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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        diàochá, [調查], investigation/inquiry/to investigate/to survey/survey/(opinion) poll/CL:項|项[xiàn...
        diào/tiáo, [調], to transfer/to move (troops or cadres)/to investigate/to enquire into/accent/vie...
        tiáozhěng, [調整], to adjust/adjustment/revision/CL:個|个[gè]
        tiáoqíng, [調情], to flirt
        dīdiào, [低調], low pitch/quiet (voice)/subdued/low-key/low-profile
        qiángdiào, [強調], to emphasize (a statement)/to stress
        kōngtiáo, [空調], air conditioning/air conditioner/CL:臺|台[tái]
        xiétiáo, [協調], to coordinate/to harmonize/negotiation
        diàotóu/diàotou, [調頭], variant of 掉頭|掉头[diào tóu], tone (of voice)/tune
        tiáowèi, [調味], seasoning/condiment/flavoring/dressing/essences
        tiáojié, [調節], to adjust/to regulate/to harmonize/to reconcile (accountancy etc)
        diàodòng, [調動], to transfer/to maneuver (troops etc)/to mobilize/to bring into play
        tiáopí, [調皮], naughty/mischievous/unruly
        shīdiào/shītiáo, [失調], out of tune (music), imbalance/to become dysfunctional/to lack proper care (afte...
        yīndiào, [音調], pitch of voice (high or low)/pitch (of a musical note)/tone
        tiáoliào, [調料], condiment/seasoning/flavoring
        diàozi, [調子], tune/melody/tuning/cadence/intonation/(speech) tone
        tiáoxì, [調戲], to take liberties with a woman/to dally/to assail a woman with obscenities
        dāndiào, [單調], monotonous
        diàodù, [調度], to dispatch (i.e. organize the distribution of vehicles)/dispatcher
        qiāngdiào, [腔調], accent
        tiáojiě, [調解], to mediate/to bring parties to an agreement
        chéncílàndiào, [陳詞濫調], cliché/commonplace/truism/stereotype
        tiáojiào, [調教], to instruct/to teach/to train/to raise (livestock)
        yǔdiào, [語調], intonation/CL:個|个[gè]
        qíngdiào, [情調], sentiment/tone and mood/taste
        gédiào, [格調], style (of art or literature)/form/one's work style/moral character
        pēngtiáo, [烹調], to cook/cooking
        diàohuàn, [調換], to exchange/to change places/to swap
        xiǎodiào, [小調], minor key (in music)
        qǔdiào, [曲調], tune/melody
        diàopèi/tiáopèi, [調配], to allocate/to deploy, to blend (colors, herbs)/to mix
        bùdiào, [步調], gait/marching order/step/pace
        chàngfǎndiào, [唱反調], to sing an opposite tune/to contradict/to express an opposing view/to strike a d...
        tiáopín, [調頻], frequency modulation/FM
        dàdiào, [大調], major key (in music)
        tiáoshì, [調試], to debug/to adjust components during testing/debugging
        shēngdiào, [聲調], tone/note/a tone (on a Chinese syllable)/CL:個|个[gè]
        diàoqiǎn, [調遣], to dispatch/to assign/a dispatch
        diàoyán, [調研], to investigate and research/research/investigation
        tiáohé, [調和], harmonious/to mediate/to reconcile/to compromise/mediation/to mix/to blend/blend...
