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沿 Word: freq index 55296
[沿襲] yánxí to carry on as before
to follow (an old custom etc)

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沿         yánzhe, [沿著], to go along/to follow
沿         yán, along/to follow (a line, tradition etc)/to carry on/to trim (a border with braid...
沿         qiányán, front-line/forward position/outpost/extending ahead/frontier (of science, techno...
沿         yántú, along the sides of the road/by the wayside
沿         yánàn, coastal area/littoral or riparian
沿         yánhǎi, coastal
沿         yányòng, to continue to use (old methods)/to apply as before/according to usage
沿         biānyán, [邊沿], edge/fringe
沿线         yánxiàn, [沿線], along the line (e.g. railway)/the region near the line
沿         yánxí, [沿襲], to carry on as before/to follow (an old custom etc)
沿         chuángyán, bedside
沿         yánhǎidìqū, [沿海地區], coastland/coastal areas

        xíjī, [襲擊], attack (esp. surprise attack)/raid/to attack
        xí, [襲], to attack/to inherit/classifier for suits (esp. of funeral robes)
        tūxí, [突襲], surprise attack
        tōuxí, [偷襲], to mount a sneak attack/to raid
        kōngxí, [空襲], air raid/attack from the air
        qīnxí, [侵襲], to invade/to assail/onslaught
        chāoxí, [抄襲], to plagiarize/to copy/to attack the flank or rear of an enemy
        qíxí, [奇襲], surprise attack/raid
        shìxí, [世襲], succession/inheritance/hereditary
        bēnxí, [奔襲], long-range raid
        yèxí, [夜襲], night attack
沿         yánxí, [沿襲], to carry on as before/to follow (an old custom etc)
        chéngxí, [承襲], to inherit/to follow/to adopt

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