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If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        kōng/kòng, empty/air/sky/in vain, to empty/vacant/unoccupied/space/leisure/free time
        kōngjiān, [空間], space/room/(fig.) scope/leeway/(astronomy) outer space/(physics, math.) space
        kōngqì, [空氣], air/atmosphere
        tàikōng, outer space
        yǒukòng, to have time (to do sth)
        tiānkōng, sky
        kōngzhōng, in the sky/in the air
        hángkōng, aviation
        kōngjūn, [空軍], air force
        shíkōng, [時空], time and place/world of a particular locale and era/(physics) space-time
        kòngbái, blank space
        kōngshǒu, empty-handed/unarmed/(painting, embroidery etc) without following a model/(abbr....
        kōngtiáo, [空調], air conditioning/air conditioner (including units that have a heating mode)/CL:臺...
        kōngxū, [空虛], hollow/emptiness/meaningless
        tàikōngchuán, spaceship
        shàngkōng, overhead/in the sky
        kōngdì/kòngdì, air-to-surface (missile), vacant land/open space
        píngkōng, [憑空], baseless (lie)/without foundation
        kōngjiě, abbr. for 空中小姐/stewardess/air hostess/female flight attendant
        kòngquē, vacancy
        chōukòng, to find the time to do sth
        kòngxián, [空閒], idle/free time/leisure/unused (place)
        kōngxí, [空襲], air raid/attack from the air
        gāokōng, high altitude
        kōngdòng, cavity/empty/vacuous
        shēngkōng, [昇空], to rise to the sky/to lift off/to levitate/liftoff
        kōngwèi, empty place/room (for sb)
        kōngqián, unprecedented
        zhēnkōng, vacuum
        kōngjiānzhàn, [空間站], space station
        hángkōngjú, aviation agency
        kōngkuàng, [空曠], spacious and empty/void
        tàikōngrén, astronaut
        kōngyùn, [空運], air transport
        làokōng/luòkōng/luòkòng, to fail to achieve something/to be fruitless, to fail/to fall through/to come to...
        fángkōng, anti-aircraft defense
        fángkōngdòng, air-raid shelter
        bànkōng, midair
        xīngkōng, starry sky/the heavens
        kōngdàngdàng, [空蕩蕩], absolutely empty (space)/complete vacuum
        kōngkōng, empty/vacuous/nothing/vacant/in vain/all for nothing/air-to-air (missile)
        kōngwúyīrén, [空無一人], not a soul in sight (idiom)
        kōngxiǎng, daydream/fantasy/to fantasize
        lǐngkōng, [領空], territorial air space
        yèkōng, night sky
        tāokōng, to hollow out/to empty out/to use up/(finance) tunneling
        kòngxì, crack/gap between two objects/gap in time between two events
        liǎngshǒukōngkōng, [兩手空空], empty-handed (idiom); fig. not receiving anything
        kōngnàn, [空難], air crash/aviation accident or incident
        chìshǒukōngquán, empty hand, empty fist (idiom); having nothing to rely on/unarmed and defenseles...
        hòukōngfān, [後空翻], backward somersault/backflip
        téngkōng, [騰空], to soar/to rise high into the air
        xǐjiéyīkōng, to steal everything
        kōngxīn/kòngxīn, hollow/empty headed/mindless, on an empty stomach
        tàikōngcāng, [太空艙], space capsule/ejection capsule (cabin)
        kōngtán, [空談], prattle/idle chit-chat
        kōngtóu, air drop/to drop supplies by air
        kòngzi, gap/unoccupied space or time/fig. gap/loophole
        kōnghuà, [空話], empty talk/bunk/malicious gossip
        kòngyú, [空餘], free/vacant/unoccupied
        kōngkōngrúyě, as empty as anything (idiom); completely bereft/to have nothing/vacuous/hollow/e...
