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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        diǎn, [點], point/dot/drop/speck/o'clock/point (in space or time)/to draw a dot/to check on ...
        yīdiǎn, [一點], a bit/a little/one dot/one point
        yǒudiǎn, [有點], a little
        diǎnr, [點兒], erhua variant of 點|点[diǎn]
        chàdiǎn, [差點], almost/nearly
        dìdiǎn, [地點], place/site/location/venue/CL:個|个[gè]
        chóngdiǎn/zhòngdiǎn, [重點], to recount (e.g. results of election)/to re-evaluate, important point/main point...
        guāndiǎn, [觀點], point of view/viewpoint/standpoint/CL:個|个[gè]
        yīdiǎnr, [一點兒], erhua variant of 一點|一点[yī diǎn]
        wǎndiǎn, [晚點], (of trains etc) late/delayed/behind schedule/light dinner
        diǎnzi, [點子], spot/point/dot/speck/drop (of liquid)/droplet/point (of argument)/idea/crux/indi...
        zǎodiǎn, [早點], breakfast
        ruòdiǎn, [弱點], weak point/failing
        zhōngdiǎn, [終點], the end/end point/finishing line (in a race)/destination/terminus/CL:個|个[gè]
        diǎnxin, [點心], light refreshments/pastry/dimsum (in Cantonese cooking)/dessert
        gòngtóngdiǎn, [共同點], common ground
        diǎnrán, [點燃], to ignite/to set on fire/aflame
        jiāodiǎn, [焦點], focus/focal point
        quēdiǎn, [缺點], weak point/fault/shortcoming/disadvantage/CL:個|个[gè]
        yōudiǎn, [優點], merit/benefit/strong point/advantage/CL:個|个[gè],項|项[xiàng]
        diǎnhuǒ, [點火], to ignite/to light a fire/to agitate/to start an engine/ignition/fig. to stir up...
        tèdiǎn, [特點], characteristic (feature)/trait/feature/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhīdiǎn, [支點], fulcrum (for a lever)
        qǐdiǎn, [起點], starting point
        chàdiǎnr, [差點兒], erhua variant of 差點|差点[chà diǎn]
        diǎntóu, [點頭], to nod
        wūdiǎn, [污點], stain/taint
        zhèngdiǎn, [正點], on time/punctual (of train etc)/awesome (slang)
        yàodiǎn, [要點], main point/essential
        Diǎndiǎn/diǎndiǎn, [點點], Diandian (Chinese microblogging and social networking website), point/speck
        bāndiǎn, [斑點], spot/stain/speckle
        zhǐdiǎn, [指點], to point out/to indicate/to give directions/to show how (to do sth)/to censure/t...
        liàngdiǎn, [亮點], highlight/bright spot
        yídiǎn, [疑點], a doubtful point
        diǎncài, [點菜], to order dishes (in a restaurant)
        diǎnpíng, [點評], to comment/a point by point commentary
        bàndiǎn, [半點], the least bit
        diǎnmíng, [點名], roll call/to mention sb by name/(to call or praise or criticize sb) by name
        gāodiǎn, [糕點], cakes/pastries
        jídiǎn, [極點], extreme point/pole/the origin (in polar coordinates)
        zhàndiǎn, [站點], website
        zhǐzhǐdiǎndiǎn, [指指點點], to gesticulate/to point out/to point the finger of blame
        lùndiǎn, [論點], argument/line of reasoning/thesis/point (of discussion)
        zhuǎnzhédiǎn, [轉折點], turning point/breaking point
        qīngdiǎn, [清點], to check/to make inventory
        diǎndī, [點滴], a drip/a little bit/intravenous drip (used to administer drugs)
        jùdiǎn, [據點], stronghold/defended military base/base for operations/strategic point/foothold/(...
        zhōngdiǎnzhàn, [終點站], terminus/final stop on rail or bus line
        shǎnguāngdiǎn, [閃光點], lit. flash point/crucial point/essential point
        bǎifēndiǎn, [百分點], percentage point
        dìngdiǎn, [定點], to determine a location/designated/appointed/specific/fixed (time)/fixed point (...
