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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        bùluò, tribe
        là/lào/luò, to leave out/to be missing/to leave behind or forget to bring/to lag or fall beh...
        jiàngluò, to descend/to land
        jiǎoluò, nook/corner
        duòluò, [墮落], to degrade/to degenerate/to become depraved/corrupt/a fall from grace
        xiàluò, whereabouts/to drop/to fall
        luòhòu, [落後], to fall behind/to lag (in technology etc)/backward/to retrogress
        rìluò, sundown/sunset
        shīluò, to lose (sth)/to drop (sth)/to feel a sense of loss/frustrated/disappointment/lo...
        zhuìluò, [墜落], to fall/to drop
        luòrù, to fall into
        jiàngluòsǎn, [降落傘], parachute
        dīluò, downcast/gloomy/to decline
        luòdì, to fall to the ground/to be set on the ground/to reach to the ground/to be born/...
        jīluò, [擊落], to shoot down (a plane)
        shuǐluòshíchū, as the water recedes, the rocks appear (idiom)/the truth comes to light
        tuōluò, [脫落], to drop off/to come off/to lose (hair etc)/to omit (a character when writing)
        lúnluò, [淪落], to degenerate/impoverished/to fall (into poverty)/to be reduced (to begging)
        luòwǔ, to fall behind the ranks/to be outdated
        gānjìnglìluo, [乾淨利落], squeaky clean/neat and tidy/efficient
        xiàluòbùmíng, unaccounted/unknown whereabouts
        làokōng/luòkōng/luòkòng, to fail to achieve something/to be fruitless, to fail/to fall through/to come to...
        cūnluò, village
        diàoluò, to fall down
        luòjiǎo, [落腳], to stay for a time/to stop over/to lodge/to sink down (into soft ground)/leftove...
        gàoyīduànluò, to come to the end of a phase (idiom)
        xīluò, to taunt/to ridicule/to jeer at/to treat coldly/to abandon
        luòshuǐ, to fall into water/to sink/overboard/fig. to degenerate/to sink (into depravity)...
        luòlèi, [落淚], to shed tears/to weep
        liúluò, to wander about destitute/to be stranded
        luòmù, the curtain drops/the end of the show
        lìluo, agile/nimble/all settled/in order
        sànluò, to disperse/to fall scattered/to sprinkle
        luòyè, [落葉], dead leaves/to lose leaves (of plants)/deciduous
        luòxuǎn, [落選], to fail to be chosen (or elected)/to lose an election
        diēluò, to fall/to drop
        lěngluò, desolate/unfrequented/to treat sb coldly/to snub/to cold shoulder
        luòwǎng, [落網], (of a bird, fish etc) to be caught in a net/(of a tennis ball) to hit the net/(o...
        xiànluò, to surrender (of a fortress)/to fall (to the enemy)/subsidence (of land)
        luòxià, to fall/to drop/to land (of projectile)
        mòluò, [沒落], to decline/to wane
        shuāiluò, to fall/to drop/to decline/to deteriorate/to go downhill
        luòrì, setting sun
        zuòluò, to be situated/to be located (of a building)
        luòjǐngxiàshí, to throw stones at sb who fell down a well (idiom); to hit a person who is down
        Chénāiluòdìng/chénāiluòdìng, [塵埃落定], "Red Poppies", novel by 阿來|阿来[Ā lái], lit. the dust has settled (idiom)/fig. to ...
        zhuóluò, [著落], whereabouts/place to settle/reliable source (of funds etc)/(of responsibility fo...
        fāluò, [發落], to deal with (an offender)
        yīluòqiānzhàng, lit. to drop a thousand zhang in one fall (idiom)/fig. (of business, popularity ...
