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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        wàimiàn, outside (also pr. [wài mian] for this sense)/surface/exterior/external appearanc...
        lìngwài, additional/in addition/besides/separate/other/moreover/furthermore
        wài, outside/in addition/foreign/external
        yìwài, unexpected/accident/mishap/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhīwài, outside/excluding
        wàitào, coat/jacket/CL:件[jiàn]
        yǐwài, apart from/other than/except for/external/outside of/on the other side of/beyond
        wàixīngrén, space alien/extraterrestrial
        wàikē, surgery (branch of medicine)
        wàibiǎo, external/outside/outward appearance
        éwài, [額外], extra/added/additional
        wàipó, (coll.) mother's mother/maternal grandmother
        wàiyù, extramarital affair
        lìwài, exception/to be an exception
        chúcǐzhīwài, apart from this/in addition to this
        xiāoyáofǎwài, [逍遙法外], unfettered and beyond the law (idiom); evading retribution/getting away with it ...
        wàiguó, [外國], foreign (country)/CL:個|个[gè]
        ménwài, [門外], outside the door
        cǐwài, besides/in addition/moreover/furthermore
        guówài, [國外], abroad/external (affairs)/overseas/foreign
        wàichū, to go out/to go away (on a trip etc)
        wàijiè, the outside world/external
        wàijiāo, diplomacy/diplomatic/foreign affairs/CL:個|个[gè]
        wàijiā, in addition/extra
        wàigōng, (coll.) mother's father/maternal grandfather
        hǎiwài, overseas/abroad
        wàitou, [外頭], outside/out
        hùwài, [戶外], outdoor
        wàibù, external part/external
        wàibian, [外邊], outside/outer surface/abroad/place other than one's home
        yěwài, countryside/areas outside the city
        wàiguórén, [外國人], foreigner
        wàiyī, outer clothing/semblance/appearance
        wàihào, [外號], nickname
        wàiqín, field work/field personnel/any occupation that involves a great deal of field wo...
        wàishēng, sister's son/wife's sibling's son
        wàilái, [外來], external/foreign/outside
        wàirén, outsider/foreigner/stranger
        wàishāng, [外傷], injury/wound/trauma
        duìwài, [對外], external/foreign/pertaining to external or foreign (affairs)
        wàiwéi, [外圍], surrounding
        chéngwài, outside of a city
        wàimào, profile/appearance
        wàixíng, figure/shape/external form/contour
        géwài, especially/particularly
        chúwài, to exclude/not including sth (when counting or listing)/except for
        wàiké, [外殼], envelope/outer shell/hull/cover/case
        wàidì, parts of the country other than where one is
        jiāowài, outskirts
        wàiháng, layman/amateur
线         hóngwàixiàn, [紅外線], infrared ray
        shìwài, outdoor
        wàisūn, [外孫], daughter's son/grandson/descendant via the female line
        zhìshēnshìwài, not to get involved/to stay out of it
        wàijiāoguān, diplomat
        jùzhīménwài, [拒之門外], to lock one's door and refuse to see sb
        wàiyǔ, [外語], foreign language/CL:門|门[mén]
        hóngwài, [紅外], infrared (ray)
        kèwài, [課外], extracurricular
        wàikuài, extra income
线         zǐwàixiàn, [紫外線], ultraviolet ray
        wàisūnnǚ, [外孫女], daughter's daughter/granddaughter
        wàizǔmǔ, mother's mother/maternal grandmother
        wàidài, [外帶], take-out (fast food)/(outer part of) tire/as well/besides/into the bargain/outer...
        wàizài, external/extrinsic
        wàichuán/wàizhuàn, [外傳], to tell others (a secret)/to divulge to an outsider/to be rumored, unofficial bi...
        wàiguān, [外觀], exterior appearance/to view sth from the outside/exterior condition
        Wàijiāobù, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/foreign office/Dept. of State
        wàizǔfù, maternal grandfather (i.e. mother's father)
        wàidìrén, stranger/outsider
        hàowài, [號外], (newspaper) extra/special number (of a periodical)
        wàixiè, to leak (usually secret information)
线         wàixiàn, [外線], (military) line of troops encircling an enemy position/(telephony) outside line/...
