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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        gōngzuò, to work/(of a machine) to operate/job/work/task/CL:個|个[gè],份[fèn],項|项[xiàng]
        tègōng, secret service/special service/secret service agent/special agent
        yuángōng, [員工], staff/personnel/employee
        gōng, work/worker/skill/profession/trade/craft/labor
        gōngjù, tool/instrument/utensil/means (to achieve a goal etc)
        gōngchǎng, [工廠], factory/CL:家[jiā],座[zuò]
        gōngrén, worker/CL:個|个[gè],名[míng]
        gōngzī, [工資], wages/pay/CL:個|个[gè],份[fèn],月[yuè]
        gōngzuòshì, studio/workshop
        gōngchéng, engineering/an engineering project/project/undertaking/CL:個|个[gè],項|项[xiàng]
        gōngchéngshī, [工程師], engineer/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi],名[míng]
        dǎgōng, to work a temporary or casual job/(of students) to have a job outside of class t...
        kāigōng, [開工], to begin work (of a factory or engineering operation)/to start a construction jo...
        gōngyè, [工業], industry
        bàgōng, [罷工], a strike/to go on strike
        qīngjiégōng, [清潔工], cleaner/janitor/garbage collector
        shǒugōng, handwork/manual
        réngōng, artificial/manpower/manual work
        gōnghuì, [工會], labor union/trade union/CL:個|个[gè]
        gōngdì, construction site
        kuànggōng, [礦工], miner
        wángōng, to finish work/to complete a project
        gōngfū/gōngfu, (old) laborer, period of time (may be months, or mere seconds)/spare time/skill/...
        jiāgōng, to process/processing/working (of machinery)
        gōngjùxiāng, toolbox
        shōugōng, to stop work for the day (generally of laborers)/to knock off
        shīgōng, construction/to carry out construction or large-scale repairs
        gōngqián, [工錢], salary/wages
        láogōng, [勞工], labor/laborer
        guǎngōng, plumber/pipe-worker
        gōngzuòzhě, worker
        gōngzuòfú, work clothes
        réngōngzhìnéng, artificial intelligence (AI)
        gōngzuòkuáng, workaholic
        línshígōng, [臨時工], day laborer/temporary work
        diàngōng, [電工], electrician/electrical engineering/electrical work (in a house)
        nǚgōng, working woman/variant of 女紅|女红[nǚ gōng]
        gōngtóu, [工頭], foreman
        zhígōng, [職工], workers/staff/CL:個|个[gè]
        jìgōng, skilled worker
        bānyùngōng, [搬運工], porter
        Gōngténg, Kudō (Japanese surname)
        gōngyì, [工藝], arts and crafts/industrial arts
        réngōnghūxī, artificial respiration (medicine)
        zuògōng, to work with one's hands/manual work/workmanship
        gōngzuòliàng, workload/volume of work
        gōngchéngxué, [工程學], engineering
        fēngōng, to divide up the work/division of labor
        gōngzuòzhàn, (computer) workstation
        gōngzuòrì, workday/working day/weekday
        mùgōng, woodwork/carpentry/woodworker/carpenter
        gōngjiàng, artisan/smith
        tínggōng, to stop work/to shut down/to stop production
        gōngyìpǐn, [工藝品], handicraft article/handiwork/CL:個|个[gè]
        huàgōngchǎng, [化工廠], chemical factory
        gōngzuòtái, [工作檯], workbench/work station
        huàgōng, chemical industry, abbr. of 化學工業|化学工业[huà xué gōng yè]/chemical engineering, abb...
        kǔgōng, hard labor (in penal code)/coolie
        dònggōng, [動工], to start (a building project)
        réngōngshòujīng, artificial insemination
        jiāgōngchǎng, [加工廠], processing plant
        gōngrénjiējí, [工人階級], working class
        gōngzuòzǔ, [工作組], work team/working group/task force
        gōngyèqū, [工業區], industrial zone
        gōngshāng, industry and commerce
        tónggōng, child labor
        tōugōngjiǎnliào, [偷工減料], to skimp on the job and stint on materials (idiom)/jerry-building/sloppy work
        jiāngōng, [監工], workplace overseer/foreman
        zhōngdiǎngōng, [鐘點工], hourly worker/hourly job
        kuànggōng, [曠工], to skip work/absence without leave
        línggōng, temporary job/odd job
        gōngfēng, worker bee
        bānggōng, [幫工], to help with farm work/casual laborer
        míngōng, migrant worker/temporary worker enlisted on a public project
        chēgōng, [車工], lathe work/lathe operator
        gōngbīng, military engineer
        yìgōng, [義工], volunteer worker/volunteer work
        gōngshāng, [工傷], industrial injury
        shànggōng, to go to work/to start work
        gōngshì, defensive structure/military fortifications/(Tw) construction works/civil engine...
