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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        háng/xíng, row/line/commercial firm/line of business/profession/to rank (first, second etc)...
        jìnxíng, [進行], to advance/to conduct/underway/in progress/to do/to carry out/to carry on/to exe...
        xíngdòng, [行動], operation/action/CL:個|个[gè]/to move about/mobile
        bùxíng, won't do/be out of the question/be no good/not work/not be capable
        xíngwéi, [行為], action/conduct/behavior/activity
        yínháng, [銀行], bank/CL:家[jiā],個|个[gè]
        lǚxíng, to travel/journey/trip/CL:趟[tàng],次[cì],個|个[gè]
        zhíxíng, [執行], to implement/to carry out/to execute/to run
        jǔxíng, [舉行], to hold (a meeting, ceremony etc)
        fēixíng, [飛行], (of planes etc) to fly/flying/flight/aviation
        xíngli, luggage/CL:件[jiàn]
        liúxíng, (of a contagious disease etc) to spread/to propagate/(of a style of clothing, so...
        zìxíngchē, [自行車], bicycle/bike/CL:輛|辆[liàng]
        xíngshì, to execute/to handle/behavior/action/conduct
        fēixíngyuán, [飛行員], pilot/aviator
        zuìxíng, crime/offense
        yóuxíng, [遊行], march/parade/demonstration
        hángyè, [行業], industry/business
        xíngxīng, planet/CL:顆|颗[kē]
        yùnxíng, [運行], to move along one's course (of celestial bodies etc)/(fig.) to function/to be in...
        xíngzōng, [行蹤], whereabouts/(lose) track (of)
        xíngbutōng, won't work/will get (you) nowhere
        xíngchéng, journey/course of a journey/distance traveled/trajectory/itinerary/route/course ...
        fāxíng, [發行], to publish/to issue (stocks, currency etc)/to release/to distribute (a film)
        tōngxíngzhèng, [通行證], a pass (authority to enter)/a laissez-passer or safe conduct
        bùxíng, to go on foot/to walk
        lǚxíng, to fulfill (one's obligations)/to carry out (a task)/to implement (an agreement)...
        xíngzhèng, administrative/executive (attributive)
        qiángxíng, [強行], to do sth by force
        hángxíng, to sail/to fly/to navigate
        xìngxíngwéi, [性行為], sexual behavior
        xíngshǐ, [行駛], to travel along a route (of vehicles etc)
        kěxíng, feasible
        xíngzǒu, to walk
        shíxíng, [實行], to implement/to carry out/to put into practice
        tóngháng/tóngxíng, person of the same profession/of the same trade, occupation or industry, to jour...
        rénxíngdào, sidewalk
        hángtóu/xíngtou, [行頭], team leader (archaic)/shopkeeper (archaic), a person's clothing/outfit/actor's c...
        lǚxíngzhě, traveler
        píngxíng, parallel/of equal rank/simultaneous
        qiánxíng, (literary) to go forward
        xíngzhě, pedestrian/walker/itinerant monk
        xíngjìn, [行進], to advance/forward motion
        lìxíng, routine (task, procedure etc)/as usual
        zìxíng, voluntary/autonomous/by oneself/self-
        xíngdetōng, practicable/realizable/will work
        hángliè, ranks/procession
使         xíngshǐ, to exercise (a right etc)
        xínglixiāng, suitcase/baggage compartment/overhead bin/(car) trunk/boot
        hángjiā, connoisseur/expert/veteran
        xíngxiōng, [行兇], violent crime/to commit a violent act (assault or murder)
        tōngxíng, to go through/to pass through/to be in general use
贿         xínghuì, [行賄], to bribe/to give bribes
        xíngxíng, to carry out a (death) sentence/execution
        yínhángjiā, [銀行家], banker
        yánxíng, words and actions/what one says and what one does
        xíngyī, [行醫], to practice medicine (esp. in private practice)
        xíngjìng, [行徑], path/conduct/behavior
        lìxínggōngshì, routine business/usual practice/mere formality
        chūxíng, to go out somewhere (relatively short trip)/to set off on a journey (longer trip...
        páihángbǎng, the charts (of best-sellers)/table of ranking
        hángdang, [行當], profession/role (acting)
        wàiháng, layman/amateur
        déxíng/déxing, morality and conduct/Taiwan pr. [dé xìng], variant of 德性[dé xing]
        bàoxíng, savage act/outrage/atrocity
        xínghǎo, to be charitable/to do a good deed
        xíngjūn, [行軍], a march (army)/to march
        zàiháng, to be adept at sth/to be an expert in a trade or profession
        xíngrén, pedestrian/traveler on foot/passer-by/official responsible for arranging audienc...
        huáxíng, to slide/to coast/to glide/(of an aircraft) to taxi
        lǚxíngshè, travel agency
        páxíng, to crawl/to creep
        xiānxíng, to precede others/in advance
        xiūxíng, to devote oneself to spiritual development (esp. Buddhism or Daoism)/to devote o...
