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Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        lǐmiàn, [裡面], inside/interior
        wàimiàn/wàimian, surface/exterior/external appearance, outside
        shàngmian, on top of/above-mentioned
        hòumian, [後面], rear/back/behind/later/afterwards
        miàn, [麪]/[麵], face/side/surface/aspect/top/classifier for flat surfaces such as drums, mirrors...
        xiàmian, below/under/next/the following
        jiànmiàn, [見面], to meet/to see each other/CL:次[cì]
        miànqián, in front of/facing/(in the) presence (of)
        fāngmiàn, respect/aspect/field/side/CL:個|个[gè]
        miànduì, [面對], to confront/to face
        qiánmiàn, ahead/in front/preceding/above
        miànbāo, [麵包], bread/CL:片[piàn],袋[dài],塊|块[kuài]
        miànshì, [面試], to interview/to audition/interview/audition
        yīmiàn, one side/one aspect/simultaneously... (and...)/one's whole face
        huìmiàn, [會面], to meet with/meeting
        fēngmiàn, cover (of a publication)
        miànlín, [面臨], to face sth/to be confronted with
        miànjù, mask
        biǎomiàn, surface/face/outside/appearance
        duìmiàn, [對面], (sitting) opposite/across (the street)/directly in front/to be face to face
        dìmiàn, floor/ground/surface
        huàmiàn, [畫面], scene/tableau/picture/image/screen (displayed by a computer)/(motion picture) fr...
        júmiàn, aspect/phase/situation
        quánmiàn, all-around/comprehensive/total/overall
        chǎngmiàn, [場面], scene/spectacle/occasion/situation
        miànzi, outer surface/outside/honor/reputation/face (as in "losing face")/self-respect/f...
        miàntiáo, [麵條], noodles
        zhèngmiàn, front/obverse side/right side/positive/direct/open
        miànduìmiàn, [面對面], face to face
        miànkǒng, face
        miànbù, face (body part)
        lòumiàn, to show one's face/to appear (in public)
        pèngmiàn, to meet/to bump into/to confront
        dāngmiàn, [當面], to sb's face/in sb's presence
        tǐmiàn, [體面], dignity/face (as in "losing face")/honorable/creditable/pretty
        lìngyīfāngmiàn, on the other hand/another aspect
        shūmiàn, [書面], in writing/written
        shuǐmiàn, water surface
        miànzhào, mask/visor/facepiece (e.g. diving suit, gas mask)
        miàntán, [面談], face-to-face meeting/an interview
        cèmiàn, [側面], lateral side/side/aspect/profile
        fùmiàn, [負面], negative/the negative side
        bèimiàn, the back/the reverse side/the wrong side
        zhēnmiànmù, true identity/true colors
        céngmiàn, [層面], plane/level
        běimiàn, northern side/north
        shuāngmiàn, [雙面], double-sided/two-faced/double-edged/reversible
        zìmiàn, literal/typeface
        chūmiàn, to appear personally/to step in/to step forth/to show up
        miànxiàng, [面嚮], to face/to turn towards/to incline to/geared towards/catering for/-oriented/faci...
        píngmiàn, plane (flat surface)/print media
        gǎitóuhuànmiàn, [改頭換面], to adjust one's head and turn one's face (idiom); cosmetic changes/Despite super...
