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If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        liú, to flow/to disseminate/to circulate or spread/to move or drift/to degenerate/to ...
        jiāoliú, to exchange/exchange/communication/interaction/to have social contact (with sb)
        liúxuè, to bleed/to shed blood
        liúxíng, (of a contagious disease etc) to spread/to propagate/(of a style of clothing, so...
        liúmáng, rogue/hoodlum/gangster/immoral behavior
        liúfàng, to exile/to banish/to deport/to float (logs) downstream
        yīliú, top quality/front ranking
        liúlànghàn, [流浪漢], tramp/wanderer
        liúlàng, to drift about/to wander/to roam/nomadic/homeless/unsettled (e.g. population)/va...
        liúgǎn, flu/influenza
        liúdòng, [流動], to flow/to circulate/to go from place to place/to be mobile/(of assets) liquid
        liúlèi, [流淚], to shed tears
        diànliú, [電流], electric current
        liúshì, (of time) to pass/to elapse
        liúchuán, [流傳], to spread/to circulate/to hand down
        xiàliú, lower course of a river/low-class/mean and lowly/vulgar/obscene
        cháoliú, tide/current/trend
        héliú, river/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        fēngliú, [風流], distinguished and accomplished/outstanding/talented in letters and unconventiona...
        liúchǎn, [流產], to have a miscarriage/miscarriage/to fail/to fall through
        liúyán, rumor/gossip/to spread rumors
        lúnliú, [輪流], to alternate/to take turns
        liúlàngzhě, rover/vagabond/vagrant/wanderer
        liúchàng, [流暢], flowing (of speech, writing)/fluent/smooth and easy
        shuǐliú, river/stream
        liúlù, to reveal (indirectly, implicitly)/to show (interest, contempt etc) by means of ...
        liúshuǐ, running water/(business) turnover
        liúxīng, meteor/shooting star
        shàngliú, upper class
        liútǎng, to flow
        qìliú, [氣流], stream of air/airflow/slipstream/draft/breath/turbulence (of aircraft)
        liúchéng, course/stream/sequence of processes/work flow in manufacturing
        míngliú, gentry/celebrities
        piāoliú, to float on the current/to drift along or about/rafting
        liúhàn, to sweat
        zhǔliú, main stream (of a river)/fig. the essential point/main viewpoint of a matter/mai...
        liúchū, to flow out/to disgorge/to effuse
        xuèliú, blood flow
        liúyánfēiyǔ, [流言蜚語], rumors and slanders (idiom); gossip/lies and slanders
        dàoliú, to flow backwards/reverse flow
        liúwáng, to force into exile/to be exiled/in exile
        èrliú, second-rate/second-tier
        liúshī, (of soil etc) to wash away/to be eroded/(fig.) (of talented staff, followers of ...
        liútōng, to circulate/to distribute/circulation/distribution
        liúxīngyǔ, meteor shower
        sānliú, third-rate/inferior
        liúlì, fluent
        liúluò, to wander about destitute/to be stranded
        liúrù, to flow into/to drift into/influx/inflow
        liúliàng, flow rate/rate/throughput/site traffic (Internet)
        jīliú, torrent/torrential current/whitewater
        rénliú, stream of people/abortion/abbr. for 人工流產|人工流产[rén gōng liú chǎn]
        dìyīliú, first-class
        chēliú, [車流], traffic/rate of traffic flow
        qínliúgǎn, bird flu/avian influenza
        shèhuìmíngliú, [社會名流], celebrity/public figure
        tóngliúhéwū, to wallow in the mire with sb (idiom); to follow the bad example of others
        hànliújiābèi, [汗流浹背], to sweat profusely (idiom)/drenched in sweat
        liúxíngbìng, epidemic disease
        nìliú, against the stream/adverse current/a countercurrent/fig. reactionary tendency/to...