        mángdiǎn, [盲點], blind spot
        yuándiǎn, [原點], origin (math.)/origin of coordinates
        rèdiǎn, [熱點], hot spot/point of special interest
        diǎnzhuì, [點綴], to decorate/to adorn/sprinkled/studded/only for show
西         Xīdiǎn/xīdiǎn, [西點], West Point, US military academy in New York, Western-style pastry
        zhuāngdiǎn, [裝點], to decorate/to dress up/to deck
        diǎnshù, [點數], to count and check/to tally/points (collected in some bonus scheme etc)
        yīdiǎndiǎn, [一點點], a little bit
        língdiǎn, [零點], midnight/to order à la carte/(math.) zero of a function
        jiédiǎn, [節點], node
        chūfādiǎn, [出發點], starting point/(fig.) basis/motive
        jǐngdiǎn, [景點], scenic spot/place of interest (tourism)
        diǎndiǎndīdī, [點點滴滴], bit by bit/dribs and drabs/the little details/every aspect
        dǐngdiǎn, [頂點], summit/peak/(math.) vertex
        jiǎndiǎn, [檢點], to examine/to check/to keep a lookout/cautious/restrained (in speech or manneris...
        diǎnbō, [點播], webcast/to request item for broadcast on radio program/dibble seeding/spot seedi...
        dǎdian, [打點], to bribe/to get (luggage) ready/to put in order/to organize things/(baseball) RB...
        chàyīdiǎnr, [差一點兒], erhua variant of 差一點|差一点[chà yī diǎn]
        lùdiǎn, [露點], dew point/(coll.) (of a woman) to expose one of the three areas (nipples and gen...
        duāndiǎn, [端點], starting point or ending point (in stories etc)/end point (math)
        dūndiǎn, [蹲點], (of a cadre etc) to work for a period of time with a grassroots unit to gain fir...
        chàyīdiǎn, [差一點], see 差點|差点[chà diǎn]
        yuándiǎn, [圓點], dot
        chádiǎn, [茶點], tea and cake/refreshments/tea and dimsun 點心|点心, traditional Hong Kong lunch
        diǎnqiú, [點球], penalty kick
        dàodiǎn, [到點], it's time (to do sth)/the time has come
        zhōngdiǎn, [鐘點], hour/specified time
        yǔdiǎn, [雨點], raindrop
        jiāochādiǎn, [交叉點], junction/crossroads/intersection point
        gǔdiǎn, [鼓點], drum beat/rhythm
        diǎnshíchéngjīn, [點石成金], to touch base matter and turn it to gold (idiom); fig. to turn crude writing int...
        shìdiǎn, [試點], test point/to carry out trial/pilot scheme
        lìzúdiǎn, [立足點], foothold
        zuìdīdiǎn, [最低點], lowest point/minimum (point)
        tūpòdiǎn, [突破點], point of penetration (military)/breakthrough
        dìngjūdiǎn, [定居點], settlement
        zhōngdiǎngōng, [鐘點工], hourly worker/hourly job
        chádiǎn, [查點], to check/to tally/to inventory
        diǎnpò, [點破], to lay bare in a few words/to expose with a word/to point out bluntly
        línjièdiǎn, [臨界點], critical point/boundary point
        diǎnhuò, [點貨], to do an inventory count
        yīdiǎnyīdī, [一點一滴], bit by bit/every little bit
        nándiǎn, [難點], difficulty
        èrshíyīdiǎn, [二十一點], blackjack (card game)
        jiāodiǎn, [交點], meeting point/point of intersection
        pándiǎn, [盤點], to make an inventory/to take stock
        wùdiǎn, [誤點], not on time/late (public transport, airlines)/overdue/behind schedule/delayed
        biāodiǎn, [標點], punctuation/a punctuation mark/to punctuate/CL:個|个[gè]
        diǎnshè, [點射], to fire in bursts/shooting intermittently
        bīngdiǎn, [冰點], freezing point
        xiǎoshùdiǎn, [小數點], decimal point
        yīxīngbàndiǎn, [一星半點], just the tiniest bit/a hint of
        biāodiǎnfúhào, [標點符號], punctuation/a punctuation mark
        rándiǎn, [燃點], ignition point (temperature)/combustion point
        xiāoshòudiǎn, [銷售點], point of sale (POS)/checkout/retail outlet
        miàndiǎn, [麵點], pastry
        qīngtíngdiǎnshuǐ, [蜻蜓點水], lit. the dragonfly touches the water lightly/superficial contact (idiom)
        diǎnbō, [點撥], to give instructions/to give advice
        fèidiǎn, [沸點], boiling point
        diǎntóuhāyāo, [點頭哈腰], to nod one's head and bow (idiom); bowing and scraping/unctuous fawning
        huàlóngdiǎnjīng, [畫龍點睛], to paint a dragon and dot in the eyes (idiom); fig. to add the vital finishing t...