        kōngjiàng, to drop from the sky/(fig.) to appear out of nowhere/(attributive) airborne
        sīkōngjiànguàn, [司空見慣], a common occurrence (idiom)
        tàikōngzhàn, space station
        hángkōngmǔjiàn, [航空母艦], aircraft carrier/CL:艘[sōu]/(coll.) (fig.) sth huge/(like) a whale
        yīchángkōng, [一場空], all one's hopes and efforts come to nothing/futile
        kònggé, blank/blank space on a form/space/囗 (indicating missing or illegible character)
        kōngqiánjuéhòu, [空前絕後], unprecedented and never to be duplicated/the first and the last/unmatched/unique
        kōngzhì, to set sth aside/to let sth lie idle/idle/unused
        kōngxiǎngjiā, impractical dreamer
        kōngtóu, [空頭], phony/so-called/armchair (expert)/vain (promise)/(finance) short-seller/bear (ma...
        dīkōng, low altitude
        kōngzhōngxiǎojiě, stewardess/air hostess
        tiānmǎxíngkōng, [天馬行空], like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies (idiom)/(of writing, calligraphy...
        kōngdǎng, [空擋], neutral gear
        kòngdāng, [空當], gap/interval
        kōngkōngdàngdàng, [空空盪盪]/[空空蕩蕩], deserted, absolutely empty (space)/complete vacuum
        zhōngkōng, hollow/empty interior
        kōngfù, an empty stomach
        kuīkōng, [虧空], in debt/in the red/in deficit
        kòngr, [空兒], spare time/free time
        tàikōngfú, spacesuit
        kōngxuéláifēng, [空穴來風], lit. wind from an empty cave (idiom)/fig. unfounded (story)/baseless (claim)
        píngkōngniēzào, [憑空捏造], fabrication relying on nothing (idiom); frame-up
        zuānkòngzi, [鑽空子], lit. to drill a hole/to take advantage of a loophole/to exploit an advantage/to ...
        yīsǎoérkōng, [一掃而空], to sweep clean/to clean out
        língkōng, be high up in the sky
        mùkōngyīqiè, the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant/condescending/su...
        kōngjiàngbīng, paratroopers
        hǎilùkòng, [海陸空], sea land air (transport, or military operations)
        fàngkōng, to relax completely/to empty one's mind/(finance) to sell short/(of a commercial...
        xuánkōng, [懸空], to hang in the air/suspended in midair/(fig.) uncertain
        xūkōng, [虛空], void/hollow/empty
        rénqùlóukōng, [人去樓空], the people are gone and the place is empty (idiom)/the sight of a deserted place...
        dékòng, to have leisure time
        wākōngxīnsi, to dig for thoughts (idiom); to search everything for an answer/to rack one's br...
        chángkōng, [長空], (literary) the vast sky/(finance) eventual downturn/poor prospects in the long t...
        qíngkōngwànlǐ, [晴空萬里], a clear and boundless sky
        kōngzhàn, [空戰], air war/air warfare
        kōngcháng, [空腸], jejunum (empty gut, middle segment of small intestine between duodenum 十二指腸|十二指肠...
        lòukōng, [鏤空], openwork/fretwork
        jiàkōng, to build (a hut etc) on stilts/to install (power lines etc) overhead/(fig.) unfo...
        shèngkuàngkōngqián, [盛況空前], a magnificent and unprecedented event (idiom)
        kōngfáng, air force/air defense
        kōngzhōnglóugé, [空中樓閣], pavilion in the air (idiom); unrealistic Utopian construction/castles in Spain/i...
        tiánkòng, to fill a job vacancy/to fill in a blank (e.g. on questionnaire or exam paper)
        wànrénkōngxiàng, [萬人空巷], the multitudes come out from everywhere, emptying every alleyway (to celebrate)/...
        zhēnkōngguǎn, vacuum tube
        kōnggǎng, airport (abbr. for 航空港[háng kōng gǎng])
        kōngfàn, vague and general/not specific/shallow/empty
        pūkōng, [撲空], lit. to rush at thin air/fig. to miss one's aim/to have nothing to show for one'...
        kōngdòngwúwù, [空洞無物], empty cave, nothing there (idiom); devoid of substance/nothing new to show
        kònggéjiàn, [空格鍵], space bar (keyboard)
        SūnWùkōng, [孫悟空], Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Jou...
