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[愚鈍] yúdùn stupid

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yúchǔn, silly/stupid
        yúnòng, to make a fool out of/to fool/to dupe
        yúmèi, ignorant/uneducated/ignorance
        yúrén, stupid person/ignoramus
        yúbèn, stupid/clumsy
        yú, to be stupid/to cheat or deceive/me or I (modest)
        Yúrénjié, [愚人節], April Fools' Day
        yúdùn, [愚鈍], stupid/slow-witted
        yúmèiwúzhī, [愚昧無知], stupid and ignorant (idiom)
        yúlǔ, [愚魯], dull-witted/foolish
        yúgōngyíshān, the old man moves mountains (idiom); fig. where there's a will, there's a way
        yúmín, ignorant masses/to keep the people in ignorance

        chídùn, [遲鈍], slow in one's reactions/sluggish (in movement or thought)
        dùn, [鈍], blunt/stupid
        yúdùn, [愚鈍], stupid/slow-witted
        dùnjiǎo, [鈍角], obtuse angle
        lǔdùn, [魯鈍], stupid/slow on the uptake

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