        miànjī, [面積], area (of a floor, piece of land etc)/surface area/tract of land
        miànfěn, [麵粉], flour
        nánmiàn, south side/south
        fǎnmiàn, reverse side/backside/the other side (of a problem etc)/negative/bad
        dōngmiàn, [東面], east side (of sth)
        yīfāngmiàn, one aspect is
        miànshā, [面紗], veil
        miànbǎn, [麵板], panel/faceplate, kneading board/breadboard
西         xīmiàn, west side/west
        lāmiàn, [拉麵], pulled noodles/ramen
        méngmiàn, masked/covered face
        miànróng, appearance/facial features
        miànmù, appearance/facial features/look
        hǎimiàn, sea level/sea surface
        yánmiàn, [顏面], face/prestige
        miànshú, to look familiar/familiar-looking
        zhuōmiàn, desktop/tabletop
        lùmiàn, pavement
        fángdúmiànjù, gas mask
        bǎnmiàn, space of a whole page/layout (makeup) of a printed sheet
        miànmào, appearance/face/features/CL:個|个[gè]
        miàndí, [麵的], abbr. of 麵包車的士|面包车的士[miàn bāo chē dí shì]/minivan taxi
        miànbāochē, [麵包車], van for carrying people/taxi minibus
        miànbāoxiè, [麵包屑], breadcrumbs
        táimiàn, [檯面], (table) surface/countertop/mesa (electronics)/ante/(fig.) on the table/in public
        píngmiàntú, [平面圖], a plan/a planar graph/a plane figure
        liǎngmiànpài, [兩面派], two-faced person/double-dealing
        miànmùquánfēi, nothing remains the same (idiom); change beyond recognition
        yèmiàn, [頁面], page/web page
        yīnànmiàn, [陰暗面], the dark side (of society etc)
        zuǒmiàn, left side
        miàntuán, [麵糰], dough
        miànzhí, face value/par value
        miànjiá, [面頰], cheek
        shìmiàn, market
        sìmiànbāfāng, in all directions/all around/far and near
便         fāngbiànmiàn, [方便麵], instant noodles
        liǎnmiàn, [臉面], face
        běnláimiànmù, [本來面目], true colors/true features
        diànmiàn, shop front
        piànmiàn, unilateral/one-sided
        fāngfāngmiànmiàn, all sides/all aspects/multi-faceted
        yíngmiàn, directly/head-on (collision)/in one's face (of wind)
        miànbāopiān, [麵包片], bread slice/sliced bread
        ménmian, [門面], shop front/facade/CL:間|间[jiān]/prestige
        sìmiàn, all sides
        qíngmiàn, feelings and sensibilities/sentiment and face/sensitivity to other's feelings
        duìlìmiàn, [對立面], opposite/antonym/the opposite side (in a conflict)
        jièmiàn, interface
        lěngmiàn, [冷麵], grim/stern/harsh, naengmyeon (Korean dish based on cold noodles in soup)
        yùmǐmiàn, [玉米麵], cornmeal/maize flour
        miànsè, complexion
        miànliào, material for making clothes/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        shìmiàn, aspects of society/the world
        dānfāngmiàn, [單方面], unilateral
        wǎngkāiyīmiàn, [網開一面], open the net on one side (idiom); let the caged bird fly/to give one's opponent ...
        chǎomiàn, [炒麵], stir-fried noodles/"chow mein"
        miànmiànjùdào, (idiom) take care of everything; handle everything
        miàné, [面額], denomination (of currency or bond)
        pāotóulòumiàn, [拋頭露面], to show your face in public (derog.)
        hǎipíngmiàn, sea level
        miànpáng, [面龐], face
        lèiliúmǎnmiàn, [淚流滿面], cheeks streaming with tears (idiom)
        zhájiàngmiàn, [炸醬麵], zha jiang mian: ground pork simmered with salty fermented soybean paste (or othe...
        miànbāofáng, [麵包房], bakery/CL:家[jiā]
        liǎngmiàn, [兩面], both sides
        miànhú/miànhù, [麵糊], starchy/floury and without fiber, flour paste
        diūmiànzi, [丟面子], to lose face
        miànmùkězēng, repulsive countenance/disgusting appearance
        miànshí, [麵食], food made from wheat flour, such as noodles, dumplings, buns etc
        báimiàn, [白麵], wheat flour/flour/heroin
        duōmiànshǒu, multi-talented person/versatile person/all-rounder
        miànpí, [麵皮], cheek/face/leather covering (for handbags etc), dumpling skin/piecrust
        yàomiànzi, to save one's face/to stay on one's dignity
        duōfāngmiàn, many-sided/in many aspects
        huómiàn, [和麵], to knead dough (for bread)
        zhàngmiàn, [賬面], an item in accounts/an entry
        gǎnmiànzhàng, [擀麵杖], rolling pin
        zhàomiàn, to meet face-to-face
        héngjiémiàn, [橫截面], cross-section
        bāmiànlínglóng, [八面玲瓏], be smooth and slick (in establishing social relations)
        xiémiàn, inclined plane
        péngtóugòumiàn, [蓬頭垢面], messy hair and dirty face/bad appearance
        dúdāngyīmiàn, [獨當一面], to assume personal responsibility (idiom); to take charge of a section
        xiàomiànhǔ, man with a big smile and evil intentions
        jiǎmiànjù, mask/fig. false façade/deceptive front
        mǎnmiànchūnfēng, [滿面春風], beaming/radiant with happiness
        miànshì, to be published (of art, literary works etc)/to come out/to take shape/to see th...
