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[賭咒] dǔzhòu to swear to God
to cross one's heart

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dǔ, [賭], to bet/to gamble
        dǎdǔ, [打賭], to bet/to make a bet/a wager
        dǔbó, [賭博], to gamble
        dǔchǎng, [賭場], casino
        dǔzhù, [賭注], stake (in a gamble)/(what is at) stake
        dǔtú, [賭徒], gambler
        dǔjú, [賭局], game of chance/gambling party/gambling joint
        dǔqián, [賭錢], to gamble
        dǔgùn, [賭棍], hardened gambler/professional gambler
        dǔqì, [賭氣], to act in a fit of pique/to get in a huff/to be peeved
        dǔguǐ, [賭鬼], gambling addict
        dǔkè, [賭客], gambler
        dǔzhòu, [賭咒], to swear to God/to cross one's heart
        jùdǔ, [聚賭], communal gambling
        dǔwō, [賭窩], gamblers' den/illegal casino

        zǔzhòu, [詛咒], to curse
        zhòu, [呪], variant of 咒[zhòu], incantation/magic spell/curse/malediction/to revile/to put a...
        zhòuyǔ, [咒語], incantation/spell/enchantment/curse
        fúzhòu, charm/amulet (religious object conferring blessing)
        zhòumà, [咒罵], to damn/to curse/to revile
        niànzhòu, to chant a magic spell/to recite incantations
        jǐngūzhòu, [緊箍咒], the Band-tightening Spell (in 西遊記|西游记[Xī yóu Jì])/a spell or incantation for con...
        dǔzhòu, [賭咒], to swear to God/to cross one's heart

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