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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        suǒyǐ, therefore/as a result/so/the reason why
        suǒyǒu, all/to have/to possess/to own
        suǒ, actually/place/classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc/that whi...
        cèsuǒ, [廁所], toilet/lavatory/CL:間|间[jiān],處|处[chù]
        yǒusuǒ, somewhat/to some extent
        suǒwèi, [所謂], so-called/what is called
        wúsuǒwèi, [無所謂], to be indifferent/not to matter/cannot be said to be
        shìwùsuǒ, [事務所], office/firm
        suǒzài, place/location/(after a noun) place where it is located
        zhěnsuǒ, [診所], clinic
        yīwúsuǒzhī, [一無所知], not knowing anything at all (idiom); completely ignorant/without an inkling
        suǒzuòsuǒwéi, [所作所為], one's conduct and deeds
        zhīsuǒyǐ, the reason why
        yīwúsuǒyǒu, [一無所有], not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking/without two sticks to rub to...
        chǎngsuǒ, [場所], location/place
        zhùsuǒ, habitation/dwelling place/residence/CL:處|处[chù]
        yīwúsuǒhuò, [一無所獲], to gain nothing/to end up empty-handed
        suíxīnsuǒyù, [隨心所欲], to follow one's heart's desires/to do as one pleases (idiom)
        bìnànsuǒ, [避難所], refuge/asylum
        lǐsuǒdāngrán, [理所當然], as it should be by rights (idiom); proper and to be expected as a matter of cour...
        bùzhīsuǒcuò, not knowing what to do (idiom); at one's wits' end/embarrassed and at a complete...
        wúsuǒshìshì, [無所事事], to have nothing to do/to idle one's time away (idiom)
        wéisuǒyùwéi, [為所欲為], to do whatever one pleases
        qiánsuǒwèiyǒu, unprecedented
        jūliúsuǒ, detention center/prison
        shōuróngsuǒ, temporary shelter/hospice/refuge (e.g. for animals)/detention center
        wúsuǒbùnéng, [無所不能], omnipotent
        zhòngsuǒzhōuzhī, [眾所周知]/[眾所週知], as everyone knows (idiom), see 眾所周知|众所周知[zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī]
        jièdúsuǒ, drug rehabilitation center
        tuōérsuǒ, [托兒所], nursery
        yánjiūsuǒ, research institute/graduate studies/graduate school/CL:個|个[gè]
        suǒzàidì, location/site
        yǒusuǒbùtóng, to differ to some extent (idiom)
        suǒyǒuquán, [所有權], ownership/possession/property rights/title (to property)
        Suǒluómén, [所羅門], Solomon (name)
        suǒdé, what one acquires/one's gains
        suǒshǔ, [所屬], one's affiliation (i.e. the organization one is affiliated with)/subordinate (i....
        lìsuǒnéngjí, as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability/within...
        yùsuǒ, dwelling
        fěiyísuǒsī, unimaginable/outrageous/freakish
        suǒyǒuzhě, proprietor/owner
        bùzhīsuǒyún, to not know what sb is driving at/to be unintelligible
        jiāoyìsuǒ, exchange/stock exchange
        kānshǒusuǒ, detention center
        chàngsuǒyùyán, [暢所欲言], lit. fluently saying all one wants (idiom); to preach freely on one's favorite t...
        suǒxiàngpīmǐ, to sweep everything before one/to be invincible (idiom)
        suǒshèngwújǐ, [所剩無幾], there is not much left
        qiánsuǒwèijiàn, [前所未見], unprecedented/never seen before
        suǒcháng/suǒzhǎng, [所長], what one is good at, head of an institute etc
        zàisuǒnánmiǎn, [在所難免], to be unavoidable (idiom)
        wúsuǒbùzài, [無所不在], omnipresent
        wúsuǒshìcóng, [無所適從], not knowing which course to follow (idiom); at a loss what to do
        wénsuǒwèiwén, [聞所未聞], unheard of/an extremely rare and unprecedented event
        suǒxiàngwúdí, [所向無敵], to be invincible/unrivalled
        suǒdàozhīchù, [所到之處], wherever one goes
        bùchūsuǒliào, as expected
        suǒjiànsuǒwén, [所見所聞], what one hears and sees (idiom)
        dàshīsuǒwàng, greatly disappointed
        wúsuǒzuòwéi, [無所作為], attempting nothing and accomplishing nothing (idiom); without any initiative or ...
