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HSK 6 word: freq index 16994
kūwěi to wilt
to wither

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kūzào, dry and dull/uninteresting/dry-as-dust
        kūwěi, to wilt/to wither/wilted/withered/drained/enervated/exhausted
        kūjié, used up/dried up/exhausted (of resources)
        gānkū, [乾枯], withered/dried up
        kū, dried up
        hǎikūshílàn, [海枯石爛], lit. when the seas run dry and the stones go soft (idiom)/fig. forever/until the...
        kūgān, [枯乾], withered
        kūyè, [枯葉], dead leaf/withered leaf
        kūgǎo, withered/haggard/languid/without energy

        wěisuō, [萎縮], to wither/to dry up (of a plant)/to atrophy (of muscle, social custom etc)
        kūwěi, to wilt/to wither/wilted/withered/drained/enervated/exhausted
        wěi, to wither/to drop/to decline/spiritless/Taiwan pr. [wēi]
        wěimǐ, dispirited/depressed
        wěimǐbùzhèn, dispirited and listless (idiom); downcast

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