        tiáotíng, [調停], to reconcile/to mediate/to bring warring parties to agreement/to arbitrate
        tiáozhì, [調制], to modulate/modulation
        diàozhuǎn, [調轉], to turn around/to change direction/to make a U turn
        tiáokǎn, [調侃], to ridicule/to tease/to mock/idle talk/chitchat
        sèdiào, [色調], hue/tone
        diàoyòng, [調用], to transfer for use/to allocate/to call (programming)
        jīdiào, [基調], main key (of a musical composition)/keynote (speech)
        gāodiào, [高調], high-sounding speech/bombast/high-profile
        tiáojiéqì, [調節器], regulator
        lùndiào, [論調], argument/view (sometimes derogatory)
        tiáogēng, [調羹], spoon
        tiáowèipǐn, [調味品], seasoning/flavoring
        tiáosè, [調色], to blend colors/to mix colors
        xiétiáoyuán, [協調員], coordinator
        tiáojì, [調劑], to adjust/to balance/to make up a medical prescription
        diàorèn, [調任], to transfer/to move to another post
        shàngtiáo, [上調], to raise (prices)/to adjust upwards
        diàopài, [調派], to send on assignment/to deploy (troops)
        jièdiào, [借調], temporary transfer (of personnel)
        lǎodiàochóngtán, [老調重彈], to play the same old tune (idiom); unoriginal
        duìdiào, [對調], to swap places/to exchange roles
        biàndiào, [變調], tone sandhi/modified tone/(music) to change key/modulation
        tiáozhìjiědiàoqì, [調制解調器], modem
        diàochábiǎo, [調查表], questionnaire/survey/inventory list/CL:張|张[zhāng],份[fèn]
        chōudiào, [抽調], to transfer (personnel or material)
        yǒngtàndiào, [詠嘆調], aria
        tiáokòng, [調控], to regulate/to control
        tiáolǐ, [調理], to nurse one's health/to recuperate/to take care of/to look after/to discipline/...
        tiáoxiào, [調笑], to tease/to poke fun at
        jiàngdiào, [降調], falling intonation (linguistics)/to lower the key of a tune/to demote
        shēngdiào, [昇調], rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)
        xiàdiào/xiàtiáo, [下調], to demote/to pass down to a lower unit, to adjust downwards/to lower (prices, wa...
        diàobō, [調撥], to send (products)/to allocate/to commit (funds)/to channel (goods)
        tiáoyǎng, [調養], to take care of (sb's health)/to nurse
        dìngdiào, [定調], to set the tone
        diàoyuè, [調閱], to access (a document)/to consult
        wēitiáo, [微調], fine tuning/trimming
        tiáojiāo, [調焦], to focus
        qǐngdiào, [請調], to request a transfer
        diàorù, [調入], to transfer (a person, data)/to call (computing)
        jiědiào, [解調], to demodulate
        diàobīngqiǎnjiàng, [調兵遣將], to move an army and send a general (idiom); to deploy an army/to send a team on ...
        tiáosù, [調速], to adjust the speed
        chànggāodiào, [唱高調], to sing the high part/to speak fine sounding but empty words (idiom)
        tiáosèbǎn, [調色板], palette
        tiáoyún, [調勻], to blend (cooking)/to mix evenly
        fēngtiáoyǔshùn, [風調雨順], favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops
        bǐdiào, [筆調], (of writing) tone/style
        diàochátuán, [調查團], investigating team
        bùdiàoyīzhì, [步調一致], to be united in action
        tiáoxié, [調諧], harmonious/to adjust/to tune (e.g. wireless receiver)/to bring into harmony
        diàomén, [調門], volume/amplitude/point of view/argument/pitch or key (music)
        diàoshì, [調式], (musical) mode
        tiáonòng, [調弄], to tease/to make fun of/to provoke/to stir up (trouble)
        shàngtóngdiào, [上同調], cohomology (invariant of a topological space in math.)
        bùxiétiáo, [不協調], uncoordinated/disharmony
        bùtiáohé, [不調和], discord
        Zhōngguódìzhìdiàochájú, [中國地質調查局], China Geological Survey (CGS)
        zhǔdiào, [主調], main point of an argument/a principal viewpoint
        jiǔshēngliùdiào, [九聲六調], nine tones and six modes (tonal system of Cantonese and other southern languages...
        rénkǒudiàochá, [人口調查], census
        chōngtiáo, [沖調], to reconstitute (a powdered beverage) by adding water, milk etc
        chūkǒudiàochá, [出口調查], exit poll
        xiétiáoshìjièshí, [協調世界時], Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
        xiétiáorén, [協調人], coordinator
        dāndiàofáwèi, [單調乏味], donkeywork (idiom)
        nánqiāngběidiào, [南腔北調], a regional accent
        kětiáo, [可調], adjustable
        tóngdiào, [同調], same tone/in agreement with/homology (invariant of a topological space in math.)