        tōukòng, to take some time out/to make use of a spare moment
        QuánRìkōng, All Nippon Airways (ANA)
        DōngfāngHángkōng, [東方航空], China Eastern Airlines
        kòngxiá, idle/free time/leisure
        Kōngkè, Airbus (abbr. for 空中客車|空中客车[Kōng zhōng Kè chē])
        fàngkōngpào, (lit.) to fire blank shots/(fig.) to be all talk and no action/to shoot one's mo...
        hángkōngzhàn, air terminal
        hángkōngxué, [航空學], aviation science
        kōngchéngjì, [空城計], the empty city stratagem (in which Zhuge Liang presents himself as unperturbed w...
        zhēnkōngbèng, vacuum pump
        kòngxué, electron hole (physics)
        kòngé, [空額], vacancy/unfilled work place
        bìkōng, the blue sky
        yīzhǐkōngwén, [一紙空文], a worthless piece of paper (idiom)
        hángkōngqì, aircraft
        hángkōngxìn, airmail letter
        zuòchīshānkōng, lit. just sitting and eating, one can deplete even a mountain of wealth (idiom)/...
        yīkōng, leaving none left/(sold etc) out
        sānwéikōngjiān, [三維空間], three-dimensional space/3D
        shàngshēngkōngjiān, [上升空間], upside/potential to rise
        shàngkōngxǐchē, [上空洗車], topless car wash
        Bùkōngchéngjiùfó, Amoghasiddhi Buddha
        ZhōnghuáHángkōngGōngsī, [中華航空公司], China Airlines (Taiwan)/abbr. to 華航|华航[Huá háng]
        ZhōngguóDōngfāngHángkōng, [中國東方航空], China Eastern Airlines
        ZhōngguóRénmínJiěfàngjūnKōngjūn, [中國人民解放軍空軍], People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)
        ZhōngguóGuójìHángkōngGōngsī, [中國國際航空公司], Air China Ltd.
        ZhōngguóMínyòngHángkōngjú, [中國民用航空局], Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)
        ZhōngguóLiánhéHángkōng, [中國聯合航空], China United Airlines
        ZhōngguóHángkōngGōngyèGōngsī, [中國航空工業公司], Aviation Industries of China (AVIC)
        ZhōngguóHángkōngYùnshūXiéhuì, [中國航空運輸協會], China Air Transport Association (CATA)
        zhōngkōngbōli, double glazing
        zhōnggāodùfángkōng, high-to-medium-altitude air defense (HIMAD)
        mǎikōng, [買空], to buy on margin (finance)
        mǎikōngmàikōng, [買空賣空], to speculate/to play the market/(fig.) to sell hot air/to swindle people by posi...
        rǔbáitiānkōng, whiteout
        réncáiliǎngkōng, [人財兩空], loss of life and property/to lose the beauty and her possessions
仿         fǎngshèzǐkōngjiān, [仿射子空間], affine subspace (math.)
仿         fǎngshèkōngjiān, [仿射空間], affine space (math.)
        zhòngchuàngkōngjiān, [眾創空間], hackerspace
        wèixíngkōngjiān, [位形空間], configuration space (math.)
        dīkōngtiàosǎn, [低空跳傘], BASE Jumping
        dīkōngfēiguò, [低空飛過], to just scrape through with a narrow pass (in an exam)
        cèkōngfān, [側空翻], aerial cartwheel/side somersault
        dàokōng, to empty (a bag)/to turn inside out/to turn out
        jiǎdàkōng, empty words/bogus speech
        záokōng, [鑿空], to open an aperture/(extended meaning) to cut a way through/to open up a road
        qiēkōngjiān, [切空間], space of sections (math.)
