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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        fàng, to put/to place/to release/to free/to let go/to let out/to set off (fireworks)
        fàngqì, [放棄], to renounce/to abandon/to give up
        fàngsōng, [放鬆], to loosen/to relax
        fàngxià, to lay down/to put down/to let go of/to relinquish/to set aside/to lower (the bl...
        fàngkāi, [放開], to let go/to release
        shìfàng, [釋放], to release/to set free/to liberate (a prisoner)/to discharge
        fàngxīn, to feel relieved/to feel reassured/to be at ease
        fàngshǒu, to let go one's hold/to give up/to have a free hand
        fàngpì, to fart/to break wind/to talk nonsense/Utter rubbish!
        bōfàng, to broadcast/to transmit
        fàngxué, [放學], to dismiss students at the end of the school day
        kāifàng, [開放], to bloom/to open/to be open (to the public)/to open up (to the outside)/to be op...
        jiěfàng, to liberate/to emancipate/liberation/refers to the Communists' victory over the ...
        liúfàng, to exile/to banish/to deport/to float (logs) downstream
        fàngdà, to enlarge/to magnify
        fàngguò, [放過], to let off/to let slip by/to let sb get away with sth
        fàngzhú, to banish/to deport/to send into exile/to be marooned
        fàngchū, to let off/to give out
        fàngjià, to have a holiday or vacation
        fàngzòng, [放縱], to indulge/to pamper/to connive at/permissive/indulgent/self-indulgent/unrestrai...
        fàngshè, to radiate/radioactive
        fànghuǒ, to set on fire/to commit arson/to create a disturbance
        fàngshèxìng, radioactive
        fàngdàng, [放蕩], licentious/wanton/morally unrestrained
        cúnfàng, to deposit/to store/to leave in sb's care
        fàngzhì, to put
        fàngrèn, to ignore/to let alone/to indulge
        fàngzǒu, to release/to set free/to allow (a person or an animal) to go/to liberate
        fāfàng, [發放], to provide/to give/to grant
        fàngyìng, to show (a movie)/to screen
        tóufàng, to input/to throw in/to unload/to put into circulation
        bǎifàng, [擺放], to set up/to arrange/to lay out
        zhànfàng, [綻放], to blossom
        fàngfēng, [放風], to allow in fresh air/to allow a prisoner out for exercise/to give out informati...
        fàngsì, wanton/unbridled/presumptuous/impudent
        ānfàng, to lay/to place/to put in a certain place
        fàngshuǐ, to turn on the water/to let water out/to throw a game (sports)
        páifàng, emission/discharge/exhaust (gas etc)
        fàngshēng, [放聲], very loudly/at the top of one's voice
        fàngdiàn, [放電], electrical discharge/(coll.) to lure/to entice
        fàngshào, to keep watch/to do sentry duty/to be on patrol
        fàngkuān, [放寬], to relax restrictions
        bēnfàng, bold and unrestrained/untrammeled
        fàngdàjìng, [放大鏡], magnifying glass
        dàfàngyìcǎi, [大放異彩], to shine (of talents, skills, accomplishment)/to demonstrate extraordinary talen...
        fàngfēi, [放飛], to allow to fly
        fàngzàiyǎnlǐ, [放在眼裡], to pay attention to/to care about/to attach importance to
        fàngxíng, to let pass
        fàngxuè, to let blood (Chinese medicine)/to bleed/to stab sb (slang)
        fàngyǎn, to survey/to view broadly
        xiàfàng, to delegate/to decentralize/to demote a party cadre to work on the shop floor or...
        Jiěfàngjūn, [解放軍], People's Liberation Army (PRC armed forces)
        fàngyìngshì, cinema room/viewing room
        shīfàng, to fire/to discharge/to release (fireworks, smokescreen, poison gas, virus etc)
        fàngrènzìliú, to let sb do whatever they want/to indulge/to give free reins to/to let things s...
        tíngfàng, to park (a car etc)/to moor (a boat etc)/to leave sth (in a place)
        fàngzhài, [放債], to lend money (for interest)/to give credit
        fàngdàngbùjī, [放蕩不羈], wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute
        fànglàng, unrestrained/dissolute/dissipated/unconventional/immoral/to debauch/to dissipate
        kāifàngxìng, [開放性], openness
线         fàngshèxiàn, [放射線], radiation/rays of radiation
        fàngmù, to graze (livestock)/to herd (livestock)
        ránfàng, to light/to set off (firecrackers etc)
        kuángfàng, wild/unrestrained
        fàngyáng, to tend a flock of sheep/to let sheep out to pasture/fig. to throw off the reins...