        àimiànzi, [愛面子], to save face/to worry about losing face/proud of one's reputation/sensitive abou...
        yíngmiànérlái, [迎面而來], directly/head-on (collision)/in one's face (of wind)
        yángmiàn, ocean surface
        miànhóngěrchì, [面紅耳赤], flushed with anger (or excitement)
        miàntāng, [麵湯], noodle soup/noodles in soup/noodle broth
        miàndiǎn, [麵點], pastry
        miànxiàng, facial features/appearence/physiognomy
        qiēmiàn, section/cross-cut/tangent plane (math.)
        fùgàimiàn, [覆蓋面], coverage
        héngduànmiàn, [橫斷面], horizontal section
        shīshēnrénmiànxiàng, [獅身人面像], sphinx
        pūmiànérlái, [撲面而來], lit. sth hits one in the face/directly in one's face/sth assaults the senses/bla...
        fǎnshèmiàn, reflecting surface
        biǎomiànwénzhāng, superficial show/going through the motions
        sìmiànChǔgē, lit. on all sides, the songs of Chu (idiom)/fig. surrounded by enemies, isolated...
        qiáomiàn, [橋面], roadway/floor/deck/bridge floor
        shuǐpíngmiàn, plane
        jiémiàn, section/cross-section
        miànmiànxiāngqù, [面面相覷], to look at each other in dismay (idiom)
        miànshì, to hit the market (of a new product)
        tiěmiànwúsī, [鐵面無私], iron mask and selfless (idiom); honest and incorruptible
        zhuāngménmiàn, [裝門面], see 裝點門面|装点门面[zhuāng diǎn mén miàn]
        dāoxiāomiàn, [刀削麵], knife-shaved noodles (pared or shaved into strips), a Shanxi specialty
        jièmiàn, variant of 界面[jiè miàn]
        pāowùmiàn, [拋物面], paraboloid (geometry)
        wūmiàn, roof
        liángmiàn, [涼麵], cold noodles
        pūmiàn, [撲面], lit. sth hits one in the face/directly in one's face/sth assaults the senses/bla...
        tóumiànrénwù, [頭面人物], leading figure/bigwig
        pímiàn, outer skin/surface/leather cover (of a book)/drum skin/leather upper (of a shoe)
        fāmiàn, [發麵], to leaven dough/to make bread
        pōumiàn, profile/section
        fǎnmiànrénwù, negative character/bad guy (in a story)
        sǐmiàn, [死麵], unleavened dough
        biǎomiànzhānglì, [表面張力], surface tension
        tūmiàn, convex surface
        miànmiànguān, [面面觀], view from every aspect
        guàmiàn, [掛麵], pasta/noodles
        miànpào, [面皰], acne
        miànjiāo, to deliver personally/to hand over face-to-face
        tóumiàn, [頭面], head ornament (in former times)
        niúròumiàn, [牛肉麵], beef noodle soup
        biékāishēngmiàn, [別開生面], to start sth new or original (idiom); to break a new path/to break fresh ground
        sìmiàntǐ, [四面體], tetrahedron
        shūmiànyǔ, [書面語], written language
        pūmiàn/pùmiàn, [鋪面], paving/pavement, front window/store front
        yītǐliǎngmiàn, [一體兩面], lit. one body two sides (idiom)/fig. a situation with two sides to it
        yīkuàimiàn, [一塊麵], loaf
        yīmiànzhījiāo, to have met once/casual acquaintance
        yīmiànzhīcí, [一面之詞], one side of the story/one-sided statement
        yīmiàndǎo, one-sided/lopsided/unanimous/overwhelming majority
        dīngdīngchǎomiàn, chopped fried noodles
        xiàmiànqǐngkàn, [下面請看], please see below
        bùtǐmiàn, [不體面], to not appear to be decent or respectful/shameful
        bùshìLúshānzhēnmiànmù, [不識廬山真面目], lit. not to know the true face of Lushan Mountain/fig. can't see the forest for ...