        shìwàitáoyuán, see 桃花源[táo huā yuán]
        hūnwàiliàn, [婚外戀], see 婚外情[hūn wài qíng]
        wàiláiyǔ, [外來語], loanword
        jiànwài, [見外], to regard sb as an outsider
        wàicéng, [外層], outer layer/outer shell
        kāiwài, [開外], over and above (some amount)/beyond (budget)
        wàishengnǚ, sister's daughter/wife's sibling's daughter
        xiàowài, off campus
        huàwàiyīn, [畫外音], voice-over/background narration
        jìngwài, outside (a country's) borders
        nèiwài, [內外], inside and outside/domestic and foreign/approximately/about
        chūwài, to go out/to leave for another place
        wàicháng/wàichǎng, [外場], outside world/society, outer area (of a place that has an inner area)/dining are...
        lǐlǐwàiwài, [裡裡外外], inside and out
        wàihuì, [外匯], foreign (currency) exchange
        wàicè, [外側], outer side
        ménwàihàn, [門外漢], layman
        wàilì, external force/pressure from outside
        wàipí, outer skin/carapace
        wàihǎi, offshore/open sea
        xǐchūwàngwài, to be pleased beyond one's expectations (idiom)/overjoyed at the turn of events
        wàiyuán, external help/foreign aid
        yánwàizhīyì, unspoken implication (idiom)/the actual meaning of what was said
        wàiláirén, [外來人], foreigner
        júwài, outside (a group etc)/not connected (with an event etc)/external
        lǎowài, (coll.) foreigner (esp. non Asian person)/layman/amateur
        wàiwù, [外務], foreign affairs
        wàiliú, outflow/to flow out/to drain
        zhōngwài, Sino-foreign/Chinese-foreign/home and abroad
        wàixiàng, Foreign Minister
        jiǔxiāoyúnwài, [九霄雲外], beyond the topmost clouds (idiom)/unimaginably far away
        páiwài, xenophobic/anti-foreigner
        wàijí, foreign (i.e. of foreign nationality)
        zhìzhīdùwài, to give no thought to/to have no regard for/to disregard
        wàigǔgé, exoskeleton (the carapace of insects, crabs etc)
        wàijiāojiā, diplomat
        bùwàihū, nothing else but
        fènwài, exceptionally/not one's responsibility or job
        zǐwài, ultraviolet (ray)
        wàibì, [外幣], foreign currency
        wàishì, foreign affairs
        wàiyòng, external
        wàiwén, foreign language (written)
        wàilù, exposed/appearing on the outside
        guónèiwài, [國內外], domestic and international/at home and abroad
        zǐwàiguāng, ultraviolet light
        wàixiàng, extroverted (personality)/(economics etc) export-oriented
        wàijiāobùzhǎng, [外交部長], minister of foreign affairs
        bùwài, not beyond the scope of/nothing more than
        jiéwàishēngzhī, [節外生枝], a new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising
        wàitáo, to flee abroad/to run away/to desert/outflow
        wàijiān, [外間], outer room/the external world/outside
        wàimào, [外貿], foreign trade
        wàibīn, [外賓], foreign guest/international visitor
        wàiguà, [外掛], attached externally (e.g. fuel tank)/plug-in/add-on/special software used to che...
        lǐwài, [裡外], inside and out/or so
        wàiqiángzhōnggān, [外強中乾], strong in appearance but weak in reality (idiom)
        wàijiāodàchén, Foreign Secretary/(UK) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
        wàixiāngrén, [外鄉人], a stranger/out-of-towner
        wàizhài, [外債], foreign debt
        shēnwàizhīwù, mere worldly possessions
        Dàowài, Daowai district of Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Hā ěr bīn] in Heilongjiang
        wàiqiáo, [外僑], foreigner
        wàibàn, [外辦], foreign affairs office
        wàizhǎng, [外長], foreign minister/secretary of state/minister of foreign affairs
        wàixiāo, [外銷], to export/to sell abroad
        wàiláicí, [外來詞], loanword
        wàixiàngxíng, export-oriented (economic model)
        shèwài, concerning foreigners or foreign affairs
        wàiguóyǔ, [外國語], foreign language
        wàifēnmì, exocrine/external secretion (e.g. saliva)
        wàidiàn, [外電], reports from foreign news agencies
        wàihuàn, foreign aggression
        wàifū, to apply externally
        wàiěrdào, external auditory meatus/auditory canal, between the outer ear 外耳 and tympanum 鼓...
