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[蒜茸鉗] suànróngqián garlic press

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dàsuàn, garlic/CL:瓣[bàn],頭|头[tóu]
        suàn, garlic/CL:頭|头[tóu],瓣[bàn]
        zhuāngsuàn, [裝蒜], to act stupid/to play dumb/to pretend to not know
        jīmáosuànpí, [雞毛蒜皮], lit. chicken feathers and garlic skins (idiom)/fig. trivial (matter)
        qīngsuàn, garlic shoots and leaves
        shísuàn, red spider lily (Lycoris radiata)

        máorōngrōng, hairy/shaggy
        róngmáo, fuzz
        róng, confused/fluffy/luxuriant growth
鹿         lùróng, young deer antler prior to ossification (used in TCM)

        qián, [鉗], pincers/pliers/tongs/claw (of animal)/to grasp with pincers/to pinch/to clamp/to...
        qiánzi, [鉗子], pliers/pincers/tongs/forceps/vise/clamp/claw (of a crab etc)/CL:把[bǎ]/(dialect) ...
        lǎohǔqián, [老虎鉗], vise/pincer pliers
        huǒqián, [火鉗], fire tongs
        qiánzhì, [鉗制], to suppress/to muzzle/to gag
        hǔqián, [虎鉗], vise
        qiángōng, [鉗工], fitter/benchwork

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