used in blood sports
        jìngxuǎnhuódòng, [競選活動], (election) campaign
        jiǎnxiézhèndòng, [簡諧振動], simple harmonic oscillation/sinusoidal oscillation
        jiǎnxiéyùndòng, [簡諧運動], simple harmonic motion (in mechanics)/motion of a simple pendulum
        xiānmáodònglìdànbái, [纖毛動力蛋白], ciliary dynein protein
        wénfēngbùdòng, [紋風不動], absolutely still/fig. not the slightest change/also written 文風不動|文风不动
        jīngdiǎndònglìxìtǒng, [經典動力系統], classical dynamical system (physics)
        jīngjìhuódòng, [經濟活動], economic activity
        huǎndòng, [緩動], sluggish
        xīdòng, [翕動], to open and close (the mouth etc)
        sǒngdòng, [聳動], to shake (a part of one's body)/to shrug (shoulders)/to create a sensation/to in...
        zhíyèyùndòngyuán, [職業運動員], professional (athlete)/pro
        sùfǎnyùndòng, [肅反運動], purge of counterrevolutionaries (esp. Mao's purge of hidden counterrevolutionari...
        ròushídòngwù, [肉食動物], carnivore
        jīdòngdànbái, [肌動蛋白], actin
        chángrúdòng, [腸蠕動], peristalsis (wave movement of gut wall)
        gǔdòngmài, [股動脈], femoral artery
        néngyuàndòngcí, [能願動詞], modal verb (e.g. 肯[kěn], 能[néng], 會|会[huì], 要[yào], 該|该[gāi], 得[děi], 願意|愿意[yuàn...
        màidòng, [脈動], pulse/throbbing/pulsation
        jǐzhuīdòngwùmén, [脊椎動物門], Vertebrata, the phylum of vertebrates
        jǐsuǒdòngwùmén, [脊索動物門], Chordata, phylum containing vertebrates
        qiāngchángdòngwù, [腔腸動物], Coelenterata (such as jellyfish)
        wànzúdòngwù, [腕足動物], brachiopod
        guódòngmài, [膕動脈], popliteal artery (anatomy)
        zìdòngfùkuǎnjī, [自動付款機], cash dispenser/auto-teller/ATM
        zìdòngmiǎnyì, [自動免疫], active immunity
        zìdònghuàjìshù, [自動化技術], automation
        zìdòngqǔkuǎnjī, [自動取款機], automated teller machine (ATM)
        zìdòngshòuhuòjī, [自動售貨機], vending machine
线         zìdòngshèxiànshèyǐng, [自動射線攝影], autoradiography
        zìdònghuīfù, [自動恢復], spontaneous recovery
        zìdòngfútī, [自動扶梯], escalator
        zìdòngguàdǎng, [自動掛擋], automatic gear change
        zìdòngdǎng, [自動擋], automatic transmission/auto gear shift
        zìdònghuàndāozhuāngzhì, [自動換刀裝置], automatic tool changer (ATC)
        zìdòngkòngzhì, [自動控制], automatic control
        zìdòngtíkuǎn, [自動提款], automatic cash withdrawal/bank autoteller ATM
        zìdòngtíkuǎnjī, [自動提款機], bank autoteller/ATM
        zìdòngguìyuánjī, [自動櫃員機], automated teller machine (ATM)
        zìdònglóutī, [自動樓梯], escalator
        zìdòngbùdào, [自動步道], moving walkway/travelator
        zìdòngdiǎnchàngjī, [自動點唱機], jukebox/nickelodeon
        zìdònglíhé, [自動離合], automatic clutch
        zìdòngzìfā, [自動自發], (to act) on one's own initiative
        zìdòngchē, [自動車], automobile
        zìjǐdòngshǒu, [自己動手], to do (sth) oneself/to help oneself to
        ZìqiángYùndòng, [自強運動], Self-Strengthening Movement (period of reforms in China c 1861-1894), also named...
        zìyóuhuódòng, [自由活動], free time (between organized activities)
        cāngwàihuódòng, [艙外活動], extravehicular activity (outside space vehicle)/EVA
        jiézhīdòngwù, [節支動物], arthropod
        jiézúdòngwù, [節足動物], arthropod, segmented animals with jointed limbs/same as 節肢動物|节肢动物[jié zhī dòng w...