        wàisūnzi, [外孫子], (coll.) daughter's son/grandson
        wàishè, [外設], peripherals
        wàizī, [外資], foreign investment
        hǎinèiwài, [海內外], domestic and international/at home and abroad
        wàiyán, extension (semantics)
        wàilù, see 外地[wài dì]
        wàiěr, outer ear
        ShàngWài, abbr. for 上海外國語大學|上海外国语大学[Shàng hǎi Wài guó yǔ Dà xué]
        ShànghǎiWàiguóyǔDàxué, [上海外國語大學], Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)
        bùwàilù, not exposed/concealed from view
        bùzúwéiwàiréndào, [不足為外人道], no use to tell others/let's keep this between ourselves (idiom)
        shìwàitáohuāyuán, see 桃花源[táo huā yuán]
        liǎngěrbùwénchuāngwàishì, [兩耳不聞窗外事], to pay no attention to outside matters
        ZhōngguóRénmínDuìwàiYǒuhǎoXiéhuì, [中國人民對外友好協會], Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC)
        jiāotōngyìwài, traffic accident/car crash
        rénwàiyǒurén,tiānwàiyǒutiān, in the wider world there are people more talented than oneself (idiom)
        réncáiwàiliú, brain drain
        chóurénxiāngjiàn,fènwàiyǎnhóng, [仇人相見,分外眼紅], when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred (idiom)
        chóuwài, to feel animosity toward foreigners or outsiders/xenophobia
        chóuwàixīnlǐ, xenophobia
        cónglǐdàowài, [從裡到外], from the inside to the outside/through and through/thoroughly
        fùzhīdùwài, to think nothing of doing sth (idiom)/to do sth without considering the risks/to...
        tǐwài, [體外], outside the body/in vitro
        tǐwàishòujīng, [體外受精], in vitro fertilization
        lìwàizì, exception(s)
        bǎowàijiùyī, [保外就醫], to release for medical treatment (of a prisoner)
        xìnfúzhōngwài, to be trusted both at home and abroad (idiom)
        RúlínWàishǐ, The Scholars, Qing dynasty novel by Wu Jingzi 吳敬梓|吴敬梓[Wú Jìng zǐ], an extended s...
        xiōngdìxìyúqiáng,wàiyùqíwǔ, [兄弟鬩於墻,外禦其侮], internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)
        dǎngwàirénshì, [黨外人士], non-party members
        qíwài, besides/in addition/apart from that
        nèiwàijiānxiū, [內外兼修], (of a person) beautiful inside and out
        nèiyōuwàikùn, [內憂外困], internal trouble and outside aggression (idiom); in a mess both domestically and...
        nèiyōuwàihuàn, [內憂外患], internal trouble and outside aggression (idiom); in a mess both domestically and...
        chūhūyìwài, beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
        chūrényìwài, turned out other than expected (idiom); unexpected
        huàwài, (old) outside the sphere of civilization
        BěiÈrwài, abbr. for 北京第二外國語學院|北京第二外国语学院[Běi jīng Dì èr Wài guó yǔ Xué yuàn]
        BěijīngWàiguóyǔDàxué, [北京外國語大學], Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)
        BěijīngDìèrWàiguóyǔXuéyuàn, [北京第二外國語學院], Beijing International Studies University (BISU)
        BěiWài, abbr. for 北京外國語大學|北京外国语大学[Běi jīng Wài guó yǔ Dà xué]
        qiānlǐzhīwài, thousand miles distant
        qùguówài, [去國外], to go abroad
        gǔjīnzhōngwài, at all times and in all places (idiom)
        chīlǐpáwài, [吃裡爬外], to work against the interests of sb one derives support from/to double-cross one...