        héngxíng, [橫行], to go on the rampage/to riot/to run amuck
        xínglǐ, [行禮], to salute/to make one's salutations
        xiànxíng, [現行], to be in effect/in force/current
        yuǎnxíng, [遠行], a long journey/far from home
        shīxíng, to put in place/to put into practice/to take effect
        fēnháng, branch of bank or store/subsidiary bank
穿         chuānxíng, to go through/to bore through/to push one's way through
        pǐnxíng, behavior/moral conduct
        shèngxíng, to be in vogue/to be prevalent
        xíngshàn, to do good works/to be merciful
        hángqíng, market price/quotation of market price/the current market situation
        xíngchē, [行車], to drive a vehicle/movement of vehicles
        xiǎoxíngxīng, asteroid/minor planet
        běnháng, one's line/one's own profession
        yīyìgūxíng, obstinately clinging to one's course (idiom)/willful/one's own way/dogmatic
        sānsīérhòuxíng, [三思而後行], think again and again before acting (idiom); consider carefully in advance
        xíngpiàn, [行騙], to cheat/to deceive
        wǒxíngwǒsù, to continue in one's own way (idiom)
        sòngxíng, to see someone off/to throw someone a send-off party
        hánghuà, [行話], jargon/language of the trade
        tèlìdúxíng, [特立獨行], to be unconventional/independence of action
        suíxíng, [隨行], to accompany
        èxíng, [惡行], evil or wicked conduct
        nèiháng, [內行], expert/adept/experienced/an expert/a professional
        gǎiháng, to change profession
        tuīxíng, to put into effect/to carry out
        xíngzhuāng, [行裝], clothes and other items packed for traveling/baggage/luggage
        yīxíng, party/delegation
        dúxíngxiá, [獨行俠], loner/single person/bachelor
        kěxíngxìng, feasibility
        jìnxíngqǔ, [進行曲], march (musical)
        shéxíng, to creep/to zigzag/to meander/to weave
        dānxíngdào, [單行道], one-way street
        lìngxíng, (to do sth) separately/as a separate action
        páiháng, to rank/ranking/seniority (among siblings)
        liúxíngbìng, epidemic disease
        fàngxíng, to let pass
        dǒngháng, to know the ropes
        ràoxíng, [繞行], detour/long way around
        zhuǎnháng, [轉行], to change profession
        xínglidài, travel bag
        chēháng/chēxíng, [車行], car-related business/car dealership/taxi company/(commercial) garage, traffic/to...
        shàngxíng, (of trains) up (i.e. towards the capital)/(of river boats) to go against the cur...
        nìxíng, to go the wrong way/to go against one-way traffic regulation
        páxíngdòngwù, [爬行動物], reptile
        fèngxíng, to pursue (a course, a policy)
        shísìhángshī, [十四行詩], sonnet
        xíngcì, to assassinate/to commit a murder
        liúxíngyǔ, [流行語], popular jargon/catchword
        xíngzhīyǒuxiào, to be effective (idiom)
        xiàxíng, (of trains) down (i.e. away from the capital)/(of river boats) to travel downstr...
        xíngzhèngbùmén, [行政部門], administrative department/administration/executive (government branch)
        xíngnáng, traveling bag/luggage
        tiānmǎxíngkōng, [天馬行空], like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies (idiom)/(of writing, calligraphy...
        chéngxíng, to embark on a journey
        xíngjì, [行跡], tracks/traces/movements
        liúxíngxìng, (of a disease) epidemic/qualities that make sth popular or fashionable
        huòbùdānxíng, [禍不單行], misfortune does not come singly (idiom)/it never rains but it pours
        yínhángyè, [銀行業], banking
        bìngxíng, [並行], to proceed in parallel/side by side (of two processes, developments, thoughts et...
        fāxíngrén, [發行人], publisher/issuer
        xíngxiāo, [行銷], to sell/marketing
        zhīháng, subbranch of a bank
        gèhánggèyè, [各行各業], every trade/all professions/all walks of life
        hángzhǎng, [行長], bank president
        rénxínghéngdào, [人行橫道], pedestrian crossing
        lǚxíngdài, travel bag
        shìzàibìxíng, [勢在必行], circumstances require action (idiom); absolutely necessary/imperative
        bùxíngjiē, car-free zone/pedestrian street
        xíngyúnliúshuǐ, [行雲流水], lit. moving clouds and flowing water (idiom)/fig. very natural and flowing style...
        fǎnqídàoérxíngzhī, to do the very opposite/to act in a diametrically opposite way
        bùxūcǐxíng, [不虛此行], the trip has not been made in vain/the trip has been well worthwhile/it's been a...
        cùnbùnánxíng, [寸步難行], unable to move a single step (idiom)/to be in an (extremely) difficult situation
        xíngzhèngqū, [行政區], administrative district
        zìlǐhángjiān, [字裡行間], between the words and the lines (idiom); implied meaning/connotations
        fēngxíng, [風行], to become fashionable/to catch on/to be popular
        zūnxíng, to follow/to obey/compliance
        ShìjièYínháng, [世界銀行], World Bank
        lǚxíngtuán, [旅行團], tour group
        dúduànzhuānxíng, [獨斷專行], to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action/a law unto oneself
        Shuǐxíngxiá, [水行俠], Aquaman, DC comic book superhero (Tw)
        dàxíngqídào, rampant/very popular
        yīshízhùxíng, clothing, food, housing and transport (idiom); people's basic needs
        yīyányīxíng, every word and action (idiom)
        xíngsècōngcōng, hurried/in a haste
        shēntǐlìxíng, [身體力行], to practice what one preaches (idiom)
        shāngháng, trading company
        zìxíngqíshì, to act as one thinks fit/to have one's own way
        mànxíng, to walk slowly
        xíngjiāng, [行將], ready to start on sth/about to act
        xíngqǐ, to beg/to ask for alms
        xínggōng, [行宮], temporary imperial residence
        yìnxíng, to print and distribute/to publish
线         píngxíngxiàn, [平行線], parallel lines
        xínglijià, luggage rack
        xíngjīng, [行經], to pass by/menstruation
        línxíng, [臨行], on leaving/on the point of departure
        xiànxíngfàn, [現行犯], criminal caught red-handed
        xíngjūnchuáng, [行軍床], camp bed/bivouac
        cíxíng, [辭行], to say goodbye/leave-taking/farewells
        kǔxíng, ascetic practice
        héngxíngbàdào, [橫行霸道], to oppress/to rule as a despot/to tyrannize
        hángshāng, traveling salesman/itinerant trader/hawker/peddler
        qièshíkěxíng, [切實可行], feasible
        hángjiālǐshǒu, [行家裡手], connoisseur/expert
        jiànxíng, [餞行], to give a farewell dinner
        shìxíng, [試行], to try out/to test
        liànglìérxíng, to assess one's capabilities and act accordingly (idiom); to act within one's co...