        duīfàng, to pile up/to stack
        fàngdài, [放貸], to provide loans
        fàngqíng, (of weather) to clear up
        háofàng, bold and unconstrained/powerful and free
        fànghuǎn, [放緩], to slow/to slow down (the pace of)
        fàngdàqì, amplifier
        jìfàng, to leave sth with sb
        fàngkōng, to relax completely/to empty one's mind/(finance) to sell short/(of a commercial...
        xīnhuānùfàng, to burst with joy (idiom)/to be over the moon/to be elated
        fàngdú, to poison/fig. to spread vicious rumors
        fànglàngxínghái, to abandon all restraint (idiom)
        fàngyǎng, [放養], to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc)/to grow/to raise
        fàngdǎn, [放膽], to act boldly
        JiěfàngZhànzhēng, [解放戰爭], War of Liberation (1945-49), after which the Communists 共產黨武裝|共产党武装 under Mao Ze...
        nùfàng, in full bloom
        fàngshèyuán, radiation source
        Jiěfàngqū, [解放區], Liberation city district/Jiefang district of Jiaozuo city 焦作市[Jiāo zuò shì], Hen...
        fàngquán, [放權], to delegate power/to decentralize
        fàngkuǎn, to lend money (as a commercial loan)
        fàngkōngpào, (lit.) to fire blank shots/(fig.) to be all talk and no action/to shoot one's mo...
        jiěfànghòu, [解放後], after liberation (i.e. after the Communist's victory)/after the establishment of...
        lùfàng, [錄放], to record and play (audio, video)
        ZhōngguóRénmínJiěfàngjūn, [中國人民解放軍], Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)
        fàngzhīsìhǎiérjiēzhǔn, [放之四海而皆準], appropriate to any place and any time (idiom); universally applicable/a panacea,...
        bǎihuāqífàng, [百花齊放], a hundred flowers bloom (idiom); let the arts have free expression
        zìyóufàngrèn, laissez-faire
        DōngTūjuésītǎnJiěfàngZǔzhī, [東突厥斯坦解放組織], East Turkestan Liberation Organization (ETLO), Xinjiang dissident group
        ZhōngguóRénmínJiěfàngjūnHǎijūn, [中國人民解放軍海軍], Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)
        ZhōngguóRénmínJiěfàngjūnKōngjūn, [中國人民解放軍空軍], People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)
        jiāobǎoshìfàng, [交保釋放], to release sb on bail
        rénmínjiěfàngjūn, [人民解放軍], People's Liberation Army
        yíbiǎofàngdàqì, [儀表放大器], instrumentation amplifier
        dīwěiqìpáifàng, [低尾氣排放], low emissions (from car exhaust)
        dīfàngshèxìngfèiwù, [低放射性廢物], low-level waste
        dàofàng, to turn upside down/to upend
        NóngnúJiěfàngrì, [農奴解放日], Serf Liberation Day (PRC)
        shèngyúfàngshèxìng, [剩餘放射性], residual radioactivity
        dānfàngjī, [單放機], tape player/video player/(media) player/play-only device
        qǔbǎoshìfàng, [取保釋放], to be released on bail (law)
        hánbāodàifàng, in bud/budding
        huífàng, to replay/to play back
        wàifàng, extroverted/outgoing/to play audio through speakers (rather than through earphon...
        duōfàng, add extra (of a spice etc)
        dàfàngguāngmíng, great release of light (idiom)
        dàfàngjuécí, [大放厥辭], great release of talk (idiom); to spout nonsense
        dàfàngbēishēng, [大放悲聲], great release of sorrow/to burst into tears
        dàmíngdàfàng, [大鳴大放], free airing of views (PRC)
        DàmíngdàfàngYùndòng, [大鳴大放運動], see 百花運動|百花运动[Bǎi huā Yùn dòng]
        shǎofàng, to add less (of a spice etc)
        BālèsītǎnJiěfàngZǔzhī, [巴勒斯坦解放組織], Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
        kāigōngbùfàngjiàn, [開弓不放箭], lit. to draw the bow without shooting the arrow (idiom)/fig. to bluff/to be all ...
        kāifàngshìxìtǒng, [開放式系統], open system(s)
        kāifàngshìwǎngluò, [開放式網絡], open network
        kāifàngyuándàimǎ, [開放源代碼], see 開放源碼|开放源码[kāi fàng yuán mǎ]
        kāifàngyuánmǎ, [開放源碼], open source (computing)
        kāifàngyuánmǎruǎnjiàn, [開放源碼軟件], open source software (OSS)
        kāifàngxìtǒng, [開放系統], open system
        kāifàngxìtǒnghùlián, [開放系統互連], open systems interconnection/OSI
        bǎxīnfàngzàidùzilǐ, [把心放在肚子裡], (coll.) to be completely at ease
        tóufàngshìchǎng, [投放市場], to put sth on the market
        chāifàngkuǎn, funds on call/invested sum that can be cashed
        tuōfàng, drag-and-drop (computing)
        nádeqǐfàngdexià, lit. can pick it up or put it down (idiom)/fig. to take what comes/to meet gains...