        liúsū, [流蘇], tassels
        liúpài, tributary (stream)/(fig.) school (of thought)/genre/style
        liúlián, [流連], to loiter (i.e. reluctant to leave)/to linger on
        suídàliú, [隨大流], to follow the crowd/going with the tide
        shùjùliú, [數據流], data stream/data flow
线         liúshuǐxiàn, [流水線], assembly line/(computing) pipeline
        tóupòxuèliú, [頭破血流], lit. head broken and blood flowing/fig. badly bruised
        liúdàn, [流彈], stray bullet
        zhíliú, to flow steadily/direct current (DC)
        tuānliú, turbulence
        suíbōzhúliú, [隨波逐流], to drift with the waves and go with the flow (idiom); to follow the crowd blindl...
        xīliú, stream
        liúzhuǎn, [流轉], to be on the move/to roam or wander/to circulate (of goods or capital)
        fàngrènzìliú, to let sb do whatever they want/to indulge/to give free reins to/to let things s...
        lèiliúmǎnmiàn, [淚流滿面], cheeks streaming with tears (idiom)
        liúxíngyǔ, [流行語], popular jargon/catchword
        níshíliú, landslide/torrent of mud and stones/mudslide
        liúshā, quicksand
        nuǎnliú, warm current/(fig.) warm feeling
        fēnliú, bypass
        bēnliú, to flow at great speed/to pour/racing current
        tòngkūliútì, weeping bitter tears
        fùzhūdōngliú, [付諸東流], wasted effort
        liútǐ, [流體], fluid
        zhōngliúdǐzhù, mainstay/cornerstone/tower of strength
        héliú, to converge/to flow together/fig. to act alike/to evolve together
        liúfāngbǎishì, (of one's name, reputation etc) to be immortalized (idiom)/to leave a mark for g...
        jíliú, torrent
        yángliú, ocean current
        liúlíshīsuǒ, [流離失所], destitute and homeless (idiom); forced from one's home and wandering about/displ...
        liúxíngxìng, (of a disease) epidemic/qualities that make sth popular or fashionable
        zhīliú, tributary (river)
        wàiliú, outflow/to flow out/to drain
        liúcuàn, [流竄], to roam all over the place/to go into every nook and corner/to infiltrate/(of cr...
        liúyù, river basin/valley/drainage area
        hóngliú, a powerful current/a flood (often fig., e.g. a flood of ideas)
        wùliú, distribution (business)/logistics
        fùzhīdōngliú, [付之東流], to commit to the waters (idiom); to lose sth irrevocably
        xíngyúnliúshuǐ, [行雲流水], lit. moving clouds and flowing water (idiom)/fig. very natural and flowing style...
        héngliú, [橫流], to overflow/transverse flow/to flow over/cross flow
        yǐnliú, to drain/(medicine) drainage
        liúdòngzījīn, [流動資金], money in circulation/fluid funds
        huíliú, to flow back/reflux/circumfluence/refluence/backward flow/returning flow (e.g. o...
        liúdòngxìng, [流動性], flowing/shifting/fluidity/mobility/liquidity (of funds)
        duìliú, [對流], convection
        yìshíliú, [意識流], stream of consciousness (in literature)
        èrliúzi, loafer/idler/bum
线         liúxiànxíng, [流線型], sleek/streamlined
        nǚliú, (derog.) woman
        hánliú, cold air current/cold ocean current/cold stream
        chuānliúbùxī, the stream flows without stopping (idiom); unending flow
        sānjiàojiǔliú, the Three Religions (Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism) and Nine Schools (Confucian...
        liúsù, flow speed/rate of flow
        shèliú, jet (math.)
        liúliánwàngfǎn, [流連忘返], to linger/to remain enjoying oneself and forget to go home
        ànliú, undercurrent
        diānpèiliúlí, [顛沛流離], homeless and miserable (idiom); to wander about in a desperate plight/to drift
        zhíliúdiàn, [直流電], direct current
        liúguāngyìcǎi, lit. flowing light and overflowing color/brilliant lights and vibrant colors (id...