        bùliánxùmiàn, [不連續面], surface of discontinuity
        liǎngmiànsāndāo, [兩面三刀], two-faced, three knives (idiom); double-cross/double dealing and back stabbing
        zhōngkòngmiànbǎn, center dash console/central dashboard
        zhōngjīnmiànfěn, [中筋麵粉], all-purpose flour/flour for making dumplings and noodles
        wūdōngmiàn, [烏冬面], udon noodles
        wūlóngmiàn, [烏龍麵], udon (thick Japanese-style) wheat-flour noodles
        jiǔmiàntǐ, [九面體], enneahedron (solid figure having nine plane faces)
        shūmiànxǔkě, [書面許可], written permission/written authorization
        mǎimiànzi, [買面子], to allow sb to save face/to defer to
        zhēngmiànzi, [爭面子], to fight for a good reputation
        èrshímiàntǐ, [二十面體], icosahedron
        èrcìqūmiàn, quadric surface (geometry)
        rénjījièmiàn, [人機界面], user interface
        rénmiànshòuxīn, [人面獸心], human face, beast's heart (idiom); two-faced/malicious and duplicitous
        dàishùqūmiàn, [代數曲面], algebraic surface
        dījīnmiànfěn, [低筋麵粉], low gluten flour/cake flour/pastry flour/soft flour
        xiūmiàn, to have a shave/to enhance the appearance of the face
        jiǎmiàn, mask
        jiǎmiànwǔhuì, [假面舞會], masked ball/masquerade
        guāngxiānfēnbùshìshùjùjièmiàn, [光纖分佈式數據介面], Fiber Distributed Data Interface/FDDI
        guāngxiānfēnsànshìzīliàojièmiàn, [光纖分散式資料介面], fiber distributed data interface/FDDI
        guāngmiànnèizhìwǎng, [光面內質網], smooth endoplasmic reticulum
        quánmiànjìnzhǐ, complete prohibition/total ban
        QuánmiànJìnzhǐHéshìyànTiáoyuē, [全面禁止核試驗條約], Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
        bādǎnshēnmiànhuáng, [八疸身面黃], eight types of jaundice with yellowing of body and face (TCM)
        bāmiàntǐ, [八面體], octahedron
        gōngzǎimiàn, [公仔麵], brand of Hong Kong instant noodles/also used as term for instant noodles in gene...
        liùmiàntǐ, [六面體], six-sided figure (such as a cube or parallelepiped)
        gòngtóngzhádàojièmiàn, [共同閘道介面], Common Gateway Interface/CGI
        guānjiémiàn, [關節面], articular facet (anatomy)/surface in joint
        tūduōmiàntǐ, [凸多面體], convex polyhedron
        tūmiàntǐ, [凸面體], convex body
        tūmiànbùfèn, convex part
        tūmiànjìng, [凸面鏡], convex mirror
        āomiànjìng, [凹面鏡], concave mirror
        qiēpíngmiàn, tangent plane (to a surface)
        pīmiàn, right in the face
        shíèrmiàntǐ, [十二面體], dodecahedron
        shímiànmáifú, Ambush from ten sides (pipa solo piece)/House of Flying Daggers (2004 movie by Z...
        qiāncéngmiàn, [千層麵], lasagna
        dānyèshuāngqūmiàn, [單葉雙曲面], hyperboloid of one sheet (math.)
        màimiànzi, [賣面子], to obsequiously bequeath favors on behalf of another/to give face to somebody by...
        zhàndìmiànji, [占地面積], floor area/occupied area/footprint (of a building, piece of equipment etc)
        shuāngtūmiàn, [雙凸面], convex on both sides (of lens)/biconvex
        shuāngqūpāowùmiàn, [雙曲拋物面], hyperbolic paraboloid (math.)
        fǎnguāngmiàn, reflecting surface
        fǎnmiànr, [反面兒], erhua variant of 反面[fǎn miàn]
        kězhǎnqūmiàn, (math.) a developable surface
        táimiànní, [臺面呢], baize/felt (esp. billiards table cover)
        tīngqiángmiàn, [聽牆面], surface of wall
        tuòmiànzìgān, [唾面自乾], to be spat on in the face and let it dry by itself, not wiping it off (idiom); t...