        bīnggōngchǎng, [兵工廠], munitions factory
        měigōng, art design/art designer
        gōngshí, [工時], man-hour
        fèigōngfu, [費工夫], to spend a great deal of time and effort/(of a task) demanding/exacting
        gōngyǒu, workmate
        shǒugōngyì, [手工藝], handicraft/arts and crafts
        bāogōngtóu, [包工頭], chief labor contractor
        fángyùgōngshì, [防禦工事], fortification/defensive structure
        gōngzhěng, fine work/carefully and neatly done
        guǐfǔshéngōng, supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods/uncanny workmanship/supe...
        jùngōng, to complete a project
        hàngōng, welder/solderer/CL:名[míng]/welding
        gōngqī, time allocated for a project/completion date
        gōngxīnjiēcéng, [工薪階層], salaried class
        gōngzhuāngkù, [工裝褲], overalls (clothing)/coveralls
        jiàozhíyuángōng, [教職員工], teaching and administrative staff
        gōngdǎng, [工黨], worker's party/labor party
        gōngyèhuà, [工業化], to industrialize/industrialization
        xiàgōngfu, to put in time and energy/to concentrate one's efforts
        lǐgōng, science and engineering as academic subjects
        gōngzuòduì, [工作隊], a working group/a task force
        wùgōng, [務工], to work as a laborer
        gōngzhǒng, [工種], kind of work in production (e.g. benchwork, foundry work etc)
        nángōng, male worker
        qíngōngjiǎnxué, [勤工儉學], to work part time while studying/work-study program
        duǎngōng, temporary job/odd job/seasonal worker
        shuǐnuǎngōng, plumber/heating engineer
        nónggōng, [農工], agricultural worker/abbr. for 農業工人|农业工人/peasant and worker (in Marxism)
        Jīnggōng/jīnggōng, Seiko, Japanese watch and electronics company, refined/delicate/exquisite (craft...
        gōngkē, engineering as an academic subject
        gōngxù, working procedure/process
        shègōng, social work/social worker
        shígōng, stonemasonry/stonemason
        yōnggōng, [傭工], hired laborer/servant
        zhìgōng, volunteer
        huàngōng, [換工], to change workshifts
        dàigōng, to slacken off in one's work/to go slow (as a form of strike)
        tónggōngtóngchóu, equal pay for equal work
        gōnglíng, [工齡], length of service/seniority
        dǎgōngzǎi, young worker/employee/young male worker
        chuángōng, boatman/boat builder
        fùgōng, [復工], to return to work (after stoppage)
        zhuāngxiègōng, [裝卸工], docker/longshoreman
        gōngxuéyuàn, [工學院], school of engineering/college of engineering
        xiàgōng, to knock off (at the end of a day's work)/to finish work
        jiàozhígōng, [教職工], teaching and administrative staff
        wùgōng, [誤工], to delay one's work/to be late for or absent from work/loss of working time
        gōngxīnzú, salaried class
        jiàoyùgōngzuòzhě, educator
        qiángōng, [鉗工], fitter/benchwork
        bàngōngbàndú, [半工半讀], part work, part study/work-study program
        móyánggōng, to idle on the job
        yíchuángōngchéng, [遺傳工程], genetic engineering
        gōngjùshū, [工具書], reference book (such as dictionary, almanac, gazetteer etc)
        núgōng, slave labor/slave worker
        jìgōng, [記工], to record work points 工分[gōng fēn]
        bāogōng, to undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications...
        gōngyìměishù, [工藝美術], applied art
        nóngmíngōng, [農民工], migrant workers
        ānjūgōngchéng, housing project for low-income urban residents
        huàxuégōngyè, [化學工業], chemical industry, abbr. to 化工[huà gōng]
        shǒugōngyè, [手工業], handicraft
        wǎgōng, tiling/bricklaying/plastering
        gōngbǐ, [工筆], gongbi, traditional Chinese painting method characterized by meticulous brush te...
        chǎnyègōngrén, [產業工人], industrial worker
        gōngfēn, work point (measure of work completed in a rural commune in the PRC during the p...