        hūxītiáojiéqì, [呼吸調節器], regulator (diving)
        chànggāodiàor, [唱高調兒], erhua variant of 唱高調|唱高调[chàng gāo diào]
        shāngdiào, [商調], to negotiate over transfer of personnel
        dìdiào, [地調], geological survey, abbr. for 地質調查|地质调查[dì zhì diào chá]
        shēngdiàodediàozhí, [聲調的調值], pitch of tones
        shēngdiàoyǔyán, [聲調語言], tonal language (e.g. Chinese or Vietnamese)
        shēngdiàolúnkuò, [聲調輪廓], tone contour
        hūnyīntiáojiě, [婚姻調解], marriage counseling
        zìdiào, [字調], tone of a character
        hóngguāntiáokòng, [宏觀調控], macro-control
        dìngdiàozi, [定調子], to set the tone
        gōngdiào, [宮調], modes of ancient Chinese music
        shèpíntiáoxiéqì, [射頻調諧器], RF tuner
        chàdiào, [岔調], to lose one's voice (coll.)
        shìchǎngdiàochá, [市場調查], market research
        dàidiào, [帶調], to have a tone mark
        yìguóqíngdiào, [異國情調], exoticism/local color/exotic
        Huīdiào, [徽調], Anhui opera
        sījuéshītiáo, [思覺失調], psychosis
        zhāopìnxiétiáorén, [招聘協調人], recruiting coordinator
        tídiào, [提調], to supervise (troops)/to appoint (officers)/to select and assign
        dādiào, [搭調], to match/in tune/reasonable
        jiùdiàozi, [舊調子], old tune/fig. conservative opinion/the same old stuff
        jiùdiàochóngtán, [舊調重彈], replaying the same old tunes (idiom); conservative, unoriginal and discredited/t...
        nuǎndiào, [暖調], warm tone/warm color
        běndǐdiàochá, [本底調查], background investigation
        chádiào, [查調], inquiry/inquire
        mǔyīntiáohé, [母音調和], vowel harmony (in phonetics)
        mínyìdiàochá, [民意調查], opinion poll
        míndiào, [民調], opinion poll
        yóuqiānghuádiào, [油腔滑調], flippant and insincere (piece of writing or speech)/glib-tongued/oily
        yángqiāngyángdiào, [洋腔洋調], to speak with a foreign accent or using words from a foreign language (usually d...
        fúlìtiáozhěngbèixīn, [浮力調整背心], BCD/Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)
        fúlìtiáozhěngzhuāngzhì, [浮力調整裝置], BCD/Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)
        làndiào, [濫調], hackneyed talk/platitude
        pēngtiáoshù, [烹調術], cookery
        tètiáo, [特調], special blend/house blend
        qínsèbùtiáo, [琴瑟不調], out of tune/marital discord, cf qin and se 琴瑟, two string instruments as symbol ...
        diànlǎntiáozhìjiědiàoqì, [電纜調制解調器], cable modem
        shuìmiánshītiáo, [睡眠失調], sleep disorder
        kōngqìtiáojié, [空氣調節], air conditioning
        kōngtiáochē, [空調車], air conditioned vehicle
        xìdiào, [細調], to fine tune
        Měiguódìzhìdiàochájú, [美國地質調查局], United States geological survey (USGS)
        liánhéhéshìgùxiédiàozhōngxīn, [聯合核事故協調中心], Joint nuclear Accident Coordinating Center (JNACC)
        liántiáoliánshì, [聯調聯試], debugging and commissioning/testing (of a whole system)
        LiánbāngDiàochájú, [聯邦調查局], Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
        yúlùndiàochá, [輿論調查], opinion poll
        zhēngfākōngtiáo, [蒸發空調], evaporative air conditioner/evaporative cooler
        lándiào, [藍調], blues (music)
        rènzhīshītiáo, [認知失調], cognitive dissonance
        tiáosānwōsì, [調三窩四], to sow the seeds of discord everywhere (idiom)
        tiáojià, [調價], to raise or lower the price/price adjustment
        diàozhí, [調值], pitch of tones
        tiáotíngzhě, [調停者], mediator/intermediary/go-between
        Diàobīngshān, [調兵山], Mt Diaobingshan in Tieling/Diaobingshan district of Tieling city 鐵嶺市|铁岭市, Liaoni...
