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Word: freq index 35817
zhìnèn young and tender
soft and immature

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yòuzhì, young/childish/puerile
        yòuzhìyuán, [幼稚園], kindergarten (Tw)
        zhìnèn, young and tender/puerile/soft and immature
        zhìqì, [稚氣], childish nature/infantile/juvenile/puerile
        zhì, [稺]/[穉], infantile/young, old variant of 稚[zhì], variant of 稚[zhì]
        zhìzǐ, young child

        nèn, [嫰], tender/soft/delicate/light (color)/inexperienced/unskilled, old variant of 嫩[nèn...
        Líbānèn, Lebanon
        jiāonen, [嬌嫩], tender and lovely/fragile/delicate
        nènyá, soft shoot
        zhìnèn, young and tender/puerile/soft and immature
        róunèn, tender/delicate (texture)
        báinèn, (of skin etc) fair/delicate
        xìnèn, [細嫩], tender
        nènyè, [嫩葉], newly-grown leaves/tender leaves
绿         nènlǜ, [嫩綠], tender green/soft green

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