        léilìfēngxíng, [雷厲風行], pass like thunder and move like the wind (idiom); swift and decisive reaction
        jíxíngjūn, [急行軍], rapid advance/forced march
        shòuxíng, [獸行], brutal act/bestiality
        xínglù, to travel/transport
        xiānxíngzhě, forerunner
        wǔxíng, five phases of Chinese philosophy: wood 木, fire 火, earth 土, metal 金, water 水
        gèxíngqíshì, each one does what he thinks is right (idiom)/each goes his own way
        huáxíngdào, taxiway (at airport)
        yīmùshíháng, ten lines at a glance (idiom)/to read very rapidly
        dàoxíngnìshī, to go against the tide (idiom); to do things all wrong/to try to turn back histo...
        xíngzhèngqūyù, [行政區域], administrative area
        Yāngháng/yāngháng, abbr. for various central banks, notably 中國人民銀行|中国人民银行[Zhōng guó Rén mín Yín hán...
        dānxíng, [單行], to come individually/to treat separately/separate edition/one-way traffic
        zànxíng, [暫行], provisional
        xìngxíng, sexual activity
        Zhōngháng, abbr. for 中國銀行|中国银行[Zhōng guó Yín háng]
        xíngjiǔlìng, to play a drinking game
        xíngchuán, to sail a boat/to navigate
        dānxíngběn, [單行本], single volume edition/offprint
        yánxíngyīzhì, (idiom) one's actions are in keeping with what one says
线         dānxíngxiàn, [單行線], one-way road
        bìngxíngbùbèi, [並行不悖], to run in parallel without hindrance/not mutually exclusive/two processes can be...
        dàixíng, to act as a substitute/to act on sb's behalf
        xíngwén, writing style (formal)/to send an official written communication
        lìngxíngjìnzhǐ, lit. if he orders you go, he forbids you stop (idiom); fig. to demand exact comp...
        sānrénxíng, (slang) threesome
        sānrénxíng,zébìyǒuwǒshī, [三人行,則必有我師], If three walk together, one of them can teach me sth (Confucius)
        sānrénxíng,bìyǒuwǒshī, [三人行,必有我師], lit. if three walk together, one can be my teacher (idiom, from the Analects of ...
        sānjùhuàbùlíběnháng, [三句話不離本行], to talk shop all the time (idiom)
        sānsīérxíng, think three times then go (idiom); don't act before you've thought it through ca...
        sānbǎiliùshíháng, all walks of life (idiom)/every trade
        ShànghǎiPǔdōngFāzhǎnYínháng, [上海浦東發展銀行], Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
        shàngxíngxiàxiào, [上行下傚], subordinates follow the example of their superiors (idiom)
        bùmíngfēixíngwù, [不明飛行物], unidentified flying object (UFO)
        bùzhuólùfēixíng, [不著陸飛行], nonstop flight
        bùxíngle, (coll.) on the point of death/dying
        chǒuxíng, [醜行], scandal
        Shìháng, World Bank/abbr. for 世界銀行|世界银行[Shì jiè Yín háng]
        DōngyàYínháng, [東亞銀行], Bank of East Asia
        ZhōngxìnYínháng, [中信銀行], China CITIC Bank
        ZhōngguóRénmínYínháng, [中國人民銀行], People's Bank of China
        ZhōngguóGuāngdàYínháng, [中國光大銀行], China Everbright Bank
        ZhōngguóNóngyèYínháng, [中國農業銀行], Agricultural Bank of China
        ZhōngguóGōngshāngYínháng, [中國工商銀行], Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
        ZhōngguóJiànshèYínháng, [中國建設銀行], China Construction Bank
        ZhōngguóJìnchūkǒuYínháng, [中國進出口銀行], The Export-Import Bank of China (state-owned bank)
        ZhōngguóYínháng, [中國銀行], Bank of China (BoC)
        ZhōngyāngZhíxíngWěiyuánhuì, [中央執行委員會], Central Executive Committee
        ZhōngyāngYínháng/zhōngyāngyínháng, [中央銀行], Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan), central bank
        chuànháng/chuànxíng, to miss a line/to confuse two lines, series/serial (computer)
        chuànxíngkǒu, serial port (computing)
        chuànxíngdiǎnzhèndǎyìnjī, [串行點陣打印機], serial dot matrix printer
        YìyǒngjūnJìnxíngqǔ, [義勇軍進行曲], March of the Volunteer Army (PRC National Anthem)
        yìxíng, [義行], righteous deed
        shìpàhángjiā, an expert always produces the best work (idiom)
        wǔhángbāzuō, all the trades/people of all trades and professions
        YàzhōuKāifāYínháng, [亞洲開發銀行], Asian Development Bank
        JiāotōngYínháng, [交通銀行], Bank of Communications
        RénmínXíngdòngdǎng, [人民行動黨], People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)
        RénmínYínháng, [人民銀行], People's Bank of China
        rénxíngqū, [人行區], pedestrian precinct
        rénxíngdìxiàtōngdào, pedestrian underpass
线         rénxínghéngdàoxiàn, [人行橫道線], crosswalk/pedestrian crossing with zebra stripes
        rénchēhúnxíng, [人車混行], pedestrian-vehicle mixed use
        chóuhènzuìxíng, hate crime
        fùzhīxíngdòng, [付之行動], to put into action/to transform into acts
仿         fǎngxíng, to fashion after/to imitate
使         ShǐtúXíngZhuàn, [使徒行傳], Acts of the Apostles (New Testament)
        yījìxíngshì, [依計行事], to act according to plan
        qīnquánxíngwéi, [侵權行為], tort/infringement (of sb's rights)
便         biànyíxíngshì, act at one's discretion/act as one sees fit
便         biànchēlǚxíngzhě, [便車旅行者], hitch-hiker
        xiūxíngrén, person pursuing religious practice (Buddhism)
        jiànxíng, to hike
        bāhángshū, [八行書], formal recommendation letter in eight columns
        gōnggòngxíngzhèng, public administration
        gōnglùzìxíngchē, [公路自行車], racing bicycle/road bike
        gòngxíngchēdào, [共行車道], carpool lane
        XīngyèYínháng, [興業銀行], Société Générale
        bīngmǎwèidòng,liángcǎoxiānxíng, [兵馬未動,糧草先行], before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes ...