        Diàobīngshānshì, [調兵山市], Diaobingshan district of Tieling city 鐵嶺市|铁岭市, Liaoning
        tiáozhǔn, [調準], to adjust (radio or telescope)/to pick up (signal)
        tiáozhìbō, [調制波], modulated wave (elec.)
        diàobāo, [調包], to substitute in secret (a fake for the genuine item)/to palm off/same as 掉包
        diàoshēng, [調升], to promote
        tiáoxié, [調協], to harmonize/to match
        diàobiàn, [調變], to modulate
        diàohào, [調號], tone mark on a Chinese syllable (i.e. accents on ā á ǎ à)
        tiáowèijì, [調味劑], flavoring agent
        tiáowèiliào, [調味料], seasoning/condiment/flavoring/dressing/essences
        tiáowèizhī, [調味汁], dressing/sauce
        tiáowèiròuzhī, [調味肉汁], gravy
        tiáohéfēnxī, [調和分析], harmonic analysis (math.)
        tiáohépíngjūnshù, [調和平均數], harmonic mean
        tiáohézhèndòng, [調和振動], harmonic oscillation
        tiáosuō, [調唆], to provoke/to stir up (trouble)/to instigate
        tiáozuǐ, [調嘴], to hold forth/to quibble
        tiáozuǐxuéshé, [調嘴學舌], verbal dexterity used to sow discord (idiom); to incite trouble between people
        diàogàn, [調幹], cadre chosen by promoting a worker
        diàolǜ, [調律], to tune (e.g. piano)
        tiáodǎng, [調擋], gear shift
        tiáoshè, [調攝], to nurse to health/to recuperate
        diàochárényuán, [調查人員], investigator
        diàocháyuán, [調查員], investigator
        diàochájiéguǒ, [調查結果], results (of an investigation, poll)
        diàocházhě, [調查者], investigator
        diàodàng, [調檔], to transfer a dossier/to consult a dossier
        tiáoyánrényuán, [調研人員], research workers/survey and research workers
        diàozhí, [調職], to be transferred to another post/to post away
        tiáoyàodāo, [調藥刀], spatula
        diàohǔlíshān, [調虎離山], to move the tiger from the mountain (idiom); to lure an opponent out by a strata...
        tiáoxùn, [調訓], to train/to care for and educate
        tiáoxuè, [調謔], to make fun of/to mock
        tiáozī, [調資], wage adjustment/to raise or lower wages
        diàofù, [調赴], to dispatch (troops to the front)
        diàoqiān, [調遷], to transfer/to move/to shift
        tiáoshì, [調適], to adapt (to an environment etc)/to make sth suitable/adaptation/adjustment/adap...
        tiáojiǔ, [調酒], to mix drinks/cocktail
        tiáojiǔqì, [調酒器], (cocktail) shaker
        tiáojiǔshī, [調酒師], bartender
        diàoménr, [調門兒], erhua variant of 調門|调门[diào mén]
        diàofáng, [調防], to relieve a garrison
        tiáoyīn, [調音], to tune (a musical instrument)
        tiáoxùn, [調馴], to look after and train (animals)
        lándiào, [讕調], slander/calumny/to accuse unjustly
        pǎodiào, [跑調], to be off-key or out of tune (while singing) (colloquial)
        liánxùbiàndiào, [連續變調], tone sandhi
        zhuīzōngdiàochá, [追蹤調查], follow-up study/investigative follow-up
        shìdùwēitiáo, [適度微調], an appropriate amount of fine-tuning
        sùtiáoguǎn, [速調管], klystron (electronic tube used to produce high frequency radio waves)
        yědiàowúqiāng, [野調無腔], coarse in speech and manner
        yùndiào, [韻調], rhyme and tone/intonation
        pínlǜtiáozhì, [頻率調製], frequency modulation
        fēngdiào, [風調], character (of a person, verse, object etc)/style
        ráoshétiáochún, [饒舌調唇], blabbing and showing off (idiom); loud-mouthed trouble maker

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