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HSK 6 word: freq index 8552
gǔfèn a share (in a company)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        pìgu, buttocks/bottom/butt/back part
        gǔ, thigh/part of a whole/portion of a sum/(stock) share/strand of a thread/low-leve...
        gǔpiào, share certificate/stock (finance)
        gǔfèn, a share (in a company)/stock
        gǔdōng, [股東], shareholder/stockholder
        cāpìgu, (lit.) to wipe one’s ass/(coll.) to clear up sb else's mess
        gǔshì, stock market
        gǔjià, [股價], stock price/share price
        gǔquán, [股權], equity shares/stock right
        fùgǔgōu, [腹股溝], groin (anatomy)
        kònggǔ, to own a controlling number of shares in a company
        gǔgǔ, femur
        gǔfèngōngsī, joint-stock company
        rùgǔ, to invest
        chǎogǔ, (coll.) to speculate in stocks
        gōugǔdìnglǐ, Pythagorean theorem
        gǔmín, stock investor/share trader
        gǔxī, dividend
        gǔlì, dividend
        hégǔ, joint stock/ply (e.g. 2-ply yarn)
        gǔběn, capital stock/investment
        gǔzhǎng, [股長], person in charge of a 股[gǔ] (section or department)/head/chief/director/(in a cl...
        bāgǔ, an essay in eight parts/stereotyped writing
        gǔzhǐ, stock market index/share price index/abbr. for 股票指數|股票指数[gǔ piào zhǐ shù]
        bāgǔwén, eight-part essay one had to master to pass the imperial exams in Ming and Qing d...
        yīgǔnǎor, [一股腦兒], erhua variant of 一股腦|一股脑[yī gǔ nǎo]
        cāngǔ, [參股], equity participation (finance)

        fèn, classifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc/varian...
        shēnfèn, identity/status/capacity/dignity/position/rank
        shēnfènzhèng, [身份證], identity card/ID
        fènzi, one's share of a gift price
        gǔfèn, a share (in a company)/stock
        bèifèn, [備份], backup
        yuèfèn, month
        fènr, [份兒], degree/extent/allotted share
        niánfen, particular year/certain year/given year
        fènliang, see 分量[fèn liang]
        fèné, [份額], share/portion
        chéngfèn, composition/make-up/ingredient/element/component/one's social status/same as 成分
        yīyuèfèn, January
        sānyuèfèn, March
        jiǔyuèfèn, September/ninth month
        wǔyuèfèn, May
        liùyuèfèn, June
        èryuèfèn, February
        sìyuèfèn, April
        shíyuèfèn, October
        gǔfèngōngsī, joint-stock company
        shěngfèn, province
        bāyuèfèn, August
        qīyuèfèn, July
        shíèryuèfèn, December
        còufènzi, [湊份子], to pool resources (for a gift, project etc)
        shíyīyuèfèn, November

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