        láojiàosuǒ, [勞教所], correctional institution/labor camp
        qiǎngrénsuǒnán, [強人所難], to force someone to do something
        bùwéisuǒdòng, [不為所動], to remain unmoved
        pàichūsuǒ, local police station
        liúlíshīsuǒ, [流離失所], destitute and homeless (idiom); forced from one's home and wandering about/displ...
        chùsuǒ, [處所], place
        wànghūsuǒyǐ, to get carried away/to forget oneself
        suǒdéshuì, [所得稅], income tax
        gèdéqísuǒ, each in the correct place/each is provided for
        zàisuǒbùcí, [在所不辭], not to refuse to (idiom)/not to hesitate to
        wúsuǒbùwéi, [無所不為], not stopping at anything/all manner of evil
        zōngshàngsuǒshù, [綜上所述], to summarize/a round-up/in summary ...
        gèqǔsuǒxū, each takes what he needs (idiom)
        dáfēisuǒwèn, [答非所問], (idiom) to sidestep the question/to answer evasively
        suǒyǐrán, the reason why
        dàshìsuǒqū, [大勢所趨], general trend/irresistible trend
        zhāodàisuǒ, guest house/small hotel
        qiánsuǒwèiwén, [前所未聞], unheard-of/unprecedented
        ruòyǒusuǒsī, looking pensive/thoughtfully
        yīwùsuǒ, [醫務所], clinic/CL:家[jiā]
        shàosuǒ, watchhouse/sentry post
        suǒyǒugé, possessive case (grammar)
        Yǐfúsuǒ, Ephesus, city of ancient Greece
        zhèngjiāosuǒ, [證交所], stock exchange
        yīwúsuǒcháng, [一無所長], not having any special skill/without any qualifications
        wúsuǒbùbāo, [無所不包], not excluding anything/all-inclusive
        Suǒduōmǎ, [所多瑪], Sodom
        rénsuǒgòngzhī, something that everybody knows
        SuǒluóménQúndǎo, [所羅門群島], Solomon Islands in southwest Pacific
        lìsuǒbùjí, beyond one's power (to do sth)
        gèyǒusuǒhào, everyone has their likes and dislikes (idiom)
        tóuqísuǒhào, to adapt to sb's taste/to fit sb's fancy
        gèjìnsuǒnéng, [各盡所能], each does his utmost (idiom)/from each according to his means
        rénxīnsuǒxiàng, that which is yearned for by the public
        yīrúsuǒliào, as expected
        yīwúsuǒdòng, [一無所動], totally unaffected/unimpressed
        yīwúsuǒwén, [一無所聞], unheard of
        ShànghǎiZhèngquànJiāoyìsuǒ, [上海證券交易所], Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
        bùzhīsuǒzhī, whereabouts unknown
        bùzhīsuǒyǐ, to not know the reason/to not know what to do
        zhōngjièsuǒ, agency
        ZhōngDézhěnsuǒ, [中德診所], Sino-German clinic
        yìzhīsuǒzài, [義之所在], justice is to be found everywhere (idiom)
        Yàsuǒ, [亞所], Azor (son of Eliakim and father of Zadok in Matthew 1:3-14)
        jiāoguǎnsuǒ, DMV (department of motor vehicles) (abbr. for 公安局交通管理局車輛管理所|公安局交通管理局车辆管理所)
        réngèyǒusuǒhào, everyone has their likes and dislikes/there is no accounting for taste/chacun so...