        Gōngnóng/gōngnóng, [工農], Gongnong district of Hegang city 鶴崗|鹤岗[Hè gǎng], Heilongjiang, workers and peasa...
        hégōngchéng, nuclear engineering
        dǎgōngmèi, young female worker
        gōngdúshēng, [工讀生], student who also works part-time/(old) reform-school student
        bāoshēngōng, indentured laborer
        qīdàgōngyèguójítuán, [七大工業國集團], G7, the group of 7 industrialized countries: US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France...
        Shànghǎiqìchēgōngyè, [上海汽車工業], Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC)
        ShànghǎiQìchēGōngyèJítuán, [上海汽車工業集團], Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC)
        ZhōnghuáQuánguóZǒnggōnghuì, [中華全國總工會], All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU)
        ZhōngguóBěifāngGōngyèGōngsī, [中國北方工業公司], China North Industries Corporation (Norinco)
        ZhōngguóGōngshāngYínháng, [中國工商銀行], Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
        ZhōngguóGōngchéngyuàn, [中國工程院], Chinese Academy of Engineering
        ZhōngguóHángtiānGōngyèGōngsī, [中國航天工業公司], China Aerospace Corporation, forerunner of China Aerospace Science and Technolog...
        ZhōngguóHángkōngGōngyèGōngsī, [中國航空工業公司], Aviation Industries of China (AVIC)
        ZhōngguóChuánbóGōngyèJítuán, [中國船舶工業集團], China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)
        ZhōngguóChuánbóZhònggōngJítuánGōngsī, [中國船舶重工集團公司], China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC)
        ZhōngguóChángchéngGōngyèGōngsī, [中國長城工業公司], China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC)
        yìwùgōngzuòzhě, [義務工作者], volunteer/voluntary worker
        jiāotōnggōngjù, means of transportation/vehicle
        réntǐgōngxué, [人體工學], ergonomics
        réngōngshòuyùn, artificial insemination
        réngōngchuīqì, [人工吹氣], oral inflation
        réngōngdǎo, [人工島], artificial island
        réngōngzhìhuì, artificial intelligence
        réngōnggàiniàn, artificial concept
        réngōnghé, canal/man-made waterway
        réngōngliúchǎn, [人工流產], abortion
        réngōngzhàoliàng, artificial lighting
        réngōngdiànzǐěr, [人工電子耳], cochlear implant
        réngōngěrwō, [人工耳蝸], cochlear implant
        réngōngfèi, [人工費], labor cost
        rénjīgōngchéng, [人機工程], ergonomics/man-machine engineering
        dàigōng, subcontract work/OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier
        yǐgōngdàizhèn, [以工代賑], to provide work to relieve poverty
        wǔgōng, pallbearer
        jiàzhígōngchéng, [價值工程], value engineering
        fámùgōngrén, lumberjack/tree cutter
        zuòzhǔnbèigōngzuò, [做準備工作], to make preparations
        zuògōngzuò, to do one's work/to work on sb/to try to persuade sb
        zuògōngfu, to practice (work skills)
        tōugōng, to skimp on the job/to avoid work
        quánshígōngzuò, [全時工作], full-time work
        quánduāngōngchéngshī, [全端工程師], full-stack developer (computing)
        bādàgōngyèguózǔzhī, [八大工業國組織], G8 (group of eight major industrialized nations)
        bāxiǎoshígōngzuòzhì, [八小時工作制], eight-hour working day
        bājígōng, [八級工], grade 8 worker (highest on the eight grade wage scale)/top-grade worker
        bājígōngzīzhì, [八級工資制], eight grade wage scale (system)
        Gònggōng, God of Water
        dāogōng, knife work (food preparation)
        fēnshíduōgōng, [分時多工], time division multiplexing/TDM
        fēnbōduōgōng, wavelength division multiplexing/WDM
        bàogōng, planing/planing machine operator/planer
        zhìtáogōngrén, [製陶工人], potter
        zhìxiégōngrén, [製鞋工人], shoemaker/cobbler
        kèyìqiúgōng, assiduous and painstaking
        JiālìfúníyàLǐgōngXuéyuàn, [加利福尼亞理工學院], California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
        JiāzhōuLǐgōngXuéyuàn, [加州理工學院], California Institute of Technology (Caltech)/abbr. for 加利福尼亞理工學院|加利福尼亚理工学院
        jiāgōngchéngběn, processing cost
        jiāgōngxiàolǜ, processing efficiency
        jiāgōngshíxù, [加工時序], time course
        jiāgōngmàoyì, [加工貿易], process trade/trade involving assembly
        jiāyóugōng, gas station attendant
        huàxuégōngchéng, [化學工程], chemical engineering
        BěijīngGōngyèDàxué, [北京工業大學], Beijing University of Technology
        BěijīngGōngrénTǐyùchǎng, [北京工人體育場], Workers Stadium
        BěijīngLǐgōngDàxué, [北京理工大學], Beijing Institute of Technology
        BěifāngGōngyè, [北方工業], Norinco, PRC state-run conglomerate
        bànrìgōngzuò, part-time work in which one works each day for a half-day, typically a morning o...
