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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        zhè, [這], this/these/(commonly pr. [zhèi] before a classifier, esp. in Beijing)
        zhège, [這個], this/this one
        zhèyàng, [這樣], this kind of/so/this way/like this/such
        zhèlǐ, [這裏]/[這裡], variant of 這裡|这里[zhè lǐ], here
        zhème, [這麼], so much/this much/how much?/this way/like this
        zhèxiē, [這些], these
        zhèr, [這兒], here
        zhèzhǒng, [這種], this/this kind of/this sort of/this type of
        zhèbiān, [這邊], this side/here
        zhèshí, [這時], at this time/at this moment
        zhèhuìr, [這會兒], (coll.) now
        zhètiān, [這天], today/this day
        zhèmezhe, [這麼著], thus/in this way/like this
        zhèbān, [這般], like this/this way
        zhèmeyàng, [這麼樣], thus/in this way
        rúcǐzhèbān, [如此這般], thus and so/such and such
        zhèyàngyīlái, [這樣一來], thus/if this happens then
        zàizhèzhīqián, [在這之前], before then/up until that point
        zàizhèqījiān, [在這期間], during time/in this time
        guòlezhècūnméizhèdiàn, [過了這村沒這店], past this village, you won't find this shop (idiom)/this is your last chance
        zhèyīzhènzi, [這一陣子], recently/currently
        zhèxià, [這下], this time
        zhèxiàzi, [這下子], this time
        zhèxiēge, [這些個], these
        zhèwèi, [這位], this (person)
        zhèjǐtiān, [這幾天], the past few days
        zhèzán, [這咱], now/at this moment
        zhèshānwàngzhenàshāngāo, [這山望著那山高], lit. the next mountain looks taller (idiom); fig. not satisfied with one's curre...
        zhèniántou, [這年頭], (coll.) nowadays
        zhèzǎowǎnr, [這早晚兒], now/at this time/this late
        zhème, [這末], variant of 這麼|这么[zhè me]
        zhèyàngzi, [這樣子], so/such/this way/like this
        zhècìwēijī, [這次危機], present crisis/current crisis
        zhèlèi, [這類], this kind (of)
        zhèbiānr, [這邊兒], erhua variant of 這邊|这边[zhè biān]
        zhèháiliǎodé, [這還了得], How dare you!/This is an outrage!/Absolutely disgraceful!
        zhèzhènr, [這陣兒], now/at present/at this juncture
        zhèzhènzi, [這陣子], now/at present/at this juncture
        zhème, [這麽], variant of 這麼|这么[zhè me]

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