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huǎnghū absent-minded

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        huǎnghū, absent-minded/distracted/dazzled/vaguely/dimly
        huǎngrándàwù, to suddenly realize/to suddenly see the light
        huǎng, [怳], variant of 恍[huǎng], disappointed/flurried/indistinct
        huǎngruò, as if/as though/rather like
        huǎngrúgéshì, like a thing of the previous generation/as if it were a lifetime ago
        huǎngrú, to be as if.../to be rather like...
        huǎngrán, suddenly (understand sth)/in a flash

        huǎnghū, absent-minded/distracted/dazzled/vaguely/dimly

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