        HuádōngLǐgōngDàxué, [華東理工大學], East China University of Science and Technology
        HuánánLǐgōngDàxué, [華南理工大學], South China University of Technology
        NánjīngLǐgōngDàxué, [南京理工大學], Nanjing University of Science and Technology
        NányángLǐgōngDàxué, [南洋理工大學], Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
        chǎnggōng, [廠工], factory/factory worker
        chúgōng, [廚工], kitchen helper/assistant cook
        shuāngzhígōng, [雙職工], working couple (husband and wife both employed)
        fāgōngzīrì, [發工資日], payday/pay day
        biàngōng, [變工], to exchange labor/labor exchange (system of sharing workforce resources)
        hésìyǐchǐgōng, names of the five notes of the Chinese pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly t...
        HéféiGōngyèDàxué, [合肥工業大學], Hefei University of Technology
        JíbǔlìGōngzuòshì, Studio Ghibli, Japanese film studio
        tónggōng, fellow workers
        hòucíhuìjiāgōng, [後詞彙加工], post-lexical access
        HāěrbīnGōngyèDàxué, [哈爾濱工業大學], Harbin Institute of Technology
        TuánjiéGōnghuì, [團結工會], Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
        guófánggōngyè, [國防工業], defense industry
        GuójìLáogōngZǔzhī, [國際勞工組織], International Labor Organization
        tǔlìgōngchéng, geotechnical engineering
        tǔfānggōngchéng, earthwork
        tǔmùgōngchéng, civil engineering
        lājīgōng, garbage collector
        jīyīngōngchéng, genetic engineering
        Mòzhúgōngkǎ, Maizhokunggar county, Tibetan: Mal gro gung dkar rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨[Lā sà], T...
        Mòzhúgōngkǎxiàn, [墨竹工卡縣], Maizhokunggar county, Tibetan: Mal gro gung dkar rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨[Lā sà], T...
        shìnónggōngshāng, [士農工商], "the four classes" of ancient China, i.e. scholars, farmers, artisans, and merch...
        wàijíláogōng, [外籍勞工], foreign worker
        duōgōng, to multiplex/multiple/multi-
        duōgōngzuòyè, [多工作業], multitasking
        duōgōnghuà, to multiplex
        duōgōngqì, multiplexer
        duōgōngyùnzuò, [多工運作], multithreading
        DàliánLǐgōngDàxué, [大連理工大學], Dalian University of Technology
        ĀnhuīGōngchéngKējìXuéyuàn, [安徽工程科技學院], Anhui University of Technology and Science
        ĀnhuīJiànzhùGōngyèXuéyuàn, [安徽建築工業學院], Anhui University of Architecture
        duìgōng, [對工], proper
        duìgōngr, [對工兒], proper
        xiǎoshígōng, [小時工], hourly worker/hourly job
        GōngyèQīguóJítuán, [工業七國集團], G7, the group of 7 industrialized countries: US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France...