        túxiàngyònghùjièmiàn, [圖像用戶介面], graphical user interface/GUI
        túxíngyònghùjièmiàn, [圖形用戶界面], graphical user interface (GUI)
        túxíngjièmiàn, [圖形界面], Graphical User Interace (GUI) (computing)
        yuánxíngmiànbāo, [圓形麵包], bun
        yuánmiànbǐng, [圓麵餅], round flat bread/pita bread
        zàixiàmiàn, underneath
        dìguāmiàn, sweet potato or yam noodles
        dìmiàncéng, [地面層], ground floor/first floor
        dìmiànkòngzhì, ground control (of airborne or space operation)
        dìmiànhébàozhà, surface nuclear explosion
        dìmiànqìyā, [地面氣壓], ground pressure
        dìmiànshuǐ, surface water
        dìmiànguàngài, surface irrigation
        dìmiànbùduì, [地面部隊], ground troops
        DìmiànLíngdiǎn/dìmiànlíngdiǎn, [地面零點], Ground Zero (refers to the site of the World Trade Center destroyed in 9-11-2001...
        jīběnduōwénzhǒngpíngmiàn, [基本多文種平面], basic multilingual plane (BMP)
        jīmiàn, ground plane (in perspective drawing)
        fùpíngmiàn, [複平面], complex plane
        fùshùpíngmiàn, [複數平面], complex plane (math.)/Argand plane
        duōcèmiàn, [多側面], many-sided
        duōmiàntǐ, [多面體], polyhedron/polytope
        duōmiànjiǎo, solid angle
        shītǐmiàn, [失體面], to lose face
        shīmiànzi, to lose face/to be humiliated
        duìǒuduōmiàntǐ, [對偶多面體], dual polyhedron
寿         shòumiàn, [壽麵], birthday noodles (for longevity)
        xiǎomiànbāo, [小麵包], bread roll/bun
        jiānguǎnmiàn, [尖管麵], penne pasta
        wūmiànwǎ, room tiles
        gōngzuòmiàn, workface/a working surface
        píngmiànjǐhé, [平面幾何], plane geometry
线         píngmiànqūxiàn, [平面曲線], (math.) plane curve
        píngmiànbō, a plane wave
        píngmiànjiǎo, plane angle
        yìngyòngchéngshìjièmiàn, [應用程式介面], application programming interface/API
        dǐmiàn, bottom/bottom side/bottom surface
        wānyèmiàn, [彎液面], meniscus (physics)
        wānguǎnmiàn, [彎管麵], elbow pasta
        nùróngmǎnmiàn, [怒容滿面], scowling in anger/rage written across one's face
        zǒngpíngmiàntú, [總平面圖], general layout/site plan
        Yìdàlìzhímiàn, [意大利直麵], spaghetti
        Yìdàlìmiàn, [意大利麵], spaghetti/pasta
        Yìmiàn, [意麵], abbr. for 意大利麵|意大利面[Yì dà lì miàn]
        shānmiànqín, same as yangqin 揚琴|扬琴, dulcimer
        tóuyǐngmiàn, plane of projection (in perspective drawing)
        chēnmiàn, [抻麵], to make noodles by pulling out dough/hand-pulled noodles
        dàndànmiàn, [擔擔麵], Sichuan noodles with a spicy and numbing sauce
        bànmiàn, [拌麵], noodles served with soy sauce/sesame butter etc
        ànzhàozìmiàn, literally
        yǎnmiànérqì, to bury one's head in one's hands and weep (idiom)
        chuāimiàn, [搋麵], to knead dough
        bǎiménmiàn, [擺門面], to keep up appearances/to put up a front
        zhèngzhìjúmiàn, political climate
        shùjùjièmiàn, [數據介面], data interface
        wénmiàn, to tattoo the face/face tattoo/to brand (ancient punishment)
        xiéguǎnmiàn, [斜管麵], penne pasta
        xuánzhuǎnqūmiàn, [旋轉曲面], a surface of revolution (math)