        cǎoshídòngwù, [草食動物], herbivore/herbivorous animal
        yàodàidònglìxué, [藥代動力學], pharmacokinetics
        yàodòngxué, [藥動學], pharmacokinetics
        yàowùdàixièdònglìxué, [藥物代謝動力學], pharmacokinetics
        rúdòngqiánjìn, [蠕動前進], wriggle
        rúxíngdòngwù, [蠕形動物], soft-bodied organisms/vermes (obsolete taxonomic term)
        chǔndòng, [蠢動], to wriggle/(fig.) to stir up trouble/(of a sentiment) to stir
便         xíngdòngbùbiàn, [行動不便], unable to move freely/difficult to get about
        xíngdòngzhǔyì, [行動主義], activism
        xíngdòngzhí, [行動值], (gaming) action points (points required to complete an action)/(Tw) action level...
        xíngdòngjù, [行動劇], (Tw) street theater (esp. as a form of political expression)
        xíngdòngfāngàn, [行動方案], program of action
        xíngdòngdiànhuà, [行動電話], mobile phone (Tw)
        xíngdònggānglǐng, [行動綱領], action plan/program of action
        xíngdòngzìyóu, [行動自由], freedom of action
        xíngdòngyìshùjiā, [行動藝術家], performance artist
        xíngdòngzhuāngzhì, [行動裝置], mobile device (Tw)
        xíngdòngjìhuà, [行動計劃], action plan
        bèidòngmiǎnyì, [被動免疫], passive immunity
        bèidòngxīyān, [被動吸煙], second-hand smoking/passive smoking
        jiànzhūxíngdòng, [見諸行動], to translate sth into action/to put sth into action
        jiǎodòngliàng, [角動量], angular momentum
        jiěfàngyùndòng, [解放運動], liberation movement
        jìsuànjīdònghuà, [計算機動畫], computer animation
        yòudòng, [誘動], to tempt/to seduce
        tiáohézhèndòng, [調和振動], harmonic oscillation
        xiézhèndòng, [諧振動], harmonic oscillation (e.g. sound wave)
        zǒuxiànghuádòngduàncéng, [走向滑動斷層], strike-slip fault (geology)/fault line where the two sides slide horizontally pa...
        qǐdòngniǔ, [起動鈕], starter button/on switch
        cǎidòng, [踩動], to operate by means of a pedal
        zhuàndòngjiàn, [轉動件], rotor
        zhuǎndòngguànliàng, [轉動慣量], moment of inertia (mechanics)
        zhuàndòngzhóu, [轉動軸], axis of rotation (mechanics)/spindle
        hōngdòngxiàoyìng, [轟動效應], sensational effect/wild reaction
        yùndòngdìnglǜ, [運動定律], laws of motion (mechanics)
        yùndòngjiā, [運動家], athlete/sportsman/activist
        yùndòngzhàn, [運動戰], mobile warfare
        yùndòngfāngchéng, [運動方程], equations of motion
        liándòng, [連動], to link/to peg (currency)/gang (gears)/continuously/serial verb construction
        liándòngzhài, [連動債], structured note (finance)
        liánzhuìdòngcí, [連綴動詞], linking verb
        tōngxùnzìdònghuà, [通訊自動化], communications automation
        zàoshānyùndòng, [造山運動], mountain building (geology)/orogenesis
        cǎiqǔxíngdòng, [採取行動], to take action/to adopt policies/to move on some issue
        chóngxīnqǐdòng, [重新啟動], to reboot/to restart
        yěshēngdòngzhíwùyuán, [野生動植物園], wildlife park/safari park
        yěshēngdòngwù, [野生動物], wild animal
        liàngzǐdiàndònglìxué, [量子電動力學], quantum electrodynamics QED
        liàngzǐsèdònglìxué, [量子色動力學], quantum chromodynamics (particle physics)
        cuòdòng, [錯動], to move relative to one another
        chángpǎoyùndòngyuán, [長跑運動員], long distance runner
        jiàndiéhuódòng, [間諜活動], espionage/spying
        yǐnqīdòngwùxué, [隱棲動物學], cryptozoology
        nányǐhàndòng, [難以撼動], unsusceptible to change/deeply entrenched
        zhèndònglì, [震動力], force of seismic wave
        zhèntiāndòngdì, [震天動地], to shake heaven and earth (idiom)
        jìngzuòbùdòng, [靜坐不動], to sit still and do nothing/to sit tight
        fēidòngwùxìng, [非動物性], inanimacy
        fēidòngwùxìngmíngcí, [非動物性名詞], inanimate noun
        jǐngdòngmài, [頸動脈], carotid artery (medicine)
        shíròudòngwù, [食肉動物], carnivore
        shífǔdòngwù, [食腐動物], scavenger
        qūdòngchéngxù, [驅動程序], device driver (computing software)
        qūdònglún, [驅動輪], drive wheel
        zhùchēzhìdòngqì, [駐車制動器], parking brake
        niántǔdònghuà, [黏土動畫], clay animation/Claymation
齿         chǐlúnchuándòng, [齒輪傳動], gear drive

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