        jiēdiǎn, [接點], (electrical) contact
        shǔdiǎn, [數點], to count/to itemize
        wǎngdiǎn, [網點], node in a network/branch/website
        diǎnjīnshù, [點金術], Midas touch/golden touch
        qiēdiǎn, [切點], contact (math.)
        jīdiǎn, [基點], main point/crux/central point
        zhuóyǎndiǎn, [著眼點], place of interest/a place one has one's eye on
        cèzhòngdiǎn, [側重點], main point/emphasis
        diǎnzhèn, [點陣], lattice/dot matrix/bitmap
        diǎnmíng, [點明], to point out
        zhìdiǎn, [質點], point mass/particle
        zhuǎnlièdiǎn, [轉捩點], turning point
        róngdiǎn, [熔點], melting point
        zhōngdiǎn, [中點], midpoint/half-way point
        tāndiǎn, [攤點], place for a vendor's stall
        diǎnjiàng, [點將], to appoint a general (in theater)/fig. to appoint sb for a task
        jīběndiǎn, [基本點], basis point (finance), abbr. to 基點|基点[jī diǎn]
        diǎnmíngcè, [點名冊], register of names/attendance roll book
        língdiǎnwǔ, [零點五], zero point five, 0.5/one half
        jūmíndiǎn, [居民點], residential area
        diǎntí, [點題], to bring out the main theme/to make the point/to bring out the substance concise...
        diǎnxué, [點穴], to hit a pressure point (martial arts)/dim mak/see also 點脈|点脉[diǎn mài]
        jiādiǎn, [加點], to work extra hours/to do overtime
        diǎnjīshù, [點擊數], number of clicks/number of hits (on a website)
        yīdiǎnyīdiǎn, [一點一點], little by little/bit by bit/gradually
        yīdīngdiǎn, [一丁點], a tiny bit/a wee bit
        zhēnglùndiǎn, [爭論點], contention
        píngdiǎn, [評點], to comment/a point by point commentary
        shísāndiǎn, [十三點], half-witted/nitwit
        chūdiǎnzi, [出點子], to express an opinion/to offer advice
        diǎnrǎn, [點染], to touch up (a piece of writing)/to add details (to a painting)
G         Gdiǎn, [G點], G-spot
        yīdiǎnbù, [一點不], not at all
        yīdiǎnjiùtōng, [一點就通], a hint is all that is needed/understanding each other without the need to explai...
        yīdiǎnshuǐyīgèpào, [一點水一個泡], honest and trustworthy (idiom)
        yīdiǎnlínyù, [一點鄰域], (math.) neighborhood of a point
        dīngdiǎn, [丁點], tiny bit
        sāndiǎnquánlòu, [三點全露], (slang) naked/nude
        sāndiǎnshuǐ, [三點水], name of "water" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 85)/see also 氵[shu...