        chūnfēngmǎnmiàn, [春風滿面], pleasantly smiling/radiant with happiness
        wùmiàn, to meet (in person)/to meet with sb
        qūmiàn, curved surface/surface
        qūmiànlùn, [曲面論], the theory of surfaces
        běndìguǎnlǐjièmiàn, LMI/local management interface (telecommunications)
        záhuomiàn, [雜和麵], corn flour mixed with a little soybean flour
        záhuomiànr, [雜和麵兒], erhua variant of 雜和麵|杂和面[zá huo miàn]
        zhuōmiànr, [桌面兒], erhua variant of 桌面[zhuō miàn]
        zhuōmiànrshàng, [桌面兒上], on the table/fig. everything open and above board
        zhuōmiànxìtǒng, [桌面系統], desktop system
        bàngzimiàn, [棒子麵], maize cornflour/corn mush/polenta
        bàngzimiànr, [棒子麵兒], erhua variant of 棒子麵|棒子面[bàng zi miàn]
        lóumiàn, [樓面], floor
        héngpōumiàn, [橫剖面], horizontal section
        xiàngzimiàn, [橡子麵], acorn flour
        xiàngzimiànr, [橡子麵兒], erhua variant of 橡子麵|橡子面[xiàng zi miàn]
        zhèngfǎnliǎngmiàn, [正反兩面], two-way/reversible/both sides of the coin
        zhèngduōmiàntǐ, [正多面體], regular polyhedron
        shuǐguǎnmiàn, [水管麵], tube pasta (e.g. penne, rigatoni, ziti)/macaroni
        jiāngmiàn, the surface of the river
        yóupōchěmiàn, [油潑扯麵], broad, belt-shaped noodles, popular in Shaanxi, also known as biángbiáng miàn
        pāomiàn, [泡麵], instant noodles
        bōmiàn, wave front
        jiémiànrǔ, [潔面乳], cleansing lotion
        jiémiànlù, [潔面露], cleansing lotion
        xǐxīngémiàn, lit. to wash one's heart and renew one's face (idiom); to repent sincerely and m...
        xǐmiàn, facial cleansing
        xǐmiànnǎi, cleansing lotion
        huódòngzhuōmiàn, [活動桌面], active desktop
        fúchūshuǐmiàn, to float up (idiom); to become evident/to surface/to appear
        fúmiàn, surface (of a liquid)/superficial
        yèmiàn, surface (of a body of liquid)
        mǎnmiàn, [滿面], across one's whole face/(smiling) from ear to ear
        yānguǎnmiàn, [煙管麵], elbow pasta
        kǎomiànbāo, [烤麵包], toast/to bake bread
        kǎomiànbāojī, [烤面包機], toaster
        huìmiàn, [燴麵], braised noodles/stewed noodles
        règānmiàn, [熱乾面], hot dry noodles
        bǎnmiànfèi, [版面費], publishing fee/page charge
        niújiǎomiànbāo, [牛角麵包], croissant
        hóumiànbāo, [猴麵包], see 猴麵包樹|猴面包树[hóu miàn bāo shù]
        hóumiànbāoshù, [猴麵包樹], boabab tree/monkey-bread tree/Adansonia digitata (botany)
        huánmiàn, [環面], ring surface/annulus/torus (math.)
        qiúmiàn, sphere
        qiúmiànjǐhé, [球面幾何], spherical geometry
        shēngmiàntuán, [生麵糰], dough
        yònghùjièmiàn, [用戶界面], user interface
        Báilíngmiàn, Baengnyeong township (South Korea)/see also 白翎島|白翎岛[Bái líng Dǎo]
        báimiànshūshēng, [白面書生], lit. pale-faced scholar (idiom); young and inexperienced person without practica...
        báimiànr, [白麵兒], heroin
        xiàngpíngmiàn, phase plane (math., ordinary differential equations)
        xiàngmiàn, fortune telling based on the subject's face
        zhīrénzhīmiànbùzhīxīn, one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature (idi...
