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[滌綸] dílún polyester fiber

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xǐdí, [洗滌], to rinse/to wash/washing
        xǐdíjì, [洗滌劑], cleaning agent/detergent
        dílún, [滌綸], polyester fiber
        dàngdí, [蕩滌], to clean up
        dí, [滌], to wash/to cleanse
        dídàng, [滌蕩], to wash off
        xǐdíqì, [洗滌器], washing appliance

        dílún, [滌綸], polyester fiber
        wéilún, [維綸], vinylon, synthetic fiber made from polyvinyl alcohol (loanword)

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