        liúchéngtú, [流程圖], flow chart
        zhōngliú, midstream
        jiāoliúdiàn, [交流電], alternating current
        liúnián, fleeting time/horoscope for the year
        zhěngliúqì, rectifier (transforming alternating electric current to direct current)
        duìliúcéng, [對流層], troposphere/lower atmosphere
        xìshuǐchángliú, [細水長流], lit. thin streams flow forever/fig. economy will get you a long way/to work stea...
        zhěngliú, to rectify (alternating current to direct current)
        gànliú, [幹流], main stream (of a river)
        jiéliúfá, [節流閥], a throttle
        huìliú, [匯流], (of rivers etc) to converge/convergence
        liúdàng, [流蕩], to float/to tramp/to rove
        chàliú, branch stream
        céngliú, [層流], laminar flow
        liúdú, to spread poison/pernicious influence
        liúmín, refugee
        mángliú, (PRC) flow of people from the countryside into the cities/rural migrant without ...
        piāoliú, [飄流], variant of 漂流[piāo liú]
        dàbùliúxīng, at a stride/taking large steps (while walking)
        tǔshíliú, (Tw) debris flow/mudslide
        liúfāng, to leave a good reputation
        diànliúbiǎo, [電流表], ammeter
        biànliúqì, [變流器], converter
        liútǐlìxué, [流體力學], fluid mechanics/hydrodynamics
        jiéliú, [節流], to control flow/to choke/weir valve/a throttle/a choke
        Zìliújǐng, Ziliujing district of Zigong city 自貢市|自贡市[Zì gòng shì], Sichuan
        Běiliú, Beiliu county level city in Yulin 玉林[Yù lín], Guangxi
        Sānjiāngbìngliú, [三江並流], Three Parallel Rivers National Park, in mountainous northwest Yunnan World Herit...
        shàngliúshèhuì, [上流社會], upper class/high society
        xiàjiǔliú, the lowest professions
        bùwěndìngqìliú, [不穩定氣流], turbulent
        bùsuídàliú, [不隨大流], not following the crowd/to go against the tide
        liǎnghéliúyù, [兩河流域], Mesopotamia
        chuànliú, to stream (online)
        jiǔliú, the nine schools of thought, philosophical schools of the Spring and Autumn and ...
        yúnsànfēngliú, [雲散風流], lit. clouds scatter, wind flows (idiom); the crisis settles down/people disperse...
        jiāobiànliúdiàn, [交變流電], alternating current/same as 交流電|交流电
        jiāobiàndiànliú, [交變電流], alternating current (electricity)
        jiāoliúdào, (Tw) highway interchange/(fig.) channel of communication
        réngōngliúchǎn, [人工流產], abortion
        réncáiwàiliú, brain drain
        réncáiliúshī, brain drain/outflow of talent
        rénliúshǒushù, [人流手術], an abortion/abbr. of 人工流產手術|人工流产手术
        cóngshànrúliú, [從善如流], readily following good advice (idiom); willing to accept other people's views
        cóngjiànrúliú, [從諫如流], to follow admonition as natural flow (idiom); to accept criticism or correction ...
        fúliú, hidden stream/ground stream
        chuánliú, [傳流], to spread/to hand down/to circulate
        dàobèirúliú, to know by heart (so well that you can recite it backwards)
        piānzhìdiànliú, [偏置電流], bias current (electronics)
        kèliúgǎn, oseltamivir/Tamiflu
        quánjiéliú, [全節流], full throttle/top speed
        nèiliú, [內流], inward flowing (of river)/flowing into desert
        nèiliúhé, [內流河], inward flowing river/river flowing into desert or salt lake, e.g. Tarim river 塔里...