        qiánkōngfān, forward somersault/front flip
        pīkōngbānhài, damaged by groundless slander (idiom)
        BěijīngHángkōngXuéyuàn, [北京航空學院], Beijing Aeronautical and Astronautical Institute (abbr. to 北航院)
        BěijīngHángkōngHángtiānDàxué, [北京航空航天大學], Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
        BěiŌuHángkōngGōngsī, [北歐航空公司], Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
        bànkōngzhōng, in midair/in the air
        màikōng, [賣空], to sell short (finance)
        Yìndùhángkōnggōngsī, Air India
        cānliàngkōngjiān, [參量空間], moduli space (math.)/parameter space
        fǎnkōngjiàng, anti-aircraft defense
        chīkòngè, [吃空額], to embezzle by adding to the payroll employees existing in name only
        chīkòngxiǎng, [吃空餉], to embezzle by adding to the payroll employees existing in name only
        HābóTàikōngWàngyuǎnjìng, [哈伯太空望遠鏡], Hubble Space Telescope
        chàngkōngchéngjì, [唱空城計], lit. to sing “The Empty City Stratagem” (idiom)/fig. to put up a bluff to concea...
        sìdàjiēkōng, lit. the four elements are vanity (idiom)/this world is an illusion
        sìwéikōngjiān, [四維空間], four-dimensional space (math.)
        huíkōng, to return empty (i.e. to drive back with no passengers or freight)
        guójiāhángkōnggōngsī, [國家航空公司], flag carrier
        GuótàiHángkōng, [國泰航空], Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong-based airline
        guójìtàikōngzhàn, [國際太空站], International Space Station
        GuójìHángkōngLiánhéhuì, [國際航空聯合會], Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), world body of gliding and aeronaut...
        GuójìHángkōngYùnshūXiéhuì, [國際航空運輸協會], International Air Transport Association (IATA)
        zàizhēnkōngzhōng, in a vacuum
        dìduìkōngdǎodàn, [地對空導彈], ground-to-air missile
        zuòbiāokōngjiān, [座標空間], coordinate space
        wàitàikōng, outer space
        wàicéngkōngjiān, [外層空間], outer space
        dàxíngkōngbàozhàdàn, [大型空爆炸彈], Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), a powerful American bomb
        DàhánHángkōng, [大韓航空], Korean Air, South Korea's main airline
        tiāndīWúChǔ,yǎnkōngwúwù, [天低吳楚,眼空無物], the sky hangs low over the Yangtze, empty as far as the eye can see (idiom); not...
        tàikōngtànsuǒ, space exploration
        tàikōngsuō, space shuttle
        tàikōngbù, moonwalk (dance)
        tàikōngyóu, [太空遊], space tourism
        tàikōngmànbù, space walk
        tàikōngwǔbù, moonwalk (dance)
        tàikōngxíngzǒu, spacewalk
        tàikōngfēichuán, [太空飛船], space shuttle
        miàoshǒukōngkōng, petty thief (lit. quick fingered and vanish)/empty-handed/having nothing
        zǐkōngjiān, [子空間], subspace (math.)
        shǒukōngfáng, to stay home alone (of married woman)
        duìchènkōngjiān, [對稱空間], symmetric space (math.)
        duìkōngshèjī, [對空射擊], anti-aircraft fire/to shoot at enemy planes
        duìkōnghuǒqì, [對空火器], anti-aircraft gun
        xīwàngluòkōng, hopes are dashed
        píngkōng, variant of 憑空|凭空[píng kōng]
        píngxíngshíkōng, [平行時空], parallel universe
        wānqūkōngjiān, [彎曲空間], curved space
        dāngkōng, [當空], overhead/up in the sky
        DéguóHànshāHángkōngGōngsī, [德國漢莎航空公司], Deutsche Lufthansa AG
        WùKōng, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers from the novel J...
        XuánkōngSì, [懸空寺], Xuankong Temple or Suspended Temple near Yanyuan in Shanxi
        pāokōng, [拋空], to short-sell (finance)
        tuòpūkōngjiān, [拓撲空間], topological space (math.)