        sānxiàngdiǎn, [三相點], triple point (thermodynamics)
        bùdòngdiǎn, [不動點], fixed point (of a map) (math.)
        bùdòngdiǎndìnglǐ, [不動點定理], fixed point theorem (math.)
        bùjiànyīdiǎnzōngyǐng, [不見一點蹤影], no trace to be seen
        liǎngdiǎnshuǐ, [兩點水], name of "ice" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 15)/see also 冫[bīng]
        zhōngxīndiǎn, [中心點], center/central point/focus
        chuànxíngdiǎnzhèndǎyìnjī, [串行點陣打印機], serial dot matrix printer
        shìfādìdiǎn, [事發地點], the scene of the incident
        èrfēndiǎn, [二分點], the two equinoxes
        tíngsǔndiǎn, [停損點], see 止損點|止损点[zhǐ sǔn diǎn]
        QuánguóZhòngdiǎnWénwùBǎohùDānwèi, [全國重點文物保護單位], Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level
        gōnggònglíngdiǎn, [公共零點], common zeros (of system of equations)
        Dōngzhìdiǎn, [冬至點], the winter solstice
        nínggùdiǎn, [凝固點], freezing point
        jǐdiǎn, [幾點], what time?/when?
        chūmǎnqín,gànmǎndiǎn, [出滿勤,幹滿點], to be assiduous and work full hours
        chūshēngdìdiǎn, [出生地點], place of birth
        fēnqídiǎn, [分歧點], branch point/division point
        fēndiǎn, [分點], point of division
        fēnzhìdiǎn, [分至點], common word for equinox and solstice/point of difference/point of divergence
        dòngdiǎn, [動點], moving point
        bàndǎotǐchāodiǎnzhèn, [半導體超點陣], semiconductor superlattice
        dāndiǎn, [單點], to order à la carte/single point (of measurement, mounting etc)
        màidiǎn, [賣點], selling point
        lìshǐguāndiǎn, [歷史觀點], historical standpoint
        lìláizuìdīdiǎn, [歷來最低點], all time low (point)
        yuándiǎnjǔ, [原點矩], (statistics) moment
        yuánbàodiǎn, [原爆點], ground zero
        jùdiǎn, [句點], period (punctuation)/(fig.) endpoint/finish
        kěquānkědiǎn, [可圈可點], remarkable (performance, achievement etc)/worthy of praise
        diàodiǎndī, [吊點滴], to put sb on an intravenous drip (Tw)
        yǎdiǎn, [啞點], blind spot/dead spot
        xǐshāndiǎnchìzhūquè, [喜山點翅朱雀], (bird species of China) spot-winged rosefinch (Carpodacus rodopeplus)
        gùdìngdiǎn, [固定點], fixed point/calibration point
        GuójiāZhòngdiǎnXuékē, [國家重點學科], National Key Disciplines (disciplines recognized as important and supported by P...
        GuójiāZhòngdiǎnShíyànshì, [國家重點實驗室], State Key Laboratories (university laboratories in PRC supported by the central ...
        quānquandiǎndiǎn, [圈圈點點], annotations made in a book/fig. remarks and comments/to have an opinion on every...
        quāndiǎn, [圈點], to mark a text with dots and circles/to punctuate
        DìmiànLíngdiǎn/dìmiànlíngdiǎn, [地面零點], Ground Zero (refers to the site of the World Trade Center destroyed in 9-11-2001...
