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If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        shēngmìng, life (as the characteristic of living beings)/living being/creature/CL:個|个[gè],條...
        mìng, life/fate/order or command/to assign a name, title etc
        mìnglìng, order/command/CL:道[dào],個|个[gè]
        jiùmìng, to save sb's life/(interj.) Help!/Save me!
        mìngyùn, [命運], fate/destiny/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhìmìng, fatal/mortal/deadly/to sacrifice one's life
        xìngmìng, life
使         shǐmìng, mission/long-term task to which one devotes oneself/a calling
        dàimìng, to be on call/to be on standby
        pīnmìng, to do one's utmost/with all one's might/at all costs/(to work or fight) as if on...
        zūnmìng, to follow your orders/to do as you bid
        mìngmíng, to give a name to/to dub/to christen/to designate/named after/naming
        gémìng, revolution/revolutionary (politics)/CL:次[cì]
        mìngzhòng, to hit (a target)
        yàomìng, to cause sb's death/very/extremely/frightening/annoying
        sàngmìng, [喪命], to lose one's life
        rènmìng, to appoint/(job) appointment/CL:紙|纸[zhǐ]
        sòngmìng, to lose one's life/to get killed
        huómìng, life/to survive/to save a life/to scrape a living
        rénmìng, human life/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        méimìng, [沒命], to lose one's life/to die/recklessly/desperately
        táomìng, to escape/to flee/to run for one's life
        mìngàn, homicide case/murder case
        màimìng, [賣命], to throw one's life in for/to haplessly give one's life for/to sacrifice oneself...
        tīngmìng, [聽命], to obey an order/to take orders/to accept a state of affairs
        fèngmìng, to receive orders/to follow orders/to act under orders
        suànmìng, fortune-telling/to tell fortune
        wéitāmìng, [維他命], vitamin (loanword)
寿         shòumìng, [壽命], life span/life expectancy/lifetime (of a machine)
        shēngmìnglì, vitality
        shòumìng, ordained or appointed to a post/to benefit from counsel
        bìmìng, [斃命], to meet violent death/to get killed
        zìmìngbùfán, to think too much of oneself/self-important/arrogant
        zhìmìngshāng, [致命傷], mortal wound/(fig.) fatal weakness/Achilles' heel
        tīngtiānyóumìng, [聽天由命], to submit to the will of heaven/to resign oneself to fate/to trust to luck
        rènmìng, [認命], to accept misfortunes as decreed by fate/to be resigned to sth
        Tiānmìng, Mandate of Heaven/destiny/fate/one's life span
        wángmìng, to flee/to go into exile (from prison)
        sǐyúfēimìng, [死於非命], violent death (idiom); to die in a disaster/an unnatural death
        xiāngyīwéimìng, [相依為命], mutually dependent for life (idiom); to rely upon one another for survival/inter...
        chūrénmìng, fatal/resulting in sb's death
        gémìngxìng, revolutionary
        mìnggēnzi, see 命根[mìng gēn]
        chángmìng, [償命], to pay with one's life
        sǐmìng, doom/death/desperately
        duǎnmìng, to die young/short-lived
        wángmìngzhītú, runaway (idiom); desperate criminal/fugitive
        mìngtí, [命題], proposition (logic, math.)/to assign an essay topic
        rénmìngguāntiān, [人命關天], human life is beyond value (idiom)
        shěmìng, [捨命], to risk one's life
        zìmìng, to consider oneself to be (sth positive)
        ráomìng, [饒命], to spare sb's life
        kàngmìng, against orders/to disobey/to refuse to accept orders
        mìngzhònglǜ, hit rate/scoring rate
线         shēngmìngxiàn, [生命線], lifeline
        mìngmài, [命脈], lifeline
        mìnggēn, lifeblood/the thing that one cherishes most in life/(coll.) family jewels (male ...