        bōkòng, [撥空], to make time
        guàkōngdǎng, [掛空擋], see 放空擋|放空挡[fàng kōng dǎng]
        wākōng, to excavate/to hollow
        JiédáHángkōngHuòyùn, [捷達航空貨運], Jett8 Airlines Cargo (based in Singapore)
        páikōng, to fly up to the sky
        fàngkōngdǎng, [放空擋], to coast along in neutral gear (in a car)/(coll.) to go commando
        zhèngquánzhēnkōng, [政權真空], power vacuum/political vacuum
        RìběnHángkōng, Japan Airlines (JAL)
        shíkōnglǚxíng, [時空旅行], time travel
穿         shíkōngchuānsuō, [時空穿梭], time travel
穿         shíkōngchuānyuè, [時空穿越], time travel
        shíkōngjiāonáng, [時空膠囊], time capsule (Tw)
        shíkōngcuòzhì, [時空錯置], having elements from another time or place
        shíkōngcuòzhìgǎn, [時空錯置感], sense of being in another time and place/feeling that one has entered a time war...
        jiàkōngsuǒdào, aerial ropeway/cable car
        hédònglìhángkōngmǔjiàn, [核動力航空母艦], nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
        héngkōng, [橫空], filling the atmosphere/covering the sky
        méikòngr, [沒空兒], having no time
        FǎguóHángkōng, [法國航空], Air France
        FǎguóHángkōngGōngsī, [法國航空公司], Air France
        hǎikōngjūn, [海空軍], navy and air force
        hǎikōngjūnjīdì, [海空軍基地], naval and air military base
        hǎikuòtiānkōng, [海闊天空], wide sea and sky (idiom); boundless open vistas/the whole wide world/chatting ab...
        shēnkōng, deep space (outer space)
        qīngkōng, to clear/to empty
        GǎnglóngHángkōng, [港龍航空], Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (operating as Dragonair), Hong Kong-based internationa...
        Tèzhǒngkōngqíntuán, [特種空勤團], Special Air Service (SAS)
        dúshǒukōngfáng, [獨守空房], (of a married woman) to stay home alone
        diànzǐkōngjiān, [電子空間], cyberspace
        liúkòng, to leave blank space in a document/to leave some time free
        mùkōngsìhǎi, the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around (idiom); arrogant/condescending/su...
        xiàngkōngjiān, [相空間], phase space (math., ordinary differential equations)
        duǎnkōng, poor prospects in the short term (finance)
        kōngzhōngjiāotōngguǎnzhì, air traffic control
        kōngzhōngjiāotōngguǎnzhìyuán, [空中交通管制員], air traffic controller
        kōngzhōngfēnliè, (military) flyover
        KōngzhōngKèchē, [空中客車], Airbus (aerospace company)
        kōngzhōngshàoye, [空中少爺], airline steward
        kōngzhōnggédòu, [空中格鬥], dogfight (of planes)
        kōngzhōngpàojiàn, [空中砲艦], gunship (aircraft)
        kōngzhōnghuāyuán, [空中花園], hanging gardens (Babylon etc)/rooftop garden
        kōngzhōngpiāofú, [空中飄浮], to float in the air
        kōngzhōngfēirén, [空中飛人], trapeze artist/frequent flyer
        kōngchéng, flight attendant/on-board service
        KōngjūnYīhào, [空軍一號], Air Force One, US presidential jet
        kōngjūnsīlìng, [空軍司令], air commodore/top commander of air force
        kōngjūnjīdì, [空軍基地], air base
        kòngkuì, [空匱], scarce/poor
        kōngkǒu, incomplete meal of a single dish/meat or vegetable dish without rice or wine/ric...
        kōngkǒubáihuà, [空口白話], empty promises
        kōngkǒushuōbáihuà, [空口說白話], to make empty promises
        kōnghào, [空號], disconnected phone number/unassigned phone number
        kōngmíng, vacuous reputation/name without substance/in name only/so-called
        kōnghǎn, idle clamor/to prattle
        kòngdìdǎodàn, [空地導彈], air-to-surface missile
        kōngtóushìcháng, [空頭市場], bear market
        kōngsǎo, married stewardess of mature age
        kōngshìqīngyě, empty room, clean field (idiom); clean out everything to leave nothing for the e...