        cóngxīnsuǒyù, [從心所欲], whatever you like/to do as one pleases
        Yǐfúsuǒshū, [以弗所書], Epistle of St Paul to the Ephesians
        rènsuǒ, one's office/place where one holds a post
        huìsuǒ, [會所], office of an association/meeting place/clubhouse/club
        LúndūnZhèngquànJiāoyìsuǒ, [倫敦證券交易所], London Stock Exchange (LSE)
        hésuǒ, where/what place
便         biànsuǒ, (dialect) toilet/privy
        qísuǒ, its place/one's appointed place/the place for that
        fēnsuǒ, branch (of a company etc)
        Běijīngchǎnquánjiāoyìsuǒ, [北京產權交易所], China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX)
        Běijīnghéwǔqìyánjiūsuǒ, Nuclear Weapon Institute in Beijing
        yìnshuāsuǒ, printing press/printing office/printer
        gèzhísuǒjiàn, [各執所見], each sticks to his own view
        gèxiǎnsuǒcháng, [各顯所長], each displays their own strengths (idiom)
        zàisuǒbùjì, [在所不計], irrespective of/to have no concerns whatsoever about
        shēngsèchǎngsuǒ, [聲色場所], red-light district
        rúqísuǒhào, as one pleases (idiom)
        rúyǒusuǒshī, to seem as if something is amiss (idiom)
        yúlèchǎngsuǒ, [娛樂場所], place of entertainment
        hūnyīnjièshàosuǒ, [婚姻介紹所], marriage agency
        shíyànsuǒ, [實驗所], laboratory/institute
        chǐyǒusuǒduǎn,cùnyǒusuǒcháng, [尺有所短,寸有所長], lit. for some things a foot may be too short, and for the other an inch will suf...
        jūsuǒ, residence
        jūwúdìngsuǒ, [居無定所], to be without a fixed residence (idiom)
        jǐsuǒbùyù,wùshīyúrén, [己所不欲,勿施於人], What you don't want done to you, don't do to others. (idiom, from the Confucian ...
        lǜshīshìwùsuǒ, [律師事務所], law firm
        wàngqísuǒyǐ, see 忘乎所以[wàng hū suǒ yǐ]
        jièzhìsuǒ, drug rehabilitation center
        suǒwéi, [所為], what one does/doings
        suǒfāxiàn, [所發現], discovered/what one discovers
        suǒzhōuzhī, as is well known/as everyone knows
        Suǒduō, Soto
        SuǒduōmǎyǔÉmólā, [所多瑪與蛾摩拉], Sodom and Gomorrah
        suǒjū, residence/dwelling/dwelling place
        suǒshǔdānwèi, [所屬單位], affiliated unit/subsidiary
        suǒxìng, fortunately (formal writing)
        suǒsī, what one thinks
        suǒxiǎng, what one considers/one's thoughts
        suǒyuàn, [所願], wished-for/desired
        suǒzhǐ, the objects indicated/as pointed out
        suǒliào, expectation/what one anticipates
        suǒyǒuzhǔ, owner/proprietor
        suǒyǒuzhì, ownership of the means of production (in Marxism)/system of ownership
        suǒyǒuwù, a possession/belongings
        suǒshēng, parents (father and mother)
        suǒzhī, known/what one knows
        Suǒluóbābó, [所羅巴伯], Zerubbabel (son of Shealtiel)
        suǒnéng, according to one's capabilities/what sb is capable of
        suǒzhì, to be caused by
        suǒjiàn, [所見], seen/what one sees
        suǒjiànjísuǒdé, [所見即所得], What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
        suǒbù, troops under one's command
        suǒwén, [所聞], heard/what one hears
        suǒxū, necessary (for)/required
        tuōlǎosuǒ, senior center
        jìshùsuǒxiàn, [技術所限], technical limitations
        tóukāipiàosuǒ, [投開票所], polling station/CL:處|处[chù]
        bàinǐsuǒcì, [拜你所賜], (derog.) this is all thanks to you!/well, thanks a lot!
        jùwǒsuǒzhī, [據我所知], as far as I know/to the best of my knowledge
        shōuliúsuǒ, shelter/refuge
        wúsuǒbùmài, [無所不賣], to sell anything/to sell everything
        wúsuǒbùyòngqíjí, [無所不用其極], committing all manner of crimes/completely unscrupulous
        wúsuǒbùzhī, [無所不知], omniscient
        wúsuǒbùzhì, [無所不至], to reach everywhere/to stop at nothing/to do one's utmost
        wúsuǒbùtán, [無所不談], to talk about everything
        wúsuǒshǔ, [無所屬], unaffiliated/non-party
        wúsuǒyòngxīn, [無所用心], not paying attention to anything (idiom); to idle time away
        wúsuǒwèijì, [無所畏忌], without any fear of consequences/totally devoid of scruples
        RìběnYuánzǐNéngYánjiūsuǒ, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
        shíyǒusuǒwén, [時有所聞], heard from time to time/one keeps hearing that...