        gōngyèhuàguójiā, [工業化國家], industrialized country
        gōngyèpǐn, [工業品], manufactured goods
        gōngyèyuánqū, [工業園區], industrial park
        gōngyèguó, [工業國], industrialized countries
        gōngyèdàxué, [工業大學], technical university/engineering college
        gōngyèxuéxiào, [工業學校], technical or industrial school/CL:個|个[gè],所[suǒ]
        gōngyèxiàndàihuà, [工業現代化], modernization of industry, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
        gōngyèshèjì, [工業設計], industrial design
        GōngyèGémìng, [工業革命], Industrial Revolution, c. 1750-1830
        gōngyúxīnjì, [工於心計], scheming/calculating
        Gōngréndǎng, [工人黨], Workers' Party (Singapore opposition party)
        GōngrénRìbào, [工人日報], Workers' Daily, www.grrb.com.cn
        gōngjiàn, workpiece
        gōngshāngjià, [工傷假], injury leave
        Gōngtǐ, [工體], abbr. for 北京工人體育場|北京工人体育场[Běi jīng Gōng rén Tǐ yù chǎng], Workers Stadium
        gōngzuòrényuán, [工作人員], staff member
        gōngzuòliè, taskbar (computing) (Tw)
        gōngzuòdānwèi, [工作單位], work unit
        gōngzuòwěiyuánhuì, [工作委員會], working committee
        gōngzuòbàogào, [工作報告], working report/operating report
        gōngzuòshíjiān, [工作時間], working hours
        gōngzuòliú, workflow
        gōngzuòliúchéng, workflow
        gōngzuòbiǎo, worksheet
        gōngzuòjìyì, [工作記憶], working memory
        gōngzuòguòdù, [工作過度], overwork
        gōngzuòmiàn, workface/a working surface
        Gōngxìnbù, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (abbr)
        gōngjùjī, [工具機], machine tool
        gōngjùtiáo, [工具條], toolbar (in computer software)
        gōngjùlán, [工具欄], toolbar (in computer software)
        gōngnóngyè, [工農業], industry and agriculture
        gōngnóngbīng, [工農兵], workers, peasants, and soldiers/the proletariat
        Gōngnóngqū, [工農區], Gongnong district of Hegang city 鶴崗|鹤岗[Hè gǎng], Heilongjiang
        ēiluó, erotic (loanword mimicking the shape of Japanese katakana エロ, pronounced "ero")
        gōngshāngyè, [工商業], business
        gōngshāngjiè, industry/the world of business
        gōngshāngguǎnlǐshuòshì, [工商管理碩士], Master of Business Administration (MBA)
        GōngShāngYínháng, [工商銀行], Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
        gōngdìxiù, concert held at a real estate development site to attract home buyers (Tw)
        gōngfáng, workshop
        gōngfuchá, very concentrated type of tea consumed in Chaozhou, Fujian and Taiwan/variant of...
        gōngwěi, working committee
        gōngzìliáng, I-beam
        gōngzìgāng, [工字鋼], I-beam
        gōngxué, [工學], engineering/industrial science
        gōngliáo, (Tw) (on-site) workers' dormitory hut/workers' shed
        gōngchěpǔ, [工尺譜], traditional Chinese musical notation using Chinese characters to represent music...
        Gōngbùjiāngdá, [工布江達], Gongbo'gyamda county, Tibetan: Kong po rgya mda' rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture ...
        Gōngbùjiāngdáxiàn, [工布江達縣], Gongbo'gyamda county, Tibetan: Kong po rgya mda' rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture ...
        gōngxiào, technical school/abbr. for 工業學校|工业学校[gōng yè xué xiào]
        gōngkuàng, [工礦], industry and mining
        gōngkuàngyòngdì, [工礦用地], industrial and mining area
        gōngchéngtú, [工程圖], engineering graphics/technical drawing
        gōngchéngtúxué, [工程圖學], engineering graphics/technical drawing
        Gōngháng, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)/abbr. for 工商銀行|工商银行[Gōng Shāng Yí...
        gōngdú, [工讀], (of a student) to work part-time (while continuing one's studies)/(of a delinque...
        gōngdúxuéxiào, [工讀學校], reformatory/reform school
        GōngBù, Ministry of Works (in imperial China)
        gōngpín, [工頻], utility frequency/power frequency/mains frequency
        DìguóLǐgōngXuéyuàn, [帝國理工學院], Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
        KùěrdéGōngréndǎng, [庫爾德工人黨], Kurdistan Worker's Party (PPK)
        KùGōngdǎng, [庫工黨], abbr. for Kurdistan Workers' Party 庫爾德工人黨|库尔德工人党[Kù ěr dé Gōng rén dǎng]
        jiànzhùgōngrén, [建築工人], construction worker/builder
        yìqǔtónggōng, [異曲同工], different tunes played with equal skill (idiom)/different methods leading to the...