        xiàngwài, out/outward
        yuánwài, [員外], landlord (old usage)
        SìchuānWàiguóyǔDàxué, [四川外國語大學], Sichuan International Studies University (SISU)
        guówàinèi, [國外內], international and domestic
        guówàishìchǎng, [國外市場], foreign market
        GuójiāWàihuìGuǎnlǐjú, [國家外匯管理局], State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE)
        guójìwàijiāo, [國際外交], foreign policy
        ShèngjīngWàizhuàn, [聖經外傳], Apocrypha/biography external to the classics
        zàiwài, outer/excluded
        zàihùwài, [在戶外], outdoors
        chǎngwàiyìngjí, [場外應急], general emergency (or "off-site emergency") (nuclear facility emergency classifi...
        yùwài, outside the country/abroad/foreign/extraterritorial
        sàiwài, beyond the Great Wall
        jìngnèiwài, [境內外], within and without the borders/domestic and foreign/home and abroad
        wàiyè, [外業], on-site operations (e.g. surveying)
        wàidān, Taoist external alchemy
        wàixiāng, [外鄉], another part of the country/some other place
        wàishìchù, [外事處], Foreign Affairs Office (at a university)/Foreign Affairs Department
        wàijiāoshìwù, [外交事務], foreign affairs
        wàijiāoguānxì, [外交關係], foreign relations/diplomatic relations
        WàijiāoGuānxìLǐshìhuì, [外交關係理事會], Council on Foreign Relations (US policy think tank)
        WàijiāoXuéyuàn, [外交學院], China Foreign Affairs University
        wàijiāobìhù, [外交庇護], diplomatic asylum
        wàijiāoshǒuwàn, diplomatic
        wàijiāozhèngcè, foreign policy
        wàijiāotèquán, [外交特權], diplomatic immunity
        wàijiāohuòmiǎnquán, [外交豁免權], diplomatic immunity
        wàijiāofēngbō, [外交風波], diplomatic crisis
        wàiqǐ, foreign enterprise/company established in mainland China with direct investment ...
        wàicègōu, [外側溝], lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure (neuroanatomy)
        wàicèliè, [外側裂], lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure (neuroanatomy)
        wàijiè, to lend (sth other than money)/to borrow
        wàibāzìjiǎo, [外八字腳], splayed feet
        wàibāzìtuǐ, bow legs/bandy legs
        wàidiǎnxiězuò, [外典寫作], apocryphal writings
访         wàichūfǎngwèn, [外出訪問], to make an official visit (often abroad)
        wàifēnmìxiàn, exocrine gland/gland producing external secretion (e.g. saliva)
        wàigāngnèiróu, [外剛內柔], soft on the inside despite one's hard shell/appearing tough on the outside as to...
        wàijiājì, [外加劑], additive
        wàijiāfùjiàn, add-on (software)/plug-in (software)
        wàiwùshěng, [外務省], foreign ministry (e.g. of Japan or Korea)
        Wàiwùbù, [外務部], Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qing Dynasty
        wàiláo, [外勞], abbr. for 外籍勞工|外籍劳工[wài jí láo gōng]/foreign worker
        wàibāo, outsourcing
        wàixié, [外協], outsourcing/people who judge others by their looks (abbr. for 外貌協會|外貌协会[wài mào ...
        wàimài, [外賣], to go/take out (relates to food bought at a restaurant)
        wàikǎ, (sports) wild card (loanword)
        wàishāng, foreign businessman
        wàishāngdúzīqǐyè, [外商獨資企業], wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) (form of legal entity in China)/abbr. to ...
        wàishāngzhíjiētóuzī, [外商直接投資], overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI)
        wàiguórénjūzhùzhèngmíng, [外國人居住證明], foreigner's certificate of residence
        wàiguógōngsī, [外國公司], foreign company
        wàiguóméitǐ, [外國媒體], foreign news media
        wàiguótóuzīzhě, [外國投資者], foreign investor
        wàiguólǚyóuzhě, [外國旅遊者], foreign traveler
        wàiguóhuà, [外國話], foreign languages
        wàiguózīběn, [外國資本], foreign capital
        wàiyuánnèifāng, [外圓內方], lit. outside-flexible, inside-firm (idiom)/fig. velvet glove
        wàizàichāoyuè, outer transcendence (perfection through the agency of God)
        wàichángrén, [外場人], sophisticated, worldly person/man of the world
        wàixíng, external form
        Wàibù, Waipu township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县[Tái zhōng xiàn], Taiwan
        Wàibùxiāng, [外埔鄉], Waipu township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县[Tái zhōng xiàn], Taiwan
        wàiqiáng, [外牆], facade/external wall
        wàitàikōng, outer space
        wàiméi, foreign news media/abbr. of 外國媒體|外国媒体
        wàijià, (of a woman) to marry a non-local or foreigner
        wàizǐ, (polite) my husband
        wàisūnnǚr, [外孫女兒], granddaughter (one's daughter's daughter)
        wàixuān, (abbr. for 對外宣傳|对外宣传[duì wài xuān chuán]) (one's own) international public relat...
