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If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
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Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        shēnghuó, life/activity/to live/livelihood
        huó, to live/alive/living/work/workmanship
        huódòng, [活動], to exercise/to move about/to operate/to use connections (personal influence)/loo...
        gànhuó, [幹活], to work/to be employed
        huólì, energy/vitality/vigor/vital force
        huór, [活兒], work/(lots of) things to do
        fùhuó, [復活], to revive/(lit. and fig.) to come back to life/(religion) resurrection
        xìngshēnghuó, sex life
        huógāi, [活該], (coll.) serve sb right/deservedly/ought/should
        jīhuó, to activate
        huóyuè, [活躍], active/lively/excited/to enliven/to brighten up
        huóshēngshēng, real (people)/living (artist)/while still alive (e.g. skinned alive)
        cúnhuó, to survive (a serious accident)/survival
        yǎnghuo, [養活], to provide for/to keep (animals, a family etc)/to raise animals/to feed and clot...
        huómìng, life/to survive/to save a life/to scrape a living
        Fùhuójié, [復活節], Easter
        sīshēnghuó, private life
        huópo, [活潑], lively/vivacious/brisk/active/(chemistry) reactive
        línghuó, [靈活], flexible/nimble/agile
        kuàihuo, happy/cheerful
        huórén, living person
        huóhuó, while still alive/simply/totally
        sǐhuó, life or death/fate/no matter what/anyway/for the life of me
        jiùhuó, to bring back to life
        huómái, to bury alive
        mánghuo, to be really busy/pressing business
        huósāi, piston/valve
        xiānhuó, [鮮活], vivid/lively/(of food ingredients) live or fresh
        huóxìng, (chemistry) activity/active/activated
        huóbèngluàntiào, [活蹦亂跳], to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively/healthy and active
        shēnghuófèi, [生活費], cost of living/living expenses/alimony
        shēngtūnhuóbō, [生吞活剝], to swallow whole (idiom); fig. to apply uncritically
        shēnglónghuóhǔ, [生龍活虎], lit. lively dragon and animated tiger (idiom)/fig. vigorous and lively
        nǐsǐwǒhuó, lit. you die, I live (idiom); irreconcilable adversaries/two parties cannot coex...
        yèshēnghuó, night life
        juéhuó, [絕活], specialty/unique skill
        huóbǎo, [活寶], buffoon/clown/ridiculous person
        sǐqùhuólái, [死去活來], to hover between life and death (idiom)/to suffer terribly/within an inch of one...
        huómén, [活門], valve
        huóxiàng, to look exactly like/to be the spitting image of
        huówù, living animals
        huójì, [活計], handicraft/needlework/work
        gànhuór, [幹活兒], erhua variant of 幹活|干活[gàn huó]
        línghuóxìng, [靈活性], flexibility
        pīnsǐpīnhuó, one's utmost/(to fight or work) desperately hard/to put up a life or death strug...
线         zhēnxiànhuó, [針線活], needlework/sewing
        nónghuó, [農活], farm work
        huólínghuóxiàn, [活靈活現], living spirit, living image (idiom); true to life/vivid and realistic
        huólù/huólu, through road/way out/way to survive/means of subsistence, labor/physical work
        chénghuó, to survive
        záhuó, [雜活], odd jobs
        zhònghuó, heavy job
        fèihuóliàng, (medicine) vital capacity
        huódòngfáng, [活動房], prefabricated building/prefab
        huóxìngtàn, activated carbon
        huódòngjiā, [活動家], activist
        huótuōtuō, [活脫脫], remarkably alike
        huójié, [活結], a slip-knot/a noose
        shénqìhuóxiàn, [神氣活現], arrogant appearance/smug appearance/to act condescending/to put on airs
        cūhuó, unskilled labor/heavy manual work
        zuòhuó, to work for a living (esp. of woman needleworker)/life of a group of stones in G...
