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cígu arrowhead (Sagittaria subulata, a water plant)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        císhàn, benevolent/charitable
        réncí, benevolent/charitable/kind/kindly/kindness/merciful
        cíbēi, mercy
        císhànjiā, philanthropist/humanitarian/charity donor
        cíài, [慈愛], love/devotion (to children)/affection, esp. towards children
        cí, compassionate/gentle/merciful/kind/humane
        cíxiáng, kindly/benevolent (often of older person)
        címǔ, warm, caring mother
        cígu, arrowhead (Sagittaria subulata, a water plant)
        cíhé, kindly/amiable
        címéishànmù, kind brows, pleasant eyes (idiom); amiable looking/benign-faced
        ēncí, bestowed kindness

        gūniang, girl/young woman/young lady/daughter/paternal aunt (old)/CL:個|个[gè]
        gūmā, [姑媽], (coll.) father's married sister/paternal aunt
        gūgu, paternal aunt/CL:個|个[gè]
        Huīgūniang, Cinderella/a sudden rags-to-riches celebrity
        gū, paternal aunt/husband's sister/husband's mother (old)/nun/for the time being (li...
        gūqiě, for the time being/tentatively
        nígū, Buddhist nun
        gūfu, father's sister's husband/husband of paternal aunt/uncle
        gūxī, excessively tolerant/to overindulge (sb)/overly conciliatory/to seek appeasement...
        gūpó, grandfather's sister/sister of a woman's father-in-law
        cūngū, village girl/country bumpkin
        gūye, [姑爺], son-in-law (used by wife's family)/uncle (husband of father's sister)
        gūnǎinai, (coll.) father's father's sister/great aunt
        xiǎogū, husband's younger sister/sister-in-law
        gūmǔ, father's sister/paternal aunt
        gūxīyǎngjiān, [姑息養奸], to tolerate is to nurture an evildoer (idiom); spare the rod and spoil the child
        dàogū, Daoist nun
        cígu, arrowhead (Sagittaria subulata, a water plant)
        dàgū, father's oldest sister/husband's older sister/sister-in-law
        gūfu, father's sister's husband/husband of paternal aunt/uncle

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