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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        dù/duó, to pass/to spend (time)/measure/limit/extent/degree of intensity/degree (angles,...
        sùdù, speed/rate/velocity/CL:個|个[gè]
        dùguò, [度過], to pass/to spend (time)/to survive/to get through
        tàidu, [態度], manner/bearing/attitude/approach/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiǎodù, angle/point of view
        chéngdù, degree (level or extent)/level/CL:個|个[gè]
        Yìndù, India
        dùjià, to go on holidays/to spend one's vacation
        gāodù, height/altitude/elevation/high degree/highly/CL:個|个[gè]
        guòdù, [過度], excessive/over-/excess/going too far/extravagant/intemperate/overdue
        wēndù, [溫度], temperature/CL:個|个[gè]
        jídù, [極度], extremely
        niándù, year (e.g. school year, fiscal year)/annual
        nándù, [難度], trouble/problem
        zhìdù, system (e.g. political, adminstrative etc)/institution/CL:個|个[gè]
        shēndù, depth/(of a speech etc) profundity/advanced stage of development
        zàidù, once more/once again/one more time
        jìndù, [進度], pace/tempo/degree of progress (on project)/work schedule
        guódù, [國度], country
        jìdù, quarter of a year/season (sports)
        fēngdù, [風度], elegance (for men)/elegant demeanor/grace/poise
        nóngdù, [濃度], concentration (percentage of dissolved material in a solution)/consistency/thick...
        chángdù, [長度], length
        chāodù, to surpass/to transcend/to perform religious ceremonies to help the soul find pe...
        qiángdù, [強度], strength/intensity/CL:個|个[gè]
        xiàndù, limitation/limit
        lìdù, strength/vigor/efforts/(music) dynamics
        mìdù, density/thickness
        yīdù, for a time/at one time/one time/once
        diàodù, [調度], to dispatch (i.e. organize the distribution of vehicles)/dispatcher
        kěxìndù, degree of credibility/reliability
        chúndù, [純度], purity
        zhīmíngdù, reputation/profile/familiarity in the public consciousness
        xūdù, [虛度], to fritter away (one's time)
        fúdù, width/extent/range/scope
        rèdù, [熱度], temperature/heat/short-lived enthusiasm
        shèshìdù, [攝氏度], degrees centigrade
        qīngdù, [輕度], mild (symptoms etc)
湿         shīdù, [濕度], humidity level
        dùrì, scratch out a difficult, meager existence
        chǐdù, scale/yardstick
        wěidù, [緯度], latitude
        dàdù, magnanimous/generous (in spirit)
        édù, [額度], quota/(credit) limit
        shìdù, [適度], moderately/appropriate
        wēndùjì, [溫度計], thermometer/thermograph
        língdù, zero degree
        Yìndùjiào, Hinduism/Indian religion
        zhòngdù, serious/severe
        kuāndù, [寬度], width
        Yìndùrén, Indian (person)/CL:個|个[gè]/Indian people
        jīngdù, [經度], longitude
        dùrìrúnián, a day drags past like a year (idiom); time hangs heavy/time crawls when one is w...
        bādù, octave
        húdù, radian/arc/curve/curvature
        kèdù, marked scale/graduated scale
        hòudù, thickness
        dùliàng, measure/tolerance/breadth/magnanimity/(math.) metric
        dàfúdù, by a wide margin/substantial
        néngjiàndù, [能見度], visibility
        jiāsùdù, acceleration
西         Yìndùníxīyà, [印度尼西亞], Indonesia
        huāndù, [歡度], to merrily spend (an occasion)/to celebrate
        jīngdù, precision
        wúdù, [無度], immoderate/excessive/not knowing one's limits
        dùshu, [度數], number of degrees/reading (on a meter)/strength (alcohol, lenses etc)
        kuàdù, span/horizontal distance between vertical supports
        yuèduó, monthly
        língmǐndù, [靈敏度], (level of) sensitivity
        zhìzhīdùwài, to give no thought to/to have no regard for/to disregard
        shěnshíduóshì, [審時度勢], to judge the hour and size up the situation/to take stock
        jìndùbiǎo, [進度表], timeline/work schedule
        qīngxiédù, [傾斜度], inclination (from the horizontal or vertical)/slope/obliquity
        núlìzhìdù, [奴隸制度], slavery
        jīngquèdù, [精確度], accuracy/precision
        qìdù, [氣度], bearing/manner/presence
        yìngdù, hardness
        tòumíngdù, transparency/(policy of) openness
        pōdù, gradient/slope
        duìbǐdù, [對比度], contrast (balance of black and white in TV screen setup)/degree of contrast
广         guǎngdù, [廣度], breadth
        Yìndùyáng, Indian Ocean
        liàngdù, illumination
        zhìdùhuà, systematization
        yòngdù, expense
        tìdù, to take the tonsure/to shave the head/tonsure (shaved head of Buddhist monk)
        chuǎiduó, to estimate/to surmise/to appraise
        wéidù, [維度], dimension (math.)/dimensionality
        guāngdù, luminosity
        kèdùpán, [刻度盤], dial (e.g. of a radio etc)
        Bǎidù, Baidu, Internet portal and search engine, www.baidu.com, listed as BIDU on NASDA...