        píyúbēnmìng, [疲於奔命], (idiom) terribly busy/up to one's ears in work
        kǔmìng, hard lot/bitter fate/unfortunate
        pànmìng, see 拼命[pīn mìng]
        mìngkǔ, to be born under an ill star
        hěnmìng, exerting all one's strength
        yǔnmìng, [殞命], to die/to perish
        cǎojiānrénmìng, to have disregard for human life (idiom)
        cuīmìng, to press sb to death/fig. to pressurize sb continually
        shòumìng, to give orders
        gémìngjiā, a revolutionary
        mìngxiàng, horoscope
        móucáihàimìng, [謀財害命], to plot and kill sb for his property (idiom); to murder for money
        wánrmìng, [玩兒命], to gamble with life/to take reckless risks
        ānshēnlìmìng, settle down and get on with one's pursuit
        bēnmìng, to rush about on errands/to be kept on the run
        WénhuàDàgémìng, Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)
        juémìngshū, [絕命書], suicide note
宿         sùmìnglùn, [宿命論], fatalism/fatalistic
        fùmìng, [復命], to report on completion of a mission/debriefing
        fǎngémìng, counterrevolutionary
        ěrtímiànmìng, to give sincere advice (idiom)/to exhort earnestly
        bómìng, to be born under an unlucky star (usu. of women)/to be born unlucky
        mínzhǔgémìng, democratic revolution/bourgeois revolution (in Marx-Leninist theory, a prelude t...
K         ktāmìng, ketamine (C3H6ClNO) (slang)
        yīmìngwūhū, [一命嗚呼], to die (idiom)/to breathe one's last/to give up the ghost
        yīmìngguītiān, [一命歸天], see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼[yī mìng wū hū]
西         yīmìngguīxī, [一命歸西], see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼[yī mìng wū hū]
        yīmìngguīyīn, [一命歸陰], see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼[yī mìng wū hū]
        yīqiánrúmìng, [一錢如命], stingy/penny-pinching
        sānjūnyòngmìng, [三軍用命], (of a team) to throw oneself into the battle
        bùtīngmìng, [不聽命], to disobey
        diūmìng, [丟命], to die
        ZhōngguóGuómíndǎngGémìngWěiyuánhuì, [中國國民黨革命委員會], Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang
        línwēishòumìng, [臨危受命], (idiom) to take on a leadership role at a time of crisis
        línwēishòumìng, [臨危授命], to sacrifice one's life in a crisis
        lètiānzhīmìng, [樂天知命], to be content with what one is
        èrcìgémìng, second revolution/campaign from 1913 of the provisional revolutionary government...
        cóngmìng, [從命], to obey an order/to comply/to do sb's bidding/to do as requested
        yǐrénmíngmìngmíng, to name sth after a person/named after/eponymous
        rènmìngzhuàng, [任命狀], certificate of appointment (to government office)
        bǎomìng, to save one's life/to survive
        hòumìng, to await orders/to be on call
        jièmìng, to live out a pointless existence
        GuāngróngGémìng, [光榮革命], Glorious Revolution (England, 1688)
        kètāmìng, ketamine (loanword)
        bāzìmìnglǐ, divination based on the eight characters of one's birth date
        BābǎoShānGémìngGōngmù, [八寶山革命公墓], Mt Babao Revolutionary Cemetery in Haidian district of Beijing
        màoshēngmìngwēixiǎn, [冒生命危險], to risk one's life
        ShíyuèGémìng, October Revolution
        bàntiáomìng, [半條命], half a life/only half alive/barely alive/(scared, beaten etc) half to death
        fǎngémìngxuānchuánshāndòngzuì, [反革命宣傳煽動罪], the crime of instigating counterrevolutionary propaganda
        shòumìngyútiān, to become Emperor by the grace of Heaven/to "receive the Mandate of Heaven" (tra...
        shòuxǐmìngmíng, to be christened
        tīngtiānānmìng, [聽天安命], to accept one's situation as dictated by heaven (idiom)
        mìngbùjiǔyǐ, at death's door
        mìngzhōngzhùdìng, [命中註定], decreed by fate (idiom)/destined/fated
        mìnglìngliè, command line (computing) (Tw)
        mìnglìngjù, imperative sentence
        mìnglìngháng, command line (computing)
        mìngwēi, (medicine) in a critical condition
        mìngmíngzuòyè, [命名作業], naming task
        mìngmíngrì, name day (tradition of celebrating a given name on a certain day of the year)
        mìngmíngfǎ, nomenclature
        mìngmíngxìtǒng, [命名系統], system of nomenclature
        mìngzàidànxī, to be at death's door (idiom)
        mìngdìng, to be predestined
        mìngguīHuángquán, [命歸黃泉], lit. to return to the Yellow Springs 黃泉|黄泉[Huáng quán] (idiom)/fig. to die/to me...