        qǐluò, to rise and fall/takeoff and landing/ups and downs
        duànluò, phase/time interval/paragraph/(written) passage
        luòchéng, to complete a construction project
        qǐluòjià, undercarriage
        shǔluo, [數落], to enumerate sb's shortcomings/to criticize/to scold/to talk on and on
        yǔnluò, [隕落], to fall down/to decay/to fall from the sky/to die
        luòtāngjī, [落湯雞], a person who looks drenched and bedraggled/like a drowned rat/deep distress
        huáluò, to slide/to roll
        luòbài, [落敗], to suffer a defeat/to fail/to fall behind
        luònàn, [落難], to meet with misfortune/to fall into dire straits
        piāoluò, [飄落], to float down/to fall gently (snowflakes, leaves etc)
        bōluò, [剝落], to peel off
        luòshí, [落實], practical/workable/to implement/to carry out/to decide
        guāngmínglěiluò, open and candid (idiom); straightforward and upright
        luòmǎ, [落馬], (lit.) to fall from a horse/(fig.) to suffer a setback/to come a cropper/to be s...
        qúnluò, community/(science) biocoenosis/ecological community
        gāncuìlìluo, [乾脆利落], (of speech or actions) direct and efficient/without fooling around
        chūluò, to grow (prettier etc)/to mature into/to blossom
        luòhuāngértáo, to flee in defeat/to bolt
        dàqǐdàluò, (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate (idiom)/volatile/significant ups and...
        luòkuǎn, inscription with name, date, or short sentence, on a painting, gift, letter etc
        bàiluò, [敗落], (of status or wealth) to decline/(of buildings etc) to become dilapidated/run-do...
        luòchā, drop in elevation/(fig.) gap (in wages, expectations etc)/disparity
        luòzuò, to sit down/to take a seat
        luòbǎng, to fail the imperial exams/to flunk
        luòcháo, (of a tide) to ebb or go out
        luòmò, lonely/desolate
        yíluò, [遺落], to leave behind (inadvertently)/to forget/to omit/to leave out
        qīlíngbāluò, (idiom) everything broken and in disorder
        zuòluò, to be situated/located at (of building)/also written 坐落[zuò luò]
        luòdìdēng, [落地燈], floor lamp
        luòdìchuāng, French window/CL:扇[shàn]
        guāshúdìluò, when the melon is ripe, it falls (idiom); problems sort themselves out in the fu...
        língluò, withered and fallen/scattered/sporadic
        diāoluò, to wither (and drop off)/to wilt/to pass away
        luòhù, [落戶], to settle/to set up home
        làozhěn, to have a stiff neck after sleeping/(of the head) to touch the pillow
        dǒuluò, to shake out
        ānjiāluòhù, [安家落戶], to make one's home in a place/to settle
        luòluòdàfāng, (of one's conduct, speech etc) natural and unrestrained
        luòbǐ, [落筆], to put pen to paper/pen mark
        huíluò, to fall back/to return to low level after a rise (in water level, price etc)
        yuànluò, court/courtyard
        cuòluòyǒuzhì, [錯落有致], in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect
        chényúluòyàn, [沉魚落雁], lit. fish sink, goose alights (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); fig. female beauty c...
        cuòluò, [錯落], strewn at random/disorderly/untidy/irregular/uneven
        zhǎngluò, [漲落], (of water, prices etc) to rise and fall
        luòhuāshēng, peanut
        yèluòguīgēn, [葉落歸根], a falling leaf returns to the roots (idiom); everything has its ancestral home/I...
        míngluòSūnShān, [名落孫山], lit. to fall behind Sun Shan 孫山|孙山[Sūn Shān] (who came last in the imperial exam...
        luòyèsōng, [落葉松], larch tree (Pinus larix)/deciduous pine tree
        jūnluò, bacterial colony/microbial colony
        lěiluò, big and stout/big-hearted/open and honest/continuous/repeated
        shūluò, sparse/scattered
        yīzìbùlà, see 一字不漏[yī zì bù lòu]
        qīshàngbāluò, see 七上八下[qī shàng bā xià]
        bùluòsútào, to conform to no conventional pattern/unconventional/offbeat
        bùluòhénjì, [不落痕跡], to leave no trace/seamless/professional
        bùluòkējiù, not follow the beaten track/have an original style
        bùjiànguāncaibùluòlèi, [不見棺材不落淚], lit. not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin (idiom)/fig. refuse to be conv...