        qūguāngdù, diopter
        xiédù, slope/gradient/inclination
        sùdùjì, [速度計], speedometer
        zìyóudù, (number of) degrees of freedom (physics and statistics)
        sèdù, saturation (color theory)
        niándù, viscosity
        cǔnduó, to speculate/to surmise/to wonder whether/to guess
        huīdù, grayscale
        yándù, [鹽度], salinity
        gāngdù, [剛度], stiffness
        tīdù, gradient
        wēndùbiǎo, [溫度表], thermometer
        liángdù, measurement
        shěnduó, [審度], to observe and form a judgment
        niándù, viscosity
        gāowěidù, [高緯度], high latitude (i.e. near the poles)
        dùliànghéng, measurement
        jiǎndù, [鹼度], alkalinity
        cèdù/cèduó, [測度], measure (math.), to estimate/to conjecture
        sānfēnzhōngrèdù, [三分鐘熱度], brief period of enthusiasm/flash in the pan
线         sānshíbādùxiàn, [三十八度線], thirty eighth parallel/dividing line agreed at Yalta between US and Soviet zones...
        sāndù, third (musical interval)
        sānyīndù, third (musical interval)
        DōngYìndùGōngsī, [東印度公司], East India Company
        zhōngdùxìngfèishuǐzhǒng, [中度性肺水腫], toxic pulmonary edema
        zhōnggāodùfángkōng, high-to-medium-altitude air defense (HIMAD)
        fēngdù, [豐度], abundance
        èrdù, second degree
        wǔdù, five degrees/fifth (basic musical interval, doh to soh)
        wǔyīndù, fifth (musical interval)
        rénkǒumìdù, population density
        fùzhīdùwài, to think nothing of doing sth (idiom)/to do sth without considering the risks/to...
        kuàijìzhìdù, [會計制度], accounting system
        dībādù, lower octave (music)
        bǎojiǎzhìdù, the Bao-Jia system (an administrative system organized on basis of households)
        bǎozhēndù, fidelity
        tíngbǎnzhìdù, system of circuit breakers/limit up, limit down system (finance)
        guāngliàngdù, brightness/luminosity
        guāngzhàodù, illuminance (physics)
        quándùyīn, whole tone (musical interval)
        bāqízhìdù, Eight banners system, the military and social organization of the Manchus betwee...
        rǒngchángdù, [冗長度], (level of) redundancy
        lěngrèdùshù, [冷熱度數], temperature (esp. of medical patient)
        jiǎndīsùdù, [減低速度], to retard/to decelerate
        nínggǒngwēndù, [凝汞溫度], mercury condensation temperature (physics)
        āodù, concavity
        fēndù, graduation (of a measuring instrument)
        qiēxiàngsùdù, tangential velocity
        jiādàlìdù, to try harder/to redouble one's efforts
        jìndùxìshù, [勁度係數], coefficient of restitution (in Hooke's law)
        běiYìndùyǔ, [北印度語], Hindi/a north Indian language
        Huáshìdù, [華氏度], degrees Fahrenheit
        Yìndùrénmíndǎng, [印度人民黨], Bharatiya Janata Party
        YìndùGuódàdǎng, [印度國大黨], Indian Congress party
西         Yìndùníxīyàyǔ, [印度尼西亞語], Indonesian language
        Yìndùzhīnà, Indo-China (transliteration)
        YìndùzhīnàBàndǎo, [印度支那半島], Indochina peninsula (old term, esp. colonial period)/now written 中南半島|中南半岛[Zhōng...
