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Word: freq index 3808
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 1689
niǔ to turn
to twist
to wring
to sprain
to swing one's hips

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        niǔ, to turn/to twist/to wring/to sprain/to swing one's hips
        niǔqū, to twist/to warp/to distort
        niǔzhuǎn, [扭轉], to reverse/to turn around (an undesirable situation)/(mechanics) torsion
        bièniu, [彆扭], awkward/difficult/uncomfortable/not agreeing/at loggerheads/gauche
        niǔshāng, [扭傷], a sprain/a crick/to sprain
        niǔdǎ, to wrestle/to grapple/to scuffle
        nàobièniu, [鬧彆扭], to be difficult with sb/to provoke disagreement/at loggerheads/to fall out with
        niǔzhuǎnqiánkūn, [扭轉乾坤], lit. to upend heaven and earth (idiom)/fig. to change the course of events/to tu...
        niǔtóu, [扭頭], to turn one's head/to turn around
        niǔniǔniēniē, affecting shyness or embarrassment/coy/mincing (walk, manner of speech)/mannered
        niǔlì, torque/turning force/torsion
        wāiwāiniǔniǔ, crooked/not straight/staggering from side to side

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