        yǐnshuǐgōngchéng, water-induction engineering/irrigation engineering
        túgōng, apprentice/trainee worker
        wēixìjiāgōng, [微細加工], microminiature technology
        xìnggōngzuò, employment as sex worker/prostitution
        màngōngchūqiǎojiàng, patient work makes a skilled craftsman
        màngōngchūxìhuò, [慢工出細貨], patient work makes a fine product
        shǒugōngtái, [手工檯], workbench
        dǎchánggōng, [打長工], to work as long-term hired hand
        jìgōngxuéxiào, [技工學校], vocational high school/abbr. to 技校[jì xiào]
        zhuāgōngfu, to maximize one's time/to catch some time out/to find enough time/(also 抓功夫)
        tiāoshāngōng, laborers who carry cargo up and down the mountains on shoulder poles
        juémùgōngrén, grave digger
        lüèmàihuágōng, [掠賣華工], Chinese people press-ganged and sold into slavery during Western colonialism
        tíshuǐgōngchéng, project to raise low-lying water for irrigation purposes
        fànggōng, to knock off work for the day
        zhènggōng, political work/ideological work
        sǎngōng/sàngōng, day labor/piece-time work, to release from work at the end of the day
        xīnwéngōngzuòzhě, [新聞工作者], journalist
        shīgōngdānwèi, [施工單位], unit in charge of construction/builder
        xuàngōng, [鏇工], lathe operator/spinning wheel worker
        rìchánggōngzuò, routine
        tìgōng, replacement worker/substitute worker
        zuìgāogōngzīxiàné, [最高工資限額], wage ceiling
        yuègōng, worker employed by the month
        jīxiègōng, [機械工], a mechanic
        jīxiègōngrén, [機械工人], mechanic
        jīxiègōngchéng, [機械工程], mechanical engineering
        zágōng, [雜工], unskilled worker
        sōngxiàdiànqìgōngyè, [松下電氣工業], Matsushita Electronics Industry
        BólínGōngyèDàxué, [柏林工業大學], Technical University of Berlin, Germany (Technische Universitaet zu Berlin)
        hégōngyè, [核工業], nuclear industry
        Hégōngyèbù, [核工業部], Ministry of Nuclear Industry
        gàiniànqūdòngjiāgōng, [概念驅動加工], concept-driven processing
        zhèngchánggōngzuò, normal operation/proper functioning
        mínzúgōngyè, [民族工業], national industry/industry run by Chinese nationals or ethnic Chinese
        shuǐlìgōngchéng, hydraulic engineering
        shuǐdiàngōng, [水電工], plumbing and electrical work/tradesman who does both plumbing and electrical wor...
        shuǐguǎngōng, plumber
        shuǐguǎngōngrén, plumber
        qìchējìgōng, [汽車技工], auto mechanic
        HéběiGōngyèDàxué, [河北工業大學], Hebei University of Technology
        hégōng, river conservancy works (dike maintenance, dredging etc)/river conservancy worke...
        xièyùgōngjù, [洩慾工具], sexual object
        nígōng, mason/masonry work
        pàigěigōngzuò, [派給工作], to task
        cèliánggōngjù, [測量工具], gauge/measuring tool
        huánwèigōngrén, [環衛工人], sanitation worker
        lǐgōngdàxué, [理工大學], University of Science and Engineering/also sometimes Institute of Technology
        lǐgōngnán, geek/techie
        lǐgōngkē, science and engineering as academic subjects
        shēngwùyīxuégōngchéng, [生物醫學工程], biomedical engineering
        shēngwùgōngchéng, bioengineering/genetic engineering
        shēngwùgōngchéngxué, [生物工程學], biotechnology
        diànzǐgōngyè, [電子工業], electronics industry
        diànzǐgōngchéng, [電子工程], electronic engineering
        diànqìgōngchéng, [電氣工程], electrical engineering
        diànnǎofǔzhùgōngchéng, [電腦輔助工程], computer-aided engineering
        BáishāGōngnóngqū, [白沙工農區], Baisha Gongnong area in Dazhou 達州|达州[Dá zhōu], Sichuan northeast Sichuan, amalga...
        dūgōng, workplace overseer/foreman
        zhīshigōngchéngshī, [知識工程師], knowledge worker
        qìzhuāngōng, [砌磚工], bricklaying
        módāobùwùkǎncháigōng, [磨刀不誤砍柴工], lit. sharpening the axe won't make the wood-splitting take longer (idiom)/fig. t...