        diūsānlàsì, [丟三落四], forgetful/empty-headed
        diūhúnluòpò, [丟魂落魄], see 失魂落魄[shī hún luò pò]
        sànghúnluòpò, [喪魂落魄], scared out of one's wits (idiom); in a panic
        zhòngjiànluòmǎ, [中箭落馬], lit. to be struck by an arrow and fall from one's horse/to suffer a serious setb...
        lìluo, variant of 利落[lì luo]
        cēncīcuòluò, [參差錯落], uneven and jumbled (idiom); irregular and disorderly/in a tangled mess
        shèngjīngduànluò, [聖經段落], Bible passage
        zuòjiàngluòsǎn, [坐降落傘], to do a parachute jump
        chuízhíhéduǎnjùqǐluòfēijī, [垂直和短距起落飛機], vertical or short takeoff and landing aircraft
        chuízhíqǐluòfēijī, [垂直起落飛機], vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
        tiānyàoluòyǔ,niángyàojiàrén, the rain will fall, the womenfolk will marry (idiom)/fig. the natural order of t...
        tàiyángyǒngbùluò, [太陽永不落], (on which) the sun never sets
        shīhúnluòpò, dazed/beside oneself (idiom)
        jiādàozhōngluò, to come down in the world (idiom)/to suffer a reversal of fortune
        liáoluò, sparse/few and far between
        túnluò, village
        bēngluò, talus slide/to crumble (of scree slope)/to collapse/landslide
        xīwàngluòkōng, hopes are dashed
        gānjìnglìluò, [乾淨俐落], clean and efficient/neat and tidy
        ānmóluòjiāguǒ, see 餘甘子|余甘子[yú gān zǐ]
        Fúluòyīdé, Freud (name)
        pūluò, [撲落], to fall/to drop/socket (loanword for "plug")
        dǎluòshuǐgǒu, lit. to beat a drowning dog (idiom)/fig. to pulverize an (already defeated) enem...
        jǐluò, [擠落], (coll.) to push aside
        fàngshèxìngluòxiàhuī, radioactive fallout
西         rìluòxīshān, the sun sets over western hills (idiom); the day approaches its end/fig. time of...
        rìluòfēngshēng, [日落風生], a gentle breeze comes with sunset (idiom)
        shùgāoqiānzhàng,yèluòguīgēn, [樹高千丈,葉落歸根], fig. a tree may grow a thousand zhang high, but its leaves return to their roots...
        shùgāoqiānzhàng,luòyèguīgēn, [樹高千丈,落葉歸根], see 樹高千丈,葉落歸根|树高千丈,叶落归根[shù gāo qiān zhàng , yè luò guī gēn]
        cǐqǐbǐluò, to rise and fall in succession (idiom)/repeating continuously
        yǔnluò, [殞落], see 隕落|陨落[yǔn luò]
        shuǐluòguīcáo, [水落歸槽], spilt water returns to the trough (idiom); fig. people remember where they belon...
        chényúluòyàn, [沈魚落雁], variant of 沉魚落雁|沉鱼落雁[chén yú luò yàn]
        chénluò, to sink/to fall
        liúluòtāxiāng, [流落他鄉], to wander far from home
        gǔnluò, [滾落], to tumble
        ZhíluòBùlányǎ, [直落布蘭雅], Telok Blangah, a place in Singapore (GM)
        duǎnjùqǐluòfēijī, [短距起落飛機], short takeoff and landing aircraft
        lěiluòdàfāng, to be generous in the extreme (idiom)
        qiūfēngsǎoluòyè, [秋風掃落葉], lit. as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves (idiom); to drive out the ...
        kōngluòluò, empty/desolate
        jīngjìluòhòu, [經濟落後], economically backward
        jùluò, settlement/dwelling place/town/village
        zìgānduòluò, [自甘墮落], to abandon oneself (idiom)/to let oneself go
        zìyóuluòtǐ, [自由落體], free-fall
        zìyóujiàngluò, free fall
        liánhuālào, [蓮花落], genre of folk song with accompaniment of bamboo clappers
        luòyúxiàfēng, [落於下風], to be at a disadvantage
        làojià, [落價], (coll.) to fall or drop in price/to go down in price
        luòsú, to show poor taste
        luòrùfǎwǎng, [落入法網], to fall into the net of justice (idiom); finally arrested
        luòdān, [落單], to be on one's own/to be left alone/to be left out
        luòyèqiáomù, [落葉喬木], deciduous tree
        luòyèjì, [落葉劑], defoliant
        luòyècéng, [落葉層], leaf litter
        Luòyèguīgēn/luòyèguīgēn, [落葉歸根], Getting Home, 2007 PRC comedy-drama film directed by 張揚|张扬[Zhāng Yáng], starring...