        módǐngfàngzhǒng, [摩頂放踵], to rub one's head and heels (idiom); to slave for the benefit of others/to wear ...
        bōfànglièbiǎo, playlist
        bōfàngjī, [播放機], player (e.g. CD player)
        gǎigékāifàng, [改革開放], to reform and open to the outside world/refers to Deng Xiaoping's policies from ...
        fàngyīmǎ, [放一馬], to let (sb) off/to let (sb) get away with sth
        fàngxiabāofu, to lay down a heavy burden
        fàngxiàtúdāo,lìdìchéngfó, lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilit...
        fàngxiàshēnduàn, to get off one's high horse (idiom)/to dispense with posturing (and adopt a more...
        fàngbuxià, not to have room to put sth/to be unable to let go
        fàngbuxiàxīn, cannot stop worrying
        fàngrènzhèngcè, laissez-faire policy/non-interference
        fàngdī, to lower/to be humble
        fàngkè, (music) funk (loanword)
        fàngdiāo, to act wickedly/to bully/to make life difficult for sb by unreasonable actions
        fànggào, to release a statement
        fàngzàixīnshàng, to care about/to take seriously/to take to heart
        fàngshēngdàkū, [放聲大哭], to burst into tears/to sob loudly/to bawl
        fàngdàbèishù, [放大倍數], magnifying power/magnification
        fàngdàpào, to talk big/to shoot one's mouth off
        fàngdàpiàn, (Tw) cosmetic contact lens/big eye contact lens/circle contact lens
        fàngdàzhǐ, [放大紙], enlarging paper (photography)/bromide paper
        fàngxuéhòu, [放學後], after school
        fàngshèzuòzhàn, [放射作戰], radiological operations
        fàngshèmiǎnyìcèdìng, [放射免疫測定], radioimmunoassay
        fàngshèxué, [放射學], radiology
        fàngshèxìngfāguāngcáiliào, [放射性發光材料], radiophosphor
        fàngshèxìngtóngwèisù, radioactive isotope/radioisotope
        fàngshèxìngfèiwù, [放射性廢物], radioactive waste
        fàngshèxìngzuìqiángdiǎn, [放射性最強點], radioactive hot spot
        fàngshèxìngcáiliào, radioactive material
        fàngshèxìnghésù, radioactive nuclide/radionuclide
        fàngshèxìngwǔqì, radiological weapon
        fàngshèxìngwūrǎn, radioactive contamination
        fàngshèxìngzhānrǎn, radioactive contamination
        fàngshèxìngzhānrǎnwù, radioactive contaminant
        fàngshèxìnghuódù, radioactivity
        fàngshèxìngyānyǔ, [放射性煙羽], radiation plume
        fàngshèxìngsuìpiàn, radioactive debris
        fàngshèxìngdiǎn, radioactive iodine
        fàngshèxìngluòxiàhuī, radioactive fallout
        fàngshèxìngshuāibiàn, [放射性衰變], radioactive decay
        fàngshèxìngjìshí, [放射性計時], radiometric dating
        fàngshèzhìliáo, [放射治療], radiotherapy
        fàngshèwù, radioactive material
        fàngshèshēngchéngwù, radiogenic material
        fàngshèliáofǎ, [放射療法], radiotherapy
        fàngshèbìng, radiation sickness
        fàngshèchóng, [放射蟲], radiolarian (single-celled animal)
        fàngshèfánghù, [放射防護], radiological defense
        fàngpìchóng, [放屁蟲], stink bug
        fàngshānjī, [放山雞], free-range chicken
        fànggōng, to knock off work for the day
        fàngpíng, to set level/to lay flat
        fàngkāishǒujiǎo, [放開手腳], to have free rein (idiom)
        fàngdexià, to be able to accomodate/to have room for/to be able to put (sth) down
        fàngqíng, to do sth to one's heart's content
        fàngqíngqiūhè, to enjoy oneself in nature's embrace (idiom)
        fàngshǒuyībó, to put one's all into the fight
        fàngsōngguǎnzhì, deregulation
        fàngqiāng, [放槍], to open fire/to shoot a gun
        fàngqì, [放氣], to release breath/to deflate/to fart
        fàngshuǐpì, (coll.) to shart
        fànglàngbùjī, [放浪不羈], wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute
        fàngyānmùdàn, [放煙幕彈], to spread a smokescreen
        fàngrèfǎnyìng, [放熱反應], exothermic reaction
        fàngyànkǒu, to feed the starving ghosts (i.e. offer sacrifice to protect the departed spirit...