        Xiàzhìdiǎn, [夏至點], the summer solstice
        duōdàdiǎnshì, [多大點事], trivial matter/Big deal!
        duōdiǎnchùkòng, [多點觸控], multi-touch (computing)
        zhuāngdiǎn, [妝點], to decorate
        shǐdiǎn, [始點], starting point/initial point
        dìngdiǎnqǐyè, [定點企業], a specialized enterprise
        dìngdiǎnchǎng, [定點廠], factory designated by the state to make a particular product
        xiǎobudiǎn, [小不點], tiny/very small/tiny thing/small child/baby
        xiǎobāndiǎn, [小斑點], speckle
尿         niàodiǎn, [尿點], the boring part of something (film, show, etc.) where a bathroom break can be ta...
        jūmíndiǎnr, [居民點兒], variant of 居民點|居民点[jū mín diǎn]
        chàdiǎnméi, [差點沒], almost/nearly/(i.e. same as 差點|差点[chà diǎn])
        yāodiǎn, [么點], ace
        yìngdiǎn, [應點], to act on one's word
        fèiwùdiǎnxin, [廢物點心], (coll.) a good-for-nothing/loser
        yǐnbàodiǎn, [引爆點], tipping point
        xīnyǒulíngxīyīdiǎntōng, [心有靈犀一點通], hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion tel...
        kuàidiǎn, [快點], to do sth more quickly/Hurry up!/Get a move on!
        kuàidiǎnr, [快點兒], erhua variant of 快點|快点[kuài diǎn]
        zhànlüèyàodiǎn, [戰略要點], strategic point
        dǎdiǎndī, [打點滴], to put sb on an intravenous drip
        pīdiǎn, [批點], to add critical marks or notes to a text/(fig.) to criticize
        tóupiàodìdiǎn, [投票地點], voting place
        guǎidiǎn, [拐點], turning point/breaking point/inflexion point (math., a point of a curve at which...
        zhǐdiǎnjiāngshān, [指點江山], to talk idly about important matters (idiom)/to set the world to rights/to pass ...
        zhǐdiǎnmíjīn, [指點迷津], to show sb how to get to the right path
        diàodiǎnr, [掉點兒], drip of rain
        shōuzhīpínghéngdiǎn, [收支平衡點], break-even point
        fàngshèxìngzuìqiángdiǎn, [放射性最強點], radioactive hot spot
        sǎndiǎntú, [散點圖], scatter plot
        zhěngdiǎn, [整點], time of day exactly on the hour (i.e. 12:00, 1:00 etc)/to make an inventory/(mat...
        wénbùjiādiǎn, [文不加點], to write a flawless essay in one go (idiom)/to be quick-witted and skilled at wr...
        bāndiǎngǒu, [斑點狗], Dalmatian (dog breed)
        lǚyóujǐngdiǎn, [旅遊景點], tourist attraction/travel sight
        lǚyóurèdiǎn, [旅遊熱點], a hot tourist attraction/a tourist trap
        wúqióngyuǎndiǎn, [無窮遠點], point at infinity (math.)/infinitely distant point
线         wúxiànrèdiǎn, [無線熱點], Wi-Fi hotspot
        shídiǎn, [時點], point of time (in time-based systems)
        chūnfēndiǎn, [春分點], the spring equinox
        zhòuyèpíngfēndiǎn, [晝夜平分點], the equinox
        yǒuyīdiǎn, [有一點], a little/somewhat
        yǒuyīdiǎnr, [有一點兒], a bit/a little
        yǒudiǎnr, [有點兒], slightly/a little/somewhat
        shārénbùguòtóudiǎndì, [殺人不過頭點地], It's all exaggeration, you don't need to take it seriously/a fuss about nothing/...
        guǒyàngāodiǎn, [果焰糕點], fruit tart
        zhǐsǔndiǎn, [止損點], stop-loss point, a point at which you make a small loss to limit your losses
        wāidiǎnzi, [歪點子], illegal device/devious/crooked
        sǐdiǎn, [死點], blind spot/dead center
        huìdiǎn, [匯點], confluence/a meeting point
        jiāngbādiǎn, [江八點], "Jiang Zemin's eight-point formula" (for resuming a dialogue with Taiwan)
        jiānghúyīdiǎnjué, [江湖一點訣], special technique/trick of the trade/knack
        fúdiǎn, [浮點], (computing) floating point
        fúdiǎnxíng, [浮點型], (computing)floating-point/float/real
        fúdiǎnshù, [浮點數], (computing) floating-point number/float/real
        fúdiǎnyùnsuàn, [浮點運算], floating point operation
        qīngdiǎnzhàngmù, [清點帳目], to check the accounts/to take stock
        yuándiǎn, [源點], source
        yuándiǎndìzhǐ, [源點地址], source address
        mǎndiǎn, [滿點], full working hours/full marks/perfect score/(fig.) (after a attribute) couldn't ...