        luòyèzhíwù, [落葉植物], deciduous plant/deciduous vegetation
        luòdìshēnggēn, air plant (Bryophyllum pinnatum)/to put down roots
        luòdìqiān, [落地籤], landing visa/visa on arrival
        luòdìgǔ, floor tom (drum kit component)
        luòzuò, to sit down
        làományuàn, to get blamed
        LuòjīShān, Rocky Mountains in West US and Canada
        làozi, see 蓮花落|莲花落[lián huā lào]
        luòchén, [落塵], dust fall/fallout (volcanic, nuclear etc)/particulate matter
        luòde, ending up as/leading to/resulting in/in total
        luòtuō, down and out/in dire straits/unrestrained/unconventional
        luòtuò, down and out/in dire straits/unrestrained/unconventional
        làozhàn/luòzhàn, [落棧], see 落棧|落栈[luò zhàn], to make a rest stop at a hotel/to put sth into storage
        luòshuǐgǒushàngàn, like a dog who fell in the river and climbs out—shaking all over
        luòshuǐguǎn, drainpipe/water spout
        làohàn, to stop sweating/(mahjong and card games) to mark the tiles or cards with one's ...
        luòbó, down and out/in dire straits/unrestrained/unconventional
        luòqī, see 掉漆[diào qī]
        luòmò, variant of 落寞[luò mò]
        làokàng, to be laid up in bed with illness
        luòshí, falling stone
        luòdì, to fail an exam
        luòsāihúzi, [落腮鬍子], variant of 絡腮鬍子|络腮胡子[luò sāi hú zi]
        làoshǎi, to fade/to discolor/also pr. [luò sè]
        luòhuāyǒuyì,liúshuǐwúqíng, [落花有意,流水無情], lit. the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples ...
        luòhuāliúshuǐ, to be in a sorry state/to be utterly defeated
        luòmò, variant of 落寞[luò mò]
        luòluòguǎjiāo, aloof and as a result friendless (idiom)
        luòluòguǎhé, aloof/standoffish/unsociable
        luòluòguǎhuān, [落落寡歡], melancholy/unhappy
        luòluònánhé, [落落難合], a loner/someone who does not easily get along with others
        luòzàng, to bury the dead
        luòjiè, to stay/to reside (old)
        luòpǎo, to run away/to escape
        Luòmǎzhōu, [落馬洲], Lok Ma Chau (place in Hong Kong)
        luòpò, down and out/in dire straits/unrestrained/unconventional/also pr. [luò tuò]
        guānluòyīn, [觀落陰], a ritual whereby the living soul is brought to the nether world for a spiritual ...
        qǐluòchǎng, [起落場], airfield/takeoff and landing strip
        qǐluòzhuāngzhì, [起落裝置], aircraft takeoff and landing gear
退         tuìluò, to subside
        bìkēngluòjǐng, to dodge a pit only to fall into a well (idiom)/out of the frying pan into the f...
        bùluòkè, blogger (Tw)
        bùluògé, blog (loanword) (Tw)
        cuòluòbùqí, [錯落不齊], disorderly and uneven (idiom); irregular and disorderly
        méntínglěngluò,ménkānluóquè, [門庭冷落,門堪羅雀], The courtyard is deserted, you can net sparrows at the door (idiom); completely ...
        jiàngluòdìdiǎn, [降落地點], landing site
        jiàngluòpǎodào, runway (at airport)
        xiànluòdài, [陷落帶], area of subsidence
        diāoluò, variant of 凋落[diāo luò]
        bóluò, [駁落], to peel off/mottled/to fail an exam/to be demoted
        Hēiluòdé, Herod (biblical King)

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