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Word: freq index 76571
yínwěi obscene

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yín, [滛], excess/excessive/wanton/lewd/lascivious/obscene/depraved, variant of 淫[yín]
        shǒuyín, to masturbate/masturbation
        yíndàng, [淫蕩], loose in morals/lascivious/licentious/lewd
        màiyín, [賣淫], prostitution/to prostitute oneself
        yínhuì, [淫穢], obscene/coarse
        yínluàn, [淫亂], promiscuous
        huāngyín, licentious
        jiānyín, [姦淫], fornication/adultery/rape/seduction
        yínshū, [淫書], obscene book/pornography
        yínwēi, abuse of authority/tyrannical abuse
        yínxiè, [淫褻], obscene
        yínwěi, obscene/indecent

        wěixiè, [猥褻], obscene/indecent/to molest
        wěisuǒ, [猥瑣], wretched (esp. appearance)/vulgar
        yínwěi, obscene/indecent

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