        fàngbàozhú, to set off firecrackers
        fàngniúbān, class of underachievers/dunces' class (Tw)
        fàngyǎnwàngqù, as far as the eye can see
        fàngzhemíngbaizhuānghútu, [放著明白裝糊塗], to pretend not to know (idiom)
        fàngkōngdǎng, [放空擋], to coast along in neutral gear (in a car)/(coll.) to go commando
        fàngyángwá, shepherd/shepherd boy
        fànghuà, [放話], to give orders/to spread news or rumors/to leak certain information intentionall...
        fàngdàn, [放誕], untrammeled/reckless/wanton
        fàngdànbùjū, [放誕不拘], wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute
        fàngdànbùjī, [放誕不羈], wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute
        fànghuán, [放還], to release (a hostage)/to put back in place
        fàngjìn, [放進], to put into
        fàngsòng, to broadcast/to announce over loudspeakers
线         fàngchángxiàndiàodàyú, [放長線釣大魚], use a long line to catch a big fish (idiom); a long-term plan for major returns
        fàngshǎn, [放閃], (coll.) (of a couple) to display affection in public or by posting photos on soc...
        fàngbiānpào, to set off firecrackers
        fàngyīn, playback (of recorded sound)
        fàngfēijī, [放飛機], to ditch sb (slang)
        fàngmǎhòupào, [放馬後炮], to fire after the horse has bolted (idiom); to act too late to be effective
        fàngmǎguòlái, [放馬過來], bring it on!/give me all you got!
        fàngniǎo, [放鳥], to stand someone up
        fànggēzi, [放鴿子], to stand someone up
        wúdìfàngshǐ, [無的放矢], to shoot without aim (idiom); fig. to speak without thinking/firing blindly/to s...
        RìběnFàngsòngXiéhuì, [日本放送協會], NHK (Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai), Japanese national broadcasting company
        yǒupìkuàifàng, spit it out!/out with it!
        CháorìFàngsòng, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
        shārénfànghuǒ, [殺人放火], to kill and burn (idiom); murder and arson
线         SāngdìnuòMínzúJiěfàngZhènxiàn, [桑地諾民族解放陣線], Sandinista National Liberation Front
        mónǐfàngdàqì, [模擬放大器], analog amplifier
        ShěnGuófàng, [沈國放], Shen Guofang (1952-), PRC assistant minister of foreign affairs (2003-2005)
        ránfàngbiānpào, to set off fire crackers
        dúfàngyìcǎi, [獨放異彩], to project singular splendor or radiance/to perform brilliantly
        shūfàng, eccentric/self-indulgent/free and unconventional (written style)/unbuttoned
        bǎihuāqífàng,bǎijiāzhēngmíng, [百花齊放,百家爭鳴], a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend (idiom); refers to...
        mǎfàng, [碼放], to pile up/to stack up
        cūfàng, extensive/expansive/large-scale
        xìlièfàngdàqì, series amplifier
        zòngfàng, [縱放], undisciplined/untrammeled/to indulge
        suōfàng, [縮放], scaling/resizing/zoom (graphics)
        zhìfàng, to put/to place
        tuōkùzifàngpì, [脫褲子放屁], lit. to take off trousers to fart/fig. to do something absolutely unnecessary/fi...
线         JiěfàngBālèsītǎnRénmínZhènxiàn, [解放巴勒斯坦人民陣線], Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
        Jiěfàngrì, Liberation Day/cf Japan's surrender on 15th August 1945, celebrated as Liberatio...
        JiěfàngRìbào, [解放日報], Liberation Daily, www.jfdaily.com
        jiěfàngyùndòng, [解放運動], liberation movement
        qīngráosùfàng, [輕饒素放], easily forgive, simply release (idiom); to let sb off scot free
        shìfàngchūyù, [釋放出獄], to release from jail
        yěwàifàngyǎng, [野外放養], free-range (breeding livestock or poultry)
        yěfàng, to release (an animal) into the wild
        pūfàng, [鋪放], to display
        ménhùkāifàng, [門戶開放], open door policy/Egyptian President Sadat's infitah policy towards investment an...
        chénfàng, [陳放], to display
        tuífàng, [頹放], decadent/dissolute/degenerate
        qífàng, [齊放], broadside/simultaneous fired cannonade

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