        àimiànzi, [礙面子], (not do sth) for fear of offending sb
        piàomiànzhí, par value/face value (of a bond)
        kōngxīnmiàn, [空心麵], macaroni
        lìmiàntú, [立面圖], elevation/three dimensional drawing
        duānmiàn, end face
        bǐguǎnmiàn, [筆管麵], penne pasta
        mǐmiàn, [米麵], rice and noodles/rice flour/rice-flour noodles
        lèiqiúmiàn, [類球面], prolate spheroid (math.)
        cūguǎnmiàn, [粗管麵], rigatoni
        cāomiànnèizhìwǎng, [糙面內質網], rough endoplasmic reticulum
        sùmiàn, [素麵], face (of a woman) without makeup/solid color (unpatterned), vegetable noodle dis...
        sùmiàncháotiān, lit. to present oneself confidently to the emperor, without makeup (as did the s...
        zòngpōumiàn, [縱剖面], vertical section/longitudinal section
        zòngduànmiàn, [縱斷面], vertical section/longitudinal section
        wénmiàn, [紋面], see 文面[wén miàn]
        wǎngkāisānmiàn, [網開三面], to leave the net open on three sides (idiom); let the caged bird fly/to give one...
        wǎnglùjiédiǎnjièmiàn, [網路節點介面], network node interface
        yángjiǎomiànbāo, [羊角麵包], croissant
        ròutāngmiàn, [肉湯麵], noodles in meat soup
        tāimiàn, surface of tire/tread (of tire)
        shémiàn, blade of tongue/laminal
        yóumiàn, oat noodles or flour
        Mòhuòluòwéiqíbùliánxùmiàn, [莫霍洛維奇不連續面], Mohorovichich discontinuity (lower boundary of the earth's lithosphere)/abbr. to...
        Mòhuòmiàn, Moho (Mohorovichich discontinuity, the lower boundary of the earth's lithosphere...
        péngshǒugòumiàn, lit. with disheveled hair and a dirty face/of unkempt appearance (idiom)
        bómiàn, my meager sensibilities/blushing face/please do it for my sake (i.e. to save my ...
        luóxuánqūmiàn, spiral surface
        luóxuánmiàn, [螺旋麵], fusilli (pasta)
        biǎomiànhuà, to come to the surface/to become apparent
        biǎomiànwàimó, surface coat
        biǎomiànhuóhuàjì, [表面活化劑], surfactant
        biǎomiànhuóxìngjì, [表面活性劑], surfactant
        bèimiàn, quilt
        zhuāngdiǎnménmiàn, [裝點門面], lit. to decorate the front of one's store (idiom)/fig. to embellish (one's CV, e...
        jiělǐmiàn, cleavage plane (e.g. of slate)
        móuqǔmiànshì, [謀取面試], to be interviewed for a job
        móumiàn, [謀面], to meet
        zīliàojièmiàn, [資料介面], data interface
        chāopíngmiàn, hyperplane (math.)
        zhuǎnmiànwúqíng, [轉面無情], to turn one's face against sb and show no mercy (idiom); to turn against a frien...
        tōngxīnmiàn, [通心麵], macaroni
        sùshímiàn, [速食麵], instant noodles
        zhōngmiàn, [鐘面], clock face
        tiěmiàn, [鐵面], iron mask (as defensive armor)/fig. upright and selfless person
        pùmiànfáng, [鋪面房], store/front room of house serving as shop
        fēngmiàn, [鋒面], front (meteorology)
        zhuīmiàn, [錐面], cone
        yīnmiàn, [陰面], shady side/dark side
        fùmiàncéng, [附面層], boundary layer
        qīngmiànliáoyá, ferocious-looking (idiom)
        miànlínkùnnán, [面臨困難], to be faced with problems
        miànrénr, [麵人兒], dough figurine
        miànr, [面兒], cover/outside
        miànbāoshīfù, [麵包師傅], baker
        miànbāoxīn, [麵包心], breadcrumbs
        miànbāoshù, [麵包樹], breadfruit tree/Artocarpus altilis
        miànbāozhā, [麵包渣], breadcrumbs
        miànbāopí, [麵包皮], crust
        miànbāokāng, [麵包糠], breadcrumbs
        miànyǒu, to put on a friendly face
        miànxù, [面敘], to talk face-to-face
        miànxiàngduìxiàngdejìshù, [面嚮對象的技術], object-oriented technology
        miànxiàngduìxiàngyǔyán, [面嚮對象語言], object oriented language
        miànxiàngliánjiē, [面嚮連接], connection-oriented
        miànxíng, shape of face
        miànsù, [麵塑], (figurines) made of dough/dough modeling
        miànbì, to face the wall/to sit facing the wall in meditation (Buddhism)/(fig.) to devot...
