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[稟賦] bǐngfù natural endowment

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bǐng, [稟], to make a report (to a superior)/to give/to endow/to receive/petition
        bǐnggào, [稟告], to report (to one's superior)
        bǐngbào, [稟報], to report (to one's superior)
        bǐngfù, [稟賦], natural endowment/gift
        bǐngxìng, [稟性], natural disposition

        tiānfù, [天賦], gift/innate skill
        fùyǔ, [賦予], to assign/to entrust (a task)/to give/to bestow
        fù, [賦], poetic essay/taxation/to bestow on/to endow with
        fùshuì, [賦稅], taxation
        fùxián, [賦閒], to stay idle at home/to have resigned from office/to be unemployed/to have been ...
        bǐngfù, [稟賦], natural endowment/gift
        fùshī, [賦詩], to versify/to compose poetry

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