        wàikuānnèijì, [外寬內忌], magnanimous on the outside, but hateful on the inside (idiom)
        wàixiǎotuǐ, shin
        wàicéngkōngjiān, [外層空間], outer space
        wàichā, heterodyne (electronics)
        wàijìng, [外徑], external diameter (including thickness of the wall)
        wàixīn, (of a married person) interest in a third person/(old) (of a minister etc) dislo...
        wàishǒu, right-hand side (of a machine)/right-hand side (passenger side) of a vehicle
        wàiguàchéngshì, [外掛程式], plug-in (software) (Tw)
        wàijiēyuán, [外接圓], circumscribed circle (of a polygon)
        wàituī, to extrapolate
        wàituīfǎ, extrapolation (math.)/to extrapolate
        wàichā, to extrapolate/extrapolation (math.)/(computing) to plug in (a peripheral device...
        wàidāchéngshì, add-on software (Tw)
        wàifàng, extroverted/outgoing/to play audio through speakers (rather than through earphon...
        wàijiào, foreign teacher (abbr. for 外國教師|外国教师)/greenhorn/novice/amateurish/religion other...
        wàiwénxì, [外文係], department of foreign languages/modern languages (college department)
        wàixiéjī, external oblique muscle (sides of the chest)
        wàixīng, alien/extraterrestrial
        wàiláichéngyǔ, [外來成語], loan idiom
        wàiláitóuzī, [外來投資], foreign investment
        wàiláiwùzhǒng, [外來物種], an introduced species
        wàiláihuò, [外來貨], imported product
        wàishuǐ, extra income
        wàihuìchǔbèi, [外匯儲備], foreign-exchange reserves
        wàihuìcúndǐ, [外匯存底], foreign exchange reserves (Tw)
        wàiyuán, exogenous
        wàiyuánníngjísù, (biochemistry) lectin
        Wàitān, [外灘], the Shanghai Bund or Waitan
        wàijīsù, pheromone
        wàizhàoshè, external irradiation
        wàiye, [外爺], (dialect) maternal grandfather
线         wàihuánxiàn, [外環線], outer ring (road or rail line)
婿         wàishengnǚxu, sister's daughter's husband
        wàishengxífù, [外甥媳婦], sister's son's wife
        wàiyǎnjiǎo, outer corner of the eye
        wàikēyīshēng, [外科醫生], surgeon/as opposed to physician 內科醫生|内科医生[nèi kē yī shēng], who works primarily ...
        wàikēxué, [外科學], surgery
        wàikēshǒushù, [外科手術], surgery
        wàijī, [外積], exterior product/the cross product of two vectors
        wàifū, (botany) lemma
        wàijíláogōng, [外籍勞工], foreign worker
        wàijíHuárén, [外籍華人], overseas Chinese/persons of Chinese origin having foreign citizenship
        wàipēicéng, [外胚層], ectoderm (cell lineage in embryology)
        WàiMěnggǔ, Outer Mongolia
        wàipáo, robe
        wàiguānshèjì, [外觀設計], look/external appearance/design/overall brand look or logo that can be patented
        wàimàozhǔyì, [外貌主義], lookism
        wàimàoxiéhuì, [外貌協會], the "good-looks club": people who attach great importance to a person's appearan...
        wàizhìmó, [外質膜], external plasma membrane
        WàimàoXiéhuì, [外貿協會], Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), abbr. for 中華民國對外貿易發展協會|中华民国对...