        jūnshìxíngdòng, [軍事行動], military operation
        juéérbùxíng, [決而不行], making decisions without implementing them
        Lěnghúxíngzhèngqū, [冷湖行政區], Lenghu county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefectur...
        Lěnghúxíngzhèngwěiyuánhuì, [冷湖行政委員會], Lenghu county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefectur...
        kānxíng, to print and circulate
        lìtāxíngwéi, [利他行為], altruistic behavior
        dàobùxíng, extremely/incredibly
        lìxíng, to practice diligently/to act energetically
        gōngwánxíngmǎn, [功完行滿], to fully achieve one's ambitions (idiom)
        qiānlǐzhīxíng,shǐyúzúxià, [千里之行,始於足下], lit. a thousand mile journey begins with the first step/fig. big accomplishments...
        HuáxiàYínháng, [華夏銀行], Huaxia Bank
        wēiyánwēixíng, upright and plainspoken (idiom)
        lìxíngjiéyuē, [厲行節約], to practice strict economy (idiom)
        yuánfāxìngjìnxíngxìngshīyǔ, [原發性進行性失語], primary progressive aphasia (PPA), speech disorder (sometimes related to dementi...
        jíshíxínglè, [及時行樂], to enjoy the present (idiom); to live happily with no thought for the future/mak...
        fǎnréndàozuìxíng, crime against humanity
        fǎnshèhuìxíngwéi, [反社會行為], antisocial behavior
        fāxíngbèiwànglù, [發行備忘錄], offering memorandum (for public stock issue)/publication memorandum
        fāxínghónglìgǔ, [發行紅利股], a bonus issue (a form of dividend payment)
        fāxíngé, [發行額], (periodical) circulation
        xùgōngxíngshǎng, [敘功行賞], to review records and decide on rewards (idiom)
        lìngxíngtōngzhī, to notify at a different time/to notify later/to give prior notice
        kězhíxíng, [可執行], executable (computing)
        kěxíngxìngyánjiū, feasibility study
        HézhòngYínháng, [合眾銀行], Bancorp, a US bank
        tīngqíyánérguānqíxíng, [聽其言而觀其行], hear what he says and observe what he does (idiom, from Analects); judge a perso...
        tīngqíyánguānqíxíng, [聽其言觀其行], hear what he says and observe what he does (idiom, from Analects); judge a perso...
        mìnglìngháng, command line (computing)
        shāngyèxíngwéi, [商業行為], business activity/commercial activity
        shāngyèyínháng, [商業銀行], commercial bank
        shāngrényínháng, [商人銀行], merchant banking
        shànxíng, good actions
        tuántǐxíng, [團體行], group travel
        GuójiāKāifāYínháng, [國家開發銀行], China Development Bank
        GuójìQīngsuànYínháng, [國際清算銀行], Bank for International Settlements
        tǔdàobùxíng, old-fashioned/extremely kitsch
        chǎngdìzìxíngchē, [場地自行車], track bike/track cycling
        ChéngshìGuǎnlǐXíngzhèngZhífǎjú, [城市管理行政執法局], City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau (PRC)
        duōxíngbùyìbìzìbì, [多行不義必自斃], persisting in evil brings about self-destruction (idiom)
        yèxíng, night walk/night departure/nocturnal
        yèxíngjūn, [夜行軍], a night march
        yèxíngxìng, nocturnal
        yèxíngzhòufú, [夜行晝伏], to travel at night and lie low by day (idiom)
        Dàcháidànxíngzhèngqū, [大柴旦行政區], Da Qaidam county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefec...
        Dàcháidànxíngzhèngwěiyuánhuì, [大柴旦行政委員會], Da Qaidam county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefec...
        dàliúxíng, major epidemic/pandemic
        tiānxíngchìyǎn, acute contagious conjunctivitis (TCM)
        TàigǔYángháng, Butterfield and Swire (Hong Kong bank)
        tàikōngxíngzǒu, spacewalk
        Tàihángshān, Taihang Mountains on the border between Hebei and Shanxi
        jiǎnglìlǚxíng, [獎勵旅行], incentive travel
        hūnqiánxìngxíngwéi, [婚前性行為], premarital sex
        Sūnxíngzhě, [孫行者], Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空[Sūn Wù kōng], the Monkey King, character with supernatural po...
        shěnshènxíngshì, [審慎行事], to act prudently/steering a cautious course
        xiǎoxíngxīngdài, [小行星帶], asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
        shāndìzìxíngchē, [山地自行車], mountain bike
        shānxíng, mountain hike
        xúnxíng, to patrol/to perambulate/to travel around within an area
        GōngShāngYínháng, [工商銀行], Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
        Gōngháng, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)/abbr. for 工商銀行|工商银行[Gōng Shāng Yí...