        yǒusuǒdébìyǒusuǒshī, there is no gain without a loss (idiom)/there is no such thing as a free meal
        guǒrúsuǒliào, just as expected
        FǎlánkèfúZhèngquànjiāoyìsuǒ, [法蘭克福證券交易所], Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE)
        dízuìsuǒ, [滌罪所], purgatory (religion)
        Shēnzhènjiāoyìsuǒ, Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE
        ShēnzhènZhèngquànJiāoyìsuǒ, [深圳證券交易所], Shenzhen Stock Exchange, abbr. to 深交所[Shēn Jiāo suǒ]
        Gǎngjiāosuǒ, Hong Kong Stock Exchange/abbr. for 香港交易所
        bǎnquánsuǒyǒu, [版權所有], all rights reserved (copyright statement)
        WángguóJùhuìsuǒ, [王國聚會所], Kingdom Hall (place of worship used by Jehovah's Witnesses)
        yòngdeqísuǒ, used properly/used for its intended purpose/to put to good use/to serve its purp...
        liáoyǎngsuǒ, [療養所], sanitorium/convalescent hospital
        jiānlǐsuǒ, [監理所], inspection and control bureau
        mùguāngsuǒjí, as far as the eye can see
        zhīqíránérbùzhīqísuǒyǐrán, to know that it is so but not why it is so (idiom)
        shénxuéyánjiūsuǒ, [神學研究所], seminary
        kōngwúsuǒyǒu, [空無所有], having nothing (idiom); utterly destitute/without two sticks to rub together
        guǎnkuīsuǒjí, [管窺所及], in my humble opinion
        guǎnjiànsuǒjí, [管見所及], in my humble opinion (idiom)
        jīngchéngsuǒjiā,jīnshíwèikāi, [精誠所加,金石為開], lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it,...
        jīngchéngsuǒzhì, [精誠所至], with a will, you can achieve anything (idiom); cf 精誠所至,金石為開|精诚所至,金石为开[jīng chéng...
        jīngchéngsuǒzhì,jīnshíwèikāi, [精誠所至,金石為開], lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it,...
        NiǔJiāosuǒ, [紐交所], abbr. for 紐約證券交易所|纽约证券交易所[Niǔ yuē Zhèng quàn Jiāo yì suǒ]
        NiǔyuēZhèngquànJiāoyìsuǒ, [紐約證券交易所], New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
        gǔpiàojiāoyìsuǒ, stock exchange
        ruòyǒusuǒsāng, [若有所喪], see 若有所失[ruò yǒu suǒ shī]
        ruòyǒusuǒwáng, see 若有所失[ruò yǒu suǒ shī]
        ruòyǒusuǒshī, as if one had lost something (idiom)/to look or feel unsettled or distracted/to ...
        yīngxióngsuǒjiànlüètóng, [英雄所見略同], lit. heroes usually agree (idiom); Great minds think alike.
        luóbobáicài,gèyǒusuǒài, [蘿蔔白菜,各有所愛], one man's meat is another man's poison (idiom)/to each his own
        luóboqīngcài,gèyǒusuǒài, [蘿蔔青菜,各有所愛], see 蘿蔔白菜,各有所愛|萝卜白菜,各有所爱[luó bo bái cài , gè yǒu suǒ ài]
        cáipànsuǒ, place of judgment/law court
        guānhùsuǒ, [觀護所], probation office
        zhèngquànjiāoyìsuǒ, [證券交易所], stock exchange
        chéngxīnsuǒyuàn, [誠心所願], so be it/amen
        shìdéqísuǒ, [適得其所], exactly what one would wish/to find one's niche
        zàochuánsuǒ, shipyard
        dàozhīsuǒcún,shīzhīsuǒcún, [道之所存,師之所存], If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty e...
        dàosuǒcúnzhě,nǎishīsuǒcúnzhě, [道所存者,乃師所存者], If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty e...
        ēqísuǒhào, to pander to sb's whims
        bǎoshízhōngrì,wúsuǒyòngxīn, [飽食終日,無所用心], to eat three square meals a day and do no work (idiom)/to be sated with food and...
        XiānggǎngJiāoyìsuǒ, Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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