        miànbìsīguò, [面壁思過], to face the wall and ponder about one's misdeeds/to stand in the corner (punishm...
        miànrútǔsè, ashen-faced (idiom)
        miànrúhuītǔ, ashen-faced (idiom)
        miànjīn, face flannel or towel/shroud (over the face of a corpse)
        miàndài, [面帶], to wear (on one's face)
        miàndàichóuróng, [面帶愁容], with a sad air/looking melancholy/with a worried look
        miàndàibìngróng, [面帶病容], to look unwell
        miànxíng, shape of face
        miànyǐng, face (esp. remembered)/mental image of sb
        miànxīnlìfāngzuìmìduījī, [面心立方最密堆積], face-centered cubic (FCC) (math)
        miànshòu, to teach face to face/to instruct in person
        miànshòujīyí, [面授機宜], to give direct instructions on the way to deal with a matter/to brief personally...
        miànchì, to reproach sb to his face
        miànwù, to interview/to meet
        miànyǒucàisè, to look famished
        miànyǒunánsè, [面有難色], to show signs of reluctance or embarrassment
        miàncháohuángtǔbèicháotiān, [面朝黃土背朝天], face to the ground, back to the sky
        miàntiáor, [麵條兒], erhua variant of 麵條|面条[miàn tiáo]
        miàndàng, [麵檔], noodle stall or counter
        miànguā, (dialect) pumpkin/(fig.) oaf
        miàntān, [面癱], facial nerve paralysis
        miànmùyīxīn, complete change (idiom); facelift/We're in a wholly new situation.
        miànwō, [麵窩], Chinese doughnut
        miànjīn, [麵筋], gluten
        miànlèi, [麵類], noodle dishes (on menu)
        miànqìng, to explain in detail personally
        miànmó, facial mask/cleanser/face pack/facial (treatment)
        miànsèrútǔ, ashen-faced (idiom)
        miànyù, [面譽], to praise sb to his face
        miànyì, [面議], to bargain face-to-face/to negotiate directly
        miànshìhuì, [面試會], interview (for the assessment of a candidate)
        miànshìgōngzuò, [面試工作], job interview/to interview for a position
        miànyú, [面諛], to praise sb to his face
        miànyù, [面諭], to instruct sb personally
        miànxiè, [面謝], to thank sb personally/to thank sb to his face
        miànbùbiǎoqíng, facial expression
        miànjìng, [面鏡], mask (diving)
        miànshuāng, facial cream (cosmetics)
        miànlùbùyuè, [面露不悅], to show unhappiness or displeasure (idiom)
        miànmiàn, multiple viewpoints
        miànyán, [面顏], face
        miànbǐng, [麵餅], flatbread
        miànshǒu, handsome male companion/gigolo
        miànhuángjīshòu, [面黃肌瘦], yellow face, emaciated body (idiom); malnourished and sickly in appearance
        miànhuángjīhóng, [面黃肌閎], yellow face, emaciated body (idiom); malnourished and sickly in appearance
        gémiànxǐxīn, lit. to renew one's face and wash one's heart (idiom); to repent sincerely and m...
        dǐngmiàn, [頂面], top/top side/top surface
        yánmiànsǎodì, [顏面掃地], lit. for one's face to reach rock bottom/to be thoroughly discredited (idiom)
        diānrmiàn, [顛兒面], to lose face
        shìmiàn, [飾面], ornamental facing/veneer
        MǎMiàn, [馬面], Horse-Face, one of the two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology
        bómiànzi, [駁面子], to contradict sb to his face/insensitive to other's feelings
        gāojīnmiànfěn, [高筋麵粉], bread flour/hard flour
        yīngzuǐdòumiànfěn, [鷹嘴豆麵粉], chickpea flour
        fūpímiànbāo, [麩皮麵包], whole-wheat bread
        Límànqūmiàn, Riemann surface (math.)
        Límànmiàn, Riemann surface (math.)

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