        fēnliúdiànlù, [分流電路], shunt circuit/current divider (electronics)
        Běiliúshì, Beiliu county level city in Yulin 玉林[Yù lín], Guangxi
        bànliútǐ, [半流體], semifluid
        dānxiàngdiànliú, [單向電流], (elec.) unidirectional current/DC/also written 直流[zhí liú]
        màifēngliú, [賣風流], to exert flirtatious allure/to entice coquettishly
        Shuāngliú, [雙流], Shuangliu county in Chengdu 成都[Chéng dū], Sichuan/Chengdu's main airport
        Shuāngliúxiàn, [雙流縣], Shuangliu county in Chengdu 成都[Chéng dū], Sichuan
        fǎnyònghuànliúqì, [反用換流器], inverter, device that converts AC electricity to DC and vice versa
        fǎnchìdàoliú, equatorial counter current
        kǒubēiliúchuán, [口碑流傳], widely praised (idiom); with an extensive public reputation
        MòlèiDálìngliúyù, [墨累達令流域], Murray-Darling river system in the southeast of Australia
        dàqìhuánliú, [大氣環流], atmospheric circulation
        dàliúxíng, major epidemic/pandemic
        fùdeliúyóu, affluent/very rich
        duìliúcéngdǐng, [對流層頂], tropopause/top of troposphere
        duìdárúliú, [對答如流], able to reply quickly and fluently (idiom); having a ready answer
        dǎoliúbǎn, [導流板], spoiler (automotive)
        wěiliú, wake (trailing behind a ship, airplane etc)/slipstream
尿         pìgǔnniàoliú, [屁滾尿流], to piss in one's pants in terror (idiom); scared witless
        suìyuèrúliú, [歲月如流], the passage of the years/the flow of time
        suìyuèliúshì, [歲月流逝], as time goes by (idiom)
        yánliúquān, asthenosphere (geology)
        yánjiāngliú, [岩漿流], lava flow
        gōngzuòliú, workflow
        gōngzuòliúchéng, workflow
        jùliú, strong current/CL:股[gǔ]
        píngliúcéng, [平流層], stratosphere
        yìngduìrúliú, [應對如流], to respond fluently/to answer smartly
        kāiyuánjiéliú, [開源節流], lit. to open a water source and reduce outflow (idiom); to increase income and s...
        qiángliú, [強流], high current (e.g. electric)
        jìngliú, [徑流], runoff
        DéguóXuéshùJiāoliúZǒngshǔ, [德國學術交流總署], German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (Tw)
        DéyìzhìXuéshùJiāoliúZhōngxīn, [德意志學術交流中心], German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
        xīnliú, (psychology) flow/being "in the zone"
        kuàibùliúxīng, to walk quickly/striding quickly
        sīxiǎngjiāoliú, exchange of ideas
        cáiwàiliú, brain drain
        rǎoliúbǎn, [擾流板], spoiler (automotive or aeronautical)
        pīliúnián, to cast sb's yearly horoscope
        tóubiānduànliú, [投鞭斷流], arms enough to stem the stream (idiom); formidable army
        zhīyǔliúyì, [支與流裔], lit. branches and descendants/of a similar kind/related
        wénhuàjiāoliú, cultural exchange
        duànliú, [斷流], to run dry (of river)
        xuánliú, rotating flow
        Rìliú, the spread of Japanese cultural products (anime, pop music etc) to other countri...
        xīngliúdiànjī, [星流電擊], meteor shower and violent thunderclaps (idiom); omens of violent development/por...
        xīngliútíngjī, [星流霆擊], meteor shower and violent thunderclaps (idiom); omens of violent development/por...