        Yìndùjiàotú, Hindu/adherent of Hinduism
        Yìndùsītǎn, Hindustan
        YìndùShíbào, [印度時報], India Times
        YìndùHé, Indus River
        YìndùYǎnjìngshé, [印度眼鏡蛇], Indian Cobra (Naja naja)
        Yìndùhángkōnggōngsī, Air India
        Yìndùǎo, [印度襖], Parsee or Parsi, member of the Zoroastrian sect (religion)
        Yìndùyīnyuè, [印度音樂], Bhangra, Indian music (music genre)
        Yìndùguǐjiāo, see 斷魂椒|断魂椒[duàn hún jiāo]
        yālìqiángdù, [壓力強度], pressure (as measured)
        fāguāngqiángdù, [發光強度], luminous intensity
        kědǒngdù, intelligibility
        guójiālǚyóudùjiàqū, [國家旅遊度假區], National Resort District (PRC)
        dìxīnwěidù, [地心緯度], geocentric latitude (i.e. angle between the equatorial plane and straight line f...
        dìzhènlièdù, earthquake intensity (measure of its destructive power)
        fùzádù, [複雜度], complexity theory
        fùzádùlǐlùn, [複雜度理論], complexity theory (math.)
        dàsāndù, major third (musical interval)
        dàxiǎosāndù, major and minor third (musical interval)
        dàdùbāoróng, extreme tolerance/generous and forgiving
        zháidùjià, staycation/residential vacation
        yǔzhòusùdù, escape velocity
        shěnduóshíshì, [審度時勢], to examine and judge the situation
        shěnjízhìdù, [審級制度], system of appeals (to higher court)
        kuānhóngdàdù, [寬宏大度], magnanimous/generous/broad-minded
广         kuānguǎngdù, [寬廣度], width/breadth
        kuānhóngdàdù, [寬洪大度], magnanimous/generous/broad-minded
        mìdùbō, density wave
        mìdùjì, [密度計], density gauge
        duìbǐwēndù, [對比溫度], temperature contrast/difference in temperature (of body to its surroundings)
        dǎodànwǔqìjìshùkòngzhìzhìdù, [導彈武器技術控制制度], Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)
        fēngjiànzhìdù, feudalism
        xiǎosāndù, minor third (musical interval)
        gōngzuòguòdù, [工作過度], overwork
        Píngdù, Pingdu county level city in Qingdao 青島|青岛[Qīng dǎo], Shandong
        PíngdùShì, Pingdu county level city in Qingdao 青島|青岛[Qīng dǎo], Shandong
        niándùdàhuì, [年度大會], annual meeting/annual general meeting (AGM)
        niándùbàogào, [年度報告], annual report
        niándùgǔdōngdàhuì, [年度股東大會], annual shareholders' meeting
        niándùyùsuàn, [年度預算], annual budget
        dùjiàqū, [度假區], (vacation) resort
        dùwài, outside the sphere of one's consideration
        Dùniáng, alternative name for Baidu 百度[Bǎi dù]
        kāngbáidù, comprador (loanword)
        jìngdù, [弳度], radian (math.)/now written 弧度
        wānqūdù, [彎曲度], camber/curvature
        qiángyìngtàidù, [強硬態度], unyielding attitude
        zhēngliǎnwúdù, [征斂無度], to extort taxes excessively
        héngjiāsùdù, [恆加速度], constant acceleration
        hùkǒuzhìdù, [戶口制度], PRC system of compulsory registration
        lāshēnqiángdù, [拉伸強度], tensile strength
        gǒngdù, arched/convex curve surface/camber (slightly arched road surface)
        huīhuòwúdù, [揮霍無度], extravagance/extravagant
        jiēshōuqìlíngmǐndù, [接收器靈敏度], receiver sensitivity
        tuīdù, to infer/to guess
        zhīchídù, degree of support/percentage of vote
        fàngshèxìnghuódù, radioactivity
        liàodù, to reckon/to imagine
        duànlièqiángdù, [斷裂強度], rupture strength/breaking strength
        xuánzhuǎnjiǎosùdù, [旋轉角速度], rotational angular velocity
        wúwéidù, [無維度], dimensionless (math.)
