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[擁堵] yōngdǔ (of traffic) to become congested

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yōngyǒu, [擁有], to have/to possess
        yōngbào, [擁抱], to embrace/to hug
        yōngjǐ, [擁擠], crowded/to throng/congestion
        yōng, [擁], to hold/to embrace/to wrap around/to gather around (sb)/to throng/to swarm/to su...
        yōnghù, [擁護], to endorse/to support
        yōngdǔ, [擁堵], (of traffic) to become congested/congestion
        fēngyōng, [蜂擁], to flock (to see)/to mill/to throng
        yōngjǐbùkān, [擁擠不堪], overcrowded/jam-packed
        yōngdài, [擁戴], to give one's allegiance/(popular) support
        cùyōng, [簇擁], to crowd around/to escort
        yīyōngérshàng, [一擁而上], to swarm around/flocking (to see)
        yōngsè, [擁塞], to be clogged up/to be congested (traffic, computer network etc)

        dǔ, to block up (a road, pipe etc)/to stop up (a hole)/(fig.) (of a person) choked u...
        dǔzhù, to block up
        dǔsè, to clog up/blockage
        dǔchē, [堵車], traffic jam/(of traffic) to get congested
        yōngdǔ, [擁堵], (of traffic) to become congested/congestion
        wéidǔ, [圍堵], to blockade/to surround/to hem in

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