        dīdiǎn, [滴點], melting point (of lubricating oil)
        yǎnchūdìdiǎn, [演出地點], performance place/CL:處|处[chù]
        língxīyīdiǎntōng, [靈犀一點通], mental rapport/likeness of mind/spiritual link
        diǎnjiāo, [點交], to hand over (bought goods etc)
        diǎnliàng, [點亮], to illuminate/to turn on the lights/to light (a blaze)
        diǎnrbèi, [點兒背], (dialect) to be out of luck
        diǎnbīng, [點兵], to muster troops/(fig.) to gather forces
        Diǎnjūn, [點軍], Dianjun district of Yichang city 宜昌市[Yí chāng shì], Hubei
        Diǎnjūnqū, [點軍區], Dianjun district of Yichang city 宜昌市[Yí chāng shì], Hubei
        diǎnchū, [點出], to point out/to indicate
        diǎnjī, [點擊], to hit/to press/to strike (on the keyboard)/to click (a web page button)
广         diǎnjīfùfèiguǎnggào, [點擊付費廣告], pay-per-click advertising
        diǎnjīlǜ, [點擊率], click-through rate (CTR) (Internet)
        diǎndàojízhǐ, [點到即止], to touch on sth and leave it there/to take care not to overdo sth
        diǎnhuà, [點化], magic transformation performed by Daoist immortal/fig. to reveal/to enlighten
        diǎnmǎo, [點卯], morning roll call
        diǎndū, [點厾], to touch up a painting
        diǎnfā, [點發], to fire in bursts/shooting intermittently
        diǎnhào, [點號], punctuation mark
        diǎnmíngxiūrǔ, [點名羞辱], to attack publicly/to stage a denunciation campaign
        diǎndà, [點大], (of a child etc) small as a mite/minuscule
        diǎntóuzhījiāo, [點頭之交], nodding acquaintance
        diǎntóuzāzuǐ, [點頭咂嘴], to approve by nodding one's head and smacking one's lips (idiom)
        diǎntóuzhāohū, [點頭招呼], beckon
        diǎnzibèi, [點子背], (coll.) to have a stroke of bad luck
        diǎnzì, [點字], braille
        diǎnzìjī, [點字機], braille typewriter
        diǎnduìdiǎn, [點對點], pp (peer-to-peer)
        diǎnduìdiǎnjiāmì, [點對點加密], (Tw) end-to-end encryption
        diǎnshōu, [點收], to check sth and accept it
        diǎnbānlíngē, [點斑林鴿], (bird species of China) speckled wood pigeon (Columba hodgsonii)
        diǎnduànshì, [點斷式], designed to be torn off along a line of perforations
        diǎnchá, [點查], to inspect
        diǎnjiǎn, [點檢], to inspect one by one/to list individually
        diǎnshuǐ, [點水], to skim/lightly touching the water (as the dragonfly in the idiom 蜻蜓點水|蜻蜓点水)/ski...
        diǎnshuǐbùlòu, [點水不漏], not one drop of water leaks (idiom); fig. thoughtful and completely rigorous/wat...
        diǎnjīn, [點津], to solve a problem/to answer a question/(Internet) Q&A forum/advice column
        diǎndīshìyàn, [點滴試驗], spot check
        diǎnhuǒkāiguān, [點火開關], ignition switch
        diǎnyānqì, [點煙器], cigarette lighter (in a car)/12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle
        diǎnhàn, [點焊], spot welding
        diǎnhuà, [點畫], strokes of a Chinese character
        diǎnjīng, [點睛], to dot in the eyes/fig. to add finishing touch/abbr. for idiom 畫龍點睛|画龙点睛, to pai...
        diǎnjīngzhībǐ, [點睛之筆], the brush stroke that dots in the eyes (idiom); fig. to add the vital finishing ...
        diǎnpiào, [點票], to count votes
        diǎnjī, [點積], dot product (math.)