        mìnglǐ, fate/predestination/divinatory art
        mìnglǐxué, [命理學], divination/divinatory art
        mìngpán, [命盤], natal chart (astrology)
        mìngbó, to be unlucky
        mìngfùHuángquán, [命赴黃泉], to visit the Yellow Springs/to die
        mìngtú, the course of one's life/one's fate
        mìngtúkǎnkě, to have a tough life/to meet much adversity in one's life
        mìngtúduōchuǎn, to meet with many difficulties in one's life (idiom)
        mìngtíluóji, [命題邏輯], propositional logic
        wéimìngshìcóng, [唯命是從], to follow obediently
        shìjiǔrúmìng, to love wine as one's life (idiom); fond of the bottle
        sìyīèrfǎngémìngzhèngbiàn, [四一二反革命政變], counterrevolutionary coup of 12th April 1927, Chiang Kai-shek's coup against the...
        GuómínGémìngjūn, [國民革命軍], National Revolutionary Army
        túcáihàimìng, [圖財害命], see 謀財害命|谋财害命[móu cái hài mìng]
        hǎomìng, lucky/blessed with good fortune
        SìWénmìng, Si Wenming, personal name of Yu the Great 大禹[Dà Yǔ]
        wēizūnmìngjiàn, [威尊命賤], orders weightier than life
        ānfēitāmìng, amphetamine (medical) (loanword)
        hàimìng, to kill sb/to murder
宿         sùmìng, predestination/karma
        Hánwǔjìshēngmìngdàbàofā, [寒武紀生命大爆發], the Cambrian explosion
        duìzhèngmìngmíng, [對證命名], confrontation naming
寿         shòumìngbùcháng, [壽命不長], one's days are numbered/not to have long to live (often fig.)
        zūnmìng, your order (honorific)
        GōngyèGémìng, [工業革命], Industrial Revolution, c. 1750-1830
寿         píngjūnshòumìng, [平均壽命], life expectancy
        yìngjídàimìng, [應急待命], emergency standby/to be on standby
        xìngmìngyōuguān, [性命攸關], vitally important/a matter of life and death
        xìngzhìmìngtí, [性質命題], categorical proposition (logic)
        yuànmìng, to complain about one's fate/to bemoan one's lot
        gōngjìngbùrúcóngmìng, [恭敬不如從命], deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom)/(said to accept sb's request, i...
        wéimìngshìtīng, [惟命是聽], see 唯命是從|唯命是从[wéi mìng shì cóng]
        jièmìng, prohibition
        pīmìng, to tell sb's fortune
        pīnmìngsānláng, brave man, willing to risk his life
        pīnmìngtǎohǎo, [拼命討好], to throw oneself at sb or sth/to bend over backwards to help
        juānmìng, to lay down one's life
        bómìng, to fight with all one has
        jiùrényīmìngshèngzàoqījífútú, [救人一命勝造七級浮屠], saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda (idiom)
        jiùmìngdàocǎo, (one's) last straw to clutch at/one's last hope
        gǎnbùcóngmìng, [敢不從命], to not dare to disobey an order (idiom)
        shùzìmìnglǐxué, [數字命理學], numerology
        XīnMínzhǔzhǔyìGémìng, [新民主主義革命], (Maoism) New Democracy (aka New Democratic Revolution)
        fāngmìng, against orders/to disobey/to refuse to accept orders
        wúshēngmìng, [無生命], inert/lifeless
        jiùmínzhǔzhǔyìgémìng, [舊民主主義革命], old democratic revolution/bourgeois revolution (in Marx-Leninist theory, a prelu...
        shíguāimìngjiǎn, [時乖命蹇], bad times, adverse fate (idiom)
        xīngmìngjiā, astrologer (esp. Daoist)
        wèimìngmíng, untitled/unnamed/no name/nameless/unknown name
        běnmìngnián, year of one's birth sign, according to the cycle of 12 animals of the earthly br...
        bìmìng, [畢命], to die (in an accident etc)/to have one's life cut short
        TāngWǔGémìng, [湯武革命], the Tang and Wu Revolts: the overthrow (c. 1600 BC) of the Xia Dynasty by the fi...