        kōngduìdì, [空對地], air-to-surface (missile)
        kōngduìkōngdǎodàn, [空對空導彈], air-to-air missile
        kōngshào, airline steward (abbr. for 空中少爺|空中少爷[kōng zhōng shào ye])
        kōngcháo, empty nest/a home where the kids have grown up and moved out
        kōnghuàn, vanity/empty fantasy/illusion
        kòngxīnr, [空心兒], erhua variant of 空心[kòng xīn]
        kōngxīnqiáng, [空心牆], cavity wall/hollow wall
        kōngxīndàlǎoguān, fake important personage/sham
        kōngxīnqiú, hollow ball/(basketball) swish shot
        kōngxīnlǎodà, pretentious and vacuous person
        kōngxīncài, see 蕹菜[wèng cài]
        kōngxīnluóbo, [空心蘿蔔], useless person
        kōngxīnmiàn, [空心麵], macaroni
        kōngnù, air rage
        kōngxìng, emptiness
        kōngxiǎngshèhuìzhǔyì, [空想社會主義], utopian socialism
        kōngfángjiān, [空房間], vacant room
        kōngshǒuérguī, [空手而歸], to return empty-handed/to fail to win anything
        kōngshǒudào, karate
        kōngpāi, aerial photography (video or still) (Tw)
        kōngpāijī, [空拍機], drone equipped for aerial photography
        kōngwúsuǒyǒu, [空無所有], having nothing (idiom); utterly destitute/without two sticks to rub together
        kòngrì, day that is named but not numbered (on ethnic calendar)
        kōngfúyuán, [空服員], flight attendant/cabin crew
        kòngdàng, [空檔], gap (between two objects)/interval of time (between events)/opening in one's sch...
        kōngqìjìnghuàqì, [空氣淨化器], air purifier
        kōngqìjìliàng, [空氣劑量], air dose
        kōngqìdònglì, [空氣動力], aerodynamic force
        kōngqìdònglìxué, [空氣動力學], aerodynamics
        kōngqìqǔyàng, [空氣取樣], air sampling
        kōngqìqǔyàngqì, [空氣取樣器], air sampler
        kōngqìwūrǎn, [空氣污染], air pollution
        kōngqìliú, [空氣流], flow of air/draft
        kōngqìliútōng, [空氣流通], fresh air/draft
        kōngqìhuǎnchōngjiān, [空氣緩衝間], air lock
        kōngqìtiáojié, [空氣調節], air conditioning
        kōngqìzǔlì, [空氣阻力], atmospheric drag
        kōngshū, shallow/empty
        kòngbáizhīpiào, blank check
        kòngbáidiǎn, [空白點], gap/empty space
        kōngzheshǒu, [空著手], empty-handed
        kòngxuéláifēngwèibìwúyīn, [空穴來風未必無因], wind does not come from an empty cave without reason/there's no smoke without fi...
        kōngkōngdǎodàn, [空空導彈], air-to-air missile
        kōngkōngdòngdòng, empty/hollow/lacking in substance
        kōngchuāngqī, window period (time between infection and the appearance of detectable antibodie...
        kōngzhú, Chinese yo-yo
        kōngfān, flip/somersault
        kōngqiāng, cavity
        kōngfùgāoxīn, ambitious despite a lack of talent (idiom)
        kōngluòluò, empty/desolate
        kōnghuàliánpiān, [空話連篇], long-winded empty talk
        kōngtiáochē, [空調車], air conditioned vehicle
        kōnggǔzúyīn, the sound of footsteps in a deserted valley (idiom)/sth hard to come by/sth wond...
        kōngpǎoyītàng, to make a journey for nothing
        kōngshēn, empty handed (carrying nothing)/alone
        kōngzài, [空載], (of a ship, train etc) not carrying any load (i.e. no passengers or freight etc)...