穿         diǎnchuān, [點穿], to lay bare in a few words/to expose with a word
        diǎncuàn, [點竄], to reword/to edit a text
        diǎnchìzhūquè, [點翅朱雀], (bird species of China) Sharpe's rosefinch (Carpodacus verreauxii)
        diǎnbèi, [點背], (dialect) to be out of luck
        diǎnxiōngyāquè, [點胸鴉雀], (bird species of China) spot-breasted parrotbill (Paradoxornis guttaticollis)
        diǎnmài, [點脈], to hit a pressure point (martial arts)/dim mak/see also 點穴|点穴[diǎn xué]
        diǎnbǔ, [點補], to have a snack/to have a bite
        diǎnjiàn, [點見], to check an amount
        diǎnshì, [點視], to check (items)/to count and verify
        diǎnshìtīng, [點視廳], hall where convicts are counted and verified
        diǎnchù, [點觸], to tap/to touch (a touchscreen)
        diǎnzàn, [點贊], to like (an online post on Weibo, Facebook etc)
        diǎnxuǎn, [點選], to select/(computing) to click on (one of several options)/to navigate to (a web...
        diǎnjīnchéngtiě, [點金成鐵], to transform gold into base metal (idiom); fig. to edit sb else's beautiful pros...
        diǎnjīnshí, [點金石], philosopher's stone
        diǎnzhōng, [點鐘], (indicating time of day) o'clock
        diǎntiěchéngjīn, [點鐵成金], to touch base matter and turn it to gold (idiom); fig. to turn crude writing int...
        diǎnyuèlǜ, [點閱率], click-through rate (for websites or online advertisements)
        diǎnzhènzìtǐ, [點陣字體], bitmap font (computer)
        diǎnzhènshìdǎyìnjī, [點陣式打印機], dot matrix printer
        diǎnzhèndǎyìnjī, [點陣打印機], dot matrix printer
        diǎnjíhé, [點集合], (math.) point set
        diǎncān, [點餐], (at a restaurant) to order a meal/(of a waiter) to take an order
        diǎnguǐhuǒ, [點鬼火], to stir up trouble in secret/to instigate
        hàndiǎn, [焊點], welding point/(electronics) solder joint
        rónghuàdiǎn, [熔化點], melting point
        tiándiǎn, [甜點], dessert
        yūdiǎn, [瘀點], petechia (medicine)
        báidiǎnzàoméi, [白點噪鶥], (bird species of China) white-speckled laughingthrush (Garrulax bieti)
        yǎndiǎn, [眼點], eyespot (in lower creatures)
        zháohuǒdiǎn, [著火點], ignition point (temperature)/combustion point
        zhuólùdiǎn, [著陸點], landing site
        qiūfēndiǎn, [秋分點], the autumn equinox
        kòngbáidiǎn, [空白點], gap/empty space
        wōdiǎn, [窩點], lair/den (of illegal activities)
        xiàodiǎn, [笑點], funny bits/humorous parts/jokes/punchline
        xiàodiǎndī, [笑點低], amused by even the weakest joke/ready to laugh at the smallest thing
        qiānfādìdiǎn, [簽發地點], place of issue (of document)
        lèisìdiǎn, [類似點], resemblance
        zhōngdiǎndìzhǐ, [終點地址], destination address
线         zhōngdiǎnxiàn, [終點線], finishing line
        jiédiǎn, [結點], joint/node
        gěinǐdiǎnyánsèkànkan, [給你點顏色看看], (I'll) teach you a lesson/put you in your place
        wǎnglùjiédiǎn, [網路節點], network node
        wǎnglùjiédiǎnjièmiàn, [網路節點介面], network node interface
        MěituánDiǎnpíng, [美團點評], Meituan-Dianping, China's largest service-focused e-commerce platform
        jùdiǎn, [聚點], meeting point/accumulation point (math.)