        cúnhuólǜ, (med.) survival rate/(med.) recovery rate
        huófó, Living Buddha/title of Mongolian Lamas from 17th century
        huóhuǒshān, active volcano
        FùhuójiéDǎo, [復活節島], Easter Island
        kǔhuó, bitter work/sweated labor
        shèhuìhuódòng, [社會活動], social activity
        huóqī, (banking) current (account)/checking (account)/demand (deposit etc)
        gǎohuó, to enliven/to invigorate/to revitalize
        huópúsà, [活菩薩], a living Buddha/fig. compassionate person/saint
        huóhuàshí, living fossil
        huóqì, [活氣], spirited atmosphere
        chénghuólǜ, survival rate/rate of success
        chūhuó, to finish a job on time/to produce the goods
        shǒuhuó, manipulation (e.g. ball handling in sport)/hand job
        huóbǎn, typography/movable type
        bùzhīsǐhuó, to act recklessly (idiom)
        lèhuó, [樂活], LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability)
        tǐyùhuódòng, [體育活動], sports/sporting activity
        zuòhuór, [做活兒], erhua variant of 做活[zuò huó]
        zuòshēnghuó, to work/to do manual labor
        quánhuó, to save life/to rescue/the whole business with all its processes
        gōngyìhuódòng, [公益活動], charity event/public service activities
        yǎngjiāhuókǒu, [養家活口], to support one's family (idiom)
        zàihuóhuàjiǎshuō, [再活化假說], reactivation hypothesis
        nóngshìhuódòng, [農事活動], agricultural activities
        jiǎndúhuóyìmiáo, [減毒活疫苗], attenuated live vaccine
        bāohuó, job paid according to the amount of work done/contract work
        biànhuó, [變活], to come to life (by magic)
        kǒuhuó, oral sex
        pǐnwèishēnghuó, to appreciate life
        kūdesǐqùhuólái, [哭得死去活來], to cry one's heart out
        dìzhènhuódòngdài, [地震活動帶], seismic zone/earthquake belt
        Fùhuódejūntuán, [復活的軍團], the Resurrected Army (CCTV documentary series about the Terracotta army)
        fùhuósài, [復活賽], repechage (supplementary qualifying round in sports)
        tàiyánghuódòng, [太陽活動], sunspot activity/solar variation
        hǎosǐbùrúlàihuózhe, [好死不如賴活著], better a bad life than a good death (idiom)
        shǒuhuóguǎ, to stay at home while one's husband is away/grass widow
        shěnměihuódòng, [審美活動], appreciating the arts/esthetic activity
        jìshēngshēnghuó, parasitism/parasitic life-style
        zhuāngjiahuór, [莊稼活兒], farm work
        lāhuó, (northern dialect) to pick up a fare (as a taxi driver)/to pick up a piece of wo...
        jiēhuó, to take on a piece of work/to pick up some freelance work/(of a taxi driver) to ...
        fàngshèxìnghuódù, radioactivity
        zhèngzhìshēnghuó, political life
        wénkānghuódòng, [文康活動], cultural and recreational activities (Tw)
        liàojiànzihuó, piecework
        yǒuhuólì, energetic/vital
        sǐhuóbùgù, [死活不顧], regardless of life or death (idiom)
        sǐyàomiànzihuóshòuzuì, to go through hell for the sake of keeping up appearances (idiom)
        sǐmǎdànghuómǎyī, [死馬當活馬醫], lit. to give medicine to a dead horse (idiom)/fig. to keep trying everything in ...
        huóxià, to survive
        huóxiàqù, to survive/to keep on living
        huóbùxiàqu, impossible to make a living
        huójiǔjiàn, [活久見], (neologism c. 2006) if you live long enough, you'll see everything/Just incredib...
尿         huórénràngniàobiēsǐ, [活人讓尿憋死], lit. such a fool as to die from holding in one's pee (idiom)/fig. unable to solv...
        huósì, see 活像[huó xiàng]
        huótǐ, [活體], living body/live specimen
        huótǐjiǎnshì, [活體檢視], biopsy
        huótǐzǔzhījiǎnchá, [活體組織檢查], biopsy/abbr. to 活檢|活检[huó jiǎn]
便         huóbiàn, nimble/agile/convenient
        huófēn, nimble
        huódàolǎo,xuédàolǎo, [活到老,學到老], One is never too old to learn. (idiom)
        huólìsìshè, dynamic/enthusiastic/energetic
        huódòngzhōngxīn, [活動中心], activity center/CL:處|处[chù]
        huódòngrénshì, [活動人士], activist
        huódòngfángwū, [活動房屋], prefabricated building/prefab/mobile home/caravan/trailer
        huódòngbānshǒu, [活動扳手], adjustable spanner
        huódòngguàtú, [活動掛圖], flipchart
        huódòngqūchǐ, [活動曲尺], sliding bevel (to measure angles)
        huódòngzhuōmiàn, [活動桌面], active desktop
        huódòngkànbǎn, [活動看板], calendar of events
        huódòngnénglì, [活動能力], mobility/motility
        huóhuà, activation
        huóhuàfēnxī, activation analysis
        huóshòuzuì, (coll.) to go through sheer hell
        huótào, noose/running knot
        huózì, movable type
        huózìdiǎn, walking dictionary/well-informed person
        huózìyìnshuā, printing with movable type
        huóxuéhuóyòng, [活學活用], to creatively combine learning with usage/to learn and apply pragmatically
        huódù, activity
        huódebùnàifán, [活得不耐煩], to be tired of living/(coll.) to be asking for trouble
        huóxìngjì, [活性劑], reagent (chemistry)
        huóxìngyǎnglèi, [活性氧類], activated oxygen species (AOS)
        huóbàojù, [活報劇], political street theater (loanword from Zhivaya Gazeta, or Living Newspaper, Rus...