        mògōngbìng, grinder's disease/silicosis/also written 矽末病
        shèhuìgōngzuò, [社會工作], social work
        shèhuìgōngzuòzhě, [社會工作者], caseworker/social worker
        shègōngrén, social worker
        shéngōngguǐfǔ, supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods/uncanny workmanship/supe...
        kējìgōngzuòzhě, worker in science and technology
        yímíngōng, migrant worker
        wōgōng, [窩工], (of workers) to have no work to do/to be underutilized (due to lack of supplies,...
        guǎnzigōng, plumber/pipe-fitter
        zhuàngōng, craftsman engaged in carving characters
        fǎngzhīgōngyè, [紡織工業], textile industry
        jiéshùgōngzuò, [結束工作], to finish work
线         TǒngyīZhànxiànGōngzuòbù, [統一戰線工作部], United Front Work Department of CCP Central Committee (UFWD)
        féngyīgōngrén, [縫衣工人], needleworker
        wǎngluòtègōng, [網絡特工], anonymous state-sponsored Internet commentator
        měigōngdāo, utility knife/box cutter
        KǎogōngJì, [考工記], The Artificer's Record, a technology treaty compiled towards the end of the Spri...
        liánggōngxīnkǔ, expert craft from hard practice (idiom); hard-won skill/A masterpiece demands su...
        SūlíshìLiánbāngLǐgōngXuéyuàn, [蘇黎世聯邦理工學院], Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, a university
        YīngguóGōngchéngJìshùXuéhuì, [英國工程技術學會], The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
        yínggōng, [營工], to sell one's labor
        xuèhàngōngchǎng, [血汗工廠], sweatshop
        xínglǐbānyùngōng, [行李搬運工], baggage handler
        yǎnshēnggōngjù, derivative (finance)
        zhuāngpèigōngchǎng, [裝配工廠], assembly plant
西         XīběiGōngyèDàxué, [西北工業大學], Northwestern Polytechnical University
西         Xīgōngqū, [西工區], Xigong district of Luoyang City 洛陽市|洛阳市 in Henan province 河南
        jìjiàngōngzī, [計件工資], piece rate wage/remuneration based on one's output/opposite: time rate wage 計時工資...
        jìshígōngzī, [計時工資], time rate wage/remuneration based on one's time and skill/opposite: piece rate w...
        jìsuànjīgōngyè, [計算機工業], computer industry
        jìgōngyuán, [記工員], work-point recorder
        shìgōng, [試工], to work for a trial period/worker on probation
        dòufuzhāgōngchéng, jerry-built building project/lit. built on soybean dregs
        zīgōng, [資工], abbr. of 資訊工程|资讯工程[zī xùn gōng chéng]
        zīxùngōngchéng, [資訊工程], information engineering (Tw)
        gǎngōng, [趕工], to work against the clock/to hurry with work to get it done in time
        qīnggōng, [輕工], light engineering
        qīnggōngyè, [輕工業], light industry
        chuògōng, [輟工], to stop work
        dàolùgōngchéng, road construction
        bùfengōngshí, [部分工時], part-time work
        zhònggōng, heavy industry
        zhònggōngyè, [重工業], heavy industry/manufacturing
        JīndùnGōngchéng, Golden Shield Project, information system for censorship and surveillance, thoug...
        gāngtiěgōngyè, [鋼鐵工業], steel industry
        qiānguǎngōng, [鉛管工], plumber
        mǎogōng, [鉚工], riveter/worker with rivets
        xǐgōng, [銑工], milling (machining)/milling machine operator
        zhùgōng, [鑄工], foundry work/foundry worker
        zhùgōngchējiān, [鑄工車間], foundry (workshop or factory)
        jùgōng, [鋸工], a sawyer
        ĀhēngGōngyèDàxué, [阿亨工業大學], RWTH Aachen University
        táogōng, pottery/potter
        qīnggōng, young worker (esp of the CCP)
        jìngzuòbàgōng, [靜坐罷工], sit-in strike
        lǐnggōng, [領工], to work as a foreman/foreman/supervisor
        shípǐnjiāgōngjī, [食品加工機], food processor
        XiānggǎngGōnghuìLiánhéhuì, [香港工會聯合會], Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
        XiānggǎngLǐgōngDàxué, [香港理工大學], Hong Kong Polytechnic University
        MǎgōngMéisù, [馬工枚速], Sima Xiangru is meticulous and Mei Gao is fast (idiom)/to each his good points
        MáshěngLǐgōngXuéyuàn, [麻省理工學院], Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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