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Word: freq index 49275
[吟詠] yínyǒng to recite
to sing (of poetry)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shēnyín, to moan/to groan
        yín, [唫], to chant/to recite/to moan/to groan/cry (of certain animals and insects)/song (a...
        yínchàng, to chant/to recite
        yínshī, [吟詩], to recite poetry
        yínsòng, [吟誦], to read aloud/to recite rhythmically/to chant/to intone (esp. poems in rhythm)
        yínyǒng, [吟詠], to recite/to sing (of poetry)
        chényín, to mutter to oneself irresolutely
        xiàoyínyín, smiling/with a smile

        yǒng, [詠], to sing
        yǒngtàndiào, [詠嘆調], aria
        yínyǒng, [吟詠], to recite/to sing (of poetry)
        gēyǒng, [歌詠], singing

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