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        pǔ, general/popular/everywhere/universal
普拉         Pǔlā, Pula (city in Croatia)
        lā, to pull/to play (a bowed instrument)/to drag/to draw/to chat
拉萨         Lāsà, [拉薩], Lhasa, capital city of Tibet autonomous region 西藏自治區|西藏自治区
        Sà, [薩], Bodhisattva/surname Sa
萨德         Sàdé, [薩德], THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), US Army anti-ballistic missile syst...
        Dé/dé, [悳]/[惪], Germany/German/abbr. for 德國|德国[Dé guó], virtue/goodness/morality/ethics/kindness...

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