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Word: freq index 34240
[嘩啦] huālā (onom.) sound of a crash
with a crash
huála to collapse

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        huā/huá, [嘩]/[譁], crashing sound, clamor/noise/(bound form) sound used to call cats, variant of 嘩|...
        huázhòngqǔchǒng, [嘩眾取寵], sensationalism/vulgar claptrap to please the crowds/playing to the gallery/demag...
        xuānhuá, [喧嘩], hubbub/clamor/to make a racket
        huālā/huála, [嘩啦], (onom.) sound of a crash/with a crash, to collapse
        huāhuā, [嘩嘩], sound of gurgling water
        huárán, [嘩然]/[譁然], in uproar/commotion/causing a storm of protest/tumultuous, variant of 嘩然|哗然[huá ...
        huālālā, [嘩啦啦], (onom.) crashing sound
        huábiàn, [嘩變], mutiny/rebellion

        lā/la, (onom.) sound of singing, cheering etc/(phonetic)/(dialect) to chat, sentence-fi...
        lālāduì, [啦啦隊], cheerleading squad
        huālā/huála, [嘩啦], (onom.) sound of a crash/with a crash, to collapse
        huālālā, [嘩啦啦], (onom.) crashing sound
        hūlālā, flapping sound

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