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núbì slave servant

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        núlì, [奴隸], slave
        nú, slave
        núyì, to enslave/slavery
        núlìzhì, [奴隸制], slavery
        núpú, [奴僕], servant
        núcai, slave/fig. flunkey
        núlìzhǔ, [奴隸主], slave owner
        shǒucáinú, [守財奴], miser/scrooge
        Xiōngnú, Xiongnu, a people of the Eastern Steppe who created an empire that flourished ar...
        núbì, slave servant
        núlìzhìdù, [奴隸制度], slavery
        nóngnú, [農奴], serf
        Shǐnúbǐ, Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
        núgōng, slave labor/slave worker
        núlìshèhuì, [奴隸社會], slave-owning society (precedes feudal society 封建社會|封建社会 in Marxist theory)
        jiānú, domestic slave/slave servant

        núbì, slave servant
        bìnǚ, slave girl/servant girl
        bì, slave girl/maid servant

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