        wàizīqǐyè, [外資企業], abbr. for 外商獨資企業|外商独资企业[wài shāng dú zī qǐ yè]
        wàihuái, lateral malleolus
        wàibianr, [外邊兒], erhua variant of 外邊|外边[wài bian]
        wàisòng, to send out/fast food delivered
        wàibāngrén, gentile
        wàibùliánjiē, [外部連接], external link
        wàibùliànjiē, [外部鏈接], external link (on website)
        wàiguōchéng, outer city wall
        wàicuòjiǎo, [外錯角], outer alternate angles (where one line meets two parallel lines)
        wàiyīn, [外陰], vulva
        wàiyuàn, outer courtyard
        WàiGāojiāsuǒ, Transcaucasia, aka the South Caucasus
        wàiwù, [外鶩], to get involved in things which are not one's business
        DàWài, abbr. for 大連外國語大學|大连外国语大学[Dà lián Wài guó yǔ Dà xué]
        dàwàixuān, (derog.) China's foreign propaganda machine (esp. since c. 2009)
        DàliánWàiguóyǔDàxué, [大連外國語大學], Dalian University of Foreign Languages
        TiānWài, abbr. for 天津外國語大學|天津外国语大学[Tiān jīn Wài guó yǔ Dà xué]
        tiānwàiyǒutiān,rénwàiyǒurén, see 人外有人,天外有天[rén wài yǒu rén , tiān wài yǒu tiān]
        tiānwàiláikè, [天外來客], visitors from outer space
        TiānjīnWàiguóyǔDàxué, [天津外國語大學], Tianjin Foreign Studies University
        nǚshēngwàixiàng, a woman is born to leave her family (idiom)/a woman's heart is with her husband
        wěiwài, to outsource
        hūnwài, extramarital
        hūnwàiqíng, extramarital affair
        mèiwài, to fawn on foreigners/to pander to foreign powers
        jiāchǒubùkěwàichuán, [家醜不可外傳], lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom); fig. don't wash your dirty...
        jiāchǒubùkěwàiyáng, [家醜不可外揚], lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom)/fig. don't wash your dirty ...
        duìwàiguānxì, [對外關係], foreign relations
        duìwàizhèngcè, [對外政策], foreign policy
        DuìwàiJīngjìMàoyìDàxué, [對外經濟貿易大學], University of International Business and Economics
        duìwàiliánluòbù, [對外聯絡部], CCP central committee's external affairs department (i.e. Chinese communist part...
        duìwàimàoyì, [對外貿易], foreign trade
        DuìwàiMàoyìJīngjìHézuòbù, [對外貿易經濟合作部], Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC)
        júwàizhōnglì, neutralism
        wūwài, outside the room
        shānwàiyǒushān,tiānwàiyǒutiān, (idiom) however good sth is, there is always sth better/in the wider world there...
        chóngyángmèiwài, to revere everything foreign and pander to overseas powers (idiom); blind worshi...
        ChuānWài, abbr. for 四川外國語大學|四川外国语大学[Sì chuān Wài guó yǔ Dà xué]
广         GuǎngdōngWàiyǔWàimàoDàxué, [廣東外語外貿大學], Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
广         GuǎngWài, [廣外], abbr. for 廣東外語外貿大學|广东外语外贸大学[Guǎng dōng Wài yǔ Wài mào Dà xué]
        dùwài, outside the sphere of one's consideration
        tíngwài, out-of-court (settlement)
        jiànlìzhèngshìwàijiāoguānxì, [建立正式外交關係], formally establish diplomatic relations
        kāiwàiguà, [開外掛], see 開掛|开挂[kāi guà]
        xiánwàizhīxiǎng, [弦外之響], see 弦外之音[xián wài zhī yīn]
        xiánwàizhīyì, see 弦外之音[xián wài zhī yīn]
        xiánwàizhīyīn, overtone (music)/(fig.) connotation/implied meaning
        wǎngwài, out/outbound/departing
        yìwàishìgù, accident
        yìliàozhīwài, contrary to expectation/unexpected
        cáiwàiliú, brain drain
        mǔwàifān, bunion/hallux valgus
        lāowàikuài, [撈外快], to make extra money
        rǎngwài, to resist foreign aggression
        rǎngwàiānnèi, [攘外安內], to resist foreign aggression and pacify the interior of the country (idiom)
        zhěngxíngwàikē, plastic surgery/orthopedics
        zhěngxíngwàikēyīshēng, [整形外科醫生], plastic surgeon
        zēngwàizǔmǔ, great-grandmother (mother's grandmother)
        zēngwàizǔfù, great-grandfather (mother's grandfather)
        zhèngwàibùxìng, positive influence, effect that people's doings or behavior have on others (soci...