        BākèláiYínháng, [巴克萊銀行], Barclays Bank
        píngxínggōngshè, [平行公設], the parallel postulate (geometry)/Euclid's fifth postulate
        píngxíngsìbiānxíng, [平行四邊形], parallelogram
        píngxíngshíkōng, [平行時空], parallel universe
        bìngxíngkǒu, [並行口], parallel port (computing)
        bìngxíngchéngxù, [並行程序], parallel program
        bìngxíngjìsuàn, [並行計算], parallel computing
        Jiànháng, China Construction Bank (abbr.)
        kāifāyínháng, [開發銀行], development bank
        qiǎngpòxìngxìngxíngwéi, [強迫性性行為], sexual obsession
        dānghángchūsè, [當行出色], to excel in one's field
        cǎihóngxíngdòng, [彩虹行動], the two mass scuttling operations carried out by the German navy: the scuttling ...
        xúxíng, to walk slowly/to stroll
        túbùlǚxíng, hiking
        DéyìzhìYínháng, [德意志銀行], Deutsche Bank
        kuàixíngdào, fast lane/express lane
        HéngShēngYínháng, [恒生銀行], Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong
        zìyìxínglè, [恣意行樂], to abandon restraint and have a fling (idiom)
        zìxíngwújì, [恣行無忌], to behave recklessly
        cífúxíngdòng, [慈福行動], Operation Blessing (charitable relief organization)
        mànxíngdào, slow lane
        róngháng, troops/military affairs
        jièxíng, (Buddhism) to adhere strictly to the ethical precepts/asceticism
        tuōyùnxíngli, [托運行李], luggage that has been checked in (on flight)
        zhíxíngrén, [執行人], executioner (hangman)/business executor
        zhíxíngzhǐhuīguān, [執行指揮官], executing commander
        zhíxíngxù, [執行緒], (Tw) (computing) thread
        zhíxíngzhǎng, [執行長], chief executive
        qiāngfēnghángxíng, [搶風航行], to tack against the wind (sailing)
        tuōxíng, to drag/to tow
        huànháng, [換行], to wrap (text)/line feed (computing)
        xiéshǒutóngxíng, [攜手同行], to walk hand in hand/to cooperate
        XiéchéngLǚxíngWǎng, [攜程旅行網], Ctrip.com, PRC travel agency
        cāoxíng, (student's) behavior
        duànháng/duànxíng, [斷行], line break (computing), to carry out resolutely
        lǚxíngzhīpiào, traveler's check
        lǚxíngzhuāngbèi, [旅行裝備], travel equipment/travel gear
        xuánzhuǎnxínglichuánsòngdài, [旋轉行李傳送帶], luggage conveyor belt/carousel
        wúrénfēixíngqì, [無人飛行器], drone/unmanned aerial vehicle
        RìběnYínháng, [日本銀行], Bank of Japan
        rìxíngyīshàn, to do a good deed every day
        shíkōnglǚxíng, [時空旅行], time travel
        XīngjìLǚxíng, [星際旅行], Star Trek (US TV and film series)
        yǒudéxíng, virtuous
        dàngànzhíxíng, [檔案執行], file execution/executable file
        mèngxíngzhèng, [夢行症], somnambulism/sleepwalking
        héngpáxíng, [橫爬行], to walk sideways/crab-wise
        ŌuzhōuZhōngyāngYínháng, [歐洲中央銀行], European Central Bank
        bùxíngqū, [步行區], pedestrian area
        bùxíngzhě, pedestrian
        bùxíngchóng, [步行蟲], ground beetle
        sǐxínghuǎnqīzhíxíng, [死刑緩期執行], deferred death sentence/abbr. to 死緩|死缓[sǐ huǎn]
        HuìyèYínháng, [匯業銀行], Banco Delta Asia S.A.R.L., Macau
        HuìfēngYínháng, [匯豐銀行], Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
        huìchūháng, [匯出行], remitting bank
        yángháng, foreign firm (old)
        liúxíngxìnggǎnmào, influenza
        liúxíngzhū, epidemic strain
        liúxíngbìngxué, [流行病學], epidemiology
        liúxíngyīnyuè, [流行音樂], pop music
        hǎidàoxíngwéi, [海盜行為], piracy
        yínxíng, wanton or lascivious behavior/adulterous behavior
        húnxíng, mixed use (e.g. pedestrians and vehicles)/joint operation (e.g. trains and buses...
        qīngsuànháng, clearing bank
        jiànxíngjiànyuǎn, [漸行漸遠], gradually proceed, gradually get further apart
        ZhādǎYínháng, [渣打銀行], Standard Chartered Bank
        DīdīChūxíng, Didi Chuxing Technology Co., aka DiDi, app-based transportation company, headqua...
        qiánxíng, [潛行], to slink/to move stealthily/to advance through the water
        yānhuāxíngyuàn, [煙花行院], brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
        páxínglèi, [爬行類], reptiles/also written 爬行動物|爬行动物
        yáháng, middleman (in former times)/broker
        tèbiéxíngzhèngqū, [特別行政區], special administrative region (SAR), of which there are two in the PRC: Hong Kon...