        pǔléikèsīliúchéng, purex
        mòliú, late degenerate stage
        záliú, [雜流], small craftsman (contemptuous)
        zhěnyánshùliú, see 枕石漱流[zhěn shí shù liú]
        zhěnshíshùliú, to live a hermit's life (in seclusion)/a frugal life (idiom)
        qiáoshìzhěngliúqì, [橋式整流器], bridge rectifier (electricity)
        huìliúhuán, [匯流環], slip-ring/rotary electrical interface/collector ring
        jiāngliú, river/river flow/current
        xièliú, [洩流], drainage
        liúlì, [流麗], smooth and ornate/flowing (style etc)
        liúyú, [流於], to change (for the worse)
        liúyúxíngshì, [流於形式], to become a mere formality
        liúwángzhèngfǔ, government in exile (e.g. of Tibet)
        liútǐdònglìxué, [流體動力學], fluid dynamics
        liútǐhéshìyàn, [流體核試驗], hydronuclear explosion (HNE)
        liúrǒng, the unemployed workforce
        liúxíng, exile (as form of punishment)
        liúbié, [流別], tributary/branch of river
        liúdòngrénkǒu, [流動人口], transient population/floating population
        liúdòngértóng, [流動兒童], children of migrants
        liúdòngxìngdàshāmò, [流動性大沙漠], shifting sand dunes
        liúdònglǜ, [流動率], turnover (of staff)
        liúdòngfùzhài, [流動負債], current liability
        liúdòngzīchǎn, [流動資產], current asset
        liúbiàn, [流變], to flow and change/development and change (of society)
        liúbiànxué, [流變學], rheology
        liúbiànnénglì, [流變能力], rheology
        liúméitǐ, [流媒體], streaming media
        liúdàngwàngfǎn, to stray and forget to return
        liúkòu, roving bandit/rebel band
        liújū, to live in exile
        liúbù, [流佈], to spread/to circulate/to disseminate, to spread/to circulate/to disseminate
        liúgān, [流乾], to drain/to run dry
        liúniánbùlì, the year's horoscope augurs ill (idiom); an unlucky year
        liúbì, malpractice/long-running abuse
        liúxíng, manifold (math.)
        liúgǎnyìmiáo, flu shot/influenza vaccination
        liúgǎnbìngdú, influenza virus/flu virus
        liúbō, to circulate/to hand around
        liúmíng, lumen (unit of light flux) (loanword)
        liúxīngtǐ, [流星體], meteoroid
        liúxīnggǎnyuè, [流星趕月], lit. a meteor catching up with the moon/swift action (idiom)
        liúbiāo, [流標], (of an auction) to be inconclusive
        liúmángguójiā, [流氓國家], rogue state
        liúmángwúchǎnzhě, [流氓無產者], lumpenproletariat (in Marxist theory)
        liúmángzuì, the crime of hooliganism
        liúmángruǎnjiàn, [流氓軟件], malware (computing)
        liúmángjítuán, [流氓集團], gang of hoodlums
        liúshuǐbùfǔ, flowing water does not rot
        liúshuǐbùfǔ,hùshūbùdù, [流水不腐,戶樞不蠹], lit. flowing water does not rot, nor a door-hinge rust (idiom)/fig. constant act...
        liúshuǐzhàng, [流水帳], variant of 流水賬|流水账[liú shuǐ zhàng]
        liúshuǐxí, banquet where guests arrive at various times and are served with food as they ar...
        liúshuǐzhàng, [流水賬], day-to-day account/current account
        liúyì, to indulge/licentious
        liúxiè, [流瀉], to flow/to flood
        liúlàngér, [流浪兒], street urchin/waif
        liúlànggǒu, stray dog
        Liúqiú, variant of 琉球[Liú qiú], Ryūkyū, e.g. the Ryūkyū Islands 琉球群島|琉球群岛[Liú qiú Qún dǎ...
        LiúqiúQúndǎo, [流球群島], the Ryukyu or Luchu Islands (including Okinawa)
        liúlǐtái, kitchen counter (generally including sink, food preparation area and gas range) ...
        liúmù, to let one's eyes rove
        liúmiǎn, to ogle/to glance in a shifty manner
        liúlí, [流離], homeless and miserable/forced to leave home and wander from place to place/to li...