        FǎguóDàgémìng, [法國大革命], French Revolution (1789-1799)
        FǎguóGémìng, [法國革命], French Revolution (1789)
        língmìng, [靈命], the will of Heaven/the will of God
        àizhīrúmìng, [愛之如命], to love sb (or sth) as one loves life itself
        àicáirúmìng, [愛財如命], lit. to love money as much as one's own life (idiom)/fig. avaricious/tightfisted
        shēngmìngbùxī,zhàndòubùzhǐ, [生命不息,戰鬥不止], while there is life, the fight continues (idiom); to fight to the last
        shēngmìngtǐzhēng, [生命體徵], vital signs
        shēngmìngfèituó, Ayurveda (ancient Indian system and health care philosophy)/also written 阿育吠陀[ā ...
        shēngmìngzhōuqī, [生命週期], life cycle
        shēngmìngzàiyúyùndòng, [生命在於運動], life is motion (popular saying with many possible interpretations)/Physical effo...
        shēngmìngduōyàngxìng, [生命多樣性], biodiversity
        shēngmìngzhēngxiàng, [生命徵象], see 生命體徵|生命体征[shēng mìng tǐ zhēng]
        shēngmìngkēxué, [生命科學], life sciences
        shēngmìngjìxiàng, [生命跡象], see 生命體徵|生命体征[shēng mìng tǐ zhēng]
        shēngsǐyǒumìng, life and death are ruled by fate (idiom)
        yòngmìng, to follow orders/to abide by/to obey
        jiǎjīānfēitāmìng, methamphetamine
        Shēnmìngjì, [申命記], Book of Deuteronomy/Fifth Book of Moses
        zhíyánmìngtí, [直言命題], categorical proposition (logic)
        xiāngmìngzhě, fortune teller
        zhēnmìng, to receive heaven's command (of Daoist immortals etc)/ordained by heaven
        duǎnmìngguǐ, sb who dies prematurely
        àináncóngmìng, [礙難從命], difficult to obey orders (idiom); much to my embarrassment, I am unable to compl...
        lùmìng, [祿命], person's lot through life
        suànmìngxiānsheng, fortune-teller
        suànmìngjiā, fortune-teller
        suànmìngzhě, fortune-teller
        suǒmìng, to demand sb's life
        hóngyánbómìng, [紅顏薄命], beautiful women suffer unhappy fates (idiom)
        juémìng, [絕命], to commit suicide/to have one's life cut short
        wéitāmìng, [維它命], variant of 維他命|维他命[wéi tā mìng]
        sùqīngfǎngémìngfènzǐ, [肅清反革命份子], to eliminate counterrevolutionaries/abbr. to 肅反|肃反[sù fǎn]
        zìmìngqīnggāo, to think of oneself as high and pure (idiom); smug and self-righteous/holier-tha...
        cǎojièrénmìng, see 草菅人命[cǎo jiān rén mìng]
        xíngzhèngmìnglìng, executive order
        jièmìng, [誡命], commandment
        zīchǎnjiējígémìng, [資產階級革命], bourgeois revolution (in Marx-Leninist theory, a prelude to the proletarian revo...
        shēntǐshìgémìngdeběnqián, [身體是革命的本錢], lit. the body is the revolution's capital/fig. good health is a prerequisite for...
        XīnhàiGémìng, Xinhai Revolution (1911), which ended the Qing Dynasty
        yùnmìng, [運命], fate/one's fortune
        wéimìng, [違命], disobedient/to violate the Mandate of Heaven (天命[Tiān Mìng])
        qīnmìng, [欽命], Imperial order or edict (old)
        chángmìngfùguì, [長命富貴], We wish you long life and riches! (idiom, conventional greeting)
        yǔnmìng, [隕命], variant of 殞命|殒命[yǔn mìng]/to die/to perish
        suíshídàimìng, [隨時待命], on call/always available/ready at all times
        fēimìng, violent death/killed in a disaster
        fēizhìmìng, not fatal/not life-threatening (medical condition)
        gémìngxiānliè, martyr to the revolution
        gémìnglièshì, martyr of the revolution
        lǐngmìng, [領命], to accept an order

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