        fànzuìxíngwéi, [犯罪行為], criminal activity
        dúduàndúxíng, [獨斷獨行], to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action/a law unto oneself
        dúxíng, [獨行], solitary
        dúxíngqíshì, [獨行其是], to go one's own way (idiom); to act independently without asking others
        wángbùliúxíng, cowherb (Vaccaria segetalis)/cowherb seeds (used in TCM)
        huánjìngxíngdòngzhǔyì, [環境行動主義], environmentalism/environmental activism
        HuánFǎZìxíngchēsài, [環法自行車賽], Tour de France cycle race
        huánqiúlǚxíng, [環球旅行], journey around the world
        PípaXíng, Song of the Pipa Player, long poem by Tang poet Bai Juyi 白居易[Bái Jū yì]
        YújiāXíngpài, see 唯識宗|唯识宗[Wéi shí zōng]
        BáiXíngjiǎn, [白行簡], Bai Xingjian (c. 776-826), younger brother of Bai Juyi 白居易[Bái Jū yì], Tang nove...
        jiānwàizhíxíng, [監外執行], to serve (a sentence) outside prison (law)
        mùxiàshíháng, see 一目十行[yī mù shí háng]
        zhíqíngjìngxíng, [直情徑行], straightforward and honest in one's actions (idiom)
        zhíxíng, to go straight/straight forward/fig. to do right
        zhídàoérxíng, lit. to go straight (idiom, from Analects); to act with integrity
        xiàngjīérxíng, [相機而行], to act according to the situation (idiom)
        xiàngjīxíngshì, [相機行事], to act as circumstances dictate (idiom)
        kànrénxíngshì, to treat people according to their rank and one's relationship with them (idiom)
        zhīyìxíngnán, [知易行難], easy to grasp but difficult to put into practice (idiom)/easier said than done
        ǎixíngxīng, dwarf planet
        shìwēiyóuxíng, [示威遊行], (protest) demonstration
        shèhuìxíngdòng, [社會行動], social actions
        jìnzhǐlìngxíng, see 令行禁止[lìng xíng jìn zhǐ]
        sīxíng, to travel on private business/to act without official approval/to inspect incogn...
        dǔxíng, [篤行], to carry out (obligation) conscientiously/to behave sincerely
        lèidìxíngxīng, [類地行星], terrestrial planet
        lèimùxíngxīng, [類木行星], Jovian planet
        liángháng, [糧行], grain retailer (in former times)
        jīngxíng, [經行], to perform walking meditation
        jiébànérxíng, [結伴而行], to stay together (of a group)/to keep together
        zuìxínglěilěi, having an extensive criminal record
        zhìrùxìngxíngxiāo, [置入性行銷], product placement
        LǎoshānZìxíngchēguǎn, [老山自行車館], Laoshan Velodrome, a Beijing 2008 Olympics venue
        sìxíng, to act recklessly
        zìyóuxíng, travel organized by oneself rather than in a tour group
        zìxíngliǎoduàn, [自行了斷], to take one's life
        zìxíngchējià, [自行車架], bike rack/bicycle frame
        zìxíngchēsài, [自行車賽], cycle race
        zìxíngchēguǎn, [自行車館], cycling stadium/velodrome
        HuāqíYínháng, [花旗銀行], Citibank/abbr. to 花旗
        kǔxíngshúzuì, [苦行贖罪], penance (to atone for a sin)
        YīnggélánYínháng, [英格蘭銀行], Bank of England
        Mángyáxíngzhèngqū, [茫崖行政區], Mang'ai county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefectu...
        Mángyáxíngzhèngwěiyuánhuì, [茫崖行政委員會], Mang'ai county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefectu...
        wōxíng, [蝸行], to advance at a snail's pace
        wōxíngniúbù, [蝸行牛步], lit. to crawl like a snail and plod along like an old ox (idiom)/fig. to move at...
        xíngwànlǐlùshèngdúwànjuǎnshū, [行萬里路勝讀萬捲書], to travel a thousand miles beats reading a thousand books
        xíngwànlǐlù,dúwànjuànshū, [行萬里路,讀萬卷書], Knowledge comes from books and from experience of the world. (idiom)/Learn as mu...
        xíngbùcóngjìng, [行不從徑], lit. not following the straight path (idiom); fig. looking for a shortcut to get...
        xíngbùgǎixìng,zuòbùgǎimíng, see 行不更名,坐不改姓[xíng bù gēng míng , zuò bù gǎi xìng]
        xíngbùgēngmíng,zuòbùgǎixìng, I am who I am (and I'm not ashamed)/fig. to be proud of one's name and stand by ...
        xíngbùyóujìng, [行不由徑], lit. never taking a short-cut (idiom); fig. upright and honest
        xíngbùgùyán, [行不顧言], to say one thing and do another (idiom)
        xíngwéizhǔyì, [行為主義], behaviorism
        xíngwéizhǔnzé, [行為準則], code of conduct/standard of conduct
        xíngwéishùjù, [行為數據], behavioral data (marketing)
        xíngshū, [行書], running script/semicursive script (Chinese calligraphic style)
        xíngshìlì, [行事曆], calendar/schedule
        xíngrénānquándǎo, [行人安全島], pedestrian refuge/traffic island
        xíngrénjìng, [行人徑], footway
        xínglìng, to issue orders/to order sb to drink in a drinking game
        xíngtǐ, [行體], see 行書|行书[xíng shū]
使         xíngshǐzhíquán, [行使職權], to exercise power
        xíngxiázhàngyì, [行俠仗義], to be chivalrous
        xíngjūnlǐ, [行軍禮], military salute
线         xíngjūnlùxiàn, [行軍路線], army itinerary/route of march
        xíngxiōngzhě, [行兇者], perpetrator
        xíngxíngduì, [行刑隊], firing squad
        hánglièshì, determinant
便         xíngdòngbùbiàn, [行動不便], unable to move freely/difficult to get about
        xíngdòngzhǔyì, [行動主義], activism
        xíngdòngzhí, [行動值], (gaming) action points (points required to complete an action)/(Tw) action level...