        liúlíyùhé, [流離遇合], to reunite after being homeless refugees
        liúlídiānpèi, [流離顛沛], destitute and homeless (idiom); displaced and without means
        liúchéngbiǎo, flow chart
        liúcuànfàn, [流竄犯], criminal at large
        liúwényán, [流紋岩], rhyolite (extrusive igneous rock, chemically equivalent to granite)
线         liúxiàn, [流線], streamline (physics)
        liúwǎng, [流網], drift net (fishing)
        liúnǎo, [流腦], epidemic encephalitis
        liúnóng, [流膿], to discharge pus/to suppurate
        liúsūyù, [流蘇鷸], (bird species of China) ruff (Philomachus pugnax)
        liúyíng, [流螢], firefly
        liúluòtāxiāng, [流落他鄉], to wander far from home
        liúxíngxìnggǎnmào, influenza
        liúxíngzhū, epidemic strain
        liúxíngbìngxué, [流行病學], epidemiology
        liúxíngyīnyuè, [流行音樂], pop music
        liúlǎn, [流覽], to skim/to browse
        liúbèi, [流輩], a contemporary/similar class of people
        liúliliúqì, [流裡流氣], hooliganism/rowdyism
        liúliàngmíngxīng, (neologism c. 2014) celebrity with a huge, devoted fan base/celebrity with a hug...
        liúliàngjì, [流量計], flowmeter
        liúyùn, [流韻], musical sound/flowing rhythm (of poetry)/cadence
        liúbítì, to have a runny nose
        liúbíxiě, to bleed from the nose/(fig.) to be sexually aroused
        zhuóliú, [濁流], turbid flow/muddy waters/fig. a contemptible person/fig. corrupt or disgraceful ...
        HǎixiáJiāoliúJījīnhuì, [海峽交流基金會], Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF)/abbr. to 海基會|海基会[Hǎi jī huì]
        yǒngliú, [湧流], to gush/to spurt
        tìsìhéngliú, [涕泗橫流], tears and mucus flowing profusely/sniveling/in a tragic state
        tìlèijiāoliú, [涕淚交流], tears and mucus flowing profusely (idiom); weeping tragically
        jiànliú, [澗流], mountain stream/stream in a valley
        yèliú, stream/flow of liquid
        Qīngliú, Qingliu county in Sanming 三明[Sān míng], Fujian
        Qīngliúxiàn, [清流縣], Qingliu county in Sanming 三明[Sān míng], Fujian
        shènliú, [滲流], to seep/leakage
        wēnyánhuánliú, [溫鹽環流], thermohaline circulation (oceanography)
        yuánliú, (of watercourses) source and direction of flow/origin and development
        yuányuǎnliúcháng, [源遠流長], lit. source is distant and the flow is long (idiom); fig. sth goes back to the d...
        yìliúkǒng, bleed hole/overflow pipe/spill vent
        róngyánliú, lava flow
        dīliú, trickle
        piāoliúpíng, message in a bottle
        piāoliúzhě, white water rafter/paddler/river runner
        shùliú, to rinse one's mouth with water/to gargle
        huǒshānsuìxièliú, pyroclastic flow
        huǒliúxīng, (astronomy) bolide/fireball
        rèduìliú, [熱對流], heat convection
        róngyánliú, lava flow
        wùliúguǎnlǐ, logistics
        lièhùzuòliúxīngyǔ, [獵戶座流星雨], Orionids/Orionid meteor shower
        zhūliúgǎn, [豬流感], swine influenza/swine flu/influenza A (HN)
        zhūliúgǎnbìngdú, [豬流感病毒], swine influenza virus (SIV)
        xiànjīnliú, [現金流], cash flow
        xiànjīnliúzhuǎn, [現金流轉], cash flow
        xiànjīnliúzhuǎnbiǎo, [現金流轉表], cash flow statement
        xiànjīnliúliàng, [現金流量], cash flow
        xiànjīnliúliàngbiǎo, [現金流量表], cash flow statement
        zhūliú, fluent with words/words flowing like pearl beads
        zhūliúbìzhuǎn, [珠流璧轉], lit. pearl flows, jade moves on (idiom); fig. the passage of time/water under th...