        huózhāi, to harvest (an organ) from a living person
        huóqīcúnkuǎn, demand deposit
        huóqīzhànghù, [活期帳戶], current account (in bank)
        huóqīdàikuǎn, [活期貸款], demand loan (i.e. loan that the borrower can demanded back at any time)
        huóqīzījīn, [活期資金], funds on call/invested sum that can be cashed
        huóbǎn, trapdoor
        huójiǎn, [活檢], biopsy/abbr. for 活體組織檢查|活体组织检查[huó tǐ zǔ zhī jiǎn chá]
        huófan, flexible/adaptable
        huóhuǒ, flaming fire/flames
        huóbǎnyìnshuā, printing with movable type/typesetting
        huóbàn, valve
        huóyòng, to apply (knowledge etc) creatively and flexibly/to use a word flexibly (e.g. a ...
        huózhe, [活著], alive
        huóshénxiānsì, to live like the immortals (advertising real estate)
        huóqín, poultry/live fowl
        huózǔzhījiǎnchá, [活組織檢查], biopsy
        huózuì, suffering/hardship/living hell
        huótuō, [活脫], remarkably alike
        huóchá, farm work
        huóxuè, to improve blood circulation (Chinese medicine)
        huóxuèzhǐtòng, to invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain (idiom)
        huóyuèfènzǐ, [活躍份子], activist
        huóLéiFēng, [活雷鋒], selfless model citizen, just like Lei Feng 雷鋒|雷锋[Léi Fēng]
        huóbǎzi, live target/target (of criticism etc)
        huóyú, [活魚], fresh fish/living fish
        huólónghuóxiàn, [活龍活現], living spirit, living image (idiom); true to life/vivid and realistic
        yǎnhuó, (of an actor) to bring (one's character) to life/to act brilliantly
        huǒshānhuódòng, [火山活動], volcanic activity/volcanism
        àidesǐqùhuólái, [愛得死去活來], to be madly in love
        shēnglāhuóchě, to wildly exaggerate the meaning of sth (idiom)
        shēnghuózuòfēng, [生活作風], behavior/conduct
        shēnghuólājī, domestic garbage
        shēnghuóbìxūpǐn, life's necessities
        shēnghuófāngshì, way of life/lifestyle
        shēnghuóshuǐpíng, living standards
        shēnghuówūshuǐ, domestic sewage
        shēnghuóměixué, [生活美學], appreciation of the finer things in life
        shēnghuóshèshī, [生活設施], living facilities
        shēnghuózhìliào, [生活質料], consumer goods
        shēnghuózīliào, [生活資料], consumer goods/means of livelihood/means of subsistence/documents relating to sb...
        shēnghuókuòchuò, [生活闊綽], a flashy lifestyle/to live it up
        shēnghuóguǎn, [生活館], living museum
        shēngwùhuóhuàxìng, bioactivity
        pòhuàihuódòng, [破壞活動], sabotage/subversive activities
        piàohuó, to work as amateur for no pay
        mìmìhuódòng, [秘密活動], clandestine activities/covert operation
        jìngxuǎnhuódòng, [競選活動], (election) campaign
        jīngshénshēnghuó, spiritual or moral life
        lèisǐlèihuó, to tire oneself out through overwork/to work oneself to death
        jīngjìhuódòng, [經濟活動], economic activity
        wéichíshēnghuó, [維持生活], to subsist/to eke out a living/to keep body and soul together
        qiānghuó, Notopterygium root (root of Notopterygium incisum)
        zìyóuhuódòng, [自由活動], free time (between organized activities)
        cāngwàihuódòng, [艙外活動], extravehicular activity (outside space vehicle)/EVA
        huāhuó, trick/deception
        kǔhuór, [苦活兒], erhua variant of 苦活[kǔ huó]
        biǎomiànhuóhuàjì, [表面活化劑], surfactant
        biǎomiànhuóxìngjì, [表面活性劑], surfactant
        yàosǐbùhuó, half dead/more dead than alive
        yàosǐyàohuó, terribly/awfully/desperately
        tǎoshēnghuó, [討生活], to eke out a living/to live from hand to mouth/to drift aimlessly
        guòhuó, [過活], to live one's life/to make a living
        zhònghuór, [重活兒], erhua variant of 重活[zhòng huó]
        zhònghuóhuàjì, [重活化劑], reactivator
线         zhēnxiànhuór, [針線活兒], needlework/working for a living as a needleworker
线         zhēnxiànhuójì, [針線活計], needlework/sewing
        tiěchuāngshēnghuó, [鐵窗生活], time served in prison/prison life
        jiàndiéhuódòng, [間諜活動], espionage/spying
        xiānhuóhuòwù, [鮮活貨物], live cargo

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