        xíngdòngjù, [行動劇], (Tw) street theater (esp. as a form of political expression)
        xíngdòngfāngàn, [行動方案], program of action
        xíngdòngdiànhuà, [行動電話], mobile phone (Tw)
        xíngdònggānglǐng, [行動綱領], action plan/program of action
        xíngdòngzìyóu, [行動自由], freedom of action
        xíngdòngyìshùjiā, [行動藝術家], performance artist
        xíngdòngzhuāngzhì, [行動裝置], mobile device (Tw)
        xíngdòngjìhuà, [行動計劃], action plan
        xíngqiānlǐlù,dúwànjuànshū, [行千里路,讀萬卷書], see 行萬里路,讀萬卷書|行万里路,读万卷书[xíng wàn lǐ lù , dú wàn juàn shū]
        hánghào, [行號], (registered) company
        Xíngtáng, Xingtang county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shí jiā zhuāng], Hebei
        Xíngtángxiàn, [行唐縣], Xingtang county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shí jiā zhuāng], Hebei
        xíngkè, visitor/traveler
        xíngjiānggàoqìng, [行將告罄], to run short (idiom)
        xíngjiāngjiùmù, [行將就木], to approach one's coffin (idiom); with one foot in the grave
        xíngjiāngjiéshù, [行將結束], approaching the end/about to conclude
        xíngshīzǒuròu, [行屍走肉], walking corpse (idiom)/zombie/person who lives only on the material level
        hángshì, quotation on market price
        xíngfáng, euphemism for sexual intercourse/to go to bed with sb
        xíngzhènghuìyì, [行政會議], Executive Council (Hong Kong)
        xíngzhènggōngshǔ, administrative office
        xíngzhèngqūhuà, [行政區劃], administrative subdivision
        xíngzhèngqūhuàtú, [行政區劃圖], political map
        xíngzhèngqūhuà, [行政區畫], administrative subdivision (e.g. of provinces into counties)
        xíngzhèngdānwèi, [行政單位], administrative unit (e.g. province 省[shěng], prefecture 地區|地区[dì qū] or county 縣...
        xíngzhèngyuán, [行政員], administrator
        xíngzhèngmìnglìng, executive order
        xíngzhèngzǒngchú, [行政總廚], executive chef
        xíngzhèngjiùjì, [行政救濟], administrative remedy
        xíngzhèngjīguān, [行政機關], administrative authority/branch of government
        xíngzhèngquán, [行政權], administrative authority/executive power
        xíngzhèngfǎ, administrative law
        xíngzhèngguǎnlǐ, administration/administrative management
        xíngzhèngzhǎngguān, [行政長官], chief executive/magistrate
        Xíngzhèngyuàn, Executive Yuan, the executive branch of government under the constitution of Rep...
        xínglǚ, traveler/wanderer/vagabond/rolling stone
        xíngxīngjì, [行星際], interplanetary
        xíngyǒuyúlì, [行有餘力], after that, any remaining energy (idiom from Analects); time for extracurricular...
        xíngqī, departure date
        xínglichuánsòngdài, [行李傳送帶], luggage conveyor belt/carousel
        xíngliyuán, [行李員], porter/bellboy
        xínglifáng, luggage office
        xínglǐbānyùngōng, [行李搬運工], baggage handler
        xínglipiào, baggage tag
        xíngbǎn, andante/at a walking pace
        hángzhàn, [行棧], warehouse
        xíngzhǐ, movements/attitude/behavior/whereabouts/tracks
        xíngbōguǎn, traveling wave tube (electronics)
        xíngyín, to commit adultery
        xíngzhuàng, [行狀], person's background
        xíngbǎilǐzhěbànjiǔshí, lit. ninety li is merely a half of a hundred li journey (idiom)/fig. the closer ...
        xíngshěng, province (old)
        xínglǐrúyì, [行禮如儀], to perform the ritual bows/to follow the customary ceremonies
        xíngchéngdān, [行程單], (e-ticket) itinerary receipt
        xíngqiè, [行竊], to steal/to commit a robbery
        xíngqiè, [行篋], traveling suitcase
        xíngshǔ, administrative office
        xíngjiǎo, [行腳], (of a monk) to travel/itinerant
        xíngcǎo, semicursive script
        hánghángchūzhuàngyuán, [行行出狀元], lit. in every trade, a master appears (idiom); fig. You can produce outstanding ...
        hángyǔ, [行語], slang/jargon/cant/lingo/patois/argot
        hánghuò, [行貨], authorized goods/genuine goods/crudely-made goods
        hángjù, row spacing
        xíngchējìlùyí, [行車記錄儀], dashcam
        hángbèi, [行輩], generation and age ranking/seniority
        xíngjìndǎng, [行進擋], forward gear
        xíngxiāosùqiú, [行銷訴求], marketing message
        hángjiān, [行間], between rows
        bèizhíxíngrén, [被執行人], person who has failed to fulfill a court order
        jiànjīxíngshì, [見機行事], see the opportunity and act (idiom); to act according to circumstances/to play i...
