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Word: freq index 12097
HSK 6 character: radical , 14 strokes, freq index 2573
Péng surname Peng
péng fleabane (family Asteraceae)
classifier for luxuriant plants, smoke, ashes, campfires: clump, puff

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Péng/péng, surname Peng, fleabane (family Asteraceae)/disheveled/classifier for luxuriant p...
        Jiāpéng, Gabon
        péngsōng, [蓬鬆], fluffy
        péngpéng/péngpeng, luxuriant/abundant/(onom.) booming sound of wind, overgrown/unkempt (of hair)
        péngbó, vigorous/flourishing/full of vitality
        péngbìshēnghuī, [蓬蓽生輝], Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling/see also 蓬蓽生光|蓬荜生光[péng bì shēn...
        péngtóugòumiàn, [蓬頭垢面], messy hair and dirty face/bad appearance
        zhāoqìpéngbó, [朝氣蓬勃], full of youthful energy (idiom); vigorous/energetic/a bright spark
        luànpēngpēng, [亂蓬蓬], disheveled/tangled
        péngluàn, [蓬亂], matted (of straw or hair)/unkempt/overgrown/scraggly/thatch
        Pénglái, [蓬萊], Penglai county level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong/Penglai, one of three fabled...

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