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mùxué tomb

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fénmù, [墳墓], grave/tomb
        mùdì, cemetery/graveyard
        mù, grave/tomb/mausoleum
        mùbēi, gravestone/tombstone
        gōngmù, public cemetery
        mùxué, tomb/grave
        zìjuéfénmù, [自掘墳墓], to dig one's own grave
        dàomù, [盜墓], to rob a tomb
        mùyuán, [墓園], cemetery/graveyard
        língmù, tomb/mausoleum
        gǔmù, old tomb (archaeology)
        sǎomù, [掃墓], to sweep a grave (and pay one's respects to the dead person)
        mùzhìmíng, [墓誌銘], epitaph
        mùchǎng, [墓場], graveyard
        mùzàng, (archeology) grave/tomb
        mùkēng, tomb pit
        mùdào, path leading to a grave/tomb passage/aisle leading to the coffin chamber of an a...

        dòngxué, cave/cavern
        xué, cave/cavity/hole/acupuncture point/Taiwan pr. [xuè]
        xuéjū, to live in a cave/(of animals) to be of burrowing habit
        cháoxué, lair/nest/den/hideout
        mùxué, tomb/grave
        tàiyángxué, [太陽穴], temple (on the sides of human head)
        xuéwèi, acupuncture point
        kōngxuéláifēng, [空穴來風], lit. wind from an empty cave (idiom)/fig. unfounded (story)/baseless (claim)
        xuédào, acupuncture point/acupoint
        zǒuxué, (of itinerant entertainers) to tour, playing in many venues
        kòngxué, electron hole (physics)
        diǎnxué, [點穴], to hit a pressure point (martial arts)/dim mak/see also 點脈|点脉[diǎn mài]

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