        kōngyùnfèi, [空運費], air freight (cost of air transport)
        kōngzhong, [空鐘], diabolo/Chinese yo-yo
        kōngjiānjú, [空間局], space agency
        kōngjiāntàncè, [空間探測], space probe
        kōngqù, [空闃], empty and quiet
        kōngjí, empty set (set theory)
穿         chuānyuèshíkōng, [穿越時空], to travel through time
        zhúlándǎshuǐ,yīchángkōng, [竹籃打水,一場空], using a wicker basket to draw water (idiom); wasted effort
        sìkuìnángkōng, [笥匱囊空], extremely destitute (idiom)
        wǎngluòkōngjiān, [網絡空間], cyberspace
        MěiguóGuójiāHángtiānHángkōngjú, [美國國家航天航空局], National Aeronautics and Space Administration/NASA
        MěiguóGuójiāHángkōngHángtiānjú, [美國國家航空航天局], NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, agency of US government
        MěiguóLiánbāngHángkōngjú, [美國聯邦航空局], Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)
        MěiguóHángkōng, [美國航空], American Airlines
        MěiguóHángkōngGōngsī, [美國航空公司], American Airlines
        fānkōngchūqí, to overturn empty convention, and display originality (idiom); new and different...
        Yùkōng, Yukon (Canadian territory adjacent to Alaska)
        tuōkōng, [脫空], to fail/to come to nothing/to fall through (of plans, hopes)/to lie
        tuōkōnghàn, [脫空漢], liar
        hángkōngyè, [航空業], aviation industry
        hángkōngshìyè, [航空事業], aviation industry
        hángkōnggōngsī, airline/CL:家[jiā]
        hángkōngshù, [航空術], aeronautics
        hángkōngmǔjiànzhàndòuqún, [航空母艦戰鬥群], carrier-based vanguard group (CBVG)/naval battle group led by an aircraft carrie...
        hángkōnggǎng, airfield/aerodrome
线         hángkōngxiàn, [航空線], aviation line
        hángkōngzìwèiduì, [航空自衛隊], air self-defense force
        hángkōnghángtiānjú, air and space agency
        hángkōngyùndān, [航空運單], Air Waybill (AWB)
        hángkōngyóujiàn, [航空郵件], airmail
        hángkōngyóujiǎn, [航空郵簡], aerogram
        HélánHuángjiāHángkōng, [荷蘭皇家航空], KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
        zhēngfākōngtiáo, [蒸發空調], evaporative air conditioner/evaporative cooler
        XūkōngzàngPúsà, [虛空藏菩薩], Akasagarbha Bodhisattva
西         XīběiHángkōngGōngsī, Northwest Airlines
        shìkōngjiānxìtǒng, [視空間系統], visuo-spatial sketchpad
        yǔyìkōngjiān, [語義空間], semantic space
        chāowéikōngjiān, [超維空間], hyperspace/superspace/higher dimensional space
        guǐdàokōngjiānzhàn, [軌道空間站], orbiting space station
        zàirénguǐdàokōngjiānzhàn, [載人軌道空間站], manned orbiting space station
        DáměiHángkōng, [達美航空], Delta Air Lines, Inc., airline headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia
        sòngshàngtàikōng, to launch into space
        dùnrùkōngmén, [遁入空門], to take refuge in religious life
        Nàkōngshāwàng, Paknampho city, Thailand
        ChángróngHángkōng, [長榮航空], EVA Air, Taiwanese international airline
        chuǎngkōngmén, [闖空門], to break into a house when nobody is home
        xiánkòng, [閒空], idle/free time/leisure
        Ākōngjiāguā, Cerro Aconcagua, mountain in the Americas
        ĀkōngjiāguāShān, Mount Aconcagua, Argentina, the highest point in the Western Hemisphere
        ĀliánqiúHángkōng, [阿聯酋航空], Emirates (airline)
        lùhǎikōngsānjūn, [陸海空三軍], army, navy, air force
        lùhǎikōngjūn, [陸海空軍], army, navy and air force
        fēikōng, nonempty (set)
        HányàHángkōng, [韓亞航空], Asiana Airlines, South Korean airline
        gāokōngzuòyè, [高空作業], to work high above the ground
        GāokōngJùlèbù, [高空俱樂部], Mile High Club
        gāokōngtántiào, [高空彈跳], bungee jumping (Tw)
        gāokōngbìng, high altitude sickness
        gāowéikōngjiān, [高維空間], (math.) higher dimensional space
        yīngjīchángkōng, [鷹擊長空], the eagle soars in the sky (citation from Mao Zedong)
        Límànkōngjiān, [黎曼空間], Riemannian space (physics)

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