        héwàixīngyún, [河外星雲], extragalactic nebula
        héwàixīngxì, extragalactic star system/galaxy (not including our Galaxy)
        zhìwàifǎquán, [治外法權], diplomatic immunity/(history) extraterritoriality, the rights (under unequal tre...
        fǎwài, outside the law/beyond the law/extrajudicial
        hǎiwàiHuárén, [海外華人], overseas Chinese
        hǎiwàibǎn, foreign edition (of a newspaper)
        hǎiwàichìzǐ, patriotic overseas compatriot
        jiāowài, bokeh (photography)
        píwàishāng, [皮外傷], superficial wound/a bruise
        jiānwàizhíxíng, [監外執行], to serve (a sentence) outside prison (law)
        jiǎoxíngwàikē, [矯形外科], orthopedic surgery
        shénjīngwàikē, [神經外科], neurosurgery
        jìnzhǐwàichū, to forbid sb to go out/to curfew/to ground (as disciplinary measure)
        xiùwàihuìzhōng, variant of 秀外慧中[xiù wài huì zhōng]
        xiùwàihuìzhōng, good-looking and intelligent (idiom)
线         zǐwàishèxiàn, [紫外射線], ultraviolet ray
线         zǐwàixiànguāng, [紫外線光], ultraviolet light
        hóngwàiguāngpǔ, [紅外光譜], infrared spectrum
线         hóngwàixiàndǎoyǐnfēidàn, [紅外線導引飛彈], infrared guided missile
        xìbāowàiyè, [細胞外液], extracellular fluid
        qúnzhòngwàibāo, [群眾外包], crowdsourcing/abbr. to 眾包|众包[zhòng bāo]
        féishuǐbùliúwàiréntián, lit. don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field/fig. keep the goo...
        gēbozhǒucháowàiguǎi, the elbow turns the wrong way/to favor an outsider instead of someone on one's o...
        cāngwàihuódòng, [艙外活動], extravehicular activity (outside space vehicle)/EVA
        fēishēnghǎiwài, [蜚聲海外], famous at home and abroad
        biǎomiànwàimó, surface coat
西         XīWài, abbr. for 西安外國語大學|西安外国语大学[Xī ān Wài guó yǔ Dà xué]
西         XīānWàiguóyǔDàxué, [西安外國語大學], Xi'an International Studies University (XISU)
        yǔshùwài, [語數外], Chinese, math & English (school subjects)
        kèwàidúwù, [課外讀物], extracurricular reading material
        fùwàibùxìng, [負外部性], negative influence, effect that people's doings or behavior have on others (soci...
        zīběnwàitáo, [資本外逃], outflow of capital
        Dàowàiqū, [道外區], Daowai district of Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Hā ěr bīn] in Heilongjiang
        lǐchūwàijìn, [裡出外進], uneven/in disorder/everything sticking out
        lǐgōuwàilián, [裡勾外連], to act from inside in coordination with attackers outside/attacked from both ins...
        lǐwàilǐ, [裡外裡], all in all/either way
        lǐyìngwàihé, [裡應外合], to coordinate outside and inside offensives (idiom)/(fig.) to act together
        yěwàidìngxiàng, orienteering
        yěwàifàngyǎng, [野外放養], free-range (breeding livestock or poultry)
        jīnshǔwàiké, [金屬外殼], metal cover
        jīnyùqíwài,bàixùqízhōng, [金玉其外,敗絮其中], gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)
        zhènjīngzhōngwài, [震驚中外], to shock the whole world
        éwàixìng, [額外性], additionality (economics)
        éwàibǔtiē, [額外補貼], to give an extra subsidy, or bonus etc/bonus/perquisite

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