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Word: freq index 62180
[憐恤] liánxù to take pity
to show compassion

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kělián, [可憐], pitiful/pathetic/to have pity on
        liánmǐn, [憐憫], to take pity on/pity/mercy
        kěliánchóng, [可憐蟲], pitiful creature/wretch
        lián, [憐], to pity
        tóngbìngxiānglián, [同病相憐], fellow sufferers empathize with each other (idiom); misery loves company
        qǐlián, [乞憐], to beg for pity
        kěliánbābā, [可憐巴巴], pathetic/pitiful
        liánxī, [憐惜], to take pity on/to feel tenderness toward
        liánài, [憐愛], to have tender affection for/to love tenderly/to pamper sb
        àilián, [愛憐], to show tenderness/to coo over/affection
        liánxù, [憐恤], to take pity/to show compassion
        āilián, [哀憐], to feel compassion for/to pity on/to feel sorry for

        xù, [䘏]/[卹]/[賉], variant of 恤[xù], anxiety/sympathy/to sympathize/to give relief/to compensate, a...
        xùshān, shirt (loanword)
        fǔxùjīn, [撫恤金], compensation payment (for injury)/relief payment
        tǐxù, [體恤], to empathize with/to show solicitude for/T-shirt (loanword)
        tǐxùshān, [體恤衫], T-shirt/CL:件[jiàn]
        fǔxù, [撫卹], (of an organization that has a duty of care) to give financial support to relati...
        liánxù, [憐恤], to take pity/to show compassion

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