        jiǎobùdiǎndì, [腳不點地], see 腳不沾地|脚不沾地[jiǎo bù zhān dì]
        zìdòngdiǎnchàngjī, [自動點唱機], jukebox/nickelodeon
        huādiǎnzi, [花點子], trickery/scam
        chádiǎnshíjiān, [茶點時間], tea break/tea and dimsun 點心|点心, traditional Hong Kong lunch
        làzhúbùdiǎnbùliàng, [蠟燭不點不亮], some people have to be pushed for them to take action
        zhuāngdiǎnménmiàn, [裝點門面], lit. to decorate the front of one's store (idiom)/fig. to embellish (one's CV, e...
        shìpíndiǎnbō, [視頻點播], video on demand
        chùkòngdiǎn, [觸控點], pointing stick (for notebook computer)
        sàidiǎn, [賽點], match point (tennis etc)
        qǐzhēngdiǎn, [起徵點], tax threshold
线         qǐdiǎnxiàn, [起點線], starting line
        lùshangbǐzhōngdiǎngèngyǒuyìyì, [路上比終點更有意義], The road means more than the destination./It is better to travel hopefully than ...
        guòchéngbǐzhōngdiǎngèngměi, [過程比終點更美], The process is more beautiful than the outcome./It is better to travel hopefully...
        jìndìdiǎn, [近地點], apsis/perigee
        jìnrìdiǎn, [近日點], perihelion, the nearest point of a planet in elliptic orbit to the sun/lower aps...
        fǎndiǎn, [返點], sales bonus/affiliate reward/rebate/commission
        yuǎndìdiǎn, [遠地點], apsis
        yuǎnrìdiǎn, [遠日點], aphelion, the furthest point of a planet in elliptic orbit to the sun/opposite: ...
        xuǎndiǎn, [選點], to choose an appropriate location
        dòudiǎn, [逗點], comma
        zhōngdiǎnfáng, [鍾點房], hourly rate hotel/love hotel
        yíndiǎn, [銀點], the silver point/the melting point of silver 962°C used as a calibration point i...
        xiāoshòushídiǎn, [銷售時點], point of sale
        xiāoshòushídiǎnqíngbàoxìtǒng, [銷售時點情報系統], point of sale system
        luógǔdiǎn, [鑼鼓點], Chinese percussion fixed pattern/percussion rhythm
        jìngxiàngzhàndiǎn, [鏡像站點], mirror (computing)
        zhǎngdiǎnxīnyǎn, [長點心眼], to watch out/to keep one's wits about one
        shǎndiǎn, [閃點], flash point (chemistry)
        fùdiǎn, [附點], dot (music notation)
        jiàngluòdìdiǎn, [降落地點], landing site
        língdiǎndìnglǐ, [零點定理], Hilbert's zeros theorem (math.)/Nullstellensatz
        língdiǎnnéng, [零點能], zero-point energy (quantum mechanical vacuum effect)
        língquēdiǎn, [零缺點], zero defect/faultless/impeccable
        língqǐdiǎn, [零起點], from zero/from scratch/beginners' (course)/for beginners
        léishēngdà,yǔdiǎnxiǎo, [雷聲大,雨點小], loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain (idiom); a lot of talk, but no action/...
        jìngdiǎn, [靜點], a hospital drip
        jìngmàidiǎndī, [靜脈點滴], an intravenous drip
        āndiǎn, [鞍點], saddle point (math.), a critical point of a function of several variables that i...
        cāndiǎn, [餐點], food/dish/meal
        zhùdiǎn, [駐點], stationary point
        huángbáijiāodiǎn, [黃白交點], ecliptic line/intersection of the ecliptic with the moon's orbit plane
        gǔdiǎnzi, [鼓點子], drum beat/rhythm

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