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mǒshā variant of 抹殺
>抹杀[mǒ shā]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        mā/mǒ/mò, to wipe, to smear/to wipe/to erase/classifier for wisps of cloud, light-beams et...
        guǎiwānmòjiǎo, [拐彎抹角], lit. going round the curves and skirting the corners (idiom)/fig. to speak in a ...
        mǒhēi, to discredit/to defame/to smear sb's name/to bring shame upon (oneself or one's ...
        mǒshā, [抹殺], to erase/to cover traces/to obliterate evidence/to expunge/to blot out/to suppre...
        mābù, cleaning rag/also pr. [mǒ bù]
        túmǒ, [塗抹], to paint/to smear/to apply (makeup etc)/to doodle/to erase/to obliterate
        nóngzhuāngyànmǒ, [濃妝艷抹], to apply makeup conspicuously (idiom)/dressed to the nines and wearing makeup
        mǒxiāngjīng, [抹香鯨], sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus)/cachalot
        mǒbózi, to slit one's own throat/to commit suicide
        mǒshā, variant of 抹殺|抹杀[mǒ shā]
        túzhīmǒfěn, [塗脂抹粉], to put on makeup/to prettify
        mǒhuī, to plaster/to render (a wall)/(fig.) to bring shame on/also pr. [mò huī]

        shā/shà, to terminate/to cut short/to bring to a stop/to squeeze/to tighten/to damage/var...
        shāchē, [煞車], to brake (when driving)
        shāfēngjǐng, [煞風景], to be an eyesore/(fig.) to spoil the fun/to be a wet blanket
        xiōngshénèshà, [兇神惡煞], fiends (idiom); devils and monsters
        shàfèikǔxīn, [煞費苦心], to take a lot of trouble (idiom); painstaking/at the cost of a lot of effort
        shābǐ, [煞筆], to stop one's pen/to break off writing/final remarks (at the end of a book or ar...
        dàshāfēngjǐng, [大煞風景], see 大殺風景|大杀风景[dà shā fēng jǐng]
        shàbái, deathly white
        mǒshā, variant of 抹殺|抹杀[mǒ shā]
        shāzhù, to brake/to stop/to forbid
        shāqì/shàqì, [煞氣], to vent one's anger on (an innocent party)/to take it out on (sb), baleful look/...

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