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Word: freq index 35593
zāopò dross
fig. useless residue

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zāo, dregs/draff/pickled in wine/rotten/messy/ruined
        zāogāo, too bad/how terrible/what bad luck/terrible/bad
        yītuánzāo, [一團糟], chaos/bungle/complete mess/shambles
        luànqībāzāo, [亂七八糟], everything in disorder (idiom); in a hideous mess/at sixes and sevens
        zāotà, to waste/to defile/to abuse/to insult/to defile/to trample on/to wreck/also pr. ...
        luànzāozāo, [亂糟糟], chaotic/topsy turvy/a complete mess
        wūqībāzāo, [烏七八糟], everything in disorder (idiom)/in a hideous mess/obscene/dirty/filthy
        zāopò, dross/dregs/rubbish/fig. useless residue
        zāotà, variant of 糟蹋[zāo tà]
        zāoxīn, vexed/annoyed/upset
        jiǔzāo, distiller's grain/wine lees
        wūqībāzāo, variant of 烏七八糟|乌七八糟[wū qī bā zāo]

        zāopò, dross/dregs/rubbish/fig. useless residue
        pò, grains in distilled liquor

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