        jiùzhìdù, [舊制度], old system
        míngguāngdù, luminosity
        chūnfēngyīdù, [春風一度], to have sexual intercourse (once)
        pǔdùzhòngshēng, [普度眾生], (Buddhism) to deliver all living creatures from suffering (idiom)
        zuìdīxiàndù, minimum
        zuìdīxiàndùlǐlùn, [最低限度理論], minimalist theory
        běnniándù, this year/the current year
        biāodù, [標度], scale
        tīdùhuíbō, gradient echo
        měiniányīdù, once a year (every year)
        qìdùhuīhóng, [氣度恢宏], broad-minded/magnanimous
        shālìmàidù, [沙利邁度], thalidomide
        Shājiāmiǎnduó, [沙加緬度], Sacramento
        zhānrǎnchéngdùjiǎncháyí, [沾染程度檢查儀], contamination meter
        fǎdù, (a) law
        bōměidù, Baume degrees
        huódù, activity
        zhuódù, [濁度], turbidity
        hǎiyángwēndù, [海洋溫度], ocean temperature
        shēndùchǐ, depth indicator or gauge
        shēndùfēicí, [深度非詞], maximal nonword
        wēndùtīdù, [溫度梯度], temperature gradient
        róngjiědù, solubility
        qiánzàiwēixiǎndù, [潛在危險度], latent hazard
        mièdù, [滅度], to extinguish worries and the sea of grief/nirvana (Buddhism)
        lièdù, intensity
        rèlìxuéwēndù, [熱力學溫度], thermodynamic temperature (temperature above absolute zero)
        zhàodù, illumination (i.e. intensity of light)
        cāiduó, to surmise/to conjecture
        huánjìngwēndù, [環境溫度], environmental temperature
        Bǎidùbì, [百度幣], virtual currency created by Baidu for use on its websites (coin.baidu.com)
        BǎidùBǎikē, Baidu online encyclopedia
        Bǎidùzhīdao, Baidu’s online Q & A forum, zhidao.baidu.com
        gàidù, [蓋度], coverage (in botany)
        xiāngduìmìdù, [相對密度], relative density
湿         xiāngduìshīdù, [相對濕度], relative humidity
        cígǎnyìngqiángdù, [磁感應強度], magnetic field density
        zhǒngxìngzhìdù, [種姓製度], caste system
        wěndìngdù, [穩定度], degree of stability
        dìyījìdù, first quarter (of financial year)
        dìsānjìdù, third quarter (of financial year)
        dìèrjìdù, second quarter (of financial year)
        dìsìjìdù, fourth quarter (of financial year)
        děngjízhìdù, [等級制度], hierarchy
        jīngzǐmìdù, sperm count
        xiāndù, [纖度], size
线         xiànsùdù, [線速度], linear velocity
        jīngjìzhìdù, [經濟制度], economy
        juéduìwēndù, [絕對溫度], absolute temperature
湿         juéduìshīdù, [絕對濕度], absolute humidity
        juéduìlíngdù, [絕對零度], absolute zero
        juéduìgāodù, [絕對高度], absolute temperature
        luópándù, [羅盤度], roulette
使         jiédùshǐ, [節度使], Tang and Song dynasty provincial governor, in Tang times having military and civ...
        xūdùguāngyīn, [虛度光陰], to waste time on worthless activities
        cáidù, to weigh up then decide
        jīndù, broad-minded/magnanimous
西         XīYìndù, West Indies (i.e. the Caribbean)
        jiǎosùdù, angular velocity
        jiěxiàngdù, image resolution
        jiěxīdù, resolution (of image, monitor etc)
广         jìyìguǎngdù, [記憶廣度], memory span
        shídù, [識度], knowledge and experience
        tánpànzhìdù, [談判制度], collective bargaining system
        cáizhèngniándù, [財政年度], financial year/fiscal year (e.g. from April to March, for tax purposes)
        chāoguòxiàndù, [超過限度], to exceed/to go beyond/to overstep the limit
        fúshèqiángdù, [輻射強度], radiation intensity
        biāndù, [邊度], where? (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 那裡|那里[nǎ lǐ]
怀         guòdùguānhuái, [過度關懷], obsession/excessive concern
        guòdùxuéxídàode, [過度學習到的], overlearned
        guòdùjǐnzhāng, [過度緊張], hypertension/excessive stress
        shìcúndù, [適存度], fitness (evolution)/ability to survive and reproduce
        shìdùwēitiáo, [適度微調], an appropriate amount of fine-tuning
        táoyìsùdù, escape velocity
        tòumíngchéngdù, transparency
        tōngxìnmìdù, communications density
        chángdùdānwèi, [長度單位], unit of length
        chángdùzhǐshìfú, [長度指示符], length indicator
广         yuèdúguǎngdù, [閱讀廣度], reading span
广         yuèdúguǎngdùcèyàn, [閱讀廣度測驗], reading span test
        kuòdù, [闊度], breadth
        dǒudù, gradient
        yōngróngdàdù, generous
        píndù, [頻度], frequency
        shǒudù, first time
        gāobādù, higher octave (music)
        gāomìdù, high density
        gāoqīngxīdù, high definition (instruments)/high resolution
        gāojīngdù, high precision
        niánchóudù, viscosity

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