        jiànzhūxíngdòng, [見諸行動], to translate sth into action/to put sth into action
        guīxíngjǔbù, [規行矩步], to follow the compass and go with the set square (idiom); to follow the rules in...
        mìshíxíngwéi, [覓食行為], foraging
        jiěshìzhíxíng, [解釋執行], interpreted (computer)
        yánbìxìn,xíngbìguǒ, one must be a man of his word and resolute in his work (proverb)
        yánxíngbùyī, (idiom) to say one thing and do another
        yánxíngbùfú, (idiom) to say one thing and do another
        yánxíngruòyī, (idiom) one's actions are in keeping with what one says
        dúwànjuànshū,xíngwànlǐlù, [讀萬卷書,行萬里路], see 行萬里路,讀萬卷書|行万里路,读万卷书[xíng wàn lǐ lù , dú wàn juàn shū]
        jiànxíng, [踐行], to practice/to put into practice
        jǔjǔdúxíng, [踽踽獨行], to walk alone (idiom)
        gōngxíng, to personally undertake or manage
        chēxíngtōngdào, [車行通道], traffic passage
        chēxíngdào, [車行道], roadway/carriageway
        yùnxíngfāngshì, [運行方式], operating method/running mode
        yùnxíngshí, [運行時], run-time (in computing)
        yùnxíngshícuòwù, [運行時錯誤], run-time error (in computing)
        yùnxíngzhuàngkuàng, [運行狀況], operational state/running state
        jìnxíngjiāoyì, [進行交易], to carry out a transaction
        jìnxíngxìng, [進行性], progressive/gradual
        jìnxíngxìngjiāo, [進行性交], to have sex/to have sexual intercourse
        jìnxíngxìngshīyǔ, [進行性失語], progressive aphasia/gradual loss of speech
        jìnxíngbiānchéng, [進行編程], executable program
        jìnxíngtōngxìn, [進行通信], to communicate/to carry out communications
退         tuìchūyùnxíng, [退出運行], to decommission
退         tuìxíng, to recede/to degenerate/to regress
退         tuìxíngxìng, degenerative/retrograde
        nìshuǐxíngzhōu, lit. a boat going against the current (idiom); fig. you must work harder
退         nìshuǐxíngzhōu,bùjìnzétuì, [逆水行舟,不進則退], like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back (idiom)
        nìxíngdǎoshī, to go against the tide (idiom); to do things all wrong/to try to turn back histo...
        zhúháng/zhúxíng, line by line (translation, scanning etc)/progressive, progressive
        zhúhángsǎomiáo, [逐行掃描], line by line scanning/progressive scanning
线         tōngyòngchuànxíngzǒngxiàn, [通用串行總線], Universal Serial Bus, USB (computer)
        tōngxíngwúzǔ, [通行無阻], unobstructed passage/to go through unhindered
        tōngxíngshuì, [通行稅], toll
        tōngxùnhángyè, [通訊行業], communications industry
        dàohéng, skills acquired through religious practice/(fig.) ability/skill/Taiwan pr. [dào ...
        Mángshānxíng, a form of Yuefu 樂府|乐府 mourning song or elegy/lit. to visit a tomb on Mt Mang
        cǎiqǔxíngdòng, [採取行動], to take action/to adopt policies/to move on some issue
        cǎixíng, [採行], to adopt (a system, policy, strategy etc)
        yínhángyèwù, [銀行業務], banking
        yínhángkǎ, [銀行卡], bank card/ATM card
        yínhángduìzhàngdān, [銀行對賬單], bank statement
        xiāoxíng, [銷行], to sell/to be on sale/to be sold
        MǐnhángQū, [閔行區], Minhang District of Shanghai
        TáoXíngzhī, Tao Xingzhi (1891-1946), Chinese educator and reformer
        suíxíngrényuán, [隨行人員], entourage/retinue
        suíhángjiùshì, [隨行就市], (of a price) to fluctuate according to the market/to sell at the market price
        géháng, to interlace/to interleave (computing)
        géhángrúgéshān, different trades, worlds apart (idiom); to sb outside the profession, it is a cl...
        géhángsǎomiáo, [隔行掃描], interlaced scanning
        nánxíng, [難行], hard to pass
        jítǐxíngzǒu, [集體行走], pedestrian group (e.g. of tourists etc)
        FēizhōuKāifāYínháng, [非洲開發銀行], African Development Bank
        HánguóYínháng, [韓國銀行], Bank of Korea
        shùnxíng, [順行], circular motion in the same sense as the sun/clockwise
        bānxíng, [頒行], issue for enforcement
        fēngxíngyīshí, [風行一時], to be popular for a while/to be all the rage for a time
        fēixíngjiǎbǎn, [飛行甲板], flight deck
        fēixíngjìlù, [飛行記錄], flight record
        fēixíngjìlùyí, [飛行記錄儀], flight recorder/black box
        fēixíngjìlùqì, [飛行記錄器], flight recorder/black box
        shíyīzhùxíng, see 衣食住行[yī shí zhù xíng]
        shǒuxízhíxíngguān, [首席執行官], chief executive officer (CEO)
        XiānggǎngYínhángGōnghuì, [香港銀行公會], Hong Kong Association of Banks
        qíxíng, [騎行], to ride (a bicycle, horse, motorbike etc)/cycling/horseback riding/motorbike rid...
        gāocéngzhíxíngyuán, [高層執行員], senior executive
        GāoXíngjiàn, Gao Xingjian (1940-), Chinese novelist and Nobel laureate, author of Soul Mounta...

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