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Word: freq index 3298
[骯髒] āngzāng dirty

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        āngzāng, [骯髒], dirty/filthy
        āng, [骯], dirty/filthy

        xīnzàng, [心臟], heart/CL:顆|颗[kē],個|个[gè]
        zàng/zāng, [臟]/[髒], viscera/(anatomy) organ, dirty/filthy
        xīnzàngbìng, [心臟病], heart disease
        āngzāng, [骯髒], dirty/filthy
        gānzàng, [肝臟], liver
        zānghuà, [髒話], profanity/obscene language/speaking rudely
        shènzàng, [腎臟], kidney
        nèizàng, [內臟], internal organs/viscera
        pízàng, [脾臟], spleen
        zāngluàn, [髒亂], dirty and disordered/in a mess
        wǔzàngliùfǔ, [五臟六腑], five viscera and six bowels (TCM)
        wǔzàng, [五臟], five viscera of TCM, namely: heart 心[xīn], liver 肝[gān], spleen 脾[pí], lungs 肺[f...
        zāngzì, [髒字], obscenity
        zàngqì, [臟器], internal organs
        zāngluànchà, [髒亂差], (coll.) squalid/squalor

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