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[扒釘] bādīng cramp

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bā/pá, to peel/to skin/to tear/to pull down/to cling to (sth on which one is climbing)/...
        páshǒu, pickpocket
        bākāi, [扒開], to pry open or apart/to spread (sth) open with both hands
        páqiè, [扒竊], to steal/to pick pockets/to frisk
        bālā, to push lightly/to flick to one side/to get rid of

        dīng/dìng, [釘], nail/to follow closely/to keep at sb (to do sth)/variant of 盯[dīng], to join thi...
        dīngzi, [釘子], nail/snag/saboteur
        yǎnzhōngdīng, [眼中釘], a thorn in one's side
        bǎnshàngdìngdīng, [板上釘釘], that clinches it/that's final/no two ways about it
        túdīng, [圖釘], thumbtack
        luódīng, [螺釘], screw
        dìngshūjī, [釘書機], stapler
        luósīdīng, [螺絲釘], screw
        mǎodīng, [鉚釘], rivet
        zhǎndīngjiétiě, [斬釘截鐵], lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom)/fig. resolute and decisive/unhe...
        dīngzihù, [釘子戶], householder who refuses to vacate his home despite pressure from property develo...
        pèngdīngzi, [碰釘子], to meet with a rebuff
        dīngchuí, [釘錘], nail hammer/claw hammer
        dīngpá, [釘耙], rake

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