        jiǎliú, type A influenza/abbr. for 甲型HN流感/refers to HN influenza of 2009
        píhuátǐngjīliúhuíxuán, [皮劃艇激流回旋], canoe-kayak slalom
        yǎnlèihèngliú, [眼淚橫流], to be overflowing with tears (idiom)
广         jīhòuliúguǎng, [積厚流廣], deep rooted and influential
        kōngqìliú, [空氣流], flow of air/draft
        kōngqìliútōng, [空氣流通], fresh air/draft
        lìzǐliú, stream of particles/particle flow
        wěnliú, turbulent flow
        xìxìdeliú, [細細地流], to trickle
        ràoliú, [繞流], turbulence (in fluid mechanics)
        yǔliú, plume
        féishuǐbùliúwàiréntián, lit. don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field/fig. keep the goo...
        qūqièzhěliú, [胠篋者流], thieves/pilferers
        Zìliújǐngqū, [自流井區], Ziliujing district of Zigong city 自貢市|自贡市[Zì gòng shì], Sichuan
        jiéliútàbǎn, [節流踏板], throttle pedal/accelerator
        yàoliú, [藥流], medical abortion
        luòhuāyǒuyì,liúshuǐwúqíng, [落花有意,流水無情], lit. the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples ...
        luòhuāliúshuǐ, to be in a sorry state/to be utterly defeated
        fēiduǎnliúcháng, [蜚短流長], to spread malicious gossip/also written 飛短流長|飞短流长[fēi duǎn liú cháng]
        xuèliúchénghé, rivers of blood (idiom)/bloodbath
        xuèliúpiāochǔ, enough blood flowing to float pestles (idiom); rivers of blood/blood bath
        zhūliú, [誅流], to kill and banish
        miùzhǒngliúchuán, [謬種流傳], to pass on errors or lies (idiom); the propagation of misconceptions
        chìdàonìliú, equatorial counter current
        ruǎnliúquān, [軟流圈], asthenosphere (geology)
        ruǎnliúcéng, [軟流層], asthenosphere (geology)
        jìngliú, [逕流], runoff
        bèngliú, to gush/to spurt
        nìliúsùyuán, to go back to the source
        nìliúérshàng, to sail against the current/(fig.) to go against the flow
        tiědǎdeyámen,liúshuǐdeguān, [鐵打的衙門,流水的官], lit. the yamen is strong as iron, the officials flow like water (idiom)/fig. gov...
        zhènliúqì, [鎮流器], electrical ballast
        Chángjiāngliúyù, [長江流域], Changjiang or Yangtze river basin
线         chángliúshuǐ,bùduànxiàn, [長流水,不斷線], continuous and patient effort (idiom)
        suíbōxùnliú, [隨波遜流], to drift with the waves and yield to the flow (idiom); to follow the crowd blind...
        fēizhǔliú, alternative/non-mainstream
        Hánliú, [韓流], the spread of Korean cultural products (TV dramas, pop music etc) to other count...
        fēngshuǐlúnliú, [風水輪流], see 風水輪流轉|风水轮流转[fēng shuǐ lún liú zhuàn]
        fēngshuǐlúnliúzhuàn, [風水輪流轉], fortunes rise and fall/times change
        fēngliúyúnsàn, [風流雲散], lit. dispersed by wind and scattered like clouds (idiom); fig. scattered far and...
        fēngliújiāhuà, [風流佳話], romance/romantic affair
        fēngliúzhài, [風流債], lit. love debt/fig. moral obligation in consequence of a love affair/karmic cons...
        fēngliúyùnjiè, [風流蘊藉], temperate and refined
        fēngliúyùnshì, [風流韻事], poetic and passionate (idiom); romance/love affair
        fēiduǎnliúcháng, [飛短流長], to spread malicious gossip
怀         yǐnliúhuáiyuán, [飲流懷源], lit. when you drink water, think of its source (idiom); gratitude for blessings ...
        shǐliú, [駛流], swiftly flowing/torrent
        HuángHéliúyù, [黃河流域], the Yellow River basin
        Huángliú, [黃流], see 黃流鎮|黄流镇[Huáng liú zhèn]
        Huángliúzhèn, [黃流鎮], Huangliu township, Hainan

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